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20150813_175518944_iOSWhen it comes to the slaves that I have total control over, and by that I mean those loyal devoted servants who hand over the keys to their manhood or those who are contracted under my daily distance control program; one of the things I like to do from time to time is to set them research tasks. The purpose of these tasks is partly to give me even further insight into their horny little desires but primarily it is to give ‘them’ further insight into their deep dark fantasies as well as to ensure that above all else, I am most definitely the only thing on their minds.  By making slaves research certain areas of their desires and to report back to me, pushes them further into the depths of lust and despair. It forces them to face desires that they didn’t even know they had and thus they grow ever weaker as I tighten the leash and gain more control than they even realise.  Slave Taquin has been forced into a quandary this week; read his is take on how and why:

Just Enough Rope…

It is now 2 weeks since my session with Mistress and 4 and a half weeks since she took total control of my ability to orgasm (or do anything else for myself for that matter). I left the HOD with my chastity device securely locked with a padlock. 1 key hangs alongside those of Miss Deelight’s other chastity slaves on the board at the HOD. Mistress did allow me to take the spare key home with me in case of emergencies. The only problem is that it is locked away inside a high security key safe that only Mistress knows the code for. I am therefore in the words of my Mistress ‘totally fucked’!

Mistress was very kind to me at our session and ensured that I left with a smile on my face having treated me to a wonderful orgasm. In the past I would have been able to go home, and with events still fresh in my mind, provide myself with some further pleasure. This was not to be possible this time because all access was denied by the device. The result therefore was immediate torment and frustration.

Someone should do a study on the effect that enforced chastity has on the male mind and body. In advance of this it is my belief that every chastity device sold should come with a government health warning.

It would read:

  • Being locked in chastity by your Mistress can lead to:
  • Constant arousal
  • Frustration
  • Continual checking of one’s mobile device just on the off chance that Mistress has texted or tweeted
  • A higher propensity to seek (unfulfilled) pleasure in porn
  • Sleepless nights
  • A desire to contact Mistress that you will try to resist, but inevitably cave into.
  • An inability to think for oneself.

In the first week following our session Mistress largely left me to my own devices. Why should she feel the need to do anything else? She knows, after all, that her property is safely locked away and could probably sense my growing desire and torment from my texts! I did receive a small task to complete for Mistress at the end of the first week. Mistress knows that I have a great liking for bondage. Now I know that Mistress is most proficient in this already but she did ask me to do a bit of research for her to show her how to do a particular tie. We agreed on a picture that showed it in its completed form and I was instructed to find instructional videos to show Mistress how to undertake it. A most exciting task! Following a rather scatter gun search of the dark depths of the net I realised that I didn’t even know the name of the tie in question. I sent the (rather lurid) picture of the completed tie to the nice people at the Twisted Monk in the US. They were very helpful and responded with all the information that I needed. Mistress now has two instructional videos and a very willing guinea pig in myself.

As already suggested from the above I have become an avid viewer of twitter. I have found myself particular drawn to the subject of chastity. I have found recently that I have started to enjoy the Twitter output of a couple of Mistresses based in East Anglia. Mistress knows this and is fine with it. She knows after all that I am exclusively hers to do with as she chose’s. She also knows that my time on twitter can only result in my frustration and torment getting worse, and that she holds the key to my possible salvation.

I asked Mistress for her permission to allow me to e mail the 2 Mistresses concerned in order that I could thank them for what they do. I was not surprised by her response. She thought it was the correct and humble thing for me to do. Of course she understands perfectly well how much time it takes to produce excellent internet content.

Unbeknown to me she had just uncoiled the rope…

One of the Mistresses concerned very kindly responded to my e mail and asked me to thank Miss Deelight for allowing me to do this and suggested that I should ask her for her permission to read the Mistresses Blog.

When I asked Miss Deelight for permission to do this she turned it into a task for me to complete. I was to read the blog and report back to her anything that excited me.

Still unbeknown to me Mistress had slipped the noose over my head and begun to tighten it around my neck….

Then I started to read the blog of the Mistress whose tweets I had been so enjoying. It was at this point that I began to understand the difficulty I was about to face. The Mistress whose blog I was about to review is, I am sure, a lovely lady but I began to realise from her blog that she exercised a form of domination that was tough, strict and unrelenting. Now I should say at this point, that as slaves go, I suspect I am at the ‘soft’ end of the spectrum. What I was reading was most certainly not ‘soft’. I started to read some of the blogs written over the previous months and years. I won’t repeat the contents here but will say that her slaves were often left beaten, broken, in a world of despair and locked in long term chastity. This is far more hard core than I have ever believed that I could enjoy, and yet I found that the more I read the more aroused I became. What was I going to tell Mistress? She had set me a task that I was to complete with total honesty as always, but did I really dare to share my feelings and desires. I started to search the blog for some examples of softer outcomes that I might be able to quote. There were none! I completed my e mail to Miss Deelight that highlighted the things in the blog that excited me and sat with my finger hovering over the send button.

For the first time I felt the noose around my neck...

I pressed ‘send’.

The noose tightened…

There was no going back, and I was pleased, excited and very scared. I had been forced to let my guard down a bit further and it felt like I had taken yet another step along a path led by a force far stronger than me. In a way it was liberating.

I have told Mistress that I really don’t know what I want anymore. I know that she understands my needs far better than I do. I trust her totally to continue to ensure that I develop and become a better Slave.

I am now dangling from the metaphorical noose fashioned by my Mistress. Only she knows what the future holds for me

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