Spanking Motivation

Back in September 2015 a client came to me to request help in getting himself fit and healthy.  He wanted to lose just over a stone in weight and wanted to get back into his running.  After a limit testing 30 minute session a motivational plan was agreed which naturally included a punishment plan for not reaching targets.  One of those punishments was to receive two strokes of my hard hitting ‘Batman’ paddle for every mile under his targeted running distance and he was to receive two of the big bastard double strap for every pound outside of his target weight.  The slave was to report back in 6 weeks.

Nearly 6 months later the slave came crawling back to me, almost a stone and a half heavier and less fitter than before. In 20 minutes he was given 96 strokes of the batman paddle and 34 strokes of the strap!

The lesson learned? Do not come to me asking for motivation and then fail to put the effort in! I was pleased to see a tweet from it yesterday, detailing its first run back to fitness!


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