Slave Taquin – Session Report – Intense Tease and Mind Fuck

bed stocksIf you are an avid reader of my blog you will know just how much I enjoy really intense sessions and how I like to incorporate psychological play into them.  My sessions do normally also involve a lot of banter and humor; I like to enjoy myself after all.  However every now and then I like to really get deep and gritty, where I totally immerse myself into the scene and take my submissive into a total state of subspace physically and mentally.  I decided that Taquin had enjoyed too much fun and banter in his sessions and wanted to give him something that would totally blow his mind more than he’d ever experienced.  Normally he would be tied for an hour before his session begins as that is what he enjoys and requests, then I would release him and carry on the session.  This time was different.  I didn’t release him. Instead I left him where he was and used a combination of music and stealth to send him spiraling into an abyss of adrenaline fueled excitement.

This week I have decided to write a separate session blog rather than to include it as part of my weekly submission. I have two good reasons for doing so. Firstly it was such a wonderfully mind blowing experience that it deserves its own record and secondly because it is 5am in the morning and I cant stop thinking about it.

I had been instructed to arrive at the HOD an hour before my session was due to start in order to fit some new ‘coat’ (bondage implement) hooks in the dungeon. I entered the HOD to find Mistress dressed in jeans, boots and figure hugging top. She looked wonderful! We chatted briefly. Even during the most vanilla of discussions or situations there is no doubting our relationship. Mistress is naturally dominant, not in an overbearing or theatrical manner, she just is. After a couple of minutes I was left to get on with the DIY. In actual fact I was able to install the new hooks remarkably easily. Positioning them was a doddle due to the wonders of a laser level and, for once, the wall that I attached them too drilled without putting up too much of a fight. I vacuumed the floor and asked Mistress to come through to inspect my work. She was very pleased and started to move equipment to its new home. Pride of place was given to the 3 wooden restraints that I had made for the use of Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal. I do find it exciting to see a beautiful young woman such as Miss Deelight so comfortable with the tools that will ultimately be used to control her slaves.

We chatted for some time about her training for the marathon. Have no doubt about how difficult it is for a ‘non athlete’ to train to run 26miles. I know because I have done it. The physical training is tough enough but the mental stamina required is extraordinary. The constant worry and guilt about whether or not you are training hard enough compounded by the commitment you have made to a charity to raise the funds that they so desperately need is overwhelming. I have huge respect for Miss Deelight in what she is doing. We should all support her in what ever way we can.

Mistress declared that we had chatted for long enough and sent me upstairs to undress. I was to go to the bedroom and wait for her there. When she entered the room I was pleased to see that she hadn’t changed. Whilst I do love seeing Mistress dressed in lingerie or latex in actual fact it is not essential for me to enjoy a session. Mistress is incredibly sexy whatever she is wearing. For me being dominated by her dressed casually is, in many ways, even more exciting. It actually feels more genuine. In fact thinking about this further I suspect that I would feel the same way about it happening in a domestic setting rather than a dungeon. I was instructed to go down on hands and knees to say my mantra. The first time wasn’t convincing enough for Mistress and so she stepped forward and clamped my head between her calves and squeezed hard. I felt her boots compress my ears tight against my head as I said it once again. Apparently happier with my performance the second time I was ordered to lay face up on the bed in order that Mistress could secure my wrists into the stocks at the head of the bed. Once she had done this she placed my ankles into the wooden restraints that I had made for the purpose and secured it with a padlock. Next a ball gag was put in place and strapped around my head. Happy that I was unable to escape Mistress produced a pair of her knickers and proceeded to tie up my genitals. What a wonderful feeling! Mistresses property went rock hard and started to dribble. I knew that I was about to be left like this for some considerable time and felt a huge desire to touch myself. This was of course impossible and the desire intensified. Mistress could see my distress and seemed most pleased. She gently caressed her property and squeezed my balls. As she left the room and went downstairs I could here her taunting me: ‘poor Taquin he is so horny and can’t do anything about it’. Mistress laughed, and was gone.

I lay in that state for the next hour. Mistress had called upstairs regularly to check that all was well. My mumbled response through the gag was enough for her to know that I was ok. Eventually she came back upstairs and I wondered what torments she had planned for me in the next hour and a half. By this time my shoulders were most uncomfortable and sore. Mistress released them form the stocks and secured them instead to the side of the bed. She removed the gag, applied a blindfold and finally placed a music player on the table closest to my head. Mistress put on an album of classical music and turned the volume up. Again I wondered what was going to happen next. The answer was nothing at all. I just made out, above the sound of the music, Mistress leaving the room and making her way back downstairs. I relaxed to enjoy the moment. Here I was bound tightly but comfortably to a bed by a gorgeous woman whilst listening to classical music. A little time had gone by and still I was left to enjoy the solitude. I was totally relaxed and off guard when Mistresses lubricated hand grasped the end of her property and firmly moved it down my shaft. She was there in the room with me and I had absolutely no idea whatsoever. I suspect that it will go down as the singularly most exciting thing that has ever happened to me! I gasped as she worked away on her property for a couple of minutes, and then she stopped. The loud music played on. Was Mistress still there? The blindfold prevented me from seeing and the music prevented me from hearing. I spoke and asked if she was with me in the room. A very firm ‘stop talking’ was the response. These were to be the last words spoken by either of us for the next hour and a half. I realised that my body was tensed. After a few minutes I felt myself relax and I lay there trying to work out whether Mistress was still in the room with me. A multi strand whip striking my balls was the answer to that question! Mistress whipped me, not too hard, but hard enough to make me jump with each blow. She whipped my chest, my balls and my inner thighs. I could tell that she was starting to work with the rhythms of the music. And then it stopped. Nothing for what seemed an age. And then the whipping again. And then it stopped, I heard a sound downstairs and realised that I was alone once more. I relaxed. And then the wonderful gentle touch of Mistresses hand on her property once again.  Yet again she had re-entered the room without me knowing. And still the music was guiding her hands and her actions. (Mistress told me after the session was over that sometimes she had gone downstairs and left me alone and at other times she had just stood there for several minutes at a time watching my body tensing and relaxing and choosing her moment). Sometimes I would lay there for the duration of a whole track and nothing would happen. Sometimes the music would reach a crescendo and I would expect a beating to ensue, to find Mistress using it instead as an opportunity to work with gusto on her property. And that is how the session continued. Never knowing whether I was on my own or if Mistress was watching and waiting. Never knowing what was to come next. Never knowing how this was going to end. That is until Mistress chose to use the crashing crescendo of Carmina Burana: O Fortuna to bring about one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever known. The ferocity and intensity of it was all consuming. Afterwards I lay there, still blindfolded, whilst Mistress cleaned me up and started to release my bonds. Still not a word was spoken. Mistress was letting me come down from subspace in my own time. It was genuinely one of those moments that you never want to end. I really didn’t want to break the silence but eventually felt that I had to express my gratitude in some way. I am sure that I must have mumbled something totally inadequate given the circumstances.

Mistress finally removed the blindfold and suggested that I should go and have a shower. I was then to go downstairs to be locked back into chastity before leaving the HOD. I do enjoy the sensation of being locked up. Today was meant to be even more special because Mistress was going to lock me into the new Bon4m that she had selected for me. But today I really couldn’t have cared less about being locked up again! My mind was full of the experiences of the previous two and a half hours. My desire for an orgasm had been totally fulfilled and I just wanted to enjoy the moment. Mistress was of course having none of this. The new device was unwrapped, fitted and locked and I was sent on my way.

Sitting here as I am 48 hours on from the session I can truthfully say that it was an incredibly unique and extraordinary experience for me that I will never forget. My mind is still not fully unscrambled from what happened. This morning having started to write this blog I downloaded and listened to the classical album that formed the backdrop to the session. And now I understand why Mistress was insistent on locking me up again. If it wasn’t for this device I would most surely by now have taken the opportunity to recreate the moment when Mistress finally allowed me the orgasm that I so desperately needed. Instead I am sat here as horny as hell just longing for the next time.


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