Spittoon’s Demise – Spitting and Foot Worship

It’s always a fun day when Mistress Real invites me to her neck of the woods in Cardiff to do a double domme session with her.  The queen of evil certainly had one hell of a disgrace of a slave in her bag, although he earned a Deelight brownie point  from me for collecting me from the train station back in Bristol after my damn trains got cancelled, Mistress Real as per normal, showed no mercy!

As soon as we arrived the Slave, named as Spittoon, was caged by Mistress Real, whilst I painted my nails and instructed him to blow them dry, before he could be released.

Once my nails were dry, Spittoon was released and put in his rightful place at our feet, pushed from Mistress to Mistress without reprieve for at least half an hour, made to worship our feet in turn, whilst being used as a foot stall and punished for his failings.

Finally bored of his useless pathetic efforts, we led him into Mistress Real’s bedroom where she put a Jennings gag in his mouth so he could earn the name we gave him by receiving our spit, and some!  Slaves this far down the food chain are lucky to receive such a meal… you have been warned!

All that said, it did seem as though he was enjoying his starter, so Mistress Real decided it was time for his main course.  Spittoon was lead into the kitchen, hog tied and sent to his bowl, on his belly – it was hilarious to watch the slug slither to his bowl.  Slug Spittoon!  Sometimes a Mistress does have a heart, and Mistress Real had bought a cheese and ham sandwich from the shop which was shared with the Slave by way of us chewing it up and spitting it into his bowl.  As grateful as he should well have been, Spittoon ate every last mouthful, although it took him quite a while.  Although he might have eaten it somewhat faster if he could have kept his grubby little food filled mouth off Mistress’s shoes.

What better way to wash down his Deelightful meal, than with a  Real treat of a drink – a wine glass of our spit.  What a lucky Slave.

So my Deelightfully dedicated little Slave boys, who is going to be brave enough to step up to the challenge and book a double session with myself and Mistress Real, here in our neck of the woods at my Bristol dungeon?  Can you take the Real Deelights of our Duo?