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  • The Ruthless Bitch and the Blundering Slave

    A few weeks ago I had some business to attend to at a hotel in Bristol.  I hired a slave to cover the cost of the hotel room, pay me for the privilege of being my Escort as well as instructing him to purchase suitable strict attire for my meeting.  An expensive Reiss suit was purchased along with under garments, Sobranie cigarettes, a jewelled cigarette case, an elegant cigarette holder and a nice lighter.

    When I arrived I could not locate the car park so I text my slave to meet me at my car, ordering him to park it for me while I went to inspect the room he had chosen for me.  This instruction stopped my slave in his tracks and turned him into a blundering mess!

    Throughout the course of the afternoon and evening my slave was to obey my every command at the click of my fingers. Publicly displayed as a lesser valued assistant to a ruthless rich bitch.  After my meeting and our activities I gave the final order for him to write about his experience.  Well, that’s what slaves are for. Read on for more!

    Mistress revels in her power at a luxury hotel

    I opened her car door – as she stepped out I was temporarily transfixed by her glamorous sky high heels, the sexy sheen of her silk stockings and superb tailoring, accentuating her superb curves. She put a luxury Sobranie cigarette – black with a gold filter tip – between her red glossed lips and I proffered a light. Puffing nonchalantly on her cigarette she flounced off toward the hotel entrance.

    The reception staff looked on as she strode imperiously through the lobby into the cocktail bar, me rushing anxiously in her wake, ushering her to the table with a stunning view of the waterfront I had reserved earlier. As she perused the menu, making her choice in her cool, classy, cut glass English accent, I couldn’t help staring at her – the Reiss designer suit she had chosen, and I had purchased for her, fit her like a glove – and in her killer heels and lacy top, giving a tantalizing hint of cleavage, she looked sensational!

    All eyes were on her – it seemed everyone else agreed with me – and one guy in particular was blatantly staring. I wondered if perhaps they were speculating about who she was – a wealthy, powerful businesswoman on a kinky assignation with her subservient escort, a sexy seductress with her besotted sugar daddy maybe – or even a high end call girl with a client paying thousands just the privilege of buying her a drink?

    Soon it was time for me to escort her to the room I had booked. Settling herself into the swivel chair at the desk she crossed her legs with a swish of silk, selecting another Sobranie cigarette from the gorgeous sparkly case I had also purchased for her and snapped her fingers at me for a light. Dragging deeply she exhaled a column of smoke in my face ‘now strip!’ she ordered.

    She sat, enjoying her cigarette, and reveling in the complete power she had over me, as I hurriedly took my clothes off. She ground out her cigarette (in the ashtray to my relief!) as I stood naked before her. Despite my nerves – which had reduced me to a fumbling fool, my pecker began to harden up. She began to laugh and told me to lie down so she could screw me into the floor with her heels.

    I felt an exquisite combination of pleasure of pain as her killer heel sank into the palm of my hand. As she stepped over me I couldn’t stop myself glancing up her skirt. She stamped viciously on my other hand by way of punishment. Then, sadistically, she stood on one of my fingers. My eyes began to water as she gradually applied more and more pressure.

    But then, to my pathetic relief, she stepped away from me. Telling me to stand in corner and face the wall I heard the bathroom door close. I gasped in amazement when she emerged, in just the lacy teddy and silk stockings now – but with the addition of a strap on!

    She settled herself in the chair once again and reached for her cigarettes. ‘Slave – give me a light then suck me off!’ she demanded. I took it in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down as I warmed to my task, my neck muscles complaining as I angled my head to so I could watch fascinated as she sucked greedily on her cigarette.

    Before I knew it she was gone – leaving me drained and completely spent – to reflect on a truly amazing experience!