Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Mistress Wants/Gets

This week I had a brainwave, I have lots of brainwaves actually but this particular one relates to a promotional campaign that I have decided to create for myself.  Then I had a second brainwave; I can share the workload with my most devoted pets. After all, I will be doing the hard work in creating the relevant images, I shouldn’t have to do all the thinking too.  My thinking is best saved for coming up with inventive ways to control my subs. Anyway, I set my subs a task and Slave Taquin, in his absolute fear of punishment took it one step further whilst also taking one for the team (his fellow subs).

Here is your reward, Slave!

On Sunday, having submitted my blog for the previous week, I set about the task that I had been given for that day. I, along with Mistresses other long-term pets, had been instructed to send her 10 reasons why ‘you must session with Miss Deelight’.
After some thought I penned my response and emailed it to Mistress and, as instructed, also posted it on Mistresses private Facebook group. I think it was actually before 8am as I had a very busy day ahead of me. Mistress thanked me for my response and told me that as I was the first to respond that she would allow me to continue to access Twitter and her Website as a reward. I felt very grateful indeed. As the day progressed I looked out for the other pets’ submissions to appear on the Facebook site.
(I used the word ‘submissions’ intentionally as it works in terms of providing a response and also in the fact that writing such a list is a totally submissive thing to do. I like it anyway! Lol).

As each was posted throughout the day I enjoyed very much what Mistresses other pets responded with. It is interesting to get an insight into other pets’ motivations and thoughts. On a practical level it was soon apparent that the task set had been interpreted differently in terms of the style of reply. Later in the afternoon Mistress came onto the Facebook group and thanked us all for our inputs and told us that Sissy Mouse was the only pet to have interpreted the task correctly. Doh!!! Mistress told us that she was debating whether or not to reward Sissy Mouse or to punish the rest of us. I suggested that I felt it was appropriate that Sissy Mouse get a very nice treat as a reward! I then suggested in my best ‘teacher’s pet’ slimy manner that I should rewrite the incorrect submissions for her. It never fails to amaze me how the threat of punishment can motivate me.

Later in the day I received a text from Mistress. It just said ‘Do you have any Amazon codes?’. It was not a totally random question of course. They never are as far as Mistress is concerned. Mistress is aware that from time to time I have some codes for £20 Amazon vouchers. Looking back on it now my response makes me smile. Without a moment’s hesitation I replied ‘I think I still have 3 or 4. How many would you like?’ the thing that makes me smile is the fact that I didn’t think about my response in terms of monetary value at all. I knew that Mistress would only take what she needed, and I could afford.
Her response was ‘just a £20’ she accompanied it with a couple of emoji’s. I sent Mistress the codes and didn’t think any more of it until the middle of that night.

At 3am in the morning I found myself awake and with Mistresses property bulging in its cage. I quickly realised that it was as a result of Mistress taking money from me. It was not the reaction I would have predicted at all. (I have frequently said that I am not into Findom!) I think I felt ‘used’. Not in any sort of dirty or unpleasant way. It was just that in that short exchange between us Mistress had demonstrated her position over me. She had said jump (give) and I had said how high? (how much?) Any traditional barriers to such an interaction have been removed by Mistress over time. I now find it exciting that Mistress has so much natural power that she can just take from me without me feeling the need to receive any form of justification. It just reinforces her dominant status further. How scary is that!

In actual fact my morning text from Mistress the following day did provide a hint of an explanation. Mistress thanked me for the voucher and said that ‘I’m buying something for us’. Words are such powerful things. Sometimes I realise that I take too much from them but I also know that Mistress is very careful with her use of them and that they are probably her most potent weapon. I rather liked the phrase ‘something for us’. For me there was an intimacy in them. The inference was that it was something for both of us to share in, and hopefully enjoy.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet. I was still away from home working dawn to dusk on an important job and Mistress was doing her accounts for much of it. We kept in touch throughout as always.

Mistress did provide me and her regular pets with a fabulous ‘gift’. She posted onto her private Facebook group a video montage of all of her pictures that had been published the previous week. It is a stunning selection, many of which are my favourite pictures of all time. I found myself watching it far too much! Once I somehow managed to reduce it down in size to play continuously in the bottom right hand corner of my phone screen. Because I didn’t know how I had done it in the first place I couldn’t actually get rid of it. In the end I actually had to ask Mistress to help me. Her first response was to mock me for the fact that I didn’t want to do anything except see images of my Mistress (so true). Mistress did eventually provide me the phone guidance I required and the miniature version of the video was removed from my screen.

Mistress did send out one more video that I was aware of. It was a short video of her inflicting a beating on my backside at my last session. The recipient was my vanilla lady friend! I asked her what she thought. Her reply was that she had enjoyed it but it was far too short. She also taunted me that there were full length videos of me available on Mistresses web site and that she might just buy one of those. Oh how our friendship has developed over the last year or so.

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