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  • Sexy Spike Heels….

    I’ve just added 4 pics of some killer heels to my OnlyFans profile. Food for thought; Worship them or feel the pain they can deliver.  The choice is yours!


  • Slave Sissy Mouse – A Session of Two Halves

    Sissy Mouse would not be Sissy Mouse without his bumbling ways and more than occasional moments of angst and dilemma. However, when a Slave like my longest serving devoted Mousey tells me that he wants to go home midway through a session, that gives me cause for concern.  I know for a fact that if I’d let him leave with all his stresses ruining his session he might never forgive himself and I might never hear from him again because of his inner shame.  I use the word ‘might’ with emphasis.  However, my method of coaching doesn’t apply to just Sissy Mouse.  If I found any other slave new or old, in the same predicament then I would deal with them the same way.  A simple time out and a chat.  A little bit of reassurance or a pep talk does the world of good for anxious pets.

    A session of two halves.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight started much later in the day than usual and I duly walked through the door at my allotted time of 2pm. On entering Mistress shouted my instructions from upstairs to immediately kneel facing the fireplace and chant my mantra. I left my usual offerings plus Mistress’s birthday gift by the door and did as instructed. After a few chants, Mistress then shouts down to strip off and continue. With this done, I continue until the inevitable dramatic stomp on the stairs as Mistress descends. Mistress says nothing other than to tell me to take a deep breath and put some meaning into my chant (I thought I was but who am I to argue?). I continue for a while longer until Mistress squeezes in front of me giving me the view of spiky platform shoes and latex enveloped legs.
    Mistress then tells me to stop and hook her suspender strap to her latex stocking. I, as usual bumble about trying to do as instructed whilst enjoying the view of Mistress’s latex clad bum. Once I have done this Mistress walks behind me and invites me to turn around and on doing so I enjoy the view of Mistress in a bright blue latex bra top, shorts and stockings. Mistress is also sporting her new short haircut which I compliment her on and has in my opinion given her a very youthful look. Mistress wasn’t convinced that it had (I will leave that for you the reader to decide) but either way Mistress looked fabulous as always. Mistress was very pleased that I was wearing her collar that she presented to me at my last visit. The collar is a collection of rings with a pink ribbon running through them. Once attached and the ribbon tightened into a bow it has a nice grip to it. Not enough to strangle me obviously but to remind me of the grip Mistress has on me. I had also attached the tag that Mistress had instructed me to order. On the front, it says ‘Mousey’ on the rear ‘Owned by Miss Deelight’ although the writing is quite small or possibly ‘discreet’.

    Mistress then informs me to stand and opens the tall standing cage for me to enter. Once I am inside Mistress closes the door and I realise how much weight I have put back on since I last stood in that cage in November last year. It also doesn’t go unnoticed to Mistress (time to get that back under control). Mistress locks the cage door and leaves me to it. Normally this time helps me to cleanse the outside world but today it won’t go away and I just stand in the cage almost feeling bored with my mind whirring about work and other stuff. After a while Mistress returns and enquires about how long in days I have served her? My answer is 1449 and with that Mistress informs me that this is the amount of the cane I will be receiving today. I laugh nervously and at that point know I wouldn’t even be able to take 10 today with my head as it was right then. Mistress then opens the cage and tells me to stand with my hands on my head and gives me a whack on the bum with the cane and I immediately squat down and steady myself on the bench. I do struggle with being caned standing up but never like this. After some expert coercing from Mistress I stand back up hands on head and Mistress tries again. Once again, I go straight down because it’s too much for me and I don’t know why. Mistress tries several more times but I just can’t, so gives up and tells me to kneel over the bench. This doesn’t work either and Mistress stops and asks me what’s wrong? At this point I had no idea what was wrong and all I could say is ‘I think I want to go home’. Which didn’t best please Mistress. Luckily Mistress knows me better than this and tells me to get a drink and sit on the floor in-front of her throne. Where we have a chat about things which helped immensely and after a little while I feel more engaged with our session. I use the bathroom and return in a completely different frame of mind.

    In a scenario like a half time pep talk during a football match I now feel ready for the challenge ahead. Mistress invites me to choose 4 implements, they are (after much bumbling) the Canadian prison strap, the wooden bath brush, a short leather paddle and a thick school cane. I hand these to Mistress and she once again straps me into the bench and whilst doing so informs me that I am to receive 50 of each implement, which I mishear as 15. Mistress quite firmly states ‘FIVE ZERO’ and so it begins. First up the prison strap and after a few trial whacks for aim the rest were delivered with great force and accuracy, leaving me squirming about as we got into the forties. Next the bath brush and once again with a force that I hadn’t felt before, then the leather paddle in blocks of ten with me squirming as the last two of the block were delivered. Finally (or so I thought) the cane. With the 50 delivered I was in such a happy place that I couldn’t believe I was the same person that was in the same spot about an hour ago. Believing this was it I was then slightly shocked to learn that I was now to have 50 of the thin whippy cane that I couldn’t take earlier. However, with my head firmly in the correct place I managed it, helped by a very encouraging Mistress.

    Now came something that tested me to my absolute limits, the whip. I can’t stand the whip the sting of it is too much to bare for me and Mistress knows this which is why it came out and because of my announcement earlier that I wanted to go home I knew I had to dig deep and take it. And take it I did until strike number 2 when I begged Mistress to stop and she put me in the biggest rock and hard place ever. Mistress asked me if I was asking for mercy and effectively ‘safe wording’. Over the last 3 years and 4 months this is the closest Mistress has ever got me to such a situation. However, Mistress also knows I am stubborn and giving me the option to beg for mercy leaves me no option but to carry on and take it. Mistress was very kind and did give me some gentle lashes in-between some very hard lashes and I finally took the 50. The most I have ever taken.

    Once this was over I led on the bench contemplating what just happened whilst Mistress cleaned the implements she had used. We are both usually quiet for a few minutes after these sorts of sessions to soak up all the energy that has charged the room.

    Mistress then unstraps me and tells me to redress whilst she goes and gets changed. I clean the bench as I always like to do almost in homage to what went on there and we both have a nice post session chat before it’s time to return to reality.
    As always, I am grateful to Mistress for another fantastic session but more so this time for turning things around for me and getting my head in the right place. It has also provided me with a challenge in the future to take a hard caning standing with hands on head.

  • Reasons to Visit #12 – I’ll Take Your Breath Away

    Whether it be with my killer looks, my killer heels, my killer ass or my killer cleavage to name a few of my Deelights; and whether it be in the literal or metaphorical sense, you are guaranteed to leave the House of Deelight feeling fuzzy and lightheaded.

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me. 

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  • Reasons to Visit #6 – Latex

    Hands up who loves latex?  I most certainly do and I have a large collection of it with more on the way.  My favourite colour for latex is black.  Yes I know it might be a bit cliché, but as far as I’m concerned it contrasts my pale skin to create the optimum powerful impact. I know you love to worship my curves, and latex shows them off perfectly. When I walk into my dungeon with you on your knees, you will be faced with the almighty sexual power stood before you.  If you are a good boy, I might let you worship it.  To get you in a suitably submissive and dribbling state, I might even let you shine it.

    You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Reasons to Visit #4 – Sexy As Fuck Footwear

    If you are a submissive with a  love of heels, I have a huge collection of ‘Sexy As Fuck’ killer heels. Knee boots, thigh boots, sandals, peep-toes, ankle boots, pointed toes, trainers, platforms, stilettos, flats, matte, shiny, studded; and all sorts of colours too.  Worship them, feel their weight, feel the pain as they dig into your skin or kick you in the balls if that’s all you deserve.  Whatever type of shoe fetish you have, I have the right heels to weaken your defences and make you dribble.You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Reasons to Visit #1 – Orgasm Control and Denial

    Once I have you in my literal grip, fate will be in MY hands.  You will have no say other than to beg me for release.  I am highly skilled at orgasm control.  My soft, petite hands have mastered the skill of edging so well that I will have you a hairs-breadth from exploding before you know what’s hit you.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – The Bloody Bathbrush Challenge

    Always expect the unexpected. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it at every given opportunity and especially after taking any of my subs by surprise.  When Slave Sissy Mouse gave me a request (something that he rarely does) to dust off his school boy outfit, I knew what he’d be expecting from the session and so I put another twist on it.  Actually I gave the session more twists than a Curly Wurly bar. I never cease to amaze myself with my ingenious creativity when it comes to roleplay sessions. I decided that this session would begin the second Mousey walked through the door, even if he didn’t realise it.

    The bloody bath brush challenge.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight was unusual because I knew what was coming and what the theme would be because I had requested it and set myself up for a hard time in the process. What I forgot was I’m not very experienced in role play whereas Mistress is very accomplished in such things and put me on the spot from the moment I walk through the door.
    For this visit I had requested that I dust off the schoolboy outfit that Mistress had instructed me to buy for a cp session back in August 14. I can’t remember the details of that session but what I do know is it was nothing like this one. On my way to the HOD Mistress messaged me to inform me to change in the small hallway and knock on the entrance door. This leaves you with just a full frosted glass door for privacy. I arrive early to calm my nerves a bit and wait by the local Tesco, usually in case Mistress has any last-minute item requests, and wait for the clock to tick around to 11am. With a couple of minutes to go I drive off and park near to the HOD get my stuff and enter the open door. Immediately I am met by Mistress’s voice asking me if I got her text message? I ask if it’s the one about changing in the hall way and it’s not. The message Mistress sent me (which I received at 7pm that evening, nothing like technology letting you down) said Buy an A4 pad and for every minute you are late will result in 1 stroke of the cane. I stand frozen in the hall waiting for Mistress to then say ‘oh don’t worry’ but the reply I got was ‘that’s one stroke already’. With that I get my bumbling self to Tesco and I hate to admit it in a piss to the point where I almost just got in my car and left! What my bumbling brain had not worked out is the session had started already. Mistress had started the roleplay by making me late and as such a valid reason to punish me. Luckily, I found a pad, paid, returned to the HOD, got changed, took a deep breath and knocked on the door as instructed.
    When (Head) Mistress opened the door, what happened next completely caught me out. I wasn’t expecting Mistress to grab me by the ear and drag me in front of the school desk tell me to pull my trousers down and bend over it. I didn’t expect Mistress to tell me I was 14 minutes late, I didn’t expect Mistress to cane me so hard that I got myself in such a state that I stopped counting at 4 and Mistress carried on until 6 with me whimpering and begging her to stop.
    This is not how we start sessions, we start sessions with me being tied somewhere to relax from the outside world and have a nice chat before being left alone.
    Mistress told me to calm down, control my breathing and because I had stopped counting, I was still getting the 14 from the beginning and every time I stopped counting she would start again. I composed myself and Mistress started again with no let-up in the severity of the strokes until I counted to 14. Mistress then told me to pull my pants and trousers up and chastised me for the pink panties I was wearing and the pink stripy tie which was clearly not school uniform. I just stood there with my head held in shame still trying to get my head around what was happening. Mistress then went on the tell me that I was just a closet sissy faggot and that I had been sent to her for touching my male peers inappropriately. I was feeling so utterly small and humiliated that I thought I might start to cry! (Head) Mistress then told me to pull the chair up to the desk, opened the pad that I had bought and instructed me to write the following “I must not touch my male peers inappropriately” and to continue to do so until I was told otherwise. With that Mistress left the room and closed the door. I sat there, wrote that line repeatedly with my mind a blur at what had already happened and I had never been more pleased to be left alone in a session.
    I think I had reached line 115 when Mistress returned and sat very provocatively on the bench in front of me and enquired while my already terrible handwriting had got worse? I replied I was feeling slightly uneasy and trying my best to concentrate. I also told Mistress that I had brought her some offerings that were in a bag in the hall and that the dog had ate the apple I had got her (this earned me an extra 10 strokes for lying). Once I had reached line 134 Mistress told me to stop and put my hands on my head. This would be the number of strokes I would be getting plus the 10 for applegate. We then had a bit of a chat about this and that whilst my hands were firmly on my head (I do smile at the bizarre nature of a day in the life of Mistress).
    As always Mistress after a while brings the chit chat to a halt and instructs me to put away the desk and chair and pull the whipping bench out into the position Mistress likes it. Mistress then instructs me to go upstairs and fetch the vibrating wand and return. On my return, Mistress invites me to place myself on the bench and straps me in. Once strapped in (Head) Mistress starts and it’s no nice warm up today,12 very hard whacks with the ‘beg for it’ strap and everyone made me wince. Once finished Mistress does something completely new she fires up the wand and starts working it into her pathetic cock until I reach edge. I try and last as long as possible to put off the inevitable hard whacks that will be coming my way once I reach edge. I have no defence against the wand and having reached edge, I then endure 24 very hard whacks with another implement which I have no idea what it was but it hurt and then back to the wand. Once at edge another 12 with another implement and then the wand again. This was a real struggle for me, I have never been whacked with this amount of force before and the stopping and edging wasn’t helping but that was what Mistress wanted.
    Today was never going to be an ‘nice’ experience it was amount testing and pushing me!
    This repeated several more times until and I was just about coping when a terrible thing happened at the next round of edging after I had begged Mistress to stop I felt the inevitable feeling of what was the worst case possible, I orgasmed. A massive gushing ruin that spelt disaster for me because now Mistress informed me I would not only have to endure post orgasm punishment but also post orgasm torture. The next 12 were difficult and there was still more to come. Once those 12 were finished it was the wand again and that on Mistress’s very sensitive cock made me squeak repeatedly but worse still it was starting to get hard again just to punish me even more.
    It was just after this where the wheels almost fell off the session, Mistress got the cane out again and we had reached number 9 when I suddenly felt sick (because I was not regulating my breathing and getting in a panic) and with all the clothes on I was overheating and sweating. Mistress stopped, released me from the bench and with the clothes removed and a short break (including the offer of water which I turned down) it was back down to accept the rest of my allocation. With a very determined ‘9 thank you Head Mistress’ it was the final 3 strokes of the cane and then the crescendo 24 of the bath brush (12 on each cheek). I have been whacked with this before but never with the same vigour and determination that Mistress had that day. Once it was over Mistress had achieved her goals, which was to get the bath brush very bloody (tick) and to put me through a very challenging session (tick).
    I was left shaking with adrenaline and I am truly grateful to Mistress for putting me through a very challenging session. After I had calmed down and felt able to stand I got dressed and cleaned up the mess I made (which luckily Mistress didn’t make me lick up as she threatened when I had the accident). We ended with a nice chat and Mistress insisting I look after myself and contact her if I have any adverse reaction to the session (which I haven’t) and then it was time to return to the real world. I must say I felt very odd for the rest of the day and a very early night beckoned. It was the next day that I could really grasp the full enjoyment of the session and marvel at Mistress’s skill in not only her craft but her incredible role play abilities and treating me to another ‘I wasn’t expecting that’ sessions.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Humiliated and Very Aroused

    When Sissy Mouse confessed one of his lewd thoughts to me under duress during his previous session, I made it quite clear to him that the confession would be stored in my memory and used at a later date against him. Normally what I like to do in these situations is to store the information and use it a much later date when my sub has forgotten all about it, or at the very least hoped I had! So it was with great pleasure and amusement that I used his confession against him at his very next session, knowing that he wouldn’t be expecting me to do so, quite so soon.  Yes, I know! I am an evil genius! That is why you all love me so much.

    I will now follow with an entry from Sissy Mouse (aka Baby Mouse!)

    Humiliated and very aroused.

    I am writing this more than 3 weeks after my last visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight, the reason for this is Mistress took something that I had mentioned in my last session put her own twist on it and made me feel such enjoyable shame that it is only now that I can bring myself to write about it.

    During my last luxurious and indulgent session that Mistress had treated me to I had shared something with her that I never thought would interest me at all and it was prompted by a tweet Mistress had posted before Christmas. The tweet showed a collection of adult baby items laid out and something flashed through my mind that I would feel very humiliated if Mistress put me in such things. This I duly confessed to Mistress at a time when she had me at my weakest, teasing her pathetic cock. My admission of this amused Mistress greatly at the time and with her usual sharp mind got me to repeat in a baby like voice various statements and ended it by saying ‘It will happen one day mousey or maybe it won’t’.

    Now to the day itself and I arrive at the allocated time and feeling slightly under pressure because Mistress had forgotten Mistress R’eals birthday card and sent me a message to purchase one on the way. I reply ‘No pressure then Mistress’ and visited the only shop I know in Newport the local Tesco. I hunt through the cards knowing that I have minimal time but I am certainly not going to choose the first one (if it was not to a reasonable standard Mistress would no doubt take great pleasure in ensuring Mistress R’eal knew it was my fault!). Luckily after a short while I found what I hoped would be suitable and once purchased headed back to the car to wait for the clock to tick around to 11am.

    Heading through the door I am met by Mistress informing me from behind a closed door to lay out the items I have brought and to strip and start chanting my mantra on my knees. I duly do this in my now bumbling way and start to chant. After a few repetitions, Mistress tells me to take a deep breath and start saying it with a greater feeling. I duly do this and at the same time feel myself leave the outside world behind. As usual after a while my knees start to cause me grief and I start shuffling about trying to relieve the pressure, prompting Mistress to enquire what’s wrong from the other room. What I like about that situation is Mistress knows my knees are hurting but leaves me there just a little longer to push me, knowing that I won’t just get up but will do my best to endure the pain. Finally, Mistress enters the room but I don’t see her for a bit because I am still head down reciting my mantra. When Mistress does tell me to stop and look up I am met by the usual vision of Mistress looking fabulous this time wearing Jodhpurs, satin blouse, corset and her Christmas boots. I compliment Mistress on her outfit (one of my favourites) and how wonderful her boots go with it.

    Now for the crunch Mistress goes over to check the card I have purchased (I have never felt so on edge over a Birthday card) and luckily approves my purchase. Mistress then kindly tells me to stand up and offers me the wooden chair to sit on and we have a nice chat whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair with rope and the joy of slowly being ensnared by it. We continue chatting until the point when Mistress gags me places something heavy in one hand to drop if I have difficulties and leaves me to enjoy some wonderful classical music. I sit there enjoying the music but realise after a while that my mind is returning to outside stuff and not floating off like it usually does. Mistress checks on me at various times and then leaves me to it until she returns and tells me she is going to change gags. This was something new to me and thought that maybe Mistress had something new to try. This turned out to be correct but as always in a way that I didn’t expect. Mistress removes the ball gag and placed a very small rubber gag in my mouth, I assumed it was an inflatable gag but oh no that was a big as it got. The reason for this was after much wondering it dawned on me what it was, Mistress had placed a dummy in my mouth. It was quite a shock to me for two reasons, firstly how humiliated I felt and secondly how aroused it made me. Suddenly any outside thoughts had disappeared to be replaced by exquisite shame and arousal. Mistress just left me there trying so hard to not suck on the dummy and feel even more shame but eventually having to give in and swallow both my saliva and my self-pride.

    As time passes in a different dimension at the house of Deelight I had no idea how long I continued to sit there wallowing in the shame of being so aroused but eventually Mistress returned and whilst laughing at me started to write something on my chest with a permanent marker. Further amused Mistress then placed some very plastic feeling shoes on my feet and announced with great glee that I was now wearing some lovely ballet flats. They were very tight and uncomfortable and did nothing to help my arousal subside. Mistress then started to untie me and once finished invited me to stand and once again mocked me for my state of arousal. It was a very rock and a hard place scenario I didn’t want to be so turned on by my situation but it just wouldn’t subside. Mistress then guided me to the bottom of the stairs (as I was still blindfolded) and told me to crawl up the stairs. At the top of the stairs Mistress guided me into the bedroom and onto the bed. My hands were then attached to cuffs and Mistress went out the room and returned informing me to lift my bum off the bed and placed something under me. I didn’t want to think what it was but I knew immediately it was a nappy.

    Thus, began a most intense session of edging. Mistress first places two electrodes on my inner thighs and connected them to the e-stim box and switches it on nice and gently, too gently to begin with but that is soon rectified. Mistress then produces the vibrating wand and starts to work on her very erect cock edging me over and over until the gaps get smaller and stops. Mistress then does up the nappy winds up the e-stim box further and starts with the wand again but this time when I get to the edge I have to say Goo Goo Ga Ga through my still dummied mouth for Mistress to stop which after a while this turns into Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma. Just writing this makes me wince. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma get more frequent Mistress stops and writes something else on my chest and I can feel her draw something. With that Mistress returns to the wand and working her very hard cock through the nappy. All the while Mistress has some gentle music playing in the background and then this stops. Which I naively think is the end of the playlist. Mistress then returns with the wand and keeps edging me telling me she can’t decide if she is going to grant me an orgasm, a ruin or nothing. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma’s get closer Mistress tells me she is going to let me cum in the nappy and then lie in it once she has finished. However, before I cum I have to say ‘I love you mamma’. This happens almost immediately and with such force that Mistress’s cock recoils like a field gun going off. It was that intense that it hurt and I could fell it splurging and spurting inside the nappy and it was probably lucky it was contained because it would have been one hell of a mess to clean up. Mistress carried on teasing her now very sensitive cock with the wand for a bit of post orgasm torture. I have not been given an orgasm by Mistress since October 2014 and the wait was worth it (Although I would not like to wait as long next time please Mistress). Whilst laying in the glow of my amazing orgasm Mistress takes the edge of it by playing a recording of me saying Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma (hence why the music went off). Oh the shame especially when Mistress tells me it is in fact a video and as she is telling me this I get a running commentary of her saving the video for future use. Mistress always encourages honesty in her slave’s blogs and I must confess that this is the only video and of course pictures that Mistress could use to ensure my utter compliance in the future. Mistress has found the chink in my armour, the one thing that will make me totally compliant.

    Once Mistress has decided I have sat in my own filth for long enough she releases my hands and removes the blindfold. Once my eyes adjust Mistress kindly shows me a picture of me displaying her artwork. At the top of my chest is written “Big Baby” underneath “Goo Goo Ga Ga” and under that a brilliant drawing of a baby face with a dummy. Mistress then invites me to get up and admire myself in the mirror wearing the nappy. I feel very humiliated looking at myself, more so than anything I experienced with Mistress before.

    Mistress then tells me to find a carrier bag to dispose of the nappy, have a shower to try and wash away the shame and join her downstairs for a wind down. After a nice chat about our session and other things it’s time to return to normality and I walk away from the HOD with a carrier containing my shame at being that turned on by something that always seemed a very strange fetish to me but that is the joy of life if you don’t try it you will never know if it’s for you. I have of course looked into it more and following a recent visit to my pc and searching through my bookmarks Mistress knows this and teased me about it, even posting the screen shot on twitter!
    As ever a massive thank you to Mistress for sending me away once again in awe of her skill and brilliant evil mind. Of course, being Mistress she kindly sent me a picture from our session later that day just to remind me of her new leverage!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Christmas Splendour

    Even though my slave made a request to be allowed some fetish freedom over Christmas, I had already decided in advance that I was going to grant my Teamviewer slaves such a privilege. I granted full access to all the joys of porn, twitter and my website… just for a few days.

    So this is Christmas and what have you done?

    It is indeed almost Christmas and I am feeling its magic as I begin this. Inevitably it has been a quiet week as everyone, Mistress included, turns their attentions to the most important things in life; friends and family. But despite this Mistress has managed to find time for me and her other faithful slaves.

    I suspected that the magic of Christmas hadn’t quite arrived in the Miss Deelight household at the beginning of the week and so I did the only thing possible to try to cheer her up a bit. I sent her a picture of an unfortunately proportioned carrot just dug up from the garden. As far as I am concerned there is nothing quite as effective as a rude vegetable to bring a smile to a ladies lips. (This explains why I have never been more successful with the opposite sex I am sure)! Mistress kindly humoured me in her response and gave me a ‘LOL’.

    Soon after the carrot episode I found myself suggesting to her that if she had any remaining tension or frustration that she should take it out on one of her lucky slaves at the HOD that day. She responded by telling me that she never sees me volunteering for such a sacrificial role. As everyone knows I genuinely hate pain. I am such a coward. But at that moment I had two overwhelming emotions ruling my responses. Firstly I really did want to do something to make Mistress happy and secondly I was desperate for attention. I didn’t tell Mistress that. I am sure that I didn’t need to. Mistress had blocked me from any online fetish fun more than a week earlier and had only really communicated with me on a vanilla level for some time also. These two emotions combined to make me fantasize about being strapped down at the HOD, gagged and totally unable to resist whilst Mistress took pleasure in venting her frustrations on me. I find the idea of forced and enforced submission to be a real turn on. But it results in me fantasising about being forced to endure things that I know I would hate in reality. In the end I thought better about sharing too much of these conflicting thoughts with Mistress.

    Instead I asked her a question about her own motivations where pain and submission were concerned. This is something that fascinates me. I don’t have it in me to physically hurt someone and therefore I have little comprehension of why it should give Mistress the pleasure that it obviously does on occasion. I find it particularly confusing as I also know her to be caring and compassionate. This was the response that she gave me….

    ‘I enjoy the submission and the slave’s ability to endure and progress under my expert guidance’.

    I tried to consider this in my own context and came to the conclusion that Mistress has many other slaves far better suited to this. Mistress has made me submit to her in so many ways. In particular I feel the need for my submission to be choreographed by Mistress. It has to be active, not passive. It wouldn’t feel right just to stand at the HOD to receive a punishment. Mistress will always restrain me first. It wouldn’t feel right to just tell Mistress that I had put on the Chastity device. Mistress will always demand photographic proof. It wouldn’t feel right to be asked by Mistress where I was if it was not for the fact that I know that I can never lie. Mistress can so easily check my location by accessing my phone. But however I get there; submitting to Mistress just feels right. But I do not consider myself very good at ‘enduring’ pain. I thanked Mistress for her response and left it at that.

    On Thursday I was getting into the Christmas spirit and thought that I should make a tongue in cheek suggestion to Mistress. I told her that I had an idea, with only her best interests in mind of course. I suggested that she would find things easier if she didn’t have to put up with me wittering on at her over the Christmas period. I suggested that she should release me from the device and reinstate my internet access so that I could remind myself of what life would be like without her control in my life. She just laughed at my ridiculous suggestion and got on with her day.

    On Friday I was surprised to find that Twitter worked on my phone. This didn’t seem right. I next checked Mistresses’ web site, and that opened up as well. Now that really was strange. I wondered if there was some glitch in the control software that Mistress uses to dominate my online existence. I didn’t look at any of the content of either site and sent Mistress a text asking if the access was deliberate on her part. After 15 minutes of waiting for a response a thought came to my mind. I wondered if the controls on my PC had been released. This involves a different sort of software and so I thought it would answer my question for me. I booted up my PC to find all controls had been removed. Happy days!!! I sent Mistress a quick text of thanks and dived into several weeks of fetish internet backlog. What fun!

    And then on Saturday (Christmas Eve) came the real surprise. Mistress provided me the code to allow me to access my chastity lock key. She told me that I had free access to stroke and cum as often as I like until locking myself up again at Midday on Boxing Day. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! This dear reader has never, ever, happened before. Having been feasting on the wonders of the internet for the previous day I thought that I should rush off immediately and take advantage of my new-found freedom. But I stopped myself. I asked myself the question ‘what would Mistress do to make this mind-blowing?’ I can never hope to make it feel as good as when Mistress does it to me but I did know that she wouldn’t rush into it. She would taunt and she would tease. She would take the time to drive me nuts. She would wait until I was ready to scream in frustration before finally, if I was very lucky, bring me to a thundering orgasm. I decided that I would spend the rest of the day doing everything that I could to make the most of this wonderful early Christmas present from my Mistress. I wasn’t going to have that precious orgasm until bed time that night. That was until I read Mistresses introduction to my blog that described the day that she took the money from my bank account for another 12 months of devotion and servitude. I read the words that she had written that so clearly described the power she holds over me, and crumbled. I rushed inside, locked myself in the bathroom and within 5 minutes had enjoyed my first orgasm! Oh it was so good. I did indeed have a more leisurely orgasm that night and slept like baby.

    Christmas Day was all about family and festivities. But at 9pm I realised that my opportunities to make the most of my freedom were quickly ebbing away. I knew that I would be driving for most of the following morning and that I was required to lock up again at Midday. Tonight was my last proper opportunity. It was then that an idea struck me. To cut a long story short my age and my health has taken its toll on the degree of vigour that Mistresses property is capable of. I had with the permission of Mistress invested in Viagra some months earlier, but had never had the opportunity before now to try it. (I am of course normally constrained by a device). I decided that in that last evening of freedom I would give it a try. On any other day of the year I would have asked the permission of Mistress but I certainly wasn’t about to send her a text on Christmas evening. With some trepidation I took a pill and waited to see what happened.

    I am pleased to report that it did ‘what it said on the tin’. I didn’t get a raging hard on as I sat watching Christmas Day TV (there wasn’t any stimulation in anything that we were watching) but when the time came to go to bed and to provide myself with an orgasm I found that my erection was better and lasted for longer than it would otherwise have. The sensation was slightly different to what it would otherwise have been, and if anything, slightly less sensitive. Probably a good thing. All in all a great success! The other thing to report, sat here as I am typing this on Boxing Day morning, is that it didn’t result in a night enduring a hard on that wouldn’t go away. I had my orgasm and happily drifted off to sleep.

    And so in answer to the question posed at the beginning of this blog: What have I done? I have experienced and hugely enjoyed another year under the expert control of Miss Deelight. I am locked into another 12 months of sweet torment. I have had a fantastic Christmas for all the right reasons. Today marks the beginning of the next phase. The device will be put on. The picture will be sent to Mistress showing the coded lock and I will have returned to my rightful place.

    Thank you Mistress for making my Christmas even more wonderful than it would otherwise have been.

  • My Shiny New Pet Puppy

    Puppy Play at the House of Deelight, South Wales

    My new Sissy pet Puppy had bought me a gift, a new latex catsuit but it needed shining…20161109_091443661_iosBefore it could be shined, my pet was made to dress, covering my property in frills and bells…. 20161109_093439269_iosThe full suit, sissy catsuit, puppy ears and a gag were ordered…. 20161109_094116607_iosOnce my latex was shined I wanted photo’s of it along with my new killer heels…… 20161109_095000134_ios 20161109_095013994_ios 20161109_095040940_iosThe puppy was caged before its training commenced……. 20161109_100014459_iosPuppy played fetch and received an insufferable amount of teasing….. 20161109_100544619_ios 20161109_100550403_ios 20161109_100558085_iosThe ultimate humiliation… it was to empty its special lunch into his dog bowl…. 20161109_102258585_ios 20161109_102304017_iosBefore gobbling it all up… nom nom! 20161109_102539055_ios

  • One Commander, Two Hypnobots and Three Trenchcoats

    You will all be familiar with my obedient and loyal, subservient human robots; the Hypnobots. It was of great satisfaction to me to have them both serve me once more and it had indeed been too long since they had, though the reasons couldn’t be helped.  During the time in between their last position of service and this one, I sent my male Hypnobot on a mission to acquire a new trench coat for myself and for the female Hypnobot, both of which he was to present to me on completion of his mission so that both myself, the Commander and the female Hypnobot (HB2) could wear them at the beginning of our next meeting.  With both my Hypnobots in their suits, polished shoes and trench coats, standing before myself in my own beautiful Coat and RAF uniform, it was a sight to behold.  It is the golden rule that in the Hypnobot realm, all parties are immaculately presented and that service is performed to military standards.

    Once we had photographed the wonderful and powerful vision of the members of our elite establishment I set about reinforcing the hypnotic programming of my two servants both at the same time.  To have both of my hypnobots in a deep, motionless trance right before me, gave me a feeling of great power and total control.

    Trenchcoat Fetish


    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish


    gold button fetish


    FEMALE HYPNOBOTS SUIT BUTTONS….smart suit fetish


    button fetish


    polished shoe fetish

    Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish Trenchcoat Fetish

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.
  • Mousey, Speedy and a Double Domme Surprise!

    My very good friend Mistress R’eal and I were discussing our most devoted pets one day when we came up with the genius idea of giving them both a surprise double Domme session.  We arranged the date with our slaves as if each respective slave was coming to see their Mistress for a normal session.  We cleverly devised a cunning plan to ensure that neither slave would know the other was there nor would either slave be aware that another Mistress was there until just the right moment. Each stage of our plan was masterfully delivered with skill because both myself and Mistress R’eal know our slaves so well and also work in great harmony together.  The day could not have gone any better!  I instructed Mousey to write a full account of the session from his point of view……..


    Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal an evil genius duo.

    My latest visit to the HOD brought about a session that I most certainly never expected and I am most grateful to Mistress for all the planning that went into it. I would also like to add that I may have missed some things out due to the intense nature of the session.

    I arrive at my allotted time to be met by Mistress just the other side of the door looking fabulous in her lovely Pandora deluxe latex outfit, holding a cane and a manner that said she wasn’t in the mood for chit chat. This immediately turned me into my usual bumbling self as Mistress instructed me to strip and I almost fell over trying to get my shoes off. Once I had safely managed to present myself naked to Mistress and inform her of what I had brought with me, Mistress immediately informed me crawl up the stairs behind her making a squeaking noise (which sounded more like a pig than a mouse) and this caused Mistress to pause turn around and ask “What the fuck was that?” Once I got my squeaking right I continued to crawl up the stairs and into the bathroom. Mistress had today already removed the bathmat so I could enjoy the chilly floor of the bathroom and today provided me with some very nice classical music to listen to whilst chained to the toilet. As Mistress was fitting the mitts to my hands I realised that I had not complimented her on how delightfully shiny she looked today. Mistress responded with “Compliments won’t save you today mousey” and once finished with the mitts began fitting the bandage that forms a very effective blindfold. I quipped that Mistress didn’t look very shiny now. Mistress went to great lengths to ensure that I was completely blinded and could not see anything, she then helped me onto the floor and attached my wrists to the chain around the toilet. Mistress before leaving said that she wanted me in a very good headspace and relaxed before the session that she had planned whilst grinding her boot into my cock. This took me back to my message earlier in the day that Mistress had sent saying “boy oh boy have I got a session planned for you”. Mistress closed and locked the bathroom door and turned up the music a little more and there I lay for some time enjoying the music. A little while later the door opened and Mistress walked in and proceeded to crop my nipples and balls. Because I couldn’t see anything it seemed much harder than normal but I guessed that was how today was going to be. A short while later Mistress returned and fitted a bit gag in my mouth and then started to dig the heels of her boots into me, again seeming harder than she had ever done before and once again left. I was left to enjoy the music once again (which now seemed louder) and the garage across the road trying to get something to move on a car with a very big hammer.

    20161104_124000038_ios 20161104_124011869_ios 20161104_124035131_ios

    When Mistress returned the next time, she removed my blindfold and because it was so effective it took me a while to readjust my eyes and when they did I had a massive shock for stood in the landing was a very stern looking Mistress R’eal and attached to the bannister was a slightly worried looking slave speedy. As I didn’t get my mouth and brain in gear my gagged mouth let out “oh shit”. I had heard nothing as to what was going on. Mistress then came back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet above me removed the gag and explained that Mistress R’eal had been there all along and that it was Mistress R’eal that had gagged me, ground her heels into me and cropped my balls. (This explains the different feeling). I was shaking inside as Mistress explained all this and it also emerged that speedy had no idea that Miss Deelight or me were going to be at his session and it was Mistress that had tied him to the bannister not Mistress R’eal. Apparently both Mistress’s had been planning this for weeks and because neither myself or speedy had recognised that it wasn’t our relevant Mistress’s doing things to us we were going to be punished. Both Mistress’s pointed out that we had better not let either of them down, there would be no talking without permission and with that left us attached to consider our fates. Once downstairs all I could hear was the sound of both Mistress’s laughing at the success of their cunning plan. Both me and speedy remained very tight lipped not wanting to add further to what was about to come our way. All I could do was lie there and shake in fear thinking “Oh fuck”.

    When both Mistress’s had composed themselves the inevitable sound of determined heels returned up the stairs where we were both released from our bonds and both instructed to wait on our hands and knees in the bathroom as our punishment was explained to us. This was quite simple one slave would choose an implement and an amount that the other slave was going to receive and vice versa. To avoid any slave comradery the Mistress would give the choosing slave the choice of implement and the number of strokes. We were both then instructed to crawl down the stairs backwards pausing for photos and then kneel in front of the whipping bench.


    Too choose who went first it was heads or tails. (I chose Heads and lost) Speedy was then placed in the cage and I had to kneel in front of him and look each other in the eye whilst he chose between a nasty looking double strand whip, a cane or a wooden paddle. I looked up at speedy in a pleading way and he chose the cane for me (a few months ago the thought of taking the cane cold would have scared me but now I was very happy with his choice. Well done Speedy). Then it was a choice of strikes either 6,12 or 18. This would be administered by both Mistress’s so in effect 12,24 or 36. Speedy chose 12 which was kind. So, over the bench for Mistress to administer the first set and I had to thank speedy for each one. I struggled with the first 4 but after that I got my head around it and the 12 were duly delivered.

    20161104_125738840_iosThen came the hard bit the next set delivered by Mistress R’eal (I don’t want to take anything away from Mistress but Mistress R’eal wielding a cane scares me) First blow and this time I had to count back from 12 and thank speedy. The 12 were duly delivered and fortunately I didn’t lose count.

    It was then my turn to stand in the cage and chose for speedy. Mistress R’eal didn’t give me as much of a choice it was either the Senior Dragon cane or a thin stingy cane (I feel very lucky Mistress didn’t offer that up for me), I chose the Senior Dragon. Then the choice was either 18 or 24 so I chose the least I could 18 and then stood back and watched as each Mistress metered out speedy’s allocation, it was also interesting to watch the different techniques used by both Mistress’s and explains why the sensation on the bum feels different.

    20161104_131039026_ios 20161104_131046473_ios-editOnce it was over I was released from the cage and speedy was released from the bench and we were both instructed to kneel to hear our next activity. I would also like to mention that throughout the time I was constantly told off for having a smile or smirk on my face, this was more nervous hysteria than disrespect and I just want to laugh at the hopeless situation I am in. No matter how much the pain is or how horrible the humiliation I just want to laugh as this is my way of dealing with it. This can however look like I am making light of the situation but I am not.


    Our next challenge was a nipple clamp tug of war. Both of our hands were tied behind our backs and our respective Mistress’s attached nipple clamps crisscrossed between our nipples. We were then told to tension them for a picture and then instructed to walk sideways into the other room do a 360 degree turn and then walk back for the final tug. Luckily for me Mistress attached them to my nipples and not behind them and once the tug happened whilst not exactly without pain they do slide off much easier leaving speedy with them still attached to his nipples.


    The next challenge which is boot licking, the only boot licking I have done is mud off of Mistress’s boots in a wet muddy field nearly two years ago. Mistress R’eal had just won an award for one of her boot licking films and speedy was the boot licker. I get off to a bad start because I am kissing not licking but to be fair this is only the second time I’ve licked Mistress’s boots and I’m already very nervous and probably do a rubbish job and as Mistress said at the time she doesn’t want me and my germs that near to her. We then swap Mistress’s and of course speedy does the best job and to be fair boot licking isn’t really my thing (being kicked in the balls and trampled by then is).20161104_133554636_ios

    Both Mistress decide that both our bums are not red enough and decide to now give us a paddling so with speedy on the cross and me on the bench aided by some music playing at a fast beat we both get 6 each in quick succession and then the Mistress’s swap over. I have no idea how many sets there were but each set hurt and there was no let up until the song finished. It was a long 3 or 4 minutes that’s for sure and nothing gentle about it. Once it was over we were both instructed to crawl back upstairs grab a towel each and place them on the bondage bed and kneel waiting either side. 20161104_134700393_ios 20161104_134642850_ios

    It was probably only a few minutes until that thump of boots on the stairs signalled more doom. Speedy was attached at one end of the bed and me the other with us both very close to each other in certain areas. Mistress then produced 2 sets of scissor clamps one set on my balls and one set on speedy’s and joined them with rope. Mistress R’eal thought we weren’t making enough noise until Mistress pointed out that she hadn’t clamped them tight yet. With the inevitable click that immediately got us both squirming both Mistress’s were happy and then Mistress R’eal very kindly lit a candle but not to enhance the mood but to dribble over our (slightly to close to each other) cock and balls. Because we were both coping with it quite well both Mistress’s upped the pain level until we were both squirming around and both Mistress’s thought it would be amusing if we then started calling out each other’s names as if in the throes of passion. With the candle wax dripping, almost none stop it certainly had some effect. I’m not sure if the candle ran out but finally it stopped and both Mistress’s retreated downstairs and left us to ‘enjoy’ being so close to each other.

    20161104_135118280_ios 20161104_135049130_ios

    When both Mistress’s returned a little while later dressed in normal clothes and announced we were going out I had a bit of a panic. We were released from the bed and instructed to get dressed. I needed the toilet and Mistress told me to be quick or hold it in. Try as I might the nerves prevented me from going and I had a bit of a panic about what was coming next and didn’t want to leave the bathroom. Mistress shouting up the stairs to get on with it made me give up and go downstairs. Mistress then produced 3 cable ties, put one around speedy’s right wrist and one around my left wrist and then joined them both together.

    20161104_140838790_ios We were then informed we were going for a walk and told to head out the door and head in the same direction I had trodden only weeks before. Luckily it was a Friday and it was much quieter today. When we caught up with both Mistress’s who had taken a shorter route speedy and I were told to hold hands and walk down the road. I find it amazing that we walked past quite a few people and no one gave us a second look. We just kept on walking and heard a whistle and looked around to be beckoned back, we turn around still holding hands and then I decide it would be fun to skip past the Mistress’s holding hands. Speedy however didn’t think this was a good idea but I was off and he had to follow. He of course was proved correct because as we merrily skipped past both Mistress’s, Mistress R’eal pointed out that we seemed to be enjoying it too much. As we walked back to the HOD speedy said “I told you it wasn’t a good idea, don’t give Mistress R’eal any reason to make it harder” too late it was done and we returned safely to the HOD and cut free from our ties. Speedy went off for an orgasm and I got another 12 of the cane from Mistress (It may seem strange but the cane brings me greater enjoyment than an orgasm). It was funny to hear Mistress R’eal telling speedy that whilst he was getting relief I was having more pain and with that I could hear speedy moaning not in pleasure but pain.

    I was then instructed to help tidy up whilst speedy had a shower and then it was great to all have a laugh about the events and how much planning and skulduggery had gone on between both Mistress’s, including hiding Mistress R’eal’s car so I had no idea she was there. Mistress R’eal did warn me that I should be careful about enjoying things too much in her company and to be sure that both Mistress’s will be plotting something much worse if or when there is a next time (GULP).

    I would like as ever to thank Mistress and Mistress R’eal for their planning and execution (pun intended) of the day and going about it with great vigour. I would also like to thank Slave Speedy for enjoying the torment as much as I did.

  • The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess

    This week I have granted a new pet the honour of a week-long distance control contract.  One of his tasks, set in order to keep his mind on me whilst he was at work, was to write a poem based on the above title.  You will get to read his journal once he has completed his week.  The very well written poem amused me greatly.  A task passed with flying colours!

    As instructed for my task today I have written you a poem.

    I present for your approval – The Pathetic Wanker and the Goddess.

    In rooms dark, illuminated by porn,
    The pathetic wanker wanks eve ’til morn.
    Cock hard and desperate, cums frequent,
    A need satiated – nought to prevent.
    Yet still the base wanker wonders hopeful –
    Is there a possible life more noble?
    Weak willed, led by his cock: needs assistance.
    Decided! This wanker needs a Mistress!

    Down from her throne does a Goddess descend,
    Miss Deelight – stunning, all hopes transcend!
    However, which sphere does this Goddess dwell?
    Seems equal mix high heav’n and evil hell.
    Voice sweet, lovely visage most appealing,
    But thoughts cruel, actions mean, has men kneeling.
    Lucky slave to have the Goddesses’ time,
    Needs controlling, firmly kept in line.

    Messages sent, the wanker enraptured.
    Control introduced: cock is surrendered.
    Orgasms stolen and cumming no more,
    A new way of life for the wanking whore.
    Frustration instead of satisfaction,
    Pleasing Goddess must drive every action.
    The pathetic wanker given purpose:
    Perfect Goddess to worship in earnest.

    What now for the fortunate humble slave?
    Conflicting strong desires – will he cave?
    Days of devotion and deep frustration,
    Writhing and squirming and ruination.
    A few days at least, highly delightful –
    Devoted to Goddess, ever grateful.
    Goddess is a powerful, playful, tease,
    The wanker craves more, but needs his release!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Up For Air!

    I granted my slave some time to catch his breath this week.  I envisioned my pet swallowing in all the air he could, in a similar way that a Tench might do having been caught on a fishing line and pulled out of water…..


    Having had a minor slave melt down, perfectly orchestrated by Mistress Deelight, the previous week I started this new week with no idea of what would happen next.
    This week I was on a family holiday that had taken me to a holiday home on the other side of the country. I had requested PC access for the week in order that I could keep up to date with work issues. Unfortunately I found it impossible to connect to the holiday home wifi with my PC and so had to ask Mistress to allow me to access the internet through my phone. I was not surprised that she allowed me the access that I requested. Mistress always understands that vanilla life has to somehow be squeezed in alongside the fetish world, but today she did do something else that did surprise me. Not only did she allow me vanilla access but she also opened up Twitter and her website for me and told me that I had her permission to view them. I felt the sands of my fetish world shift beneath my feet. I opened up Mistress Deelight’s web site and went straight to the blogs section. The first one I saw was one of mine written by me two weeks earlier but only published by Mistress 2 days ago. I read the intro and immediately understood what was happening. It read…
    ‘For those of you who are avid readers of my blog and of Slave Taquin’s journey, you will probably have assumed that the proverbial noose couldn’t get much tighter. Your assumption is wrong. I am slowly but surely squeezing the life out of my slave, he is now starting to choke on his own lewd fantasies. Will I ever allow him some air? Of course! But only so that I can revel in tightening my grip again and again!’
    It seemed that my surprise access to the fetish internet was Mistress allowing me some air before starting to tighten the noose once again. To know that my freedom was planned, probably brief and likely going to be followed by more fetish misery made me ridiculously horny. Why? It was certainly not because it involved more fetish misery (although I do believe that you can only truly appreciate the fabulous highs when you have experienced the terrible lows). My excitement was driven by the knowledge that I was being so perfectly controlled and manipulated. I didn’t just breath in the wonderful fresh fetish air, I gulped and gulped!
    The following day I received another surprise and, on the surface of it, welcome email. Mistress declared that she was doing away with my once a week guaranteed internet access. Fetish Friday had been cancelled. It was welcome from my perspective because I had come to dislike the ‘structure’ it provided in my fetish world. I would like to think that Mistress was taking pity on me. But I am pretty sure that the truth lay in the reason that she gave me for the change. Mistress told me that she didn’t want me to know if or when access would be allowed. Basically she would now find it easier to torture me again!
    And I felt so incredibly horny and so incredibly grateful to Mistress for all of this. In hindsight I think it was probably the sort of gratitude that the man stretched out on the rack feels when his torturer eases the pressure momentarily. Mistress had eased the pressure and by now I was almost hyperventilating on wonderful fresh fetish air. By Wednesday I was a total mess. At one point Mistress asked how her property was. I did explain that it was driving me nuts locked as it was in the device. I have to say that I just love the sensation of being locked in a chastity device. It is for me such a tangible loss of power and control. Being locked up normally happens before I leave the HOD after a session. It is in a moment when I don’t actually want to be locked up again. I will have just finished a session with Mistress. It will have been intense. One way or another my balls will have been emptied. I will have just had a shower. And Mistress will have told me to see her again before getting dressed. At this point in my exhausted, happy, but by now returning to vanilla mindset, the last thing that I think I need is to be locked up in a stainless steel device. Mistress knows full well of course that once she has me locked up again it will only be a matter of hours before she has me feeling submissive and controlled once again. She makes me put on the device and then takes the padlock and clicks it into place. Many times this week I have, in my mind’s eye, seen her do it to me at the end of my session 3 weeks earlier. She had clicked it shut and then looked me in the eye and told me that she was not going to allow me to unlock myself for any reason (I know that she would in a medical emergency, but that wasn’t the point that was being made). She had handed me the heavy duty key safe with my emergency key safely locked away behind a code that only Mistress knows and sent me on my way. At this point I know that I am fucked. I am fully owned with no opportunity to stray.
    But whilst I do love chastity it is sometimes incredibly difficult to cope with. Even now, after more than 18 months of being locked almost 24/7 (apart from when Mistress is kind enough to take it off at the HOD) I still sometimes feel a wave of panic hit. It is when I feel so horny that I can think of nothing else and I realise that the only way for me to ease the pressure that is building up inside me is locked away out of my reach. And in my panic of that moment my enforced submission makes me even more horny. It is a wonderful, terrible, fabulous vicious circle. I literally feel like curling up into a submissive ball of intense unstoppable, almost unbearable, hornieness. This is what Mistress can do to me.
    During Wednesday we had exchanged e mail’s concerning the date of my next session. I had asked Mistress if I could reschedule due to a commitment that I now had. She had kindly agreed and better still we had settled on a revised date in just 10 days time. And of course I started to think of being with Mistress again, restrained and helpless whilst she took pleasure in my desperation. And then at the end of the day I made matters even more intense and difficult for myself. My vanilla lady friend had said that she wanted to meet up for lunch again. She is a naturally assertive woman (it is one of the many things that I like about her). I had told her that I was feeling particularly compliant that day at which point she moved from assertive to downright bossy! She won’t be at all surprised to hear when she reads this that I am very happy to be bossed about by her. Since telling her of my fetish world our friendship has not been affected. If anything it has strengthened as it has allowed us to talk with each other on a much more personal level. Anyway it forced me to write to Mistress to ask her permission to meet my friend for lunch. In the same e mail I asked Mistress for her permission to send a small gift to a Findom whose twitter outputs I particularly enjoy. It was her birthday and it felt like a good time to thank her for what she does. It seems only right and proper to do this as I do occasionally ‘like’ some of her tweets. I would never want to be considered a ‘freeloader’. Mistress responded that she was too tired to answer such questions that evening and that I was to ask her again the next day.
    On Thursday morning I did as instructed and asked Mistress my questions once more. After a little while she kindly responded that both of my requests had been approved, but only on the basis that if I was going to buy a Findom a gift that Mistress expected to be treated likewise. This condition just made me feel all the more horny. My defences had been well and truly demolished by this time. I do enjoy buying gifts for Dommes and particularly for Mistress Deelight. I just have to be careful that I don’t overstretch myself financially. And so Friday was another wonderfully torturous day. I spent a little while on the Findoms wish list and purchased something that I hoped that she would appreciate, and then I spent time on Mistress Deelights’ wish list ensuring that I spent even more on her. And then I spent time agreeing to take my friend to lunch. She was in a particularly bossy mood herself that day and so I was instructed to pick her up from home, take her to the venue of her choice, and not to be late!
    I got up early on Friday morning. I really didn’t have any choice. It was the only way that I could stop Mistresses property trying to break out of its device. I sent Mistress an early morning text telling her of my desperation. She responded by calling me her ‘horny weakling’. It was a great description. And then she tweeted a picture of her fabulous breasts cradled beautifully in gorgeous lingerie. As always I convinced myself that it was aimed just at me (rather than any of her other 6000+ followers!) My torturous week continued.
    A good example of how relaxed Mistress has been with me this week came later in the day. I had seen that Mistress had posted a blog on Twitter that referred to the fabulous new coat that hypnobot one had bought for her. For once Mistress had made a small mistake. She had referred to it as a Tench Coat. She had of course meant to type Trench. In my state of slave euphoria I thought that I should try to point out her mistake in a light-hearted way.  I do understand that this is probably not funny to the vast majority of the (hopefully) adult readers of this blog. But I couldn’t help myself for the rest of the afternoon. I just giggled and giggled like a naughty school boy! I knew that Mistress would find it funny although once I had sent it I did become a little nervous that she might use it as a reason to give me a good telling off (or worse) for being impertinent. What did she do? She exchanged a few light-hearted texts with me and then tweeted her thanks to me for pointing out her mistake. What a lovely Mistress!
    Saturday on the face of it was all about getting packed up and driving home. But I knew that it was more than that. I had been treated to internet access on my phone all week due to my problems connecting with my PC. I had a thoroughly wonderful, albeit intensely and desperately horny, week with free access to Twitter and Mistress Deelights website. I had bought Mistress presents, been allowed to buy a Findom a birthday present, been allowed to ask my vanilla lady friend to lunch. Looking back on my week I realised that Mistress had made my holiday so much more enjoyable than it would otherwise have been. I had a profound feeling of gratitude towards Mistress. And in this I found a new and powerful feeling of total submission. I had been taught that it is possible to feel controlled and powerless through kindness as well as through pain or suffering.
    As I drove home on Saturday afternoon the words of my Mistress were echoing in my mind.
    ‘Will I ever allow him some air? Of course! But only so that I can revel in tightening my grip again and again!’
    I needed to find out whether this period of fresh fetish air would continue or would be cruelly snatched away from me once again.


    I have got some very special cigarettes. Smooth delicious, Black Russian Cigs; black with a gold tip. I am going to smoke this cigarette and as I do you are going to find yourself becoming weaker. As I draw on my cigarette I am going to draw you in until you find that you can’t take your eyes off my lips and off my cleavage. You are going to find yourself becoming more and more mesmerized, weaker.

    Are you ready to become seduced by my smoking?

    Watch the smoke as it passes through my lips. You love it. The more drawn in you become, the more addicted you are going to be (to me).   You are going to be addicted to my website, addicted to my videos and ultimately addicted to me.

    As I am drawing you in, I am draining you. I am going to drain you. I am going to break you and then only I will be able to fix you. You are going to become so intoxicated that you won’t be able to get enough of me

    video-9-00_08_01_25-still006 video-9-00_08_45_14-still002Purchase the full clip now!