Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Festively Fucked

I don’t have much to say about the following journal entry other than I always take notes and I always remember, even when you think you are safe and that I have forgotten! *Evil Laugh*

The period between Christmas and New Year started quietly enough, and rightly so. It provides such a rare opportunity to spend ‘quality’ time with friends and family. I had done as instructed and provided my previous week’s blog to Mistress on the Monday (Boxing Day) and then at midday I had locked up her property once again and provided the photographic proof. Following the great pleasure of 4 orgasms over the previous 2 days I felt satisfied and not in the slightest bit horny. It therefore felt something of an unnecessary action to lock up her property, but I knew that I was just doing what I had been told. And that in itself gave me reassurance and pleasure. It feels so right and almost comforting to have Mistress controlling my sexual world. She understands it so much better than I do! I know I am in safe hands.

It wasn’t long before I realised that the joys of Twitter and the internet had been taken from me. My phone and PC had been locked down once again and my fetish vision had been obscured. This is when it started to get quite difficult for me. I did wonder if I should include this in my blog as I fear that some might see it as me whingeing or bleating. It is not. Mistress deserves a holiday from needy slaves like me and I am delighted that she takes the few opportunities available to her to do so. It is just that I miss her terribly when she does. It is how it should be of course. If I didn’t miss her attentions then something would be wrong. I had been ok in the run up to Christmas. Mistress had kindly allowed me to entertain myself with Twitter and her website whilst she undertook her preparations’ for the festive period. And then over Christmas itself she had allowed me free access to her property, Joy! But once Christmas was over and I was locked up again (but now without any stimulation and only very vanilla contact with Mistress) I went into the doldrums. I didn’t tell Mistress this. Why would I? I didn’t want her to change anything. It is just an inevitable part of being a long-term slave. I knew that the only thing to do was to wait. And so I did.

It was on Saturday when things changed. I received a text from Mistress informing me that she had sent me an email. The text was signed ‘Mistress’. This was all that it took for my balls to swell in the chastity device ring and my mind to start racing. Mistress can use words so easily to turn me on or off in an instant. I have no defences any more.

I looked at my e mails and discovered that Mistress had sent me a writeforme task. It is something that always gets me going. Today more so than ever before. I clicked on the task and an instruction appeared on my screen. It was an instruction from Mistress. I was to remove my device before I started, leave it off for the duration of the task and then lock myself up once I had completed it. I was puzzled but did as instructed. As soon as it was removed Mistresses property grew in anticipation. I read the ‘line’ to be typed. It summed up how I felt perfectly. Mistress knew precisely what I had been going through! The line finished with the best news of all. Mistress was back. It read:

‘I have missed my Mistress, Miss Deelight so dearly but I know that she hasn’t gone away and now she is back to toy with me.’

I knew that I had a bit more than an hour available to complete the task and thought that would be plenty of time, as long as I concentrated hard. But I also knew that, once you start typing there is no going back. If you stop typing for any length of time you are penalised for it and made to write extra lines. I dived in and managed the first couple of lines without any problem. I made an error in the 3rd line and was immediately sent back to do it again. I was half way through the 3rd line again when the screen went black and a message came up that instructed me to stroke myself slowly for the time that it stayed on my screen, but that I wasn’t to cum. And this is where it all started to go terribly wrong. I was already dribbling away before being told to stroke myself. As soon as I did as instructed my mind turned to mush. The message disappeared from my screen and I stopped stroking and resumed typing. And made a mistake, and got kicked back to the beginning of that line again, and made another mistake and another….. I just got my composure back and completed another 3 lines when the stroking instruction appeared again. I did as instructed, with the same result. I persevered and persevered but progress was painfully slow. After about an hour I had completed approximately 40 lines, and the progress bar didn’t appear to have got up to 25% yet. I tried and tried but the awful truth was dawning on me. There was absolutely no way that I could spend a further 3 or 4 hours on the task. I realised I was going to fail. There was no escaping the reality of this or the fact that Mistress would know. I knew that she would receive a full report of my performance from the writeforme site. And all of this just made me more and more horny and less and less able to type without errors. I crumbled and walked away from the machine. Was I really going to send Mistress a text telling her that I had failed the task? I have never, in over two years, failed a task set by Mistress. I returned to my PC to find my worst fears realised. The progress bar had gone backwards. I was now on only 10% completion. I had it. I sent my text to Mistress and apologised profusely for my failure, and awaited the response. There was none. I locked up Mistresses property once again and sent her the required picture. And still no response from her. Oh dear!

Later that evening Mistress wished me a very Happy New year, but with no mention of the task failure. This unnerved me greatly. I replied and wished her all the best for 2017 and didn’t mention it either. I suspect it won’t go unmentioned for long.

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