Strict, Smart, Hypno-Robotic – Erotic Hypnosis Session

A gentleman, now known as Hypnobot, came to serve me the other day.  His fetish is for smart clothing, especially focussing on buttons (the buttons must be properly done up) and hypnosis.  So of course I combined the two with my own Deelightful twist.  Post hypnotic suggestion had been requested but I thought it would be especially fun to keep my hypnobot in a state of trance throughout the session, putting him to sleep at various different stages and giving him new suggestions as I went along.  So the scenario went like this:

Hypnobot had been sent to me by a recruitment agency.  He had arrived for his first day at work looking scruffy, whilst I presented myself immaculately in a suit and slicked hair.  His shirt buttons were undone, his tie was sloppy and his blazer was worn over his arm.  For his lack of respect he’d have to be disciplined,  however for him to obtain a position within my establishment he’d have to undergo a very specific induction; a hypnotic induction….

I set about putting my subject into a deep trance using a long induction process, and told him that he’d remain in that trance until I touched his head and commanded him to wake up.  Similarly he would slip back into trance when I touched his shoulder and told him to ‘sleep’.

Hypnobot was woken, and instructed to strip from the waist down before I examined him.  Then he was lead into my discipline room and strapped down over the spanking bench.  Put back to sleep, he was told that whilst I spanked him, he would be able to see smartly dressed women all buttoned up neatly that would drive him wild with lust.  On the next sleep command, it was suggested that he would keep losing count of the amount of paddle strokes he received and would have to then start again.  He would lose count on the sight of women who’s attire was not correctly adjusted.  And on a third sleep command it was suggested that a woman would be knelt down in front of him as he took his punishment, this time able to keep track of the strokes and that she would be unbuttoned with cleavage showing.  The sight of this would drive him crazy and he would desperately try to reach out to tidy her up but would be unable to do so as he was cuffed up.

The next part of his discipline came in the form of CBT.  Tied to a cross, a further command would have him notice my undone buttons and how they were driving him crazy wanting to do them up, so much so that he would not feel the pain from the pegs I was attaching to his cock and balls.  The next suggestion, was that on noticing my buttons properly fastened, he would become all too aware of the pain being administered to his manhood but that he would endure it anyway.

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Here is what Hypnobot had to say about his session:

Dear Mistress, i have the opportunity now to sit down (with a bit of discomfort) and write to You in appreciation of the time spent together earlier.
You absoultely nailed the smart strict severe look i so love and it was an unbelievable pleasure to submit to You. Working in such an organisation would be bliss. The hypnosis was wonderful and i think we can make it even better in future. Having Your hand touch my shoulder with the command to sleep was a dream come true. There was nothing i could do to stop going into a trance, not that i would even want to  disobey Your commands. i could really see other female employees either perfectly dressed, behaving like Your robots, or there were a few scruffily dressed ladies. The best part of the session was when i was tied down and the lady was in front of me with her top shirt buttons undone and cleavage showing. It was a horrific sight and i was so desperate to correct the buttons but simply could not reach. Absolutely incredible experience, thank You.
The cbt was quite hard to take. i so wanted to take what i could for You. Next time im sure there are more things we can try but most of today was, for a first time ‘getting to know You’ experience, perfect and i am so in awe of You and so overwhelmed, please let me see You again the future.
Your very happy, satisfied and obedient hypnotised servant

Here is the smartly worn suit:


And just to make him twitch, the unbuttoned version! *Evil Laugh*



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