Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal

20160201_120533052_iOSSlave Taquin enjoyed a session with me recently with his torment being captured in full on film.  I think the most amusing part of his torment for me, was when he suffered a self inflicted ruin!  His dear little slave head and desperate cock got the better of him and he went past that dreaded point of no return without my permission!  The video for that will be going on my clips4sale website soon along with the other parts of his torment. Part one is already available where I you can watch me revel in Taquin’s physical responses to my verbal stimulus as I discuss matters of financial domination and blackmail to him.  My control over him continues to grow even after all this time.  I made sure that fact was firmly implanted in his mind by the end of the week when I took over his facebook account while he was away from his computer.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn how much I enjoy this power and control.

The week started with a session at the HOD. What a wonderful way to start any week.

I carried out the instructions that I had been sent earlier in the day. I had been told to enter the HOD and go straight upstairs and undress. I was to lay any gifts or items that I had bought with me on the bed before kneeling facing it and placing a mask over my head. The items laid on the bed were a pair of wooden arm binders, a pair of wooden ankle restraints, some home made nipple clamps and another contribution to Mistresses marathon sponsorship fund. I called Mistress to tell her that I was ready and a moment later I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Mistress entered the room and stood alongside me to inspect what was on the bed. I explained that the money was for her marathon sponsorship fund which she was very grateful for. We briefly discussed the wooden restraints that I had made before I was instructed to make my way into the examination room across the hall. This was to be my first time in this room and indeed in the gyno chair that is located there.

As my vision was largely obscured by the hood that I was wearing Mistress helped position me in front of the chair before instructing me to climb up onto it and to place my legs on the supports. As Mistress strapped me in I realised how exposed and vulnerable I was. I have previously documented my need to test my bonds and to try to escape. Realising that I might be able to wriggle my arms free Mistress adopted two tactics today. Firstly she had bandaged my hands securely in a clenched fist configuration and secondly (and most escape proof of all) she informed me that, if I did attempt to escape, I would be severely punished. It is more than a year since this last happened and yet the severity of the punishment is as clear in my mind today as if it was only yesterday. I knew that Mistress would carry out her threat and so I settled into my restraints.

An hour past and then I heard footsteps on the stairs again. Mistress entered the room and with my head back as it was I caught glimpses of her dressed in black lace. I think it was at this point that her property started to dribble. Mistress informed me that she was going to capture today’s torments on video and spent a little time preparing her camera and getting the angles just right. Even this was tantalising for me as she tested different working positions giving me some idea of the pleasures to come. Once Mistress was happy that everything was set up correctly she told me that we would begin.

There is something really special about this moment in a session. Secured as I was in the chair I had no part to play or possible influence on what was about to happen. I was totally dependent on Mistress. First she removed my device and inspected her property. She informed me that it was ok but was showing some signs of wear from the device already. Mistress told me that she thinks that I might only be able to use it part time in the future. Wearing a chastity device when I am away from Mistress has become a part of my life that I would really miss. I am not sure what the solution is but will try and find one. Having removed my device Mistress started to manipulate my balls back into position. Once this had been achieved she tied my balls with cord and gave them a playful pat. I said something that was met with the reply that I hadn’t been given permission to talk. Mistress found a ball gag and ensured my silence for the rest of the session.

part 2.00_00_51_10.Still004

And then Mistress applied lube to her gloved hands and took hold of her property and went to work on it. I have to tell you that this is the best feeling in the world! It is what I fantasise about and long for most. Mistress informed me that was going to take me to the brink over and over again and that there was nothing I could do to stop her. Even though I truly love this feeling it is also excruciatingly tormenting. To be taken right to the edge but not be allowed that final desperate release is terrible, but wonderful as well. Its so difficult to explain. For The next 15 minutes or so Mistress repeatedly edged me whilst verbally teasing me with my inability to escape from her clutches for the foreseeable future. At some points she was kind enough to sooth my nipples as well (they were still sore from the home made clamps I had been made to wear earlier in the week). This really was heavenly. There was only one moment when Mistress decided that I needed pain as well as pleasure. All of a sudden she had stopped what she was doing and reminded me that there was a point a few days earlier where I had had what she referred to as ‘inappropriate thoughts’. The incident that she was referring to was part of a fantasy that I was instructed to write relating to one of Mistresses wonderful pictures on Twitter. The fantasy I had concocted was that Mistress had picked me up in a bar (I told you that it was fantasy) and had lured me back to her room . Once there she had seduced me into allowing her to tie my hands behind my back before immobilising me on the floor. My problem to be faced up to now was the fact that within my fantasy of her seduction of me she had kissed me. What a stupid thing to think, and worse still to put in an e mail to Mistress! She told me at the time that she had not laughed so much for ages, and I had hoped that this would be the last I would hear of it. A few sharp slaps to her erect property told me otherwise. Eventually Mistress decided that it was time to move on to the next stage of my session and indeed the next scene in the video.

Mistress carefully repositioned the chair that I was strapped to in order to allow me to lie flat on my back. Having done so and having checked the camera angles once again she climbed up onto the bench and lowered her gorgeous backside onto my face. Yet another special treat for Taquin today. But something was wrong. In the short period of time that Mistress had been preparing me for the next part of the session her property had run away. I was very aware that the camera was still rolling and felt very self conscious. I desperately hoped that life would return down below. This just made matters worse unfortunately and after a little while longer Mistress decided that she had better take matters in hand again. She climbed off and started to work on her shamefully limp property. And then in a moment I felt the rush of a fast approaching orgasm and told Mistress I was about to cum. Mistress removed her hand and told me that I had better not, but it was too late, and I started to orgasm. All slaves of Miss Deelight will know what happens at times like this. Cum without permission and you will inevitably face the pain and frustration of a ruin. And so that is how my session finished. Another month will pass before I have the prospect of Mistress treating me to my first proper orgasm for goodness knows how long. This really is an intense and torturous existence sometimes.

I drove home in thoughtful mood. I felt guilty for the fact that I had failed to rise to the occasion for the second half of the video. It seemed to me that I must be the most ungrateful slave in the world to have performed as I did. Mistress had really gone out of her way to create a wonderful session for me. I imagined her also driving home from the HOD feeling disappointed in my performance. I felt rather humiliated in having my limp dick captured on video despite everything that Mistress had done, and then to cum before it even got hard forcing Mistress to make it a ruin was a poor state of affairs. I sent Mistress a text of apology and said that I hoped there was something that she could salvage from the footage filmed.

Whilst I do know that Mistress prides herself on being able to give her slaves a wonderful experience I suspect that she will be in fits of laughter reading this. It was a full 48 hrs before the truth dawned on me. Who am I kidding I thought? Mistress had sent me home humiliated, frustrated and having endured a ruin. This equates to a great days work as far as she is concerned! Suddenly I felt so much better.

I always leave the HOD with a huge array of emotions rattling around in my little slave brain. To try and make sense of them I often write them down in note form. This is what I wrote this time:

Excitement – lace, edging, nipples soothed, balls tied up, device removed, soft hands, face sitting, breath control

Pleasure – Sights, sounds and sensations. Teasing. Being taken to the edge over and over again

Humiliation – recorded for all to see on video

Frustration – another session goes by without a full on orgasm

Gratitude – pulled together my dream session (and I had not even asked for it). What a kind Mistress.

part 2.00_01_03_09.Still006A couple of days after the session Mistress refocused my mind on all of the wonderful things that happened at the HOD by very kindly sending me a copy of the first half of the video. I do enjoy seeing Mistress in action. I enjoy the sparkle in her eyes as she has fun at a slaves expense and  enjoy seeing how she carefully administers a punishment expertly gauging the next blow through watching her slaves reactions. There is a sense of total control in what she does. The effect was very predictable. I found myself feeling desperate and needy once again. By the Thursday it had already built up to such a degree that I sent Mistress a respectful request to provide myself with an orgasm. Silly me! I really had thought that there was a possibility of Mistress saying yes. Very occasionally in the past she has shown some mercy. Not today though. I received a simple ‘no you cant’ and an ominous ‘I had a thought today….’ ‘No’ is such a powerful and exciting word. I went to bed feeling even more desperate than I had been, and worrying about what Mistress was planning for me.

The next morning I sent my morning text and asked her what she was planning. We exchanged a series of texts that resulted in me beginning to regret something I had shared with Mistress a week or two earlier. I had told her that I was going to be having lunch with a good friend who I had known for more than 25 years. The reason that I had shared this with Mistress was that my friend is a woman, some 10 years younger than myself, who I have always found attractive. I had joked with Mistress about how funny it would be, if after all this time, my friend made a pass at me and I was forced to turn her down on the basis of me being a slave owned by Miss Deelight. It seems that Mistress is having great fun at my expense thinking about my lunch date to come.

So far she has:

  1. a) threatened to make me attend the lunch wearing butt plug, chastity device and lace knickers.
  2. b) told me that she could blackmail me into revealing my submissive practices to my friend
  3. c) instructed me to have my phone with me and switched on at all times

My relaxed lunch in a quiet country pub catching up with a close friend has taken on a whole new complexion. I suspect that I might be referring to it again in a couple of weeks time.

On Friday night I had settled down to watch a rugby game with one of my sons when I checked my emails using my phone. I had received two emails from Facebook checking with me that it really was me who had just changed my access password. No it wasn’t! I clicked on my Facebook app to find myself signed out from my own Facebook pages. My first thought was that I had been hacked by some cyber thief, and then the truth dawned on me. It had been some time since Mistress had used computer control against me. Now I suspected that somehow she had managed to access my Facebook page and had hijacked my account. If this was the case I really feared what it might take to get it back, and then worse still I wondered what she might be posting on there as I sat watching a rugby game. I sent Mistress a text asking if it was her. I waited. My text went unread and unanswered. I sat and sweated, not knowing what was going on or what I could do about it. And then a thought came to me. Whenever I sign into my laptop now I have to use a ‘special’ password provided to me by Mistress. I opened up the Facebook sign on screen and tried the same password as I have to use on my laptop. It worked! I quickly checked to make sure that nothing had changed or been added in the time I had been off line. Everything looked ok and I breathed a sigh of relief. It had just been a timely reminder of what Mistress can do to me if she ever choses to. At half time of the rugby I made an excuse to go out to my workshop and went to check on my laptop. As I suspected Mistress had hijacked my Facebook page by accessing my e mails and pretending to be me. How did I know that? Mistress had left for me a recording of the 16 minutes she had spent on my laptop that showed me which of my files she had looked at and how she had found all of my Facebook information. She really is scarily good at taking over a pc. At one point she had looked through my internet browsing history. I watched anxiously as she searched back through the previous few days. Luckily I had been very busy in my work this week and so my browsing history was particularly vanilla. I have to confess that watching Mistress picking through my files and taking over another part of my life was incredibly exciting.

Mistress had left me one additional file on my PC. It was an audio file that I was unable to listen to until the following day. As early as I could I went out to my workshop set the audio file to play and pretended to work. I listened intently to Mistress reading a script to me that I had been told to provide to her several months earlier. It was a fantasy about a slave submitting to wearing a chastity device for the first time, and being tricked into having to wear it for as long as Mistress chose. I can remember how wound up it had made me when I first had to send it to her. But to hear Mistress reciting it back to me added a whole new layer of torment.

What an end to such an eventful week. Being one of Miss Deelights slaves adds so much to my life.

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