Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

20160125_112757951_iOSSlave Twitchalot completed a third week under my control, successfully.  Just! I always would recommend that anyone starting out with my distance control, only sign up for one week first. If you cant handle the first week then it isn’t for you but if you get through the first week then the likely hood is that you are going to be a fully fledged HOD resident!  That is a great privilege but with that status comes the natural highs and lows of a long-term D/s relationship.  You’ve all read about it from my other slaves in the past so it shouldn’t ever come as a surprise.  Twitchalot was the next Slave to fasten himself tightly to the Controller-Coaster of Deelight.. the scariest but most thrilling ride you will ever experience.

Day 1

The fourth week of service to Mistress and I admit that I was feeling pretty good about how things were going. Like I’ve said before, I have been submissive for a long time and have a lot of experiences both good and bad in all that time; so I knew quickly just how special Mistress Deelight is. She is the Real Deal.

In hindsight, I guess you could say this was the calm before the storm because the rest of the week did not go well… I’ll get to that in due course but for now back to my happy place and everything is great.

For that day, Mistress had decided on a challenge for Her distance slaves: The ‘Cupcake Challenge’ where we would be pitted against each other to decorate a cupcake with our own ‘cream topping’ and to eat it. To further compound our collective and individual humiliation we each had to video it so that Mistress could judge our efforts.

There was a time limit for entries and as I had quite stringent vanilla (regular life) commitments that day I informed Mistress that I would do my best to meet the deadline but that these might interfere.

So, for reasons which will come apparent later, it is essential to point out that Mistress was very kind and reasonable with this information and texted back to say that I had an extension until my commitments were over. Thank You Mistress. I was very relieved to hear that.

I did my task as instructed and actually i felt good doing it for Mistress: Yes, it was quite humiliating but it was also a sign of devotion that we slaves were prepared to suffer for our Mistress, emotionally as well as physically.

I sent my video clip to Mistress in good spirits… now all I had to do was wait!
Day 2

It was a quiet day from Mistress… all by Her design. After all, She wasn’t the one waiting with baited breath, hanging on to text, email, Twitter…



I was locked in my chastity device, constantly checking my phone.

Mistress is taking selfies, delighting in the situation… I’m sure You’ve seen them on Twitter. My word Mistress was looking as wonderful as ever but She was twisting at least this poor wretch into knots.

Wow. The suspense was



Exquisite torture without doing anything at all. It was a very long day.

Finally, the results were in and we slaves learned our fate. The relief was palpable and I was at least glad that Mistress enjoyed our videos. It was strange to share that experience with my fellow distance control slaves but actually, I felt connected to them through the shared suffering.

Getting ready for bed I knelt on the floor naked saying my mantra, having flashbacks to the previous day, I had no idea what was going to happen…

Day 3

If days had titles then this would be ‘Day 3 – The Wheels Come Off’ because that is pretty much exactly what happened!

To be honest, the exact nature of the day’s events are a blur but I’ll try to recount them as best I can.

To punish me for being the quickest slave to complete the Cupcake Challenge (no staying power!) I was to clamp Mistress property between two chopsticks using rubber bands to keep them tightly clamped. Then I was to beat Mistress’ balls 10 times every 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes.

Simple enough.. painful enough…

So I did as I was told, I clamped Mistress’ property as ordered and started on the balls with a wooden spoon. Started? Yeah… dumb huh? But lets face it… does every 15 minutes mean you start with it at the first minute or just after 15 minutes… Well, I was pretty sure which one Mistress would choose!

What could go wrong?

Strange to say it but doing the punishment I didn’t feel anything. It was like an emotional switch had cut out and I was in a very bizarre situation of spanking myself in the balls with an overwhelming feeling of antipathy… ‘Meh!’ was how I described it on Twitter as I just had to get it out.

It was very weird and had me on edge. I was a bit lost.

Day 4

Mistress was pleased that I had performed my punishment and She was going to send me something to take my mind off my sore balls.

That is the really nice thing about Mistress is that She does care about Her pets. She enquired about how I felt yesterday and was very understanding. I was in bits by then, because I had failed this wonderful Mistress and I was feeling drained.

I get so much pleasure from serving that in a lot of ways it defines my identity as a submissive. I feel can do anything as long as it pleases my Dominant and as I’ve said before, being a ‘good boy’ sends tingles through me.

The downside of this is that when I feel like I’ve failed I tend to crash… That is pretty much what happened to me now.

I had struggled with the challenge when I thought I might not be able to do it on time. In the past I’d had experiences where I had been set up to fail just to make the humiliation worse and even now when I was certain Mistress did not intend that (as proven by the extension, readily given) I did have a bit of a wobble.

I’d put it to one side but clearly it had left a bit of a scar. In truth I was being silly, as we subs are wont to do when emotions get the better of us.

Mistress was very understanding and I cannot thank Her enough for Her time: There are many examples on Her blog written by other slaves with similar experiences and those helped me to see that I wasn’t alone in having the odd wobbly moment.
I wrote a long and rambling email to Mistress with how I was feeling (at Her request…) which was a combination of concerns, real and imagined. Even writing it out and just venting in that way was cathartic.

Mistress was very kind to reply and pretty much help frame the reality of the situation. Being one of Mistress’ slaves is a rollercoaster and you can either buckle up for the ride or push eject… It is very true that for such a small tribute Mistress does invest a lot of time and energy on Her distance control slaves. ‘A lot of bang for your buck’ as Mistress put it… I’d just had a little too much bang!

Day 5

Mistress declared this a rest day for me, to get myself centred again. I was very grateful for that and Mistress had me in chastity all day as a reminder that She was still there!

Since I don’t have a lot to say about this day, I thought it would be useful to reflect on Mistress’ gift for completing my punishment.

The reward was a JOI hypnosis audio recording and it was late in the evening that I’d had a chance to listen. I very much enjoy hypnosis as I like the feeling of being messed with mentally… I’ve found over the years that I am quite suggestible.

So I went out like a light for Mistress and I don’t remember very much after the first few minutes… When I slowly came up again I remember a feeling so alive and tingly in the afterglow of a mind-blowing orgasm. It took a few minutes to get my breath back!

Day 6

After my rest day Mistress was fully back in control. I spent the day in chastity and panties like a good little locked up sissy slut.

Mistress has been probing about my experiences with chastity and denial and I can feel Her mind working even so far away… Now She knows my record… She has already learned so much about what makes me tick is scary and magical all at once :)

After a rollercoaster week, it felt great to be back!
Day 7

Mistress was very busy today so did not have a lot of time to spend with Her distance slaves today. I locked myself up and was happy to be locked for Her again.

I think that now Mistress knows the longest I’ve ever been locked and denied a full orgasm, that this might be an insight into my future :)

But Mistress is nothing but unpredictable and Wonderful so, who knows? I know now its best to just enjoy the ride!

I am glad to get through this week and to have come through a difficult time. Mistress’ rollercoaster analogy is correct, there will be ups and downs and I feel like I’ve shot through the dip only to go higher still!

Life without Mistress’ control seems further away than ever and that makes me a happy pet indeed.

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