Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 4

Video 4.00_05_00_17.Still013Another week of mental torment ensued for Slave Twitchalot as he found himself being, I quote “played like a symphony” as I continued to entangle him in the web of Deelight while seductively playing on the strings of his cuckold and boy slut fantasies….

Day 1

Mistress was kind enough to put up a thank you video and I felt so good for being able to please Mistress. It lights me up when She is happy with me.

Just to remind me of my real place in the Order Of Things my task that day was to watch Her latest strict video clip… I was very excited and Mistress property was twitching at the thought but the last instruction brought me back down again… No masturbating.

No touching… nothing…

Watching the video of Mistress and feeling Her power and beauty seem to leap out of the screen at me had me spinning in the humiliation of denial. Mistress’ video clips are always outstanding and She is always very cleverly manipulating Her slaves through them. I am not sure anyone could watch a clip of Her’s and not feel completely captivated.

Even that morning Mistress had taunted me about sex with Her boyfriend, how She woke up to Her boyfriend eating Her perfect pussy. It is beyond a dream for me. Mistress again pushing those cuckolding buttons that have me squirming with desire, frustration and humiliation.

Day 2

After a very twitchy night, I was not sure what to expect next… Mistress warned about the gathering storm and of my word is that true. I could feel something building with the task of the day. Mistress was in full form, pushing those buttons that had me like a puppet on a string!

The chastity and panties are back on but with an added extra: I am told to take with me a pair of my wife’s dirty panties… oh my…

The task of the day was to build on an idea Mistress had already implanted and imagine the following scenario:

In order to get a promotion at work I would have to suck my bosses cock but that he wanted my wife as well! Mistress had arranged this and She would have me on my knees as my boss fucks my wife
and Mistress locks a collar around my neck and glues it shut so that escape is impossible and my fate is sealed as She pushes my head into them both as I have to clean them both up.

So there I am in the toilet, I can’t help but kneel – I wonder if that is Mistress being in my head – I am sniffing the panties imagining them being full of spunk and cum and can almost hear Mistress soft laughter! ‘One day slut, you will be sniffing mine!’

Oh God. Oh Goddess!!

Each visit to the toilet that day just deepened the feeling. I swear I could feel the collar…

Day 3

Mistress was very interested that morning to find out how I had *enjoyed* my torment yesterday. I could tell that She was pleased with the effect that She was having on me. Sometimes I think Mistress plays us slaves like a virtuoso pianist, or composer, pressing our buttons subtly in different ways to see the reactions and with each new piece falling into place being able to play us more effectively.

She was pleased to find that the last movement in Her symphony of control had gone exactly as intended.

It was a very busy day for Mistress who was editing video clips for Her adoring legions! We are very lucky pets indeed to be able to see some of these works before they are published and Mistress’ videos are always so very well put together. It is clear to see how much time and effort Mistress outs into each one and that comes through on the screen.

There were some internet issues so a video clip arrived late in the day but my word! Was it ever worth the wait.

You have probably seen by now the video clip of tease and denial of Slave Taquin. Strapped into the bench and Mistress property skilfully manipulated as he squirms helplessly. I mean.. WOW. You can tell that this is a for real thing and Taquin’s torment is exquisite… I follow Mistress on Twitter and she posted a pic of Herself in a wonderful lace outfit, taunting that despite it being one of Taquin’s favourite things, he was gagged and blindfold unable to experience his greatest desires!

It is one of those things where as a slave I can put myself in the place of Taquin in that clip and I know that others in Her HOD stable were feeling the same way… A strange mix of arousal at seeing the content despite not being able to do anything about it, sympathy for the subject because my god I felt for Taquin! There but for the grace of Mistress go I…

And that was the very clear message.

One day, it will be you. It will be me. Mistress was setting Her stall out: I am in control, if you have ever doubt it look at my power and control now FEEL IT! I manipulate you all so easily.

That is Mistress’ message.

I don’t have the words to express how controlled, humbled, excited that makes me feel.

Thank You Mistress and to you too Taquin.

Day 4

Mistress was very busy today so it was not until late in the day that She found time to set a task. I was grateful for the slight lull to be honest as it gave me time to regather myself after the intensity of the past few days.

I think being in service to Mistress is an extreme sport sometimes(!) She can get so far into your head that She fills you with a powerful rush of adrenaline as you twist and turn under Her power. There seems like no way out because you don’t want to find one. Not really.

We are all trapped in the bondage of our desires, fantasies and desperate need for control. Yes… We could quit Mistress Delight, we lie to ourselves, I lie to myself! Yes I could, its just I don’t want to…

it is perfectly rational to be locked in chastity at the whim of this beautiful commanding woman, waiting at the phone for a text or an email, for anything She deigns to give… Perfectly. Rational.

That evening my task arrived… I scrambled for the phone like a Good Pet… Mistress told me that since Her run that evening was 36 minutes She would give me 36 minutes very slow strokes of Her property…no cumming.

Her property felt so good and I could not get the thought of Mistress in Her running gear out of my mind. As a final humiliating blow, Mistress told me that she was planning on having a nice warm shower with Her boyfriend. Her stripping off Her sweaty trainers, that tight lycra running, fragrant with Her aroma, before plunging into the shower with Her boyfriend made those 36 continuous minutes feel like an eternity.

Day 5

There was no cage for Her property today; at Mistress instruction after my mantra that morning I tied up Her Property securely with long shoe laces and again slipped into my panties. Although there is a part of me that still finds being in female underwear deeply humiliating my inner slut loves it.

The slut has been more active again lately, since Mistress woke it up with Her manipulations. My slut wants this and loves the feeling of the soft silky fabric. The tight straining against the bonds of Mistress property continual proof of that.

Mistress task of the day was to embrace the slut that I am: I purchased a banana and for at least three time that day I was to go to the toilet at my work and imagine sucking the cocks of my co workers with the banana as my substitute cock. As I went about my day I picked out one or two faces, picturing them in my minds eye and then I hurried off to the loo, down on my knees and visualising them taking turns with my mouth as Mistress watched the whole thing.

I have sometimes tried to keep that part of me pushed down as I try to deal with it, other times I have tried to embrace that side of things with watching sissy training and indoctrination videos online. All I know is I’m generally happier with the slut unleashed… I love cock… I love cum of all kinds and just kneeling there in the toilet I wanted cock so badly. I took the banana deep into my mouth and gagged on it because I and a dirty slut and I like it! I may even of been unable to stifle the moans…


Day 6

This morning it was back into the cage for Mistress’ property, somewhat resentfully after yesterday but in it went nonetheless. It may seem bizarre but there is a pleasure in knowing that you are obeying even when you really really want to escape that hateful plastic cage.

Mistress would no doubt be pleased.

It was a busy day at work with a lot of dull meetings, some with the very people I’d been fantasising about the previous day. That made me feel even lower as I hid the slight flush of humiliation at the memory.

Mid-afternoon Mistress sent me an audio clip and some instructions… I was to listen to the file whilst stroking Her property. No cumming, just lock it up straight afterwards… After the last few days of quite intense tease and denial I approached it with dread and a lot of excitement.

Again the audio was up to Mistress’ high quality as Her voice wove the story into my head: The clip was a cuckold fantasy, with Mistress taking control of Her newly cuckolded husband, forced to live in a tiny bedsit whilst she and Her boyfriend enjoyed the fruits of his labour and his big house and nice stuff.

Wow… every word pretty much echoed in my head and it was very intense. It was so believable as at each turn Mistress outwitted Her cuckold. Was that me? After the events of the week I was weakened and compliant from the constant denial.

As the lock clicked back on the device, my resignation to the fate Mistress had decreed was total.

Day 7

The final day of the week was a total break as it turned out and actually showed once again Mistress kinder side. I had some ‘real life’ events to take care of and She was kind enough to allow me time off with a break to complete that and I am very grateful for that.

For anyone reading this who thinks ‘oh my god that is harsh… I couldn’t do that… it sounds scary’ I would like to tell you in all sincerity that Mistress is tuned to your needs: Not that She does what you want, that’s silly, but that She takes the time to get to know Her slaves and servants whatever their desires, all the better to manipulate them.

If you need time out then Mistress is reasonable; just read some of the other blogs here to see how true that is. It doesn’t always have to be scary, Mistress wants service, however you can give it. I guess that makes us all more loyal.

Be honest with what you want but careful what you wish for; Mistress might just give it to you!


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