Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Mistress is Always in Charge

After his week of mayhem on the Controller-Coaster of Deelight, Slave Taquin recovered to a much more manageable state (for him) whilst I subtly reminded him by way of a heavier chastity device, that I remain in charge.


Writing and sending my blog to Mistress is often a mentally climatic experience. This was particularly true this week. I had rebounded from the tribulations of the day out with my vanilla friend on the Wednesday to find myself locked in a heavy and tormenting chastity device on the Sunday. Mistress still hadn’t told me if she was going to allow me to visit her at the HOD that coming week and I was desperate for her personal attentions. My predicament was made all the worse by the fact that my lovely vanilla lady friend was taking great pleasure in what Mistress was doing to me (even at one point demanding that I send her a picture of myself locked in my device. – I can’t say no to her either and had done what I was told).

Mistress asked how I was getting on with the bon4m. I told her of the impact it was having on me and she was pleased by my answer. I asked again if I could see her this week, and she stopped responding to my texts. To be fair she was having a very busy day, but I still suspected that she was just teasing me.

I had found that my PC was locked down until 3pm on Sunday and so, in the absence of fetish fun, I got on with some vanilla jobs. I was particularly keen to get on to my PC on that Sunday afternoon as Mistress had given me permission to buy some nice leather bondage mitts for her and Mistress R’eal to use at the HOD. As the clock on my phone showed it was 3pm I signed on to my PC and headed for Uberkinky. I found the items that I wanted and moved them into my shopping basket. Of course being a fan of bondage, constraint and control I couldn’t resist the temptation to do some window shopping around the site. I spent some time looking at the opportunities for electrics to be remotely controlled and quickly came to the conclusion that one day in the not too distant future Uberkinky would have a ‘distance control’ section that would feature discreet devices that a Mistress could operate via the internet. I imagined being woken on the hour every hour through the night by a tingling (or worse) device, set up remotely by Mistress on a timer. Now that would provide her with a terrible weapon! I finished my fantasising, placed the order and sent Mistress a text to tell her that the mitts were on their way. She kindly responded, and I told myself not to contact her again unless she got in touch with me first. I therefore spent the rest of the day watching my phone for any communication from her or my friend. I was still hopeful that Mistress would tell me to attend the HOD the following day, but I heard nothing more.

Following a decent nights sleep I sent my morning text on the Monday and asked if Mistress had found the time yet to read my blog that I had sent her the previous day. Of course I wanted to hear that she considered it a piece of literary genius! but also wanted to know what she thought one way or the other. In particular I feared that it might be too long. I know that I do prattle on!

Mistress responded that she had seen it and confirmed that it was precisely as she expected. Following a couple more texts we established that Mistress was not going to be able to see me at the HOD this week. I was pretty disappointed but delighted for Mistress that she was so busy. I would just have to cope for another week.

Mistress did check again to make sure that the bon4m wasn’t causing any physical damage. I confirmed that it wasn’t and this was her reply ‘I won’t have you in it for that much longer but if it’s not rubbing you can stay in if for now’. To some that may not seem like a particularly forceful reply. To me though it reminded me in a low key but assertive manner who is really in charge. As a long-term distance control slave I do find myself sometimes believing that I am doing things to myself. This is particularly true when it comes to wearing a chastity device. I sometimes have to remind myself or be reminded of the fact that whilst I often physically lock it in place Mistress makes me do it in such a way that she knows whether or not it is in place or has been tampered with. I know that, were I ever to try to remove it, that I would be made to regret it. I imagine horrible pain at the HOD or difficult to explain phone calls to my wife. Either way I conclude that it is Mistress who is truly deciding what I can do and when. Her decision regarding the bon4m today reminded me of that.

On Tuesday Mistress had a girly day out to enjoy and left me to get on with my day. If I know that she is out for the day life does become a little easier for me as I don’t spend the whole day waiting for her to contact me. From Mistresses point of view it means that I won’t contact her again until she gets in touch with me. It is a win win! although I do inevitably miss the attention. Today I had no PC access allowed to me at all (and Mistress has prevented me from accessing Twitter or any fun sites through my phone ever since my last session) and so I had a very vanilla day. I have noticed by the way that Mistress has been very cruel with my PC access recently. Quite often I look to see when I will next be allowed on to it to find that it will be at Midnight or the early hours of the morning. Mistress knows that I am normally tucked up by 10pm and therefore will never be able to use the time so ‘kindly’ allowed.

Wednesday was another quiet day for me. Mistress did remind me that my next session was a week away and that it was going to be ‘a very long week’ I wasn’t sure if that was a threat or a statement of fact but knew that it was true anyway. By the time I went to bed I was beginning to worry a bit about how things had been going recently. I actually went to bed fearful that Mistress was getting bored of me. Mistress has ensured that I rely so much on her now that any quiet periods can result in something akin to paranoia! (I subsequently found out that Mistress had been unwell)

Thursday was a better day. When I went to my workshop I discovered that I had been allowed 2 hours of access for the day. A real luxury in the world of PC and phone control by Miss Deelight! I signed in, checked Twitter, enjoyed the latest blog from Sissy Mouse and then opened a link Mistress had sent to my phone the day before. My phone had refused to open it despite numerous attempts by me and I had no idea what the file was.

The link opened and I was taken to the beginning of a video that I knew very well indeed. I think it is called ‘Taquins Release’ and shows yours truly tied to the bed whilst Mistress releases me from my device and teases and edges me like no one had ever done before. Eventually she is kind enough to take me over the edge into a fabulous orgasm. It is still one of my best ever sessions and one of my most favoritevideos.

It was so kind of Mistress to allow me to watch the video. Some time ago Mistress went onto my PC using TeamViewer whilst I was sleeping. She found the folder that contained all of my fun files and moved it and them from my PC to hers. Her control of my fetish intake is now complete. I think that this is the first time that Mistress has allowed me to view one of them again. This fact together with the video itself made me very horny indeed. I asked Mistress if she would allow me to download the video back onto my PC. My request was met with an unequivocal ‘no’. This was swiftly followed by a text that mocked me for accessing Uberkinky 33 times in the previous week. I confessed to Mistress that I had been fantasising about the day when she would be able to use electrics controlled by her over the internet to torment her distance control pets. She responded gleefully that she was already considering just that. I began to feel another cavernous hole appearing at my feet and went very quiet on the subject.

Mistress instructed me to change back to the lighter and more comfortable Uberkinky device on Friday. It did come as something of a relief as the bon4 had been getting uncomfortable.

Saturday was another quiet day as Mistress was still unwell. I decided to use my time usefully by writing this blog (again on my phone due to a lack of PC allowance).

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