Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Controlled in Her Absence

Absence makes the (slave’s) cock grow harder.  Well it does in my domain.  It is very important my slave’s know that in my absence, I am still very much in control; that my taking a break for whatever reason does not mean that they too are entitled to one. Their breaks must only come with exceptionally good reason.  Therefore, before I went away for my short holiday I put a few iPhone and PC restrictions in place to make certain that this particular (and needy) slave was not left doubting my control of him.  Quite the contrary in fact, as I ensured I would be very much on his mind as often as possible. I also guaranteed that anticipation would build in my absence by deliberately blocking access to my website, knowing full well that Slave Taquin would so desperately want to read the introductions to my blogs, which I had also quite deliberately, not written.  As if my dominance and in-depth knowledge of  my long-term slaves isn’t enough to make me feel rightfully almighty, a few simple clicks of web buttons here and there is all it takes for power to surge through me so forcefully that my slave(s) are left trembling and weak with the aftershock.

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This week Mistress went away for a few days leaving me (and I would guess her other distance control slaves) without the daily contact that I have become so accustomed / addicted to. To be absolutely clear on this I am delighted for Mistress that she has finally made some time to get away and relax. I am also delighted that she has decided to have a complete break from me and her normal daily activities. That is how holidays should be. I have of course missed her terribly and despite her absence have continued to check phone and computer whenever I can, just in case.

The day before she left she told me that I would be ‘controlled in her absence’. I was to discover over the course of the next few days precisely what Mistress meant by this and how tightly I was going to be constrained whilst she was away.


Mistress had ensured that I had locked up her property before she departed. I had been told to use a plastic coded lock and send her a picture. At my last session Mistress had dispelled any doubts that I had had as to whether or not she kept or checked the pictures provided by her slaves. I can assure you that she does! As if this action wasn’t enough I was then instructed to ‘whatsapp’ pictures to her first thing in the morning and again last thing at night on every day whilst she was away. She informed me that she would review them on her return (and the coded information held against each picture confirming the date it was taken) to ensure that I had not released myself in her absence. In doing this not only did it ensure that I was securely locked for the whole time but it also meant that I was reminded of that fact regularly throughout her absence. And of course this degree of strict control ensured that I felt suitably tormented whilst trying to sleep every night.


Mistress has done two things to my computer. Firstly it is locked down totally at random times. And secondly during the times that I was allowed to access it parental controls have been put in place that allowed me to access Twitter and vanilla sites but which prevented me from accessing any fun sites. Most frustratingly the most fun site of all for me,, was prohibited. This had led to the situation where I can see that Mistress had scheduled blogs to be posted in her absence but when I try to click-through from Twitter I am blocked from accessing it. I really do enjoy reading the blogs of the other slaves of Miss Deelight. What an eclectic bunch we are!

And in particular I enjoy reading the blog introductions that Mistress often writes. They provide an insight into what she is thinking and why she has taken a particular course of action. I really, really wanted to be able to read what she had written at the beginning of my blogs that had gone on-line in her absence!


I still can’t help myself but to try to work out how I might escape Mistresses grip on me. On Monday I went in to my iPhone settings and looked at the NetSanity restrictions. There was only one showing, and it certainly didn’t explain my lack of access to Twitter or any of the fun content on the Internet. It was then that I noticed that the iPhone restrictions were turned on. This was new. I went into it and wondered what had been set up. I entered my normal phone 4 digit password to take a look. My phone responded with ‘1 failed password attempt’ in bold red letters! Oh dear! Mistress must have applied restrictions and then set up a new password. I remembered a news story from a couple of months earlier where the FBI was trying to access a terrorist’s iphone. Even they were fearful of getting permanently locked out of an apple device. I certainly didn’t dare to try another time. I tried closing down my phone and then restarting it, and still the message ‘1 failed password attempt’ remained. It is like a permanent reminder of my failed attempt to examine my bonds, and I know that only Mistress has the ability to remove it. I don’t think she will be surprised when she sees it. In fact I think she might even laugh at my pathetic failure.

And then just as I was realising that Mistress had proved her superiority once again something changed on my phone. I wasn’t sure what it was to start with, but then I noticed that I didn’t have any internet access and my camera app had disappeared. I looked into Netsanity settings once again to see that there were now 7 restrictions. Was Mistress messing about with my phone whilst she was away? It excited me to think that she might be but also disappointed me as I was sure that a complete break from slaves such as me would be a real pleasure for her.  And then an hour later my camera and Internet came back. I still couldn’t access Twitter or any fun Websites unfortunately. As the days went by I came to realise that Mistress had set up NetSanity to increase and decrease the number of restrictions applied at what seemed to me random times. This had the effect of ensuring that I was reminded of my position continuously during her absence.

On Thursday evening I received a short message from Mistress via WhatsApp. She commented on how swollen my balls were! She was correct. Just the thought that I would hear from her again soon had an effect. We exchanged a couple of messages and I was delighted to hear that she’d had a fabulous break. I went to bed happy in the knowledge that she had enjoyed her time away and that I would be able to text her in the morning.

On Friday my life returned to normal. I exchanged a couple of texts with Mistress before plucking up the courage to ask if she would allow me access, through either my phone or PC, to her website. Her answer was ‘No’. Nothing else just ‘No’. I knew exactly what that one word answer represented. It represented total, unequivocal, power and control. ‘No’ when used by Mistress is the most exciting word that exists. I have no choice but to accept Mistresses position of strength and the finality of her decision.

As Friday continued I was left in the uncomfortable position once again of seeing that Mistress had tweeted about her denial of my requests without actually being able to read what she has said. It is torturous to have you back Mistress!

On Saturday Mistress continued to decline any requests for access that I made. Even my request for a bit of PC time to write this blog was dismissed out of hand. And Mistress is of course correct. She should not have to make allowances for me. I should organise my time better to be able to use the PC at the times when she is kind enough to permit it. Another lesson learned!

Later that day whilst walking the dog I received a text that asked if the woods were nice to walk in. Mistress was tracking my movements through my phone. It was actually a beautiful morning and I was enjoying my walk. I sent her a picture and said that they were lovely woods to be in on a sunny morning. I know that I have no hiding place from Miss Deelight.

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