Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Unexpected High

It was Sunday and the ruin that had brought my session the previous day to a premature end had left me feeling unfulfilled and desperate to see Mistress again. But Mistress is a very busy lady. If a slave is stupid enough to cum without permission during his session then he just has to wait his turn before being given a chance to redeem himself.

I had sent in my blog and asked if it was possible to see Mistress again that coming week. My first suggested day was not possible but my second option might just be if Mistress was able to move one of her other appointments. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be possible but I really appreciated the fact that Mistress tried.

When I had left the HOD the previous day Mistress had instructed me to lock up again once I got home or first thing the following morning. I did try to lock up on that Sunday morning but couldn’t squeeze myself into the small back ring required. I think it was a combination of balls that still contained a considerable quantity of cum and a lack of enthusiasm! I did try again on that Sunday afternoon and succeeded. I clicked the padlock shut, took a picture and sent it to Mistress. I began to feel better.

On Monday Mistress told me that the harness playsuit that I had paid for had finally arrived. I told her that I hoped that she might share a photo of it with me. Mistress is very generous like that. Mistress then sent me a link to a video that explained how to do an ‘abs reverse curl’ and instructed me to add a column to the ‘MapMySlave’ exercise spreadsheet that she has created to ensure that her flabby slaves (like me) lose weight and tone up. I looked at the video and concluded that a reverse curl looked pretty easy. I went out to my workshop and under the ever-watchful eye of the spy camera gave it a try. It turns out that a reverse curl isn’t easy at all! My balls tightened and Mistresses property dribbled at the realisation that my daily exercises were about to get tougher still.

It was on Wednesday that I was the lucky recipient of 4 pictures of Mistress in her harness playsuit. I have to say that it is very gorgeous and very sexy (especially in the way that it frames Mistresses naked breasts). If any of you want a good reason why you should subscribe to MissDeelights ‘only fans’ then there are two of them right there!

And then on Thursday I received an ‘odd’ email into my vanilla email account. I looked at it, the way it was written and the information it contained. To anyone else’s eye it would have looked just like any other spam email. To my eye it looked like the work of my Mistress!

Before I go any further I should take the opportunity to say that this is a great illustration of the ‘reach’ that Mistress now has into my world and my mind. I am always alert to the possibility of her presence. Each time the house phone rings I think it might be her, each time I turn on Facebook I fear she might have done something, whenever the computer fails to start quite as it should, each time I take my vanilla lady friend to lunch, each time I pick up the post from the post box, each time I receive an email that doesn’t look quite right…..

And so, I looked at the email I had received and believed it was a ‘shot across my bows’ from Mistress. I actually felt quite guilty once I discovered later on that day, following a text exchange, that it had nothing to do with her. And even more so when Mistress told me to send it to her in order that she could check it for viruses for me. Mistress even took the trouble to phone me later that day and talk me through what she had found. In the end I decided to consign it to spam and hope that it was nothing to worry about. I did feel very grateful to Mistress for her help and so I did what any good slave should do and purchased 3 items for her from her wish list.

On Friday I asked Mistress if I might be allowed to send a small birthday gift to another young lady who I am allowed to follow on Twitter. The response I received from Mistress read:

Yes but…. There are two shirts or several bras on my wishlist.

I read the response from Mistress and for the first time this week found Mistresses property fighting to break free from the device. It had of course enjoyed the lovely pictures of Mistress earlier in the week but the truth is that the thing that stirs it most now is feeling her control in whatever form that takes. I went to Mistresses wish list and looked at the shirts and then the bras. It was such an easy choice to make. I love lingerie and in particular bras. To be allowed, or better still told, to buy something that would cradle Mistresses gorgeous breasts was such a treat. I bought her two and tried to get on with my day. But Mistress had once again proved how easily she can get into my head. The impact was quite dramatic in fact. I had been having a rather vanilla week up until that point. But now I found myself firmly in the submissive groove. I went onto my PC and opened up you tube for the first time in weeks. I put my headphones on and listened to Miss Deelights content. I then inevitably searched for femdom blackmail videos and watched and listened to several of them. I then saw a tweet from Mistress that referred to the fact that she had just given Mousey a lap dance and posted the video onto her ‘onlyfans’ site. That was enough to make me crack and subscribe to only fans for the first time. I then spent the rest of the day devouring its wonderful content. (There is so much on there that is not published anywhere else! You really should take a look).

And then yesterday (Saturday) my week finished on a huge and unexpected high. An opportunity to spend an hour with Mistress at the HOD came up. And I grabbed it with as much vigour as you would expect! Within 5 minutes of her text I was in my car and heading towards the HOD. 40 minutes later I found myself inside the HOD being looked down upon by a Mistress dressed in black and towering over me due to a pair of incredibly high heeled shoes. I felt a shiver of anticipation run through my body. The session was a simple one. And simply wonderful. I was strapped naked and vulnerable into Mistresses chair in the lounge of the HOD and made to endure/experience/enjoy the most wonderful hour of tie and tease I can ever remember. I had mentioned a couple of weeks earlier that there was one thing in particular that I missed due to my 24/7 life in chastity, and one thing I particularly enjoyed about coming to the HOD. I am referring to a good old fashioned, rock hard, don’t know what to do with yourself, erection. It can of course only happen once Mistress has secured my hands and has removed the chastity device. Today she removed the device early on in our session and went to work on me. Within moments her property was getting harder and harder. Within a few moments more I was whimpering. And after about 20 mins more I felt like I was going to explode (not cum – just explode with the pressure that had built up inside Mistresses property). Mistress showed no mercy and just went on and on. She stopped for a moment and I expect things to subside. They didn’t. Mistress walked to the corner of the room, picked up a ball of string, cut off a couple of meters and returned to me with an evil grin across her face. A few minutes later I looked down to see my bits tied up so tight that they had gone purple. And then Mistress went back to work with gloved hands. Fortunately for me she was kind enough to use lots and lots of lube. Her property has been locked away now for over 3 years. Inside its polished steel cage it receives no rubbing or friction of any kind. The result is that it is incredibly sensitive and quickly becomes sore if not handled with care. Luckily Mistress cares for her property at such times. The end result was me begging Mistress to be allowed to cum. I really didn’t think that I could cope with the pressure that had built up inside her property any longer. And so she took me over the edge into a wonderful deep and powerful orgasm. It has left me sitting here as I type this this morning feeling happy and content. This is the impact that Mistress has on me. Thank you Mistress.