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  • My Kidnapped and Owned Pet

    Once upon a time, a young newbie came home one day (to Deelight HQ in reality) to find himself hooded, held at knife point, interrogated, used and abused; going through all manor of intrusive treatment at the hands of his stalker, the office girl he didn’t pay attention to.  Since that day, he became my Slave (they all do!).

    His next encounter with me, was as my own personal sex slave for me to take total advantage of.  Thus, the mood took me that I would mask him.  I prefer it this way, it objectifies the little puppies, in my minds eye.


    I like to take his breath away, as I did in the very beginning when I overpowered him and kidnapped him.  So, every so often, I grasped his nose, held my hand over his mouth and held his young life in my hands. Muwahahahahahah.

    Next I wanted to remind him of his first encounter, so I restrained him to a chair and pegged his balls.  I do so LOVE pegging slaves bollocks!


    A bit more CBT on the cross.  Legs spread, nice rope cuffs… and some seriously challenging tests to his youthful cock…..




    I found his limits… his light head told me so.  Good! Now we have limits to push.  I followed this with some pain and some anal fun.  This newbie still has a VERY tight ass, and I am determined, in future to stretch it enough to take more than just my fingers.  I WILL pop his cherry; watch this space!

    After all his hard work and his efforts to please me, I wrapped him up all safe and secure in a place he feels most comfortable… in a rubber body bag.


    Not wanting to make him feel too at home, I did smother him with thighs until the poor might just couldn’t contain himself anymore!

    His journey as only just begun.  He has a LOT in store!

  • Obedience Training and Shaving

    Gimpy just can’t stay away can he?

    Back for more, gimpy is given a lesson in obedience and personal hygiene….

    (you can click on the images for a bigger picture, idiot!)

    On with the collar and lead… little bow wow doggy begs for my attention.

    After 100 warm up spanks and some boot worship, to remind him of his place, I decided that Gimpy needed a shave.  It isn’t my job to carry his toiletries though so the little gimp carried them himself.

    No sooner had we got into the bathroom, I realised that the stupid slave hadn’t unpacked my bags properly as previously instructed.  He was immediately dragged back to the dungeon and up onto the rack to be given a reminder of what happens when slaves do not follow orders correctly.  A good hard cropping!

    And look how grateful he was for his reminder……  A real loving tribute to his Mistress!

    After receiving his punishment, Gimpy was returned to the bathroom and De-forested.  That’s better! All Slaves should be well presented to their Mistress at all times… not overgrown and hairy!

    Freshly shaved, (took bloody ages), Gimpy was dressed in his new Latex thong and laced up to keep that excited cock of his under control!

    “Please take me with your strap on Mistress” – He kneels humbly and patiently in front of the swing.

    Time for me to show him who he belongs to….

    In the swing and ready for my cock!

    Copyright © Miss Deelight 2012

  • Anal Training Day 2

    My Slave, Gimpy has returned for another anal training session plus a couple of beginner lessons in submission.

    First up, every slave starts a session with me, by being collared. But first of all, this silly slave is always made to strip for me, SLOWLY!   Gimpy needs to learn that once the collar is on, he belongs to me.  Look at him eagerly gazing up at his beautiful Mistress, Me!


    After receiving his instructions on the rules of the Collar and having received a little ‘warning’ spank, Gimpy forgot all about the camera behind him and was caught red-handed rubbing his red-bottom better whilst my back was turned! He would later pay for this!

    After some lubing up and the insertion of his first new butt plug, Gimpy was given a ball squeeze to remind him who he belongs to before being introduced to my friends, the flogger, the paddle and the tawse.  All the while he had to keep that butt plug firmly between his cheeks.



    I like to give the Slaves that try their best a little encouragement so I showed him the Deelights of my breasts to entice him into pushing himself further for me, before shocking the life out of the silly little wimp, with some clover clamps!


    Finally Gimpy took the next sized butt plug before being rewarded with a short fucking from my strap on.. it was only short because it was all he could take.  Nice try, Gimpy… but not good enough!

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    Copyright © Miss Deelight 2012