Slave Taquin – Session Report – Total Mind Fuckery

Slave Taquin had seemingly forgotten his place on a few occasions in recent weeks so I took it upon myself to remind him of it. With a combination of tease, humiliation,  blackmail, punishment and discipline I put my slave through his paces in a session that he will never forget!  (p.s. any blackmail activities that I undertake with my slaves are fully consensual at the core, it is merely the activities themselves that come as a surprise).


I arrived at the HOD early in order to fit some new drawers that I had made for the bedroom upstairs. Once I had fitted them, and ensured that Mistress was happy with them, I was told to go to the bathroom strip and go to the dungeon downstairs.

In the middle of the dungeon floor was a chair that I was instructed to sit on. Mistress was looking gorgeous and supremely powerful dressed as she was in black underwear and bodice. In my session nerves I failed to tell Mistress how much I liked and appreciated how she looked. I would pay for this later. Mistress produced 4 cable ties and in less than 30 seconds I found myself totally immobilised with ankles secured to chair legs and wrists secured to each side of the chair. Mistress was not messing today. The cold efficiency of how she took absolute physical control of me took my breath away and Mistresses property started to dribble uncontrollably in its cage. She walked around me one more time to ensure that I had no chance of escape and went into the lounge next door taking with her my mobile phone that she had made me give her earlier. I knew that she intended to take control of it today. It wasn’t until later in the week that I began to realise what a significant step this was. A couple of moments later Mistress appeared holding a piece of card and a roll of gaffer tape. She smiled menacingly as she turned it so that I could read what she had written on it. It was a message to my wife that told her that I was sorry but I had been born kinky! Mistress taped it to my chest, took a picture and went back into the lounge, shutting the door behind her. Now at this point I have to say that I do trust Mistress implicitly. Despite that the fact that she had my phone, and that picture of me, started to make me very scared. I told myself to just stay quiet and accept whatever was about to happen. A couple of minutes went by and I heard Mistress say ‘oh so and so he’s your best friend isn’t he’. Mistress was reading through all of my texts and messages. And then a few minutes later Mistress came back through and showed me my vanilla twitter profile that she had managed to access. A few more minutes passed by and I heard her saying stuff like ‘oh that’s good, that should do it’. I knew that I was now totally at her mercy. In the end I called through and asked if she would tell me what she was doing. The answer was a firm and quite dismissive ‘no’. I felt very small, very vulnerable and more than a little scared. Mistress walked back through the door looking determined. She told me that she had composed a post on my Facebook page, that she now had control of, that included the picture of me with my confession to my wife on, that could be sent out at the touch of a button. The only way to prevent that from happening was to do exactly as I was told and accept everything that was about to happen to me. I readily agreed. Nothing could be as terrible as being exposed to all of my friends and family.

Mistress stood right in front of me and looked down at me. I was mesmerised by her appearance. She took the pair of wire cutters that she was holding and reached down to the chastity device and snipped off the plastic lock. Within a moment Mistress had removed the device lubed her gloved hands and was caressing her property to life. ‘This is what you have so desperately been waiting for isn’t it’ she said. I moaned and said ‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’. In just a few seconds I was begging her to stop as I feared that I might cum before I was allowed to do so. Mistress stood in front of me looking down once again and asked me how many times my balls had fallen out of the device in the last 4 weeks. I told her that it was twice. ‘And what happens each time I have to let you out of your device to sort them out?’ she said. I told her that the last time they had fallen out she had punished me by giving me 6 (agonising!) strokes of the cane. ‘And the second time you didn’t even ask for my permission before removing the device’, she said. Well that is 12 strokes of the cane for you today then’. I should say at this point that I had hoped that being caned for falling out of the device might have been a ‘one-off’ thing for the last session. Apparently not. I was scared. 12 strokes of the cane. I know some slaves relish this and much more. I don’t. I hate it. Mistress then asked what else I had done wrong in the last 4 weeks. Suddenly I realised that there was worse to come. I think I began to shake at this point and my mind went blank. Mistress informed me that I had made her very angry by sending her abrupt and disrespectful texts. She reminded me that she pulled me up on this before and therefore I was to receive 10 whacks with the paddle to help me remember. ‘And what else should you be punished for today Taquin?’. Again I couldn’t think. She told me that she was upset that I had not complimented her on her appearance particularly as she had taken the trouble to wear something that she knew I would like. This really took me aback. Mistress was right. How ungrateful and rude of me. I was so angry and disappointed with myself and knew that anything I said now would probably just make matters worse. I did try and apologise but ended up just digging an even greater hole for myself. My penalty for this was going to be 10 minutes of nipple clamps. Another painful punishment that scared the life out of me. And before I could regain any degree of composure Mistress reminded me that there was another sin that I should be punished for. It was the fact that I copied and pasted some ideas for a humiliations list Mistress had told me to compose. For this I would suffer humiliation today. Mistress looked down on me and said ‘oh look at you, I think you are going to cry’. And she was right.


And so my punishments began. Firstly a dogs head mask was put over my head. ‘Growl’ was the first instruction. ‘Louder, keep going’ she said ‘Bark like a dog’ Mistress instructed whilst filming my total humiliation. Now Yelp, now whine, keep going, do it louder and Mistress laughed and laughed. And so did I for a while. ‘Now go and sit by the back door like a dog, now go outside’. I stepped into the rear yard fearful that it might be overlooked, but it wasn’t. Mistress was inside looking out through the window and still filming me. ‘Now go walkies’ she called out. ‘Now beg at window’. I did everything that Mistress told me whilst Mistress laughed at my stupidity. Once Mistress had captured everything that she needed she allowed me back into the kitchen and locked the door behind me. I was made to sit on the floor whilst she removed the mask before being instructed to go upstairs and lay on my back on the bed.

At this point I sensed that things were looking up. I had expected to be ordered into the dungeon to be secured to the whipping bench. Maybe all of this talk of canes and paddles and nipple clamps was just a Mistress mind fuck. I eagerly went upstairs and laid on the bed. Mistress instructed me to put my arms above my head in order that she could secure them into the stocks at the head of the bed. Things got better still as Mistress climbed on top of me straddled my legs and started stroking her property. She brought me to the edge of orgasm, stopped and reached inside her bra cup. She pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and grinned. Things were getting serious again and I now realised that Mistress was about to punish me for my wrongdoing. Mistress reached down and secured one nipple clamp, and then the other, and just sat there and watched me begin to squirm. Within just a few seconds the pain became intense. And still she sat and smiled down at me looking very satisfied with how much pain she was causing me. And just as the pain began to get too much for me to bear she would reach down and edge me once again. As she did it the pain would diminish and pleasure would take over. She would then stop and watch the pain build and build. At one point she stood at the end of the bed as I began to shake with pain and just smiled and watched. I don’t think I have ever felt as beautifully dominated as I did in that moment. I was suffering terribly at the hands of my Mistress, she was in absolute control and would manage my pain for me by bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over. For me it was a moment of sublime submission. Once the 10 minutes was up Mistress removed the clamps. The pain intensified horribly for a moment and then began to subside. I breathed again for what felt like the first time in those 10 minutes.

Mistress instructed me to turn over onto my stomach and secured my hands in the stocks once again. I knew what was about to happen and started to shake. I was about to receive a beating like no other I have ever experienced (6 strokes of the cane being the worst to date). Mistress commenced with the strap. 10 incredibly painful whacks made me jump and writhe on the bed. These were followed up by 12 strokes of the cane. As always I counted each stroke out loud and thanked Mistress for them. By the end of this the tears really had welled up in my eyes. It was so painful. Mistress told me how well I had done and said that I was a good boy. I wanted to believe her but know full well that I must be the most pathetic sub in the world when it comes to handling pain. By this point I felt physically and mentally exhausted.

Mistress released me from the stocks again, made me turn over and secured my wrists for one final time. This time she was kind to me. She took hold of her property stroked and caressed it back to life (it had completely shrivelled during my caning) and gently and expertly treated to me to the most intense and wonderful orgasm I had experienced for a long time. The session concluded with Mistress locking me back into chastity once again, but this time with a steel padlock. I was sent to the bathroom to shower and dress before tidying up the bedroom.

I went downstairs and began to say goodbye. But before I could do so Mistress produced my new slave collar. She bought it for me whilst on my PC a couple of weeks earlier. It has my name on it. She placed it over my head and secured it in place. I was instructed to wear it as I drove home again. In 30 minutes I was to send her a picture of me still wearing it as proof of doing as I was told. And so even as I drove home that day I was still reminded of my place. I did of course do exactly as I was told.

I have had a few days to reflect on this session now. I now know it to be one of the most intense and wonderful sessions I have ever experienced. I would describe it as strict, no nonsense, absolute, domination by the most exciting woman I have ever known. Most importantly it has established in my mind a better understanding of my position in Miss Deelights world. I am her devoted, faithful and obedient slave. I think it is what I needed. I now realise that I had become too comfortable in my servitude to Mistress and had let my standards slip when away from the HOD. I am now very aware that sessions and distance control are one and the same thing. Mistress has introduced a style of control that ensures that I focus on my behavior between sessions as much as I do when I am in the HOD. Best of all I think that Mistress enjoyed the session. I can happily endure anything that she puts me through as long as it gives her pleasure. It is how it should be.

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