Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 6 + 7

G84A2325.00_00_26_18.Still004Slave Twitchalot suffered an enjoyable slutty week commencing Valentines Day.  With all my ‘partnered’ chaste slaves, it was my instruction that they paid special attention to the other woman in their lives (their partners).  After all, regardless of their reasons for having a Mistress, women are more powerful than men and must be worshiped and adored. What fun knowing that my pets were pleasing their wives with me on their mind.   I am working on developing Twitch’s inner slut.  She is inside of that male body screaming to escape and be the slutty whore she craves so badly. The more I play with the inner slut the more submissive and pliable my twitching little pet becomes…..

Day 1 Valentines Day

As it was Valentines Day Mistress insisted that I treat my Wife and make sure that She was thoroughly spoiled. I thanked Mistress for Her instruction – it is the right of any woman as my Better to be treated with the utmost respect and today of all days it is my chance to show my dedication and adoration appropriately.

As a slave, I know with all my heart that women are more powerful than men.

As a sign of Her control, Mistress told me I should wear my panties to lunch. I felt a tingle and yes, a lot of twitching down there with Mistress’ property throughout the day.

I admit, I revelled in the task; pleasing my Betters is something I truly enjoy and my own satisfaction pales into nothing compared to that.

Midway through the afternoon, Mistress texted to remind me of the fantasy She was weaving: She reminded me that I am really a cuckold with a tiny penis and that She was going to help my well endowed boss to have my Wife whilst I became a glory hole slut.

That added extra incentive to my ministrations and I was even more attentive through the remainder of the day. I had to be on the top of my game and my Wife told me She had a lovely time as the day drew to a close. I knew that I had pleased the two most important women in my life and that made me very happy indeed.

Thank You Mistress.

Day 2 International Male Chastity Day

If you have been reading Mistress’ blog then You will know that today was a day Mistress was really getting behind. Is there anything Mistress enjoys more than locking up the male member for Her amusement and pleasure? Hm… maybe beating and slapping them? I suspect it is a close run thing!

I am not sure if this was by design but I woke up feeling extremely compliant. Who knows with Mistress? She operates in this way at a level beyond mine and I do believe that often we are just puppets in Her hands, she knows us so well.

From Twitter I knew that all of Her stable were locked today and as I posted my proof pic to Her I was really proud: It is an honour to be part of Mistress’ stable and I wanted to show this by tweeting a locked up pic to demonstrate my pride and devotion to Mistress.

Day 3

I knelt on the floor saying my mantra and feeling good about my place in the world, below my betters and most especially Mistress. With the chastity device firmly secured on Mistress’ property I slipped into my panties and went about my day…

It was afternoon when Mistress’ text arrived and sent a shiver down my spine… Mistress told me that since I am already wearing panties every day over Her chaste property I should be painting my toenails too!

Oh my!

My head was spinning for quite a while and it took me a while to reply. How did Mistress know I had nail polish? Did She know how tingly it was making me?

Her property was properly twitchy now! Stirring in the cage at the thought… My inner slut smiling broadly at the thought. She was getting more freedom now and I admit the whole thing made me very horny. Damn that slut… driving me crazy with lust.

Only Mistress and Her control keeping the slut in check.

When I gathered myself enough to text Mistress back and ask Her how She knew… Her response? “Good sissy’s always have polish!”

That sent me into subspace right there and then.

Later in the day, I was reading slave Taquin’s blog post and in particular the shopping for a new chastity device. I do struggle some days with the CB6000 device which can pinch and get very uncomfortable so I was curious if Mistress would help me choose one that was suitable. These things are very individual so Mistress was reluctant to recommend a particular device, which just shows how much care She places on Her slaves: Yes, She wants us locked up but safely so.

It will be interesting to see how slave Taquin gets on with his new device before taking the plunge myself with a new one.

Day 4

It was time to paint my nails today and I loved the feeling of applying the polish to my toe nails it made me feel like a good little sissy… nice and gurly! My inner slut was very much in attendance and as I looked at my handiwork I noticed that the soft pink that I had chosen was very subtle… Maybe I could paint my fingernails too?

When Mistress texted to ask how Her slut was feeling with my nails painted I asked if I could paint my fingernails too? Mistress agreed and so I felt a much more complete slut. No one even noticed the slutty addition which made me feel even better… the slut is getting daring!

I was hoping to have some alone time and Mistress was kind enough to give me a suitably slutty task to complete for Her; I couldn’t wait to unleash the slut at long last but unfortunately life intervened and I did not have the opportunity… I won’t say what it was hear because I’m very much intending to follow through at the earliest opportunity!

Day 5 and 6

The life event was taking over full time and I wasn’t going to be able to have much time for anything else… Mistress was very understanding and very kindly gave me permission to continue on another week in Her service!

Even during these days I recited my mantra on my knees each morning. It has taken a central part of my routine and I find myself saying it in my head during the day. It is good for my to remember my place.

It helped me even in this time away to know Mistress was still there.

Day 7 – An Unexpected Torment!

This day certainly deserves special mention because despite the disruption happening around me it did present me with a rare opportunity to serve Mistress!

I found myself alone with pretty much on my own and found Mistress was online on Adultwork and after two days away I knew I had to take this opportunity! Mistress was surprised to see me online but a bored slave with a laptop, phone plus Mistress as inspiration is a winning combination!

Mistress was in the mood for a little tease and denial: Of course :) There are few things Mistress enjoys more than a wrung out tormented and frustrated slave. Maybe a nice ass-reddened slave after a long CP session as I later saw on Twitter… Luckily for me I was a long way away!

It was one of the most intense JOI and denial I had ever experienced. Mistress took me through the heights of ecstasy only to leave me right on the edge. Over and over.

And over. I was lucky that Mistress was helping me improve my staying power, She told me. Indeed I was but my head was screaming for release… I just needed another minute… I was so close.

Start. Stop… over and over I could feel a lovely mind blowing release building and then NOTHING.

And then it was really over…

“I have to go out, slut… Time to put my property back away under lock and key… no cumming for you!

My head spinning I locked Mistress property back up, feeling humiliated, denied and utterly helpless.

Good job I was a long way away… Right?

I’m sure I could hear Mistress’ laughter ringing in my ears!

Week 7

Day 1

Mistress had a special task for me today… having said that I was going to have to spend most of the day travelling alone Mistress decided to make things much more interesting!

I was to make sure I stopped in a service station at least twice each way on my journey… Three times on the way back if possible. I was to go into the toilet and imagine I was there at a glory hole as a full service slut having to service the weary cocks of the service station clientelle. i permitted to stroke Mistress property during these visits but I was to stop right on the edge. No cumming for me again that day!

Each time I stopped I went to the toilets and some faces of the men I passed seem to stick with me and I was imagining sucking their cocks back to life in the toilets, like the good cock sucking slut that I am!

Not all of those people were gorgeous specimens of manhood, no… Some were fat balding men that I caught sight of just as I was going in… It made the images in my head more real and couldn’t help myself from feeling slutty and oh so very dirty sucking the cock of any ugly random stranger passing my way…

A cock is a cock… and a mouth is a mouth.

I left each time frustrated and denied. I wanted cock so badly I think I would have willingly sucked every one of them if I could. Mistress was driving my inner slut ever forward and my lust for cock, any cock, was reaching a real peak.

God I wanted cum so badly.

Nothing for me again! I went to bed after saying my mantra with Mistress more in my mind than ever. I had a nice dream about sucking a nice yummy cock…

Day 2 & 3

Mistress was very busy today and so did not have the opportunity to text very much. In some ways I enjoy this service because I don’t need constant contact to know that Mistress is there, always in charge and in total control.

If I want evidence of that I only have to look down… to see my painted pink nails, or my panties that I wear every day.

If I want to feel Mistress control I only have to think about Her and feel the cage tighten around Mistress Property.

That is real control and true power.

It is true devotion to be a good pet even if my Mistress is not around. I like being a good boy!

Day 4

Mistress was very happy that I was continuing to obey Her and as a treat for being a good boy yesterday I was to suffer for my fellow slaves with 50 hard spanks with a wooden spoon.

I value the camaraderie of my fellow slaves in the HOD and to suffer for them is something I am proud to do… We are united in our service and devotion and to suffer for them brings us together as slaves. I would have to so that evening when I got home.

In the meantime, whilst at work Mistress gave me another task… To go an purchase a small leek and some lube! Oh my! You don’t have to be a genius to work out what Mistress had in mind ;)

Mistress followed up on Her instructions, asking me to tell Her exactly what kind of slut I was. So I did!

I am a dirty little slut that loves nothing more than being fucked in every hole in the toilets… I need cock and cum in every hole. I need to be used so badly and put properly in my place.

That is what kind of slut I am.

Correct, said Mistress. Remember that when fucking yourself in the toilets.

And boy, did I! I found myself in the toilet, ankles high with the leek probing my slutty hole for all I was worth and Mistress’ property was straining in its cage… it felt so good… even though I felt dirty and used I wanted it. Each time someone came past the stall I wondered if I would be discovered and my fantasies were full in my mind! I was terrified and so very excited.

My head was spinning with the rush of humiliation and lust. It took quite a while to calm down afterwards!

When I got home that evening I snuck away to give myself the 50 spanks… counting each one carefully and making sure that they were all good full spanks. Since I couldn’t be there in person it was up to me to not quit out and go easy.

My bum was quite sore by the time I sat back down on the sofa afterwards. I did not sit comfortably but I did sit with pride that Mistress would be pleased with my suffering.

Day 5

Mistress sent a challenge to all of Her slaves today, to think of an inventive way of suffering for Her. I knew that Mistress likes getting me feeling low and dirty in the toilet so I proposed to plug my slutty hole with a carrot and clean the toilet with the toilet brush

Day 6

The task of today was to repeat the task that I did yesterday and provide evidence so I decided that Mistress deserved nothing less than a full video clip! I wanted to make sure She knew how much I valued Her control.

I didn’t have a carrot but I had a nice banana that would serve as well… I loved the feeling of unleashing the dirty slut for Mistress’ pleasure. Her property twitched as I felt the humiliation over again and the sweet fulness inside my slutty boi pussy…. My longing for cock is still ever present but this was a nice substitute.

I hope Mistress enjoys the video :)

Day 7

Mistress was again very busy again today, which is very good that Mistress is doing so well. Mistress expects that She will again be busy during the following week with sessions and other commitments and offered me a break…

After so long now I’m not sure what I would do with a break… Like I said before… I don’t need constant contact to know my place, to feel Mistress’ control and power over me. I am glad to continue in Her service.

For those of you lucky enough to session with Mistress during the coming days,cherish those moments and even the suffering and know that I very envious indeed!

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