Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Subtle MindFucking

I do enjoy twisting the mind of my Slaves and with Slave Taquin it is oh so very easy to do!


On Sunday I sent my blog to Mistress as required. Her only response that day was ‘great blog’. That was all I needed to hear. I was happy.
On Monday Mistress set me a writing task. Writing tasks always get to me as inevitably they lead me to disclose the thoughts in my mind and help to remind me of the hopelessness of my own position. The task was quite straightforward in terms of what was required, but very difficult to actually complete. I was to write a poem about being the Slave of Miss Deelight. I am not sure if I have written a poem in my life before. The problem was not knowing what I wanted to say. That would be easy. The problem was to ensure that my words actually followed the structural requirements of a poem. Following a little google research I decided to use the form known as a Cinquain. It is the sort of format that you might hear being recited by a very earnest young man in a back street bar listened to by an equally earnest audience, nodding appreciatively, but I felt it would work for me. This is what I sent to Mistress.
The life of a slave to Miss Deelight
Absolute, Total.
Enslaving, Unwavering, Commanding
Power stripped away and used without hesitation.
Inescapable, Control
Submitting, Enduring, Surrendering
Total reliance on my Mistress
Controlled, Measured
Searing, Stinging, Engulfing
Delivered with compassion
Thoughtful, Tender
Caring, Nurturing, Enriching
Warmth guidance and support when most needed
Tied, Helpless
Restricting, Controlling, Enslaving
All physical power stripped away
Fear, Adrenaline
Consuming, Frightening, Bullying
No choice but to obey
Seductive, Inaccessible
Tantalising, Tormenting, Exasperating 
Beyond reach but close enough to dream
Control, Confidence
Infuriating, Exasperating, Distressing
An ultimate expression of sovereignty 
Release, Relief
Overwhelming, Astonishing, Breath-taking 
A precious gift from my Mistress
Having submitted it I sent Mistress a text to let her know it was with her in her emails but also took the opportunity to say that if she felt it was a bit too laboured my alternative submission would be:
There was a young lady in Wales,
of whom I had heard many tales.
She tied me up tight,
and then slept through the night.
That wonderful young lady in Wales.
Certainly less earnest but probably no better! Mistress seemed to enjoy them anyway.
It was later that evening that Mistress sent me the text that, following a day of writing induced torment had the biggest impact on me this week. It was just a short text that informed me that as time went by  Mistress was very slowly and very steadily tightening her grip. As I thought about the truth contained within those words Mistresses property bulged in its cage.
On Tuesday life got very busy for me for other reasons, but it didn’t prevent Mistress from winding me up by disclosing that she had been ‘thoroughly planning your session’. The session that Mistress referred to was now only 2 days away. And how I looked forward to it. We had had to cancel my last session and it was now almost 9 weeks since I had seen her last. I was pretty damn desperate!
It was on Wednesday morning that I first noticed an instruction emailed to me the previous day. Mistress had told me that I was to learn my poem off by heart in order that I would be able to recite it to her at my session the following day. My first reaction was that I didn’t have a chance. But then I thought it through. There were 9 verses to learn, each quite short, and I knew that I would be able to break off from a couple of jobs I was working on to spend the time to do it. I set about the task at about 9am. By 3pm I was totally exasperated! I had learnt the first verse, and every single time I started to memorise the second verse I totally forgot the first one. As the day progressed it got more and more difficult. I felt the panic rise up inside me knowing that the outcome would not be pleasant. The more I tried, the worse it got. By 5pm I realised how badly it was all going and emailed Mistress to own up to my inability to complete the task set. The response from Mistress ‘then you will be punished…’ I knew someone who would find this to be very amusing and so I sent a text to my vanilla lady friend who knows all about my fetish life. She is the only vanilla friend who I would  trust with such knowledge. It is not that I don’t trust my other friends, I really do, it is just that I think they would be shocked and (unintentionally) judgemental about it. I sent her a text and explained my predicament. Following a light hearted exchange of texts my friend sent me her final verdict on my situation. It just said ‘you’re doomed’ with a smiley face!
The following day I walked into the HOD certain of one thing, I was in for a tough time. I had been set a task that for me had proved totally impossible. Mistress was not going to be impressed.
I locked the door behind me and walked into the dungeon to find Mistress waiting for me. She was, as always, looking stunning. Today she was dressed in a figure hugging black dress with enough of her bra and cleavage showing to get my heart racing. This time I remembered to take the opportunity to compliment her on how wonderful she looked. I wasn’t going to make that particular mistake again. I remembered what happened the last time! I was told to go through into the lounge. Mistress sat in her chair whilst I remained standing on the other side of the room. Mistress wanted to know how I was and so I gave her a quick update. All was good. I then proceeded to give her a couple of gifts. One was in recognition of how wonderful a Mistress she is to me, and particularly to thank her for the time that she had taken recently to take control of my PC and phone. The other was a small gift to apologise for the fact that I had annoyed her during my desperate attempts for attention when she had isolated me from the fetish world and herself. Mistress was pleased with the gifts and thanked me for them. She then took the opportunity to tell me that I was to take part in a custom video that she needed to make. It was to involve cashmere gloves and tickling. The next question was the easiest one for me to answer. Mistress wanted to know if I would be able to cum if she masturbated me whilst wearing cashmere gloves. I hadn’t had an orgasm by Mistresses wonderful hands for more than 8 weeks. That wouldn’t be a problem at all! At least it sounded like I was going to get an orgasm today.
Once this was done I was told to give Mistress my phone before making my way upstairs into the room with the bed. As I made my way up the stairs I had to make my way past a box on one of the treads. The photo on the outside was of an electric ‘wand’. This was not something this scared slave needed to see at this point. I have learnt at such times that is best not to say anything, and so I didn’t. I was to remain dressed and to sit on the side of the bed. Mistress then bound my hands with bandages in order to ensure that I couldn’t try to undo any shackles, blindfolded and gagged me and told me to lay face down on the bed. Once there she attached leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles and joined them all together with shackles to form a hog tie. And that is where I stayed for the next hour, comfortably bound, unable to escape trying to remember just the first verse of the poem. I was however resigned to my fate and knew that even if I managed to remember that first verse I would face punishment for not knowing more. There really was nothing more I could do about it now and so I relaxed into my situation and even nodded off on a couple of occasions.
Once the hour was up Mistress came back upstairs and released me. I had to undress, go downstairs (past the electric wand again) and sit on the chair in the middle of the dungeon. Mistress buckled my wrists to the sides of chair, tied my thighs and ankles to the chair and stood in front of me looking so powerful. Normally this wold have turned me into a dribbling mess. Not today however. Much as I enjoyed my predicament I was somewhat distracted by what I knew was going to come next. I knew that I was going to be instructed to recite the poem. Desperately I tried to recite it in my head knowing that the question was about to be asked. Even the first verse had gone! 
‘Ok slave, I want to hear your poem now’. As Mistress said the words she leaned forward with her head over my right shoulder and her cleavage just millimetres from my face and repeated her instruction ‘Ok slave, I want to hear your poem now’. I didn’t stand a chance! I managed 4 words ‘Domination. Absolute, total. Enslaving,’ and then blanked. Mistress stood back and told me how unimpressed she was. Over and over she made me try to recite the poem. And over and over I failed. I knew I was now in trouble. And I all I could do was laugh. My attempt was so pathetic it was comical. Luckily Mistress laughed with me, before walking back into the lounge and then returning with my phone. She stood in front of me again with my phone in her hands looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘maybe I should contact your vanilla lady friend to see what she thinks’. I knew that look. It was the look that Mistress gives you before pushing your boundaries that little bit further than you ever thought was possible. Except this was a really big step as far as I was concerned. Mistress knows the first names of several people in my vanilla world but had never threatened to contact one before. All I could say in response was that my friend knew where I was today and had laughed at the task I had been set.
Mistress found my friend in my contacts and started to compose a text on my phone. I asked her what she was writing but she refused to tell me and just continued to type away with a happy, and rather evil, glint in her eye. Mistress finished typing and pressed ‘send’. ‘Well that should do it’ she said with look of great satisfaction on her face. Again I asked what she had written. Mistress told me that she had said something along the lines of ‘hello I am MD. I thought I would get in touch with you as our mutual friend is a bit tied up at the moment. Would you like a picture?’. Following the session I looked at the text trail that had been left on my phone. There were several texts from both Mistress and my friend. It sounded like they were both enjoying the opportunity to chat! I copied a brief extract below:
Mistress: Nice to meet you! I wouldn’t say teasing…. More…. Tormenting 😂😂
Friend: He’s waited a long time for today. The more torment the better. How was his poem??
Mistress: He’s useless he got stuck on the 4th word!
Friend: Oh dear….that’s gonna have some repercussions….😅
The more torment the better!! What sort of friend says that? Answer: the sort who knows you so well, and is happy and relaxed to chat by text to your dominatrix. One in  a million basically!
Through all of this Mistresses property had failed to show many signs of enthusiasm. It is such a let down sometimes. But we had laughed a lot. But then Mistress did one of my favourite things. She got a length of thin red rope and proceeded to tie my balls up. And things down below sprang to life.
And then it all went downhill… I fell into a trap. My brain was mush with thoughts of poems, likely punishments, texts with friends and the fact that I was bound helpless to a chair with my testicles tightly bound. Mistress had walked behind me and said: ‘I have a special treat for you today Taquin. As you have been so generous with your gifts recently I am going to give you a blow job’. My ridiculous answer? ‘really?’ said in a way that sounded as if I thought Mistress was serious. A split second later I realised that there was more chance of hell freezing over than Mistress doing what she had suggested. But by then it was too late. Mistress had let out an amazed laugh had walked in front of me and applied the nipple clamps. That horrible pain gripped me as she laughed and laughed at my mistake. Mistress led a rope up through the chain joining the nipple clamps and gently tugged. Oh how it hurt! Readers of my blogs will know that I don’t handle pain well. It can sometimes be used to force me into a state of deep submission, but I still hate the sensation particularly when applied in short sharp doses. And this was hurting like hell. Mistress pulled the rope tighter and threatened to pull the nipple clamps off by tugging on the rope. I begged her not to. Once Mistress felt that I had learned my lesson she kindly removed the clamps. The pain soared and then, thankfully, subsided.
Shortly after this Mistress declared that we would now do the filming she required. It involved Mistress wearing lovely soft cashmere gloves that she gently ran all over my body, and tickling. Not something that had previously been on my list of fetishes, but enjoyable none the less. I did enjoy this part of the session however I am always so self-conscious in front of the camera that I am not able to relax properly into the scene. Having said that it did conclude with me being given a fabulous orgasm. And how I needed it!
Mistress checked her recording, released me from the chair and left me to tidy up my mess. I drove home happy. Todays session had been so different to what I had expected. I had expected a session full of punishment, pain and intensity. Instead it was full of laughter and light-hearted banter. You never know what you are going to get at the hands of Miss Deelight. This is one of the many joys of being her slave.
And this is where my story will need to end. My time on my PC is almost up. Yes, once again Mistress has locked down my phone and PC. Yet again I am isolated from my fetish world and find myself totally reliant on Mistress. It is now Sunday and Mistress has kindly allowed me back onto my PC to write this blog. I haven’t seen twitter for days, have no access to the internet for fun and games and Mistress holds all of my favourite videos and files on her PC.

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