Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Shaking Things Up

Slave Taquin proved his devotion the other week by suppressing his neediness while I both prepared for and recovered from the Marathon.  However it wasn’t until I stepped things up a notch and had him back to his rightful place of dribbling mess with some Teamviewer snooping, trial phone control and of course merciless teasing!


In the same way that it is a known fact that men suffer more from observing women giving birth than the woman does herself I can confirm that it is far worse tracking the progress of someone undertaking the London Marathon than it is actually taking part. Of course I am joking but I have to say that it was a really nerve racking morning following, and reporting on, Miss Deelights progress as she completed the 26.2 miles of her Marathon. I found myself in a customers house doing some work for them watching / listening to the BBC coverage on my laptop whilst tracking Mistresses progress on my phone, and tweeting accordingly. This is all possible because each athlete has a unique electronic tag given to them that they attach to their shoes. Each time they reach a 5 km marker they run over a sensor in the road that notifies the website that they have passed this point. It was clear to me that Mistress was finding the early stages tougher than she had hoped. I kept reassuring myself that her determination would ensure that she would cross the finish line, but I was also aware that even the fittest competitors in the world can be forced to retire through injury. As we all now know Mistress did indeed complete the course, overtaking 700 competitors towards the end of her race and raising over £2,000 for her charity. A truly inspiring result.

We exchanged a few emails over the next few days but inevitably Mistress was taking the opportunity to recuperate mentally and physically through the first half of the week.

It was actually on Thursday that I began to feel Mistress return to her formidable and slightly scary best. Firstly she began by reminding me (as if I needed it!) that I had a session booked for the following week. In doing so she disclosed that Slave Spike had told her of a key safe with a 10 day timer that he had discovered. This was obviously giving Mistress some devious ideas! Whilst I was trying to get my head around what those might be I heard my phone beep in a way that I hadn’t heard before. I looked at it and realised that it was Mistress telling me to check in on Life 360. This is an app that Mistress had told me to load onto my phone, which she swiftly took control of. It is basically a tracking app that allows parents to keep track of their children (or in my case Mistress to keep track of her Slave). I think in asking me to check in Mistress was reminding me that there was no place to hide. It allows the ‘parents’ to set up specific locations and receive an alarm if their child departs from it of arrives at it. It might be the home address or a chosen location. In my case it just means that Mistress has tightened her control of me by several more notches. Now she can see at any time exactly where I am. She can even watch my progress walking the dog in the morning if she wishes! Just imagine what she could do if you were one of her slaves undertaking weight loss or fitness training. Never again would you be able to claim to have taken that 5 mile walk and not do it!

Later that evening I looked at my PC to see that I had missed a Teamviewer visit from Mistress. She had left a recording of her snooping around my files. This always gets to me, particularly when I saw that she had spent some time looking at my browsing history. I had received a very clear warning from Mistress that if she ever discovered that I had been looking at porn without her permission that I would be punished. After the caning that I had received during my last visit to the HOD I really didn’t want to experience anything like that again. Of course the parental controls put in place on my pc by Mistress prevents access to sites such as xhamster but there are other potential sources of fun videos such as youtube. Whilst I didn’t think that I had been on any sites that I shouldn’t have I was pretty scared as I watched the video of her working her way through my viewing history. Fortunately there was nothing to be found and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Mistresses property was of course twitching and dribbling throughout. In the end Mistress had just left me a simple message. It read ‘remove your device and wait’. Although my body has coped pretty well with the device for the last few weeks I was actually relieved to be given the opportunity to remove it and to check that all was ok. Thankfully it was. There was a little reddening in a couple of areas but nothing that could be described as a sore. I wondered what Mistress had in store for me.

Just before going to bed I got a further instruction: ‘Edge and wait’. I did as instructed. A few minutes later I went to bed with thoughts of my forthcoming session, Mistress controlling my pc, Mistress tracking my every movement and the recent unusual pleasure of being allowed to touch myself on my mind. It was a restless night.

Mistress added to my torment on Friday morning with the instruction ‘edge again at 9am’. At 9.05 I sent my text to Mistress confirming that I had completed my task and was told to remain unlocked. I waited for my next instruction, and waited, and checked my phone, and waited. This is of course what Mistress does to me. She teases and tantalises and then leaves me to the dangers of my own thoughts for a while. It was just after lunch when I heard from her next. I saw the Teamviewer sign in screen appear on my laptop PC and knew that I was about to be taken on the next leg of the journey that Mistress had planned for me. She opened up the notes page and told me to wait for a moment as she needed to plug something in at her end. I took the opportunity to ask if it was ok if I nipped off for a pee (I had been meaning to for ages). There was no response. I waited for a couple more moments, decided that she must be away from her PC and so headed across the yard to relieve myself. When I got back I saw a message from Mistress telling me that I had her permission to go, I told her that I had done it already, she said ‘what, before I gave you permission’, I said yes, she opened up the camera on my pc in order that she could see me and instructed me to pull down my trousers and spank myself hard on the bum 10 times. I of course did as instructed. This seemed to amuse Mistress greatly.

Mistress continued to type via notes. My task for the day was to go onto AdultWork and contact another Mistress through direct chat. I was to tell her of my current situation and to speak with her for 10 minutes. During this time I was to stroke Mistresses property very slowly. To make matters even more difficult I was to video myself in the process in order that I could send it to Mistress to prove that I had not allowed myself the pleasure of an orgasm as a result. Mistress also told me that I was to send her regards to the Mistress concerned. The thought of the task filled my head for the rest of the day, but unfortunately I was unable to find the right opportunity to complete it (one of the few downsides of working from home). Mistress kindly agreed that I could complete the task the following day.

It was shortly after lunch on Saturday when the opportunity to undertake my Adultwork task finally appeared. Luckily for me the Mistress concerned was on line and available. I set up the PC to record myself, pulled down my pants and made the call. My call was answered and the lovely lady at the other end of the line asked who I was. I explained the purpose of the call and said that Miss Deelight sent her regards. She was pleased by this. We started to chat, she gently probed my experiences and weaknesses whilst I enjoyed the pleasure of being allowed to touch Mistresses property. It was only after we had been chatting for 2 minutes that I realised that I hadn’t pressed record on the video capture on my laptop! I pressed the required button and carried on with the call. As I explained to Miss Deelight afterwards I did enjoy the call but found it to be rather to friendly and chatty. I think I needed a bit more Domme / Sub about it. Regardless of this the end result was what you might expect. I was dribbling uncontrollably and had been unable to take full advantage of this rare pleasure as Mistress had made me record the event to ensure no chance of mishaps. I sent the video to Mistress and exchanged texts on the subject. She took the opportunity to reinforce her hold on me by reminding me of my perilous position in this relationship and signed off with the phrase ‘and in a few more days my grip on you will tighten…

I have no doubt that she is correct.

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