Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Short, Sweet and Powerful

Short, Sweet and Powerful is a title I chose myself for this weeks edition of Slave Taquin’s journal.  It describes myself beautifully whilst also serving as an encompassing description of the content found within his writing.  No more words needed from myself regarding this particular piece…..


Dear reader

I had written a longer version of this blog but I think the position I now find myself is better explained by way of a simple summary. It goes something like this:

Mistress took control of my PC, phone and ‘fun’ files a long time ago.

She has steadily and remorselessly starved me of any online fetish fun.

Mistress has not allowed me to view Twitter or much else on my phone since the 10th August. The last tweet I was able to see on my phone was where Mistress thanked me for buying her a £100 dress. (she had manipulated me into buying it knowing that I loved every minute of what she was doing to me).

I can’t remember the last time I was allowed to access anything fun on my PC

I tried everything that I could to be allowed to access sites, but have been constantly denied.

Eventually and inevitably I cracked! I suggested that I should pay Mistress  a modest day rate to be allowed access. (This from the slave who has always stated he is not into FinDom but who has found himself hugely aroused from this action). I knew that this was just another nail in my slave coffin, but I had run out of any other ideas.

The result? Mistress laughed at my desperation. She informed me that I had now ‘opened a can of worms’  – Did she start allowing me access in return for the day rate I offered to pay?

Hell No!!!

She immediately locked my phone down so hard that I now only have phone, text and a calculator and told me that I was about to find out just how expensive total phone and PC control really was, and has now left me to suffer even more.

I asked what came next and she responded that ‘time will tell’. I asked to at least be allowed to use WhatsApp to communicate with my vanilla lady friend, and Mistress ignored my request.

And so how has this made me feel? Vulnerable, Controlled, Powerless and oh so Horny. Like every other form of submission I have been made to experience by Miss Deelight. She makes you feel so good whilst tying you so tightly that you know that you can never escape.


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