Slave Taquin – Distance Control/Chastity Week 6 and 7

Due to the lead up to and wind down from Christmas, as well as having that ghastly bug going around, I’m a little behind in my blog posts and updates .  I do hope you all had a good Christmas, now enough slacking let’s get back to it!

Slave Taquin visited me during his 5th week into his distance control contract.  As my devotees will be aware, he endured his longest spell of denial ever leading up to this.  During one of his daily text instructions previously, I had asked him to share a fantasy with me.  At that precise time, although it became apparent afterwards, I wanted to delve into his mind to obtain some ideas for his next real-time session. Note, I said “ideas”.  I never had any intention of following Slaves fantasy word for word, because where would the fun be in that?  And poor Slave Taquin, in all his excitement, didn’t even stop to consider which parts I would see through and which ones I wouldn’t. I’m going to hand you over to Taquin for his review of the session and his following week of distance control.  What I would like to point out, is that I had every intention of leaving my slave hog-tied for a LONG time, and because of certain health indications, I deliberately tied his hog tie so that he would not endure unnecessary pain.  I did not expect for him to behave like a ‘brat’ and escape the binds; and he didn’t expect the punishment he received!


This weeks blog must inevitably concentrate on my session with Miss Deelight. I arrived at the HOD comforted in the knowledge that Mistress had pushed me to new limits in the previous 4 weeks. Not once had I been allowed to cum. Instead I had endured a series of challenges and torments. Mistress had threatened the possibility of a session that didn’t finish with a wonderful orgasm. This had really worried me, but deep down I knew that these threats were provided to excite me with the possibility of further denial. I was sure that Mistress would make me a very happy slave indeed. It was Christmas after all…. 

I stepped through the door of the HOD and locked it behind me. Mistress opened the inner door. She was wearing fabulous red lingerie that enhanced every wonderful curve of her body. I greeted her with a smile that was not returned. I was instructed to go to the bathroom, get undressed and return downstairs to present my tribute. Her strict countenance suggested that I had better do as instructed without further comment. This completed I was instructed to kneel whilst my hands were bound in front of me. It wasn’t long before I found myself with my wrists pulled up above my body and secured to a hook in the ceiling, ankles tethered together, gagged and completely helpless. What followed was a wonderful session of tease and denial obviously aimed at increasing my pent-up desire still further. It worked! After some time my arms were released from the ceiling and re-secured behind my back. Only once this was done were my ankles released and I was instructed to go upstairs.

Once upstairs I was made to lay face down on the bed whilst Mistress hog tied me. Following some further teasing Mistress informed me that she was going to go downstairs for a few minutes. At first I was disappointed to realise that the wonderful Miss Deelight was no longer tormenting me with my need to cum. But then I started to enjoy the opportunity to consider my predicament further. I was bound and gagged and had been teased to my limits by a beautiful and powerful women. When she returned I was going to be treated to the most wonderful, full on, mind-blowing orgasm. What more could I wish for? What followed next can only be described as a moment of total insanity on my part.

I find that trying to struggle free from my bonds is really exciting. Being unable to escape re-enforces the fact that I am helpless and at the total mercy of my Mistress. In struggling as I was I realised that the rope around my right wrist was slightly looser than that of my left. Mistress had left a large enough gap between my wrists to allow me to manipulate the coils of rope further still towards my left wrist. I was finally able to extract my right wrist from its bonds. I was free. I removed the gag, which had become more and more uncomfortable as the session had progressed, and lay on the bed waiting for Mistress to return. I knew that she would see the funny side before continuing with the session. And I was right. How we laughed. Mistress was I think still laughing as she manacled me spread eagle to the bed, replaced the gag (but even tighter now) and placed a hood over my head.

It was only at this point that I began to realise what was happening. In the previous few weeks I had been required to supply Mistress with my fantasies. As time had gone on I had become more and more forthcoming with things that I found exciting. However a fantasy can be just that. It can consist of a situation that I might not have tried before and it might actually be more than I can handle! One particular fantasy that I had shared was that, during a session, Mistress had decided that I deserved to be punished and had used nipple clamps to prove who was in charge. In the darkness of my hood, and unable to protest because of my gag, I started to whimper. The next sensation shocked me. I had been whipped hard on the testicles and my legs tried to
free their bindings at the bottom of the bed. My balls ached as the whipping continued. I tried to tell Mistress that I was sorry for escaping the hog tie, but she ignored my gagged mumblings. Next I heard Mistress reach past me to the wall behind my head and pick up something that sounded like a small chain. Within a moment Mistress was attaching what felt like a set of nipple clamps, with very sharp teeth. The pain was intense. This was made worse still as Mistress attached the chain that joined the nipple clamps to the cord that was around my balls. The increased pressure was made worse still when Mistress started whipping my balls and therefore the chain to my nipples. I was getting close to my pain threshold and wanted to cry out for release. It seemed that Mistress knew this as she released the clamps from my nipples and I relaxed as the pain began to subside. Thank goodness it was over! Before I knew it Mistress was re attaching the clamps whilst telling me calmly that I was never to try to take control in a session again. The pain returned, but worse this time. Through the gag I tried to tell Mistress how sorry I was and to beg her forgiveness. I was trying to ask her to stop, but she wouldn’t. After still further punishment my nipples were released again. I had just realised that I had started to shake when the clamps were attached for the third time and the pain intensified yet again. In the pain induced blur of this moment I finally understood that I was truly helpless and subservient. My relationship with Mistress would never be the same again. Eventually it was over. Mistress had taught me a lesson that I will never forget. (In a moment of quiet reflection later that day I found myself thankful to Mistress for ensuring that I clearly understood the nature of our relationship. I should expect to be punished for my mis-demeanors. Mistress will decide how severe that punishment should be, and I will be thankful for it. I also concluded that I never wanted to experience that pain again and that I would be far more respectful to Mistress in the future).

I realised that my punishment was finally over when I heard Mistress apply some lotion to her hands and felt her start to caress my cock. This was how the session had started and now it was about to come to its wonderful conclusion. I have never known anyone before who has been able to build up my desire to orgasm to such a desperate intensity. Over and over again I thought that I would be allowed to cum only for Mistress to stop at the last possible moment. And then it happened. Mistress took me past the point of no return. My first orgasm for over 4 weeks commenced in earnest – and Mistress removed her hands and laughed. My cock convulsed in an attempt to find the necessary stimulation. It pumped and pumped. The pain intensified as it failed to unload what had been pent-up inside for so long. Mistress seemed to enjoy every moment of my pain, frustration and disappointment!

And so my session finished. I returned home to think about what I had experienced, and more importantly what I had learned. I emailed
Mistress that same evening and confessed that I had underestimated her, and that I was sorry. I explained that I had been certain that I was to receive a full on orgasm. I told her that I now fully understand that I have no control over what happens and that I am being driven to my limits by a women who will make me live by her rules. I get it. I also explained that I did not think for a minute that she would punish me in the way that she did, and that I would be far more respectful in our future sessions. I will certainly never try to escape from my bonds again,  unless Mistress challenges me to do so! Mistress did show me some pity in the end and allowed me to provide myself with an orgasm that evening. It could never be as good as the one that I had craved to receive from Miss Deelight, but it was needed and enjoyed nonetheless. Particularly with the memories of such a powerful and extraordinary session fresh in my mind. And so my next period of chastity begins. Hopefully Mistress will find herself overcome with Christmas good cheer and allow me a release from it a little sooner this time.


Week 7 Write Up

The days following my session with Mistress were unexpected and somewhat disorientating. On the first day I was instructed to have an orgasm at my earliest opportunity, on the second I was to abstain from all touching, on days 3 & 4 I was to edge as many times as possible during the day leaving no less than 30 minutes and no more than 2 hour intervals. And then on day 5 the text arrived in the morning telling me that I was to be allowed an orgasm that night together with a wonderful picture of Mistress as ‘something to help’. It was all a bit of a roller coaster. To be told that I was to be allowed to cum again so soon, into what I thought was my next period of Chastity, was to put it mildly, surprising. The picture received ensured that I spent the day dreaming of what I was to be allowed to do that evening. I was to put it mildly ‘hot under the collar’. This was however somewhat tempered by the realisation that I was probably being teased by Mistress. My suspicion was that I was to receive a text just before bed time telling me she had changed her mind! I was wrong. I was indeed allowed an orgasm that night and following a game of red or black cards via text the following night I found myself being allowed yet another orgasm! All very odd indeed. Maybe Mistress really was filled with Christmas spirit all of a sudden? And then I received the text that stopped me in my tracks. It read ‘Enjoy it while you can. You have no idea what’s coming…’ In an instant my relaxed state evaporated.

At this point the wonders of Christmas took priority and quite rightly both Mistress and I allowed the festivities to take center stage. I am not quite sure when it happened, but I did at some point find myself exchanging e mails with Mistress about how desperate I was to be denied again. Although I enjoyed the orgasms that Mistress had allowed (or should I say demanded!) it was not really what I had signed up for. I still didn’t understand what was going on. This led me to further fantasies shared with my Mistress about being put into a chastity device. I am finding that Mistresses actions are helping me to learn things about myself that would otherwise have gone unrecognised. However I got to this point I have come to the realisation that surrendering myself to Mistress in this way and providing her with the ability to torment me further, and for as long as she wants, is incredibly exciting. It has led to us exchanging ideas on the subject and I have agreed as always that Mistress should decide what is best for me.

Last night all became much clearer to me. Following a day of not being allowed to touch myself I told Mistress that my balls had started aching. I was surprised at this fact as I had only been denied an orgasm for a couple of days so far. Mistress explained to me that she had allowed me to cum several times to get everything functioning again. Now that it was I was to be denied and tormented. This was why my balls had started to ache so soon. I do find it disconcerting, but also very exciting, when I am reminded of the fact that Mistress understands my body better than I do!

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