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It sometimes happens with my regular serving slaves, that life troubles them and they arrive at my chambers in desperate need of escape from reality.  It is when my slaves feel disconnected like this, that I especially enjoy taking them away from their troubles and sending them into the midst of subspace where they are in an isolated little world of pleasure.  These slaves know that I like to change things up and push their limits but I also know exactly when is the right time to do this and exactly when is the right time to give them what they need. It’s all part of the joys of being a female dominant. In any D/s relationship the key to a successful play time is to be in-tune with one’s sub. Fundamentally the role of the sub is to please their dom however, speaking from experience as an ex-submissive, I know that it can become very frustrating to not receive rewards in the form of enjoyed activities; therefore I use my judgement to decide when best to deliver these rewards. Slave Dribbly arrived at the House of Deelight not feeling his best but left feeling sky high as a result of my expertise and consideration.

Here is his account of the session:


It has been a while since my last blog, although I have visited Mistress a couple of times in the meantime a very busy personal life has meant I’ve not managed to journal my experiences, which is disappointing. Things in my personal life have been challenging mentally too, with things changing in my personal life. On the day of my session I was not very happy, quite depressed in fact and not in the right frame of mind for a visit to see Mistress. A text conversation with Mistress put my mind at rest and a lot more in the mood, to the point I was really looking forward to it (as of course I should be!).

I arrived at the HoD and Miss Deelight welcomed me in wearing a lovely leather corset and skirt, complemented with thigh high leather boots. She looked stunning. I was then instructed to go to the bathroom and strip, and use the toilet if required. I returned downstairs naked, carrying the scales, and presented Mistress with her tribute. When I weighed in I had put on nearly four pounds! Not a good a start to the session. Next was the locking on of a chastity device. The one chosen by Mistress is one we’ve nicknamed the crown of thorns. This is not painful when I’m flaccid, however it really hurts when I get erect as the dull spikes drive hard into my cock. I was then ordered to kneel on the floor and remove Mistress’s boots and massage her feet. We started chatting, discussing my lack of weight loss and some of the issues of why my life is especially busy right now. Mistress enjoyed a cigarette as we chatted. Once she had finished I had to receive my punishment.

We went into the dungeon and I was ordered onto the whipping bench. Mistress secured the leather straps around my legs and over my back, then cuffed my wrists to the legs of the bench. She was making sure that I was comfortable but very secure. I felt she was doing this as she knew I was going to be receiving a significant amount of punishment today. She started off by spanking my bottom by hand, in a series of spankings. She then moved on to a paddle and things were starting to get really warm. Towards the end I was really wriggling around in my bonds with the pain. Next was the dreaded cane. Mistress said I was to receive four strokes for the four pounds of weight that I’d put on, but she felt that this should be stretched to six strokes. Six was one more that I have ever had before. My bottom was already stinging when I received my first stroke of the cane, and the pain was tremendous. “One, thank you Mistress” I responded, whilst writhing in pain. The second and third strokes again made me squirm and took my breath away. Mistress could see that I was suffering and helped me by taking my mind of the pain. She came to the front of the bench and put her beautiful leather covered bottom in my face. “Smell the leather and kiss my bottom”, “Yes, Mistress” I responded eagerly. I inhaled the odour of the leather, and delicately kissed her bottom. It certainly worked, taking my mind off of the pain coming from my rear. After a couple of minutes Mistress continued my punishment, with strokes five and six really hurting and making me gasp and strain against the straps. Mistress congratulated me on taking the punishment and released me from the restraints and I stood in the centre of the dungeon.

Next I had to walk into the stand up cage, and my wrists were secured above my head. Mistress was a little disappointed that my cock wasn’t hurting, as it was not erect. She decided some teasing was in order and things started to expand. She then applied the wand vibrator and things really got interesting. My cock was rock hard, but the spikes were digging in and causing me some real pain. Mistress was grinning at me, seeing my suffering. Don’t misunderstand me, it was superb and I was sinking into subspace. My view looking down into her gorgeous cleavage also took my mind off the pain. Mistress then decided to apply some nipple clamps. These again are a missed blessing as they turn me on, but add to my suffering. Mistress talked seductively to me, whilst applying the vibrator, and pulling on my nipple clamps. My cock was fit to burst!  This continued for quite some time as we were clearly both enjoying this. We had a short break, letting my penis go soft and Mistress removed the ‘thorny’ ring from my device leaving the back ring in place. She asked me if I wanted the nipple clamps off, and I said I was OK. Mistress then enjoyed a cigarette, using my mouth as an ashtray. I ate the ash when instructed and Mistress was pleased with my service. She then put on some latex gloves, and applied some lubricant. She gently started stroking my cock. It expanded and swelled to a good size, and this time with no spikes, making it much more pleasurable. This again went on for some time and I was really enjoying it. Mistress then gave me another break. She took the opportunity to remove my nipple clamps. The pain when she took them off really surprised me, bringing tears to my eyes. This made Mistress smile a wicked smile as she took great delight in pulling them from my chest. Once again she resumed stroking my cock with her latex clad hands. It sprung back for full hardness, and continued swelling to what felt like 150%! The ring that was still around the base of my cock was helping the blood remain in my cock. It was really straining, enjoying the sensation and I was certainly enjoying the view. Mistress was looking fantastic and her breasts were hypnotic. She stroked and stroked, talking about her and her boyfriend. She teased me with the thought that I could be honoured with being gagged with some of her cum soaked panties. This was enough to make me cum and I exploded all over the floor. I was physically exhausted, and on such a high. I was released from the cage, my cuffs removed and allowed to go for a shower. Another great session with Miss Deelight and I look forward to the experiences that my next visit will bring.

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