I do love a spanked bottom and I had a lot of fun going through your offerings after the request I put out a few weeks back, in which I asked you to take a photo of your spanked bottoms with a note reading, “Spanked for Miss Deelight”.  It seems that most of you tried very hard but struggled to find a way to take the requested photo.  Well, if you had actually engaged your brains, as Slave Nick did, you would have thought to enlist some help!  Even if it was in the form of sellotape!  Slave Nick however, wins a place in my ‘slave of the day’ section for actually seeking the help of another Mistress.  He actually plucked up the courage to beg for her help in performing this task.  In doing so, not only did he receive a jolly good spanking but he has been awarded recognition here, from me, for using a bit of initiative.  Well done Slave Nick.  You may kiss my feet.