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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Phone Pest

    This is the week of my first ever 5 hour session. I am of course really looking forward to it but inevitably nervous. I know that Mistress can play with my head, my body and my emotions. I really don’t know how I will cope with 5 hours’ worth of attention.

    At the end of last week Mistress had planted the seed of an idea in my head. By Sunday the inevitable had happened. The seed had not only germinated, but it had grown into a giant evil Triffid in my mind! The seed was the concept of an electric shock device attached to Mistresses property remotely controlled by her through the internet. The Triffid was the email that I subsequently sent her on the subject of how such a device could be used against me whilst alone in my workshop, before then progressing into many other foolish areas that I daren’t repeat again here. As of Tuesday, Mistress had not mentioned anything about it. I really don’t know if that means that she hasn’t yet had time to read it, has read it and consigned it to her ‘Taquins drivel’ folder or is considering its contents.

    And it was on Tuesday morning that I received one of the most exciting instructions from Mistress that I have ever received. It was ‘Today you must go for a 3 mile walk’. I gasped as I read it and Mistresses property went ballistic. To those of you who crave a morning instruction of ‘wrap 4 elastic bands tightly around you balls and beat them 100 times with freshly picked nettles’ or ‘put on your finest summer frock and walk up your local high street’ this might seem odd, lol! But to me this is the ultimate distance control. I had been instructed to do something very simple. There was absolutely no opportunity to do anything but complete the task as instructed. (It was to be recorded by the ‘Map my Walk’ app that Mistress has loaded on my phone). The task had been set by my Mistress as a kindness to help me to get fit. It was a task that was easy for Mistress to set and didn’t mean that I was using up too much of her valuable time. I knew that it was only the beginning and that Mistress would push me to achieve my fitness goals. I knew that Mistress would not let me falter as the cold wet winter days weakened my personal resolve. She was on my side.

    I set off for the horniest morning walk that I had ever experienced! Every step was being done for Mistress and each was a measure of her care for me as her slave. It was really quite blissful. Coincidentally Mousey sent me a ‘how are you’ email as I reached the half way mark. I replied and explained my morning. Within the next hour Mousey was also set some exercise tasks and within the next 24 hours Mistress had created and rolled out ‘Map my Slave’! This is an online tool created by Mistress within which she can set daily and weekly exercise tasks for her slaves

    On Wednesday Mistress made a quick (virtual) visit to workshop in the morning and told me that she would return later to ‘have some fun’ and that i should ‘be very scared’. Whilst Mistress never did come back that day it had the effect that Mistress desired. I was indeed scared all day and even considered going back into the house to do other stuff for the rest of the day.

    On Thursday Mistress decided to play with me. It left me confused and a little scared, just the way that she likes her slaves! I was working alone in my workshop at the time. It started with a ‘private number’ call to my mobile. I picked it up and answered it before I realised that it was probably an annoying spam call. The moment I answered it the call went dead. And then it rang again. I ignored it, and again, and again and again. All in quick succession. At this point I suspected that it was Mistress trying to wind me up. I also suspected that she was enjoying watching me through her spy cameras set up in my workshop. I put the phone to mute and carried on with my work. I could still hear the occasional ‘buzz’ as it vibrated to tell me of yet another call. I got on with my work as best I could whilst glancing across at my phone frequently .

    A moment later the main house phone rang. I have a handset in the workshop but normally leave it to Mrs Taquin to answer any calls in the house. It stopped after two rings and I knew that Mrs Taquin had indeed picked it up. A moment later the house phone rang again. Once again Mrs Taquin picked it up. And again, and again! Next time I was ready and picked it up myself using the handset in the workshop. It went dead immediately just like my mobile had done. I did ‘1471’ only to be told that it was a withheld number. Now I was sure that it must be Mistress. Why else would I be receiving such calls to my mobile and home number at the same time?

    Note to other slaves considering their desired level of control:

    Choose carefully. If you have a ‘no limits’ contract with Miss Deelight as I have then you should be aware that Mistress has balls the size of a testosterone crazed Bull! She will not flinch at making calls to your wife (not to expose you, what use is an exposed slave to Mistress? but to scare you), calling at your house, send you stuff in the post, or doing whatever else she decides is required to impose her will on you. Beware!

    I sent Mistress a WhatsApp telling her that I knew what was going on. The regular calls continued. I talked out loud to Mistress in my workshop suspecting that she was silently watching me. No one answered. I went inside the house to see how Mrs Taquin was coping. As I walked through the door the first thing she said was ‘why is this phone ringing every 30 seconds? Every time I pick it up it goes dead’. We discussed it for a couple of minutes during which time it rang twice! I suggested that it must be one of those automated call center’s that must be having a funny five minutes. Luckily, she went out in the car for about 10 minutes and so I went back to the workshop. The calls continued. I tried to ignore them. At one time both my mobile and the house phone were ringing at the same time. Mrs Taquin returned home just as the house phone rang once again. We had another discussion about it. I carried on with my work. The calls continued. I was worried that Mrs Taquin might be getting really annoyed by it and in the end, I cracked (as Mistress knew I would have to) and sent Mistress another WhatsApp asking her to stop.

    The calls continued for a few minutes and then I finally got the reply from Mistress that read ‘???’. I replied and explained that I was getting multiple nuisance calls and that Mrs Taquin was getting twitchy. Mistress replied that she was having a nice family afternoon and that it was nothing to do with her!!! At this point my stressed slave mind went into minor melt down. I apologised profusely to Mistress and wished her a happy afternoon with her family. She responded ‘I should think so to’. I had been told off and put in my place. I felt guilty. I stood in my workshop and wondered what the hell was going on. The phone continued to ring. But a bit less frequently. I tried to think things through. I concluded that, as it was happening on both of my phones, that it must be something to do with Mistress. Mistress then tweeted that she was having a lovely afternoon of R&R with her family. Like the weak-minded slave that I am, I believed her. I was so confused (or I believe the technical term is mind fucked!). I sought other explanations. Maybe it really was a dysfunctional call center that had both of my numbers. I even considered the possibility that Mousey had been instructed to make the call (sorry Mousey) in Mistresses absence. In the end the calls subsided.

    Eventually Mistress tweeted what fun that she was having winding both myself and Mousey up. Apparently if I had done 1471 on one of the calls I would have heard a number. If I had called that number I would have been transferred directly to Mousey. Now that would have been confusing and amusing in equal measure if we had worked out who we were each talking to.

    Once I realised that I had been mind-fucked by Mistress yet again her property went into overdrive. She really is one ballsy and frightening woman. And I love her for that.

    And then in a perfect example of the highs and lows of servitude I received a terrible text at the end of the evening. Mistress was unwell! This was terrible for two reasons. I felt really sorry for Mistress who had apparently picked up some violent sickness bug and I felt sorry for myself as it meant that my 5 hours session that was due to take place the following day would have to be postponed. How unfair for both of us!

    The following day was spent checking on Mistresses wellbeing and trying to rearrange my session and everything that had been planned around it. By late afternoon I had done just that and had heard that Mistress was feeling a little better. Mousey kindly checked in to see how I was also which was very kind. Mistress decided to ease her boredom by demanding to setup my new app controlled key safe. This she duly did and finished the process by telling me to lock the bon4 device that I had been wearing for some time with a steel padlock and to place the key into the new key safe. As I did both things I started to feel better. Even when Mistress is unwell she still thinks of her slaves and finds new ways to take them even deeper under her control.

    I should say, by the way, that as the week progressed I continued to carry out the walking task set by Mistress. I had been instructed to complete 3 x 3mile walks in my first week. This was actually a significant increase on what I had been doing for the previous year (I had got so lazy!) but was actually less than I could comfortably achieve. And so, like the smart arse lemming that I am, by the end of the week, I had smashed the target set. Instead of doing the 9 miles set I had actually done over 16 miles. This was of course a school boy error of the greatest magnitude.

    On Saturday I exchanged emails with Mousey to discover that she too had placed an order for an app controlled key safe. I look forward to hearing how Mistress decides to use it to make Mouseys life even more challenging.

    I asked Mistress if I could try to break into the key safe using the app located on my phone. She said yes, I found that it had been put under the control of Qustodio and that I was once again easily beaten by the techgoddess.

    I did some work on the mapmyslave spreadsheet to try to help Mistress. She thanked me for it and told me that I would now be required to help her with it each week. And then she set my new walking goals for next week. 5 x 4 mile walks! And 20 stomach crunches a day! My school boy error had come home to roost. Both goals set Mistresses property pulsing. The walking targets are definitely stretching and will help me a great deal. The mapmywalk app will ensure that I have no choice but to complete them. The real surprise was the stomach crunch target. When asking for Mistresses help with my weight and fitness I had deliberately not asked her for any other exercise targets apart from walking. The fact that she is now going to make me do other stuff as well has pushed me into a dribbling dither. I know it will do me good and I know that Mistress knows all about training and fitness having previously pushed herself to the limit. It appears that I have now been stripped of any say in what I will be required to do. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    This morning I awoke to two communications from Mistress. One was a copy of an email invitation to an ‘invitation only’ xmas party at the HOD. And the other was a WhatsApp telling me that my attendance was mandatory. The first communication filled my mind with horror and the second sent Mistresses property ballistic inside its cage. Mistress knows me so well. She knows that I will find mingling with other slaves difficult (it is not that I am antisocial, honestly! It is just that I have only ever wanted to session with women present) but she also knows that I am at my most submissive and horniest when being told what to do.

    And then to illustrate this point further I have been told that I must complete this blog by 2pm today and to do so with my butt plug in place and wearing my lace panties. Mistress has also confirmed that I must do it in the garage in order that she can check my compliance. I am of course doing just that now, unsure of whether Mistress is reading this as I type it (can she do that? I really don’t know) or maybe she is watching me via the spy camera? All I do know is that I seem to be dribbling so much that I risk dehydration whilst feeling totally submissive and in love with my Mistress. What a nice Sunday it is. And I have a 5 hours session to look forward to in less than a week!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Spending on Control

    Sunday was blog day as always. But today I was required to do something else. I was required to send Mistress an additional email with any thoughts and ideas I might have for my 5hr session at the end of the month. This is difficult! It is such a rare opportunity to suggest things for a session. I wanted to use it to suggest something new rather than just falling back onto some of the wonderful experiences that Mistress has treated me to previously. It was also an opportunity to suggest a couple of things that I had thought about but never dared to suggest before. In the end, I suggested a piece of equipment that I had not experienced before, but that Mistress seems particularly enthusiastic about currently, an activity that I had always enjoyed watching in my small array of fetish videos and weight loss management!

    I am aware that Mistress has helped other slaves to manage their weight and fitness and had for a long time wanted to ask her to help me. It is a big decision though. I know it will involve a pretty significant change in my diet and will also involve me doing a lot more exercise than I currently do. I also know that Mistress will ensure that I do what is necessary. There is no way out now.

    On Monday Mistress asked which device I had on. I told her which one and then heard no more on the subject until just before bedtime. Mistress sent me a text that just said ‘take your device off’. It is an unusual instruction and set my mind racing. Why? Was I going to be allowed an orgasm? If not what was the plan? You just never know with Mistress. But then I realised that there was one pretty fundamental problem with carrying out the instruction. The device was locked on with a steel padlock and Mistress hadn’t provided me the code to the key safe. I sent Mistress a text asking for the code, but went to bed shortly afterward without hearing back from her.

    Tuesday turned out to be a pretty momentous day for many reasons.

    Firstly, Mistress reminded me that it was the day that she was going to take over my new laptop. It always makes me feel scared and submissive when I watch Mistress lock down my pc, apply her own passwords, take over admin control and start to load on the software that she will use to restrict me.

    Then she instructed me to look at something called a Dreamlover 2000. I discovered that it is an electric shock device that has its electrodes placed inside a chastity device. The website is spectacularly frightening for the male species. It describes its products as a ‘male management system’. In its most expensive versions, it is totally mobile, app-controlled and can do things like sense if it has been removed without permission or even the angle of the wearer’s body. As an example of the potential power, it has, among many other things, something called Canine mode. I have copied and pasted a section of the website that explains what this is….

    The canine mode feature enforces quadrupedal locomotion. Pulses are delivered in quick succession when the receiver is not held horizontal (parallel to the ground) and facing downwards. In combination with a securely fastened waistband, the canine mode allows you to temporarily revoke upright locomotion rights with powerful psychological effect on the male being trained. On the Pro model, Canine mode is preceded by a non-configurable “silent command” to alert the wearer this mode is being entered. The wearer has approximately 3 seconds to assume the canine position before pulse delivery begins.

    I have to confess that the whole concept of such a technology being available to Mistress is a huge turn on. If anyone could use it to force total slave compliance then it is Mistress. I imagined its use whilst Mistress watched the effects whilst I was alone in my workshop. She would have so much fun! But then I looked at the price $1900 dollars!!! It seems that this particular devilish device will have to wait.

    And then Mistress started to talk about linking exercise targets (monitored by an app) with an internet controlled key-safe. The first impact of this was to make me take a deep breath. It meant that she had read my email concerning my next session (oh what have I done!) and that she was going to ensure that I did the necessary exercise to aid my weight loss (again, oh what have I done!!). The second impact was to wonder what Mistress could do with an internet controlled key-safe. I am still not sure.

    And then I had to go and meet Mistress to make my final payment for my submission to her for the whole of 2018. We met and I handed over the remaining £1000 that I owed together with 2 Viagra that she needed for a session the following day. But probably even more significant than this was the fact that I handed over my old laptop. It had died but then miraculously come back to life a few days later. Mistress had told me that she wanted to use it to see if she could break out of the lockdown control that she had put on it, without the use of her passwords. I’m sorry fellow TeamViewer slaves. If Mistress can’t break out of her own technological bonds, then neither will we. What I hadn’t realised though, until after I had handed it over, is that Mistress wants to use it to develop her PC and Network hacking skills. We are truly doomed.

    Before I left her Mistress unlocked my chastity device and told me to remove it. I still didn’t know why but did as I was instructed.

    It didn’t take long to find out. Following a quiet day on Wednesday I received a simple task from Mistress on Thursday morning. I was to edge on the hour every hour for the rest of the day. I was to report to her each successful edge and was reminded that there was to be no cumming!

    To be allowed to touch Mistresses property is indeed a rare treat. But to edge it continuously is both torturous and difficult to do. Knowing that you are not allowed to take yourself to a completed orgasm is really challenging. Past experience told me that there would be a real risk of edging too far and starting to cum. Even just a little cum appearing is forbidden and yet I knew that I had to edge properly. My solution was to tell Mistress that I would be doing it in my garage in a place where the spy camera could see me. I have no desire for Mistress to see me wank (I bet it isn’t her favorite activity either lol), I actually find it embarrassing. I did want to make sure that I didn’t have any accidents, however. The thought that she ‘could’ be watching was actually very effective. I edged 11 times altogether and didn’t cum once. I would like to say that it didn’t get to me too much, but I would be lying through my teeth. It had a spectacular effect on my desire to please! By the end of the day, I had bought Mistress a £80 dash cam, bought ‘myself’ a £170 wifi controlled key-safe as directed by Mistress and sent a £50 voucher to a Findom Goddess who specializes in Blackmail (with Mistresses permission of course). Not only that, I had twice asked Mistress if I would be allowed to complete my final edge at 10pm and take it through to a mind-blowing orgasm. And Mistress had twice ignored my request.

    On Friday my instruction was to lock myself back up this time with the Bon4m. The second I did this and had sent Mistress the picture her property started to dribble uncontrollably. Edging had really got to me the day before but being locked up again had just made it so much worse.

    Later on Friday my laptop screen went black and I thought that Mistress was on there making changes. I stood and watched for ages but nothing happened. I wondered if it had crashed. In the end, I gave the power button a press and the screen sprang to life. On it I saw the settings screen for my household broadband/wifi router. WTF! Mistress was doing something but I really had no idea what she was intent on doing. I watched for a moment and then decided to walk away. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop her and actually didn’t want to know what it was she was doing. I was certain that I would find out soon enough. I went inside the house and tried to get on with another task. A couple of minutes later Mistress requested the Router master passcode. Meekly I sent it to her. During this time the fear was building up inside me. What if Mistress took over the home network? There are several of us who use it for work and for pleasure. What if she disabled it and made demands for its reinstatement? I love being totally at the mercy of Mistress and the whole experience made me even hornier than I had felt at any time the previous day. I sometimes wonder why I love Mistress most when I fear her most. I think it is the fact that, at those times, I am totally dependent on her to look after me and keep me safe. She has my life in her hands and I have no control.

    In the end, Mistress disclosed that she hadn’t completed whatever she had set out to do and so I breathed a sigh of relief
    Her property calmed down a few moments later.

  • Good Slaves Show Appreciation.

    Whilst doing my emails yesterday I arrived at these two sweet messages of appreciation from submissive and polite gentlemen.  The rest of you who regularly follow me on twitter and enjoy my website but don’t show gratitude, would do well to take note.  Below the messages you will find a nice easy way to find and remember how to get to my amazon wishlist.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Learning the Hard Way

    Sometimes, a Mistress has to step back and allow her slave to experiment with his fantasies for himself.  It had already been discussed that I would not be able to provide Slave Taquin with the wrestling fantasy that he had in his head, however now it seems that I absolutely will.  Slave Taquin did have to learn the hard way though!

    This week was ‘session week’. And how I felt like I needed it! For various reasons my usual session frequency of once every 4 weeks had turned into an 8 week gap. I was desperate for an orgasm, locked as I was in a chastity device, but most of all I knew that I needed something else that only Mistress can properly provide. I desperately needed her control.
    Mistress always uses sessions to ‘top up’ my understanding of the control that she holds over me. They are an opportunity to be praised or to be punished but whatever happens I leave knowing that I am owned by Miss Deelight. As already stated it was now 8 weeks since my last ‘top up’. In addition to this the extent of the distance control that I had experienced had reduced. I think that this was partly due to the fact that Mistress knew that I had a major work project to complete. It felt like she had taken a step back from inflicting the tasks and torments that she would often subject me to in order to allow me the space to get my work done. But my feeling of a lack of control also resulted from me having messed up my phone. As we all know I do have to try to escape. Mistress had locked down my phone several weeks earlier and blocked me from accessing all ‘fun’ sites, with the exception of her Facebook group. To cut a long story short I had somehow broken free. This left me in the horrible position of knowing that I could look at stuff but desperately trying to resist the temptations. And in that same process I had also messed up my Facebook account and so I had to exit the slave group on there.
    That is the back story to why I really needed my session this week. But I didn’t just have 2 and a half hours with Mistress to look forward to on the Saturday. I had also been given permission to have another wrestling session with Princess for an hour beforehand. Saturday was all set to be a brilliant day!
    My week started as most do with me submitting my blog and hoping that Mistress thinks it worthy of publishing. We exchanged emails on the subject of my Facebook account in particular. Mistress tried to help me sort it out in order that I was able to rejoin the group, but it didn’t quite work

    Mistress had a much needed day off on the Monday. For my part I decided to exchange emails with Princess about our forthcoming session. I had enjoyed my first session with her very much but we both wanted to discuss how the second session could be even better. The major theme was the fact that I am a wimp who can’t deal with pain and that I wanted her to take it easy on me! To an experienced wrestler whose primary mission is to hurt her opponent and make him or her tap out (submit), this provided much opportunity for mirth at my expense.
    On Tuesday I woke feeling particularly flat. I told Mistress that I feared that I had become vanilla. She mocked me and told me that was never going to happen.
    On Wednesday I confessed how easy it was for me to now access Mistresses website through my phone. I went on to tell her that I thought that the only solution would be for her to take a look at my phone during my session on the Saturday. Her response shook me. It was ‘I think that’s a great idea, once I’ve punished you’. It created a response that still surprises me. I became instantly, intensely Horny! The last thing I want is to be punished and yet Mistresses property behaves in a way that proves that I have absolutely no understanding of its needs. I back pedaled like mad. I was after all only guilty of owning up to my freedoms.
    Thursday and Friday were taken up with discussions about Mistresses new puppy and some gentle teasing about my session to come on the Saturday.
    And so session day arrived and I sent my morning messages to confirm that I was fit and well and looking forward to my sessions, one to Mistress and one to Princess. Mistress responded that she wasn’t going to session with me today as ‘she couldn’t be arsed’. Luckily for me it was only a moment later that she said ‘only joking’.
    I made my way to Newport and to my second ever bout with Princess. I thoroughly enjoyed it, in particular because she had taken on board the fact that she could still ‘win’ whilst using less force. Of course I can never gain ‘full satisfaction’ from such a meeting as I am locked in chastity throughout. By the end of the session I was exhausted and through no fault of Princess I had somehow ‘cricked’ my neck. I left however with a smile on my face and very much looking forward to the main reason for my visit to Newport, a session with my Mistress.
    I got into my car and drove the short distance to the HOD. I only had 20 minutes to wait until I was due to see Mistress but in that time I had ‘come down’ following my wrestling and worse still my neck had really started to trouble me. By the time I walked into the HOD I imagine that I must have looked like a bit of a wreck. Mistress sat me down in the lounge and chatted for a while. I am sure that she could tell that I wasn’t in the best shape to start a session. After a little while Mistress ordered me to go upstairs, undress and lay on the bed. Soon afterwards she entered the room, strapped me to the bed, put a pillow under my head, removed my chastity device, blindfolded me and left me to consider my position for the next hour. In normal circumstances this would allow to start to drift into sub space. But I had already been in subspace whilst pinned down on the wrestling mats. The only drifting I was going to do today was into sleep that was rudely interrupted from time to time by the pain in my neck.
    It was only at the end of my hour when things began to perk up a bit. Mistress called up the stairs and told me that she had sorted out my phone and that it was now like Fort Knox. The thought that Mistress had taken the opportunity to reinstate one of her ways of controlling me whilst I laid helplessly strapped to her bed brought her property bouncing back to life. This was reinforced by the knowledge that she was about to enter the room and that my session proper was about to start.
    Mistress came back into the room and commented correctly on how pleased her property was to see her. I still couldn’t see her properly as I was blindfolded. But I could see enough under the bottom of the blindfold to know that Mistress was dressed in black and stood in front of the mirror admiring her curves. She walked over to the bed, released my bindings, made me sit up and removed the blindfold. And there she was. I could see Mistress properly for the first time. She was wearing black boots with fabulous heels, a black lycra bodysuit and a black corset. Mistresses’ figure currently boasts some sumptuous new curves having regained a little weight following her marathon running shape last year. And it suits her. So sexy!
    Mistress made me stand in front of her whilst she secured my wrists behind my back and then proceeded to do one of my favourite things. She got a length of cord and tied my balls up. There is something about the way she pushes everything into shape before winding a cord around and around that gets me going every time. Best of all though is the moment that she forms a knot and draws it tighter and tighter. Bliss. Mistress attached a dog lead to the bindings and led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs into the dungeon. And that is where I am going to stop telling the tale of my session on Saturday. Things just didn’t work out as either of us would have wanted. My neck hurt so much that it prevented Mistress being able to do anything with me and my brain could not get into the right zone as a result. Also the effect of the physical exhaustion following my wrestling and the coming down after it actually just messed things up rather than improving them. In the end Mistress ordered me into the cage, teased me with her wonderful curvy backside and then treated me to a lovely orgasm.
    I went upstairs and had a shower before returning to Mistress to be locked back into the chastity device. And even that didn’t go to plan! I realised that a modification that I had done to stop me accidentally slipping out of it had come undone and that I would have to do some work on it in my workshop before being able to put it back on and feel secure. Mistress kindly agreed that I should do that. She locked my spare key into the key safe and gave me the open padlock to be attached once the modifications had been completed. (I am now locked again as I write this and the photographic evidence has been sent to Mistress).
    Yesterday Mistress and I exchanged emails and agreed that this week’s session was just a hiccup. It was a good word for it. I have not descended into a pit of despair and self-pity. I am disappointed that the day didn’t go as well as either of us would have liked and have learnt a lesson. I think that having a wrestling session before a HOD session was a mistake. Not just because of the risk of injury to my poor inflexible body but because I should always arrive at the HOD fresh and feeling ready for whatever is about to happen. It is a dilemma for me however. I did enjoy my wrestling session and really appreciated the care that Princess took (the neck thing was due to my ageing body as much as anything). I might ask Mistress if she will allow me to wrestle again at some time when I am not due at the HOD on the same day. I will have to think on that.
    Mistress and I have started to communicate about my next session already. Oh, and my phone….
    I have tried and tried. But I really can’t break free. I think that its ‘ownership’ has fully returned to Mistress now. It does leave me feeling exposed, helpless and vulnerable. Just the way I like to feel!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – #IamNowSoFucked!

    Well what a week it has been for Slave Taquin, and indeed for all of my remote control pets.  (In a moment of further genius I have decided to change ‘distance control’ to ‘remote control’ because that is what I do, control them remotely, pressing the buttons and sitting back with my feet up to watch the show).  I have gotten so deep under his skin and tightened my grip even more than he could ever have imagined.  How?  by being one step ahead of him.  My skills techDomme toolkit is expanding and no devices are safe once you give your consent for total power exchange.

    My week’s blog will start on Thursday. The beginning of the week is best forgotten as it involved me being ill and having to cancel out of my session planned for the Wednesday. Most depressing.
    I should also say that this blog could be considered slightly geekish in places. Indeed if it was the longest tweet in the world it would probably finish with some of the following #teamviewer #techdomme #pccontrol #phonecontrol
    but really it should be #tpe #Iamnowsofucked!

    On Thursday morning I woke to find that Mistress had tweeted a request to her slaves to help pay for her improvements to her ‘woman-cave’ (home conservatory / office). I sent my contribution to Mistress via circle pay and then sent her my morning text. It was lovely to see that her pets dug deep and by the next day Mistress had reached her target and was able to order the things that she required. Well done us!

    I had had my nice new Samsung phone since Monday and it was providing me much pleasure! This was the only good thing about not having had my session with Mistress that had been planned for the previous day. I knew that she would need me to take my phone to the HOD to enable her to install parental control software before she could take full control of my online life once again. Well that is what I thought anyway….

    As I sat watching the TV on Thursday evening I received a text from Mistress with a link to a piece of parental control software. I recognised it for what it was, the beginning of the end for my phone freedoms. What I didn’t realise at the time was it was actually just the beginning of a tumultuous couple of days that last night I described to Mistress as like being strapped helpless to the front of a speeding express train! Whilst pretending to be watching TV I selected the parental control software link in the text from Mistress and watched the software download and commence installation on my phone. And as I watched my freedoms being taken away from me I felt the discomfort in the cage and the inevitable dribbling began. I suspect at such times that I also get a healthy glow in my cheeks as well, but fortunately no one has ever mentioned it. I recognised the software as being the same that Mistress had used on my IPhone. I was pleased as I have come to know its wrinkles over the last couple of years. Regular readers of this blog will know that I just have to try to escape, even though I risk punishment as a result. I just can’t help myself. I have never found out how to escape its grip entirely (Mistress is far too clever for that) but I had come to suspect that it allowed me a little more latitude than Mistress might have intended. But then I went and did a spot of internet research on the new version of the software that I had just downloaded and realised that it was far more restrictive. Indeed the one that I had just installed on my brand new £500 phone was capable of reducing it to no more than a pretty black box! I started to shake a little at the thought of the power that had just passed to Mistress. I sent her a text to confirm that I had loaded the software and that it was live on my phone. Her reply sent a ripple of fear through me. It was ‘Good boy, that’s just the beginning’. Really?! What more was there I wondered. We exchanged a few more texts as the evening wore on. I could tell that she was busy exploring the options that my new phone gave her. And I could sense the joy that it was giving her.

    I spent much, no most, of that night trying to find a way of escaping the software. My morning text the following morning was the one that Mistress subsequently tweeted. During the night I had found a button that suggested that, if I were to press it, would result in me being sent a release code. But none ever appeared. (According to Mistress I must have pressed it about 20 times as this was the number of emails she had received. In the past I had come to believe that my attempts to escape had not been reported to Mistress. This was obviously no longer the case!). Mistress asked in the morning if her property had been uncomfortable it its device. She knew full well that the answer was yes. Mistress then told me that she now planned to lock down Mousey’s phone as well and did I think that was a good idea? I of course responded with a resounding yes! And then came the text that made me most thoughtful. Mistress informed me that she would be able to access my phone by Teamviewer and that she had even better parental control software and then came the phrase that made her property try to burst through its cage ‘So when I’ve got time, you’re going to follow my instructions!’ Of everything that happened this week this was the phrase that got to me most.

    Oh my goodness! what instructions? I didn’t know what to think. The last line of the text was so powerful, so scary and so hot. I could hardly contain myself. I received this text at 8.20am and then Mistress just left me sweating. At 9.43am she told me to load the teamviewer quick support app on my phone. I did as instructed and sent Mistress the ID that it provided. Again I was left to sweat. I had been mindfucked once again. It wasn’t until 4.30 in the afternoon that I heard from Mistress again. By this time I was in a real dither. I was in my workshop when I saw Mistress log into my laptop via teamviewer. Mistress opened the camera and the notes page. She asked me if I was alone and told me to raise my thumb if I was. I did as instructed whilst probably looking like a scared rabbit through my camera lens. Mistress went straight to my browser, removed parental controls and loaded up a video from Xhamster. This was a very pleasant surprise but at this point I really didn’t feel in need of any additional stimulus. The video that Mistress was making me watch was of a young lady looking super hot and super sexy bringing herself slowly and steadily towards orgasm. I could see that it was to last for 11 minutes. This isn’t the type of fun video I would normally watch. But today, knowing that I was being made to watch it by my Mistress, it started to drive me absolutely nuts. It was when it got to about 7 minutes through that I saw my phone spring to life. ‘open the Teamviewer App on this phone’ was the instruction from Mistress. I did as I was told. I picked up the phone and began watching as Mistress started to control it from her computer. She opened up the camera app and changed it to the selfie lens. Instantly I heard the click as Mistress had taken a picture of my startled face. She opened up a text page and typed ‘Now look away and carry on doing what you are doing’. What I was doing at that point was I believe, hyperventilating. I was watching a very steamy video whilst knowing that Mistress was busy doing something to my phone. I am in such deep trouble now I thought. At this point in writing this account of what happened I find myself in one of those situations where I cannot possibly explain to you how helpless and horny I felt at that moment. I knew that my freedoms were being taken away from me and I knew that I was powerless to do anything about it. The xhamster video finished and I looked at my phone. Mistress had left a message on it that just said ‘get on with what you are doing and leave me to do what I need to do’. Again I did what I was told. I fear I might have made a mess of the job I was trying to do at the time. My hands were shaking too much. And then my PC screen went black. Mistress had now moved on to do something to it as well. I felt the ropes being weaved more and more securely around my limbs. After a couple more minutes the screen came back to life and I could see some installation screens for Qustodio. ‘What, more control software?!’ I thought. I took the fact that the screen had come back to life as an ok for me to look to see what was going on. I was wrong! Mistress typed into the noted page that was open ‘I am not able to blackscreen you for this stage. Look away now or your picture gets posted onto Twitter!!!’ I think I probably shrieked and looked away instantly. I didn’t look again for at least 10 minutes. I felt like one of those bank tellers in the movies who has been told to kneel and look at the floor whilst the robbers make their getaway. But for how long? Eventually I did look and I could see that Mistress had signed out of my PC. It was time to try to find out what she had done. I soon discovered that she had loaded up Qustodio on both my phone and laptop. I opened up google on my laptop and started to research its capabilities. It appears that it is the mother of all parental controls. Just some of its capabilities are:

    To monitor all Web usage.
    To implement safe Web filtering and safe searches.
    To monitor all social media usage (not just what you use or how often, but to actually read every text, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter message and post).
    To apply time limits to usage.
    To locate and track the ‘child’s’ location.
    To list and potentially block any phone or text contacts.
    To report all ‘unsafe’ activity.
    And probably most devastating of all to produce a report of activity every 30 days.

    The list just went on and on. I couldn’t think of a single thing that I could do on my phone that Mistress wouldn’t know about or be able to read or constrain. I suddenly realised that my phone had become my primary fetish internet tool. I wondered why that was. It was because it provided a bit more wriggle room and access than my laptop, it was because it was there with me for all those moments when a couple of minutes could be spent catching up on all the fun, it was because it sat next to me every evening as I watched the TV. But most of all it was because I felt that Mistress had less visibility of my actions! Not that I wasn’t a good slave when told to be. It was just that I felt a little ‘safer’ pushing the boundaries on my phone than I did my laptop. I wondered why that was. The answer was that I suspected that the old Iphone software (the current version appears to have rectified this) didn’t provide weekly or monthly reporting. The thing that probably kept me most in line on the PC was that it provided to Mistress, and copied to me, a weekly report of my activity. And every week I receive that report, look at its contents, and wonder if this will be the week that Mistress takes me to task if there are any misdemeanours. It appears that Qustodio is going to produce such a handy and potentially damning report. I realised at this point that I was truly fucked. And so there I was stood in my workshop shaking and dribbling. Just when I think that Mistress can’t possibly take more control from me, she does.

    I tried to reassure myself with the knowledge that Mistress could not and would not monitor every call, text, facebook post that I made. Neither would she sit at her PC and track my every movement and location visited. She is far too busy to do that. But I came back to 2 key points. Firstly that I would have no idea of when she was watching or what she was reading and secondly to that damned report. There was now no hiding place.

    My next communication from Mistress sent a fresh burst of shivers down my spine and through her property (that had not been this hard, for this long, for such a long time!). Mistress informed me that she had just ordered the same Samsung phone as me as her new ‘work’ phone and informed me that ‘once I know my way around it you’ll be history’. Oh I was in so much trouble. I decided I should calm myself down a bit by starting to find the inevitable opportunities to find a little ‘wriggle room’ from this new software. The obvious place to start was in the settings folder. It was time for Taquin to do what he does best and try to escape. I found the settings app on the phone and tapped it. And then it happened, the turquoise screen of phone enslavement appeared and declared: ‘Qustodio requires your password to access the settings screen’ WTF! So now it seemed that I couldn’t change the settings of anything on my phone without a code. How is a slave meant to escape his bonds if he can’t reach the knot in the first place? There must be another way to access app settings and controls I thought. I scrolled, I swiped, I tapped, I pressed, I turned on and off, I did everything. Not a hope.

    Later that evening I gave up trying to escape the software and sent a text asking if Mistress would let me have the password to allow me to change a couple of settings. I knew already what the answer would be. No. But it is how she said no that really got to me. It wasn’t the short sharp ‘No’ as I might have just suggested. It actually felt like the sort of response that a young Mum might give to her child who believes that he or she is old enough to cross the road without holding Mummies hand. It was firm, it was unequivocal and it was delivered in such a way that I knew that Mistress was, in her way, caring for me and knew what was best for me. Mistress took the time to explain to me that she wouldn’t give me the password and that from now on that she would be the only person who would make any changes to the settings of my phone.

    I went to bed that night having not had much sleep the night before and mentally exhausted from the days events. I should have dropped off immediately but there was not a hope of that. As I lay there in the darkness and the silence of my room I couldn’t think of anything apart from my wonderful Mistress and the control that she has over my life. Her property filled its cage and its pressure drove me nuts. I even thought about texting Mistress to request that I be released from my device to provide myself an orgasm. It was the only thing in my mind that could ease the intensity of the moment. I composed the text in my mind. It was to refer to the fact that I had not been able to attend my session earlier in the week, it was to refer to the fact that I had been a good slave and allowed Mistress to load up all of the new software (as if I ever had any choice!) and it was to resort to begging for her compassion. I never sent the text. There would have been no point. I just laid there and suffered. It was such wonderful, sweet suffering of the sort that I dream of.

    In my morning text the following day I told Mistress of the effect that she had had on me. I told her that she was the best Mistress ever. And she is. It is not what she does but how she does it. If she chooses to she can push every fetish and emotional button in my mind and my body. And now I have to live with whatever comes next. I have decided that the only thing I can do is to continue to use my phone as if nothing has changed. I have no choice. It is my window to the world. But from now on though I will know that every message that I send, every website that I visit, every step that I take might be watched by my Mistress. In reality everything has now changed. Mistress will decide how to use her new powers and I will just have to tremble at the thought.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

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  • Saying Thanks – Woman Cave Purchases Complete

    Two days ago I posted about a project I am working on to create a woman cave for myself where I can retreat for peace and quite in order to plot the demise of many of my subs.  Within 24 hours all £600 of items needed were purchased thanks to some devoted pets and also myself for adding more slaves to my digital collection via TeamViewer.

    This is to say a big Thank You to (in no particular order) Sissy Mouse (£100), Taquin (£100), Keith B (£130), OwnedbYMD (£50 and needs a more personal slave name), and Gaz (£25).  All names will go into a stiletto and one picked at random will get to be the first to view the cave when all the items have arrived.

    Nice going pets!

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

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  • Luxurious Gifts of Devotion

    Today was a good day for me.  Not only did I receive two beautiful gifts from two different pets but I have also had the opportunity to take a step back and marvel at the magnificent way in which I have commanded the respect and loyalty from my submissives.

    First of all, Slave Sissy Mouse presented me with a gorgeous pair of Italian Leather thigh boots, a belated Christmas gift. After he had christened them by way of worship I rewarded him with a cathartic descent into subspace; a place he wasn’t sure he’d visit any time soon after having his mind well and truly on other things.

    Then a visit from my Hypnobot followed, with the presentation of a stunning new Jasper Conran winter coat.  Hypnobot has acquired several smart items for me now so he knows my size and chose the perfect fit.  During his brief visit he also presented me with a fabulous silk tie for my dear friend Commander R’eal (Mistress R’eal), in advance of a pending future session.   After my Hypnobot had presented the items to me and taken some photos he was permitted leave, and later emailed me a testimony.  It is important to note that Hypnobot has been hypnotised to feel repulsion at the sight of a cleavage.

    Dear Commander,

    It was so wonderful to be in Your presence earlier, although the cleavage did make Hypnobot 1 stomach turn. It cannot help that reaction and thanks Commander for this.

    Hypnobot 1 truly has never experienced such a level of devotion, servitude and obedience to anyone else, as it has to Commander Deelight. HB1 has attended other Mistresses before You, but no other Commanders, and none as perfect as You.

    You have taken control of me and I am Your Hypnobot.

    Thank You Commander, Your servant xx

    Thank you for my gifts Mousey and Hypnobot xx

  • GiftDeelight.uk

    The items on my wishlist are things that I want, things that will make me happy or items I require to enhance my lifestyle, hobbies or businesses.  They may not be items that you would want me to have, but what would be the point in those kinds of gifts?  The only thing that should be of importance to you is the fact that you are buying something that will benefit me (not you).  Now that is said and done, make note of the web address below.  It will take you directly to my amazon wishlist.  I’ve made it nice and easy to remember, so you barely even have to think about it.  You should however note that there is no .co  it is a .uk address.  Simple things for simple minds right?

    You know what to do….




  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Committed for a Year!

    A couple of weeks ago something happened that proved the ultimate act of submission by a slave, both financially and psychologically.  Slave Taquin committed to serve me on a monthly basis for the next 12 months.  “How did he do this?”, I hear you ask.  I am going to tell you.

    I know slave Taquin very well.  Readers of this blog will recall that I probably know him better than he knows himself.  I know him inside and out.  Every mark on his body and every dark pathway inside his mind. I have explored, controlled and conquered it all. I also know much about his vanilla life too.  All this information has been consensually extracted over the past couple of years and I have used this knowledge to perfectly groom my slave in every way.

    A few months ago, during a session and further through text message conversations, I told my slave that he must commit to serve me for another 12 months starting in January 2017. I told him that he must start saving his spare income and working harder to earn the money to pay for 12 months worth of sessions and distance control in one go. He knew he had no choice because of all that I have on him, and so my slave saved and saved. (Note to reader: the blackmail aspect of this scenario is totally consensual, though my slave would never dare to test it by way of defiance!)

    The ultimate act of submission took place via Teamviewer, where I logged into my slaves internet banking (whilst he had the input disabled on his pc in order that he could not stop me) and transferred a large 4 figure sum of money to my own bank account.  As soon as I finalised the transfer, my slave knew there was no going back.  Well technically there is; he can withdraw from service at any time but I don’t give refunds! lol. He won’t withdraw his service though, because he knows that I have a fantastic year of sessions planned for him! Keep reading to hear Taquin’s account of this event…

    I will concentrate this week on one momentous morning in particular. For those who follow Mistresses Twitter profile you will know already what I am talking about. It was this week that Mistress ensured that I will remain enslaved to her until January 2018. And yes I do mean 2018! Of course it has been done with my total consent. Mistress is totally responsible and professional in everything that she does. But somehow she makes me desperate to submit further and deeper as every day goes by. This week was a perfect example of this. I had known of my fate for some time. I had agreed to prepay for twelve, two and a half hour sessions. I had agreed to prepay for daily distance control, enforced chastity, PC and Phone control. I had agreed to submit to Mistresses total control of my fetish existence. I had agreed to all of this knowing that once completed there would be no know going back. But up until this week I hadn’t actually taken that final step and paid over what is a substantial amount of money.

    It was on Monday that I received a text from Mistress that told me that I was to wear my collar and to bring my butt-plug to my session the following week. But it was in that same text that Mistress informed me that she required me to commit to the next 12 month contract in advance of my session. Apparently she would allow me to watch her transfer the funds from my bank account to hers as she was going to access my PC using TeamViewer. She informed me that I would be unable to stop her doing anything that she wished as she would lock out my keyboard whilst moving the funds. The text sent me into a dithering dribbling state for 3 reasons. Firstly I was conscious that Mistress required payment (and therefore my absolute commitment to her) in advance of my next session. Was this additional leverage going to be used against me in some way? Secondly because Mistress had made it clear that I was going to be powerless to prevent her taking what was now rightfully hers. And thirdly that Mistress had finished her text by telling me that, if I was very good, I might be allowed to remove the device and stroke myself very slowly whilst she transferred the monies. I do of course understand that this is a case of classic conditioning. Mistress allows me pleasure to reinforce my good behaviour. I know this but it makes no difference at all. Mistress allows me to touch her property no more than 3 or 4 times in a year now. It is such a rare treat!

    And as if this wasn’t enough to ensure that thoughts of my submission to Mistress filled every dark corner of my mind she then sent me a gorgeous picture of herself in beautiful black lingerie. I joked with her about the possibility that I might spontaneously cum in my device. Unfortunately this is a physical impossibility as far as I am concerned. The only time that I have ever cum in a device is when Mistress forced me to do so with the use of a large vibrator at the HOD.

    Mistress has ensured my desperation this week by allowing me continued access to Twitter. She knows what it does to me when she uses it as a tool to tease me with. My desperation intensified when I asked for permission to read the blogs that Mistress was posting on her website (I could see from Twitter the titles of what she was posting). Her response was a simple, firm and slightly dismissive ‘Nope’. I am never sure if this is a win, win scenario or a lose, lose! By that I mean that I really wanted to know what Mistress had blogged. I wanted to read what she had said at the beginning of my blogs and I wanted to read those of her other slaves. But I also get so excited when Mistress exerts her authority by denying me. The net result was to leave me a desperate dribbling mess, but I still hadn’t been allowed onto her website.

    By the time I sent my Thursday morning text to Mistress she had me just where she needed me, desperate for even more attention, whatever it entailed. Following a short exchange of texts Mistress tweeted to all her followers that ‘today is the day that Slave Taquin commits financially and mentally to me for 12 long months of torment’. It was around mid morning when Mistress sent me a text to tell me that she was waiting for me. I hurried into my workshop and looked at my PC screen. Mistress had arrived! The notes page was open and the camera was on. I sat in front of it and saw the image of myself staring back at me. As normal Mistress could see me but I wasn’t allowed to see her. The cursor moved on my screen and Mistress started to type instructions on the notes page.

    ‘Ok pet, you may remove your device and start stroking yourself very slowly’. I eagerly did as instructed, put the device down and took hold of Mistresses property for the first time in many months. It responded as it should. It can never feel as good as when Mistress works her magic on it but the sensation was wonderful nonetheless. I looked back up at my screen to find my banking screen open and to see my cursor hovering between my personal vanilla accounts and my business accounts. I typed into the notes page the name of the account where I had been depositing my ‘fetish savings’ over the previous 12 months. It also contained my savings for the tax man and so when Mistress told me that she was about to empty all of its contents with the exception of £200 I told her that would cause me a big problem! It was an illustration of the power she held over me at that moment. Of course I knew that she was just winding me up. Mistress can make me do whatever she wants. She doesn’t need to abuse her position. And apart from that Mistress plays the ‘long game’. She knows that she can keep me as her slave for whatever time she chooses. She would never abuse that position for a ‘quick buck’.

    ‘here we go slave, your commitment starts now…… stroke for me nice and slow while I take my dues’. I tried to type something into notes as a response but found myself frozen out from my PC. This was it!!!
    I just watched and stroked as Mistress moved the cursor quickly and expertly around my screen. I could do nothing now but stroke and watch as Mistress took what was now rightfully hers. I watched as she opened my account, located the payments option, selected her account, entered the amount, hovered briefly over the submit button (teasing me with the finality of it all) and clicked. It was done. My account balance was significantly reduced and I was fucked! OMG!
    It was at this moment that I realised that I had been slowly stroking the whole time, and I was so close to orgasm. Without releasing my precious grip I used the other hand and sent Mistress a text. ‘Please may I cum Mistress?’ in that moment it seemed like a reasonable request. It would have been the most expensive orgasm in my life! Mistress opened up notes again on my screen and typed ‘Nope’. ‘Wait until your boner to go down and then put the Bon4 on’. ‘I want you to feel the full weight of your commitment to me’. ‘and send me a photo as proof’.
    And so within a few minutes I had locked myself up and sent the picture, showing the number of the coded lock, to Mistress. I was trapped once again. Mistress then took the time to put me firmly in my place. She started gently by telling me how proud she was of me. I glowed with satisfaction. And concluded with ‘It gives you so much pleasure because I am the only woman who truly knows you and who truly knows how to expertly use that knowledge to manipulate and control you’. This last point is the ultimate truth. I have told Mistress so much and she has extracted so much from me. This knowledge provides her with the foundation that she needs. But the most important thing is that Mistress has empathy. She understands me and how to control me with my own weaknesses.
    I thanked Mistress for being willing to take me on for another year. I told her how much I was looking forward (desperate!) to seeing her the following week at the HOD. She concluded by telling me that she also ‘looked forward to it in so many ways, and for so many reasons’ – what did Mistress mean by this??!! – and then signed off with ‘happy head fuck’.
    And that is how my week has concluded. I have a session next week. Mistress has gone out of her way to tell me that it is ‘a big day’ for me. She is obviously relishing the prospect of whatever she has planned and I am trembling in terrifying nerve jangling anticipation!

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 57

    This week I decided it was time for me, once again, to take advantage of having access to my Slave’s computer and Amazon account.  Who would spend £20 of their own money on a luxury biscuit hamper for themselves?  Not me! So that’s why I spent his money instead.  What did he get in return?  He got to eat his own toenails!


    Distance control journal week 57

    The start of this week (as always on a Sunday) is enjoying the afterglow of my session the previous day with Mistress. I tried to put into words the session in last week’s blog but the truth is it was really indescribable and left me with a deeper feeling of submission than I ever felt before. It also left me incredibly drained and as such I had a lazy Sunday lie in. I messaged Mistress my weight (still no change 15st 9lb which to be honest was a surprise because in the last week my appetite has gone through the roof) and got on with writing my week 56 journal. Around midday Mistress replied that she too had enjoyed a lie in and had just woke up. This was great to hear because as we all know Mistress is a very busy lady and rarely gets time for herself. I duly sent my journal and a photo of my lunch and heard nothing more from Mistress today.

    Monday and my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and inform her that I was still enjoying the afterglow of our session. Mistress was pleased to hear this and apart from sending my required daily picture of my lunch I heard nothing more from Mistress until later that evening when I got an email from Amazon confirming my order. My first thought was my Amazon account had been hacked and then the penny dropped. Mistress had for the first time been shopping on my account via TeamViewer and helped herself without asking or telling me. I can’t deny this did arouse me greatly. I have wondered what it would feel like for quite a while if Mistress just helped herself (we have previously discussed this but quite a while back) and I got my answer incredibly arousing. Mistress messaged me a bit later to inform me that she was feeling peckish and thought she would browse Amazon for luxury biscuits at my expense. I also had no pc access today but to be fair I have been granted a fair amount over the last week, although I have had very little to look at with no twitter or adult access.

    Tuesday arrives and after an unexpected lie in I message Mistress around 40 minutes late. I then open my pc to find a recording of Mistress’s TeamViewer visit, unfortunately it doesn’t work but when I click on twitter I find I have been granted access. I message Mistress to thank her for my twitter access (although not on my phone but that is not a bad thing) and also for helping herself to her gifts. Mistress replied a little later that she had enjoyed helping herself and it helped with her battle of buying herself expensive biscuits. I replied that I had looked forward to her helping herself for quite a while and really enjoyed getting the email last night. Mistress replied by sending me a picture of her looking fabulous and almost bursting out of a red satin blouse I had bought from her wish list a week or so before. Once lunchtime arrived I had a task that Mistress had set me whilst I was strapped to the gyno bench on Saturday. Mistress had noticed that my toenails were quite long and told me to cut them and mix them with my lunch one day this week. So today was the day and I duly trimmed my nails and chopped the nails into small bits as a garnish for my pasta lunch. I sent Mistress the evidence and my reply was some disgusted emoji’s. I do have to worry about my mind and my love of degradation because when Mistress informed me of what she wanted me to do I just said yes Mistress and it doesn’t even register with me that it is slightly disgusting thing to do.

    On Wednesday I hear nothing from Mistress until later in the evening. I sent my morning message and my not so disgusting lunch picture and get on with my day. It is so nice that I now don’t get hung up on what might happen and just flow through the day. I did however suffer a bit of sub drop today but that was to be expected after my session on Saturday. In the evening I have an unexpected email from Mistress to discuss dates for upcoming sessions and confirm times etc. I have been very lavish and have my next session only two weeks after the last one to make up for the massive gaps I have had this year. I also inform Mistress that I have a busy day and early start so my message maybe late tomorrow. Mistress is very understanding and informs me that she too has a busy day.

    As predicted on Thursday I don’t manage to message Mistress until around 9am and then sent a picture of my lunch around 1pm. I hear nothing from Mistress today but I knew she had a busy day.

    Friday and I awake to a surprise message from Mistress wishing me good morning which was nice. I thank Mistress for her message and wish her a nice day and get on with mine. At lunch as always I send my picture of what I am eating. Around 5pm Mistress sends a message enquiring how I am and also asks about my sub drop which I had on Wednesday. I was having a very busy day and didn’t read the message for around an hour. I was pleased to report to Mistress that the sub drop was only temporary.

    On Saturday I message Mistress to wish her a nice day and to inform her that I have once again a very busy and possibly long day. (I am writing this blog at 8pm on a Saturday evening because my Sunday is also very busy). Mistress wished me good luck with my busy day and says that I will need my session next Saturday to relax. So very true I am already looking forward to my alone time chained to the toilet. I send Mistress my daily picture of my lunch and inform her I have had to order new knickers because the old ones are now falling down. Although I don’t seem to have lost much weight I am shrinking in size and I now have to order size 14. I also inform Mistress that I can fit into the SHB outfit without a corset. Mistress replies that she is very pleased and hopes that this will be the inspiration to keep going with the exercise and diet. It also made me remember the first session I had with Mistress almost 3 years ago and me crawling up the stairs behind her and Mistress saying if you want to be my slave you will have to lose weight. At that time is was 18st so yes Mistress has been a great inspiration to me and I hate to think how heavy I would be now.

    As this week has been quiet it has given me time to reflect on a few things that make me both smile and shake my head. I have not had any adult content access for quite a while, (I can’t remember exactly how long) the last time I was granted adult access it was because I had eaten my lunch off of the bathroom floor soaked in my own piss. Once I got adult access all I wanted to do was catch up with the blogs on Mistress’s website not go off and look at all and sundry. As Mistress now gets a weekly report of my online activities I now just check every day if I can view her website and then keep everything very vanilla. Mistress is now my complete kinky world so why do I need to look at anything else? Mistress did comment this week that my weekly report was very boring. I’m still not sure if that meant I have not been trying to look at stuff or that my online world is now very dull with her control. The other effect this has on me is my depraved imagination has been working overtime because if you can’t look at it then you can imagine it.

    I also now spend every day with trepidation when I use any app on my phone. Twitter is still banned on my phone and after Mistress turned my text messages off (albeit by accident) I am now grateful every day that I can have access to my phone. After Mistress shot across my bow so to speak a few weeks ago and duly reminded me of my place coupled with everything she has access to has ensured that I am now behaving myself in a suitably appropriate manner.


    I have got some very special cigarettes. Smooth delicious, Black Russian Cigs; black with a gold tip. I am going to smoke this cigarette and as I do you are going to find yourself becoming weaker. As I draw on my cigarette I am going to draw you in until you find that you can’t take your eyes off my lips and off my cleavage. You are going to find yourself becoming more and more mesmerized, weaker.

    Are you ready to become seduced by my smoking?

    Watch the smoke as it passes through my lips. You love it. The more drawn in you become, the more addicted you are going to be (to me).   You are going to be addicted to my website, addicted to my videos and ultimately addicted to me.

    As I am drawing you in, I am draining you. I am going to drain you. I am going to break you and then only I will be able to fix you. You are going to become so intoxicated that you won’t be able to get enough of me

    video-9-00_08_01_25-still006 video-9-00_08_45_14-still002Purchase the full clip now!


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – “I’ll Discuss it Tomorrow”

    For those of you who are avid readers of my blog and of Slave Taquin’s journey, you will probably have assumed that the proverbial noose couldn’t get much tighter.  Your assumption is wrong.  I am slowly but surely squeezing the life out of my slave, he is now starting to choke on his own lewd fantasies.  Will I ever allow him some air?  Of course! But only so’s that I can revel in tightening my grip again and again!


    Today I don’t know which way to turn. I have been allowed (having paid my emotional and financial dues – more on that shortly) access to my fetish world through my PC and Phone for the first time in weeks. I haven’t even been allowed access to the only app through which I am able to talk with my vanilla lady friend for some time. It has left me void of fetish fun, but so desperate to have it.

    And so here I am knowing that I must take the opportunity to write this blog but whilst being compelled to contact my lady friend, find out if Sissy Mouse is ok, read all of the blogs on Mistresses website and bury myself in the joys of Twitter. I am like a child looking under the tree on Christmas morning! But here goes on the blog….

    ‘I will discuss it with you tomorrow’

    It not so much what Mistress says but how she says it that really gets to me. It could just have easily been ‘we will talk about it tomorrow’ or even ‘let’s chat it over during your session’. But no, it was enough for me to know what the outcome was going to be. And I was going to lose. The subject in question was whether or not I would be allowed to remove my device during a weekend away on a small boat with a mate. Dealing with the need to pee whilst wearing a device in such situations is so difficult hence my request to remove it. At the end of a short exchange on the subject I received the ‘I will discuss it with you tomorrow’ text. As is often the case my poor slave head was confused. Fetish Taquin wanted Mistress to be tough and to make sure I remained locked and denied, vanilla Taquin worried about how he would manage to conceal the device from his friend. This morning I read a blog intro where Mistress said that she knew a particular slave well enough to make decisions for him. It feels like Mistress has adopted that approach with me also, and deep down I am pleased. How can I crave a lack of control and then try to set boundaries? It wouldn’t be real. I didn’t respond to Mistresses text for some time but just before going to bed I sent her the text that conceded. I asked her not to release me. Her reply? ‘I didn’t intend to’.

    The following day was one that I had looked forward to for many weeks. My previous session had had to be cancelled and so today was going to be the first time that I had seen Mistress in over 6 weeks. Better still it was going to be my first ever 5hr session. I actually worried whether or not I would be able to cope with Mistresses attentions for that long. But as far as I was concerned it was a fabulous worry to have.

    I arrived at the HOD to be welcomed by Mistress looking stunning in a beautiful summer dress. Being dominated by a pretty young lady rather than a ‘dominatrix’ is so exciting. The dress that Mistress had chosen (kindly purchased by another slave if I remember correctly) is the perfect complement to her perfect curves.

    I was instructed to enter the lounge and present Mistress with whatever I had brought with me. Firstly I gave her a small gift of appreciation to acknowledge two years under her control. I then gave her my key safe and my normal chastity device. It is just as secure as the Bon4 I was wearing currently but more comfortable for extended wear. Following my text exchange the previous day I suspected that I would find myself locked in it for some time to come! Whilst stood in front of me Mistress placed her hand on my locked crotch and enquired if I was dribbling yet. Oh how I started dribbling at that moment!
    Mistress told me to sit on the settee and then produced the leather bondage mitts that I had bought for her a few weeks earlier. She had previously told me that she would like some and I had thought that I would like to try them. It was another ‘win win’, that inevitably proved rather expensive for me. I put my hand inside the first mitt, clenched my fist, and Mistress tightened the leather strap around my wrist and buckled it in place. Each mitt has the facility to add a padlock for added security. Mistress strapped my other hand into its mitt and then padlocked both before shackling my wrists together. Next she taped my ankles in place and bandaged my eyes in order that I could see nothing around me. And there I stayed for the next hour. It is the first time that Mistress has allowed me to spend my first hour in her company. I did my best not to abuse the privilege by speaking unless I felt it was appropriate. Mistress was obviously busy on her computer and I didn’t want to interrupt.
    The end of my first hour of gentle pleasure was approaching when Mistress informed me that she was going to go and put on the latex dress that I had bought her a few weeks earlier. She informed me that there was a problem to be resolved. Apparently it was covered in talc and needed to be polished. Really! Polished?! I hardly dared to ask the next question, but I did. ‘Mistress, will you be wearing it whilst I polish it?’ I asked. ‘Yes slave I will’ was the reply. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I started to physically shake at the thought.

    Mistress left the room for a while. I could hear her upstairs and knew that she was changing. A couple of minutes later I heard her come back into the room and she started to release me from my bonds. Mistress removed the blindfold from my eyes, turned away from me and instructed me to do up the zip on her pink latex dress. I eagerly did as instructed and Mistress manoeuvred the dress into position and turned towards me. Oh what a sight! I have never before been a great latex fan, but I am now a convert. Mistress handed me a small sponge and some liquid polish and instructed me to apply it all over and to ensure that I removed every bit of talc. And so I did, slowly and deliberately, whilst ensuring that I was not considered to be abusing such a huge privilege. I have started shaking again whilst writing about the experience. Mistresses’ curves are breathtaking. It is yet another moment under the control of Mistress Deelight that will always be treasured.

    Once completed to her satisfaction Mistress instructed me to put on a blue full body zentai suit. I have never worn such a thing before and didn’t really know what to expect as a result. But like so many new things that Mistress has introduced me to it is now on my favourites list. Having put the suit on Mistress started to gently rub her hands over my entire body. It felt wonderful through the suit. She put the leather mitts on me again and took me through into the dungeon where she strapped and chained me standing against the bondage cross on the wall. Finally I was blindfolded and I found myself to be in a constrained and helpless heaven. Mistress ran her hands over me for a little longer before declaring that she would unzip the crotch on the suit and remove the device. The moment that Mistress knew that I had longed for was about to arrive. I felt the snip on the plastic lock off the device and Mistress gently removed it. As I suspect normally happens I gasped as the device was removed and started to whimper as Mistress took hold of her property and started to ensure that it became hard and erect for the first time in so many weeks. Just wonderful! What then ensued was a full hour of continuous, unrelenting teasing and edging. I love being edged so much! It is excruciatingly erotic. So much power in the hands of my Mistress combined with a ridiculous desire to cum that you know will not be permitted until Mistress gives her permission. But after a full hour of this I felt mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

    via GIPHY

    It was at this point that Mistress decided to strike! She got me to the very edge of orgasm and then held me there slowly and gently manipulating her property on the very edge of the cliff. It was at this point that she said that she wanted to discuss my new found love of FinDom. She reminded me that I had offered to start paying for access to fetish fun on the internet. Apparently this was the moment where she had decided that she wanted to discuss it further. Mistress knew that I was at my weakest point and that she held all of the trump cards. What then ensued was a ‘discussion’ around how much I should pay, how frequently and for how long. I agreed to everything. I was unable to do anything else. I had been totally overpowered and overwhelmed by pleasure, not pain. I knew that I was being totally manipulated but despite (or because of) this had no defence whatsoever.

    It wasn’t until Mistress declared that it was time for a break that she revealed that she had been videoing the whole episode. Not only that, she had also been live streaming everything to those willing to pay through adult work. I had been pimped without even knowing it. In the circumstances I really didn’t mind at all. I was pleased if Mistress was able to make a little extra from my torments. We took a breather and I completed a small DIY job for Mistress whilst she had her lunch.

    It wasn’t long before Mistress declared our break to be over and with a devilish glint in her eyes she ordered me to return to the dungeon. It looked like she was preparing the whipping bench. This wasn’t good at all. As Mistress put the bondage mitts back onto my shaking hands and proceeded to strap me to the bench I feared for what came next. My last session ended with Mistress writing into my records, held on her computer, that I was owed 37 strokes of the cane for being slow to respond to her texts. My ‘excuse’ had been that I had been watching bargain hunt had done nothing to help my cause. Once inescapably secured to the bench Mistress declared that this was indeed about to happen. Worse still she picked up a gag and placed it beside me. It produced one of the reactions in me I still consider to be something of a contradiction. It excited me to think that Mistress would add to her control of the moment by preventing me from calling out in pain whilst scaring me that she was about to hurt me so badly that she was going to need to apply it.

    Mistress brought her head down to that of mine on the bench and looked me in the eyes and told me in no uncertain terms that if I ever chose to renege on my Findom agreement that she would expose me on her website, her twitter and would put posters up on the lampposts around my home. She then went on to explain that today she was going to be kind to me. She explained that we both knew that it was necessary that I should be punished for my misdemeanours. (I actually agree with her on this point. I do need to be genuinely punished for mistakes made. My submission to Mistress would not be complete without it). But she went on to tell me that as I had been such a good slave for agreeing her FinDom terms that she would use the riding crop on me instead of the cane. I had to concede that this was truly a kindness. I HATE the cane. I don’t look forward to a riding crop either for that matter, but knew it would be just a little more bearable. But 37 strokes? I doubt I have ever taken more than 15 of anything in the past. This was going to be really difficult, and it was. All I will say is that Mistress administers a beating with great care and understanding. She is precise and measured. She taunts and she plays with your mind as she inflicts pain. Although I really don’t like the pain it almost feels as if Mistress is doing it out of a greater kindness. I survived the 37 strokes without too many tears and tensed for a moment as Mistress ran her nails over my now very sore bum. It was over.
    Mistress released me from the bench and told me to go upstairs and lay on the bed. I was so happy to hear this instruction. I suspected that I was about to be strapped to the bed to be treated to a happy ending to a wonderful session. If ever a session is going to end with a happy ending this is where I can enjoy it most. It allows the rest of my body to relax whilst gaining maximum pleasure where it matters most! And this is what almost happened… I was indeed secured spread-eagled to the bed. Mistress had by this time changed back into her wonderful summer dress and appeared happy with her days work. And after several more minutes of teasing and edging Mistress did indeed treat me to one of the most wonderful happy ending imaginable. The only problem was that at the point that Mistress believed that there was no more cum to be produced and she had moved onto just gently stroking the end of her property I realised that there was still a great deal of cum waiting to be produced. The result therefore was half a proper orgasm and half a terribly painful ruin. I am not sure which Mistress enjoyed the most. I suspect the latter.

    I went home that afternoon totally exhausted! I think Mistress probably was too. 5hrs is a long time whichever side of the equation you are on. It was a fabulous session. Thank you Mistress. You are incredible at what you do both during and outside of sessions.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Putty In Her Hands

    Slave Taquin found himself the recipient of subtle grooming that resulted in the purchase of a latex dress for myself and a new-found love of Findom for him.  I have posted about my own personal take on findom before. You can view the video HERE.  I’m not out to ruin slaves, that’s just not my thing to be honest. I prefer to groom and subtly manipulate my slaves to realise that they get a thrill from not just purchasing something for me but by the way I went about it; in a sophisticated, seductive and non bratty manner. Clever.  The type of ‘consensual’ manipulation that blossoms over time in a long-term D/s relationship and with a professional dominatrix.  He was, of course, rewarded for his gift of devotion with the allowance of kink world access. Something that I had taken away from him to assist my goal.


    Putty in her hands

    On Sunday I submitted my blog during which I had referred to the torment of not being able to read Mistresses blog intros. This seemed to please her as her response to me was: ‘you have played so perfectly into my hands’. I wasn’t really sure what this meant but suspected that I would suffer in some way as a result!

    Later that day I sent a text and asked for permission to do 3 things:
    1) To remove my device for a couple of days as I was going to be away and knew that I would not be able to hide it (for reasons I won’t bore you with here).
    2) To be allowed to take my vanilla lady friend out for the morning and then lunch.
    3) Due to my level of desperation I asked if I could bring forward the date of my next session.

    The first response that I received was ‘I will think about your requests’, and then I received the following:
    1) Yes
    2) ‘Yes, take your key safe
    3) ‘Don’t know, I might just make you suffer’

    I was relieved by 1), worried by 2) and terribly teased by 3)

    On Monday Mistress told me that Sissy Mouse had blogged that she appeared to have a harder edge now. I had to agree that he was absolutely correct, and I also had to confess to Mistress that I really liked it. The result of this confession was to make me incredibly hard and horny. It is always the same when I tell Mistress something like this. I think it is just another way for me to submit to Mistress. I find myself telling her something that my brain tells me is not sensible to disclose but results in me handing over even more knowledge, and therefore power, to Mistress.

    Later that day I realised for the first time that my time allowances on the PC were just that, an allowance. I could see that it was due to lock out again an hour later, but if I only used it for 5 minutes and then signed off, I could sign back on an hour later and I would still have 55 minutes left. It was a revelation that resulted in me logging in and out multiple times and staying in touch with all the Twittering for most of the day. What fun.

    Tuesday was a quiet day with a couple of texts exchanged at the beginning of the day and then nothing.

    On Wednesday morning Mistress told me that she would be busy with one of her other interests and so I made a mental note not to contact her and got on with vanilla life. Having been out on a job until early afternoon I returned to my workshop to find that my PC access time had been and gone (so much for it being a more flexible ‘time allowance’). This really disappointed me as I needed my daily dose of Twitter. I thought about sending Mistress a text but remembered that she might still be busy. In the end I decided to click on the button on my PC screen that would send a request to the ‘adults in my household’ for additional PC time. I reasoned that Mistress would only see this if she was back in Mistress mode in front of her PC. A few minutes later my phone pinged and I saw a text from Mistress that just said ‘why?’ I explained that I had missed my opportunity to go onto my pc to look at Twitter. I also took the opportunity to ask if I would be allowed to look at Mistresses web site as I still hadn’t been allowed to read any recent blogs or their intro’s. Mistress told me that I would ‘hate her’ once she did eventually allow me to look at the blogs. I responded truthfully that that would never happen and started to fret about what she had meant by that.

    The next text I received was unusual. Mistress sent me a picture of a lovely pink latex dress and told me that she thought it was very ‘her’. I looked at the text and knew it for what it was. Mistress was telling me (very nicely of course) that I was to buy it for her. I looked at the price. Just over £100, a lot of money. Unsure of what my response was going to be I quickly replied that I thought that she would look wonderful in it. I tried to access my PC once again and found that I had been allowed onto it. I quickly opened up the internet and typed in ‘Missdeelight.com’. Blocked! I typed in ‘Twitter.com’. It opened! Wonderful. I looked for any posts from Mistress, and there it was. Mistress had tweeted that she wanted the pink latex dress. I thought about it again. Mistress is so kind to me. She looks after me and gives me so much pleasure. She has given me permission to remove my device this weekend and is going to allow me to spend time with my vanilla friend. And she had just allowed me onto Twitter. I reasoned that I really should show my appreciation. I sent her a text asking her if she would allow me to buy the dress for her. Mistress responded that she was surprised that it had taken me so long to offer and that she hoped that it would arrive in time for her to wear at my next session. My heart raced at the thought. Within a couple of minutes Mistress had thanked me publicly on Twitter. It made me feel good. And a couple of minutes later I discovered that Mistress had allowed me to access her website for the first time in ages. I knew that I was being rewarded for my good behaviour. Throughout this whole exchange I had been feeling more and more horny. I was now beside myself with the need for release. I sent Mistress a ridiculous text asking her permission to remove my device and provide myself an orgasm. Her response will not surprise anyone reading this. It was ‘Hahahaha’. Mistress asked me why I was so horny all of a sudden. I had to confess that it was because she had ‘encouraged’ me to buy her something. It really was a confession for me as I have always said that Findom was not my thing. Mistress explained that I had enjoyed it because it showed her control over me and that she had allowed me to access her website as a reward. She went on to say that I was ‘wrapped around her finger’. All I can say is that it was a wonderful feeling that has caused me to feel differently about Findom. I have now been taught the joy of Findom the Miss Deelight way!

    The next morning I sent my required text to Mistress and told her how ridiculously horny I had been all of the previous evening and night. I told her that I had even found myself trying to play with her property through the gaps in the bars of the device. This obviously amused her as she quickly copied it and posted it on Twitter for all to see. What she didn’t tweet was the fact that she was also telling me off by text for even trying to play with her property. Mistress told me that she wasn’t sure now that I could be trusted to be released from the device for the forthcoming weekend. Not being released would have been a big problem for me and so I was forced to make all sorts of guarantees and promises about how I would not abuse the freedom if granted it.

    This wasn’t good enough for Mistress however. She demanded to know the name of who I was going to be with over the weekend. I responded with his name. Mistress knows of him and that he is a good mate who is totally unaware of my Fetish interests, and that I would like to keep it that way. Mistress then sent me some sort of image file by text with an additional text that told me that if I did abuse my freedom from the device that she would make sure that my friend got to hear all about me. For some reason I was unable to see the image that Mistress had sent me on my phone but I was pretty sure that it was either a screen shot of my contact information for my friend from my phone or possibly his Facebook page. It didn’t really matter too much either way. I was going to have to be a good pet during my short lived freedom.

    The weekend arrived and I removed the device. I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to try to cope with it for the next few days. Whilst Mistress can be relied upon to be totally unreasonable and demanding at times she does understand that just occasionally vanilla life does need to be accommodated. She is very good at differentiating between what is important and what is not. I trust her judgement at such times and appreciate her all the more for it.

    Whilst we did keep in touch over the next few days I was largely left to enjoy my few days of freedom and vanilla fun. I was required on one day to edge myself twice. I did as instructed but actually found it really difficult to raise the enthusiasm having well and truly dropped out of sub-space. On another occasion Mistress referred to the fact that she hadn’t forgotten that I was meeting with my vanilla lady friend next week. It worries me! And then on the morning of my return home I awoke to find that Mistress had hidden many of the apps on my phone. I texted her to say that I could tell that I was on my last day of freedom. Her response was two winking and two evil emoticons.

    I returned home, locked myself up again and confirmed the lock number to Mistress. Life had begun to return to normal.

  • Gifts a Plenty!

    It’s always nice to receive gifts and my slaves have certainly been busy spoiling me over the summer.  So thanks go to Slave Bitch (aka @namesasecret24), Sissy Mouse, Slave T, Slave Taquin, Slave Pupp, Slave BB, Slave Andy and Slave David for all the gifts I have received over the summer weeks.  Here are pictures of some of the gifts I received, more pics to follow when I can them done!  If you’d like to contribute to my wardrobe, life or hobbies then visit my  and show your devotion.  Good Boy!20160813_141503004_iOS 20160817_084206292_iOS 20160818_105916143_iOS 20160823_065928468_iOS 20160824_142312000_iOS20160826_113058282_iOS 20160830_071002016_iOS

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 48

    Mistress has been very busy indeed of late, but just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been carefully nurturing, grooming and training my slaves both in real-time and online. I know you have all been missing the entries from my distance control slaves, so here is one from Sissy Mouse.  In his week 48 we put his SissyHypnoBot initial programming to the test to make sure my suggestions had been firmly implanted in his subconscious. I am pleased to say they have though lots of intense further programming is going to be required. I have had a lot of fun with Sissy Mouse in terms of his PC access. One of the things I enjoy about having remote control of my Slave’s PC’s is the ability to limit their access as and when I feel like it and quite often at random.  It keeps my pets on their toes and ensures that they never become complacent.  And if the current circumstances should mean that I do not have time to dip in and out, they are forced to bumble along not knowing if and when things will change.  As you will read too from the following entry, it forces my slaves to consider themselves and their behaviours. It also teaches them to be more organised with their time.  Another plus side of having remote PC control along with the various passwords I have demanded, is the ability to drop by and buy what the fuck I want when I want to.  But I’m not stupid. I know my slaves limits and I know when is the right time to push them, at all other times I will respect those limits. I enjoy knowing that my slave is sat at his computer, locked out from keyboard or mouse input and made to just sit back, watch and wonder what I am going to buy and how much it is going to cost him!

    I like keeping my pets on their toes. I find it amusing. I enjoy my power.



    Distance control journal week 48

    My week as always starts on Sunday with me writing and submitting my weekly journal. As I had a busy day Mistress allowed me to write it in the evening, dressed in my new role as SHB. Mistress also instructed me to spend the rest of the evening dressed as SHB and to edge myself 3 times whilst dressed. Following on from my first SHB programming session the previous day Mistress had planted some triggers within my subconscious and was keen to see if they would work. These are that as the layers of SHB are applied I become more aroused with the final full arousal once the tie is tightened and the button on the jacket is fastened. This did work and made me incredibly aroused not only whilst I wrote my journal but also for the remaining time I was so dressed. The edges were to a degree mechanical because SHB is not permitted to orgasm without its Commander’s instructions. I also had to somewhat rush my write-up due to my PC time restriction. I was permitted 2 hours on Sunday and it usually takes me around 3 hours with checking and re writing etc. I managed to complete, check, re check several times and then send it within my allotted time. The PC time limits does get to me, not in a bad way, but in a feeling very controlled way. I still had no access to any adult websites including Mistress’s so another week of not reading any other blogs etc. I mentioned to Mistress this week that I never really thought I looked at adult stuff that much but I now realise that I looked at quite a lot.

    Monday to Wednesday was relatively quiet due to Mistress having a busy week and me not wanting to bother her. I sent my morning greeting to Mistress every day and Mistress would respond enquiring after my wellbeing etc. I did have to bother Mistress on Wednesday evening to request some extra PC time for Thursday to carry out some work related admin. Mistress was kind enough to allow me unrestricted access on Thursday and for the following few days. This felt very odd to be honest because I am so used to some days having only 30 minutes and being very careful with my allocation that I didn’t know what to do with all this time, especially not having any access to adult sites so I couldn’t go rummaging.

    Thursday morning arrived and I sent my message to Mistress and wished her well on her busy day and once again thanked her for my PC time. Mistress in her usual way reminded me to enjoy while I could. About an hour later I was looking through twitter as this is my only choice of viewing anything kinky now, when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen. I don’t know why I do this but I just freeze like I have been caught out. Mistress firstly opens my webcam but this is lying face down in my desk tidy and then opens notepad and checks if I am there. I respond to her message and we have a quick exchange of pleasantries. Mistress then informs me that she needs some small items from her Amazon wish list and she is going to use my account to buy them. I reply that I should be able to cope with that. In the past Mistress would always ask me if I could afford it and if its ok to do it but not this time. Mistress just said I’m going to buy them and you don’t have a choice. I have the feeling that Mistress has a harder edge to her these days and you don’t question her. I also know Mistress doesn’t and wouldn’t get carried away but regardless I just sat there and watched as she added only a couple of items to her basket, checked out and said her goodbyes. I am then just left with the TeamViewer feedback window and an après shopping arousal!

    I then set about my admin duties and once completed I message Mistress to thank her for granting me the time. I also add that today’s internet shopping trip reminds me of one of the many reason why I love being one of her slaves.

    On Friday my message to Mistress to wish her a nice day and give her my work plans for the day is replied to with a task. I am to work today wearing my pink thong with the little bells on. I thank Mistress for my task to which Mistress replies that she requires proof that I am wearing them on the hour every hour. This I think confirms my belief that Mistress has a harder edge at the moment. I thank Mistress and duly put them on and send my first picture at 9am (well in fact it was 8.59am) I just look at the time and immediately worry that I have sent it 1 minute early and as such did not follow my instructions carefully. I await Mistress’s reply which luckily is a laughing emoji. I continue this throughout the day and its funny how either the phone rings or someone turns up bang on the hour so I have to either hang up the call or make my excuses for a couple of minutes. That for me is the enjoyment of Mistress’s power and control, I have no idea what would happen if I sent the picture late but I don’t want to find out. The jingling of the bells for the day was very humiliating even though nobody made any comment it still plays on your mind if anyone did hear them. After sending a picture at 2pm Mistress informed me that she had seen enough of my fat belly and panties for one day and I could stop. I thanked Mistress for my task and went about the rest of my day still jingling.

    Saturday was a quiet day apart from a message from Mistress saying she thought that whilst I was watching the F1 with my mate I should dress as SHB. Whilst I am lucky to be able to share most things with him about my adventures with Mistress, some things are just too much to share. I messaged Mistress that whilst it was very appealing I couldn’t go that far. I didn’t get a reply which makes me wonder if it went in the non-compliance file!

  • A Worthy Financial Slave

    I would like to share this email from a new pet who is a devoted follower of mine.  He isn’t a wealthy slave but that doesn’t stop him from sending a small tribute, what he can afford.  His spare income.  I appreciate this tribute because it proves his devotion and he sets a good example to all of those who beg for attention or profess to be financial slaves but do not tribute at all.  “I wish I could be your slave Mistress but I can’t afford it”.

    A small act of generosity is always gratefully received.

    Thank you Slave T.

    Screenshot (51)

  • Sexy New Clothes from my Custom Clip Bitch!

    I have had one particular slave, known as my Custom Clip Bitch who has been buying personalised clips from me for several years now.  This week he has gone one step further into proving his devotion by treating me to lots of sexy gifts from my amazon wish list.   One thing is for certain; once I have recovered from my marathon I have plenty of new sexy lingerie for fresh content and material, once my boyfriend has finished fucking me in them!

    Thank you Bitch! You best order your next clip and make it a longer one so that I can tease you with your purchases.




  • Released From Chastity – Part 1 – New Fetish Clip

    Released From Chastity – Part 1 – Restrained, Blindfolded and Cock Tied.

    Clip available to buy now, click here to preview.

    My slave has just been released from chastity after having been mentally teased all weekend and now he is especially lucky because I am wearing lace and this slave loves lace but he can’t do anything about it because he is tied and blindfolded. I think his balls have disappeared he has been in chastity that long! This video is a live session recording, in which I release my tied gagged and blindfolded slave from chastity, tie his cock and balls up with rope using my expert hands while I describe how his body has begun to evolve into a permanent state of chastity, balls begin to disappear as they are no longer needed.

    part 1.00_03_38_03.Still006

    Buy Now

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Fort Knox

    Video 4.00_10_23_05.Still031As slave Taquin prepares himself for a vanilla date with someone he has a crush on, I am making sure that I post his blog entry in just enough time for a picture to send him into a frenzy and for my words to put thoughts in his head that will ensure that I remain on his mind and at the forefront of his focus.  I have entitled this blog ‘Fort Knox’ because this week, I have added extra security to my control over Taquin.  You can read more about this in his write up below. And to quote Jennifer L. Armentrout,

    “That’s the funny thing about trying to escape. You never really can. Maybe temporarily, but not completely.” 

    My pet has learned that even if granted an escape route, he will always wind up at a dead end; No where to turn, no going back. Trapped ever more in the confines of mental and physical chastity and servitude.

    I have been a slave of Miss Deelight for 18 months now. For most of that time I have been lucky enough to be controlled by her on a daily basis as one of her distance control slaves. Just occasionally I have wondered if the degree of excitement that I felt in the early days will be able to be maintained in the long term. I have sometimes feared that I might become too comfortable in the familiarity of our relationship. All I can say is that it hasn’t happened yet! I find myself as excited today as I did when I first plucked up the courage to contact Miss Deelight. The difference now is that she has steadily stripped me of any choices in this relationship. There has been a genuine power exchange over this time and this week has been a testament to this.

    Sunday followed the normal routine of getting up extra early to complete the weeks blog before emailing it to Mistress, and texting her to let her know that it was there. We exchanged a couple of texts later in the day but it was primarily a vanilla day. That was until I went out to my workshop at 10.30pm to turn out the lights. I checked my pc one last time only to discover that I had missed a visit from Mistress via TeamViewer earlier in the evening. She had left me a short message. It was ‘lock yourself into your chastity device before going to bed. I own you.’ I located my device from its hiding place, went to the bathroom and, with trembling hands put it on. It is always an exciting moment for me. Mistress is forcing me to place myself at her mercy. Once the lock is clicked shut and I have sent the picture to Mistress I am physically, as well as mentally and emotionally, enslaved. I sent Mistress the photo and settled down to an inevitably restless night.

    I woke up the next morning feeling happy and content. I sent a text to Mistress thanking her for locking me up again and telling her that it just felt ‘Right’. She was pleased and responded that I would remain locked for the next week before being allowed a few days out of the cage. This really got to me. I hadn’t known how long I was to be kept locked. All of a sudden a week sounded like a very long time. I became incredibly horny and felt that twinge of panic that I experience when I realise how trapped I really am.

    The following morning my text inquired how Mistress was as I knew that she had been feeling unwell. Hoping that it might give her a small ‘boost’ I told her that I wanted to buy her a gift and suggested that she might like to find something that she would like on the Amazon account that I had set up for the purpose. Mistress seemed pleased by the prospect and asked if I would like to sit and watch, locked in my device, as she came onto my PC using TeamViewer and helped herself. My answer was a sincere ‘yes please Mistress’. We agreed that this would happen once she was feeling better.

    Now I have to confess that I still cant get my head around how I feel about financial domination. I certainly don’t get any fetish buzz from the act of passing over money nor do I have any fantasy about ending my days in a grotty bedsit somewhere having lost all of my (and more importantly my families) savings to a findom. I accept that for some this is a really exciting concept, we are all as different in our fetish lives as we are in our vanilla lives. For me it is just another way for me to feel close to Mistress, to hopefully make her happy in the process and to benefit from her company for a short period of time. The thing that troubles me is that I do find myself drawn to the tweets and blogs from findoms who appear mean, ruthless and who would expose a slave without a second thought. I think it must the total lack of control that a slave trapped in that situation would feel. There would be no limits in this situation the slave being totally reliant on his owner for his existence. That is exciting. Fantasies are such dangerous things. Thank goodness I am the slave of Miss Deelight. Who knows what could become of me otherwise!

    A couple of days went by and on the Wednesday morning I found myself exchanging texts with Mistress on the subject of being made to wear a chastity device. I had for the last few days experienced the pleasant sensation of being locked and unable to touch Mistresses property whilst being gently teased. I think it must have led to the release of a massive dose of Endorphins to my brain. It is the only logical reason that I can think of for me being stupid enough to reveal to Mistress that sometimes I felt like I never wanted her to release me. Mistress responded by telling me that she had been considering just that before I had the unfortunate incident with my current chastity device. This really did make me sit up and take notice! Me fantasising about it is one thing. Mistress considering doing it is quite another. I felt a huge urge to backtrack but could think of no way to do so.

    The day progressed and I consoled myself with the fact that it was something of a mute point now as I was unable to wear my device for more than a few days at a time. (At this point I had no idea that this was to be potentially resolved by the end of the week). After another hour or so Mistress sent me a text with instructions to click on a link and do as it said. I eagerly did as I was told and was taken to a page from CFNM. Apparently I was to release myself from the device, stroke Mistresses property 200 times without cumming, and then to lock myself up again. This did not sound easy! I asked for permission to do it when I went to bed that night, and Mistress kindly agreed.

    I settled down to watch TV that evening checking my phone regularly as I did so for tweets and messages. Mistress posted a tweet that sent her property hurtling towards the stainless steel bars of its cage. It was the one that had the phrase ‘No. I don’t think I will ever let you cum again’. I thought back to our exchange earlier in the day. Had Mistress interpreted it as me telling her that I never wanted another orgasm ever again??? That wasn’t what I meant at all. Was this her way of telling me that she had total control of my orgasms whether or not I was locked in a chastity device? Was this aimed at me at all? Now I don’t know about anyone else but I tend to use the ‘like’ button on twitter for a couple of things. I might use it because I find something exciting and want to put it into my liked folder in order to be able to look back at it another time or I might use it as a quick and unobtrusive way of telling the sender that I thought that their tweet was good or clever or funny. To send a ‘like’ response back to Mistress on a tweet that said ‘No. I don’t think I will ever let you cum again’ seemed pretty foolish, despite the fact that it was making me so horny. I decided that my best strategy was to ignore it. I reasoned that it was probably aimed at someone else anyway. 10 minutes later and I checked  my phone again to find that I had received a text from Mistress. She had sent me the same picture and text that had been on Twitter. For those of you reading this who don’t know Mistress as well as I do… If Mistress informs you that she wont ever let you cum again, there is every chance that she wont. Admittedly it might be a mindfuck of the highest order, but equally it could be true. I didn’t know how to respond then, and sitting here today writing this blog, I still don’t know how to respond. I am so scared and yet so excited by the power that Mistress holds over me and yet I don’t believe that I could survive without the occasional orgasm to relieve the pressure.

    It was with these thoughts running around in my little slave brain that I went to bed that evening to carry out the CFNM task. It was so so difficult. The first 50 strokes were manageable, the next 50 had me dribbling uncontrollably and the final 100 were done over a period of time allowing myself time to calm down between each batch. Eventually I completed number 200 and breathed a sigh of relief. All I had to do now was to wait for Mistresses property to calm down in order that I could lock myself up again. 10 minutes later and following copious dousing with cold water, I succeeded.

    Towards the end of the week I decided that I wanted to find a fun video to watch and so I went onto my laptop and typed in a search on xhamster. My screen went white and a message popped up telling me that I should request access from my parents by clicking in the box provided. I knew instantly what had happened. Mistress had logged onto my computer using her TeamViewer access and installed parental controls. I quickly tried accessing some other favourite sites. Each time I was blocked. I tried accessing Miss Deelights wonderful website. Surprise, surprise I could open that one! I wondered if the parental controls were only restricting access to the generic porn sites and so I tried some of the sites of the other Dommes that I follow. Some I could access and others I couldn’t. I sent Mistress a text to which she responded with the evil emoticons crying with laughter.

    I stopped and considered this new predicament that I faced. I have always enjoyed feeding my fetish interests from online sites. This might be certain videos but these days it was also about looking at the sites of other Dommes, looking at what they do, reading their blogs etc. In order to continue doing this it seemed that I would have to ask the permission of my Mistress. This would make me own up to things that I might not previously have dared to share, and who is to say that Mistress will allow access just because I ask. (I do of course have my trusty IPhone to fall back on. Maybe I will just have to get used to small screen versions of everything).  I have heard of parental control being used in the context of TeamViewer distance control but really didn’t think it would have much of an impact on me. I was totally wrong! It has had me dribbling into my device ever since it was installed. I did have one short moment of freedom from it however. My inevitable need to test the effectiveness of my bonds had me searching in the settings of my computer for a means of escape. I found a screen that seemed to offer the opportunity to remove the controls. Did I dare to click on the option and face the wrath of my Mistress? I sent her a text and asked for her permission. She responded that I could try if I wished. I clicked on the available option, and it appeared to work. Instantly my phone pinged and Mistress had sent me a text. It read ‘Hmmm, well that didn’t work’. At this point I felt two main emotions. Firstly I must confess that I felt just a little smug having escaped, but my overriding emotion was one of relief that I had asked for permission before doing so. I felt quite good about it as well because I do take my role of ‘computer control guinea pig’ seriously. Whilst I am not as proficient as Mistress is with the technology I do have a reasonable understanding of it and what I lack in expertise is made up for in tenacity. One thing I was sure about was that Mistress would not allow me to be free of this new constraint for long. And I was right. Within 30 minutes parental controls had been reinstated, only this time the option to remove myself from it had been disabled. This time it looks like it is here to stay. I guess I am about to find out what Mistress is going to allow me to access from now on. Whatever it is I know that I am going to have to endure the embarrassment of asking her for access (and I suspect provide even more ammunition to use against me). I can at least still access some of the blogs and sites of the Mistresses I follow although Mistress has rather ominously informed me ‘I’ll soon correct that;)’

    So far the only site that I have dared to ask for access to has been UberKinky. We agreed that I should buy another chastity device. As referred to earlier the one that I am wearing as I type this blog can only be worn for a few days before it starts to cause some damage. It is the Uberkinky spiral chastity device and the cage is made up of a series of stainless steel rings welded together. It is those rings that seem to be causing the problem. The solution therefore is to find a device that still has access for cleaning but that doesn’t have the ribs of the current device. Mistress informed me that she wished to shop for it with me and so she joined me via TeamViewer whilst I reviewed the options. The process went something like this. I used the notes page on the laptop to explain my thinking whilst bringing up the possible choices on the UberKinky site. Mistress allowed me to ramble on for long enough for me to suggest a short list and then she took over. I watched as she looked at the possible options. She read through the reviews of the different devices sometimes highlighting particular sections. I was pleased that she took her time. It is after all an important decision for both of us. After a little while I could tell what the likely outcome was going to be. Taquin was going to be more fucked than ever before. Mistress added the Bon4 metal device to my basket. She explained through my notes page the reasons why I was going to buy the chosen device. Her reasoning was absolutely correct but all I could focus on was this shiny lump of stainless steel that I was soon going to made to wear. It really does look like the fort-knox of the chastity device world. For a start the ring that goes behind the balls is hinged. I suspect that this will allow me to be fitted with a smaller ring than the current solid ring through which I have to push my balls. Secondly the cage is attached to the ring with 3 pins that will prevent the cage from twisting and allowing my balls to escape and thirdly the cage is made from a solid piece of stainless steel rather than the row of rings joined by a flexible piece of metal on my current device. I suspect that Mistress will want to lock me up in it for the first time and so will have to wait until my next session before I am going to be able to report back on its use.

    Having shopped for devices it was time for Mistress to shop for herself on my amazon account. I sat and watched as Mistress pulled up her amazon wish list and started to shop. My intention was that she should buy something nice for herself or for her home, instead she stared looking at pegging harnesses! This wasn’t what I had envisaged at all and I certainly didn’t like the inference that she might be shopping for something to use on yours truly. She played with my mind for a while longer before selecting some items more personal to herself. I was pleased.

    I fear in the blog above that I have failed to convey what a week this has been for me. So much has happened and Mistress has controlled and tormented me so completely. I would like to reiterate what I said at the beginning of the blog. I find myself as excited today as I did when I first plucked up the courage to contact Miss Deelight. In fact, more so. And if all of this wasn’t enough Mistress has sent me a text showing her online calendar for next week. The entry for Wednesday 17th February reads ‘Taquin meeting his friend;)’. I had rather hoped that she had forgotten that I was having lunch with a close (female) friend who I have known, and been secretly attracted to, for many years. I don’t think that next week is going to be any easier.


  • Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 21 and Week 22

    20160115_124148873_iOSToday signifies 2 years since Sissy Mouse first entered the doors of the House of Deelight.  He is all over the place at the moment.  His journey is taking him on an emotional and psychological roller coaster that has got him into a bit of a state.  There are often times when you want the fantasy of something so bad, that when it becomes a reality or potential reality the actuality of the situation can be somewhat scary.  This is where you slaves really should be very careful about what you wish for and what indeed, you ask for! It’s a good thing that Sissy Mouse has me as a Mistress because he could have found himself in such a situation that he really did find himself totally ruined. The very fear of the fact that I COULD ruin him if I choose to is proving too much for him to bear. When training a slave and owning a slave, all my moves are carefully planned and I know your limits and how far to push them better than you do yourselves.  The only thing you need to concern yourselves with is trust. You put your trust in me and let me do the driving. I will use you as ammunition against yourself and will take you to places you never thought you’d go. Once I am inside your mind and have total control over you, the only thing you can do in reality is buckle up and enjoy the ride and trust that I will bring you home safely.  Sissy Mouse has been placed on a ban from the House of Deelight playground for 2 weeks to allow himself some time to catch up with himself.

    Distance control journal week 21

    Sunday January 3rd

    This week starts with my morning message to Mistress to thank her for my nipple clip task yesterday and to wish her a nice day. Mistress replies a little later to enquire what I am doing today. I reply that I am writing my week 19 and 20 journal and some admin. Mistress then replies with my task which is to kneel every hour and chant a mantra that Mistress gives me which is “I live to serve my Mistress; my place is at her feet. I am a true submissive regardless of what my bumbling brain tries to tell me”. I am to do this 3 times every hour. I thank Mistress for my task and go about my day watching the clock.

    I know why Mistress has given me this because I have recently been feeling very un-submissive. My gym visits and pushing myself have left me very testosterone filled and far from submissive. The break from the gym over Christmas has helped but I am nowhere near where I was.

    Mistress messages me later in the day to ask if I am enjoying my task and tells me that all her distance slaves are doing their own chant today. I reply that it is indeed getting me a good submissive place and that it also reminded me of my first meeting with Mistress, kneeling in the gloom of her dungeon room, waiting for her to return and the anticipation that it brought.

    Monday January 4th

    My morning message to Mistress today was to thank her for the kneeling and chanting and to ask permission to carry this out everyday to remind me of my place. Mistress replies later that she does indeed grant permission and that I am to return to wearing my small chastity device with the small ring during the day. Mistress requires that I fit my device then say my chant and before bed do the opposite. I thank Mistress and tell her that the small cage and tight ring will keep me very focused on her control.

    Mistress also gives me a small task of writing a chant for all newbie slaves to learn before they visit Mistress for the first time.

    Tuesday January 5th

    My day starts with the new regime of fitting chastity device and saying my chant. I send Mistress my morning message and also inform her that I am returning to the gym for the first time since before Christmas.

    My gym visit goes better than I thought it would be but I am still behind where I was before Christmas. Running with the chastity device helps me remember who and what I am because with our very important session in a couple of days I don’t want to lose my submissive side.

    Later in the day Mistress messages me to tell me that her gym visit resulted in an easy 6k run. I don’t think I will ever have an easy 6k run. Mistress also enquired if I have any requests for our session on Thursday adding “squeak now or forever hold your peace” I come up with a couple of ideas and then a few hours later the idea of interrogation and torture flashes into my mind and I message Mistress.

    Wednesday January 6th

    I message Mistress after carrying out my new routine. I hear nothing from Mistress today and my nerves are beginning to build for tomorrow’s session.

    Thursday January 7th

    I awake bright and early and do my routine. My session with Mistress begins at 11am so need to be ready to leave at around 10am.

    Our session has already been posted on Mistress’s blog so I don’t need to bore you again with it here only to say it was very intense and as the next few days turned out very turbulent.

    Friday January 8th

    I awake from a very sleepless night. After yesterday’s session I am incredibly horny after being teased whilst locked in very tight chastity so tight that Mistress had to remove the cage before I did myself damage.

    I message Mistress to inform her about my lack of sleep wish her a great day and already I am having doubts about what I have let myself in for. Mistress replies later in the day asking how my come down from the session was. I replied that it was not good that morning and that I was still having major doubts about the 3 months financial domination. I hear nothing more from Mistress.

    Saturday January 9th

    My message to Mistress today to wish her a good day was responded too by Mistress asking how I was feeling and if I was still having doubts. Mistress also added “it’s tough if you are because you will be having them for 3 months lol” and checking that I had said my mantra. I replied that I have said my mantra and that the doubts seem to have gone and I believed it was part of my come down from our session.

    Mistress then tells me she will visit my pc later to order coffee (well I am still her coffee bitch) and have I got my chastity device back on after Thursday. I reply that I have and I will try to get my session write-up done today as well.

    I go about my busy day with my need to finish and get my session write-up done whilst it is still fresh in my mind. So I am rushing to close up put my car in my workshop and take a customers car home as they will be collecting it in the evening. I get home and write my session blog and send it to Mistress. Mistress replies and praises me on my write-up and also says “Welcome to totally fuckeddom lol”

    What I don’t realise until later is I have left my device keys at my workshop. I message Mistress that I have been my usual buffoon self which amuses Mistress and of course replies with “only you!!” and whilst Mistress is more than happy for me to suffer this cage and ring are not for sleeping in and much as I try I end up leaving the house at 3am to go and get the keys which is not a joy in winter.

    This however is nothing compared to what happens in next weeks journal.

    Distance control journal week 22

    This week has been a bit of a roller coaster.

    On Sunday I awake after a poor night sleep due to leaving my chastity keys at my workshop and going to retrieve them at 3am. I message Mistress to inform her of this and wish her a nice Sunday.

    Mistress replies that she is very amused at the thought of me sneaking around at 3am collecting the keys. However as it is another chastity fail Mistress gives me a 100 lines as she sees this as a schoolboy error and I must have a schoolboy punishment. Mistress also asks if I am near my pc because she didn’t go shopping yesterday. I thank Mistress for her task and confirm I am by my pc and will be writing lines.

    Mistress has instructed I write my lines whilst wearing the girliest panties I have and stockings. I have until 9pm that day and my lines are “This bumbling buffoon must always remember to keep his chastity keys close to him.” I find what I need to wear and begin I get to about line 5 and for some reason start to have a panic that I will never get them finished. Then the teamviewer box opens on my pc along with note pad and Mistress enquired if I am there and then switches on my web cam. She then instructs me to show her what I am wearing. I duly do this and she just replies “you look pathetic” yes Mistress is all I can reply. Mistress enquired how I am feeling from our session and I reply that I had a really hard drop from it on the Friday but I am feeling a lot better now (or so I thought). With that Mistress signs into my Amazon account and tells me to start stroking my cock which I can’t do because I am in chastity. Aww no touching says Mistress I bet its hard though isn’t it? I reply it’s been almost constantly hard since our session and it is now trying to burst out of its tiny cage. “That’s how I like you” replies Mistress and then starts shopping firstly adds her coffee to the basket and then informs me that she is going to buy something extra as a fine for being a dufus and forgetting my device keys. Mistress really plays with my mind going up and down her wish list and finally chooses some wax melts and adds them to the basket. Whilst doing this Mistress keeps a running commentary in the WordPad box and tells me that she hasn’t gone OTT adding just after “This time”. With that Mistress wishes me a nice day and is gone.

    This is when it all starts to go weird for me. I have been buying Mistress Coffee for about 6 months and gifts since before I even met her but today was different, because even though this is one of the things that has been discussed well before our session and agreed the actual first time it happened really freaked me out. At the time I read our WordPad conversation to say I’m going to ruin you, I’m going to bankrupt you. Which was nothing like the actual conversation (which I have saved so I defiantly know it said none of those things) What our conversation actually said was I wont bankrupt you, I wont ruin you ok both added with a teasing “YET” but I know that Mistress would not do this because as she has said what is the point of that but at the time I had it firmly on my head that is what she was going to do. So I have a total flap and text Mistress to say I can see why slaves who claim to want Financial domination run away and I don’t think I can deal with the mentally. To which Mistress replies “I only bought coffee and some wax melts” which is very true.

    Mistress then replies and tells me to remove my chastity device and wait at my pc. A few minutes later the teamviewer box opens and my screen goes blank. When it comes back on Mistress has loaded the clip of me licking her muddy boots in a field and reminds me that this is where I belong and not to forget it. She then instructed me to watch it and masturbate. Mistress gives me permission to cum because as she says “Your full balls are clouding your judgement”. I enjoy the relief I am given although once again feeling grubby because this time Mistress is watching me on web cam. “Does that feel better slave?” which of course it does as it has been a few months. Mistress then tells me to put my device back on and say my chant and adds as you have cum early you now have to run 6k instead of 5k before your next orgasm. I thank Mistress and apologise for taking up her time and for being a Muppet. Mistress replies that she didn’t have anything on and it was amusing for her to see me in this state and it’s only the beginning!

    Mistress leaves me once again and I look at my pc screen and our conversation and all I want to do is run away. Next I start pacing up and down like a caged animal with “What have I done?” going around my head and then go and remove my panties and stockings. I then spend the next hour thinking I am going to pack it in regardless of the consequences. For some reason I then go and re read our WordPad conversation and take in what Mistress actually wrote and that she was only teasing me and playing with my mind. I then go and put my device, panties and stockings back on say my chant and carry on with my lines. I finish the lines and email Mistress a picture of them finished. Being the buffoon that I am I actually did 115 lines because I forget to count when I got to the last page.

    I messaged Mistress to tell her I had done my lines and also of my major wobble. Mistress replies that she thinks I should take some time to think about things and also whether fantasy and reality is playing a part.

    As today has really taken it out of me and I have not slept for a few days I head to bed early and miss a message from Mistress asking how I was. (This was very nice of her).

    Monday arrives and after a really good nights sleep (maybe helped by empty balls). I awake to Mistress’s message from the night before. I reply and apologise for not replying but that I went to bed early. Later in the day Mistress replies and gives me a task to write about my journey into financial domination and financial blackmail and that once it is written and she has approved it, I am to post it on a financial domination group on fetlife. I thank Mistress for my task and enquire how long I have to write it? “Sunday Midday this will give you plenty of time to think about it” replies Mistress. So my mind starts whirring about how I got to where I am today.

    On Tuesday I message Mistress and receive a reply asking if I have calmed down yet?. I reply that I have and I still think it was the intensity of our session still coming out. I also thanked Mistress for the photos she took during our session as they really helped me see myself from the outside and I looked how I felt.

    My message from Mistress on Wednesday was to inform me that she was ordering her iMac and that if I had any doubts then this would be my last chance to back out. I replied that I had no doubts at all. Regardless of what else has been going on in my mind I am 100% committed to my agreement to fund the remaining balance. A little later Mistress confirms the iMac has been ordered and that I am now caught in her web for 2 years so I best make myself comfortable adding until I choose to make you uncomfortable!!

    Thursday and Mistress replies to my message enquiring if I have said my mantra and that I am locked up. I reply that I have said my mantra but being so cold my balls are hiding with very little chance of getting them out. Mistress asks about my working plans for the day and I reply that I have a very busy day. I hear nothing more from Mistress today.

    Friday arrives and I awake to a “Good morning slave” message from Mistress. I reply about 30 mins later apologising for not replying sooner and wish her a good day. Mistress’s reply catches me out somewhat because I thought I had been hiding this well. Mistress asks I am struggling with my submission at the moment? Which I am and confirm this. I have also not been to the gym this week in case whatever shred of submission is left gets lost again.

    Mistress takes a little while to respond and when she does she tells me that I am to have a 2 week break and return to vanilla land and to contact her on Friday January 29th adding if I can last that long. I thank Mistress for the break and go about my day a little sad that this has happened again and wondering if indeed I can last that long.

    Saturday is very weird because it’s the first day for so long that I have not been attached to my phone and check it all the time to see if I have missed a message. I get on with my day and achieve a great deal.

    The not contacting Mistress only lasted 2 days however because I am writing this on Sunday 17th which coincides with the 2nd anniversary of my first visit to Mistress which I will always remember walking through the front door of the HOD to be met by a smiling, shiny, pvc, cat suited vision of loveliness. However it is now back to the quiet room for me until Jan 29th.

    I think my next journal will be a very mixed bag of emotions.

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  • SPH Custom Fetish Videos. #SPH #SmallPenisHumiliation #CustomFetishVideos

    Got a small cock? Of course you have! It’s fucking tiny, useless and pathetic just like the thing that it is attached to.   The only thing it is good for is humiliation.  Order your own personal SPH custom video then kneel, watch and listen as I verbally tear your pin dick to pieces!


    Snapshot 2 (02-01-2016 16-19)

    sph pin dick tiny dick humiliation

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  • Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 17 and 18

    I have combined two weeks of journals for Slave Sissy Mouse as his week 18 was a lot quieter for him.  Well I can’t give him too much excitement at once.  His little mousey bumblingness might not be able to take it! I very much enjoyed making my slave jerk off in front of his computer in a dark room while I helped myself to a set of golf clubs for my boyfriend from Mousey’s amazon account, while my slave watched on powerless and grubby!

    Distance control journal week 17

    Sunday December 6th

    This week starts still enjoying the glow of my Friday session with Mistress. It really was a perfectly timed adventure and I don’t know how she does it.

    My message to Mistress today came with a short and to the point reply “Good morning SLAVE! I want you to wear your device today.” I thanked Mistress for her instructions and went about my day with the constant annoyance of the chastity device.

    Monday December 7th

    Today is my first day at the gym and back on the fitness treadmill. Mistress sends me a message and wishes me good luck and recommends I run for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute to build up my running stamina. Mistress also informs me that I will not be permitted an orgasm until I can run or at least jog 5k non stop.

    I thank Mistress for her useful tips and think to myself it could be months until I get my next orgasm.

    At the gym as it’s my first time I have to have an induction which I wasn’t looking forward to but I did learn a lot of useful stuff and it was very worthwhile. Once the induction was over I headed for the treadmill to start my first run since my exercise fail a few weeks ago. However to my surprise I find it relatively easy and the time flies by. I managed 2.8km so not as far to the orgasm goal as I thought!

    I message Mistress to inform her of my progress and she replies that she is very impressed with my first session.

    Later in the day I go to my PC and Mistress has left me a note saying “Run Forest Run”

    Tuesday December 8th

    I awake today from a message Mistress informing that my task today is to elaborate on an email I sent regarding ideas I had for the next step in our D/s relationship.

    I duly do this and wish Mistress a good day.

    Wednesday December 9th

    I start today with a message from Mistress confirming she has received my next step email and that we will have a face to face chat about it when I see Mistress next.

    Today is also my second visit to the gym to chase my 5K orgasm goal. I achieved 3.27km today but that is still a lot of walking so some way to go yet.

    Thursday December 10th

    I send Mistress my usual morning message and wish her a nice day. No instructions today but as it turned out it was the lull before the almighty storm!!

    Friday December 11th

    Today I message Mistress wish her a good day and inform her I am off to the gym to chase the 5k. Mistress replies that she ran 5k yesterday and that I am to try and wear my chastity device once I finish at the gym.

    After I finish my gym visit I check my phone to see a message from Mistress telling me that there are some items on her wish list that she requires for our next session and she will be using my Amazon account to purchase them later. I confirm that I am happy for this to happen and also for Mistress to purchase a Christmas gift for herself and something for her boyfriend. This pleases Mistress very much and she then comes back with an idea that I wasn’t expecting. Mistress’s boyfriend would like a set of golf clubs. Would I like to buy them for Him and experience an element of cuckoldry? My answer was of course yes well my exact answer was “I am happy to spoil the man that makes you happy Mistress”.

    A couple of hours later I have to message Mistress and inform her that due to the cold weather my balls have pulled out of the chastity device ring and it’s another fail. Mistress is now use to this and messages me back that I am useless and so are my balls. I also catch in the corner of my eye my pc has come to life and a message from Mistress asking if I can get to my computer or is she going shopping alone? I have someone with me but manage to make my excuses and join Mistress on my pc. Mistress is already signed into my Amazon account and opened word pad so we can chat through it.

    Mistress informs me that she has been speaking with her boyfriend and checked which clubs he would think suitable and she was now going to purchase them along with a Santa outfit for herself and a Christmas dickie bow and apron for me for our session just before Christmas. Mistress tells me to start stroking my cock whilst she starts to shop and does a running commentary via word pad. All I can do is sit there and stroke and I am very surprised how much this is turning me on. Mistress puts all the items in the Amazon cart and then double checks that I still want to go through with it (Mistress always plays safe) I confirm yes having to one hand type and feeling very humiliated at having to stroke my cock whilst watching this happen (I am not someone who masturbates in front of a computer and it makes me feel grubby even now writing this) When its done Mistress asks me if I have cum which I haven’t. Good is her reply because you haven’t run 5k. Mistress then has to go and I wish her a nice rest of the day. She tells me to text her to let me know how I felt about the experience. I am left sat in front of my pc with the hardest cock I have had for a long time and now have to go back to work as if nothing has happened. That was very expensive denial and I loved every minute.

    It takes me a while to message Mistress and when I do I thank her for the rush it gave me and also for playing safe and ensuring that I consented to the purchase. I also said that of all the things I bought her in the past nothing came close to watching Mistress help herself to a gift for her boyfriend.

    Later that day I see from a tweet that Mistress has already posted a blog about our shopping trip on her website and the way Mistress wrote it made me feel utterly humiliated. I thought licking Mistress’s muddy boots in a cold wet field last December was a low but this was way past that and I loved every minute of it.

    Later in the day I have this image come into my head of me having to carry the golf clubs I have bought for Mistress’s boyfriend while he plays a round. I share this with Mistress who replies that it would be hilarious!

    Saturday December 12th

    I message Mistress late after a very sleepless night with the previous day’s events and other crazy ideas running around my head all night. Mistress replies starts with “Good morning Grub” and that she is giving me a day off today and that I am also banned from Twitter until I finish work. I thank Mistress and feel even more perplexed about what Mistress might be posting on Twitter.

    As ever it was Mistress playing with my mind as nothing was posted.

    What a crazy week that was, Thank you Mistress for a week of new highs and lows. Almost two years after we first met and you are still pulling the rug from under my feet!!

    Distance control journal Week 18

    Not the usual format this week because it’s been a quiet week. This should not in anyway be viewed as criticism far from it. We all need a break from the storm of distance control and I have my new weekly task of attending the gym 3 times a week.

    What I have also learnt over the years and even before meeting Mistress is never seek your Mistress’s attention as you may get more attention than you can deal with. Accept what is offered graciously and remember when you aren’t getting attention someone else is and it will swing back to you.

    So to the week my message to Mistress on Sunday resulted in no instructions but a general chit chat about this and that which was nice.

    Monday was a very different story. I messages Mistress to confirm my gym attendance. Once I had finished at the gym I checked my phone and Mistress had replied but with a message on a possible scenario that made me wince. I am not going to elaborate on what it said only to say if the contents of the message ever come true it will be an utterly humiliating day out.

    Mistress also enquired how my gym session went and very kindly praised me on my progress so far.

    Tuesday’s message to Mistress was replied to later in the day with instructions to wear my ball balls tied around my balls for the rest of the day.

    Wednesday was back at the gym and I managed to complete 5k but mostly running and messaged Mistress to inform her. Mistress congratulated me but also reminded me that I still have to run the 5k non stop before I am allowed an orgasm. I thanked Mistress for giving me the goal because I do lack motivation when it comes to exercise.

    Thursday was a quiet day which was not a bad thing because it was very busy for me and I would have struggled to carry out any task today.

    Friday and my trip to the gym just didn’t work today. I had no energy or drive and it did cross my mind that I had tried to hard as this was only my sixth visit and maybe I should calm down a bit. Not helped by a very busy week at work.

    I messaged Mistress to let her know that my gym visit was a no go and she was very understanding and sent me some of her wise words of encouragement.

    My Saturday message to Mistress informed her that I had a very busy day and I hear nothing from Mistress today.

    On paper this looks like a quiet week but remember even if you don’t hear from Mistress she is always plotting your future demise and I still jump every time I get a message. The mind fuckery never stops!!

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

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  • Findom – Teamviewer Cuckold Shopping

    You know that you are at your lowest position of power and highest level of submission when you find yourself masturbating your little cock in a dark room whilst watching on earnestly as I shop using your Amazon account via Teamviewer to purchase a lavish gift for my boyfriend.  Along with a £200 set of golf clubs, I thought it only right that I’d buy myself a sexy outfit to wear in sessions and also some ridiculous accessories for my slave to wear at his next session!

    Sissymouse has finally reached that level!

    Screenshot (126)

    Screenshot (125)


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  • Sent to the ‘Quiet Corner’ – By Slave Taquin

    Sometimes you Slaves are you own worst enemies!  I am sure that Slave Taquin has been suffering from withdrawal this week as Mistress was hit with yet another round of the flu.  This time it totally knocked me off my feet for the best part of a week so my contact with my slaves has been minimal. I do so hope that Taquin, along with all my other distance control pets has been making the most of his temporary because all that is about to change!  Slave Taquin has been a busy boy sealing his own fate……


    Digging ever deeper before being sent to the ‘quiet corner’…..

    How far can one become enslaved to another person in a femdom led relationship?

    Much further than I could ever have imagined!

    I thought that I had dug myself a big enough hole already, but then I found myself hovering on the brink of an even deeper and darker ravine. At the end of the previous week Mistress and I had started to communicate on the subject of Teamviewer. This is a whole new subject as far as I am concerned. I had first encountered it when I found myself on the website of a certain Mistress Harley based in the US. Goodness knows how I landed there but I did. Now Mistress Harley is a Findom who prides herself on her ability to control a slave by taking over his computer using a program called Teamviewer, amongst other things. Without sufficient thought I sent a text to Mistress enquiring if she was familiar with it. Far too quickly she responded with a couple of ‘devil’ icons and telling me that she had indeed used it before but was looking for someone to ‘hone her skills’ on. I of course said that I would be happy to help her with this, and only then started to consider the potential consequences.

    I am never sure of the audience of these blogs and suspect that most of its readers are already familiar with such things, but for those who are not familiar let me explain what I have learnt so far. Teamviewer is a free program that allows a remote user to operate another persons PC. Many IT companies now use similar software to help us out when we have problems with our PC’s at home or at work. Having agreed to a Teamviewer session with Mistress I started to research further how it was being used in the Femdom community and more importantly what it could allow someone with Miss Deelights distance control skills to do. I began to realise that it is the ‘weapon’ of choice by many Findoms. I also began to realise why….

    Here is what I understand Teamviewer allows a Distance Control Mistress to achieve:
    1) Take control of a subs computer remotely.

    2) Become the ‘administrator’ of the computer concerned and making the sub sign is as a guest (therefore it becomes her computer).

    3) Activate the PC’s camera and watch what he does at all times.

    4) Turn off the Slaves screen so that he has no idea of what she is doing or whether or not she is actually there watching him.

    5) Load on keylogging software to capture sign on and password information.

    6) Read all of the slaves e mails.

    7) Copy the Slaves contacts list.

    8) Post to his Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin if the Slave is not being compliant.

    9) Keep tabs on the Slaves internet browsing.

    10) Restrict the slaves access to his own porn files or the internet.

    11) Access the Slaves internet banking/paypal/amazon

    12) Set tasks and record the whether or not the Slave does as he is told. (The Mistress doesn’t even need to watch! She can just fast forward through a recording at a later time to ensure that full compliance has been achieved).

    And, I am sure, so much more besides.

    It was only once I started to realise its capabilities that I started to see the deep chasm opening up in front of me. We rely so heavily today on technology for so much of what we do on a day to day basis. For a Mistress it provides complete access to a Slaves life, both fetish and vanilla. Whilst it is sometimes used on a ‘session basis’ (i.e. for a defined and short period of time) the most effective use seems to be when a slaves computer is locked down for the long term. In the wrong hands it is dangerous and potentially devastating. In the right hands it provides a tool to control and manipulate slaves like no other.

    Mistress started to taunt me with a series of e mails that talked of Blackmail, Chastity and Teamviewer. She knows precisely which buttons to press and how to turn me into a quivering wreck. I cant remember how many e mails I received (I even received one to read and consider whilst walking around PC world!). Mistress was obviously on a mission to wind me up, and Wow how it worked. One particular e mail got to me so much that I started to physically shake. This is true distance control. Monday and Monday night were most uncomfortable. Tuesday continued in much the same fashion.

    And then on Wednesday morning I got the text from Mistress telling me that she might be able to commence on Teamviewer that afternoon. Waves of fear and excitement passed through me. I sent an instant, and ill considered, response to Mistress. I quickly sent another one trying to ensure it arrived before she saw my first one. It wasn’t much better. 30mins past and no response from Mistress. I worried that I might have annoyed her. I sent a further e mail. A little later Mistress responded by teasing me further with thoughts on bondage. And then it all went quiet.

    I had already loaded up Teamviewer on my PC and tested it out through the app I downloaded onto my I Phone. (I should have added that on as number 13 – Mistress doesn’t even need to be at her desk to watch or manipulate her slaves!) I looked at my PC and considered taking off anything I didn’t want Mistress to access. But I didn’t. What would be the point? Mistress already knows enough about me to ensure my enslavement to her. If she wants me to help her to hone her skills she wouldn’t thank me for presenting her with a stripped bare and sterile PC. My browsing history was rather too full of Teamviewer and Findoms for my liking, but hopefully Mistress would realise that this was just as a result of trying to understand the hole that I had dug. I got on with my work and tried to concentrate on other tasks. Lunchtime came and went and I rushed back to my workshop and my PC. I continued with my work and waited for the text to ‘ping’. Maybe Mistress would send me an e mail to say she was ready for me. I checked it frequently. The afternoon wore on. I found it progressively harder and harder to work. People came in and interrupted me. Problems cropped up that I needed to resolve. A friend offered to come up and help me with a job – I asked him if he could help the following day instead. I sent a text to Mistress enquiring how her day was going. I felt like I was stood outside the HOD waiting to go in, but Mistress was still too busy to let me in. Torture! In the end I sent one text to many. The final response from Mistress was that we would do Teamviewer another day. She felt that I was getting far too wound up and that it was for my own good.

    Mistress had sent me to the ‘quiet corner’ to calm down.

    The result was to transport me from the excitement and anticipation of contact with Mistress back to everyday life in my workshop. I did come down with a ‘small bump’. Why? It wasn’t because we weren’t going to be able to do Teamviewer that day. Mistress had only said that it was ‘a possibility’. The reason was that my texts to Mistress that day had given her the impression that I was incapable of taking any more torment or teasing. It is of course the thing that I crave most. It was my fault that she was going to stop. What an idiot I am! Yet again I told myself to think for a few moments before texting. (Does anyone know of an app that would prevent me from returning a text before counting to 100?).

    I was left in the ‘quiet corner’ for the whole of the following day. By Friday morning Mistress had obviously decided that I had had long enough to calm down. The subject of butt plugs, and then facesitting, started to feature in her texts. And funnily enough I started to perk up also.

    My morning text to Mistress on the Saturday informed her that I was off to the Cheltenham races that day. Mistress told me that I should put on 3 each way bets on horses whose names were topical to her/us. In the end I chose 4 horses and informed Mistress that any resultant profit would be donated towards her I Mac sparkle task. The horses names?

    1) Devilment

    2) Fox Appeal

    3) Miss Serious

    4) Some Are Lucky (referring to me of course)

    I kept Mistress informed of progress after each race. The cumulative out come of the 4 bets? A £2 profit!!

    I am sure that I will have to top that up to something more meaningful before I see her next. Of course I bet on other races and other horses (and did no better with those) but the horses I shouted for the loudest were those backed for my Mistress. She had ensured that she stayed as my highest priority even when I was on a day out. Serving Mistress can be fun as well as torturous.

    We never did find the opportunity to spend time on TeamViewer. Hopefully we will next week. I must conclude my blog this week by sharing with you the thing that got to me most in the last 7 days. It wasn’t a picture or a task but a simple set of words. Mistress uses words with clinical precision to ensure that I know my place. Here is the line that made me shake with fear earlier in the week:

     ‘With you, there is no invisible line between fantasy and reality. Not any more.’ So true…


  • I Have ALL the Power!

    You think you are strong but you are not.
    You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
    Sure you think you can resist.
    You can’t.
    You don’t stand a chance.
    Go on try it, I dare you!
    Resist my demands to restrain you.
    You can’t.
    Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
    Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
    You’re too weak.
    And now you are tied.
    Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
    If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
    Go on I challenge you to resist.
    My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
    My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.
    You beg me to let you cum.
    You beg me to let you eat it.
    You are weak.
    You want to cum?
    You have to pay your cum tax.
    Where is your bank card?
    Give me your pin.
    Good boy.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.

    I have ALL the power.


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  • Candy for Mistress

    Another slave in appreciation of Mistress’s control and wicked ways, is Slave Spunky Specs. After a second week of distance control he sent me a bag of my favourite luxury candy :) Good work Slave!




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  • A Gift from a Grateful Slave

    It’s nice to wake up in the morning to gifts via email – financial contributions when I’ve barely even opened my eyes for the day!  I spent a few days twisting Slave Taquin’s melon last week and it obviously had the desired effect on him.  Thank you Pet.

    Screenshot (111)


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  • Mistress Loves Luxuries

    Thank you to Slave Crawley, I recently misplaced my favourite bottle of perfume so I was delighted when the postman delivered these items that have been on my wishlist for some time! Good work Slave, you must be psychic! Perfume, lotion and body spray – As always I will be the nicest smelling Mistress around with this highly intoxicating scent.




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  • Nurse Deelight’s Smoke Break – New Fetish Movie Clip

    Well hello my little smoke slaves, it’s nurse Deelight here. I’ve been busy on my shift so I thought I’d take a little cigarette break. Now i know how much you like to watch me smoke, so I expect your little cocks to be all hard right now. You can watch me smoke and I even give you permission to masturbate but you must do it very slowly. I’ve been very busy in wank clinic today, yes that’s right I get all the slaves in here who have erectile dysfunction and it’s my duty to get things working again. It doesn’t take much to do so really! If all else fails I use my fingers and start by gently teasing their helmet. I’ll spit on their cocks and use it as lube to help get things working. I might even tease them with my heels. Stroking their cocks up and down with my red nurse high heels. Would you like to see them? To kiss them? You’re not a limp dick are you? All you have to do is watch me smoke and you are rock solid and horny! We love being naughty don’t we? I love the smoke as it fills my lungs… would you like some of my smoke? It’s come from my chest, are you looking at my chest? Of course you are.. it turns you on! let’s smoke together. I know how much you like it. Breath in my second-hand smoke. Watch my lovely pink lips pulling on the ciggie while you jerk your cock under my instruction. Show nurse what a good wanker you are, look at my bottom, look at my cleavage… Good! You know how to please nurse don’t you? I think it’s time for you to cum. Jerk that cock hard and fast for me. Wank that cock for nurse while I finish you off by teasing you with my cleavage and long nails. That’s it, give me that fucking semen sample!

    Sexy Smoking Nurse Video Clip

    Clip now available at all of my clip sites:

    Order your own custom fetish video:

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  • Luxury Item Gifted

    Mistress only uses the best products for her beauty regime and luxury lifestyle. But at £30 a bottle it is only right that my slaves pay for items such as my Moroccanoil hair treatment.  Thank you Sissy Mouse!


    If you would like the responsibility of ensuring that I never go without one of my favourite items then email me missdeelight@outlook.com or check out my amazon wishlist.

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  • Mistress’s Hot Drinks Supply All Topped Up!

    An alert and well rested Mistress is the very best kind of Mistress and my most devoted slaves know this, so that is why they have taken on the roles of providing me with a supply of hot drinks on a monthly basis ( I don’t drink alcohol you see).

    My hot chocolate Tassimo pods are all stocked up thanks to my chocolate bitch – Taquin…


    And my coffee pod supply is all topped up thanks to coffee bitch Mousey….


    Good slaves keeping mistress well refreshed.

    If you would like to become one of my lifestyle bitches and would like to commit to ensuring that one of Mistress’s luxury items are always in good supply the email me on missdeelight@outlook.com – I have vacancies available.

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  • iMac Task Update

    Thank you to Slave Crawley, a distant devotee who has yet to meet me but has generously contributed to my iMac fund because he knows that I deserve to be worshipped and appreciated for being the Goddess that I am.  The total is now at £575 .  Good work Slaves!

    Screenshot (107)

  • iMac Sparkle Task Update

    Thank you to Slave Dribbly and to Slave Taquin for your recent contributions towards my new iMac (£50 and £25).  All my loyal slaves know how to put a smile on my face, though I do find it amusing that Slave Taquin thought he could buy his way out of trouble at that price. LOL!

    The total now stands at £475.00 – Good work so far, pets!


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  • The Next Level – By Slave Taquin

    Question: How can two and a half hours pass by so quickly

    Answer: Spend it with Miss Deelight!

    Today’s session came ‘hot on the heels’ of Mistress posting my latest blog. There were 4 notable things from that Blog that need to be recalled for this one.

    Firstly I disclosed the fact that I had been considering providing Mistress with my true identity. Why? Because I love being totally owned by her.

    Secondly I disclosed the fact that we had agreed that I should be required to sign a contract that summarised our roles in this relationship.

    Thirdly that I had failed to provide the blog when it was required.

    Fourthly Mistress had picked up on the fact that when I did eventually submit the blog I had failed to mention the self-inflicted beating that she had instructed I should carry out a few days earlier.

    These four things combined could only mean one thing. I was going to be in big trouble for today’s session.

    Mistress didn’t hide the fact that I was in big trouble either. In fact she revelled in it. In her introduction to my last blog she explained that I was going to be punished. In the texts I received before today’s session I was told I should be very scared (she even sent me a video via I message that confirmed this fact!) and this morning she tweeted with hash tag ‘torture’. Now I know there are some slaves or sissies who would actually relish the fact that Mistress was going to torture them. I am not one of them however. I really dont like pain at all, I do however recognise the important role that it plays in our relationship to ensure my good behaviour. I was therefore genuinely scared when I arrived at the HOD. And it wasn’t just the fact that I was going to be punished that scared me. I also suspected that Mistress might want me to follow through on my fantasy about giving her my personal details. I still wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to do this.

    And so I entered the front door of the HOD with even more trepidation than normal. It was now a full 5 weeks since Mistress had placed the padlock on my chastity device and sent me away to suffer. I was desperate for an orgasm. Having locked the door behind me I walked into the HOD and said good morning to Mistress. She instantly corrected me with ‘good afternoon’ (she was of course correct) and said ‘strip’. Today was obviously not going to be a day for idle chit chat!. I did as instructed and Mistress ordered me to sit in the restraining chair in the dungeon room. She strapped my legs and body securely into the chair. My arms however proved more difficult. Mistress knows that I am something of a wriggler and will free myself if allowed to try. Having tried the leather straps in a couple of positions Mistress decided that I should have my wrists handcuffed and chained to the leather strap securing my torso. This certainly did the job. No amount of wriggling was going to allow me to free myself. Once happy that I couldn’t escape she put the broad leather strap, that prevents any vision, across my face and secured my head to the chair back. Mistress then left me to consider my impending fate for an hour whilst she went about her daily tasks.

    My sessions often start these days with an hour of restraint with just the regular visits from Mistress to check that I am OK. I enjoy this. As time progresses however I become less and less comfortable and look forward to being released, whilst at the same time becoming more and more apprehensive and wishing that time would slow down. Today’s hour passed far too quickly however and before I knew it Mistress arrived and informed me that she was gathering what she needed for our session. I heard her bring some items down from upstairs and wheel the trolley over in front of me. She informed me that she had everything that she needed and that I was going to spend the rest of the session strapped and blindfolded in the chair. I suspect I started to tremble as I could feel and hear the crocodile clips being attached to my chastity device. I knew what was about to happen and braced myself for the first shock. Nothing happened. Mistress enquired if I could feel anything to which I had to answer no. For a moment I thought about lying but knew that this would not help my situation once she inevitably realised the truth. After a couple more attempts Mistress decided that this was not going to work and moved to plan B. I felt her stick the electrodes to my balls. At least I got a moment of pleasure from this brief touch and my cock tried to burst through the stainless steel bars of my cage.

    The next sensation surprised me. Mistress had brought the vibrator down from upstairs and had started to apply it to my cage and my balls. Mistress teased me with it for a while before starting to explain what was about to happen to me. Firstly she explained that I was going to be punished today for failing to complete my blog in time and failing to contact her at the time to explain my reasons. She then went on to explain that I was going to be made to tell her my personal details. Specifically I was going to tell her my full name, my address, my business name, my wife’s name, and my best friends details. My head was now spinning. Was I really going to tell her these things? And before I could consider this further she went on to inform me that we were then going to review the proposed contract that she had made me send her in order that she could amend it as required. All of this whilst I was strapped to the chair with electrodes attached to my balls and a vibrator working away on my device.

    The pleasant sensation from the vibrator was quickly replaced by the piercing pain of my first electric shock. I tried to jump from the chair but was unable to move. I strained in my bonds as the next shocks were delivered. Mistress explained again about the need to blog when required and to never miss a deadline again. I writhed as further shocks were delivered over and over again. I too have no safe word agreed with Mistress. She knows just how far to push me. Today she pushed me to the limit.

    Once my punishment was over Mistress reduced the intensity and started again to work on me with the vibrator. As she brought me closer and closer to orgasm she explained that I was now going to start divulging my personal information. She explained that once I had done so I would be totally at her mercy from that point onwards. Before long I was begging her to remove the vibrator as I knew I was close to going over the edge. I had never been made to cum in the cage before and really feared that it might be a terribly painful experience. To make matters worse Mistress informed me that she was going to keep going with the vibrator unless I told her what she needed to know. If I didn’t tell her she would keep going for just long enough to ensure a ruin, at which time our session would be over and I would be sent home still locked in my cage until recommencing at the next session in 4 weeks time. Before long I had to beg her to stop. She said ‘full name’. I hesitated, and a shock ripped through my balls. ‘Full name’ she said again as another shock hit me. I blurted out my name and she said ‘good boy’ as she wrote it on her pad. What on earth am I doing I thought to myself as she resumed with the vibrator. Over the next hour or so Mistress tortured and teased from me everything that she wanted to know. I really did try to resist at times but she would not give up until my submission was complete. I felt exhausted by the time Mistress put down her notepad and told me to expect all details to be fully checked and verified.

    Mistress then sat opposite me and started to read the contract that I had sent her which was on her I pad. As contracts go I have to say that it is the most one-sided document that I have ever known. But then so is this relationship! She rested her feet in my lap and played with my nipples with her toes. It really was a most erotic experience. I think it was at this point that I think I realised that I had reached the most submissive mental state that I had ever experienced before. I had been teased and tortured, revealed information that ensured my enslavement and was now having a slave contract read to me as Mistress laughed at its contents (whilst changing it to be even more in her favour). Inevitably I agreed all of the changes proposed and Mistress, happy with her work, went to work with the vibrator once again. As I moved ever closer to orgasm she enquired how much I wanted to cum. The answer was that I desperately needed to cum. I asked her to remove the chastity device in order that I could. Mistress informed me that the only orgasm that I was going to receive today was whilst still being locked in my device. By this point I really didn’t care how or where I should orgasm, it just had to happen. I said ‘yes please Mistress’ and she moved the vibrator to the precise spot where she knows it will tip me over the edge. And that is exactly what happened. The orgasm was prolonged and intense. on and on it went whilst Mistress held the vibrator in place. It didn’t hurt at all. It was just a fabulous release. I was amazed to realise that my two and a half hours with Mistress were over. Doesn’t time fly!

    I showered and we said our goodbyes and I went on my way. I felt drained, elated, excited, numb and confused. It had been such an intense experience. Later that evening I sent a text to Mistress to thank her for the session and to tell her that it was one of the best sessions I have ever experience.

    Finishing this blog the following day as I am I would like to correct that statement. It was actually the best session I have ever had, with anyone. I am still not quite sure why but I am still on a huge high. Thank you Mistress.


    I know that the only reason that Miss Deelight forced me to divulge my personal information to her today was because we had communicated about it in advance. As I know to my cost, if you open the door just a little she will quite rightly barge straight through it. I have known her for long enough now to trust her implicitly. The moral here is that Miss Deelight can always be relied upon to act in a professional and ethical manner, but just be careful what you wish for!

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  • iMac Sparkle Task Update

    UK FindommeThank you to Slave Sissy Mouse for a further £100 towards my top of the range, super power iMac! The total now sits at £300 but I’d also like to thank my new Chastity Slave, Slave A (until I give him a proper name) for offering the use of his student account in order for me to save £300.  Effectively, the grand total now sits at £600. For those of you not in the know, go educate yourself! Click here!

  • Sissy Jessamine returns with her Small Dick Tax

    As of 23rd September, all cockless subbies visiting my website or following me on twitter are required to pay a Small Dick Tax. Sissy Jessamine, who disappeared from my radar has returned to the Realm of Deelight and has quite rightly paid her tax and submitted her picture for my Small Dick Gallery.


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  • Attention, Small Dick Losers! #SPH

    Is your cock smaller than mine? Of course it is, that’s why are you are not a man, you’re a loser. A limp dick, cockless loser! It’s time to pay your small dick tax. If your cock is smaller than mine then your tax is £25.  If your maggot is less than half the length of mine, your tax is £50. Amazon.co.uk gift voucher to missdeelight@outlook.com or bank transfer (email for details). Once you’ve paid your tax email a photo of your limp little clitty for my new small dick gallery.

    pay your small dick tax

    The first small dicker has already paid, oh yes his is fucking tiny!


    £50 small dick tax

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  • Welcome to Nail Bitch, Danny.

    Recently, Sissy Mouse became my coffee bitch; his role is to keep me well supplied with cappuccino pods for my Tassimo machine. Well now I have a new bitch in the House of Deelight;  Danny is my new nail bitch and he has committed to paying for my regular manicures in exchange for him choosing the colour and of course I’ll be teasing my new nail bitch with pictures of my freshly painted nails.  Watch this space pets!

    Screenshot (103)


    I also have a vacancy for a hot chocolate bitch. My cappuccinos are to get me moving in the mornings and my hot chocolate pods (£20 per month) are to help me wind down each evening after a day of domination, control and tease.  Apply to missdeelight@outlook.com

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  • iMac Findom Sparkle Task #Findom #FinancialDomination #SpoilYourGoddess


    Brace yourselves, my hardworking, devoted financial slaves or for those of you who simply want to show your appreciation of all the hard work I put into brightening up your lives. Here is your next sparkle task.  For those of you new to the House of Deelight, a Sparkle task is a financial task that I set you all to prove to me how devoted you all really are.

    It should be noted that if I wanted to I could buy this computer for myself – today! But where would the fun in that be?

    Now it should be noted that my blog has over 1000 views per day and I have over 3500 twitter followers. So even if you can’t afford lots of money, if everyone contributed just £1 I’d have my iMac in no time. I appreciate that you can’t all afford hundreds of pounds, but every contribution no matter what the size, will be gratefully received (this applies to any of my non financial slaves who just enjoy my blog posts and pictures- financial slaves you know it’s a different kettle of fish for you).


    Mistress deserves the finest things in life and this task really will benefit my life in so many ways. As many of you know, I am a keen photographer and techno-geek. Right now my poor little laptop is struggling to cope with the heavy workload it has to deal with both with my hobby photography, professional photography and of course the work I have to do for my website and business promotion. An upgrade is definitely needed so your task is to contribute to a new iMac computer for your hard working Goddess. I don’t want a standard iMac, oh No! That simply will not do. Here are the specs for the iMac that I have in mind…..


    iMac with Retina 5K display

    • 4.0GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz
    • 32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 4x8GB
    • 3TB Fusion Drive
    • AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2GB GDDR5
    • Apple Magic Mouse
    • Apple Wireless Keyboard (British) & User’s Guide (English)
    • Accessory Kit

    and here is the price tag:



    I know this task isn’t going to be completed over night, but the sooner the better!

    I originally requested the contributions in the form of apple gift vouchers but there is a limit to how many you can use, so instead please send your tributes via bank transfer or over the counter to: (Also make sure you put a name or nickname as reference so I can thank you and send me an email too).

    MD Enterprises (HSBC)

    or you can send donations via:

    It is time for you to finally put your spare income to good use. Stop drinking it away or wasting it on junk food and other things that are of no benefit to your life. Do something wonderful, make your Mistress’s life easier, my smile brighter and my eyes even more sparkling.

    Go piggies… fetch!

  • Pole Received

    Thank you to those of you who contribute to the last sparkle task to get Mistress a pole for my pole fitness.  Taquin, Dribbly J and an anonymous contributor all handed over their hard earned cash to help Mistress get even fitter and even more sexy! (if that is even possible).  Watch this space for a mammoth sparkle task coming up which will see us all through to the end of the year!  Plan ahead my little squealing piggies, this is going to be a big one… start booking in that over time and allocating all your spare income to your one and only Goddess.



  • Pole Dance Sparkle Task

    Here we go again Slaves, you’ve all had a bit of a break for a while since the Louboutin Sparkle Task but now it’s time to open your wallets and help once more to enhance the ever blossoming, ever active lifestyle of your number 1 Mistress.  Over the past couple of months, Mistress has been getting her beautiful body in even better shape by learning to pole dance. I have already passed my level 1 but now I am at a point where I simply must have my own pole.  With all the sessions I do and work I put into keeping you slaves in check, I find it difficult to get to all the evening classes so I am having private lessons when I can and need a pole at home in order to keep practising my spins while toning and strengthening my gorgeous body. The more beautiful my body looks, the more wonderful your worshipping experience will be!  The pole is £250 and I also need cleaners and mats for it (£50). This is just a small task in comparison to  your previous ones, so it shouldn’t take you long to complete, my ever devoted little pets.

    Send your contributions to, including your name and PD as the reference to:

    MD Enterprises

    Go to it slaves!

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  • My Christian Louboutin Shoes

    Some of my loyal House of Deelight pets worked very hard, responding both pleasingly and enthusiastically to the Louboutin Shoe fund started at the beginning of the year.  And here they are, my gorgeous Red Soles; ripe and ready for the ultimate in high heel worship. Book your session now!  Thank you to all of you who contributed your hard earned £££ to this very special and worthy cause.

    louboutin lady peep

  • Louboutin Sparkle Task Update

    A big thank you goes to Sissy Ivy for contributing £100 to my Louboutin sparkle task, bringing the grand total now up to £450! What good slaves you are all being, you all know how happy it would make mistress to have a beautiful, glamorous pair of designer high heels caressing my beautiful divine feet.  Picture yourself now on your hands and knees as I sit elegantly on my throne dressed in fine lingerie, sheer stockings while you come face to face with the most stunning pair of high heels you could ever see.  Not just a gift to me, but a gift back to all of you as you worship me in my high heels.  If that is a vision that fills you with desire you can help make all our dreams come true by joining in the group project and donating to this very worthy cause.  My beautiful feet deserve the most beautiful of footwear.


    sparkle task louboutin


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  • Louboutin Sparkle Task Update

    OOOOOOOOOOH! Mistress just checked her bank account and saw that the sparkle task target is now up to £350! Almost half way there already.  What good little piggies I have in the HOD Pig Pen.  Thank you Sissy Mouse for your latest contribution.

    It’s 2015 pets, a brand new year and Mistress can’t wait to slide her beautiful, pretty feet into a pair of Louboutin Shoes when I will sit on my throne and have you all worship them.  Dig deep my pets. I know lots of you enjoy my blog and the work I put into sharing my adventures with you.   Mistress must have divine shoes to match her divine status.

    sparkle task louboutin Louboutin sparkle task

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  • New Sparkle Task – Divine Footwear

    sparkle task louboutin

    Some of you were disappointed to have not been involved in the Christmas Sparkle Task for my new camera lens, well if you’re not fast you’re last after all.  And some of you who were quick enough to save your pennies and put that whopping big smile on Mistresses face, have already asked what the next task is.  What good little pets you all are :)  So here is something a little more exciting for you.  The lens task was exciting for me but this one will be exciting for all of us.  And you will all benefit from the ever lasting joy that this task is going to bring me.  As you all know, Mistress has beautiful and divine feet. Divine feet should only be encased in the most divine footwear, wouldn’t you agree?  The highest quality, most fashionable, elegant and beautiful foot wear of all: Louboutin Shoes.

    These Louboutins in particular: