Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Priorities

My Slave proved his worthiness this week by giving up his session booking to do a domestic job for me instead.  What a good boy ;)

On Sunday I awoke at 5am to complete my blog. This might sound a bit extreme to those of you who look forward to a lie in on a Sunday morning, but it is quite normal for me. I am nearly always in bed by 10pm and so it isn’t as if I am burning the candle at both ends. The thing that makes me do it is the fact that I am a bit obsessive about completing tasks. Particularly those that have anything to do with Mistress! I like to be able to inform Mistress in my Sunday morning text that the blog has been completed and is sitting in her inbox to be read at her leisure. On this particular morning I sent a copy to my vanilla lady friend as well. She had seemed a bit down recently and so I had hoped it might provide some entertainment for her, or at least a distraction. The blog had talked of my extreme discomfort when Mistress had posed as me on my vanilla Facebook page once again. I thought she would enjoy that.

I was right. After a few minutes my VLF sent me a text that just said ‘Tee hee…. your road ahead is going to be so entertaining’. I don’t know if she has any insight into ‘the road ahead’ but it wound me up nonetheless.

I exchanged texts with Mistress about the job that I had to do for her on the coming Tuesday. Mistress sent me a video that illustrated the scale of the job required (it was in her garden and involved lots of digging, concreting and fixing). My original plan had been to do the job on the Tuesday morning before attending the HOD for my pre-arranged session in the afternoon. I looked at the video and my heart sank. The job was bigger and more time consuming than I had originally thought. There was only one thing for it; I suggested to Mistress that I should delay my session to the following week. (It was another example of my obsession for completing tasks). I knew that I would feel terrible if I didn’t complete the task for Mistress as soon as was possible. There was some urgency from her perspective and so it seemed like the only option.

Mistress responded that it was possible from her perspective but concluded with the line: ‘I am also conscious of the fact that you also need a session badly!’ I thought that was very thoughtful and insightful of her. I knew that I needed a session really badly, but it was lovely to hear that she understood my needs as well as I do.

As I am writing this I am reflecting on Mistresses words. At its simplest level my ‘need’ for a session could mean that I just need an orgasm. That in itself is true enough but my needs are so much more than that. Mistress knows that a session is much more than just an orgasm. It is about my physical and mental submission to Mistress in whatever form that she chooses that to take. What I do know is that I could not survive on distance control alone. I need time with my Mistress. It is fundamental and essential.

In the end we agreed that my session would be delayed in order to allow me to complete my job for Mistress. She then asked me if I had calmed down now (following the Facebook torment the day before)?

I let her know that I had exchanged texts with my VLF on the subject, which had wound me up once again.

On Monday Mistress let me know that she had a busy day ahead of her. I expected little contact therefore. At one point she did text me to tell me that despite the torments she had inflicted on me the previous week she had seen that I had done a Google search on my PC for a ‘Blackmail Mistress’. This sent me into an immediate tail spin. Mistress was of course correct that I had put ‘Blackmail Mistress’ into the Google search box and pressed enter. I was horrified that she had spotted it. I feared that she would think that I was actively looking for someone else to torment me or just wanted more than I had already experienced. The truth of the matter was totally innocent. I had put the search into Google to establish whether or not my PC was currently locked down (you don’t know if you don’t try sometimes). In actual fact it did provide me with a series of potential links, but fortunately I did not click on any of them. I explained all of this to Mistress. She let me sweat for a day before confirming that she had indeed noticed that I hadn’t opened any of the links. Phew!

My day working for Mistress on Tuesday went very well. It was a totally vanilla day with only one slip up on my part. It came as a result of the fact that Mistress decided that she required a new fence post at the back of an overgrown border. I of course agreed to do what was required and declared: ‘I will need to bury myself in your bush’. Mistress stood and looked at me with an expression of incredulity on her face. It took me a moment to realise what I had said. I think I looked down at my feet feeling very sheepish and heard her say ‘I will let you get away with that, just this once’. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and, as she started to walk away, I start to giggle uncontrollably; like a naughty schoolboy. Hopefully she didn’t hear me.

On Wednesday we exchanged texts in an attempt to organise my rescheduled session the following week. I felt a little glum as it still seemed such a long way off. But this was offset by the knowledge that I had completed the jobs that Mistress had set me the previous day. And most importantly that Mistress was very pleased with my work. For one reason or another it proved difficult to find a mutually convenient date and time for my session. At one point I feared that my session might need to be delayed again. I went to bed on Thursday night with this thought still playing on my mind. Just before 11pm I checked my phone ‘just one more time’ to find that Mistress had very kindly found a solution and that my session was confirmed for the following Wednesday. I then found that I still couldn’t sleep. But this time for a far more pleasurable reason!

The rest of the week proved quiet. I was given permission to send Princess a small gift which was nice. Although I had not had a wrestling session with her for some time Mistress does allow me to exchange emails with Princess from time to time. I enjoy that and so wanted to say ‘thank you’ in an appropriate way.

It was on the Saturday night that I found myself in my workshop collecting tools for some jobs the following day. As I gathered things together I heard a cough. As I was on my own I knew it could only mean one thing. Mistress was watching me through the surveillance camera’s. It is most unnerving never knowing if you are being watched. We exchanged a few words before Mistress told me to get on with what I was doing. I always respond predictably if Mistress bosses me around. ‘Get on with what you were doing’ was just enough to make Mistresses property swell gently in its cage and for my face to blush. Mistress noticed the blush.

As I complete this blog I am thinking of my session in just a few days time. I am worried that I might be dealt a cruel blow. I have had a minor cough for several days now. Each morning I wake hoping that it might have gone. It is still lurking as I write this. I certainly won’t put Mistresses health at risk by taking germs to the HOD. My fingers are firmly crossed.