Slave Taquin – Session Report and Distance Control Journal – A Vacancy for HOD Slave…

(Dear Taquin, There is no vacancy as far as your place at the HOD is concerned.  You will keep returning until such day that I decided to administer your punishment and you won’t know when that will be! You just have to keep coming back or else I will make it so that you can NEVER return, not to the HOD or to your home either!)

(Dear all other readers, Slave Taquin and I have a consensual blackmail contract in place)


Vacancy for slave at the House of Deelight!
As unlikely as it sounds I fear that I may never be able to return to the House of Deelight. I will try to explain.
Today’s session started a little shakily. I arrived outside the HOD approximately 10 minutes early and sent a text to Mistress to let her know that I had arrived. I have always been in the habit of doing this in order that Mistress can text me to let me know that I am allowed to go in. Today there was no response until, at 12 o’clock precisely; Mistress told me that it was now 12. The inference was that I should jolly well hurry up and go through the front door. I jumped out of my car, locked it and scurried across the road clutching my shopping bag of ‘stuff’ as I normally do.
I entered the front door, turned and locked it, removed my shoes and walked into the dungeon. ‘Good morning Mistress’ (not technically correct at 2 minutes past 12 I know) I called out. ‘Get in here now slave’ was the response from the lounge. I stepped into the lounge to find Mistress sitting in her throne wearing gorgeous red lingerie and black stockings. She was holding a formidable looking cane. I was instructed to kneel in front of her and to explain why, after nearly two years of serving Mistress, I still didn’t know to enter the HOD at precisely the right time. With each word she spoke she menacingly whacked the cane into the palm of her other hand. I whimpered something about always awaiting her instructions to enter but knew that this was not going to be good enough today. In the end I adopted the only possible course of action and apologised profusely for my inadequacies. Mistress did not appear placated at all. ‘What have you got in your bag’ she demanded. I started to take the items from my bag that I thought she would require. I pulled out the slave collar that Mistress had made me purchase. It has my slave name inscribed on it. I removed the key safe that I knew would be required for my chastity device key and gave it to Mistress. I took a Boots voucher out and gave it to Mistress. She asked why I had bought it for her.

Coincidentally I had written the reason inside the gift tag. Mistress was pleased about that. Finally I gave Mistress my mobile phone as I always must these days.
Having emptied the contents of my bag I was ordered to strip and walk into the dungeon. I was now completely naked with the exception of the steel chastity device protecting Mistresses property from my desperate attentions. Mistress instructed me to step into the steel cage and swiftly and efficiently set about using cable ties to ensure that I was totally immobilised. My wrists and upper arms were secured to the sides of the cage whilst my neck was carefully secured to the back of the cage. Mistress made absolutely sure in doing so that the effect was to contain me further but with no chance of strangulation. Finally a cable tie was used to gag me before it too was attached to the back of the cage. Whilst all of this was being done Mistress would, just occasionally, brush against me or maybe gently tweak one of my nipples. By the time she had finished her property was bouncing around in its cage and dribbling uncontrollably. Happy with her work Mistress returned to the lounge to record custom videos, eat lunch, check through my phone and to do whatever else an all powerful Mistress does knowing that her faithful slave is inescapably restrained close by. Occasionally she would call through to check that I was ok and if I was very lucky she would sometimes come back into the dungeon to laugh at my predicament. The hour passed quickly and before I knew it Mistress was stood in front of me with an evil glint in her eye.
‘Welcome to the court of Miss Deelight’ she said holding the formidable cane once again. ‘You are about to be tried for your bad behaviour, and I am the prosecutor AND the judge’ (this could only happen in the House of Deelight, ruled as it is by its benevolent dictator). She held in her other hand her phone. She looked at its screen and then back up at my face and said ‘so slave, tell me what you have done wrong’. Whenever I am asked any question during a session my brain totally freezes. Today was a perfect example of this. Of course even if I could respond the risk is that I would blurt out stuff that isn’t even on her list. I remained silent. ‘I will read out the charges’ she said.
1) ‘You were not wearing your slave collar when you entered the HOD today. How do you plead’?
‘Guilty’ was my only possible response.
2) You have not been wearing your slave collar when carrying out your tasks or writing your blogs. How do you plead?’
Guilty was again my only possible response. I did explain that it would be difficult to do so at home and Mistress kindly agreed that I would be expected to wear it somewhere on my body but not necessarily around my neck. (It is therefore in place at the top of my right thigh as I write this!).
3) You met up with another woman the other day without asking my permission. How do you plead?
Guilty was my response yet again. I had thought about telling Mistress that she had never actually previously told me that this was required. But that would have been foolish, and so I didn’t.

(And all the while that Mistress was acting as accuser and judge she was prodding me with her cane or slamming it against the bars. She was obviously enjoying herself immensely)
4) At this point Mistress tapped on her phone and brought up something that I was unable to see and said ‘your plastic lock on the chastity device does not match the one in the last picture you sent me’. At this point she looked genuinely angry. She looked me in the eyes and asked why that was. To turn up at the HOD with any suggestion of having removed the device without permission would be a huge error.
‘Not guilty Mistress’ was my panicked response. I had to respectfully remind Mistress that at the time when I was last locked up, and had to provide photographic proof; Mistress had removed the camera function on my phone. As a result I had instead sent her a text with an explanation and the lock code number included. Thankfully Mistress was happy with my response and her mood seemed to lighten once again.

The problem was that Mistress had scared me. I sometimes react to this by making a joke. They are never very good jokes but I enjoy a bit of light hearted banter from time to time, especially if it makes Mistress laugh also. It can however sometimes horribly backfire on me. As I was about to find out…
5) Mistress moved on to an incident that had happened several weeks earlier. ‘You were unacceptably slow in responding to my texts the other day. How long was it before you finally sent the picture that I demanded?’ I answered meekly that it had been 39 minutes. ‘It is my prerogative to decide if and when I respond to texts. Not yours. You are a slave and will respond promptly to all questions or demands. How do you plead?’
Guilty was my response again.
And that is where I should have shut my stupid slave mouth. But no I had to go onto to say ‘but it was Bargain Hunt on the TV Mistress’. Mistress stopped in her tracks and looked at me in amazement. ‘What did you say slave?’ I had actually realised my mistake the moment the words had left my mouth. But by then it was too late.
Mistress went quiet for just a moment before saying: I will give you a choice of punishment for what you have just said. Either you can accept X strokes of the cane now (I can’t actually remember how many it was to be) or you can have 39 minutes of slow stroking of my property from me, but, if you cum before the end of the 39 minutes you will be caned, once for every remaining minute. My decision was easy. I would have done practically anything in the world at that point to have Mistress slowly stroke her property. Surely I would be able to hold back for at least 20 minutes, if I really tried. I informed Mistress of my decision and waited for her to remove my device and commence the stroking. Mistress doesn’t play fair you know! The device remained firmly in place whilst Mistress stood in front of me smiling sweetly and gently started to stroke my nipples. My arms were still at securely attached to the bars as this frankly gorgeous woman dressed in the sexiest red lingerie went to work on this slave. From that point onwards it is just a magical blur. Mistress used her gentle touch, wonderful body and beautiful eyes to slowly and expertly send me into slave heaven. At some point during this process Mistress removed the cage from her property but despite my pleading totally refused to take hold of it for even a moment. If it was lucky it would just receive the slightest touch from the lingerie Mistress was wearing. But no more than that. And it went on and on until Mistresses property was so hard that I thought that it would explode. And still she hadn’t even taken hold of it. I had been whimpering in total frustration for some time I believe when something happened that pushed me over the edge into a feeling of unbearable torment of the like I have never felt before. I am still not sure what Mistress did, but it felt like she was pressing gently but firmly at the point on my body where the base of her property joined it. As she maintained her pressure at that precise point I started to wail softly and I felt tears well up in my eyes. I was not on the edge of an orgasm. It was not like that. It was just the most intense horniness that I have ever, ever experienced. Mistress prolonged the moment for what seemed like an eternity before putting some lube onto her hands and starting to stroke her property slowly and firmly. What hope did I have?! Two minutes was all that it took before I was experiencing a ferocious orgasm. On and on it went as all thoughts of holding back became totally futile.
It took some time for me to open my eyes and to come to my senses. I muttered some totally inadequate thanks for an incredible experience during which time Mistress was releasing me from the cable ties that secured me to the cage using the wire cutters that she had to hand. What I didn’t know was whether or not this was the end of my session. I feared that she might say that I was now to proceed to the whipping bench to receive 37 strokes of the cane (39 minus the 2 minutes it took to cum). Instead Mistress confirmed that I was allowed to clear up my mess and to have a shower. I quietly breathed a huge sigh of relief and started to clear up. It appeared that the threat of the caning was just one of Mistresses devious mindfucks. Thank goodness!
On returning down to the lounge following my shower Mistress looked at her property and declared that it needed a couple of days out of its cage to rest following her teasing of it. I was so fully satisfied that I was not disappointed to hear that I could have a couple of days of freedom. In preparation for my next lock up however Mistress set a new code on the key safe and locked the key inside it before moving the digits in order that I had no chance of opening it. The principle being that I would go home with the padlock open and ready to be clicked into place when Mistress instructed it. This can happen under the scrutiny of Mistress via my PC if she requires it. (The funny thing was that later in the day we both realised that she had actually left the padlock inside the key safe as well! I found it very funny indeed, I am not sure that Mistress did).
And so I was just getting dressed when I realised that things were about to end very badly for me. Mistress opened up a folder on her computer and started typing. As she did so she repeated the words that she was entering. ‘On Taquins’ next visit he will receive 37 strokes of the cane together with any other punishment I see fit for his misdemeanours in the Court of Miss Deelight’. I didn’t know what to say. I had thought that I had dodged a bullet, but evidently not. We said our goodbyes and I left.
And so this is why there is a slave vacancy at the House of Deelight. The thought of 37 strokes of the cane is too much for this wimp to comprehend. At least I have come to this conclusion before being locked into chastity. I am not sure that I could cope with taking a hacksaw to a device in situ!

I awoke on Sunday to find that Mistress had released my phone from her control. This was to allow me to carry out some updates. Mistress confirmed that I should make the most of it as her control of it would be re-instated during my session on Wednesday. (In actual fact the internet service was down on the day of my session and so my phone freedom remained until the end of the week). The best bit about this was being allowed back onto Twitter. I hate to think that there is a lot going on in the fetish world that I am missing out on. But in particular I miss seeing what Mistress is up to and being allowed to join in if appropriate. I did find my PC still locked down however and had to ask Mistress to permit me some time on it to write my blog. Once written and submitted my access was removed once again. I didn’t mind so much now as I had my phone to use instead. What a treat!
On Monday morning Mistress teased me with a text that read ‘just two more sleeps until your session’. This is one of the many joys of being controlled from a distance by Miss Deelight. Up until meeting her I had never found a Mistress willing to treat me as the sexually submissive man that I am in between sessions. As Mistress enjoys telling me; I am so easy to get to. And she is right. A short well targeted text here and there is enough to get to me. This morning was a good example of this. And then to pile on the pressure further Mistress sent me a text telling me to make a purchase for our next session. I was to buy a zantai full lycra bodysuit with crotch zip. She told me to imagine her soft touch teasing me through the bodysuit all over my body, and that’s was to happen before she unzipped the crotch. She even threatened to make me take a Viagra before doing it. What an exciting prospect. Much to my disappointment I was unable to find anything suitable that was available for next day delivery. I ordered it nonetheless and hope that it will become a feature in a later session. And then as if this wasn’t enough Mistress logged into my workshop PC through TeamViewer and started talking to me through my laptop speakers. It was so exciting to hear her sexy voice, but then a neighbour walked in and I had to hurriedly shut the screen down. This in itself doesn’t stop Mistress being able to continue to speak through my speakers, but Mistress understood that I would never dare to do this unless there was a privacy issue. At such times she always stops instantly and closes anything down on my screen that shouldn’t be there. I really do appreciate this about her. I know that as well as being my tormentress, she will also look out for me and will protect me (as long as I don’t step out of line!). In future I will use headphones to minimise the risk.
Tuesday was a relatively quiet except that in the evening Mistress asked some questions about texting my vanilla lady friend. I don’t think she actually did in the end (Mistress subsequently told me that she didn’t and my friend just said ‘maybe she did, maybe she didn’t’) but it certainly got me thinking on the day before my session.
Finally the day of my session came around and I joyfully texted Mistress to confirm my attendance. Mistress thanked me for my confirmation and told me that it was going to be ‘fun’.
I have blogged separately about the session but will just repeat here. It was phenomenal!!!
I went home following the session in a strange frame of mind. In many ways I was in a daze. I was elated by the intensity of what Mistress had put me through. One word kept going around in my head over and over. It was ‘wow’. I was totally sexually satisfied in every way possible. I felt great. But there was a nagging fear about how the session had finished. Was I really to face 37 strokes of the cane when I next attend the HOD. That is far in excess of what I had endured previously. I kept putting it to the back of my mind whilst I enjoyed the moment, but it kept popping up again. Despite this I sent Mistress a note of thanks for what had been a wonderful session and then slept the sleep of a happy and satisfied slave until my alarm rang in the morning.
On Thursday I awoke feeling great and sent a text to Mistress asking to be allowed time on my PC to write a session blog. Mistress very kindly unlocked my screen and I set to work on the blog. I imagine that you will have seen what I wrote by now. I titled it ‘Vacancy for slave at the House of Deelight’. This is another example of me trying to use humour to overcome my fears. But then many a true word is spoken in jest. The principle behind my blog was that I was now too scared to ever step foot inside the HOD again and, as I had been sent home from the session without my chastity device padlocked in place, I was free to make my own decisions on the subject. I sent my blog to Mistress and held my breath. Within the hour I read the first of three tweets from Mistress on the subject. They basically said that unless I agreed to attend the HOD for my punishment she would take great pleasure in personally telling my wife all about me.
I should say to anyone reading one of my blogs for the first time that I do have a thing about Mistress having total control. It is important to me that this is genuine, real and unbreakable on my part. Therefore I have accepted that:
a) It is up to Mistress to determine how long she keeps me under that control.
b) That I will pay for this in advance (currently until Jan 2017).
c) That I accept that she can use whatever she has on me (and that is plenty) to ensure that I cannot escape her grasp.
As I have said in blogs in the past I am so lucky to have found a Mistress who I can trust to follow through on these things without abusing the power she has over me.
This week I have discovered what this really feels like. And it is frightening and exciting in equal measure. It is the first time where I have genuinely doubted my desire to attend a session at the HOD and as a result Mistress has now ensured that I am stuck between two unthinkable outcomes. After the third tweet from Mistress I had to cave in and publically submit. What choice did I have? In my head however I was still struggling to reconcile my position.
On Friday morning I think that Mistress decided to start removing any remaining choices that I thought I might still have. I was instructed to lock myself up using a plastic lock and to send her the proof. I wondered if, before agreeing to do so, I should raise the subject of the 37 strokes of the cane. Was there some way that I could convince her to be more lenient with me if I was a good pet. Frankly the answer that I came up with was no. You do not ‘negotiate’ with Mistress. I caved in yet again, locked myself up, and sent her the photographic proof. At least it was only a plastic lock.
On Saturday morning Mistress sent me a text at 6.30am telling me that she would need to deal with my chastity device and phone urgently (before she had a few days off). I suspected that she meant that I would have to meet up with her to be locked using the metal padlock and for my phone to be fully taken over by her once again. I could almost feel Mistress putting the noose over my head and steadily tightening it. But then her busy schedule and my vanilla life prevented that from happening.
I was at a BBQ at a friend’s that evening when my phone pinged. Mistress commented that it looked like I was in the middle of nowhere for my BBQ (Mistress still had access to my location through my phone and I had told her that I was going to a BBQ). What I hadn’t told her was the name of the host of the BBQ. Imagine my surprise therefore when she replied and told me the hosts name! I still have no idea how she managed to do that. It is quite unsettling to know how expert Mistress is in terms of distance control and technology in particular. It is yet another thing that she will always be better than me at. That list is getting longer.

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