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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Full Weight Surprise with @mistressreal !

    My long term devoted slaves are so lucky to have me in their lives.  I know them inside out and I know exactly how to get to them. However, I can’t always fulfil their fantasies directly but that doesn’t mean I wont fulfil them! Many of my slaves come to me because they can’t get what they crave and desire at home.  Often it is the case that their wives and partners would be freaked out if they knew the true scale of deviance in the minds of their husbands and boyfriends. And they’d 100% be jealous and unaccepting if they discovered that said partners were visiting me.  Fortunately for my slaves, I am not a jealous Mistress! It is only right that my slaves worship and adore me because I will go that extra mile for them, which includes bringing in the assistance of my amazing Mistress friend, when there is something I am unable to provide myself.

    Slave Taquin has always been a fan of breath play and face sitting and has expressed his desire to be pushed to the limits using a combination of both activities.  I have tried and failed to do this to this slave on a number of occasions because my bottom isn’t the right shape and size to do this to the full extent and Slave Taquin’s face doesn’t fit in it snuggly enough for me to restrict his breathing. So I enlisted the help of a woman who’s ass is famous for taking the breath away from any man; Mistress R’eal.  Slave Taquin had no idea what was coming to him and when he realised what was going on… it was all too much for him to contain himself! *evil laugh*

    Sunday was blog submission day as normal. What was much more important however was that it was only 24 hours to go until my final session of the year. Mistress had been winding me up about this session like never before. I could feel her excitement at whatever it was that she had planned for me growing as each day had gone by. If she had set out to mindfuck me it was certainly working! I love my sessions at the HOD. What I really mean by that is that I love time spent with Mistress. Whatever she decides to do to me, whether that is tormenting, painful, teasing, uncomfortable or pleasurable it is wonderfully personal and intimate. It is always special. But that doesn’t prevent me from becoming very apprehensive about what might happen. This week was no different.

    The only disappointment about the day of my session was that I had been unable to go ahead with the planned wrestling session with Princess. It was a great shame as I had been looking forward to it very much. I am hoping that Mistress might allow me to try again sometime in the New Year.

    I arrived at the HOD and was told to enter the lounge. Mistress was dressed in black leggings and a very sexy black bra. Her expression and stance was powerful and commanding. Mistress told me to show her what I had in my bag. I gave her my key safe, normal chastity device (I was currently locked in the Bon4), mobile phone and a Christmas card containing a Christmas gift for Mistress. She had previously received one gift from me. It was what she had asked for. It was a DVD burner that cost just £25. I didn’t think that that was sufficient to thank her for all that she does for me and so today was an opportunity to rectify that. Mistress put all of the items to one side to deal with later and ordered me upstairs to get undressed and then to go to the bedroom.

    I removed all of my clothes and was naked with the exception of the Chastity device firmly locked around Mistresses property. Mistress entered the bedroom and I detected a sparkle in her eyes. It is a sparkle that I love to see although I never know what it means for me (the last time I had seen her so happy with anticipation was the occasion when she had led me to the whipping bench to inflict a good thrashing!). What it does say to me is that Mistress is going to enjoy herself, and that makes me happy. I was told to sit on the side of the bed. Mistress put Lady Gaga on the Bose sound dock and started to dance enticingly in front of me as she unwound the bandage material that I knew was about to be used to block my vision. Mistress wrapped the bandage around my head until only darkness existed; she buckled the leather bondage mitts on my hands and told me to lie on my back on the bed as she chained my hands down to the sides and my ankles to bottom of it. And there I lay for the next 40 minutes or so listening to Lady Gaga and hoping desperately to hear the sound of Mistress coming back up the stairs. She had called up a couple of times to make sure that I was ok before eventually I heard the sound of her footsteps approaching. She spoke briefly as she entered the room and I twitched and moaned involuntarily as she ran her fingers so gently up and down the inside of my thigh and then oh so briefly across my balls. ‘You are sensitive today slave’ was all she said. I told her that I was absolutely desperate for her touch. I detected a warmth in her voice as she left the room saying ‘ don’t worry pet I will be back shortly’. I was so excited! It seemed to me that Mistress had acknowledged my plight and was going to be kind to me today. I just wanted to melt into that moment.

    Approximately ten minutes passed before I heard the sound of Mistress coming up the stairs once more. I heard the door open and in my blindfolded darkness heard Mistress ask if I was OK. I told her that I was now that she had come into the room. I felt Mistress place one knee alongside my shoulder as she started to climb onto the bed. Her other knee skimmed my chest as she straddled me. I felt her hands press down on my legs just above my knees, and realised that she must be facing down the bed. How wonderful. She leaned forward increasing the pressure downwards on her hands as I sensed her manoeuvring her hips up over my face. And then she sat down right on top of my nose and mouth. I realised that I could not breathe. Mistress has done this to me previously, and it is a sensation I enjoy, but she has never managed to completely prevent me from breathing. I always put it down to her beautifully pert backside! But today was different. I realised that she must be wearing something different today to form a better seal. This all sounds very rational, but it wasn’t really. I was struggling for air as Mistress waited for me to attempt to wriggle free, allowed me a snatched breath, and then sat back down again. I was intensely aroused and yet increasingly confused. I knew that something was different today but in my horny oxygen starved confusion I could not work out what was happening to me. Next came one of the singularly most exciting moments in my long slave life. I felt another pair of hands take hold of, and start to remove the chastity device! And instantly I recognised the touch of Mistress Deelight. And instantly I understood what was happening. I was under the control of two gorgeous dommes and the person so completely preventing me from breathing could only be Mistress R’eal. I should say at this point that I have never had the pleasure of sessioning with Mistress R’eal previously and most certainly hadn’t expected her to be teaming up with Miss Deelight today. I just managed to say ‘hello Mistress R’eal’ and to hear her reply ‘hello slave Taquin’ before she sat back down again and as Mistress Deelight started to stimulate the end of her property. It is impossible for me to express the tidal wave of excitement that hit me at that moment. I have always fantasised about being dominated by two powerful women, particularly if it was orchestrated by Miss Deelight. I have often fantasised about the total forced submission that is the result breath control and I constantly fantasise about the wonderful touch that only Miss Deelight can provide. All of these things came together in one moment of exquisite pleasure and I felt myself almost on the edge of orgasm. Mistress R’eal lifted herself briefly and allowed me to gasp a breath and then sat back down. As time had gone on she was progressively preventing my breathing for longer and longer. There are few things more exciting than the desperate need to take a breath being met by a Mistress who will make her own decisions about when she will allow you a brief gasp. I fought for breath but was powerless to resist. Mistress R’eal pushed down still harder; she was going to take me further this time. Miss Deelight started to work on the end of her property once again. And it was all too much for me. I wanted to tell her that I was about to cum but Mistress R’eal made that impossible. I felt it build and build, but could do nothing. Mistress R’eal lifted herself off my face, I took a huge gasp of air and said that I was about to cum. Miss Deelight removed her hand and told me not to. I tried to hold on but it was too late. It started to pump, and the Mistresses laughed and laughed. I had broken the golden rule of cumming without permission and had suffered the inevitable punishment of a ruin. And yes it hurt, but today it really didn’t matter.

    Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal chatted between themselves and decided that they were going to go downstairs for 10 minutes for a quick break and would then return again. I lay on the bed alone once again and still constrained by the cuffs and chains and still blindfolded. My head was spinning from what had just happened. I knew what had just happened but didn’t understand how or why. The presence of Mistress R’eal had come as a wonderful surprise but a total shock. Whilst my mind spun my body had relaxed. As far as it was concerned it had had the orgasm that had been building up for the last 4 weeks regardless of it being a ruin. But my mind knew that a full on orgasm provided by Miss Deelight’s wonderful hands would be a spectacular experience and so I was thrilled to hear the sound of two wonderful dommes chatting happily as they came back up the stairs. I felt once again the sensation of Mistress R’eal straddling my chest before working herself up the bed to lower herself onto my face and prevent any chance of air entering my lungs unless she chose to allow it. I also felt the wonderful sensation of Miss Deelight getting onto the bed and sitting on my thighs in order that she could go to work on her property with a vibrator. It was of course slave heaven, but whether it was my body stating that one orgasm was all that it was capable of providing within a relatively short period of time, or my mind feeling some pressure to perform, the required erection never materialised. It was a shame after all of the trouble that had been gone to on my behalf but incredibly enjoyable and so memorable nonetheless. After a few more minutes the session was over. Mistress R’eal left the room and Miss Deelight released me from the cuffs and chains, told me to sit on the side of the bed and started to unwrap the blindfold from my head. As she did so she told me that today had been her Christmas present to me and that she had split the session fee with Mistress R’eal in order to make it happen. Mistress went on to tell me something that I know to be true from my own experience of her. She told me that she is not a jealous Mistress and that she knows that she can’t always give me just what I wanted. She did have a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face as she said it. In actual fact Mistress knows that she can exceed any expectations that I might ever have but there was some truth in it as well. Her actions today were totally selfless. (And it is an approach that most men can only dream of their wives or partners practicing on their behalf’s!) Mistress has reduced me to tears before through fear and pain but never before through kindness. Today as I muttered some totally inadequate words to try to express my gratitude I did feel a little tearful. And, as if what had just happened to me wasn’t enough, Mistress revealed one further kindness to me. She told me that she was going to allow me to go home today unlocked. That evening I was to go to bed, and with the thoughts of today’s session still fresh in my mind, I was to provide myself an orgasm. I would be allowed to sleep without a device on for the first time in many months before locking myself up again the following morning.

    And so I drove home just repeating the word Wow over and over. Wow for the whole experience, Wow for the moment when I felt the hands of my Mistress removing the device whilst her friend took my breath away (quite literally) but mostly Wow for the thoughtfulness of my Mistress. What an extraordinary thing to do for her slave. I did as I was instructed at bedtime and enjoyed an orgasm with the day’s events still swirling around in my mind.

    Despite this I still found myself woken in the early hours by an erection that just refused to go away! I think Mistresses property was making the most of its freedom. Once back in my workshop that morning I carried out my final instruction from the day before and locked myself back into the chastity device with the steel padlock provided by Mistress. (She had sent me home the day before with the emergency key locked away in the code controlled key safe as normal). Mistress told me that I was a ‘good boy’ when she saw the picture proving that I was locked once again. I enjoyed the moment and then tried to get on with my days work. My phone pinged and I could see that Mistress had sent me a video via WhatsApp. I eagerly clicked on the link and waited impatiently whilst it downloaded. After a couple of minutes the video started to play. I watched enthralled as a video of yours truly appeared on my screen. There I was strapped to the bed blindfolded and oblivious to what was about to happen. A couple of moment later Mistress R’eal came into shot and climbed up onto my chest. Mistress had, unbeknown to me, filmed those wonderful first few minutes of total mindfuck of this simple slave. Mistress R’eal looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I watched it over and over again and became intensely horny. It normally takes a couple of days for such energy to return down below but not today!

    My phone pinged once again and this time it was a text from my vanilla lady friend wanting to know how my session had gone. We agreed a time to talk over the phone and later that morning we spoke. After a bit of time catching up about normal life I could tell that she could hardly contain herself any longer. ‘And so how was your special surprise?’ she asked. WTF! Did she know already? After a couple of minutes I realised that not only did she know what had happened, but more to the point she had known before it actually happened. It seems that my lovely vanilla friend and Mistress had been communicating in advance of my session. I am still not sure why this gets to me but it does. It feels like I am just being used as a plaything for the entertainment of two gorgeous, powerful women. What a lucky slave I am! She wanted to know everything. What exactly had happened, when I had realised what was going on, how it made me feel, everything. I explained as best I could and we laughed and marvelled at the ingenuity of Mistress. The one thing I didn’t say was that there was a video. As far as I am concerned if Mistress ever sends me a video it is a special gift for me alone. I knew that if I had mentioned it my vanilla friend would have wanted to see it and I would have had to explain that I could not pass it on without permission.

    And so when we finished our call I sent a text to Mistress. I explained my phone conversation with my vanilla friend and told her that I hadn’t divulged the existence of the video, but that I would like permission to send it to her. Mistress responded. ‘Lol. Oh she does! I sent it to her straight away.’ My friend had had the video all along, and not told me! I thought that this was very funny and rather hot.

    Mistress allowed me time to reflect for most of the rest of the week. We chatted quite a lot via text but on quite vanilla stuff. The thing that has come to the front of my mind this week is that it is not a contradiction for a Femdom Mistress to show kindness. Whilst some slaves might thrive on pain and suffering others like me need more of a nurturing Mistress (I too need to suffer for Mistress, but often in other ways). The risk is that I occasionally forget the fact that I am a slave and powerless in this relationship. But it doesn’t take much to remind me of my place. As I type these final words to you this week Mistress has just sent me a text to tell me that my Twitter access has been revoked. I have looked at my phone to find that Mistress has removed Twitter, safari and many other apps. Mistress has exerted her control once again.

  • Mousey, Speedy and a Double Domme Surprise!

    My very good friend Mistress R’eal and I were discussing our most devoted pets one day when we came up with the genius idea of giving them both a surprise double Domme session.  We arranged the date with our slaves as if each respective slave was coming to see their Mistress for a normal session.  We cleverly devised a cunning plan to ensure that neither slave would know the other was there nor would either slave be aware that another Mistress was there until just the right moment. Each stage of our plan was masterfully delivered with skill because both myself and Mistress R’eal know our slaves so well and also work in great harmony together.  The day could not have gone any better!  I instructed Mousey to write a full account of the session from his point of view……..


    Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal an evil genius duo.

    My latest visit to the HOD brought about a session that I most certainly never expected and I am most grateful to Mistress for all the planning that went into it. I would also like to add that I may have missed some things out due to the intense nature of the session.

    I arrive at my allotted time to be met by Mistress just the other side of the door looking fabulous in her lovely Pandora deluxe latex outfit, holding a cane and a manner that said she wasn’t in the mood for chit chat. This immediately turned me into my usual bumbling self as Mistress instructed me to strip and I almost fell over trying to get my shoes off. Once I had safely managed to present myself naked to Mistress and inform her of what I had brought with me, Mistress immediately informed me crawl up the stairs behind her making a squeaking noise (which sounded more like a pig than a mouse) and this caused Mistress to pause turn around and ask “What the fuck was that?” Once I got my squeaking right I continued to crawl up the stairs and into the bathroom. Mistress had today already removed the bathmat so I could enjoy the chilly floor of the bathroom and today provided me with some very nice classical music to listen to whilst chained to the toilet. As Mistress was fitting the mitts to my hands I realised that I had not complimented her on how delightfully shiny she looked today. Mistress responded with “Compliments won’t save you today mousey” and once finished with the mitts began fitting the bandage that forms a very effective blindfold. I quipped that Mistress didn’t look very shiny now. Mistress went to great lengths to ensure that I was completely blinded and could not see anything, she then helped me onto the floor and attached my wrists to the chain around the toilet. Mistress before leaving said that she wanted me in a very good headspace and relaxed before the session that she had planned whilst grinding her boot into my cock. This took me back to my message earlier in the day that Mistress had sent saying “boy oh boy have I got a session planned for you”. Mistress closed and locked the bathroom door and turned up the music a little more and there I lay for some time enjoying the music. A little while later the door opened and Mistress walked in and proceeded to crop my nipples and balls. Because I couldn’t see anything it seemed much harder than normal but I guessed that was how today was going to be. A short while later Mistress returned and fitted a bit gag in my mouth and then started to dig the heels of her boots into me, again seeming harder than she had ever done before and once again left. I was left to enjoy the music once again (which now seemed louder) and the garage across the road trying to get something to move on a car with a very big hammer.

    20161104_124000038_ios 20161104_124011869_ios 20161104_124035131_ios

    When Mistress returned the next time, she removed my blindfold and because it was so effective it took me a while to readjust my eyes and when they did I had a massive shock for stood in the landing was a very stern looking Mistress R’eal and attached to the bannister was a slightly worried looking slave speedy. As I didn’t get my mouth and brain in gear my gagged mouth let out “oh shit”. I had heard nothing as to what was going on. Mistress then came back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet above me removed the gag and explained that Mistress R’eal had been there all along and that it was Mistress R’eal that had gagged me, ground her heels into me and cropped my balls. (This explains the different feeling). I was shaking inside as Mistress explained all this and it also emerged that speedy had no idea that Miss Deelight or me were going to be at his session and it was Mistress that had tied him to the bannister not Mistress R’eal. Apparently both Mistress’s had been planning this for weeks and because neither myself or speedy had recognised that it wasn’t our relevant Mistress’s doing things to us we were going to be punished. Both Mistress’s pointed out that we had better not let either of them down, there would be no talking without permission and with that left us attached to consider our fates. Once downstairs all I could hear was the sound of both Mistress’s laughing at the success of their cunning plan. Both me and speedy remained very tight lipped not wanting to add further to what was about to come our way. All I could do was lie there and shake in fear thinking “Oh fuck”.

    When both Mistress’s had composed themselves the inevitable sound of determined heels returned up the stairs where we were both released from our bonds and both instructed to wait on our hands and knees in the bathroom as our punishment was explained to us. This was quite simple one slave would choose an implement and an amount that the other slave was going to receive and vice versa. To avoid any slave comradery the Mistress would give the choosing slave the choice of implement and the number of strokes. We were both then instructed to crawl down the stairs backwards pausing for photos and then kneel in front of the whipping bench.


    Too choose who went first it was heads or tails. (I chose Heads and lost) Speedy was then placed in the cage and I had to kneel in front of him and look each other in the eye whilst he chose between a nasty looking double strand whip, a cane or a wooden paddle. I looked up at speedy in a pleading way and he chose the cane for me (a few months ago the thought of taking the cane cold would have scared me but now I was very happy with his choice. Well done Speedy). Then it was a choice of strikes either 6,12 or 18. This would be administered by both Mistress’s so in effect 12,24 or 36. Speedy chose 12 which was kind. So, over the bench for Mistress to administer the first set and I had to thank speedy for each one. I struggled with the first 4 but after that I got my head around it and the 12 were duly delivered.

    20161104_125738840_iosThen came the hard bit the next set delivered by Mistress R’eal (I don’t want to take anything away from Mistress but Mistress R’eal wielding a cane scares me) First blow and this time I had to count back from 12 and thank speedy. The 12 were duly delivered and fortunately I didn’t lose count.

    It was then my turn to stand in the cage and chose for speedy. Mistress R’eal didn’t give me as much of a choice it was either the Senior Dragon cane or a thin stingy cane (I feel very lucky Mistress didn’t offer that up for me), I chose the Senior Dragon. Then the choice was either 18 or 24 so I chose the least I could 18 and then stood back and watched as each Mistress metered out speedy’s allocation, it was also interesting to watch the different techniques used by both Mistress’s and explains why the sensation on the bum feels different.

    20161104_131039026_ios 20161104_131046473_ios-editOnce it was over I was released from the cage and speedy was released from the bench and we were both instructed to kneel to hear our next activity. I would also like to mention that throughout the time I was constantly told off for having a smile or smirk on my face, this was more nervous hysteria than disrespect and I just want to laugh at the hopeless situation I am in. No matter how much the pain is or how horrible the humiliation I just want to laugh as this is my way of dealing with it. This can however look like I am making light of the situation but I am not.


    Our next challenge was a nipple clamp tug of war. Both of our hands were tied behind our backs and our respective Mistress’s attached nipple clamps crisscrossed between our nipples. We were then told to tension them for a picture and then instructed to walk sideways into the other room do a 360 degree turn and then walk back for the final tug. Luckily for me Mistress attached them to my nipples and not behind them and once the tug happened whilst not exactly without pain they do slide off much easier leaving speedy with them still attached to his nipples.


    The next challenge which is boot licking, the only boot licking I have done is mud off of Mistress’s boots in a wet muddy field nearly two years ago. Mistress R’eal had just won an award for one of her boot licking films and speedy was the boot licker. I get off to a bad start because I am kissing not licking but to be fair this is only the second time I’ve licked Mistress’s boots and I’m already very nervous and probably do a rubbish job and as Mistress said at the time she doesn’t want me and my germs that near to her. We then swap Mistress’s and of course speedy does the best job and to be fair boot licking isn’t really my thing (being kicked in the balls and trampled by then is).20161104_133554636_ios

    Both Mistress decide that both our bums are not red enough and decide to now give us a paddling so with speedy on the cross and me on the bench aided by some music playing at a fast beat we both get 6 each in quick succession and then the Mistress’s swap over. I have no idea how many sets there were but each set hurt and there was no let up until the song finished. It was a long 3 or 4 minutes that’s for sure and nothing gentle about it. Once it was over we were both instructed to crawl back upstairs grab a towel each and place them on the bondage bed and kneel waiting either side. 20161104_134700393_ios 20161104_134642850_ios

    It was probably only a few minutes until that thump of boots on the stairs signalled more doom. Speedy was attached at one end of the bed and me the other with us both very close to each other in certain areas. Mistress then produced 2 sets of scissor clamps one set on my balls and one set on speedy’s and joined them with rope. Mistress R’eal thought we weren’t making enough noise until Mistress pointed out that she hadn’t clamped them tight yet. With the inevitable click that immediately got us both squirming both Mistress’s were happy and then Mistress R’eal very kindly lit a candle but not to enhance the mood but to dribble over our (slightly to close to each other) cock and balls. Because we were both coping with it quite well both Mistress’s upped the pain level until we were both squirming around and both Mistress’s thought it would be amusing if we then started calling out each other’s names as if in the throes of passion. With the candle wax dripping, almost none stop it certainly had some effect. I’m not sure if the candle ran out but finally it stopped and both Mistress’s retreated downstairs and left us to ‘enjoy’ being so close to each other.

    20161104_135118280_ios 20161104_135049130_ios

    When both Mistress’s returned a little while later dressed in normal clothes and announced we were going out I had a bit of a panic. We were released from the bed and instructed to get dressed. I needed the toilet and Mistress told me to be quick or hold it in. Try as I might the nerves prevented me from going and I had a bit of a panic about what was coming next and didn’t want to leave the bathroom. Mistress shouting up the stairs to get on with it made me give up and go downstairs. Mistress then produced 3 cable ties, put one around speedy’s right wrist and one around my left wrist and then joined them both together.

    20161104_140838790_ios We were then informed we were going for a walk and told to head out the door and head in the same direction I had trodden only weeks before. Luckily it was a Friday and it was much quieter today. When we caught up with both Mistress’s who had taken a shorter route speedy and I were told to hold hands and walk down the road. I find it amazing that we walked past quite a few people and no one gave us a second look. We just kept on walking and heard a whistle and looked around to be beckoned back, we turn around still holding hands and then I decide it would be fun to skip past the Mistress’s holding hands. Speedy however didn’t think this was a good idea but I was off and he had to follow. He of course was proved correct because as we merrily skipped past both Mistress’s, Mistress R’eal pointed out that we seemed to be enjoying it too much. As we walked back to the HOD speedy said “I told you it wasn’t a good idea, don’t give Mistress R’eal any reason to make it harder” too late it was done and we returned safely to the HOD and cut free from our ties. Speedy went off for an orgasm and I got another 12 of the cane from Mistress (It may seem strange but the cane brings me greater enjoyment than an orgasm). It was funny to hear Mistress R’eal telling speedy that whilst he was getting relief I was having more pain and with that I could hear speedy moaning not in pleasure but pain.

    I was then instructed to help tidy up whilst speedy had a shower and then it was great to all have a laugh about the events and how much planning and skulduggery had gone on between both Mistress’s, including hiding Mistress R’eal’s car so I had no idea she was there. Mistress R’eal did warn me that I should be careful about enjoying things too much in her company and to be sure that both Mistress’s will be plotting something much worse if or when there is a next time (GULP).

    I would like as ever to thank Mistress and Mistress R’eal for their planning and execution (pun intended) of the day and going about it with great vigour. I would also like to thank Slave Speedy for enjoying the torment as much as I did.

  • Stress Ball Panty Head – Double Domme Shenanigans

    I have just been browsing through my session photos and came across this fab set of pictures from a double Domme session with my dear friend Mistress R’eal.  What fun we had!





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  • Sissy Ivy – Birthday Double Domme Session

    Sissy Ivy returned for another session at the mercy of myself and Mistress R’eal, for a birthday treat.

    First of all she was dressed up in full sissy, party glamour….

    Then she was allowed to have a birthday suck on our strap ons…

    Before we filled her mouth with both of them, like all sissy sluts should learn to do…

    Finally a birthday treat she will never forget…. her very first spit roasting by the hottest bitches in the business….

    What a lucky old Sissy!!!

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  • Handkerchief Bondage Double Domme Session

    My loyal handkerchief loving kidnap victim visited the House of Deelight recently for a Double Domme session with myself and Mistress R’eal.  I enjoy showing this guy and his odd little fetish off to my friends!

    Kidnapped and bound with bandanas and scarves on arrival…..


    Acquainted with our boots before having his dribbling little pecker secured with a handkerchief…..





    Then mercilessly smothered, tied and teased…..








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  • Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 18 Diary

    Last week was quite possibly the hardest week so far for Slave Taquin as he endured the plight of all plights and he also learned a valuable lesson, that when it comes to suffering, it is every slave for himself.  Genuine slaves know only to unite for the happiness of their Mistress! Because of his suffering last week, I have given him a little bit of a breather in terms of psychological and emotional teasing this week, though all that is about to change.  Well I did say, a LITTLE breather ;)

    Picture 225

    Before I start to recount my story of the week just gone I need to get something off my chest. To all of those slaves or sissies who responded to the question that Mistress posed on twitter ‘will Slave Taquin finally get his orgasm? RT and reply yes or no’ Thanks a bunch!! Apparently the only responses she received were either ‘no’ or ‘yes but ruin’! What ever happened to unity? The band of brothers or sisters? One for all and all for one? 

    The days leading up to my session this week were filled with eager anticipation. This was to be my first ever session with two lovely Mistresses at the same time, and I still had no idea of what fate awaited me. It felt like my cock had been straining in its new smaller cage almost continuously. Mistress had been subtly teasing me in the days before the session. It had been an emotional roller coaster throughout Mistresses absence but at long last the delayed session was going to happen.  I woke early that morning and sent my text confirming that I was ok for the session. I think that the only response that I received was ‘tick tock’. That was until I saw the question that Mistress posed on Twitter. To start with I naively believed that the answers would come flooding in as a yes. But as we now know the only ‘yes’ response received by the end of the day was the one that I submitted! In the end I consoled myself with the belief that Mistress would do what Mistress chose to do and that there was hope for me yet. The effect on me of this exercise was profound! By the time I arrived at the HOD I was a dribbling mess. I have never felt as unbearably horny before a session as I did this week on my way to Newport.

    I arrived at the HOD and entered when told. I was called through to the lounge and was introduced to Mistress Jessy. Mistress Deelight was wearing my favourite red lingerie and Mistress Jessy was looking equally sexy in blue/black lingerie. I thought that it must be my birthday! I took the opportunity to present both Mistresses with some chocolate followed by a bottle of wine for Mistress Jessy and a steak pie made by my own hands to Mistress Deelight! Why a steak pie I hear you ask? I wont bore you with all the details but it was a promise that I made to Mistress several weeks earlier. I was pleased to be able to give it to her as I would never like to break a promise made to anyone, but particularly not to Mistress. I also took the opportunity to give to Mistress Deelight the combination key safe that I was to take home with me once she had locked me up with the new steel padlock.

    I was immediately caught off guard as I was instructed to undress slowly in front of Mistress Jessy. I still find such things uncomfortable. I did as instructed until all I was wearing was the chastity device that secured Mistresses cock. I was then instructed to describe to Mistress Jessy my time as a slave up until this point. I found it difficult to martial my thoughts in such a situation and probably ended up spouting a load of gibberish. Both Mistresses seemed to be enjoying my obvious discomfort. It was at this point that I was ordered to stand in front of Mistress Jessy who was still seated enjoying the spectacle. Mistress Deelight stood behind me and started to secure my wrists and then my arms in a way that was so much tighter than anything I had experienced previously. This was obviously the price I was to pay for escaping my bonds in our last session. It felt wonderful as Mistress bound me ever tighter and more securely whilst Mistress Jessy caressed my balls and body. I have to say she has a wonderful soft and sensual touch. Before I knew it she was stood close to me teasing me into life. My cock at this point still had no chance of a proper erection and started to fight with its cage again. I was lead into the session space and Mistress secured my arms to the confinement cage by the stairs. So secured Mistress Deelight appeared with a set of scissors and took aim at my privates. Thankfully it was to cut the plastic lock from the cage in order that it could be slid off my throbbing cock. Free at last! However I had forgotten that the stainless steel ring behind my balls was still in place. Mistress Deelight took hold of it and forced my balls out through the other side. I yelped in pain and my cock ran for cover. I am such a wimp where pain is concerned! Mistress Deelight then announced that she was going to go and work out how to set the code on the key safe and that Mistress Jessy was to do anything to me that she wished?! She told Mistress Jessy to ensure that my cock was kept hard and that I was to be kept excited at all times. I could see amongst other things a gag and some nipple clamps had been put out for her use. Now I started to worry! Mistress Jessy gagged me and worked on me until I was close to orgasm. She continued to tease me knowing that I was desperate to cum. She seemed to be enjoying the role of being the person to dish out the torments for once. I am glad to report that although the nipple clamps were applied for a time, it was not for too long. I really do hate them!
    Mistress Deelight returned to the room having sorted out the key safe and I was ordered up the stairs. Once upstairs I was tightly pallet wrapped, taped and roped to the bed. It felt wonderful. The only parts of my body now exposed were my face, cock and balls. What followed was sublime. Mistress Jessy was sat on my chest sometimes smothering me with her lovely backside, sometimes with her breasts and sometimes just watching the expressions on my face. Mistress Deelight was sat on my legs working on my cock and balls and driving me into an absolute frenzy. She brought me closer and closer to orgasm without taking me over the edge. This was the sensation that I had longed for for so long. Just a little bit further and I knew that I was going to start to cum. I felt myself hovering on the point of no return and cried out to Mistress. She didn’t stop. I felt the surge inside my cock begin. Mistress removed her hands and laughed as my cock erupted with the result of weeks of pent up desire. Another ruin! I writhed in pain. Mistress declared her satisfaction in providing what she considered to be the perfectly delivered ruin. She fitted my stainless steel chastity device in place and secured it with the steel padlock. She explained clearly to me that I would probably never have another orgasm and sent me to get dressed. I heard Mistress Jessy and Mistress Deelight laughing as I showered. I knew that it was at my expense. I was sent home with a spare key to my device securely locked away in the key safe to which only Mistress Deelight knows the code.

    I emailed Mistress the following day to thank her for the session. I did tell her however that I was sad that it had ended in a ruin again. Her response was unequivocal. She told me that she subjected me to a ruin because:
    1) Because she can
    2) My begging and pleading before the session constitutes ‘topping from the bottom’ which is forbidden
    3) I needed to be reminded that only she would decide when I was to be allowed an orgasm
    4) She wanted to demonstrate to Mistress Jessy the true meaning of the control of a slave
    5) I needed to be reminded of the control that she has over me.

    I have to say that I am finding the transition to being a slave in chastity a difficult one, even though it is what I have chosen. This weeks session has left me feeling rather sorry for myself. The orgasm that I really crave is the one that only Mistress can provide and I know that another opportunity has passed, and that I wont be able to visit the HOD again for some time.

    My feelings following this weeks sessions have troubled me. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a true Dom / Sub relationship. I can not think about it like some of my previous experiences where I have paid for a session safe in the knowledge that I will be tied up and given a good wank with a happy ending! Mistress Deelight is different. She takes absolute control and demands that her slaves accept this without question. I have therefore  responded as I know I must. I will stop begging or pleading even if Mistress drives me nuts. I will continue to do all that I can to be the sort of slave that she would like me to be. I will also be thankful for the fact that Mistress emptied my balls relieving the pressure for just a short while. She could have sent me home with no release whatsoever.

    I will of course ‘grow up’ and get over this weeks disappointment quickly enough. Ultimately I do enjoy being the slave of Mistress Deelight, and the fact that I am wearing a chastity device securely padlocked gives me little choice in the matter! What I can say is that a session with Mistress Deelight and Mistress Jessy will never be forgotten. The combination of the strict and uncompromising control exercised by Mistress Deelight alongside the sensitive and relentless teasing provided by Mistress Jessy is to be highly recommenced. I will keep dreaming of the day when Mistress does give me an orgasm. I just hope that she doesn’t ask her slaves and sissies for their views first!



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  • Living Cigarette Lighter – Every Slave has its Purpose

    There is never a dull moment in my profession, well at least not for myself and my friend Mistress R’eal.  But just when one thinks one’s heard and seen everything, another surprise crops up.  The request this time, was that our slave was to be used as a living cigarette lighter.  Always dee-lighted to entertain new and excruciating methods of torture, how could we resist?  The new accessory at the House of Deelight was teased and seduced into hardness, with myself and Mistress R’eal teasing it with cigarettes, and blowing smoke over its manhood as we discussed the torture that lay ahead.  If slave wants to be used as a cigarette lighter/ashtray, then so be it.  Needless to say, it was a sheer dee-light to watch it suffer as we applied lighter fluid into the folds of its foreskin and flicked the lighter ;)

    foreskin on fire


    Read what our slave had to say about its session and then click the images below to see his suffering and torment!

    This was my second visit to Miss Deelight’s premises, but my first double session with Mistress R’eal, and to say the visit was fantastic would be an understatement.

    After submitting a guidance script some weeks back, the session went far better than I could have ever imagined.

    Both Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal had taken great care to prepare their appearance perfectly, and proceeded to executed the session (sympathetically) in-line with the submitted script.

    The session was based around a smoking fantasy, which was realised in more ways than expected, with both mistresses showing superb creativity, sensuality, and extreme cruelty, all traits that are clearly enjoyed by both.

    To be sensually seduced, teased, tormented and then tortured by these incredibly attractive, sexy and cruel ladies, was simply incredible.  I experienced heights of of immense pleasure, and extreme pain, to the amusement of both mistresses.

    I am already looking forward (with a certain amount of trepidation) to another session with Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal, which (I am assured) will be even more traumatic (and pleasurable) than the last.

    I would certainly recommend both these mistresses, especially if you have a particular fantasy you struggle to get realised.

    First, they actually listen to you, then they use their intuitive and creative skills to intelligently replicate your fantasy.


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  • Naughty Schoolgirl Sissy Danielle

    Naughty schoolgirl Sissy Danielle has been reported for her continuous total disregard for formal school uniform so it was up to Mistress R’eal and Myself to reprimand her for her lewd behaviour and misconduct.  Skirt and blouse too short, make up too heavy, and the stockings are just not acceptable.  Neither is posing at yourself and smoking when Mistresses are out of the room.  Heavy and severe caning was the only way to punish this delinquent little sissy.

    Click images to enlarge.

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  • Double Domme Sessions with TS Mistress Nina

    I am Deelighted to bring this new offering to all my little fuck sluts and cum dumps.  I have teamed up with my stunning TS friend Mistress Nina and am now offering Double Domme Sessions with her at my Newport Chambers.  So if you want to dominated by 2 hot, sexy blondes, one of which has a cock, then a session with us is exactly what you need.  Be prepared to bow down, worship and suffer the ultimate humiliation.  Imagine being spit roasted by my strap-on inside your pathetic little sissy ass, while your mouth sucks hungrily on real cock.

    Check out some of Mistress Nina’s pictures.  If you would like to book a session, click here to complete the application form.  Tribute is £200 per hour for the two of us  (£100 per hour each) and is subject to a £50 advance deposit.




  • From CP to Sissy.

    Slave Johnny visited myself and my very good friend Mistress R’eal for a double domme session and he requested no CP. Johnny has always taken hard CP but now he’s turning into a pussy so we have turned him into a sissy instead!  This was his early transformation.  Another blog post will follow to show his complete transformation into a lady.  On this occasion however, we ignored his requests of no CP due to a huge financial blunder he made (which he has since rectified).  So we delivered a hard fast 15 minute bottom punishment!  Not before we’d written our thoughts about him all over his body and given him some domestic duties to pay for his error!

    Click the pictures to enlarge.

    Find more about our double domme sessions, here.

  • Double Domme Sessions with @MistressReal

    My very sexy and sadistic friend Mistress R’eal and I will be spending the day together on Friday 11th April 2014 from Midday and are opening the office doors for Double Domme sessions.  Another opportunity for you Ashtray’s, Scrubbers, Maids, Sissies, Sluts, Slaves, Masochists, Doggies and worms to visit us for some double trouble fun! Or why not book a double Domme webcam session and have the opportunity to worship two divine Goddesses?  Deposit and Tribute apply.  To apply to serve on this day email missdeelight@outlook.com stating your preferred time, duration and whether you’d like a real time or webcam session.

    sissy slut humiliationcustom-made-smoking-clips (2) custom-made-smoking-clips (12)

    Mistress Deelight and Mistress Real double domme LATEX LOVE 13-04 (13)




  • Waitress Tiffany Taylor

    In order to avoid a jail sentence, Tiffany Taylor has been sent to the R’eal Deelight correction center to be put to work as an elite waitress and service maid at a soiree between Myself, Mistress R’eal and TV Mistress Sophie Luvs.  Dressed in her new outfit, Tiffany learned to serve champagne, hang out laundry as well as receiving intensive training on how to walk, talk and act like a sissy slut.  A correctional spanking was in order to be sure that Tiffany knew what fate awaited her if she didn’t perform to standard.  A celebratory game of spin the bottle ensued; Tiffany had to spin the bottle. Whomever it landed on would then pick a number matching to a task on a list, and Tiffany would then perform the tasks, which included a catwalk show, dancing, cock sucking, strap on fucking, penis pumping, further spanking and a photo-shoot among other things.  Click the images below to view Tiffany’s day as a maid and to see the fun we have when we party.




    Myself and my good friend Mistress R’eal are holding a Christmas party and you slaves, sluts, sissies, losers, and other submissive pets,  are invited!

    For more information email:  missdeelight@outlook.com






     **NOT TO BE MISSED** The stunning Miss Deelight and the Gorgeous Amazonian Tgirl Sophie Luvs together for the first time on cam! Great minds that think alike, great bodies that you will adore and want to worship.  Wannabe sissies, cock suckers, faggots and slaves come and join us from 12:30 until 14:00 on Tuesday 5th November for a show like NO other. 3 credits p/m in group or 4 credits p/m in private.  Free cam2cam and phone chat in private mode.


    strap_on_seduction (6)



    Follow @Sophie_Luvs on Twitter.



  • Tiffany Taylor – Sissy Faggot

    Attention sluts and sissies.  It is time to welcome the latest pupil at Slut School – Tiffany Taylor.

    Today’s teachers are Miss Deelight and Mistress Real.

    With her tiny little cock and oversized body, there is only one thing that Tiffany is good for; abusing and humiliating.

    Lesson One – Dress like a slut!

    tiffanytaylor 003

    Lesson Two – Punishment

    tiffanytaylor 006  tiffanytaylor 005

    Lesson Three – Learn that your cock is smaller than a wine stopper!

    tiffanytaylor 008

    Lesson Four – Sniff our asses, it is all you are good at!

    tiffanytaylor 013

    tiffanytaylor 009


  • Double Face Fucking

    This pathetic loser slave was given a jolly good face fucking by myself and my friend, Mistress R’eal.  What a hungry little cock sucking slut!

    New Movie (21).Movie_Snapshot

    Clip now available http://www.clips4sale.com/57713  or www.adultwork.com/missdeelight

  • Jodhpurs and Boots a R’eal Deelight!

    What a very very lucky slave to be held hostage by two equestrian Godesses, dressed in jodhpurs, boots and blouses….. The perfect Double Domme experience at the hands of my good friend Mistress R’eal and I.  Look in awe slaves, don’t you wish this was you?

    (click on images to enlarge)

    Nipple torture


    Rope Bondage


    Helplessly restrained, clamped and cock all tied up!


    Tease and denial


    CBT – Cock flicking


    Hand over mouth breathplay


    Held by the balls


    Boot worship


    CBT – Candle wax and cock whipping


    Human Ashtray


    Hard CP




    Footstool slave


    Boot licking


    To book a double session email me miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk

  • Wank Hospital – Rehab for Wankers.

    Welcome to WANK HOSPITAL – The ULTIMATE Rehab center for wankers everywhere.

    Welcome to our 12 step wanking addiction program – Created especially for problem wankers,  by Mistress Real and Miss Deelight.

    Step 1 – Understanding your addiction – You are a dirty wanker, plain and simple. At wank hospital you are only allowed to wank when we tell you and you must not stop until we say you can!

    Grabbed Frame 193

    Step 2 – Face your addiction – Sit, watch your filthy porn and wank, wank, wank.

    Grabbed Frame 189

    Step 3 – Discuss your addiction – Yes! you are STILL a dirty wanker. Continue.

    Grabbed Frame 186

    Step 4 – Reflection Time – Have some alone time to think about what a dirty wanker you are, but don’t stop! We haven’t told you that you can!

    Grabbed Frame 188

    Step 5 – Firm Reminder – Remember why you are here.. because you are a pathetic little wanker. We are going to wank your addiction out of you!

    Grabbed Frame 181

    Step 6 – Evaluation – Good! Now you’ve had time to think about your addiction, your balls are hot, full of spunk and ready for your treatment.

    Grabbed Frame 200

    Step 7 – Milking round 1 – Cocooned and helpless your balls are drained

    Grabbed Frame 206

    Step 8 – A Little Taster – All dirty wankers must taste their sticky spunk, call your own special medicine.

    Grabbed Frame 208

    Step 9 – Forced Milking – It doesn’t stop there, your nurses milk you more, no time to recuperate ……..

    Grabbed Frame 202

    Step 10 – And more……..Ouch that poor, painful, sensitive cock….

     Grabbed Frame 212

    Step 11- And MORE….. relentless, non stop, agonising MILKING…..

    Grabbed Frame 209

    Step 12 – Empty – Every last little drop of your nasty spunk is drained from your balls.

    Grabbed Frame 207

    Congratulations – You have successfully completed your treatment at Wank Hospital.  Miss Deelight and Mistress Real hope you enjoyed your stay!

    Are you a problem wanker?  Is Wanking taking over your life?  We have beds available in our specialised treatment rooms contact us now for further information.

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

    Grabbed Frame 179 Grabbed Frame 184 Grabbed Frame 193 Grabbed Frame 198 Grabbed Frame 195 Grabbed Frame 199 Grabbed Frame 205 Grabbed Frame 204 Grabbed Frame 211 Grabbed Frame 210 Grabbed Frame 213 Grabbed Frame 214

    Check out the full movie now on my Adultwork page! (Registration required).


  • Sissy Spit Roast

    Another Deelightful invite from my gorgeous friend Mistress R’eal… Her special little slut wants to earn a GCSE in spit roasting. Whilst he has a long journey ahead, every little trainee must start somewhere right?

    The slut arrived bearing champagne and his brand new full on sissy attire, chosen especially for the occasion…  Mistress R’eal dressed in full leather, and myself in full PVC.  Both generously and appropriately gifted by the slut.

    He took to his new role as spit roast extraordinaire, with ease and he loved it!

    *click on each image for full size*


  • Another Spit Roasting…

    This naughty gimp was caught by Mistress Real and myself, enjoying licking Sophie Luvs’ ass, just a little too much.  He’d already sat in the corner playing with his little willy whilst we double-ended the TV slut, and this clearly wasn’t enough for the dirty little pervert, so we decided to show him what Sophie had just been through!  This is available as a purchasable movie clip from my clips 4 sale site.  Please email me miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk for the link.  Images below are clickable for a full size photo – I’m too good to you!


  • New Boots!

    It’s good to see another slut who knows their place in a world run by women!  Slut TimTom is today’s SLAVE OF THE DAY for paying attention to my needs, sending me these wonderful boots…


    These boots will be worshiped by TimTom at his double Domme session with Mistress Real and myself on the 30th October. Stay tuned, piggies, you might learn something.

    If any of you pathetic creatures would like some of my attention then you better get viewing my wishlist!




  • Filthy Tranny Slut Gets a Spit Roasting

    Caught working the streets again, the dirty little filthy tranny whore Sophie Luvs is taught a lesson by her two Mistresses, Mistress Deelight and Mistress Real. Determined to make her pay for her moonlighting when she should have been selling her mouth and ass to earn money for them, the two sexy dommes give Sophie a good hard spit roasting. Dressed in super sexy black cat suits and in full humiliating presence the two sexy ladies feed the little slut their cocks one in the mouth one in the ass, before swapping over for a good hard cock thrashing.

    The full video clip to this is available to purchase directly from me for £5.00  Please email me directly on miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk for further information.

  • Double Trouble

    Do you feel brave?  Of course you don’t, you are a pathetic little wimp who’s legs turn to jelly at the mere sight of a woman within feet of you, let alone a goddess like me.  Well since you are already a ridiculous, dribbling pansy, why not make yourself feel even more worthless by kneeling at the feet of two beautiful women?  Your entire body is shaking at the thought, but your little maggot cock is twitching with excitement… urging you to push yourself, at least IT has the guts to try to breathe the same air as us.  Come on, man the fuck up (so we can dress you as a girl), grow a pair (so we can torture them) and book yourself a session with Myself and Mistress R’eal.  Life just doesn’t get better than this, for a weasle like you!

    Email me now! No excuses, sell yourself to me.  miss.deelight@yahoo.co.uk

  • Spittoon’s Demise – Spitting and Foot Worship

    It’s always a fun day when Mistress Real invites me to her neck of the woods in Cardiff to do a double domme session with her.  The queen of evil certainly had one hell of a disgrace of a slave in her bag, although he earned a Deelight brownie point  from me for collecting me from the train station back in Bristol after my damn trains got cancelled, Mistress Real as per normal, showed no mercy!

    As soon as we arrived the Slave, named as Spittoon, was caged by Mistress Real, whilst I painted my nails and instructed him to blow them dry, before he could be released.

    Once my nails were dry, Spittoon was released and put in his rightful place at our feet, pushed from Mistress to Mistress without reprieve for at least half an hour, made to worship our feet in turn, whilst being used as a foot stall and punished for his failings.

    Finally bored of his useless pathetic efforts, we led him into Mistress Real’s bedroom where she put a Jennings gag in his mouth so he could earn the name we gave him by receiving our spit, and some!  Slaves this far down the food chain are lucky to receive such a meal… you have been warned!

    All that said, it did seem as though he was enjoying his starter, so Mistress Real decided it was time for his main course.  Spittoon was lead into the kitchen, hog tied and sent to his bowl, on his belly – it was hilarious to watch the slug slither to his bowl.  Slug Spittoon!  Sometimes a Mistress does have a heart, and Mistress Real had bought a cheese and ham sandwich from the shop which was shared with the Slave by way of us chewing it up and spitting it into his bowl.  As grateful as he should well have been, Spittoon ate every last mouthful, although it took him quite a while.  Although he might have eaten it somewhat faster if he could have kept his grubby little food filled mouth off Mistress’s shoes.

    What better way to wash down his Deelightful meal, than with a  Real treat of a drink – a wine glass of our spit.  What a lucky Slave.

    So my Deelightfully dedicated little Slave boys, who is going to be brave enough to step up to the challenge and book a double session with myself and Mistress Real, here in our neck of the woods at my Bristol dungeon?  Can you take the Real Deelights of our Duo?