Slave Taquin’s Punishment Continued…

After Slave Taquin’s unruly behaviour where he dared to question the dynamics of our relationship, not only did I lock his computer down with Teamviewer but I also continued his punishment at the session he attended….. Read what happened in his own words….

This is actually my second blog this week. The first one ‘A Lesson Learnt’ was a part of my punishment for an e mail that I had sent to Mistress a couple of days earlier. I say ‘a part of my punishment’ as I was pretty sure that there was further, and more painful punishment, to come.

A couple of day before my session I received the confirmation that I had feared. I opened a text from Mistress that informed me that the tasks and constraints that she had placed on me so far were nothing compared to the punishment that she was going to inflict on me at the HOD. She told me that she knew that the two things that I feared the most were exposure and pain. When Mistress talks about exposure for me she is referring to the fact that she knows who I am in the vanilla world and indeed how to get in touch with my wife or my friends if she chose to. It is a measure of the trust that I place in her, but it does provide her with the ultimate weapon of control. For the first time she was threatening to use it! As for pain, I hate it. I do know however that its use forms part of my submission to Mistress and my development as a Slave. The text from Mistress didn’t pull any punches. It stated that  when I attended the HOD I was going to have to endure much pain. Failure to deal with the pain would result in exposure. Non attendance was not an option. The text concluded with a task for that day. I was to tie a length of tinsel around my cock and balls ‘not so tight that it hurt, but tight enough to cause an irritation’ that would ensure that my mind stay focused on Mistress all day. It certainly achieved its objective! It was quite a relief to untie myself, with Mistresses permission, at 5pm that afternoon.

The following morning I sent my text to Mistress confirming that I would attend the HOD as planned. I had no choice. I had considered ‘throwing a sickie’ but then had visions of the house phone ringing or Mistress writing e mails to my Wife. Probably not to expose me but just enough to terrify me and ensure attendance. Mistress was obviously determined that I was going to attend and be punished. I knew that once Mistress became determined about anything, it was certainly going to happen. The response to my text was a chilling ‘muwahahaha’.
I arrived outside the HOD a few minutes early as always and took a look on Twitter. Mistress had just tweeted a picture of herself ready for my session. Mistress was dressed in a shiny, figure hugging, black latex dress and she looked very, very serious. The picture was accompanied with the words ‘No messing around today! #strict #severe #mistress #dominatrix # latex. I don’t think I have ever seen a more exciting picture of Mistress and yet her property ran up the white flag and beat a hasty retreat. It knew that today was going to be difficult.


I had received my instructions by text and twitter this morning. On entering I was to leave the gifts that I had brought for Mistress in the lounge and then I was to undress and sit in the wooden chair that had been placed in the middle of the dungeon floor, with my eyes closed. Once completed I called to let Mistress know that I was ready. There was no response. A minute passed and the tension in my body and mind intensified. Finally I heard slow deliberate footsteps upstairs. I heard them draw closer as Mistress came down the stairs. Without a word of greeting she placed a hood over my head and secured it in place with a neck collar. My breathing intensified and the hood material moved in and out with each breath. Mistress told me to put my hands behind my back on the outside of the chair back. I did as instructed. I heard Mistress pick the end of the tape from a roll of gaffer tape and she stuck the end of it on my chest and started to tape my arms and my torso to the chair. Each time she walked around me I could catch a glimpse of her through the thin material of the hood. She looked stunning this morning, and oh so purposeful in what she was doing. Round and round she went until she was happy with her work. She tore the tape and proceeded to use it again on my wrists. Next my ankles were taped to the chair legs and I was totally immobilised. Without a word she turned out the lights, went into the lounge and locked the door behind her. I was left in darkness with just my thoughts to torment me. And there I stayed for the next hour. Worrying about what was to come but at the same time wishing the whole time that Mistress would come back into the room. The truth is that I crave attention from Mistress regardless of what might be involved. Even today I wished that time would pass more quickly. The only contact that I had with Mistress in that next hour was to be asked if my circulation was ok. It always was.


Eventually Mistress walked back into the room and turned the lights on. Still she did not speak. Today I certainly wasn’t going to say anything unless given permission! I caught one more glimpse of her before she walked behind me, pulled up the hood and bunched it over my eyes and taped it securely in place. I was engulfed in total darkness. I am not sure at what point I started to shake. It was probably around now, and I continued for the rest of the session.

I felt Mistress push something against my testicle. It must be an electrode I concluded. This is really bad news I thought. But then I felt something being pushed up against my thigh and gaffer taped onto my leg. It was a vibrator! This really was an improvement. Mistress turned it on and ensured that the end of it vibrated in just the right place. For the first time that day her property had started to enjoy itself. And just as it started to grow I felt the first stinging sensation on its head. I was confused. Still in total darkness I had no idea what Mistress was doing to me. But there it was again, worse this time, it was as if something sharp, or maybe hot, was being used. It was only as the hot wax started to be dripped on the tops of my thighs that I realised what was happening. Each time that Mistress property grew it was met by ever hotter and hotter wax. The pain was intense. Mistresses property decided it was time to run away again and Mistress obviously felt that she had achieved her objective and moved on to the next stage of my punishment. I felt her cut the band of tape that secured my torso and start to unpeel it from my body. At this point I would like to ask the readers of this to stop for a few minutes. Go and find some proper builders gaffer tape, wrap it around your torso 4 or 5 times ensuring it covers your nipples and much of your chest. Leave it in place for 1 hr and then try to remove it. It is only then that you will begin to understand the pain I experienced as Mistress mercilessly tore it away from my body. It hurt like hell! I don’t think I actually screamed. If not I most certainly yelped as each piece was removed. Mistress did the same to my wrists and ankles and told me to stand. Still blindfolded as I was and disorientated from the darkness and pain I struggled to get my balance. I felt Mistress reach out to steady me. ‘Now takes two steps forward and hold onto the cage that is in front of you’ she said. I did as I was instructed and waited. I heard Mistress move some furniture around. She led me away from the cage and over to the other side of the dungeon. ‘Sit’ I was told. I found myself sitting on the end of the whipping bench. ‘Now lay back’ she said. My backside was just hanging off the end of the bench and I could just reach the floor with my toes to support my weight. I felt a rope being pulled tight across my open mouth as Mistress used it to secure my head to the bench. Next my arms were tied down the side of the bench and my ankles to the base of the bench. ‘I am not very comfortable Mistress’ I mumbled through the bindings. ‘Good, that is the whole idea’ she replied. I was totally exposed and helpless as I felt Mistresses gloved fingers start to probe around my rear passage. I could feel lube being applied and then a steady pressure as a butt plug was inserted into me for the first time. It just increased my discomfort further. I felt the first impact of the multi stranded whip. Not that hard, but enough to make me jump. Mistress ran it up and down my chest. She whipped me again, a bit harder this time. I started to shake more. Mistress whipped me again, and then started to speak. She told me that this was happening to me because I had been a very silly boy. As she whipped me further she explained that I must never ever doubt the power she holds over me. Especially when our regular contact is interrupted. Even at those times Mistress is planning her next move. She whipped me harder still. I cried out but was quickly told to be quiet and put up with it. Apparently what I was enduring was nothing compared to what she could do to me. (I knew this to be true from some of the blogs of other Slaves). In order to make her point she whipped the bench alongside my head, hard. ‘That is what I could be doing to you Slave’ she said. Alternately she whipped me and then the bench. I shook uncontrollably as she continued to enjoy herself at my expense. Once she was confident that I was suitably terrified and had taken as much as I could handle she released the ropes that bound me to the bench. ‘Thank goodness that is over’ I thought as I was allowed to stand once again.

‘Now turn 180 degrees and kneel’ she said. I haven’t finished with you yet. I was made to lean forwards with my backside exposed and felt the sting of the first blow from the riding crop. I sensed that things were about to get worse still. And they did. In between my cries we discussed which CP implements I had been made to endure before. The cropping was bad enough but then I was hit with the most horrible stinging blow. ‘And that is what the cane feels like Slave’ It was horrible. I writhed in pain and tried to catch my breath. Before I could properly the cropping started again. Finally the CP session was over and, still blindfold, I was ordered to stand with my back to the cage. I felt the vibrator being pressed against Mistresses property but with little effect. The session had taken its toll. Mistress pushed me back against the cage with her forearm whilst working on me with the vibrator. This was probably the first physical touch (apart from the application of lubricant to my arse) that I had experienced from Mistress in the last 2 1/2 hours. I am thankful for any personal physical contact that I am privileged to receive in a session. I know that Mistress can inflict pain but then follow it up with the most wonderful soothing touch. Today her ‘touch’ was firm and functional. This was as much as I was going to receive today, but it was just enough to getting things moving down below, and within a couple of minutes I came.


I showered, dressed and made my way back home. As I drove home I considered how I felt. Had I enjoyed the session? Not really, for much of the time I was in pain. Had I had a fabulous climax? Not really, I had cum but with little real vigour. Did I feel that all was right in the world again and was I happy? A resounding YES. I had been reminded in no uncertain terms of my place in this relationship. It is as the loyal Slave of Miss Deelight. She knows what is best for me and will ensure that I don’t waver in my development as her submissive. As I write this I am wearing my butt plug as instructed by Miss Deelight. It is an uncomfortable sensation. But it leaves me in no doubt that I am a submissive, and I am doing it to make my Mistress happy and so it must be right. Thank you Mistress.

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