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  • Sexy Spike Heels….

    I’ve just added 4 pics of some killer heels to my OnlyFans profile. Food for thought; Worship them or feel the pain they can deliver.  The choice is yours!


  • Prisoner Gaz (450 369) – Judicial Punishment

    In the Deelight Prison, there is a strict rule that inmates must NOT pleasure themselves.  It is a strict rule, put in place in order to reduce the level of testosterone and thus reduce potential unruly behaviour.  Unfortunately for him, Prison 450 360 did not learn his lesson after his first judicial caning, so he was ordered back for more punishment from my, Officer Deelight.

    “It was my second visit to Mistress (Officer) Deelight. As I kneel on the floor of the punishment room, anticipating her entrance, eager to know what she’d be wearing, I trembled with fear and excitement. After a few minutes, Officer Deelght entered the room and I was instantly stunned by her appearance and authority. She was wearing a short black police officer dress, mesmerising silky black tights and black labouring shoes. Her hair and makeup were stunning – her gorgeous straight blonde hair flowing just below her shoulders. She’s slim & petite but stunningly shapely. She ordered me into the holding cage where she questioned me about my wrong-doings and then sentenced me to at least 36 strokes of the judicial cane. Her stunning appearance was taking my breath away. My pleads for mercy, and even an attempt at bribery, seemed to be making things worse for myself. After some stern words I was then released from the cage, stripped naked and shackled in heavy chains and cuffs. I was lead to kneel in front of her as she sat on her throne. She teased me with her nylon legs and I was so eager to touch her feet. She eventually instructed me to remove her shoes and then massage her feet. I did as instructed. It felt so good to finally massage her soft gorgeous feet with my hands. They felt so good. As I gently massaged them I couldn’t wait to taste them but had to wait patiently in anticipation. She finally instructed me to kiss them. I was in heaven, gently kissing and licking her nyloned feet. She allowed me to start kissing her legs. I continued working upwards, enjoying licking her silky nylons with my tongue as I continued to massage her feet with my hands. I didn’t want this to end… I could have continued forever. But she finally clicked her fingers and ordered me to stop. I was instructed to lay on my back. She then rubbed her feet onto my face and put her toes in my mouth. I was highly aroused throughout… but shortly Officer Deelight informed me it was going to be time for my punishment. She ordered me to crawl along behind her, at her heels. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her slim shapely legs.
    I was then led to the caning bench and ordered into position. I did so reluctantly, all too aware that I’d soon be facing the hardest caning I’d ever experienced (this was only my second time after all). The thought of this was highly exciting but I was also genuinely fearful of how it was going to feel. Officer Deelight had already shown me the cane she was going to use on me, and it was the heaviest she had. I hadn’t felt it before and was now about to get far more strokes than I’d had for my first caning. Could I actually handle it? I hadn’t arranged a safe word so knew I was about to experience a severe beating with no way out. I knew Officer Deelight would be administering the full number of strokes full force and that 36 would be the minimum number. I also knew in the back of my mind that I might be getting a lot more…. but how many? What state was my backside about to end up in? How painful was this about to be? I was strapped down now, my fate was sealed. No way out.
    The excitement of seeing Officer Deelight, looking incredibly sexy and authoritative in her silky black tights and uniform, was overwhelming. I couldn’t help admiring her body at every opportunity. The music began (Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know?) as Officer D began spanking my buttocks hard with her hands. This alone took me by surprise and began to sting considerably after a good number of slaps… but at least it warmed my cheeks enough to not have to experience a completely cold caning.
    Officer D informed me that the caning would now begin and that I needed to keep count aloud, thanking her for every stroke. I needed to concentrate, as if I made a mistake, my punishment would start all over again. I genuinely had to make sure I did concentrate, as I genuinely didn’t know whether I’d be able to handle the 36 strokes (minimum) with this thick judicial cane, let alone starting again (and I knew this wasn’t just a threat). She wielded the cane intimidatingly, taking a few air swipes, before lining up the cane on my butt cheeks. She took a few taps, it seemed to take forever – my body twitched a few times (amusing her each time)… then the first stroke landed full force, a hot poker right across the middle of my cheeks…ouch, “one, thank you Miss”… more twitching, then five more in succession…. “two, thank you Miss… six, thank you Miss”…. these began to sting incredibly… how could I possibly take at least another 30? But I had to… I had no choice! The strokes continued to land… some were in close succession – these were the hardest to take, after a few rapid strokes my whole body would tense and I’d strain against the shackles… but some of the short pauses thankfully allowed me just enough time to recover. The last 10 strokes were particularly difficult to take. My body strained and wriggled incredibly but I had to continue to concentrate and keep count. Stroke 36 finally landed. What would happen now? The Goddess whose feet I’d earlier worshipped was inflicting all of this punishment on me – so painfully, yet so incredibly arousing. She teased me with views of her legs throughout. I was told I’d need to take at least another 6 strokes. Could I take it? I had absolutely no choice. I continued to count – 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42…. was this the end? As arousing as this was, to my relief I learned that this was the end of my punishment and my tethers and straps were being released. Wow, I made it. I had been released, my cheeks on fire and I was ordered back into the holding cage. I was chastised a little more and informed that I’d now be returned to my cell but warned that any further bad behaviour would result in even more severe punishment. ….”

    What an experience!!

    Prisoner Gaz

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  • Reasons to Visit #4 – Sexy As Fuck Footwear

    If you are a submissive with a  love of heels, I have a huge collection of ‘Sexy As Fuck’ killer heels. Knee boots, thigh boots, sandals, peep-toes, ankle boots, pointed toes, trainers, platforms, stilettos, flats, matte, shiny, studded; and all sorts of colours too.  Worship them, feel their weight, feel the pain as they dig into your skin or kick you in the balls if that’s all you deserve.  Whatever type of shoe fetish you have, I have the right heels to weaken your defences and make you dribble.You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Slave Taquin – Distane Control Journal – Most Amazing Session

    Whilst it is all very well and good, me accommodating the fantasies of my slaves; my slaves must also realise that they are ultimately there to serve me in whatever way I desire.  So, if a slave does not like pain but I am in the mood for it, then my slaves (especially my long-term ones)  should suck it up and take it.  Of course with my expert guidance. Read on to discover how I got Slave Taquin through something (else) he would have never considered possible…..

    I was not able to provide a blog last week as I had a family bereavement & some personal health problems to deal with. Mistress has done what she can during this difficult time but ultimately I needed to find my own peace with it in my own way. By Monday of this week I felt like I was ready to return to the fetish world. In fact Mistress kindly allowed me a little more time to come to terms with all that had happened and it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that she asked me during the afternoon if all was still ‘dangling free’. She was of course asking whether or not I had locked myself back into chastity following a trip abroad the previous week. The truth was that I hadn’t locked up again. When I had got back from my trip I had not felt like it. Even once my mind had started to return to its natural submissive state I had not locked up again. It doesn’t feel right to do so without receiving a direct instruction from Mistress. It is after all not for me to decide when I should or should not be locked. I did know however that I needed to be locked. Without some form of tangible control from Mistress I feel a little empty and rather lost.
    I replied to Mistress and told her that I was indeed still dangling free. The next text from Mistress did not surprise me at all. It was ‘well I think the dangling should be replaced by the bon4!’ Mistress normally only makes me wear the bon4 for a few days at a time as it is even heavier and more restrictive than my normal stainless steel device. This made sense as I was due at the HOD on Saturday. I started to walk towards the safe hiding place for such things when I felt a wave of rash bravery washed over me. I decided to refuse to do as I was told! Why would I even think about doing such a thing? I guess that I felt the need to feel mistresses power. I wanted to know that she could make me do whatever she wanted, and that I had no choice.
    I sent her the following text ‘Just occasionally I think it would be fun to say ‘No Mistress’. Yes I know this is not the outright defiance that my words a moment ago suggested. That is because I am a coward! But yet I still doubted my sanity. I watched the text page on my IPhone to see when Mistress read my text. 3 minutes later it showed that she had indeed read it. And my mind went into a small panic. What had I done?! I hadn’t actually said no, but Mistress could interpret it that way if she chose to. I sent another text that said ‘but then I get scared and change my mind’. I watched to see when it was read. But it wasn’t. Gulp! A vision came into my mind. It was of Mistress having put her phone to one side whilst accessing the copious data files that she has on her computer concerning me to gather up whatever she needed to respond to my (mildly) defiant response to being told to lock up. What would she do? At times like this I have agreed with Mistress that I have no limits. I just have to cope with whatever might happen. I thought it was quite possible that she would phone my house (she had done this once before pretending to be from my bank) hoping to scare the life out of me by talking to my wife. Or maybe she would post something innocuous on my social media in order to remind me of her access and power. Or maybe she was on her way to my home to ‘look for her lost cat’. Or maybe she would withdraw any possibility of an orgasm at my forthcoming session. Or maybe she would just torture the hell out of me once I got there. My brain is a terrible place sometimes!
    I went to the cupboard where I keep such things, retrieved the bon4, locked it in place, took a picture and hastily sent it to Mistress with the words ‘and then I cave in before something terrible happens’. Again I watched my phone to check that Mistress had received and read my text but she didn’t. After a few more minutes of phone watching and worrying I realised it was time to take the dog out for a walk. I did so reluctantly as I was still fearful of repercussions. It was a quick walk for the dog (she wasn’t pleased) and 30 minutes later I walked back into the house and removed my boots. As I did so my wife said to me in passing ‘a lady from PlusNet called and wanted to talk to you about our internet package’. Alarm bells rang loudly in my head. I asked if this lady had left a number, but apparently not. As soon as I was alone I dialled 1471 expecting to either get a number withheld response or the number of my Mistress. I actually got a 0114 (Sheffield) number instead. The call had been genuine after all.
    Some minutes later I got a text from Mistress that just said ‘lol, back in your place’. This was her response to my texts and my ‘lock up’ picture. I had proved once again that my mind is my biggest weakness and my worst enemy!
    Later that evening Mistress posted several things on Twitter. She has been absent from it during a period of illness and so I was really pleased to see her return. I hoped it indicated a start of a return to good health. One tweet grabbed my attention in particular. Mistress had tweeted about a lovely silk dressing gown that she would like. Now I do enjoy buying pretty things for my Mistress. In particular I like to buy pretty things that are personal and for her. I have been known to be slightly shallower sometimes and buy Mistress lingerie that I would like her to wear at a session, but I prefer it when the gift is less selfish. I looked at the price of the silk gown and hesitated. It was more than £100. I wondered if I should actually be saving my pennies already for the moment that Mistress takes her 2018 fee from me. But December seems such a long way off and so I threw caution to the wind and bought the gown for Mistress instead. And it made me very horny having done so. I wanted to text Mistress and ask if, as a reward, I could remove the device and provide myself an orgasm. But that would be ridiculous. I had only been wearing it for a couple of hours! And I had a session on the Saturday. And I knew that Mistress would think that I was just trying to get her to deny me with a ‘no’. It would have appeared blatantly manipulative on my part and so I just basked in the knowledge that I had made Mistress happy and went to bed feeling a lot better about myself.
    This next section will have to be rather to the point. Having a session on a Saturday does not allow much writing time before blog submission is required on a Sunday! Please excuse its brevity therefore.
    Saturday morning arrived and I sent my morning text to Mistress. At that time there was no indication of the challenges that would face me later in the day. By 10.35am I found myself naked (apart from the Bon4 weighing heavily on my privates) and kneeling on the floor of the HOD dungeon. Mistress had come down stairs and was stood in front of me. There were no stockings and suspenders or soft lacy bras today. Instead I looked up to find Mistresses firm shapely body shimmering in black shiny latex; she had fishnet tights on leading down those slim legs to black high heeled shoes. She looked magnificent! She looked down on me briefly before walking behind me and tying my slave collar in place. ‘Step into the cage’ was her instruction. I did as I was told and Mistress locked the cage door shut before making me place my hands through the bars and strapping and padlocked a leather bondage mitt onto each of them. She linked them together and walked away confident in the knowledge that there was no escape for me now. I was left in silence. The arousal that I had felt when Mistress was with me eventually evaporated and I was left alone with my thoughts for a while.
    A little while later Mistress returned and gathered up the phone, key safe and the Uberkinky device that I normally wear long term. She stood behind the whipping bench and pushed it to the middle of the room. This didn’t bode well at all. Mistress didn’t say a word but just went back into the lounge shutting the door behind her. It was at this point that I started to fret a little! Mistress has been very kind during what has been a difficult time for me and has allowed me free access to the fetish internet. During much of this time I have not actually been that interested in it, but just occasionally it proved a welcome relief to be able to trawl through Twitter and all sorts of fun internet sites. Now though I was beginning to worry about what Mistress would find on my phone. Thinking about it as I write this I realise that there wouldn’t be any surprises for her. For instance if she looked at the hash tags most often searched against in Twitter she would have found:
    #TPE (that I only recently discovered stands for Total Power Exchange)
    No surprises to be had there then!
    The other thing that worried me (and made me very hot at the same time) was the fact that I suddenly realised that I had a ‘notes’ page on my phone onto which I had written all of my vanilla social media and email passwords. I thought it would be useful whilst I was abroad. I imagined Mistress copying them to her own files in order to increase her leverage even further. It sent a shiver of fear down my spine that she could post on my social media sites if I stepped out of line. But in my TPE world it also made me as horny as hell. The silence was unnerving.
    A few more minutes went by before Mistress came into the dungeon again. She stood in front of the cage and for the first time touched my naked body. Briefly she ran her fingers up and down my chest. She smiled as she gently tweaked my nipples, looked me in the eyes and said ‘today Taquin I am probably going to make you cry’. – And do you know what? I really didn’t mind. It was such a powerful & dominating thing for her to say. I thought about protesting or asking for mercy but my heart wouldn’t have been in it. I need Mistress to stimulate my emotions. She makes me feel alive.
    Mistress left the dungeon once more and I found that all vanilla thoughts had left my mind. Instead I realised my situation for what it truly was. I was held captive by a beautiful, powerful woman who could do whatever she wanted to me. I had no control of the situation whatsoever. Mistresses property was fighting with its cage and dribbling more than it had done for a long time.
    A few minutes later Mistress returned, and I knew that the session was about to start. She told me that today was going to be my first ever ‘punishment session’. Now I have to say that at that point I did think to myself that I had had punishment sessions before. Sitting here uncomfortably on a sore bum writing this at 5am on a Sunday morning I can confirm that what I had in the past was a ‘mild telling off’. Yesterday was indeed my first ever (with Miss Deelight or anyone else for that matter) ‘punishment session’. Mistress explained to me precisely what was about to happen and how she was going to help me get through it. She also explained that if I did successfully cope with it she would remove my chastity device and provide me with an orgasm. That was one thing that I desperately needed at that point!
    Mistress released me from the cage and directed me to the space under the stairs where many of the tools of her trade are stored. I was to choose two implements and Mistress would choose 4 more. (She had explained to me that my punishment session would consist of 12 strokes each from 6 different implements). I reasoned in my mind that I should choose implements that were short and provided her with less leverage. I therefore chose the short wooden paddle with the ‘batman’ motif on it and a short-handled implement with multiple soft rubber strands. Mistress on the other hand took the opposite approach and chose long implements with plenty of leverage. I was later to discover the difference between big, wide bodied bats that ‘pounded’ my backside with weight and force and the thin but light cane that stung like nothing had ever before.
    Moments later I found myself strapped to the bench with Mistress telling me all about breathing through the pain, the chemicals that would be released through my body and how she was going to help me through the next 45 minutes to an hour of punishment. Mistress explained that she would prepare me and warm me up with a hand spanking before commencing the punishment. And so she did. And it was at this point that I started yelping! I did think to myself that if this was the warm up I was in deep trouble. I was right. After the ‘warm up’ Mistress started on the first implement. It was my rubber stranded whip and as short as it was Mistress still managed to get enough purchase on it for it to hurt like hell. After each stroke I was to state how many strokes of that set I had had and to thank Mistress. And so I did. And this is how the session progressed. Each set of strokes getting progressively harder (or maybe my bum was getting progressively more sore) and with me counting and thanking Mistress for what she was doing to me. Several times Mistress demanded that I repeat my slave mantra to her. This made it even more difficult to remember which stroke of a set we were on, but I maintained focus. And all the way through Mistress coached me on coping techniques; she encouraged me and supported me and she used her hands to sooth away the pain between sets. After the third device and therefore 36 strokes I thanked Mistress for looking after me. That’s how it felt. She was doing something to me that was in my own best interest but caring for me and helping me get through it.
    After the fourth implement my body started to shake and I felt a warm flush spread through me. Mistress told me that I had entered Sub Space as she went to work with number 5 (a large wide bat). I am still not sure if it was sub space or shock! It all finished with, what is for me the most fearful implement of all, the cane.
    And then it was over. Mistress released me from the bench and allowed me to sit up. I was shaking and dizzy. Mistress allowed me to come to my senses whilst congratulating me for what I had achieved. I felt triumphant in my success but decidedly shaky as I made my way upstairs for my reward. Mistress told me to sit on the side of the bed and fed me sweet chewy sweets until I had properly regained my senses. Once she knew I was ready she made me lie down, secured my wrists to the bed head, removed the device and provided me with a lovely orgasm. I showered, dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress told me to put my uberkinky device on and secured it shut with a padlock before providing me with a much-needed sweet cup of tea and allowed me to chat with her for a few minutes to allow me to come down from the whole experience.
    I feel I have rather rushed through the telling of the tale. But I need to spend just a little while explaining how I felt after the session and now as I write this. As always this helps me to reconcile my experiences and emotions.
    After the session I got back into my car drove a little way and then parked to eat a sandwich, bought on my way to the HOD, and to check to see what had been posted on Twitter. I saw the Tweet from Mistress posted when I was already caged in the HOD. It said…
    ‘I’m in the mood for punishment but I doubt slave Taquin is. He hates it. Who cares? Not me!’
    Despite the fact that I had been allowed a lovely orgasm only a few minutes earlier I felt things coming back to life in the chastity cage.
    And so this is how I feel about what happened yesterday. I still don’t like pain. I might have reached ‘sub space’ but I didn’t feel any euphoria in that moment. I will forever be a wimp! It was however a wonderful session. There were many things that I loved about it. I loved the fact that Mistress was so assertive. She wasn’t at all aggressive. She was just strict and matter of fact and so totally in control. I loved the fact that she sent me away from the session locked. I loved the fact that Mistress did what she wanted to do. (It is important to me that she gets some pleasure from my submission to her). I think most of all I loved the fact that Mistress continues to make her own decisions about what is right for me. Yesterday proved to me that I need a Mistress who is just as capable of providing me ‘softer pleasures’ as she is to make me do things or to endure things that I would, given a choice, put on my hard limits list. In doing so she ensures that I never feel safe and that I properly understand who is really in control. It will therefore go down as one of my best sessions ever.
    I can confirm that after the session I did feel relaxed and happy. Mistress was very kind and more than once sent me texts to ensure that I had not ‘come down with a bump’. My vanilla worries had been pushed to the back of my mind and had thankfully been replaced by thoughts of a Mistress who controls and cares for me. Sitting here this morning I know that my Mistress owns me.


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – The Controller Coaster Strikes Back!

    Slave Taquin found himself on the deep decent part of my controller coaster this week, when he realised that everything he had wished for, was not as rosy as it once seemed.  I always lead the way but ultimately, some slaves  (like children) have to learn the hard way; Taquin being one of those slaves.  Luckily for him, he has a wonderful and skilled Mistress to control the ride…upwards to great heights.

    sexy legs stockings heels

    The week had started so well. Following my text exchange with Mistress on the Saturday night during which she had made me confess to my sins (time on Fetlife had proved to be my downfall this time) and sent me to bed with my tail well and truly between my legs. I had slept fitfully that night and woke to find myself with swollen and aching balls that acted as a reminder of the device containing Mistresses property. I had written my blog and done what I always do, waited for Mistress to read it and respond in some way. Sometimes this can be within 10 minutes and sometimes it will be much later in the day. Occasionally Mistress is so busy that she is unable to read it until later in the week. This was going to prove to be one of those weeks. As the day progressed vanilla life took over and I got on with the tasks that needed doing. I still checked my phone regularly hoping to hear from Mistress, but that was pretty unreasonable as it was Sunday.

    Monday was quiet as was Tuesday. At one point on Tuesday Mistress had asked how here property was. I had replied that it was comfortable and pretty relaxed. As a result of just this one simple question things stirred down below but then it became clear that Mistress was just checking that I wasn’t doing myself any damage in the device. I heard nothing else from her, and everything relaxed again.

    And then on Wednesday I descended into a deep depression! I am still not sure why really. It had started really well as Mistress had been kind enough to send me a picture of her in stockings. Oh how I love stockings! But then all went quiet again (apart from a comical exchange between us as I tried to learn the ins and outs of texting with IOS 10).

    I had found myself reflecting on how things used to be and then about my current situation and about how things were going to be from now on. I remembered the adultwork tasks, the fetlife tasks, being made to research things that would just lead to my deeper control, the fun of not knowing what comes next, the not knowing what Mistress would or would not allow me that day, the spontaneity of it all. But then I considered where I was now. I concluded that I had, largely through my own desire for absolute control by Mistress, reached a position where I was now going to find myself isolated and inactive from a fetish perspective for 6 days a week. I pictured a world where the excitement and spontaneity had been removed. I pictured a world where with the exception of a morning text exchange with Mistress that most of my week would be vanilla. I had now found myself (since knowing that I would be allowed access for only one day a week) not even bothering to request access to anything internet related. Previously Mistress would force me to request access and just occasionally she would be kind enough to allow it. She had even used it as a reward mechanism to promote my good behaviour (it had got me very hot under the collar when she had proudly pronounced that she was grooming me). How she had teased me through this simple approach. In addition to this my phone had been playing up. Even when Mistress had been kind enough to send me pictures most of the time my phone had refused to display them, and I now didn’t even know if Mistress was reading my texts, and Mistress hadn’t told me yet if she had read or approved of my blog and, and, and, I felt isolated and depressed.

    (This is all total rubbish of course, you will know that it was only a week ago when I was declaring how desperately horny that Mistress had made me through her degree of control that she was exerting on my fetish world!!! The other thing that is rubbish is my vision of what the future holds for me. I know that it is purely a function of my own paranoia – but this is what Mistress is capable of creating in my weak slave mind).

    I hate telling Mistress when I am feeling down; particularly if it in any way suggests that I am not enjoying myself. It seems so ungrateful. But I have always been honest with Mistress about my feelings and emotions, up or down. I composed two emails and deleted both. I composed two texts and deleted both of them as well. Finally I composed yet another text and then spent 15 minutes with my finger hovering over the send button, before finally touching it.

    Mistress and I exchanged several texts on the subject. They ranged between probing, dismissing, cajoling, reminding me of my position and finally one that ended ‘and so STFU’. (I thought I was going to have to Google that one but then it came to me!). What I love about Mistress in these situations is that she never shows weakness or sympathy. She will demand to know what is troubling me and give me the opportunity to communicate my feelings but will always remain totally in control of the situation. She listens well and understands, but ultimately everything that I reveal in such moments is filed away to allow her to maintain and increase her control further.

    And then my vanilla world closed in on me for a couple of days. Mistress kindly gave me the space that I needed whilst gradually pulling me out of my depression. Of course she did it in the ways that only a Mistress who knows me so well would do. I have finished the week feeling relieved that I have been honest with Mistress. I still don’t know what the future really holds for me. Only Mistress Deelight knows that. Thank goodness she knows what I actually need rather than what I might think that I want.