Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Mind Prying

A slightly less intense week for Slave Taquin, however I did ensure that I took another journey into his depraved little mind to see what lurks there in regards to a session request he had put forward to me. I also enjoyed teasing him with the allure of making a purchase with and for him via TeamViewer and played on that for a couple of days. I enjoy the idea of him getting excited whenever he hears his phone beep, with the anticipation of waiting for a text from myself!


A shorter blog from me this week. Sometimes there is lots to say and sometimes life just gets in the way and there is less….

Having submitted my blog on Sunday morning the rest of the day was given over to vanilla tasks around the house. That evening I received a text from Mistress inquiring how I was. I told her that I had had a very productive day. She asked if I had been on my laptop at all. This was of course a leading question! I hadn’t been in my workshop during the day and so rushed over to it to see what she had done. What I found was that at some point during the day she had used TeamViewer to place a link to a video on my desktop. I clicked on the link to find a short video of the end of the session in which I had been strapped to the gyno chair and so wonderfully teased for so long. Unfortunately for me this was the extract that shows the point where I could take it no longer, and came without Mistresses permission. It therefore inevitably shows Mistresses glee as I suffer the torment and pain of a ruin.

Later that evening Mistress sent me a picture of herself wearing the most beautiful green and pink lingerie. It was sent to me with the intention of winding me up I am sure, and it certainly did. It kicked off something of a vicious/virtuous circle of events. Because it made me horny I watched a bit of porn (on my phone as Mistress has control of my pc!). And as I got more horny still I began to crave increased control from Mistress. I went to sleep feeling rather needy.

I awoke the following morning and decided to ask Mistress if she would allow me to lock myself back into chastity. Mistress had allowed me out of the device several days earlier in order to ensure that any soreness that I had been experiencing had adequate time to heel. I explained to her that all was good down below and that I had finished shaping and polishing the Bon4m she had chosen for me. Mistress kindly gave her permission and 5 minutes later I was locked back up again and had sent Mistress the picture of the plastic lock key code. Instantly I felt twice as horny and half as needy. So much better! This improvement in my own feelings however was offset by the fact that Mistress had been laid low by another bug.

It was on Wednesday morning that Mistress informed me that she was starting to feel a little better. I was set a task to write a fantasy of what might happen in my next session. The thing that made this difficult for me was the fact that Mistress had instructed me to write it as if the session was also attended by a vanilla lady friend of mine. Now this is a real possibility and so I will not go into any more detail here as it would not be appropriate to do so. It was a difficult task. To cut a long story short, I completed the task but Mistress wasn’t happy with it and so I was sent away to try again.

On Thurs  I resubmitted the fantasy and was cheered up by a text from Mistress saying that she wished to go shopping from my PC (and credit card), and that I would like what she was going to buy. I had no idea what it was that she planned to buy but very much looked forward to her coming on to my PC using TeamViewer in order that I should find out. Unfortunately we ran out of time and so agreed it would have to happen another day. Before I went to bed that night Mistress did check in to ensure that the device was:

  1. a) not causing me any damage
  2. b) that I was suffering from the hornyness that she causes to me.

I confirmed that she could be happy on both counts.

Life got in the way of any further activity on Friday and Saturday, however we did keep in touch as normal. That in itself is enough for me. I was pleased to be able to report to Mistress that the device felt comfortable. I am hopeful that it will provide the solution that I crave, and that Mistress demands.

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