Slave Taquin’s Blog (excerpt). 18th Feb.

*Being given something is even better than having something taken away. But either way, I am still being controlled and dominated.*

My week started very much as the last one had concluded. Feeling a bit low. Nothing particularly dramatic just a bit nahhhh.

Sunday was quiet as was much of Monday. Part of the reason for feeling a bit low was the fact that I was having a rest from chastity to allow a small sore to heal. It has become such an important part of the confirmation of my enslavement to Mistress that I sometimes believe that I can’t feel horny without it. (That is unless Mistress has me securely restrained at the HOD when it is removed). On Monday evening Mistress proved me wrong once again. She sent me to bed a dribbling mess without a chastity device to be seen………..

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