Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

foot_worship_for_beginners_video_still (26)After reeling him in and getting right inside his head during week 1, I can share with you Slave Twitchalot’s second week journal which again shows that he has been pulled further into submission and under my control.  Sometimes all it takes is a few words from my slaves, those few words open the door just enough for me to get my stiletto heels inside before they can close it again and then BOSH! I’m in – another hopeless wanker firmly in my grip. Once I’m in that psychological door it’s not quite so easy to get me out.

Day 1

I am very glad to be back under Mistress’ control. As the first week wore on my attention was ever more glued to my phone, awaiting the next contact from Mistress. With each twitch of Mistress’ property straining in the cage I felt Her power.

So I start the second week in that knowledge that as I say my mantra, naked and on my knees I feel more vulnerable than ever. I send Mistress my morning text with a tingle of anticipation.

That afternoon I get my first instructions from Mistress: She enquired as to what toys and fetish items have in my collection and I dutifully list them out. I can almost feel Mistress mulling over Her option with Her wicked grin “Hm… what to do… what to do…” I imagine to myself. Mistress always seems two steps ahead to me.

Mistress instructs me to spend some time in my sluttiest clothing… I am immediately thinking with joy about my nice black lingerie and brand new fishnet stockings. It has been so long since I have been dressed now but it has been in the back of my head for a while now. I’d found myself watching sissy slut videos online (maybe too much information but too late now) and I know it might sound silly but I hadn’t realised until this moment how much I’d missed it.

My inner slut was awakening.

It seemed like an age until I was alone but finally I was able to strip down and dress up! It felt so good to become the slut again… she is a real part of my psyche and as I played with the plug I had to stifle a moan of pleasure!

For the hour or so that I was dressed Mistress wanted me to write a sissy fantasy and the time just melted away as I was lost in it. It really did make me feel unbelievably horny and slutty – I found that the story was only the beginning and I hoped Mistress would let me write another part.

As I knelt naked saying my mantra that evening there was a slight change in my emotional level -Mistress had exposed my inner slut and firmly taken charge of that aspect too…

Day 2

I awoke and the first thing as always Mistress was very pleased with my story so I was on cloud 9 to know that and that I could continue the story as part of my task for the day. I was also to wear panties and my chastity device during the day for the whole week “to feel like the chaste sissy slut you long to be.” wrote Mistress.

Which brings me to the best bit of the day when I received a voice message from Mistress. It was so good to hear Her voice!

That day was also the day that Mistress had chosen to announce my new slave name to the Twitter world and indeed now I am ‘slave Twitchalot’ and my Twitter name has been changed to suit, by Mistress’ kind permission. I’m a very happy pet slut :)

Mistress was in a probing mood today – alternately teasing and pressing with leading questions. Maybe she would make me give my boss a blow job? How would I feel about that?

Well, since my boss kind of looks like a trim version of Thor – I’d be very happy at that prospect! :) In fact, it did more than that as Mistress property was living up to it’s name and twitching! I really did want a cock right there and then.

“Have you ever sucked a real cock?’ Asked Mistress and I had to confess I am an equal opportunity slut – I love both kinds of cum… mmmmm… Even writing this it makes me excited – the slut stirs and I know that if I could be just bathed in cum it would make me so happy… even more than summing myself I think sometimes…

A very restless night awaited.

Day 3

Mistress was very busy today and it was quite late before I received my first text of the day. She asks if I am locked and I confess that I locked myself up and was wearing panties. It just felt right and after I saw Mistress post a chastity meme on Twitter I know Mistress doesn’t like anyone playing with Her things ;) but on a serious note – without instructions I just wanted to do the right thing by Mistress as just because Mistress isn’t present or sending messages, doesn’t mean freedom, far from it. It means that you have to be on your best behaviour..

Luckily for me – Mistress approved and I was told to remain like that for the rest of the week! Very happy pet to have pleased Her.

It was truly a busy day for Mistress and She did not have much time for any instructions and I could tell that She wanted to make time but that it was difficult.

I begged Her to put Her needs first because I would feel terrible if dealing with me interrupted anything She needed to do. I feel that as a slave what matters most is the well being and needs of my Mistress, above all other things.

Sometimes the best thing a slave can do is to go without the attentions they crave for the greater good of their Owner.

Day 4

I did not hear from Mistress until late in the day but She had a nice task planned for me that evening!

I was ordered to dress up again, clamp my nipples and to plug myself; I was allowed to play with Mistress’ property whilst I imagined myself tied tight to the end of Mistress’ bed, forced to pleasure Her boyfriend to make him nice and hard for Her whilst I was plugged and helpless spectator.

The clamps, Mistress explained, were so I didn’t get any enjoyment!

As the scene played in my head as I did as instructed the clover clamps bite took the edge off my arousal. It is one of my deep fantasies to be in that kind of situation and it was so vivid in my mind. I so wished that Mistress had given me permission for even a ruined orgasm at that point! Mistress property was so very horny and it took a lot of effort to stop right at the very edge…

After my evening mantra I had a very restless and very twitchy night’s sleep thinking of Mistress and Her boyfriend!

Day 5

I was very glad to have had some self control last night! In Her texts Mistress told me that She had punished a slave for cumming without permission and my world what I deliciously evil mind Mistress has when punishing Her slaves…

I told Mistress that I was just glad She hadn’t decided to break Slave Taquin’s chastity record with me. She laughed at that thought telling me that She would have to break me in first! Not that She was having any trouble…

Indeed She wasn’t – I have a big mouth where it comes to Mistress because I seem incapable of keeping anything back. She is always two steps ahead of me so I guess it doesn’t matter She would just extract whatever She wanted anyway.

After being submissive for 20 years if there is anything I’ve learned is that your Dominant requires complete honesty. We submissives are so prone to just tying ourselves up in knots mentally and emotionally and in the end I think I just have to take the leap and trust.

The day was uneventful apart from the content pressure of the chastity device reminding me of Mistress’ control… Little did I know it was a harbinger of things to come!

An evening text from Mistress saying that it was time Her property was punished.

Ten minutes, with cock and balls tied tight. My nipples clamped with those evil clover clamps with the rope attached to my balls keeping the tension with constant pulling. The tension causing the clamps to bite deeper.

Then the pegs for my balls – I had to put on as many as I could and Mistress had made it quite clear not to disappoint Her! 10 pegs later and the burning had started before I even started the clock…

I crossed my arms behind my back and tried to create through the pain, knowing that Mistress wanted me to suffer helped me get through it. The pegs were not good ones and started to twist and I ended up with a sharp stab of the points on each one… I was counting the seconds…

Three of the pegs fell off during the time and i put them back on. So that Mistress was not short changed with my suffering then I added an extra minute for each one. I hated myself as the ten minutes passed and I was getting through it and just carried on but I was right… Sometimes as a slave You just have to take it and suffer to please. That was a long long long three minutes!

“Do you know why I punished you slave?” asked Mistress, afterwards.

“No Mistress”

“Because I can!”

Boom! Massive mind-fuck… right when you least expect it. I was already in sub space but She had just made sure I didn’t leave!

Day 6

I still hadn’t come down from subspace from last night and I was feeling very compliant and submissive – It felt so very good!

Mistress was pleased that I was right where She wanted me… My task for the day was to watch slave Taquin’s 11 week chastity release video… as many times as I liked but no cumming!

I watched it over and over through the day and Mistress’ property was truly twitching in the cage each time… I could literally feel the energy coming through the video. The mix of tension that was palpable as Taquin strained in that cage, held down by the ropes, together with Mistress’ teasing voice.

Such a sweet voice, laden with menace and promise! Each time I watched the video the sense of Her power became more palpable and my regard for Taquin grew :) he truly was helpless before Her as I guess we all are, those in Her stable.

I kept wondering… was there a fear in the back of his mind that the orgasm would be denied, or ruined…

Then how good would it be… when the release finally came and he exploded for all to see.


Another restless night… it kept playing over in my head… a very, very twitchy night…

Day 7

Mistress is very pleased the video has had the desired reaction, especially that Her property remains untouched.

Another week is almost up and I am not going anywhere! I cannot wait to send Mistress the tribute for the next week and She is delighted that I am continuing in service to Her but I’m not sure I have the will to pull away… even if I wanted to, which I do not.

Its been a week since my last orgasm, Mistress reminds me. I wonder if it might be quite a while before I have another. It doesn’t matter. Its not my decision what happens with Mistress property.

Today I have joined Mistress new forum and I hope it is a great success. Looking forward to sharing thoughts and experiences with dominants and fellow slaves.

I also have a lovely new Twitter avatar, thanks to Mistress :)

I wonder what next week will bring!

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