Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – When Things Don’t Go to Plan

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

I awoke in the darkness of a 6am morning to the sound of wind and rain lashing against the bedroom window. I should have realised then that this was a bad omen for today’s session. The next sound that I heard was Mistress sending me a WhatsApp telling me to purchase her a skinny sugar free vanilla latte on my way to the HOD. I got up quickly washed, dressed and made my way to my car. I had actually been staying away from home that night and made my way to my car that was parked in the accommodation’s compound. I drove up to the electric gates and placed the key fob against the sensor. I heard it click but the gates didn’t move. Shit! I tried again and the same thing happened. I started to panic. It was 7am in the morning. Mistress would soon be on her way. The car-park I was in was miles from nowhere and unattended. I sent Mistress a message and explained my plight, and received no reply. I tried my fob again and still nothing. In the end I got out of my car in the, still pouring, rain and grabbed hold of the gate and pulled. I felt it give a little. I fiddled with the hydraulics and thought that I heard something click into place. I gathered up my feeble frame to attempt an escape, I grabbed hold of the gate and within one huge effort managed to open one side of it. I sprinted back to the car, jumped in and hared through the still open gate fearing that it would close on me the whole time. I was out. Hooray. I sent Mistress a WhatsApp to give her the good news.

I pulled into Costa Coffee and ordered the required brew, only to be told that they didn’t do sugar free. I bought what they had on offer anyway in case it was all I could get. I just had time to stop in at another coffee chain and this time managed to get the skinny sugar free vanilla latte that Mistress desired.

Luckily, I just arrived at the HOD in time for my appointment with Mistress. It is never a good idea to keep Mistress waiting for anything! I went in dead on 8am (yes it was that early) to find Mistress looking lovely and smiling sweetly. I was sent upstairs to get un-dressed and as I did so I sighed a breath of relief. I was here, on time, with a skinny sugar free vanilla latte and about to enjoy 5 hours in the company of a gorgeous, dominant woman. What else could possibly go wrong? It didn’t take long to find out the answer…

‘Kneel on the mat and recite your mantra’ came Mistresses voice from the lounge. I knelt as instructed and took a breath, and froze! I could not for the life of me remember my Mantra. Yes, it was partly because of the situation I found myself in, but far worse was the truth that it exposed. I had got out of the habit of saying it both morning and night and now I was about to be found out. I started to recite a shortened and incorrect version of it over and over. I tried to do it quite quietly hoping beyond hope that Mistress didn’t notice. Mistress was in the lounge area and I could hear her doing stuff whilst I mumbled away. ‘If I get away with this the first thing I am going to do is learn it again when I get home’ I thought to myself. All of a sudden it went quiet in the lounge, Mistress was listening. I was doomed! And a moment later Mistress said ‘what the hell is that Slave? That isn’t your mantra’. I apologized profusely as she told me to do it again, but correctly this time. I failed yet again. And again, and again, and again. Mistress told me that for every 2 minutes that passed I would receive 50 whacks with her new favorite Grateful Pain paddle (I had told Mistress that I would love to try the Grateful Pain humbler one day but certainly didn’t want to experience the paddle). The effect of this added incentive is entirely predictable. My brain turned to mush and I repeatedly failed this one simple task. In the end Mistress had to tell me the first line in order for me to remember the rest. Oh dear, my day was going from bad to worse!

Things did improve significantly a few minutes later however when Mistress told me to sit in the chair, that was placed in the middle of the room, in order that she could secure me to it. Mistress used rope to secure my chest to the back of the chair, put the leather mitts on my hands and secured them behind the back of the chair and used wooden manacles to secure my ankles. I was going nowhere, and the dribbling commenced. Next, I was totally blindfolded before being gagged. Once happy with her work I heard Mistresses footsteps as she went into the lounge and shut the door behind her. Over the next hour or two (it is so difficult to keep track of time) Mistress could be heard getting properly ready for her day before doing some custom videos for some lucky chaps. As the time progressed however I could hear Mistress becoming progressively more agitated that things weren’t going right in her day either. From the snippets I heard there were some things that Mistress needed that she couldn’t find, some she could find but that were not working or technical issues with camera’s or scripts, stockings with ladders or such like. But despite all of this Mistress would return to me frequently in order to check that I was ok, and to tease and to tantalise me in the ways that only she knows how. Once, after she had completed her custom videos and was too hot, she came back in and declared that she was now naked! Of course, I had no vision and could not be sure if this was true, that was until she briefly pressed her naked body against mine. Oh bliss! Next Mistress went and got dressed into her new white skirt and corset. She removed my blindfold and allowed me to soak in the wonderful vision in front of me.


Gorgeous! Mistress decided that I should return to a state of helpless blindness and blindfolded me once again. I heard her rummage in a drawer behind me. I sensed her move in front of me once again and felt her gentle touch as she squeezed a nipple. At the same time I heard the jangle of a small chain, and feared the worst, nipple clamps! Mistress has used them several times before to control and torment me. There have been times where in hindsight that I have been pleased she has done so. But I fear the pain. Today was no different. I tensed waiting for the inevitable jolt of pain as each was applied, but instead I felt Mistress gently apply one and then the other with some sort of screw fastening. These were not the spring loaded crocodile clips that I feared so much but some other far more sensual version. Yes their application hurt a little as they were applied, yes the weight of the chain pulled down and added to my discomfort, but the overall effect of these was to add yet another positive sensation to my already overstimulated brain. The fog of pleasure that Mistress can create in my head becomes quite impenetrable sometimes. Words remain her most formidable weapon. Mistress was walking out of the room at one time and said something (possibly about the teasing to come or the predicament I now found myself in) and her words resulted in a spontaneous spasming of my body. No one else has ever been able to do this to me. It is as if a force, like static electricity, has been building up inside of me and her words touch it acting as a conductor and my body jolts uncontrollably. Mistress heard this sound, as my body arched against my bindings and I jolted the chair, and turned around and demanded to know what had happened. I tried to explain but probably only mumbled through my own confused thoughts.

It was then that inevitable happened in the midst of an extra long session such as this. I could feel the need to have a pee taking over from the wonderful sensations that Mistress had been treating me to. Luckily Mistress does seem to understand the needs of an old fart like myself and released my bindings for the chair, took off one of the leather mittens and told me to go and sort myself out. This still left the matter of one leather mitten and a pair of leg braces to be coped with whilst making my way upstairs to the bathroom. It was a difficult ascent and decent of said staircase. So difficult in fact that Mistress felt compelled to photograph and video my demise for her online army of fans.

Once down the stairs again Mistress noticed that I was shivering. I had not noticed just how cold I had become whilst secured naked to the chair in the dungeon. Mistress undid my shackles took me through to the lounge taped my arms to my side, zipped me into a latex sleep sack, blindfolded me and sat me down on the settee. She is such a kind and considerate Mistress! Mistress unzipped the bottom section of the sleep sack to access her property. It was then that the edging began, both with her hands and with the vibrator. Within moments I was close to the edge (and Mistress hadn’t even removed the Bon4 at that point!). And when she did, and Mistresses property felt her tender touch for the first time in 5 weeks, what followed became something of an inevitability. Mistress applied the vibrator one more time. I asked her to stop but was too late, I had gone too far! The orgasm started and I could do nothing about it. I erupted and Mistress did what Mistress must. An orgasm that happens without her permission can end only one way. A ruin. Mistresses property pumped away desperate to be stimulated more to allow it to enjoy the experience, but all stimulation had been removed and all that was left was the pain and discomfort.

That was it the session was over. In actual fact I think we were both a little disappointed. Me because I always look forward to a full, wonderful, mind blowing orgasm (my visits to the HOD are my ONLY chance for this to happen as I am locked in chastity at all other times) and Mistress because I don’t think that was what she had planned to happen. I know from past experience that there is nothing more fun for her to do to a slave than give him a painful ruin and send him away from the HOD unfulfilled and desperate for her continued attentions. But this was not her intention today. At the HOD there is only one way that things normally happen, that is the Mistress way. I had spoilt this today and am sorry Mistress. I hope you will allow me to try again before too long.