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  • Reasons To Visit #15 – Cuckold Fetish

    You pay for the shoes that I wear out on my date with my Alpha Male and you worship them before I leave. You purchased the dress that he’s going to pull off of me in a fit of lust. As the beta male you can only imagine what that would be like.  You want me so much.  You fantasie daily about what it would be like to fuck me.  Your orgasms when permitted are intensified by the very thought of the fact that you will NEVER have me.  

  • Facesitting Fun for Cuckold Slave Dribbly

    A session with a difference for Slave Dribbly during his last visit.  Another slave, Sissy Erica had emailed me and purchased a pair of latex panties for me to wear before sending on through the post for the panty sniffing slave to enjoy with its tongue and nose. I decided to make good use of the red latex panties before sending them on.  I’d had sex with my boyfriend the night before and knowing that I was seeing Dribbly J, I put my new panties on in the morning knowing that the remains of last night’s sex would work its way into the gusset.  I used this to tease and torment Slave Dribbly as I sat my full weight on his face rubbing my spunky latex panties all over it. I also informed Slave Dribbly that the panties were going to be sent on to Sissy Erica. Aren’t they both lucky little subbies?  Here is Dribbly’s account of the session:



    The last few weeks had been busy and emotionally challenging. I arrived at the HoD a little flustered as I’d come straight from work too, adding to my general poor mental state.

    I walked in and was greeted by Miss Deelight looking beautiful in a black blouse, with a glimpse of bra and her ample cleavage, a black skirt and black hold up stockings with high heels. Needless to say she looked stunning and I had a relaxing chat sat on the sofa, very much enjoying the view. I didn’t know what lay in store, but was hoping it wasn’t going to be challenging as I felt quite low. After our chat I stood up, about to go upstairs, and Mistress also stood up and then proceeded to pull up her skirt and showed me her new latex pants she was wearing. I’m a latex fan, and very pleased to see the wonderful glossy red pants. She told me that a lucky slave had bought these for her, she was going to wear them for a session and then send them to the lucky slave to lick them clean. I agreed with her “Yes, a very lucky slave”. Inside I was quite envious of this anonymous slave. I mentioned to her that I had seen her Twitter post about face sitting, and her beautiful bottom looked stunning. I had wondered to myself when facesitting might next feature in a session. I really love it, and a latex clad female bottom is such a turn on, and Mistress knows this. I was hoping that I might privileged to worship that wonderful bum later on.

    We went upstairs and I went to bathroom, stripped off, removed my chastity device and used the toilet. Mistress had asked me to put on my ‘Crown of thorns’ device, which I happily did and handed her the key. I went into the bedroom and I was ordered onto the bed. Mistress bound my legs in some comprehensive rope bondage. It felt very snug, and comforting. She then got her wand vibrator and ‘woke up’ my cock. It started to grow and the spikes dug in slightly. Next Mistress cuffed my wrists and secured them to the bed above my head. Once again she worked on my cock with some stroking and the vibrator. This time my cock got very hard and the spikes dug in very painfully. I writhed with the pain and this amused Mistress. Next she pulled up her skirt slightly and knelt on the edge of the bed and put her left leg over my head and sat on my face. Oh my goodness, the smell of the latex was great from the new pants. The honour of being under Mistress’s bottom was making my cock grow even harder and the thorns were seriously hurting. I was instructed to worship her ass, and she lifted an inch or so up, and I kissed her bottom eagerly. With my cock aching I was loving the session. Mistress was stroking my cock and I had to ask her to stop quite quickly. After nearly three weeks since my last session, and no orgasms in between, I was very close to cumming straight away. Mistress got off the bed, pleased that she had me so close so quickly. I was glad of the breather, but not for long as again Mistress teased my cock and brought me close again. She laughed at me that it was so easy, but I explained I hadn’t orgasmed since me last session, and I was very horny. She climbed on the bed and straddled me again. It was great, she lifted occasionally giving me a chance to grab a breath. She stroked my cock and the spikes dug in, and Mistress commented that both my cock and balls were purple. Whilst the pain was intense it was well worth every bit of it for this situation. Another break and then another tease. Then Mistress decided the take the crown of thorns off, and this meant having a longer break whilst the swelling went down. She left the back ring on and began stroking again.

    Once my cock was hard she sat on my face again, and I kissed and smelt the latex. Mistress began wriggling on my face and talking about the sex she had last night with her boyfriend. The mental image was immense and my cock was rock hard. I was instructed to lick, which was bliss, and quickly warned to stay on the latex and not to touch her skin. Which of course I obeyed. This was heavenly. Mistress continued to move around on my face, pushing her down on my face. She began stroking again and brought me to a fantastic orgasm. I was left breathless as she climbed off the bed, and Miss Deelight seemed very pleased with her efforts. Once I had climaxed it was so relaxing, and I felt slightly light headed, and I was happy lying there as Mistress removed my bonds. Another great session. I know that I was a very lucky and privileged slave, and I very much look forward to the next.


  • Your New Cuckold Life – New Erotic Audio Recording

    Listen to my voice as I tell you the story about how your chastity and cuckold fantasy became a harsh reality….


    Here you sit staring at a blank wall in a sparsely furnished bed-sit. Not just any bed-sit but your wifes boyfriends bed-sit whilst he enjoys not only great sex with your wife but also living in the nice house that you used to live in. The one that you still pay for, the one that you still pay all the bills with your very well paid job. Whilst you sit here in a tiny room barely making ends meets on the allowance you are given every month by your wife who now controls all your finances. Deciding every month how much you are allowed and making sure you never have anything left over for luxuries. No enjoyment for you what so ever even down to that infernal metal prison that your cock is locked in. The one your wife teases you about by claiming she has thrown away the key or did she lose it or did she give it to someone to look after. Frankly darling I’m having so much fun I can’t remember she says…


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  • Cuckold Humiliation from your Future Wife

    Hello my husband to be.  It’s the night before our wedding and I’m making this video to tell you, our friends and our family about what a pathetic specimen you really are. What do you think of my outfit?  Slutty? Of course it is slutty, that’s because I am a slut, but you’re not going to find this out until I share this video at our reception. You think I was marrying you because I love you? HaHaHa! You are very much mistaken.  I’m only marrying you for your wallet and once I have that ring on my finger I am going to fuck every big cocked bull in sight.  And that’s just the beginning!

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