Sparkle – Findom Erotic Hypnosis

A while back I posted my first erotic hypnosis free video on YouTube and have a lot of good feedback from it and a lot of business too.  I recently received this lovely message from a devoted follower who watched and listened to the video and I thought it would be good to share it with the rest of you.  He also kindly bought me a new purse following on the from his experience.  Below is the hypnosis video that I posted on YouTube.  It is really a fantasy based experience and not designed for you to really hand over all your cash to me, though that would be nice, it isn’t the purpose.  I wanted to test the water to see how popular the erotic hypnosis would be so that I can start creating more sessions based around different fetishes.  If you have 20 minutes to spare and would like to relax yourself into a nice mind-blowing orgasm, then listen to and watch the video and let yourself go.

Dear Miss Deelight …. i happened to find Your Enchanting FinDomme hypnosis video this morning, and, although i don’t have the money to be a slave in that way, i was laying in my bed when i started gazing into YOUR eyes and breathing quietly and i soon found myself captivated by YOUR voice and YOUR Dominance …. i have always LOVED the word “Sparkle” and to look into YOUR sparkling eyes and feel myself kneeling at the bottom of the stairs as YOU tightened a collar around my neck and pulled me up to YOUR Beautiful breasts on YOUR leash and taking control of my mind was erotically exciting … As YOU ordered me to stroke and taunted me with YOUR Perfect Body and Seductive Voice, I enJOYED an incredible orgasm and moment of pleasure as YOUR Voice whispered “ONE!” … The beginning of a PERFECT DAY …. so of course i was unable to resist going to YOUR website to find YOUR Amazon wish list and buy YOU a gift of appreciation for a moment of pleasure that i will never forget … And what could be more fitting to buy a Financial Domme, that a wallet to hold HER money that She is tributed in … Wishing YOU a beautiful day Goddess full of Daring Dominantion Dreams cumming true …. slave subtle ….

This video contains a shorter trance induction and is only intended for financial domination fans.

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