Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – #IamNowSoFucked!

Well what a week it has been for Slave Taquin, and indeed for all of my remote control pets.  (In a moment of further genius I have decided to change ‘distance control’ to ‘remote control’ because that is what I do, control them remotely, pressing the buttons and sitting back with my feet up to watch the show).  I have gotten so deep under his skin and tightened my grip even more than he could ever have imagined.  How?  by being one step ahead of him.  My skills techDomme toolkit is expanding and no devices are safe once you give your consent for total power exchange.

My week’s blog will start on Thursday. The beginning of the week is best forgotten as it involved me being ill and having to cancel out of my session planned for the Wednesday. Most depressing.
I should also say that this blog could be considered slightly geekish in places. Indeed if it was the longest tweet in the world it would probably finish with some of the following #teamviewer #techdomme #pccontrol #phonecontrol
but really it should be #tpe #Iamnowsofucked!

On Thursday morning I woke to find that Mistress had tweeted a request to her slaves to help pay for her improvements to her ‘woman-cave’ (home conservatory / office). I sent my contribution to Mistress via circle pay and then sent her my morning text. It was lovely to see that her pets dug deep and by the next day Mistress had reached her target and was able to order the things that she required. Well done us!

I had had my nice new Samsung phone since Monday and it was providing me much pleasure! This was the only good thing about not having had my session with Mistress that had been planned for the previous day. I knew that she would need me to take my phone to the HOD to enable her to install parental control software before she could take full control of my online life once again. Well that is what I thought anyway….

As I sat watching the TV on Thursday evening I received a text from Mistress with a link to a piece of parental control software. I recognised it for what it was, the beginning of the end for my phone freedoms. What I didn’t realise at the time was it was actually just the beginning of a tumultuous couple of days that last night I described to Mistress as like being strapped helpless to the front of a speeding express train! Whilst pretending to be watching TV I selected the parental control software link in the text from Mistress and watched the software download and commence installation on my phone. And as I watched my freedoms being taken away from me I felt the discomfort in the cage and the inevitable dribbling began. I suspect at such times that I also get a healthy glow in my cheeks as well, but fortunately no one has ever mentioned it. I recognised the software as being the same that Mistress had used on my IPhone. I was pleased as I have come to know its wrinkles over the last couple of years. Regular readers of this blog will know that I just have to try to escape, even though I risk punishment as a result. I just can’t help myself. I have never found out how to escape its grip entirely (Mistress is far too clever for that) but I had come to suspect that it allowed me a little more latitude than Mistress might have intended. But then I went and did a spot of internet research on the new version of the software that I had just downloaded and realised that it was far more restrictive. Indeed the one that I had just installed on my brand new £500 phone was capable of reducing it to no more than a pretty black box! I started to shake a little at the thought of the power that had just passed to Mistress. I sent her a text to confirm that I had loaded the software and that it was live on my phone. Her reply sent a ripple of fear through me. It was ‘Good boy, that’s just the beginning’. Really?! What more was there I wondered. We exchanged a few more texts as the evening wore on. I could tell that she was busy exploring the options that my new phone gave her. And I could sense the joy that it was giving her.

I spent much, no most, of that night trying to find a way of escaping the software. My morning text the following morning was the one that Mistress subsequently tweeted. During the night I had found a button that suggested that, if I were to press it, would result in me being sent a release code. But none ever appeared. (According to Mistress I must have pressed it about 20 times as this was the number of emails she had received. In the past I had come to believe that my attempts to escape had not been reported to Mistress. This was obviously no longer the case!). Mistress asked in the morning if her property had been uncomfortable it its device. She knew full well that the answer was yes. Mistress then told me that she now planned to lock down Mousey’s phone as well and did I think that was a good idea? I of course responded with a resounding yes! And then came the text that made me most thoughtful. Mistress informed me that she would be able to access my phone by Teamviewer and that she had even better parental control software and then came the phrase that made her property try to burst through its cage ‘So when I’ve got time, you’re going to follow my instructions!’ Of everything that happened this week this was the phrase that got to me most.

Oh my goodness! what instructions? I didn’t know what to think. The last line of the text was so powerful, so scary and so hot. I could hardly contain myself. I received this text at 8.20am and then Mistress just left me sweating. At 9.43am she told me to load the teamviewer quick support app on my phone. I did as instructed and sent Mistress the ID that it provided. Again I was left to sweat. I had been mindfucked once again. It wasn’t until 4.30 in the afternoon that I heard from Mistress again. By this time I was in a real dither. I was in my workshop when I saw Mistress log into my laptop via teamviewer. Mistress opened the camera and the notes page. She asked me if I was alone and told me to raise my thumb if I was. I did as instructed whilst probably looking like a scared rabbit through my camera lens. Mistress went straight to my browser, removed parental controls and loaded up a video from Xhamster. This was a very pleasant surprise but at this point I really didn’t feel in need of any additional stimulus. The video that Mistress was making me watch was of a young lady looking super hot and super sexy bringing herself slowly and steadily towards orgasm. I could see that it was to last for 11 minutes. This isn’t the type of fun video I would normally watch. But today, knowing that I was being made to watch it by my Mistress, it started to drive me absolutely nuts. It was when it got to about 7 minutes through that I saw my phone spring to life. ‘open the Teamviewer App on this phone’ was the instruction from Mistress. I did as I was told. I picked up the phone and began watching as Mistress started to control it from her computer. She opened up the camera app and changed it to the selfie lens. Instantly I heard the click as Mistress had taken a picture of my startled face. She opened up a text page and typed ‘Now look away and carry on doing what you are doing’. What I was doing at that point was I believe, hyperventilating. I was watching a very steamy video whilst knowing that Mistress was busy doing something to my phone. I am in such deep trouble now I thought. At this point in writing this account of what happened I find myself in one of those situations where I cannot possibly explain to you how helpless and horny I felt at that moment. I knew that my freedoms were being taken away from me and I knew that I was powerless to do anything about it. The xhamster video finished and I looked at my phone. Mistress had left a message on it that just said ‘get on with what you are doing and leave me to do what I need to do’. Again I did what I was told. I fear I might have made a mess of the job I was trying to do at the time. My hands were shaking too much. And then my PC screen went black. Mistress had now moved on to do something to it as well. I felt the ropes being weaved more and more securely around my limbs. After a couple more minutes the screen came back to life and I could see some installation screens for Qustodio. ‘What, more control software?!’ I thought. I took the fact that the screen had come back to life as an ok for me to look to see what was going on. I was wrong! Mistress typed into the noted page that was open ‘I am not able to blackscreen you for this stage. Look away now or your picture gets posted onto Twitter!!!’ I think I probably shrieked and looked away instantly. I didn’t look again for at least 10 minutes. I felt like one of those bank tellers in the movies who has been told to kneel and look at the floor whilst the robbers make their getaway. But for how long? Eventually I did look and I could see that Mistress had signed out of my PC. It was time to try to find out what she had done. I soon discovered that she had loaded up Qustodio on both my phone and laptop. I opened up google on my laptop and started to research its capabilities. It appears that it is the mother of all parental controls. Just some of its capabilities are:

To monitor all Web usage.
To implement safe Web filtering and safe searches.
To monitor all social media usage (not just what you use or how often, but to actually read every text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter message and post).
To apply time limits to usage.
To locate and track the ‘child’s’ location.
To list and potentially block any phone or text contacts.
To report all ‘unsafe’ activity.
And probably most devastating of all to produce a report of activity every 30 days.

The list just went on and on. I couldn’t think of a single thing that I could do on my phone that Mistress wouldn’t know about or be able to read or constrain. I suddenly realised that my phone had become my primary fetish internet tool. I wondered why that was. It was because it provided a bit more wriggle room and access than my laptop, it was because it was there with me for all those moments when a couple of minutes could be spent catching up on all the fun, it was because it sat next to me every evening as I watched the TV. But most of all it was because I felt that Mistress had less visibility of my actions! Not that I wasn’t a good slave when told to be. It was just that I felt a little ‘safer’ pushing the boundaries on my phone than I did my laptop. I wondered why that was. The answer was that I suspected that the old Iphone software (the current version appears to have rectified this) didn’t provide weekly or monthly reporting. The thing that probably kept me most in line on the PC was that it provided to Mistress, and copied to me, a weekly report of my activity. And every week I receive that report, look at its contents, and wonder if this will be the week that Mistress takes me to task if there are any misdemeanours. It appears that Qustodio is going to produce such a handy and potentially damning report. I realised at this point that I was truly fucked. And so there I was stood in my workshop shaking and dribbling. Just when I think that Mistress can’t possibly take more control from me, she does.

I tried to reassure myself with the knowledge that Mistress could not and would not monitor every call, text, facebook post that I made. Neither would she sit at her PC and track my every movement and location visited. She is far too busy to do that. But I came back to 2 key points. Firstly that I would have no idea of when she was watching or what she was reading and secondly to that damned report. There was now no hiding place.

My next communication from Mistress sent a fresh burst of shivers down my spine and through her property (that had not been this hard, for this long, for such a long time!). Mistress informed me that she had just ordered the same Samsung phone as me as her new ‘work’ phone and informed me that ‘once I know my way around it you’ll be history’. Oh I was in so much trouble. I decided I should calm myself down a bit by starting to find the inevitable opportunities to find a little ‘wriggle room’ from this new software. The obvious place to start was in the settings folder. It was time for Taquin to do what he does best and try to escape. I found the settings app on the phone and tapped it. And then it happened, the turquoise screen of phone enslavement appeared and declared: ‘Qustodio requires your password to access the settings screen’ WTF! So now it seemed that I couldn’t change the settings of anything on my phone without a code. How is a slave meant to escape his bonds if he can’t reach the knot in the first place? There must be another way to access app settings and controls I thought. I scrolled, I swiped, I tapped, I pressed, I turned on and off, I did everything. Not a hope.

Later that evening I gave up trying to escape the software and sent a text asking if Mistress would let me have the password to allow me to change a couple of settings. I knew already what the answer would be. No. But it is how she said no that really got to me. It wasn’t the short sharp ‘No’ as I might have just suggested. It actually felt like the sort of response that a young Mum might give to her child who believes that he or she is old enough to cross the road without holding Mummies hand. It was firm, it was unequivocal and it was delivered in such a way that I knew that Mistress was, in her way, caring for me and knew what was best for me. Mistress took the time to explain to me that she wouldn’t give me the password and that from now on that she would be the only person who would make any changes to the settings of my phone.

I went to bed that night having not had much sleep the night before and mentally exhausted from the days events. I should have dropped off immediately but there was not a hope of that. As I lay there in the darkness and the silence of my room I couldn’t think of anything apart from my wonderful Mistress and the control that she has over my life. Her property filled its cage and its pressure drove me nuts. I even thought about texting Mistress to request that I be released from my device to provide myself an orgasm. It was the only thing in my mind that could ease the intensity of the moment. I composed the text in my mind. It was to refer to the fact that I had not been able to attend my session earlier in the week, it was to refer to the fact that I had been a good slave and allowed Mistress to load up all of the new software (as if I ever had any choice!) and it was to resort to begging for her compassion. I never sent the text. There would have been no point. I just laid there and suffered. It was such wonderful, sweet suffering of the sort that I dream of.

In my morning text the following day I told Mistress of the effect that she had had on me. I told her that she was the best Mistress ever. And she is. It is not what she does but how she does it. If she chooses to she can push every fetish and emotional button in my mind and my body. And now I have to live with whatever comes next. I have decided that the only thing I can do is to continue to use my phone as if nothing has changed. I have no choice. It is my window to the world. But from now on though I will know that every message that I send, every website that I visit, every step that I take might be watched by my Mistress. In reality everything has now changed. Mistress will decide how to use her new powers and I will just have to tremble at the thought.

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