Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

20160115-G84A1898.00_04_07_07.Still004I would like to welcome a new member to the House of Deelight this week.  The now named Slave Twitchalot (you’ll see why in his journal) signed up for just one week of distance control but has already found himself hooked.  Mistress got right inside his depraved little mind from the off and I’ve worked my way right to the murky depths with ease!  All my distance control and online slaves are required to document their experiences for me, to share with the rest of you who aren’t quite brave enough to take the plunge and also for those of you who just enjoy reading of the experiences of my pets.

Day 1

I am very much buzzing from the anticipation of what will happen: I text Mistress as ordered in the morning and it is a very long journey into work as I wait on tenterhooks for the reply. I can’t tell you why but as soon as I found Mistress’ site I just knew I had to build up the courage to sign up.

Mistress sends me through Her first instructions, including a mantra which I must recite on my knees naked each morning and evening. It has begun. As I kneel naked chanting the words to myself I am tingling all over.

Mistress quickly finds out what a true slut and compulsive masturbator I am and is very displeased at the latter. She bans me from touching Her property immediately. Then it is down to the task of the day – to wear my panties and chastity device during some alone time away from my family.

I am grateful for the chastity as I am struggling not to touch Mistress’ property and it does take the edge off even though the panties always bring out my slutty side it is bearable.

It feels good to be once again controlled and I thank Mistress as is only right. I recite my mantra that evening feeling each and every word deeply.

Day 2

After my mantra, I text Mistress for instructions and head into work. Still no touching but I am coping better this morning, although I suspect that is because I am alert and razor sharp for any buzz of my phone that indicates a text from Mistress.

She is very busy, I assume, since it is the afternoon when I get Her response. I am sure it would amuse Her to know that I was practically glued to my phone all that time. She is always on my mind and when I tell Her I have been waiting nervously She seems pleased I am thinking of Her!

At long last I am allowed to masturbate for this afternoon’s task… reciting to myself that I am a prolific wanker and my doc must be controlled. I am surprised at how easy it is to get that into my head. I think of Mistress as I get closer to the edge and right at the limit I stop as ordered.

That was tough but when Mistress tells me how pleased She is and I am a ‘Good Boy’ I am very happy and forget all about how hard that was… it was worth it.

She leaves me with the thought of just how long She could keep me like this without cumming – I am nervous at the thought but by now what choice do I have? I feel just a little more trapped.

Day 3

After a slightly restless night I awake and recite my mantra in the bathroom on my knees. I didn’t have to look at my phone for the words… they seem embedded in my head and come easily to mind.

Mistress is asking more questions now… probing… I feel myself falling deeper and the tingling doesn’t stop… each time between texts seems like forever. I try not to worry – as long as Mistress has my text then whenever She deigns to respond is none of my concern.

The task of the day is to tie up Mistress property whilst at work – She wonders what I will do and I know I’m being tested. I suggest getting laces from the local supermarket for the purpose and She agrees… I hurry off knowing She is pleased with me!

Once I am back at work I tie Mistress property as instructed and it feels tight but manageable and Mistress tells me I am a ‘Good Boy’ and I light up inside, I just can’t control that it just happens! Mistress asks me how it feels and imagine what it would feel like to wear my chastity device to work?

I shudder at that thought but the constant pressure on Mistress’ property is a reminder who is charge. It feels very similar to a chastity device in many ways and I imagine the fear of being locked up at work… not knowing if anyone would notice.. I am scared and excited.

Mistress tells me to bring the device with me to work tomorrow.

Oh my!

Day 4

The mantra is getting easier each day now and after the repetitions have been said, with me on my knees I get into the shower and the words are still swimming in my head over and over again.

On the tube into work I notice a woman standing in front of me and as we start off I offer her my seat. I wonder why I did that to myself? I realise to my surprise that I did it because she deserves it, as a slave I know women are more powerful than men and right there it came out and I offered up my seat to my betters. I admit, that realisation took me back a bit…

When I get to work it is not long before the first text from Mistress… my heart beats faster and I’d been staring at my phone on an off all morning… i am instructed to put on my chastity device so that I can feel Her power all day… Her property twitches in anticipation. I am on my way to a meeting so I let Mistress know that it will be locked as soon as the meeting ends.

“Imagine if I walked in to present your meeting…” Mistress teases “dressed in a tight pencil skirt, Louboutin heels and a tight white skirt” I have never been more glad to have been seated behind a meeting room table in my life! Needless to say I could not get that thought out of my head and it was very distracting in an otherwise boring part of my day.

Shortly afterwards I retrieved the device and locked up Mistress’ property nice and secure. Mistress was pleased and was happy to inform me that now I was locked up it would be good to mention how much of a good time She had with Her boyfriend last night… I had a torturous rest of the day with those images in my head, Mistress’ property throbbing and trapped in it’s prison..

The cuckold fantasy just hits so many buttons for me and Mistress was enjoying pressing them. It brought so many of my fantasies to life and little did I know this was not the least of it.

I think the cuckold fantasy was in my head as I decided I really should thank Mistress for Her blog and I kept going back to Her wishlist. I was impressed by the inspiring stories of Her slaves and Clearly that was a sign so I purchased a couple of items to show my thanks and devotion.

My last act before sleep as always on my knees with my mantra on my lips. I don’t know why but it makes me feel so good to say it.

Day 5

Sleep was getting more fragmented as the effects of denial and chastity were starting to bite but my mantra remained clear as I recited it in the morning on my knees.

Another day of chastity beckoned as Mistress told me She wanted Her property locked up under Her total control. I had told Her that I had purchased the items from Her wish list and She thanked me for doing so… I was so very pleased I can’t express that highly enough. It just made me so happy and I knew I’d found a genuine person in Mistress and I knew I have to do my utmost to serve Her properly.

So I locked myself up in chastity gladly for Mistress and to be Her ‘Good Boy’ makes me happy even though I have to suffer. Women are more powerful than men and I know it… I’m very lucky really.

Mistress was even kind enough to tell me about Her evening with Her boyfriend and how much pleasure he gave Her… ‘Have a nice day’ She wrote leaving me trapped, humbled and under Her total control, tormented by the though of Her cum soaked panties.

It was a very very long day.

In the evening I was allowed to gently stroke Mistress’ property, without cumming of course, for which I thanked Mistress.

It felt so good after the last couple of days to touch it that I was moved to tell Mistress just what it meant and how it made me feel. Utterly controlled tormented by images of Mistress and Her boyfriend. Mistress was truly in my head now!

Mistress was so pleased to hear that I had permission to tweet about it… I was a very happy slave!

Day 6

Sleep was more elusive than ever during the night… all I could think about was Mistress. And Her boyfriend and the chastity and how I was trapped and felt myself in a prison of Her making that I didn’t want to leave! Mistress’ property was twitching all night and that just made it worse. I spent in fits and starts – enough to be ready for the day ahead but without having had that satisfied rest that no doubt Mistress had enjoyed, as is only right.

When I arrived at work I went to the bathroom and locked up Mistress property in its cage. I did it without thinking really… I just acted automatically…it wasn’t until Mistress’ text arrived that I realised that I had acted without permission.

Nervously I asked if it was ok to have locked up Her property and was told that yes, She did wanted me locked but that I should not make assumptions without permission. I was grateful for Her understanding!

Did I mention what greeted me when I opened Mistress’ text? The most wonderful picture of Mistress perfect bottom, wearing only knickers, looking up at Her perfection as though She was about to smother me in Her cum soaked panties as She informed me.

Oh God. Goddess.

It was going to be another long day of torment…

In the afternoon another picture… front on of Mistress in an office chair looking drop dead gorgeous, the sheer image of femdom Goddess that She is. I gazed at Her magnificent breasts, the tight white skirt, the corset… the stockings… wow. oh WOW.

The rest of the work day was a blur to be honest. My head was gone :)

And tonight an email with a task for the final day of the week. Mistress tells me I have been a good pet – I can’t tell You how happy that makes me.

Day 7.

The final day of the week and a small confession… last night I begged Mistress to keep me on for another week. I am not sure what would happen without it is the simple truth She has become such part of my life in a short space of time. Whatever happens today I have that to look forward to.

The day itself was uneventful – I had a lot of ‘life stuff’ to be getting on with through out the day and I texted Mistress in the morning as ordered and to let Her know that I might be slower than usual in responding to texts as a result.

I was a little grateful for the brief lull as it was nice to take a moment to come to terms with the week’s events and enjoy the wonderful feeling that it had left. Mistress’ property was restless after a week of denial and chastity and despite the frustration I kind of enjoyed it. I know it sounds strange but it was the lingering of Mistress’ control and that made me happy to know even without contact for the majority of the day She still had that effect.

As my ‘life stuff’ was coming to an end I was lucky enough to receive a text from Mistress and it was good to hear from Her, especially as She had received one of the gifts I had purchased from Her wish list so I was a happy little pet :)

I finally managed to get some alone time late in the evening to enjoy the task that Mistress had sent me… a copy of Her latest tease and denial video… Wow! It was amazing and to see Mistress in all Her divine sexuality twist me through the wringer with JOI was just the perfect end. Mistress property exploded as ordered and I was truly left a mess…

Just how Mistress likes it.





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