SPH – Underpants Punishment

This week on Aunty Dee’s problem corner, a naming and shaming TV program, a viewer writes in to complain about her neighbour, Daniel, who has terrorised her on a daily basis by flashing his boxer shorts at her and more recently and alarmingly, his TINY MINUTE PENIS and INCREDIBLY UNDERSIZED TESTICLES.

As a punishment for his despicable crime, Aunty Dee and Aunty Caroline name and shame the perpetrator on national TV before enforcing a trouser ban, the removal of his fashionable underpants and the given punishment of only being allowed to wear Y-front underpants for ever.  It is put to him that for one week he must wear only his underpants and shirt to work so that everyone around him can see that he has a tiny, pathetic penis and testicles.

In a verbally humiliating, strict and degrading show, Daniels given punishment is described in full, embarrassing detail.

underpants 11

Watch the 15 movie clip now on my adultwork profile:  www.adultwork.com/missdeelight (4.50 credits).

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