Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Week Timeless!

20160125_113744000_iOSAs Slave Taquin completed another countless week of distance control he found himself venturing down roads he never even considered (again!).  The thing is, now that I have him under total teamviewer control (despite not having used it with him for time) and now that I have all that information that I extracted from him a while back, there really isn’t much else he can do about it, apart from, just do it! So in true Miss Deelight style, I started the week off in full throttle and had him eating his own cum, punishing his own nipples and ruining his own orgasms.  I should imagine he, like the others was probably glad that I was so busy at the end of the week.  *Evil Laugh*

Sunday was a day never to be forgotten! I had sent my blog to Mistress who later referred to it as ‘insightful’. Mistress often finds useful ammunition within the her slaves blogs. ‘Insightful’ suggested that yet again I had said too much. I had also woken to see some tweets from Mistress the night before that suggested that her slaves were in for a bumpy ride this week. My instructions for the day confirmed this.

I, along with two other slaves, was to take part in the ‘Cup cake challenge’. The summary of what I was required to do was to video myself and to:

  1. a) Kneel
  2. b) Mantra, Mantra, Mantra.
  3. c) Wank
  4. d) Ejaculate on cupcake
  5. e) Eat cupcake complete with cum
  6. f) Thank Mistress

The task included 4 ‘firsts’ for me. I had never done c) in front of anyone ever, had never done d) or e) and most difficult of all, I had never videoed myself doing such things and then sent the video to a Mistress! I must confess I did wonder if this was a legitimate challenge or just an elaborate ruse to make me provide Mistress with more materials to control me. I concluded that it didn’t really matter which it was. I had been told in no uncertain terms that I had no choice. Non participation would result in harsh punishment for the slave concerned and in my case the posting of my picture (including my face) on twitter.

I was also provided with guidance about how a winner, 2nd place and loser was going to be chosen:

  1. a) Time taken to cum
  2. b) Accuracy of aim
  3. c) Quantity of cum eaten

Without boring you with a blow by blow description my attempt can be summarised as: I did everything that was required and on time, I picked up the cupcake to ejaculate on it (which I subsequently found out was cheating) I closed my eyes and missed the cupcake totally with my first emission, I managed to catch the remaining cum with the cupcake and ate both cake and cum. I looked to the ground, certain that Mistress would notice that a large quantity had missed the cake altogether, only to see that it had disappeared into the mass of wood shavings and dust that covered the concrete floor that I was knelt on. I realised that the situation could not be resolved and hoped that Mistress might forgive me in her likely mirth. I reviewed the video and considered the judgment criteria. I had taken about a minute and a half to cum. I was sure that in normal circumstances I could have been faster. But these were not in any way normal circumstances. It had forced me way outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t think that I would score well on time taken. As for accuracy of aim, that wasn’t shaping up in my favour either! and quantity? who knew?

On Monday Mistress teased us with the imminent publishing of the results of the cupcake challenge (which never materialised) and some very hot pictures of herself. I spent the day checking my phone even more frequently than normal. I really was scared that I had come last in the challenge and would have some horrible punishment forced on me.

Tuesday dawned to the news that the results were in and were to be found in Mistresses new website forum. With great anxiety I signed in and read what Mistress had to say. Mistress had provided a summary of each of our performances. The only good thing that she said about my video was that it was submitted on time! I was beginning to panic until I read further to hear that slave Plucky had already been punished for a serious misdemeanor (he had also redeemed himself  valiantly since). I just read it as ‘Taquin you were rubbish but you have got away with it this time’. I sent a note on the forum and thanked Plucky. Within moments Mistress sent me the following response ‘You’re not exempt from punishment’. This was not good. A couple of minutes later I received the text that explained the difficult day I was about to have. I was to make a pair of nipple clamps and wear them for a period of time every hour for the next 10 hours. First for 10 minutes, then 9 minutes etc etc. I have said it before and I will say it again, I hate nipple clamps!

Mistress had told me to find some short lengths of material something like chop sticks, to cut them down to size and to use elastic bands at each end to secure them. My solution was to use thin, round hard plastic rods (cut down from fishing disgorgers for those who know what they are). I put them on for the first time. They were most effective and hurt like hell. The worse point was actually putting them on. It was really fiddly and tugged at my nipples as I did so. Once on I sent Mistress a picture. She was so pleased with them that she told me to bring them to our next session. This was not what I wanted to hear. At the end of my 10 minute period I removed them, now realising that this really hurt as well. And so this was how my day progressed. Each hour passed far too quickly. The pain and soreness increased as the day went on. And then something happened that was unexpected. I think I had got to the 7th application of the clamps and was struggling to work whilst I was yet again in discomfort. I realised that I was feeling totally submissive. It is a mental state that I rarely achieve when I am not at the HOD. I will get part way there, but today I had gone the whole way. I sent Mistress a text. I apologised for my poor performance in the Cupcake challenge, that was all it said. It just felt like the correct thing for me to say feeling the way that as I was.

That evening I sent a text to Mistress telling her of my submissive state and saying that I would like to rub cream onto my very sore nipples whilst imagining that it was her doing it. Mistress responded that that would be ok, but that I was also to imagine that I was bound and gagged at the time. How Mistress knows how to get into my head! I thought back to a session at the HOD some time ago when following a particularly intense interrogation, resulting in a broken and exhausted Taquin, Mistress had momentarily soothed me by softly & gently rubbing my nipples. It is one of my happiest memories of my time under the control of Miss Deelight. Having the power and the exquisite skill to provide pain and pleasure, and all the tones in between, is a rare gift. But Mistress has it. It was with these thoughts in mind that I drifted off to sleep whilst soothing my nipples.

I woke the following morning with a sense of elation. I don’t know why but I just felt good. I exchanged morning texts with Mistress. There was a short exchange of texts that went something like:

Mistress:’ Do you remember what your first ever distance control task was?’

Me: ‘No, shall I try to find my first blog?’

Mistress: ‘I have just looked back and all I can find is that you had two orgasms’

Me: (still feeling elated and somewhat cheeky) ‘Well lets do that again Mistress’

Mistress: ‘OK then …pause… BUT …pause… …pause… …pause… they will both be ruins. The first one will be in the next hour and the second one before you go to bed tonight’

And so that was what happened. It was actually some time since I had been made to endure the discomfort and frustration of a ruin. To stop wanking the moment that you start to ejaculate is difficult enough to do in the first place, but then to endure the burning pain of your pumping cock followed by the frustration of such a missed opportunity is difficult. To do it twice in one day and then to lock yourself in chastity and to have to send the picture of the lock code to Mistress takes great will power. But it is the life of a slave and so it is accepted without complaint.

And then for the rest of the week I was overcome with fear. I am always nervous and a little scared when being controlled by Mistress but this was different. Looking back I think it was the combination of feeling that I had disclosed too much in my recent blogs and the fact that Mistress had pushed my comfort levels further than I would have previously thought possible. Normally I long for any contact from Mistress. This week I was actually pleased to read a tweet one morning saying how busy she was and the fact that I would not be hearing from her until later! Mistress added fuel to the fire as the week went on by hinting at the insights that she now had to use against me. I am guessing that she has me just where she wants me. Locked, horny, scared and respectful, and longing to see her at my session next week.

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