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  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – What the Fuck Happened?

    Slave Taquin has been good to me in recent weeks however I have also noted his errors.  The errors were all recorded in a document and I decided because I was feeling sadistic that day, that he was going to pay for his errors in this session.  I really did unleash my inner beast onto him and he left not knowing what the fuck had hit him.  Guess what? He still loves me ;)

    I left the HOD disorientated and shocked. I had just realised that this weeks session had been carefully planned to hurt, humiliate and punish me. Even the ‘good bits’ had been part of the overall plan to result in my eventual despair. The timing of such a session was perfectly planned. It happened when I least expected it. In my mind I had been such a good slave recently. I had contributed financially (in a small way) to both of Mistresses holidays, I had bought her gifts, I had delayed my session by a week in order to spend a day doing an urgent vanilla task for her and only the night before my session I had agreed to buy Mistress an expensive outfit that she had fallen in love with. Of course, my relationship with Mistress is not ‘transactional’. I wouldn’t want or expect a genuine sub domme relationship to work that way. It is a long term relationship where I have to accept and come to terms with whatever Mistress thinks is best for me, or happens to please her on a given day. As she reminded me yesterday, I need to learn to take the rough with the smooth. I can never know what comes next. I know from past experience that it won’t be long before I find myself referring to this weeks session as a positive experience. It is just that today it still hurts!

    I am writing this section of my blog 2 days after the session. You will tell from it that the events are still vivid and raw in my mind. But I should also say that Mistress has been looking after me ever since, building me back up piece by piece. She is a genuine, dominant and powerful Mistress and she cares for me in her unique and wonderful way. I love being her submissive slave. This weeks session was tough for me. As part of my ‘recovery’ from it I felt the need to write about it now as I know that it will be difficult for me.

    On parking close to the HOD I checked my phone to find that Mistress had left me a message. It was the sort of message that inevitably excites me. It was a set of clear instructions as to what I was to do on entering the HOD. There is little better than being ‘bossed about’ by Mistress as far as I am concerned. 10 minutes later I found myself naked (apart from my slave collar and chastity device), kneeling on the dungeon floor, facing the fireplace, head down with the items that I had bought with me laid out neatly in front of me. I had bought my key safe containing the key to the chastity device, Viagra, ‘The Vice’ chastity device and £210 cash for Mistress to buy her outfit. (The cash had been removed from the money I am saving up for another 12 months as Mistress Deelight’s slave – I will just have to work/save harder!).

    Mistress entered the room and immediately blindfolded me. She made me stand, take 2 steps back and sit on the hard wooden chair she had placed behind me. My arms and wrists were gaffer taped to the chair back. My thighs were then gently but firmly tied to the chair. I love the feeling of soft rope bindings and this combined with the moments when I felt Mistresses body lean in against mine ensured that her property grew and dribbled in its cage. Mistress then gaffer taped my ankles to the chair, made me swallow a Viagra, checked that I had no possible means of escape and left the room. Over the next hour Mistress occasionally returned to the room, chatted about the music she was playing me and treated me to the very occasional tantalising torment of her touch on my body. I was drifting gently into subspace when I heard Mistresses steps approaching once again. This time I could tell that she was wearing heels and therefore that my session proper was about to start. As always I had no idea what lay ahead. Mistress had talked earlier of ‘fun and games’ and ‘surprises’. Both comments had worried me as I always consider that my needs are quite basic and straightforward. Mistress has a history of pushing my boundaries to ensure that I am never too comfortable or complacent.

    The session started so well. Mistress teased and tormented my securely bound body with her hands and her body. Very quickly her Viagra fuelled property was trying to burst out of its stainless steel cage. But the cage stayed firmly in place.

    Mistress cut through the gaffer tape bindings on my wrists and replaced them with some cuffs. They felt light and soft, not like any other cuffs that I had experienced before. She then did the same with my ankles. I was told to open wide whilst Mistress tried to apply a gag, but this gags ball was too large for my mouth and so Mistress just applied it sitting on the outside of my mouth. I thought this was odd as she would normally get the smaller gag to make sure that it did its required job effectively. It was only as Mistress was applying a collar around my neck, that also felt soft and comfortable’ that I realised what was happening. I had seen a tweet from Mistress only a few days earlier that displayed a photo of a set of pink, light bondage items that I assumed would be used on the Sissies within her ever growing stable (or should that be Harem?). I muttered past the gag that I guessed that I now looked ‘pretty in pink’. Mistress didn’t reply. I heard her go upstairs and return a few minutes later. She lifted my arms in front of me and fitted a bra on me. Next, the bandage blindfold that had been obscuring my vision since the beginning of the session was replaced by a lightweight elasticated blindfold. And finally, I felt Mistress put a wig on my head. I should say at this point that wearing women’s clothes is not my ‘thing’ (in the same way that many chaps wouldn’t find anything remotely exciting about having their tackle locked in a stainless steel device – which is definitely one of my ‘things’). And neither is humiliation. And so when I felt Mistress sit on my lap, in a way that told me that she was taking a selfie of the two of us for online publication, and I heard the click of the photo being taken I was far from excited. But what happened next was even worse. Mistress removed my blindfold, stood in front of me and started to video me. Mistress made me say things that I didn’t want to say and made me feel terrible. I was mortified. I wondered if this was being done to punish me or was her way of playing to my Blackmail fetish. I still don’t know the answer to that question although I have concluded that it was the former rather than the latter. (If Mistress really wants to blackmail me she has already illustrated the fact that she can do all sorts of things that would scare me sufficiently to ensure my compliance without resorting to the ‘nuclear’ option).

    Once happy that she had completed her video Mistress began to tease me. It was lovely of course. It is one of the things that I enjoy most and Mistress is so good at it. I allowed the horrors of the humiliation and video to start to drift into the background as the sensations of touch, smell and vision (Mistress was wearing a fabulous black body suit and looked every past the magnificent woman that she is) filled my body and soul. After a little while Mistress sat on my lap facing away from me and started to read from her phone. It started ‘May the 15th. Today I sent an e mail to Princess without Mistresses permission’, or something similar. I really can’t remember the content but basically Mistress had stored up all of my confessional emails or blogs and was reading each one back to me. And as she concluded each confession (and there were lots of them) she would slap my legs, hard. I hate pain (how many times have you heard me say that) but I know that it is something that I have to endure. It is a true punishment for me in a relationship that I want to be 100% genuine. Today Mistress really hurt me. She slapped and slapped until I could not bear it any longer and then she pinched the area of sore skin before moving onto the next confession and the next part of my soft exposed flesh. In between each set of slaps, she would tease me with her body and her touch. She then stood in from of me and admonished me further whilst whipping my legs with a lightweight but effective tawse. And again in between each session of excruciating pain she teased me. By the time that she had finished I was shaking uncontrollably. Mistress slowly removed my bindings and teased me as she did it. I began to calm down and cheer up a bit as despite the pain I was desperately in need of an orgasm. The device had remained on until this point and so I so looked forward to it being removed for just a little while. Mistress looked me in the face and said ‘go upstairs and get dressed’. I looked back at her feeling totally shocked and confused. I asked if my session was really over. She repeated her instruction. I staggered to the bottom of the stairs disorientated by what had happened and the fact that I was going to be sent home without an orgasm. I had waited so long and suffered so much in the anticipation of this one kindness from Mistress. I looked back at Mistress as I was about to climb the stairs hoping that she would say ‘only joking’. Instead, she mocked me and told me to get on with it. 5 minutes later I heard Mistress laughing at me as I left the HOD still disorientated and confused by what had happened. I was in something of a state!

    Mistress has been kind to me since my session. She has shown genuine concern for my well being. I have subsequently found out that Mistress had become increasingly annoyed by some of my behaviours and had decided to ensure that I remembered her dissatisfaction. She also told me that my session happened to fall on a day when she was feeling particularly sadistic and that she had decided to enjoy the opportunity that my bad behaviour had offered up to her.

    This is what I have signed up to. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am picking myself up again and still consider myself to be the luckiest slave alive. I will just have to have better behaved in future.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Write Up – I Don’t Know What To Say!

    I know it’s been a great session when my slave ends it with the words, “I don’t know what to say!”.  And of course he would be speachless after having been given the Deelight-Factor.  Dressed in my sexiest black lingerie, armed with a silver tongue, sharp mind and the E-stim Electro Pebble device, I delivered a knock out session for this bumbling slave.

    I just don’t know what to say.

    The above was all I could utter at the end of my latest visit to Mistress. However, I suppose it’s best to start off at the beginning.
    I arrive at the House of Deelight at my allotted time of 11am walk through the door and met immediately by Mistress looking fabulous as ever sporting her new blonde hair and to get me bumbling black bra, pants, stockings and suspenders. Mistress enquires how I am? “Bumbling” is my reply looking Mistress in the eyes and nowhere around them. I then have to confess immediately that I have forgotten to wear my lovely collar but I did remember everything else (apart from the diet coke but Mistress already knew that).
    Mistress was today in the mood to get on and enquires if ‘I need a chat or want to start as she had planned?’ “As you planned Mistress” was my reply and was duly sent upstairs to strip and use the toilet and return. On my return Mistress offered me the wooden chair and went about gathering the equipment she needed, sending me back upstairs to get the bandage blindfold, which I manage to do with minimum bumbling. I then resit in the chair and whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair we have a chat about this and that until I am securely fastened. With that Mistress tells me to be quiet, enjoy the music and leaves the room. I can hear her picking up the bag I have brought with me and then shuts the door.

    Sat in the dark with no escape usually starts to cleanse my brain, the last few visits I have been unable to do that but today it works wonders and I drift off into a trance like state. I’m not even sure if I nodded off at one point; I was that relaxed and secure. After a while Mistress’s voice rang out from the other room enquiring about all the bank cards I have in my wallet. This was something new for me, I have left my wallet many times before but this is the first time (to my knowledge) Mistress has looked through it. I had to think hard about what cards were in there as I didn’t want Mistress to think I was hiding anything from her. After I had given an explanation I just receive a cursory ‘Hmmm’ from Mistress and I go back to my dark serene place but not for long. I hear Mistress open the door and enter the room, then something sharp starts to poke Mistresses property. “Can you guess what I have found?” says Mistress. I reply with great glee ‘Your very sharp Australian hunting knife Mistress?’ At my last session Mistress had been unable to find her treasured knife and joy of joys she had found it. With it came a period of me staying very still whilst Mistress run the knife over me. I love knife play there is something very exciting (and dark) about someone you trust having an instrument that in the wrong hands would take someone’s life. Mistress at the same time was circling me like a bird of prey waiting for the moment to strike and strike she did not with talons but her sharp mind and tongue. Pointing out that after her recent period of ill health Mistress is firmly back and to expect any niceness to be a trap for what lies beneath. Reminding me that no matter how much I fight my mental battle against my loss of control, I had already lost it a long time ago. This is true but it still doesn’t stop me having my periods of anxiety about it.
    Mistress also informs me that the security cam she has set up on her phone will stay connected at all times so if she chooses she could monitor whenever she likes and that disconnection will come with severe penalties. What these would be I don’t know but I must be honest if I have one of my famous wobbles I will find out soon enough.

    After Mistress has finished informing me of life under Deelight 2.0 she begins the remove the ropes and cuffs that have secured me to the chair and leaving me blindfolded directs me to the bottom of the stairs and instructs me to crawl up them. Once on my hands and knees Mistress notices something that even now makes me shudder with embarrassment, a small piece of toilet paper stuck to my bum crack! This Mistress finds very funny, describes it looking like a piggy tail and of course takes a picture. (I have begged Mistress not to include it in her blog but I have been unable to meet the terms for removal). I plead that I can remove the ‘piggy tail’ it in the bathroom but that is met with a resounding ‘No’. With that I am directed into the boudoir and up onto the bed (still blindfolded). Mistress then goes about attaching my ankles and wrists with cuffs and then attaches a very gentle nipple device to me. It’s called a tower of pain and it has a bar with 2 clover clamps and an adjustable bar that is screwed clockwise and this tugs on the clamps leaving Mistress with handsfree nipple torture. With this primed Mistress then introduces me to her new E-stim Pebble. Mistress informs me that this is less harsh than the electric box she previously used but will leave me very disorientated during its use.
    Mistress began by attaching pads one to my thigh and the other to her property and switches on the Pebble. All I can feel is a pulse in my thigh so that pad is removed and attached to Mistresses property. Switch on again and working nicely. Mistress then starts my torment and pleasure. I can’t remember all the settings but they did exactly what it said on the tin. One was called split and it really did feel like Mistresses property was being torn apart. Then came ‘Audio’ this was something else and Mistress chose a song by Sam Smith and this had me writhing about the bed tugging on the restraints. With every setting Mistress also introduced the wand, tightened the nipple clamps and brought me to edge so many times, most of which I thought I was going over. Mistress firmly reminded me that if I cum without permission she was still going to carry on and I know what that torture feels like. After I have no idea how long Mistress then comes to the ‘Milk’ setting and this does exactly that. You feel pulses running up the shaft of Mistress’s cock and added to that Mistress expertly working the wand and me into a frenzy. I was pulling at those restraints so hard that I thought something would give, either the cuffs or my joints. Finally, with me pulling so hard on the restraints Mistress holds the wand and directs her property towards my face and treats me to a lovely facial with my own cum. I can feel myself pulsing and pulsing until there is no more and all that is left is the pain of the electrics which Mistress kindly switches off and leaves me completely speechless which I maintained for quite a while afterwards.
    Mistress being the caring lady that she is let me enjoy my post orgasm glow for a few minutes before unclipping the very stretched nipple clamps and leaving me writhing around in pain because my hands are still cuffed unable to hold and sooth my nipples.
    After the nipple pain calms down Mistress uncuffs me and I just lie on the bed unable to converse or compute what just happened. I was incredibly mentally disorientated as Mistress said I would be. That was one of the most sensory overloaded experiences I have ever enjoyed.

    Once I get my senses back I go for a shower and finally get to remove the shame of my toilet paper piggy tail. Clean of body (but not mind) I dress and return downstairs for a post session calm down and chat before it is very quickly time to return to the real world.

    As always, a massive thank you to Mistress for a mind and cock blowing session and I am writing this under the very watchful eye of the security cam. Not knowing if I am being watched of not.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – A Ringside Seat

    I know that Sissy Mouse has always enjoyed being an observer of me in action and that he also enjoys being ignored, with that in mind I decided to use his time to film some custom fetish videos for other slaves while my slave sat helplessly bound to the bondage chair in a needy twitchy state!  Before I humiliated him with his brand new outfit!

    A ringside seat.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight arrived a luxurious 2 weeks after my last visit. This was due to my current neediness and the inability to last the usual 3 to 4 weeks without a session. Before I go into the session itself I will recap on happenings since my last visit.
    A couple of days after my last session where Mistress had installed Qustodio on my shiny new phone I worked out how to remove it. This I must be honest brought me a degree of sadness because I like no escape. It’s like being locked up and then given the key, what’s the point? So, a message to Mistress to say I think I might be able to remove Qustodio and with a message returned saying ‘I doubt it but you can try’. 30 seconds later it’s gone. This brought annoyance to both of us and the messages ended with Mistress saying, ‘I will investigate that’.
    The next few days are quiet apart from me requesting some session date changes and responding to Mistress’s request for some further items to enhance her serene ‘Woman cave/pet control centre’. However, this all changed on Tuesday when I received a message containing a link and a message from Mistress to inform me to install the link. I do as instructed and what I had done was allow Mistress to install Netsanity on my phone. Whilst no quite as intrusive as Qustodio I did my research and this cannot be removed without a code. I thanked Mistress for my update and after some tweaking by Mistress later in the day I was now able to use my phone but now unable to view any adult sites. Mistress also informed me I was keeping this until she had worked out Qustodio. I spent that evening reminded of many of Slave Taquin’s blogs where I felt like I was being watched from afar.

    The rest of the week passes quietly apart from Mistress sending me messages that kept me in a high state of horny and neediness, including a TeamViewer visit leaving me with a video of a slave being ruthlessly caned resulting in him cowering on the floor begging for mercy. I do love Mistress’s mind and that whole scenario get me even further flustered.
    On the Sunday evening Mistress had managed to make me squirm without even realising it. I had no internet access on my phone and twitter had stopped updating for around 2 hours. I messaged Mistress around 8.30pm but didn’t get a reply (well it was Sunday evening). Mistress replied in the morning to say she had taken Sunday off so there was no tinkering with my phone, ending the message in true Mistress style with ‘that I can remember lol’. I confirmed it was now working ok but it still made me squirm.

    Finally, we arrive at the day of my session with Mistress. I duly message Mistress to confirm the time and Mistress replies and confirms as such and enquired if I am in a suitable submissive state? I confirm that I indeed am in such a state (I am constantly in that state now). As ever the morning drags along until it is time to leave for Newport. I arrive a little early as always and wait around the corner for the clock to tick around to 11am and duly walk through the door carrying my usual offerings. I lock the front door open the inner door to be met by Mistress looking fabulous as ever, this time wearing the lace playsuit I had bought from her wishlist, her well received shiny tights and thigh boots. Mistress knowing the state I am now constantly in did a little twirl and a teasing wiggle before instructing me to kneel in front of her there and then. Mistress enquired what I have brought in the bag and listened with great glee to some of the items. We have a lovely catch up with me barely through the door still on my knees looking up at a vision of lace enveloped beauty. Mistress then instructs me to unpack the bag, leave my phone on the kitchen worktop and present what I have brought, which is some money for advanced sessions, some stamps that Mistress wanted and something that will no doubt make me squirm later in life, my bank account secure key. I present the money in the appropriate manner, held between my lips for Mistress to remove and count. Once checked (always with my heart in my mouth) Mistress orders me upstairs to use the toilet, strip and return.

    With Mistress’s orders carried out. I return and Mistress informs me that our session today is going to be very relaxed, then instructs me to unbuckle the straps on the bondage chair and invites me to sit. Whilst strapping me in Mistress informs me that she has made a video clip of what she offers with regard to pc and phone domination and that whilst I am sat in the chair Mistress will make good use of my time by catching up on custom clips. As Mistress is about to buckle the blindfold, she holds it steady by pushing her fabulous breast against the leather giving me a smell of her lovely perfume and teasing me about how close my face is to them. Once this is done and I can’t see, Mistress ties a spare strap around her pathetic cock and tightens it to ensure if it gets happy it’s going to hurt.

    Mistress then goes about setting up for her first piece to camera and we share a little joke about pressing record after Mistress filmed some clips last time I was restrained and ignored upstairs and Mistress filmed both clips on pause (Mistress wasn’t best pleased at the time and whipped my cock for it I believe). Mistress then starts doing her piece to camera and as always, I am incredibly impressed how she does these clips off the cuff. Once finished Mistress goes through her list and finds one that she really wants to do in front of me, an adult baby humiliation clip. Mistress once again does her piece to camera and whilst doing so the strap around Mistress’s property clamps her growing cock with vigour due to the content of the clip. I also hear her mention a new frilly dress and hear her remove it from the bag.

    Once finished Mistress returns her attention to me and notices I feel slightly cold and comments that she has something for me to wear to keep warm, Removes the blindfold and shows me the frilly dress that she mentioned in the clip and teases me on what a pwetty baby sissy I will look. Mistress then removes the straps and invites me to stand slowly and offers me the dress to put on. It fits lovely and with that Mistress catches me out by popping a dummy in my mouth and leaves me to look in the mirror at the state of me whilst she goes upstairs and gathers some other items. Mistress then returns with some satin frilly knickers, a bright pink wig and my glasses so I can look at myself clearly to really soak up the shame. Once I am wearing everything Mistress instructs me to stand still and only look at myself in the mirror whilst she enjoys some lunch. Mistress says something and I look at her to reply only to be told quite sharply ‘Did I say stop looking in the mirror’. I must say words will never describe how humiliated and aroused looking at myself in the mirror made me. Even worse once Mistress had finished her lunch she decided she should share the moment with a video via twitter pointing out in the video my state of arousal. With the video posted, Mistress takes the customary ‘leverage’ shot and invites me back in the chair and buckles me in. Whilst doing so Mistress asks me to recall the things that have happened over the last three years whilst I have been in the bondage chair. I go through a list of the stand out moments, the creation of sissy mouse, the surprise double domme session with Mistress R’eal having their kebab order written on my arms and sent out to find a shop open, Mistress once changing outfits just out of view but pointing out she was naked and the one Mistress pointed out that she particularly liked was a ruin one hot day in July 14. Oh happy days all of them.
    Once Mistress has me secure once again in the chair she goes to the kitchen and collects my phone and sits down in front of me and starts going through it. I have known Mistress a long time and trust her implicitly but it still makes me nervous now she has this much access. Mistress kindly reads me a text from someone and then goes about setting up Qustodio once again. We also discuss what will happen once Mistress has my bank secure key. With this in Mistress’s possession I will have to ask her permission before I can make any new payments and why I want to make that payment. As it will be kept in Mistress’s chastity key safe at home I will have to wait for a time that is convenient for Mistress. Above all, I won’t be able to change any passwords on my own account only Mistress can do this and if she chooses can completely lock me out. Another tool Mistress has, to keep me compliant along with assigning my phone to TeamViewer so she can access it anytime she wants. With all this done Mistress heads upstairs to collect some toys and returns with the wand and the electrics case. Mistress plugs in the wand and starts working on her aroused cock and as I still have the dummy in my mouth it’s not ‘edge Mistress’ it’s of course ‘goo goo ga ga’. Once again after many goo goo ga ga’s with Mistress teasing me about this and that and me confessing that I have been looking at a lot of tease and denial femdom porn on Pornhub. This surprises Mistress because she thought I had my adult content blocked on my pc and it turns out she had forgot to reinstate and I should have asked if it was ok to watch such things oops. Mistress then tells me I am going to squirt in my satin panties, this adds further to my humiliation but also makes Mistress’s cock even more aroused. Added to that Mistress tells me to stare at her fabulous, expensive breasts when I cum. I look her in the eye and plead that this is not me but Mistress is having none of it and reminds me that she now has me so weak and needy that I will do as instructed and I stare at her lovely soft ample breasts and cum so hard it’s painful and make a terrible mess in my panties. Mistress of course mocks me immediately for soiling my panties and joy of joys takes a picture of my state. Then leaves me to ‘enjoy’ my soiled state. I just sit there looking in the mirror thinking what have I become and not only that but how will I last another 2 weeks until our next session. I also breathe a sigh of relief that there were no electrics today. Me and that fire button do not get on. Mistress whilst I am sat in my soiled state has a clear up of all the equipment needed to make her custom clips still insisting I look in the mirror which in my empty balls (clear thinking) state is very difficult and makes me feel even more humiliated.

    Once Mistress is satisfied I have sat in my own mess long enough she gives me instructions to go upstairs rinse out the panties, have a shower, empty the laundry bin and return downstairs. On my return, Mistress hands me the vacuum with instructions on what needs cleaning. Once done Mistress allows me to redress and join her for a wind down and a chat before heading off into the real world with another spring in my step.

    Later in the day I am looking at my phone when it opens itself up because Mistress is trying out her new access and is very pleased that she doesn’t need my permission unlike TeamViewer quick support. We have a quick chat through the memo app and then Mistress leaves me, once again in a horny and needy state. Only hours after that almighty orgasm.
    Once again, I am very grateful to Mistress for providing me with another outstanding session. I would also like to add that I saw a tweet by someone on twitter saying that it would be amazing to be restrained whilst watching Mistress lock down his laptop. If you are reading this then trust me it will be, so book that session.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Humiliated and Very Aroused

    When Sissy Mouse confessed one of his lewd thoughts to me under duress during his previous session, I made it quite clear to him that the confession would be stored in my memory and used at a later date against him. Normally what I like to do in these situations is to store the information and use it a much later date when my sub has forgotten all about it, or at the very least hoped I had! So it was with great pleasure and amusement that I used his confession against him at his very next session, knowing that he wouldn’t be expecting me to do so, quite so soon.  Yes, I know! I am an evil genius! That is why you all love me so much.

    I will now follow with an entry from Sissy Mouse (aka Baby Mouse!)

    Humiliated and very aroused.

    I am writing this more than 3 weeks after my last visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight, the reason for this is Mistress took something that I had mentioned in my last session put her own twist on it and made me feel such enjoyable shame that it is only now that I can bring myself to write about it.

    During my last luxurious and indulgent session that Mistress had treated me to I had shared something with her that I never thought would interest me at all and it was prompted by a tweet Mistress had posted before Christmas. The tweet showed a collection of adult baby items laid out and something flashed through my mind that I would feel very humiliated if Mistress put me in such things. This I duly confessed to Mistress at a time when she had me at my weakest, teasing her pathetic cock. My admission of this amused Mistress greatly at the time and with her usual sharp mind got me to repeat in a baby like voice various statements and ended it by saying ‘It will happen one day mousey or maybe it won’t’.

    Now to the day itself and I arrive at the allocated time and feeling slightly under pressure because Mistress had forgotten Mistress R’eals birthday card and sent me a message to purchase one on the way. I reply ‘No pressure then Mistress’ and visited the only shop I know in Newport the local Tesco. I hunt through the cards knowing that I have minimal time but I am certainly not going to choose the first one (if it was not to a reasonable standard Mistress would no doubt take great pleasure in ensuring Mistress R’eal knew it was my fault!). Luckily after a short while I found what I hoped would be suitable and once purchased headed back to the car to wait for the clock to tick around to 11am.

    Heading through the door I am met by Mistress informing me from behind a closed door to lay out the items I have brought and to strip and start chanting my mantra on my knees. I duly do this in my now bumbling way and start to chant. After a few repetitions, Mistress tells me to take a deep breath and start saying it with a greater feeling. I duly do this and at the same time feel myself leave the outside world behind. As usual after a while my knees start to cause me grief and I start shuffling about trying to relieve the pressure, prompting Mistress to enquire what’s wrong from the other room. What I like about that situation is Mistress knows my knees are hurting but leaves me there just a little longer to push me, knowing that I won’t just get up but will do my best to endure the pain. Finally, Mistress enters the room but I don’t see her for a bit because I am still head down reciting my mantra. When Mistress does tell me to stop and look up I am met by the usual vision of Mistress looking fabulous this time wearing Jodhpurs, satin blouse, corset and her Christmas boots. I compliment Mistress on her outfit (one of my favourites) and how wonderful her boots go with it.

    Now for the crunch Mistress goes over to check the card I have purchased (I have never felt so on edge over a Birthday card) and luckily approves my purchase. Mistress then kindly tells me to stand up and offers me the wooden chair to sit on and we have a nice chat whilst Mistress attaches me to the chair with rope and the joy of slowly being ensnared by it. We continue chatting until the point when Mistress gags me places something heavy in one hand to drop if I have difficulties and leaves me to enjoy some wonderful classical music. I sit there enjoying the music but realise after a while that my mind is returning to outside stuff and not floating off like it usually does. Mistress checks on me at various times and then leaves me to it until she returns and tells me she is going to change gags. This was something new to me and thought that maybe Mistress had something new to try. This turned out to be correct but as always in a way that I didn’t expect. Mistress removes the ball gag and placed a very small rubber gag in my mouth, I assumed it was an inflatable gag but oh no that was a big as it got. The reason for this was after much wondering it dawned on me what it was, Mistress had placed a dummy in my mouth. It was quite a shock to me for two reasons, firstly how humiliated I felt and secondly how aroused it made me. Suddenly any outside thoughts had disappeared to be replaced by exquisite shame and arousal. Mistress just left me there trying so hard to not suck on the dummy and feel even more shame but eventually having to give in and swallow both my saliva and my self-pride.

    As time passes in a different dimension at the house of Deelight I had no idea how long I continued to sit there wallowing in the shame of being so aroused but eventually Mistress returned and whilst laughing at me started to write something on my chest with a permanent marker. Further amused Mistress then placed some very plastic feeling shoes on my feet and announced with great glee that I was now wearing some lovely ballet flats. They were very tight and uncomfortable and did nothing to help my arousal subside. Mistress then started to untie me and once finished invited me to stand and once again mocked me for my state of arousal. It was a very rock and a hard place scenario I didn’t want to be so turned on by my situation but it just wouldn’t subside. Mistress then guided me to the bottom of the stairs (as I was still blindfolded) and told me to crawl up the stairs. At the top of the stairs Mistress guided me into the bedroom and onto the bed. My hands were then attached to cuffs and Mistress went out the room and returned informing me to lift my bum off the bed and placed something under me. I didn’t want to think what it was but I knew immediately it was a nappy.

    Thus, began a most intense session of edging. Mistress first places two electrodes on my inner thighs and connected them to the e-stim box and switches it on nice and gently, too gently to begin with but that is soon rectified. Mistress then produces the vibrating wand and starts to work on her very erect cock edging me over and over until the gaps get smaller and stops. Mistress then does up the nappy winds up the e-stim box further and starts with the wand again but this time when I get to the edge I have to say Goo Goo Ga Ga through my still dummied mouth for Mistress to stop which after a while this turns into Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma. Just writing this makes me wince. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma get more frequent Mistress stops and writes something else on my chest and I can feel her draw something. With that Mistress returns to the wand and working her very hard cock through the nappy. All the while Mistress has some gentle music playing in the background and then this stops. Which I naively think is the end of the playlist. Mistress then returns with the wand and keeps edging me telling me she can’t decide if she is going to grant me an orgasm, a ruin or nothing. As the Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma’s get closer Mistress tells me she is going to let me cum in the nappy and then lie in it once she has finished. However, before I cum I have to say ‘I love you mamma’. This happens almost immediately and with such force that Mistress’s cock recoils like a field gun going off. It was that intense that it hurt and I could fell it splurging and spurting inside the nappy and it was probably lucky it was contained because it would have been one hell of a mess to clean up. Mistress carried on teasing her now very sensitive cock with the wand for a bit of post orgasm torture. I have not been given an orgasm by Mistress since October 2014 and the wait was worth it (Although I would not like to wait as long next time please Mistress). Whilst laying in the glow of my amazing orgasm Mistress takes the edge of it by playing a recording of me saying Goo Goo Ga Ga Mamma (hence why the music went off). Oh the shame especially when Mistress tells me it is in fact a video and as she is telling me this I get a running commentary of her saving the video for future use. Mistress always encourages honesty in her slave’s blogs and I must confess that this is the only video and of course pictures that Mistress could use to ensure my utter compliance in the future. Mistress has found the chink in my armour, the one thing that will make me totally compliant.

    Once Mistress has decided I have sat in my own filth for long enough she releases my hands and removes the blindfold. Once my eyes adjust Mistress kindly shows me a picture of me displaying her artwork. At the top of my chest is written “Big Baby” underneath “Goo Goo Ga Ga” and under that a brilliant drawing of a baby face with a dummy. Mistress then invites me to get up and admire myself in the mirror wearing the nappy. I feel very humiliated looking at myself, more so than anything I experienced with Mistress before.

    Mistress then tells me to find a carrier bag to dispose of the nappy, have a shower to try and wash away the shame and join her downstairs for a wind down. After a nice chat about our session and other things it’s time to return to normality and I walk away from the HOD with a carrier containing my shame at being that turned on by something that always seemed a very strange fetish to me but that is the joy of life if you don’t try it you will never know if it’s for you. I have of course looked into it more and following a recent visit to my pc and searching through my bookmarks Mistress knows this and teased me about it, even posting the screen shot on twitter!
    As ever a massive thank you to Mistress for sending me away once again in awe of her skill and brilliant evil mind. Of course, being Mistress she kindly sent me a picture from our session later that day just to remind me of her new leverage!

  • Mousey, Speedy and a Double Domme Surprise!

    My very good friend Mistress R’eal and I were discussing our most devoted pets one day when we came up with the genius idea of giving them both a surprise double Domme session.  We arranged the date with our slaves as if each respective slave was coming to see their Mistress for a normal session.  We cleverly devised a cunning plan to ensure that neither slave would know the other was there nor would either slave be aware that another Mistress was there until just the right moment. Each stage of our plan was masterfully delivered with skill because both myself and Mistress R’eal know our slaves so well and also work in great harmony together.  The day could not have gone any better!  I instructed Mousey to write a full account of the session from his point of view……..


    Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal an evil genius duo.

    My latest visit to the HOD brought about a session that I most certainly never expected and I am most grateful to Mistress for all the planning that went into it. I would also like to add that I may have missed some things out due to the intense nature of the session.

    I arrive at my allotted time to be met by Mistress just the other side of the door looking fabulous in her lovely Pandora deluxe latex outfit, holding a cane and a manner that said she wasn’t in the mood for chit chat. This immediately turned me into my usual bumbling self as Mistress instructed me to strip and I almost fell over trying to get my shoes off. Once I had safely managed to present myself naked to Mistress and inform her of what I had brought with me, Mistress immediately informed me crawl up the stairs behind her making a squeaking noise (which sounded more like a pig than a mouse) and this caused Mistress to pause turn around and ask “What the fuck was that?” Once I got my squeaking right I continued to crawl up the stairs and into the bathroom. Mistress had today already removed the bathmat so I could enjoy the chilly floor of the bathroom and today provided me with some very nice classical music to listen to whilst chained to the toilet. As Mistress was fitting the mitts to my hands I realised that I had not complimented her on how delightfully shiny she looked today. Mistress responded with “Compliments won’t save you today mousey” and once finished with the mitts began fitting the bandage that forms a very effective blindfold. I quipped that Mistress didn’t look very shiny now. Mistress went to great lengths to ensure that I was completely blinded and could not see anything, she then helped me onto the floor and attached my wrists to the chain around the toilet. Mistress before leaving said that she wanted me in a very good headspace and relaxed before the session that she had planned whilst grinding her boot into my cock. This took me back to my message earlier in the day that Mistress had sent saying “boy oh boy have I got a session planned for you”. Mistress closed and locked the bathroom door and turned up the music a little more and there I lay for some time enjoying the music. A little while later the door opened and Mistress walked in and proceeded to crop my nipples and balls. Because I couldn’t see anything it seemed much harder than normal but I guessed that was how today was going to be. A short while later Mistress returned and fitted a bit gag in my mouth and then started to dig the heels of her boots into me, again seeming harder than she had ever done before and once again left. I was left to enjoy the music once again (which now seemed louder) and the garage across the road trying to get something to move on a car with a very big hammer.

    20161104_124000038_ios 20161104_124011869_ios 20161104_124035131_ios

    When Mistress returned the next time, she removed my blindfold and because it was so effective it took me a while to readjust my eyes and when they did I had a massive shock for stood in the landing was a very stern looking Mistress R’eal and attached to the bannister was a slightly worried looking slave speedy. As I didn’t get my mouth and brain in gear my gagged mouth let out “oh shit”. I had heard nothing as to what was going on. Mistress then came back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet above me removed the gag and explained that Mistress R’eal had been there all along and that it was Mistress R’eal that had gagged me, ground her heels into me and cropped my balls. (This explains the different feeling). I was shaking inside as Mistress explained all this and it also emerged that speedy had no idea that Miss Deelight or me were going to be at his session and it was Mistress that had tied him to the bannister not Mistress R’eal. Apparently both Mistress’s had been planning this for weeks and because neither myself or speedy had recognised that it wasn’t our relevant Mistress’s doing things to us we were going to be punished. Both Mistress’s pointed out that we had better not let either of them down, there would be no talking without permission and with that left us attached to consider our fates. Once downstairs all I could hear was the sound of both Mistress’s laughing at the success of their cunning plan. Both me and speedy remained very tight lipped not wanting to add further to what was about to come our way. All I could do was lie there and shake in fear thinking “Oh fuck”.

    When both Mistress’s had composed themselves the inevitable sound of determined heels returned up the stairs where we were both released from our bonds and both instructed to wait on our hands and knees in the bathroom as our punishment was explained to us. This was quite simple one slave would choose an implement and an amount that the other slave was going to receive and vice versa. To avoid any slave comradery the Mistress would give the choosing slave the choice of implement and the number of strokes. We were both then instructed to crawl down the stairs backwards pausing for photos and then kneel in front of the whipping bench.


    Too choose who went first it was heads or tails. (I chose Heads and lost) Speedy was then placed in the cage and I had to kneel in front of him and look each other in the eye whilst he chose between a nasty looking double strand whip, a cane or a wooden paddle. I looked up at speedy in a pleading way and he chose the cane for me (a few months ago the thought of taking the cane cold would have scared me but now I was very happy with his choice. Well done Speedy). Then it was a choice of strikes either 6,12 or 18. This would be administered by both Mistress’s so in effect 12,24 or 36. Speedy chose 12 which was kind. So, over the bench for Mistress to administer the first set and I had to thank speedy for each one. I struggled with the first 4 but after that I got my head around it and the 12 were duly delivered.

    20161104_125738840_iosThen came the hard bit the next set delivered by Mistress R’eal (I don’t want to take anything away from Mistress but Mistress R’eal wielding a cane scares me) First blow and this time I had to count back from 12 and thank speedy. The 12 were duly delivered and fortunately I didn’t lose count.

    It was then my turn to stand in the cage and chose for speedy. Mistress R’eal didn’t give me as much of a choice it was either the Senior Dragon cane or a thin stingy cane (I feel very lucky Mistress didn’t offer that up for me), I chose the Senior Dragon. Then the choice was either 18 or 24 so I chose the least I could 18 and then stood back and watched as each Mistress metered out speedy’s allocation, it was also interesting to watch the different techniques used by both Mistress’s and explains why the sensation on the bum feels different.

    20161104_131039026_ios 20161104_131046473_ios-editOnce it was over I was released from the cage and speedy was released from the bench and we were both instructed to kneel to hear our next activity. I would also like to mention that throughout the time I was constantly told off for having a smile or smirk on my face, this was more nervous hysteria than disrespect and I just want to laugh at the hopeless situation I am in. No matter how much the pain is or how horrible the humiliation I just want to laugh as this is my way of dealing with it. This can however look like I am making light of the situation but I am not.


    Our next challenge was a nipple clamp tug of war. Both of our hands were tied behind our backs and our respective Mistress’s attached nipple clamps crisscrossed between our nipples. We were then told to tension them for a picture and then instructed to walk sideways into the other room do a 360 degree turn and then walk back for the final tug. Luckily for me Mistress attached them to my nipples and not behind them and once the tug happened whilst not exactly without pain they do slide off much easier leaving speedy with them still attached to his nipples.


    The next challenge which is boot licking, the only boot licking I have done is mud off of Mistress’s boots in a wet muddy field nearly two years ago. Mistress R’eal had just won an award for one of her boot licking films and speedy was the boot licker. I get off to a bad start because I am kissing not licking but to be fair this is only the second time I’ve licked Mistress’s boots and I’m already very nervous and probably do a rubbish job and as Mistress said at the time she doesn’t want me and my germs that near to her. We then swap Mistress’s and of course speedy does the best job and to be fair boot licking isn’t really my thing (being kicked in the balls and trampled by then is).20161104_133554636_ios

    Both Mistress decide that both our bums are not red enough and decide to now give us a paddling so with speedy on the cross and me on the bench aided by some music playing at a fast beat we both get 6 each in quick succession and then the Mistress’s swap over. I have no idea how many sets there were but each set hurt and there was no let up until the song finished. It was a long 3 or 4 minutes that’s for sure and nothing gentle about it. Once it was over we were both instructed to crawl back upstairs grab a towel each and place them on the bondage bed and kneel waiting either side. 20161104_134700393_ios 20161104_134642850_ios

    It was probably only a few minutes until that thump of boots on the stairs signalled more doom. Speedy was attached at one end of the bed and me the other with us both very close to each other in certain areas. Mistress then produced 2 sets of scissor clamps one set on my balls and one set on speedy’s and joined them with rope. Mistress R’eal thought we weren’t making enough noise until Mistress pointed out that she hadn’t clamped them tight yet. With the inevitable click that immediately got us both squirming both Mistress’s were happy and then Mistress R’eal very kindly lit a candle but not to enhance the mood but to dribble over our (slightly to close to each other) cock and balls. Because we were both coping with it quite well both Mistress’s upped the pain level until we were both squirming around and both Mistress’s thought it would be amusing if we then started calling out each other’s names as if in the throes of passion. With the candle wax dripping, almost none stop it certainly had some effect. I’m not sure if the candle ran out but finally it stopped and both Mistress’s retreated downstairs and left us to ‘enjoy’ being so close to each other.

    20161104_135118280_ios 20161104_135049130_ios

    When both Mistress’s returned a little while later dressed in normal clothes and announced we were going out I had a bit of a panic. We were released from the bed and instructed to get dressed. I needed the toilet and Mistress told me to be quick or hold it in. Try as I might the nerves prevented me from going and I had a bit of a panic about what was coming next and didn’t want to leave the bathroom. Mistress shouting up the stairs to get on with it made me give up and go downstairs. Mistress then produced 3 cable ties, put one around speedy’s right wrist and one around my left wrist and then joined them both together.

    20161104_140838790_ios We were then informed we were going for a walk and told to head out the door and head in the same direction I had trodden only weeks before. Luckily it was a Friday and it was much quieter today. When we caught up with both Mistress’s who had taken a shorter route speedy and I were told to hold hands and walk down the road. I find it amazing that we walked past quite a few people and no one gave us a second look. We just kept on walking and heard a whistle and looked around to be beckoned back, we turn around still holding hands and then I decide it would be fun to skip past the Mistress’s holding hands. Speedy however didn’t think this was a good idea but I was off and he had to follow. He of course was proved correct because as we merrily skipped past both Mistress’s, Mistress R’eal pointed out that we seemed to be enjoying it too much. As we walked back to the HOD speedy said “I told you it wasn’t a good idea, don’t give Mistress R’eal any reason to make it harder” too late it was done and we returned safely to the HOD and cut free from our ties. Speedy went off for an orgasm and I got another 12 of the cane from Mistress (It may seem strange but the cane brings me greater enjoyment than an orgasm). It was funny to hear Mistress R’eal telling speedy that whilst he was getting relief I was having more pain and with that I could hear speedy moaning not in pleasure but pain.

    I was then instructed to help tidy up whilst speedy had a shower and then it was great to all have a laugh about the events and how much planning and skulduggery had gone on between both Mistress’s, including hiding Mistress R’eal’s car so I had no idea she was there. Mistress R’eal did warn me that I should be careful about enjoying things too much in her company and to be sure that both Mistress’s will be plotting something much worse if or when there is a next time (GULP).

    I would like as ever to thank Mistress and Mistress R’eal for their planning and execution (pun intended) of the day and going about it with great vigour. I would also like to thank Slave Speedy for enjoying the torment as much as I did.

  • Paris – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    2 Weeks ago I had an hilarious session with Slave Sissy Mouse, following on from a session with my inflatable slave, Huw.  Huw wasn’t able to take his inflatable toys with his so I put them to use with my bumbling devoted slave which ended up being a double Domme session with a difference……. pink-latex-dress

    Paris, the gift that keeps giving.

    My latest visit to Mistress was for a very unexpected and much-needed CP session, it also turned into one of those day of days with fun and laughter enjoyed by Mistress and myself and still coming away with a sore bum. I doubt I can put into words the absolute joy of the session, it was one of those you had to be there sort of sessions.

    I arrive and park up the road from the HOD with just a few minutes to spare due to the motorway being busy and thus negotiating my way through the side streets of Newport ensured at least I arrived just in time. I go through the door at my allotted time to be met by Mistress sat on her throne, busy on her phone looking fabulous as ever (luckily not wearing her new latex this time because that would make me a bumbling mess). I unload my usual offerings in the kitchen so not to disturb Mistress. Mistress immediately asks why I have not immediately crawled to her to present my tribute? I do this straight away (whilst still wearing my normal clothes) and apologise because I thought she was busy and didn’t want to disturb her. Mistress takes the money from my lips and starts to count it and this always makes me nervous that it’s all there. Luckily all present and correct and Mistress informs me that her last session ran late and she has not had time for a power nap and might just lock me in the bathroom and use my time to have a siesta. My reply is what Mistress chooses to do in our sessions is down to her (although I was looking forward to a caning but I am not in charge). Mistress then offers me her boots to kiss and whilst I am kissing them tells me that they have been rubbing against 2 cocks today and how lucky I am to get to worship them after. Once Mistress decides I have kissed them enough she tells me to strip and crawl behind her upstairs to the bathroom/mousey cage. Mistress tells me to go into the bathroom and roll up the bathmat because some ‘helpful person’ pointed out to Mistress that the last time I was lying on the bathroom floor I looked too comfortable on the mat. Whoever that was I hope you get the joy of lying on that cold floor one day soon! Mistress tells me to lie on my back and locks the fist mitts she has placed over my hands to the chain around the toilet, once she has done this Mistress informs me that I am going to have some company today. This induced a slight sphincter tightening moment as I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Mistress leaves the bathroom and returns with something I recognise Paris the inflatable doll along with an inflatable elephant. Mistress places Paris over my groin and the elephant on my chest, leaves once again and now returns with an inflatable banana, beach ball and ring. Mistress’s previous session was with Slave Hugh and Mistress thought I should be introduced to the wonders of an inflatable fetish. Just before Mistress leaves she also informs me that they have been used and abused so I could feel suitably degraded and reminded me that even inflatable toys are above me in the House of Deelight. So, there I lie looking up at Paris and her friends hoping nothing is going to dribble on me whilst trying to think up a catchy title for my write up. A short time later Mistress returns and takes a picture (see twitter) and makes sure I am not trying to have sloppy seconds Paris. Mistress leaves once again and I can hear her stomping around downstairs moving things about and whooshing canes. Mistress returns sometime later as is disappointed that I couldn’t smell her lunch that she had cooked and removes my inflatable friends to the bath and unties me.

    This then begins the next stage of the session. Mistress reminds me that my message to her stated that I would very much like a caning and nothing else so that is what I will be getting. Since our last CP session when I experienced my first ever cold caning I am hooked, the challenge of dealing with it at the beginning is massive but once into it the place it takes me is indescribable. Mistress tells me she will only cane me if I beg her convincingly which I try to do but I just sound pathetic and just makes me burst out laughing at the futility of my situation. Mistress then gives me a scenario which works, which was if I don’t beg her convincingly the next time she public humiliates me it will be with me naked (I don’t want to do that or get a criminal record for public indecency) my begging was very much from the heart. Mistress then tells me that she will cane me today anywhere she chooses and with any cane she chooses in blocks of 12 and then after each block I will sit on the floor for 5 minutes and at the end I must tell Mistress how many sets and how many strokes in total and she has decided that if I get the total number of stokes and sets wrong at the end I will be taking Paris home fully inflated in the passenger seat of my car. I explain to Mistress that I have parked a long way up the road because there were no spaces close by. Even more humiliating for you then slave says Mistress! Mistress then sends me downstairs to the lie over the whipping bench and wait. The wait and the anticipation makes me very nervous. Mistress comes down the stairs with her an almost operatic entrance stomp puts some music on and tells me that she has put her entire music playlist on random so she could cane me to anything today and begins. The first 4 strokes of the can are unbearable and I think (as I always do) I can’t do this but I then remember I only must endure another 8 and this makes me relax into it. Once the first 12 are done Mistress takes a picture of her work and tells me to sit on the floor. Slightly painful but not too bad, it sit almost like a naughty school boy on the floor not daring to look up and just have the sight of Mistress walking up and down. Then Madness and the House of fun comes on and I start to do the madness dance whilst still sat down and this starts the whole fun and games of the rest of the session. Once the 5 minutes is up its back on the bench for another 12 and because of the gap I struggle again, more so this time because I suddenly need the toilet. Once completed I sit back on the floor and almost feel like I should raise my hand and ask Mistress if I can use the toilet. Mistress I convinced I am trying to get out of the caning (I wasn’t I was just busting for a pee) Mistress grants me permission and I must kiss her boots before I can go to the bathroom with the words ‘stay in the head space mousey don’t go into your bumbling self’ as I head upstairs. I duly return, thank Mistress for my bathroom break and sit back down on the floor. Once again its back on the bench for the next 12. Once finished Mistress tells me to go in the other room and sit on the floor. Mistress sits on her throne and we have a chat about this and that which allows me more than 5 minutes. Mistress is no fool and realises this and tells me to get up immediately and bend over the desk. This is a first for me I have never been caned bending over anything and wonder how I will cope. The next 12 are delivered with slight struggling from me and I sit back down again. The sitting down on a cold floor is quite soothing but it’s the getting off the floor that is now much more painful. I also admit to Mistress that I find the whole inflatable doll thing very humiliating which of course Mistress had guessed that and that was why she was doing it. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand at the cross but because there is not enough room for a swing the 12 are quite gentle. This time Mistress tells me to get the wooden chair and sit on that, Mistress then very kindly pushes on my shoulders just to help me enjoy my ever-increasing sore bum. For the next 12 Mistress tells me to stand in the door way and put my feet to each side with my hands up. This is when it goes wrong because I feel a bit light-headed and lose count. You may remember from previous sessions when I lose count Mistress starts again luckily we are only at 9. Mistress tells me to put my feet together and bring my arms down and makes sure I am feeling ok before starting again. I manage to count to 12 this time and Mistress tells me to sit on the floor and goes upstairs to use the bathroom. When Mistress returns, she is carrying Paris and tells me that Paris was wondering what was going on. Mistress then says she is thinking I should clean out Paris after her recent seeing too, I can only shudder and once again start laughing at the horror of it. Mistress then starts putting on a squeaky voice holding up Paris saying mousey take me up the bum. I forget my place slightly in the stupidity and say “that’s so not for me” and Mistress very firmly says “If I say you will take Paris up the bum you will” Yes Mistress sorry was my immediate reply. Mistress then reminds me that even an inflatable woman is still above me. It’s then back on the bench for the next 12 and Mistress places Paris in front of me so she can watch. Once the 12 is over Mistress tells me to sit on the chair and hands me Paris to cuddle and whilst cuddling her tells me to put a finger up her bum. Mistress then returns with her phone and takes a lovely ‘leverage’ photo of the happy couple and shows me it. I don’t know if it was the humiliation of cuddling a blow-up doll or the word leverage but at that moment I was very aroused! Once that 5 minutes is up its back on the bench and this time Mistress puts Paris in front of me once again and tells me to hold her hand for support. This stupidity of this makes us both laugh so much that Mistress starts to get neck and jaw ache and me waving goodbye to any chance of sub space (I really wish I could put into words how much laughter there was from our session) the next 12 duly delivered and Mistress props Paris at the bottom of the stairs and I sit back on the chair (now getting very uncomfortable) and I am met with the sight of a cane draped over one of Paris’s arms and Mistress standing the other side giving me the view of a most unusual double domme session and me asking Mistress if I need to give Paris a £100 for her participation? (cue more laughter). Mistress tells me to go back on the bench for what will be the last set and with the 12 duly delivered asks me how many sets and strokes. I reply 10 sets and 120 strokes plus the failed set and 9 strokes so a total of 129. Mistress asks me again if this is my answer and I say yes. Mistress of course has a different amount and of course Mistress is correct so I now face the prospect of carrying Paris out of the HOD and a long way up the road. As I count them now I can see it was 9 full sets so 108 strokes plus the 9 so a total of 117!! Mousey still bumbling!

    After the final set Mistress tells me to clean the whipping bench of my filth and get dressed. I duly do so and wash up Mistress’s lunch dishes and contemplate the thought of taking Paris home. When Mistress returns after changing into her normal clothes she informs me I must take Paris home but I can deflate her because she has thought of a task for me (all will be revealed soon). With the then arrival of Mistress R’eal to be informed of the mayhem of our session. I load Mistress’s car with her bags and say my goodbyes to both Mistress’s and return to the real world with an inflatable doll stuffed into a carrier bag.

    As always I would like to say a massive thank you to Mistress for another great session. Her imagination makes every session so different even if the theme is the same. Words will never be able to describe the fun this session was and most definitely added to by the presence of Paris.

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.
  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 57

    This week I decided it was time for me, once again, to take advantage of having access to my Slave’s computer and Amazon account.  Who would spend £20 of their own money on a luxury biscuit hamper for themselves?  Not me! So that’s why I spent his money instead.  What did he get in return?  He got to eat his own toenails!


    Distance control journal week 57

    The start of this week (as always on a Sunday) is enjoying the afterglow of my session the previous day with Mistress. I tried to put into words the session in last week’s blog but the truth is it was really indescribable and left me with a deeper feeling of submission than I ever felt before. It also left me incredibly drained and as such I had a lazy Sunday lie in. I messaged Mistress my weight (still no change 15st 9lb which to be honest was a surprise because in the last week my appetite has gone through the roof) and got on with writing my week 56 journal. Around midday Mistress replied that she too had enjoyed a lie in and had just woke up. This was great to hear because as we all know Mistress is a very busy lady and rarely gets time for herself. I duly sent my journal and a photo of my lunch and heard nothing more from Mistress today.

    Monday and my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and inform her that I was still enjoying the afterglow of our session. Mistress was pleased to hear this and apart from sending my required daily picture of my lunch I heard nothing more from Mistress until later that evening when I got an email from Amazon confirming my order. My first thought was my Amazon account had been hacked and then the penny dropped. Mistress had for the first time been shopping on my account via TeamViewer and helped herself without asking or telling me. I can’t deny this did arouse me greatly. I have wondered what it would feel like for quite a while if Mistress just helped herself (we have previously discussed this but quite a while back) and I got my answer incredibly arousing. Mistress messaged me a bit later to inform me that she was feeling peckish and thought she would browse Amazon for luxury biscuits at my expense. I also had no pc access today but to be fair I have been granted a fair amount over the last week, although I have had very little to look at with no twitter or adult access.

    Tuesday arrives and after an unexpected lie in I message Mistress around 40 minutes late. I then open my pc to find a recording of Mistress’s TeamViewer visit, unfortunately it doesn’t work but when I click on twitter I find I have been granted access. I message Mistress to thank her for my twitter access (although not on my phone but that is not a bad thing) and also for helping herself to her gifts. Mistress replied a little later that she had enjoyed helping herself and it helped with her battle of buying herself expensive biscuits. I replied that I had looked forward to her helping herself for quite a while and really enjoyed getting the email last night. Mistress replied by sending me a picture of her looking fabulous and almost bursting out of a red satin blouse I had bought from her wish list a week or so before. Once lunchtime arrived I had a task that Mistress had set me whilst I was strapped to the gyno bench on Saturday. Mistress had noticed that my toenails were quite long and told me to cut them and mix them with my lunch one day this week. So today was the day and I duly trimmed my nails and chopped the nails into small bits as a garnish for my pasta lunch. I sent Mistress the evidence and my reply was some disgusted emoji’s. I do have to worry about my mind and my love of degradation because when Mistress informed me of what she wanted me to do I just said yes Mistress and it doesn’t even register with me that it is slightly disgusting thing to do.

    On Wednesday I hear nothing from Mistress until later in the evening. I sent my morning message and my not so disgusting lunch picture and get on with my day. It is so nice that I now don’t get hung up on what might happen and just flow through the day. I did however suffer a bit of sub drop today but that was to be expected after my session on Saturday. In the evening I have an unexpected email from Mistress to discuss dates for upcoming sessions and confirm times etc. I have been very lavish and have my next session only two weeks after the last one to make up for the massive gaps I have had this year. I also inform Mistress that I have a busy day and early start so my message maybe late tomorrow. Mistress is very understanding and informs me that she too has a busy day.

    As predicted on Thursday I don’t manage to message Mistress until around 9am and then sent a picture of my lunch around 1pm. I hear nothing from Mistress today but I knew she had a busy day.

    Friday and I awake to a surprise message from Mistress wishing me good morning which was nice. I thank Mistress for her message and wish her a nice day and get on with mine. At lunch as always I send my picture of what I am eating. Around 5pm Mistress sends a message enquiring how I am and also asks about my sub drop which I had on Wednesday. I was having a very busy day and didn’t read the message for around an hour. I was pleased to report to Mistress that the sub drop was only temporary.

    On Saturday I message Mistress to wish her a nice day and to inform her that I have once again a very busy and possibly long day. (I am writing this blog at 8pm on a Saturday evening because my Sunday is also very busy). Mistress wished me good luck with my busy day and says that I will need my session next Saturday to relax. So very true I am already looking forward to my alone time chained to the toilet. I send Mistress my daily picture of my lunch and inform her I have had to order new knickers because the old ones are now falling down. Although I don’t seem to have lost much weight I am shrinking in size and I now have to order size 14. I also inform Mistress that I can fit into the SHB outfit without a corset. Mistress replies that she is very pleased and hopes that this will be the inspiration to keep going with the exercise and diet. It also made me remember the first session I had with Mistress almost 3 years ago and me crawling up the stairs behind her and Mistress saying if you want to be my slave you will have to lose weight. At that time is was 18st so yes Mistress has been a great inspiration to me and I hate to think how heavy I would be now.

    As this week has been quiet it has given me time to reflect on a few things that make me both smile and shake my head. I have not had any adult content access for quite a while, (I can’t remember exactly how long) the last time I was granted adult access it was because I had eaten my lunch off of the bathroom floor soaked in my own piss. Once I got adult access all I wanted to do was catch up with the blogs on Mistress’s website not go off and look at all and sundry. As Mistress now gets a weekly report of my online activities I now just check every day if I can view her website and then keep everything very vanilla. Mistress is now my complete kinky world so why do I need to look at anything else? Mistress did comment this week that my weekly report was very boring. I’m still not sure if that meant I have not been trying to look at stuff or that my online world is now very dull with her control. The other effect this has on me is my depraved imagination has been working overtime because if you can’t look at it then you can imagine it.

    I also now spend every day with trepidation when I use any app on my phone. Twitter is still banned on my phone and after Mistress turned my text messages off (albeit by accident) I am now grateful every day that I can have access to my phone. After Mistress shot across my bow so to speak a few weeks ago and duly reminded me of my place coupled with everything she has access to has ensured that I am now behaving myself in a suitably appropriate manner.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 56

    Now that Slave Sissy Mouse is firmly back in the game, it was time for me to test out the Chastity Hypnosis from previous sessions.  Under hypnosis my slave has been conditioned to only feel arousal with certain triggers.  One of those triggers is that he would only be able to maintain an erection when permitted to do so. I also gave him a very special treat when he visited the House of Deelight for his session.  Read on!


    This week has seen Mistress turn the electronic thumb screws a few notches and take a little more control over me.

    On Sunday after wishing Mistress a nice day I was able to report that I had at last lost another pound in weight and as such Mistress confirmed I would be receiving an orgasm but I was to seek permission every day and Mistress would decide how and when I would be granted one. I went for my daily walk enjoying the still nice weather and Mistress informed me she would be going for a run. I’m not a runner, I think my early blogs will tell you that it nearly broke me trying. The walks are still bringing me a pleasant amount of exercise and brain cleansing.

    Monday arrives and my morning message to Mistress felt very strange because I have never asked Mistress for an orgasm. In the early days of visiting Mistress she would grant me a mind blowing orgasm but since October 2014 I have I think had about 2 or 3 orgasms granted whilst visiting Mistress. A few more as part of the distance control and a few unauthorised. The messaging Mistress and asking for one however was most odd. Mistress replied and asked me if it felt weird and odd to be forced to ask. I replied as I said above it just felt strange added to the kicking in of the chastity hypnosis which whilst I get aroused I no longer equate that to an orgasm and now I seem to have a mental block or even worse the fear of disappointing Mistress with an unauthorised orgasm doesn’t bear thinking about. A little later and after a message from Mistress simply saying ‘6 hours on twitter’ referring to the weekly report that Mistress receives about my online activity lead to the inevitable ‘You need to ask an adult if you can visit twitter’ now came up on my phone. I am now blocked from twitter until Mistress decides otherwise (so if you are reading this, follow me on twitter and think I have been quiet this is the reason). The worst however was yet to come because about an hour later I was waiting for a text message regarding something quite important and go to check my messages and that damn message came up again. Mistress had now blocked me from seeing my text messages. I had only just messaged Mistress to thank her for taking more control and would be waiting patiently for her to allow me access to twitter again when this happened. Mistress did find this funny and had no idea the button she pressed would block my messages and very kindly turned them back on. Mistress did however enjoy the thought of having another weapon to control me further. I messaged Mistress later to say I was very amused at what she had done and the look on my face would have been priceless to see. Mistress was most pleased with herself that she had performed an impeccably timed accident. I also had no pc time today locked out completely but I have to say Mistress had been very generous over the last few days and had granted me full days of access.

    Tuesday arrives and my message to Mistress was to wish her a nice day and her boyfriend a happy birthday. I once again had to request permission for an orgasm (still feels very odd). I had gone out for my walk but was waiting for some news so took my phone. During the walk Mistress sent me a message to say she was accessing my pc via TeamViewer to arrange an exchange on a pair of trainers I had purchased for her boyfriend. When I returned and tried to log into my pc I couldn’t use my pin. Mistress had changed it but luckily I remembered one of Slave Taquin’s blogs from many months ago when Mistress had changed his pin number. The number Mistress had used then was his chastity key safe code. I still have the last code on mine from many months ago when Mistress decided that normal chastity wasn’t for me. I put in the code and bingo it worked. So thank you Slave Taquin otherwise I would never have had any idea where to start. Mistress was very surprised that I had cracked the code after I messaged her to say “Nice try Mistress” and then informed her how I had done it. Probably won’t be so easy if there is a next time.

    On Wednesday my message to Mistress was replied to later in the day with instructions to edge myself twice with one of them being before bed. Mistress also informed me to remember a time when I was in her company and felt incredibly aroused and to use these thoughts with her permission to edge myself. I thanked Mistress and did the first one straight away. As you may have read previously with the chastity hypnosis I can get aroused but once I start stroking myself I lose my arousal however with Mistress giving me specific permission I stayed completely aroused and completed my edge with no loss of arousal. Following on from that my bedtime edge worked exactly the same with no loss of arousal although trying to sleep after an edge is never easy. Never during each edge was there any temptation to go further and orgasm.

    On Thursday I was so keen to inform Mistress of the edge success that I completely forgot my daily requirement to ask for an orgasm. Mistress replied that she was very pleased that the chastity hypnosis does seem to be working. I managed today to get a good long walk in as this was only the second one of the week. Later I sent my lunch picture to Mistress who was pleased that my sandwich intake has now halved and checking that I had changed to whole-wheat pasta, I confirmed I had and supplied a picture. Mistress replied with “Good boy” which always makes me smile because I imagine Mistress patting me on the head whilst looking at me with one of her mocking smiles.

    Friday and my message to Mistress was replied to with news that she had a busy day and I was to message her later to ask permission to cum. As I too had a busy day I managed to completely forget to do so.

    Saturday arrives and today I am seeing Mistress for a much missed and looked forward to session. It has been 6 weeks since our last session and a lot longer than that since I felt in the right place for our session. I message Mistress in the morning to confirm the time and that I will be turning up with diet coke and an utter subservient attitude. Mistress replies that she was pleased to hear it and to bring some bottled water. As always the time before a session always drags for me but today I filled some of the time with a walk which this week had not been so daily as this was only my third of the week. Finally, the time arrived for me to head to the HOD and luckily I left a little earlier than usual because the last 2 visits I had arrived late which was lucky because the traffic was rubbish. I arrive with my shopping request to be met by Mistress looking lovely as ever but in normal clothes which always makes me nervous because that might mean a trip out. Luckily that wasn’t the case but what was surprising today was the lack of chit chat. Mistress informed me to bring her my tribute in the correct manner (on all fours holding it in my mouth) I then laid the money out in front of Mistress’s feet but because I was really nervous I couldn’t lay the money out in a nice line and faffed about trying to sort it out. While I was doing this I noticed Mistress was wearing the trainers I had purchased from her wish list and commented that her new trainers looked nice, Mistress replied that once I had stopped faffing about I could worship them. Finally, I got the money laid out in a reasonable order and Mistress checks it and picks it up. This part always makes me nervous because I keep thinking did I count it correctly. Mistress then offers me her shiny new trainers to kiss and enquired if I had worshiped her trainers before, which I haven’t. After a few minutes Mistress tells me to stop before I infect her trainers with my filth and informs me to strip, kneel down and put my hands on my head and wait for further instructions. Mistress goes off upstairs and I can hear her setting something up in the bathroom. This is where I now begin all my sessions. After a while Mistress returns and instructs me to stand and bend over the desk, once I do this Mistress inserts a small butt plug (which was a surprise) and ties a rope harness to keep it in. Mistress then produces some fist mitts for my hands and buckle’s them up. You really have no chance of escape with these not that I ever seek to escape. Mistress then tells me to crawl upstairs behind her and into the bathroom. As a crawl into the bathroom I notice a chain around the toilet and a dog bowl on the toilet lid. Mistress attached the mitts to the chain and makes sure I can move my legs etc and then tells me how lucky I am that Mistress has left me some special refreshment a dog bowl of her pee. Mistress informs me I am to drink it all before she returns much later and with the usual ‘enjoy’ she leaves me too it. As you will have probably read before I like degradation and to be left like this with Mistress’s pee to drink was heaven for me. I have no idea how long I was there but enjoyed every moment of it and drunk every drop of my special drink. It was also nice to be able to just enjoy the situation I was in without work and other stuff running around my mind.

    When Mistress returned (making sure I had drunk all my refreshment’s before opening the door) she had changed into the very nice pink latex dress that Slave Taquin had bought Mistress previously. Mistress looked suitably stunning in it (but then what doesn’t she look stunning in). Mistress removed my hands from the mitts and the rope harness keeping the butt plug in place and instructed me to remove and clean it along with the dog bowl. Once I had done this Mistress invited me into the medical room and onto the medical chair. It has been a while since I had sat in this and Mistress went about strapping me in and once secured produced the scissor clamps that I had purchased from Mistress’s wish list. Mistress then clamped them onto my ball sack and stretched and tied them off with rope. Mistress then added the electrics to them and switched the estim box on. I do struggle with electrics and the sensation the bow was making with the clamps felt like I was being stabbed with pins. This amused Mistress greatly and over the next what felt like 5 minutes but was in fact over half an hour slowly turned the power up with the sensations changing from quite pleasant to painful stabbing. Then Mistress mentions the most hated word for me ‘the fire button’. Mistress turns everything off and then you just lie there waiting for the inevitable sting when Mistress presses that button. I have no idea why I can’t deal with the headfuck of the fire button but it makes me so jumpy and it’s not long before I am begging Mistress to stop. Mistress is amused that I have never begged her with such pleading before and she liked it very much. After a few more shocks Mistress brought proceedings to a halt and then it was time to endure the removal of the clamps. Mistress untied the rope in a not too careful manner all the while pulling on the clamps with the rope until it was time for them to come off. Mistress very kindly squeezed the clamps one more notch before removing them and then kindly massaged the clamp bites once she had removed them. This all made me squeal nicely. Mistress then unbuckled me and gave me some Dettol wipes to clean the chair. Once this was done it was time for the final chapter of the session more chastity hypnosis.

    The last time I had a chastity hypnosis session at the beginning of July my head was still all over the place due to real life shite going on and it didn’t seem to work. This week it proved that it has had an effect on me and today the idea of the hypnosis was to enforce that initial session further. I have had a few hypnosis sessions with Mistress initially to deal with sub drop and then the SHB programming which again is taking a back seat but this time because of my very clear head the state of trance and relaxation from the hypnosis was greater than I have ever experienced. I would like to share more but to be honest I can only recall snippets and they wouldn’t make sense let’s just say time will tell how it goes with further sessions. Once finished and back in the room so to speak I was so relaxed that I struggled to leave the bed and could have laid there for hours.

    Once I did manage to get up it was time to redress and enjoy a quick catch up with Mistress before heading back into the real world and once back home a very enjoyable nap.

    I would like to end by thanking Mistress for a great session and for allowing me a massive amount of pc time this week. Even though I can’t look at anything fun it did help me get a lot of much-needed admin done at a much more relaxed pace.









  • Slave Chico’s Weekend of Debauchery

    Last weekend Slave Chico enjoyed 3 days of fun at my mercy via Skype.  Here is an email I received from him detailing his experience….


    Hi Miss Deelight,
    I thought your followers or would-be slaves might like to know how great our recent Skype sessions were.
    Having a once a year “window of opportunity”, I came across your web-site and saw that you offered web-cam sessions.
    I emailed you well in advance with an outline of what I was looking for with  Skype sessions on three consecutive days and we agreed on two one-hour sessions followed by half an hour on the final day.
    As I didn’t have a chastity device you “suggested” that I get one. A bit scary but I went ahead and bought a CB6000S.
    I asked for your permission to try it on in advance to get the best fit, luckily you granted this request, as for a novice, it took a few days to get it right.
    For our first session I was very nervous but when you appeared on Skype, I was blown away by your stunning appearance
    and your confidant “I’m in charge” manner. That hour flew by with me completely under your spell, having to memorise a mantra you had written for me and ending with me having to deflate a raging erection and put myself in chastity and show myself to you locked up, with a command not to remove it until our next session. The mantra had to be repeated out loud on my knees, three times before bed and again in the morning. However, during the night around 5am, I awoke with a dreadful pain – Miss Delight’s cock was trying to break out of the cage and my balls were bursting. I had to take it off and knew I’d be in trouble! Miss Deelight texted me a few hours later and I had to confess and she wasn’t pleased.
    At the start of our next session( me on my knees naked) she graciously accepted my explanation that I was really worried that I had done some damage but with severe warning that was my last chance. Miss Delight then put the session on pause and told me to go to a local Ann Summers store wearing my device and some panties, to make some lingerie and fetish purchases and  had to phone her when I was in the store to make sure I got the right things!
    Well that was slightly embarrassing (but exciting) as I exited the store with a slinky black negligee, a mask and some bondage tape!!
    Our session continued with Miss delight instructing me to remove the CB device and which items of lingerie to put on.
    I was then allowed to play a  wanking game controlled by Mistress and to edge but put back into the cage with no cumming. As punishment for removing the device the night before without permission, I had to write a hundred lines  “I’m a dirty dripping bastard”.
    Well before our final session Mistress texted me to enquire how the  night in chastity had gone and to instruct me on what to wear for the start of the final session and to be sure to have a wooden spoon handy!( I’d had to confess that so far I’d only managed to write 50 lines)
    So our final session started with me having to spank my buttocks 100 times with the wooden spoon, saying “thank you Mistress” after each stroke. Miss Deelight then allowed me to remove the CB device and when I was hard, demonstrated some of her fiendish stroking techniques. Finally, Mistress conceded that I had tried really hard to please her  and as I begged desperately, she generously allowed me a happy ending.
    Phew, what an experience!
    Slave Chico(age 68)

  • Stress Ball Panty Head – Double Domme Shenanigans

    I have just been browsing through my session photos and came across this fab set of pictures from a double Domme session with my dear friend Mistress R’eal.  What fun we had!





    Can you handle two Mistresses? Book a double Domme session and find out. Click here to contact me!

  • Slave Huw – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

    A welcome return to the House of Deelight is that of my slave Huw.  His kink is quite unique and for that reason it amuses me even more, whilst also giving me an opportunity to broaden my creative juices (and set his juices flowing). He has a fetish for inflatable/pvc toys and I’ve taken great pleasure in teasing him to the brink of insanity. And it’s only his first week!

    Back to the House of Deelight not really knowing what to expect. I sent my text at 8am prompt and soon received my first task. To write I fantasy involving my fetish. I actually enjoyed this and I got quiet aroused just by writing, Mistress seemed pleased with my effort which was nice as I’m no JK Rowling!

    Today I was in work when I received a text from Mistress who asked me to go to the toilet and imagine I had received a package and inside it was an inflatable sheep. I then had to imagine Mistress dressed in a pvc cat suite holding the sheep. I was granted permission to wank my cock for 5 minutes. This felt amazing and I so wanted to cum but I strongly believe in adhering to the rules Mistress sets. Mistress also stated that if she messaged me the word sheep in future I was to undertake this task again.

    After I achieved my task we exchanged a few texts on my plan for the rest of the day. It was agreed that on my way to the hotel I would call Mistress when I was outside the sex shop that I passed entoure. I had no idea what was going to happen when I called and the next few hours passed very slowly.

    At the appropriate time I was outside the shop and called Mistress. My instructions were simple I had Mistress on the phone and I had to go into the shop and do what Mistress told me to do. My heart was racing and I just went for it, once I was in the shop I was told to go straight to the counter and ask if they sold any inflatables. Having Mistress listening and giving me instructions was strange but very erotic. The man in the shop was fairly helpful and just looked at me strange when I described the inflatables on sale to Mistress.

    Mistress decided on a doll called Paris which I purchased and was told to say to the man that I would enjoy sleeping with her tonight. I could hear Mistress laughing and I hoped I had pleased her.

    I took Paris back to the hotel and then headed out to the gym. When I finished at the gym there was a video clip from Mistress detailing what I needed to do with Paris. I have written about my night with Paris separately but it’s fair to say Mistress has taken me to another level and it’s only day 2!

    Having sent Mistress my update on my night with Paris (see separate blog) I felt pretty chuffed that Mistress wanted to publish it. I’m not sure if it was a reward or further punishment as Mistress sent me a stunning jerk off video today. My task was to watch it three times in work and follow the instructions however I was not allowed to cum. I found this very challenging as I am now really sexually frustrated and getting concerned as to when or even if I will be allowed to cum over the next few weeks.

    I was working from home today when I received a text from Mistress telling me to inflate Paris and to give her 20 minutes of oral pussy and anal worship. However I was to tie my cock and balls and I was not allowed to touch myself. I actually enjoyed this task despite getting very aroused to the point I was dribbling pre cum.

    I received another text at lunchtime from Mistress allowing me to have lunch with Paris and as a treat Paris was allowed to perform oral sex on me. This felt incredible and within a few minutes I was ready to cum, hence had to stop as I hadn’t been granted permission.

    My cock was starting to get hot and swollen now as it had been tied for a few hours. At 3pm I was allowed to release myself and the having 30 seconds to kiss and lick Paris before she was put away for the night.

    Today in football terms would be described as a game of two halves. My morning was pretty straight forward as Mistress has instructed me to wear my wife panties for my hair cut appointment. While this did feel a bit strange I wasn’t overly aroused hence my desire to cum was in control.

    However after lunch I had permission to have a three some with the two inflatable dolls I now own. Being able to touch and feel so much pvc was extremely arousing. I was also permitted to have sex with both dolls and I got very close to the edge of releasing my load everywhere. To be honest it was only because I didn’t want to disappoint Mistress that I held back and went for a cold shower instead!
    >huw (2) huw (3) huw (4)

    I think today can be described as a day of rest with Mistress’s commitments I was glad that my tease and denial could be put to the back of my mind. Well that’s what I thought anyway. As I soon discovered that even though there was little contact today my urge to play with my toys was getting stronger and my will power getting weaker. I won’t break but sometimes it’s easier to be given a task which focuses the mind, otherwise you are just second guessing what will happen next.

    What an amazing end to my first week back at the house of Deelight. I was instructed by Mistress to edge myself on the hour throughout the day. However to my surprise and deelight Mistress sent me a video clip of herself blowing up a beach ball. Omg it was the most incredibly sexy arousing clip I have ever seen and I felt honoured that Mistress would have done that for me.

    Now at the end of the week I have yet to cum over my inflatables however I have had some amazing experiences. I now look forward to week 2 in the house of Deelight before arranging a real-time session.

    Thank you Mistress for an amazing week x

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Total Mind Fuckery

    Slave Taquin had seemingly forgotten his place on a few occasions in recent weeks so I took it upon myself to remind him of it. With a combination of tease, humiliation,  blackmail, punishment and discipline I put my slave through his paces in a session that he will never forget!  (p.s. any blackmail activities that I undertake with my slaves are fully consensual at the core, it is merely the activities themselves that come as a surprise).


    I arrived at the HOD early in order to fit some new drawers that I had made for the bedroom upstairs. Once I had fitted them, and ensured that Mistress was happy with them, I was told to go to the bathroom strip and go to the dungeon downstairs.

    In the middle of the dungeon floor was a chair that I was instructed to sit on. Mistress was looking gorgeous and supremely powerful dressed as she was in black underwear and bodice. In my session nerves I failed to tell Mistress how much I liked and appreciated how she looked. I would pay for this later. Mistress produced 4 cable ties and in less than 30 seconds I found myself totally immobilised with ankles secured to chair legs and wrists secured to each side of the chair. Mistress was not messing today. The cold efficiency of how she took absolute physical control of me took my breath away and Mistresses property started to dribble uncontrollably in its cage. She walked around me one more time to ensure that I had no chance of escape and went into the lounge next door taking with her my mobile phone that she had made me give her earlier. I knew that she intended to take control of it today. It wasn’t until later in the week that I began to realise what a significant step this was. A couple of moments later Mistress appeared holding a piece of card and a roll of gaffer tape. She smiled menacingly as she turned it so that I could read what she had written on it. It was a message to my wife that told her that I was sorry but I had been born kinky! Mistress taped it to my chest, took a picture and went back into the lounge, shutting the door behind her. Now at this point I have to say that I do trust Mistress implicitly. Despite that the fact that she had my phone, and that picture of me, started to make me very scared. I told myself to just stay quiet and accept whatever was about to happen. A couple of minutes went by and I heard Mistress say ‘oh so and so he’s your best friend isn’t he’. Mistress was reading through all of my texts and messages. And then a few minutes later Mistress came back through and showed me my vanilla twitter profile that she had managed to access. A few more minutes passed by and I heard her saying stuff like ‘oh that’s good, that should do it’. I knew that I was now totally at her mercy. In the end I called through and asked if she would tell me what she was doing. The answer was a firm and quite dismissive ‘no’. I felt very small, very vulnerable and more than a little scared. Mistress walked back through the door looking determined. She told me that she had composed a post on my Facebook page, that she now had control of, that included the picture of me with my confession to my wife on, that could be sent out at the touch of a button. The only way to prevent that from happening was to do exactly as I was told and accept everything that was about to happen to me. I readily agreed. Nothing could be as terrible as being exposed to all of my friends and family.

    Mistress stood right in front of me and looked down at me. I was mesmerised by her appearance. She took the pair of wire cutters that she was holding and reached down to the chastity device and snipped off the plastic lock. Within a moment Mistress had removed the device lubed her gloved hands and was caressing her property to life. ‘This is what you have so desperately been waiting for isn’t it’ she said. I moaned and said ‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’. In just a few seconds I was begging her to stop as I feared that I might cum before I was allowed to do so. Mistress stood in front of me looking down once again and asked me how many times my balls had fallen out of the device in the last 4 weeks. I told her that it was twice. ‘And what happens each time I have to let you out of your device to sort them out?’ she said. I told her that the last time they had fallen out she had punished me by giving me 6 (agonising!) strokes of the cane. ‘And the second time you didn’t even ask for my permission before removing the device’, she said. Well that is 12 strokes of the cane for you today then’. I should say at this point that I had hoped that being caned for falling out of the device might have been a ‘one-off’ thing for the last session. Apparently not. I was scared. 12 strokes of the cane. I know some slaves relish this and much more. I don’t. I hate it. Mistress then asked what else I had done wrong in the last 4 weeks. Suddenly I realised that there was worse to come. I think I began to shake at this point and my mind went blank. Mistress informed me that I had made her very angry by sending her abrupt and disrespectful texts. She reminded me that she pulled me up on this before and therefore I was to receive 10 whacks with the paddle to help me remember. ‘And what else should you be punished for today Taquin?’. Again I couldn’t think. She told me that she was upset that I had not complimented her on her appearance particularly as she had taken the trouble to wear something that she knew I would like. This really took me aback. Mistress was right. How ungrateful and rude of me. I was so angry and disappointed with myself and knew that anything I said now would probably just make matters worse. I did try and apologise but ended up just digging an even greater hole for myself. My penalty for this was going to be 10 minutes of nipple clamps. Another painful punishment that scared the life out of me. And before I could regain any degree of composure Mistress reminded me that there was another sin that I should be punished for. It was the fact that I copied and pasted some ideas for a humiliations list Mistress had told me to compose. For this I would suffer humiliation today. Mistress looked down on me and said ‘oh look at you, I think you are going to cry’. And she was right.


    And so my punishments began. Firstly a dogs head mask was put over my head. ‘Growl’ was the first instruction. ‘Louder, keep going’ she said ‘Bark like a dog’ Mistress instructed whilst filming my total humiliation. Now Yelp, now whine, keep going, do it louder and Mistress laughed and laughed. And so did I for a while. ‘Now go and sit by the back door like a dog, now go outside’. I stepped into the rear yard fearful that it might be overlooked, but it wasn’t. Mistress was inside looking out through the window and still filming me. ‘Now go walkies’ she called out. ‘Now beg at window’. I did everything that Mistress told me whilst Mistress laughed at my stupidity. Once Mistress had captured everything that she needed she allowed me back into the kitchen and locked the door behind me. I was made to sit on the floor whilst she removed the mask before being instructed to go upstairs and lay on my back on the bed.

    At this point I sensed that things were looking up. I had expected to be ordered into the dungeon to be secured to the whipping bench. Maybe all of this talk of canes and paddles and nipple clamps was just a Mistress mind fuck. I eagerly went upstairs and laid on the bed. Mistress instructed me to put my arms above my head in order that she could secure them into the stocks at the head of the bed. Things got better still as Mistress climbed on top of me straddled my legs and started stroking her property. She brought me to the edge of orgasm, stopped and reached inside her bra cup. She pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and grinned. Things were getting serious again and I now realised that Mistress was about to punish me for my wrongdoing. Mistress reached down and secured one nipple clamp, and then the other, and just sat there and watched me begin to squirm. Within just a few seconds the pain became intense. And still she sat and smiled down at me looking very satisfied with how much pain she was causing me. And just as the pain began to get too much for me to bear she would reach down and edge me once again. As she did it the pain would diminish and pleasure would take over. She would then stop and watch the pain build and build. At one point she stood at the end of the bed as I began to shake with pain and just smiled and watched. I don’t think I have ever felt as beautifully dominated as I did in that moment. I was suffering terribly at the hands of my Mistress, she was in absolute control and would manage my pain for me by bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over. For me it was a moment of sublime submission. Once the 10 minutes was up Mistress removed the clamps. The pain intensified horribly for a moment and then began to subside. I breathed again for what felt like the first time in those 10 minutes.

    Mistress instructed me to turn over onto my stomach and secured my hands in the stocks once again. I knew what was about to happen and started to shake. I was about to receive a beating like no other I have ever experienced (6 strokes of the cane being the worst to date). Mistress commenced with the strap. 10 incredibly painful whacks made me jump and writhe on the bed. These were followed up by 12 strokes of the cane. As always I counted each stroke out loud and thanked Mistress for them. By the end of this the tears really had welled up in my eyes. It was so painful. Mistress told me how well I had done and said that I was a good boy. I wanted to believe her but know full well that I must be the most pathetic sub in the world when it comes to handling pain. By this point I felt physically and mentally exhausted.

    Mistress released me from the stocks again, made me turn over and secured my wrists for one final time. This time she was kind to me. She took hold of her property stroked and caressed it back to life (it had completely shrivelled during my caning) and gently and expertly treated to me to the most intense and wonderful orgasm I had experienced for a long time. The session concluded with Mistress locking me back into chastity once again, but this time with a steel padlock. I was sent to the bathroom to shower and dress before tidying up the bedroom.

    I went downstairs and began to say goodbye. But before I could do so Mistress produced my new slave collar. She bought it for me whilst on my PC a couple of weeks earlier. It has my name on it. She placed it over my head and secured it in place. I was instructed to wear it as I drove home again. In 30 minutes I was to send her a picture of me still wearing it as proof of doing as I was told. And so even as I drove home that day I was still reminded of my place. I did of course do exactly as I was told.

    I have had a few days to reflect on this session now. I now know it to be one of the most intense and wonderful sessions I have ever experienced. I would describe it as strict, no nonsense, absolute, domination by the most exciting woman I have ever known. Most importantly it has established in my mind a better understanding of my position in Miss Deelights world. I am her devoted, faithful and obedient slave. I think it is what I needed. I now realise that I had become too comfortable in my servitude to Mistress and had let my standards slip when away from the HOD. I am now very aware that sessions and distance control are one and the same thing. Mistress has introduced a style of control that ensures that I focus on my behavior between sessions as much as I do when I am in the HOD. Best of all I think that Mistress enjoyed the session. I can happily endure anything that she puts me through as long as it gives her pleasure. It is how it should be.



    After a hard day of filming it’s time for me to sit back in my throne, put my feet up on my human footstool and use my human ashtray while I smoke and well deserved cigarette.

    “Such is the life! When I get to just kick back and use my slaves as furniture! They don’t do anything else. This one is my footrest and this one is my ashtray.  That is all they are trained to do and that is how they spend their days. That’s just the way I like it.

     I bet you’d like to be my ashtray or my footrest wouldn’t you?  Sitting there watching from your bedroom, watching, wishing that you were lucky like these two… all you can do is dream, while these two things are living the dream!  Yes, even if it wants to gag or heave, it dare not because it does not want me to burn it. And I will! I have done, that’s how it learned. That’s how it did its training. And this one learned to keep still by having my heels stamping on it everytime it moved.  And now they’ve learned their lesson. They are just obedient, mindless objects.

    I do love the peace and quiet that comes from having well trained slaves.  Watch, I fill its mouth up with my ash. It’s not even allowed to swallow. It takes smoke from my lungs and dirty stinking ash from my cigarette.  What lucky, LUCKY slaves they are!”


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  • Strap On Training – Pimped Sissy Slut – New Movie Clip Free Preview.

    strap onThat’s right slave! Right where you belong on your hands and knees in front of me, Miss Deelight.  It’s cock sucking time slave, or should I say Bitch? It’s time for you to train to be the slut that you were born to be.  This is your destiny.  This is what you were born to do.  You were born to be a bitch.  On your fucking hands and knees with your mouth around my BIG HARD COCK.  And why have you got to do that? It’s simple; because you don’t have a cock.  You have a bitch clit.  And because you have a bitch clit you don’t deserve any attention, your job is to give me attention.  Your job is to service my strap on and to train to be a good cock sucking little slut.  You are going to get your mouth around the end and learn to look up at me with those greedy hungry slutty whore eyes.  “Oh please lock me in chastity and let me suck your cock forever”. G84A2325.00_00_09_03.Still001-2 Go on then, suck it all the way down.  .  When I’m done training you to the high standards of all the Douse of Deelight sluts, you’ll learn to suck a real cock. Get your mouth around it you dirty dirty little fucking slut  That is all you are good for.  Your cock is pathetic and useless but your mouth isn’t.  Your mouth is useful, it’s useful to earning me money.  You are going to be my pimped sissy slut.  You are going to learn to wear slutty clothes and learn to walk and talk like the slut that you are.  You are going to learn to suck real cock and before you know it, that is all your life will be.  You will be kept in a cage in some skanky little bedsit.  I am going to put your name and number on Craig’s list with a picture of you all slutted up.  I am going to advertise your services and you are going to come out of your cage to suck cock after cock after cock.  They are going to fuck you.  They are going to fuck your face and your whore ass.  That’s it, your boy pussy.  And all the while your little clitty is going to be locked away in the smallest, tightest chastity device that money can buy.  You are going to live your life as a pimped sissy slut earning money for your Mistress. Now get to work and fuck off!

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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Week Timeless!

    20160125_113744000_iOSAs Slave Taquin completed another countless week of distance control he found himself venturing down roads he never even considered (again!).  The thing is, now that I have him under total teamviewer control (despite not having used it with him for time) and now that I have all that information that I extracted from him a while back, there really isn’t much else he can do about it, apart from, just do it! So in true Miss Deelight style, I started the week off in full throttle and had him eating his own cum, punishing his own nipples and ruining his own orgasms.  I should imagine he, like the others was probably glad that I was so busy at the end of the week.  *Evil Laugh*

    Sunday was a day never to be forgotten! I had sent my blog to Mistress who later referred to it as ‘insightful’. Mistress often finds useful ammunition within the her slaves blogs. ‘Insightful’ suggested that yet again I had said too much. I had also woken to see some tweets from Mistress the night before that suggested that her slaves were in for a bumpy ride this week. My instructions for the day confirmed this.

    I, along with two other slaves, was to take part in the ‘Cup cake challenge’. The summary of what I was required to do was to video myself and to:

    1. a) Kneel
    2. b) Mantra, Mantra, Mantra.
    3. c) Wank
    4. d) Ejaculate on cupcake
    5. e) Eat cupcake complete with cum
    6. f) Thank Mistress

    The task included 4 ‘firsts’ for me. I had never done c) in front of anyone ever, had never done d) or e) and most difficult of all, I had never videoed myself doing such things and then sent the video to a Mistress! I must confess I did wonder if this was a legitimate challenge or just an elaborate ruse to make me provide Mistress with more materials to control me. I concluded that it didn’t really matter which it was. I had been told in no uncertain terms that I had no choice. Non participation would result in harsh punishment for the slave concerned and in my case the posting of my picture (including my face) on twitter.

    I was also provided with guidance about how a winner, 2nd place and loser was going to be chosen:

    1. a) Time taken to cum
    2. b) Accuracy of aim
    3. c) Quantity of cum eaten

    Without boring you with a blow by blow description my attempt can be summarised as: I did everything that was required and on time, I picked up the cupcake to ejaculate on it (which I subsequently found out was cheating) I closed my eyes and missed the cupcake totally with my first emission, I managed to catch the remaining cum with the cupcake and ate both cake and cum. I looked to the ground, certain that Mistress would notice that a large quantity had missed the cake altogether, only to see that it had disappeared into the mass of wood shavings and dust that covered the concrete floor that I was knelt on. I realised that the situation could not be resolved and hoped that Mistress might forgive me in her likely mirth. I reviewed the video and considered the judgment criteria. I had taken about a minute and a half to cum. I was sure that in normal circumstances I could have been faster. But these were not in any way normal circumstances. It had forced me way outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t think that I would score well on time taken. As for accuracy of aim, that wasn’t shaping up in my favour either! and quantity? who knew?

    On Monday Mistress teased us with the imminent publishing of the results of the cupcake challenge (which never materialised) and some very hot pictures of herself. I spent the day checking my phone even more frequently than normal. I really was scared that I had come last in the challenge and would have some horrible punishment forced on me.

    Tuesday dawned to the news that the results were in and were to be found in Mistresses new website forum. With great anxiety I signed in and read what Mistress had to say. Mistress had provided a summary of each of our performances. The only good thing that she said about my video was that it was submitted on time! I was beginning to panic until I read further to hear that slave Plucky had already been punished for a serious misdemeanor (he had also redeemed himself  valiantly since). I just read it as ‘Taquin you were rubbish but you have got away with it this time’. I sent a note on the forum and thanked Plucky. Within moments Mistress sent me the following response ‘You’re not exempt from punishment’. This was not good. A couple of minutes later I received the text that explained the difficult day I was about to have. I was to make a pair of nipple clamps and wear them for a period of time every hour for the next 10 hours. First for 10 minutes, then 9 minutes etc etc. I have said it before and I will say it again, I hate nipple clamps!

    Mistress had told me to find some short lengths of material something like chop sticks, to cut them down to size and to use elastic bands at each end to secure them. My solution was to use thin, round hard plastic rods (cut down from fishing disgorgers for those who know what they are). I put them on for the first time. They were most effective and hurt like hell. The worse point was actually putting them on. It was really fiddly and tugged at my nipples as I did so. Once on I sent Mistress a picture. She was so pleased with them that she told me to bring them to our next session. This was not what I wanted to hear. At the end of my 10 minute period I removed them, now realising that this really hurt as well. And so this was how my day progressed. Each hour passed far too quickly. The pain and soreness increased as the day went on. And then something happened that was unexpected. I think I had got to the 7th application of the clamps and was struggling to work whilst I was yet again in discomfort. I realised that I was feeling totally submissive. It is a mental state that I rarely achieve when I am not at the HOD. I will get part way there, but today I had gone the whole way. I sent Mistress a text. I apologised for my poor performance in the Cupcake challenge, that was all it said. It just felt like the correct thing for me to say feeling the way that as I was.

    That evening I sent a text to Mistress telling her of my submissive state and saying that I would like to rub cream onto my very sore nipples whilst imagining that it was her doing it. Mistress responded that that would be ok, but that I was also to imagine that I was bound and gagged at the time. How Mistress knows how to get into my head! I thought back to a session at the HOD some time ago when following a particularly intense interrogation, resulting in a broken and exhausted Taquin, Mistress had momentarily soothed me by softly & gently rubbing my nipples. It is one of my happiest memories of my time under the control of Miss Deelight. Having the power and the exquisite skill to provide pain and pleasure, and all the tones in between, is a rare gift. But Mistress has it. It was with these thoughts in mind that I drifted off to sleep whilst soothing my nipples.

    I woke the following morning with a sense of elation. I don’t know why but I just felt good. I exchanged morning texts with Mistress. There was a short exchange of texts that went something like:

    Mistress:’ Do you remember what your first ever distance control task was?’

    Me: ‘No, shall I try to find my first blog?’

    Mistress: ‘I have just looked back and all I can find is that you had two orgasms’

    Me: (still feeling elated and somewhat cheeky) ‘Well lets do that again Mistress’

    Mistress: ‘OK then …pause… BUT …pause… …pause… …pause… they will both be ruins. The first one will be in the next hour and the second one before you go to bed tonight’

    And so that was what happened. It was actually some time since I had been made to endure the discomfort and frustration of a ruin. To stop wanking the moment that you start to ejaculate is difficult enough to do in the first place, but then to endure the burning pain of your pumping cock followed by the frustration of such a missed opportunity is difficult. To do it twice in one day and then to lock yourself in chastity and to have to send the picture of the lock code to Mistress takes great will power. But it is the life of a slave and so it is accepted without complaint.

    And then for the rest of the week I was overcome with fear. I am always nervous and a little scared when being controlled by Mistress but this was different. Looking back I think it was the combination of feeling that I had disclosed too much in my recent blogs and the fact that Mistress had pushed my comfort levels further than I would have previously thought possible. Normally I long for any contact from Mistress. This week I was actually pleased to read a tweet one morning saying how busy she was and the fact that I would not be hearing from her until later! Mistress added fuel to the fire as the week went on by hinting at the insights that she now had to use against me. I am guessing that she has me just where she wants me. Locked, horny, scared and respectful, and longing to see her at my session next week.

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  • Slave Twitchalot – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

    20160125_112757951_iOSSlave Twitchalot completed a third week under my control, successfully.  Just! I always would recommend that anyone starting out with my distance control, only sign up for one week first. If you cant handle the first week then it isn’t for you but if you get through the first week then the likely hood is that you are going to be a fully fledged HOD resident!  That is a great privilege but with that status comes the natural highs and lows of a long-term D/s relationship.  You’ve all read about it from my other slaves in the past so it shouldn’t ever come as a surprise.  Twitchalot was the next Slave to fasten himself tightly to the Controller-Coaster of Deelight.. the scariest but most thrilling ride you will ever experience.

    Day 1

    The fourth week of service to Mistress and I admit that I was feeling pretty good about how things were going. Like I’ve said before, I have been submissive for a long time and have a lot of experiences both good and bad in all that time; so I knew quickly just how special Mistress Deelight is. She is the Real Deal.

    In hindsight, I guess you could say this was the calm before the storm because the rest of the week did not go well… I’ll get to that in due course but for now back to my happy place and everything is great.

    For that day, Mistress had decided on a challenge for Her distance slaves: The ‘Cupcake Challenge’ where we would be pitted against each other to decorate a cupcake with our own ‘cream topping’ and to eat it. To further compound our collective and individual humiliation we each had to video it so that Mistress could judge our efforts.

    There was a time limit for entries and as I had quite stringent vanilla (regular life) commitments that day I informed Mistress that I would do my best to meet the deadline but that these might interfere.

    So, for reasons which will come apparent later, it is essential to point out that Mistress was very kind and reasonable with this information and texted back to say that I had an extension until my commitments were over. Thank You Mistress. I was very relieved to hear that.

    I did my task as instructed and actually i felt good doing it for Mistress: Yes, it was quite humiliating but it was also a sign of devotion that we slaves were prepared to suffer for our Mistress, emotionally as well as physically.

    I sent my video clip to Mistress in good spirits… now all I had to do was wait!
    Day 2

    It was a quiet day from Mistress… all by Her design. After all, She wasn’t the one waiting with baited breath, hanging on to text, email, Twitter…



    I was locked in my chastity device, constantly checking my phone.

    Mistress is taking selfies, delighting in the situation… I’m sure You’ve seen them on Twitter. My word Mistress was looking as wonderful as ever but She was twisting at least this poor wretch into knots.

    Wow. The suspense was



    Exquisite torture without doing anything at all. It was a very long day.

    Finally, the results were in and we slaves learned our fate. The relief was palpable and I was at least glad that Mistress enjoyed our videos. It was strange to share that experience with my fellow distance control slaves but actually, I felt connected to them through the shared suffering.

    Getting ready for bed I knelt on the floor naked saying my mantra, having flashbacks to the previous day, I had no idea what was going to happen…

    Day 3

    If days had titles then this would be ‘Day 3 – The Wheels Come Off’ because that is pretty much exactly what happened!

    To be honest, the exact nature of the day’s events are a blur but I’ll try to recount them as best I can.

    To punish me for being the quickest slave to complete the Cupcake Challenge (no staying power!) I was to clamp Mistress property between two chopsticks using rubber bands to keep them tightly clamped. Then I was to beat Mistress’ balls 10 times every 15 minutes for a total of 45 minutes.

    Simple enough.. painful enough…

    So I did as I was told, I clamped Mistress’ property as ordered and started on the balls with a wooden spoon. Started? Yeah… dumb huh? But lets face it… does every 15 minutes mean you start with it at the first minute or just after 15 minutes… Well, I was pretty sure which one Mistress would choose!

    What could go wrong?

    Strange to say it but doing the punishment I didn’t feel anything. It was like an emotional switch had cut out and I was in a very bizarre situation of spanking myself in the balls with an overwhelming feeling of antipathy… ‘Meh!’ was how I described it on Twitter as I just had to get it out.

    It was very weird and had me on edge. I was a bit lost.

    Day 4

    Mistress was pleased that I had performed my punishment and She was going to send me something to take my mind off my sore balls.

    That is the really nice thing about Mistress is that She does care about Her pets. She enquired about how I felt yesterday and was very understanding. I was in bits by then, because I had failed this wonderful Mistress and I was feeling drained.

    I get so much pleasure from serving that in a lot of ways it defines my identity as a submissive. I feel can do anything as long as it pleases my Dominant and as I’ve said before, being a ‘good boy’ sends tingles through me.

    The downside of this is that when I feel like I’ve failed I tend to crash… That is pretty much what happened to me now.

    I had struggled with the challenge when I thought I might not be able to do it on time. In the past I’d had experiences where I had been set up to fail just to make the humiliation worse and even now when I was certain Mistress did not intend that (as proven by the extension, readily given) I did have a bit of a wobble.

    I’d put it to one side but clearly it had left a bit of a scar. In truth I was being silly, as we subs are wont to do when emotions get the better of us.

    Mistress was very understanding and I cannot thank Her enough for Her time: There are many examples on Her blog written by other slaves with similar experiences and those helped me to see that I wasn’t alone in having the odd wobbly moment.
    I wrote a long and rambling email to Mistress with how I was feeling (at Her request…) which was a combination of concerns, real and imagined. Even writing it out and just venting in that way was cathartic.

    Mistress was very kind to reply and pretty much help frame the reality of the situation. Being one of Mistress’ slaves is a rollercoaster and you can either buckle up for the ride or push eject… It is very true that for such a small tribute Mistress does invest a lot of time and energy on Her distance control slaves. ‘A lot of bang for your buck’ as Mistress put it… I’d just had a little too much bang!

    Day 5

    Mistress declared this a rest day for me, to get myself centred again. I was very grateful for that and Mistress had me in chastity all day as a reminder that She was still there!

    Since I don’t have a lot to say about this day, I thought it would be useful to reflect on Mistress’ gift for completing my punishment.

    The reward was a JOI hypnosis audio recording and it was late in the evening that I’d had a chance to listen. I very much enjoy hypnosis as I like the feeling of being messed with mentally… I’ve found over the years that I am quite suggestible.

    So I went out like a light for Mistress and I don’t remember very much after the first few minutes… When I slowly came up again I remember a feeling so alive and tingly in the afterglow of a mind-blowing orgasm. It took a few minutes to get my breath back!

    Day 6

    After my rest day Mistress was fully back in control. I spent the day in chastity and panties like a good little locked up sissy slut.

    Mistress has been probing about my experiences with chastity and denial and I can feel Her mind working even so far away… Now She knows my record… She has already learned so much about what makes me tick is scary and magical all at once :)

    After a rollercoaster week, it felt great to be back!
    Day 7

    Mistress was very busy today so did not have a lot of time to spend with Her distance slaves today. I locked myself up and was happy to be locked for Her again.

    I think that now Mistress knows the longest I’ve ever been locked and denied a full orgasm, that this might be an insight into my future :)

    But Mistress is nothing but unpredictable and Wonderful so, who knows? I know now its best to just enjoy the ride!

    I am glad to get through this week and to have come through a difficult time. Mistress’ rollercoaster analogy is correct, there will be ups and downs and I feel like I’ve shot through the dip only to go higher still!

    Life without Mistress’ control seems further away than ever and that makes me a happy pet indeed.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

  • Slave Plucky – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

    Picture 1Slave Plucky underwent his second week under my control last week and found himself at the hard end of some serious humiliation, which I know he very much enjoyed.  At the end of the week he not only suffered humiliation but he had quite a heart stopping moment too, it’s not detailed in his journal so I wont describe it here.  For a moment I  even believed it would be enough to make him rethink the control he was under, but the plucky little slave embraced the fear and used it to fuel his horniness! Good Work Plucky!  

    Day 1

    So I began my second week of distance training with Mistress and the week began with having to complete a cupcake assignment, I was sent the following instructions by mistress.

    1. Purchase a cup cake and be grateful that you are getting a cupcake and not something horrible like dog food.
    2. Find some alone time, set up a method to video your task.
    3. Press Record
    4. On your knees, repeat your mantra three times
    5. Masturbate as fast as you can and ejaculate onto the cupcake.
    6. Eat said cupcake and fresh cum topping.
    7. Thank mistress
    8. Stop recording.
    9. Send video to mistress.

    To say that this was the most humiliating and degrading thing I had ever tried would be the understatement of the century. But this was for Mistress and I dutifully completed the assignment and sent the video to mistress.

    Day 2

    I had a text message from mistress in the morning stating that the video I had sent mistress had gone wrong and that it did not contain the eating of the cupcake. I had to repeat my assignment again this time with extra humiliation for me. I had to wear Bra Panties and Tights and Bright Red Lipstick and then perform the whole task all over again. However I did not own any of these items so I had to go shopping at the Supermarket.

    Buying from the supermarket was very humiliating, so I was standing in the supermarket looking at the underwear section, looking at the different items I was not sure what to buy, so I went for 18 not knowing if this was right then a Bra that matched. Finding the correct size tights was a struggle there were two other woman picking out tights, I am sure from their looks they knew what I was doing. Finally I picked some Bright Red Lipstick. Then paying this was difficult I had used self service but thanks to the Governments 5p bag initiative there are no bags to put my purchases in, so I have to walk out of the store holding my purchases, oh the humiliation.

    So after enduring the humiliation of the shopping I then completed the Task wearing the clothes I purchased and sent it to mistress, thankfully this time their were no issues.

    Day 3

    Today mistress required me go the supermarket and purchase two large carrots one to fuck my ass and one for me to perform oral on, I completed this task for about 30mins becoming one of  mistresses slut

    Day 4

    Today I listened to a video from mistress which was a hypnotic video which guided me all the way through to an orgasm,

    Day 5

    I contacted Mistress today, she was very busy with personal errands so I completed no tasks but she did provide me with some guidance in buying some new butt plugs which I ordered and they finally arrived on Day 7.

    Day 6

    Again Mistress was very busy but I did complete one task for mistress which was to perform an edge whilst sniffing my wifes underwear.

    Day 7

    Again mistress has been very busy so I have not completed any tasks but I have received my new Butt Plugs and I am eager to try them out at my earliest possible opportunity.

    This week has been completely different from my first and I am starting to know that I am really into humiliation and being forced to push the boundaries and look forward to my next week under mistresses control.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.



  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Pushing Limits

    I posted this tweet on Sunday after reading the journal submissions from my distance control slaves. The purpose of my tweet was to taunt my slaves so that they knew I was already plotting and scheming.  It is true however, I do enjoy reading their journals and it does provide me with ammunition. Slave Taquin once again discovered how the journals fuel my deviant mind earlier last week, where I picked up on something he had said and used it to push his boundaries even further!

    On Sunday I received an instruction to send Mistress the links to blackmail videos I had talked of in my blog of last week. This is the problem with having to write a blog, it forces you to document what happens both when carrying out Mistresses instructions and at other times. Occasionally I think about leaving out certain things for fear of the potential outcome. But I never do. The wonderful thing about my fetish life is that it provides the opportunity for me to be totally honest with myself, you and with Mistress. I know that by disclosing my blackmail fantasies that Mistress will just ensnare me further, and I know that deep down that is what I (and she) wants. But it was still difficult for me to send the video clips to Mistress. I knew that once she had listened to them it would just make me all the more vulnerable. It was clear from the text that I received on Monday that our relationship had indeed changed once again. The tone was somehow tougher, less conversational and more demanding. Adrenaline started to run through my body as my heart pounded with the realisation that I had got in deeper still. The instruction I received on Monday was to go and buy some lacy French Knickers from my local supermarket. Of the many things that Mistress knows about me she certainly understands that going shopping for anything do with my fetish fills me with horror. I gave the task some thought but quickly came to the realisation that my small local supermarkets didn’t sell clothing of any sort let alone lacy French Knickers. I shared this fact with Mistress. I don’t know why I did so as I knew that she wasn’t just going to say ‘ok slave I understand’. The response that I actually received was that maybe I should borrow some from my Wife. I informed Mistress that she most certainly wouldn’t have any. Her response was to tell me to just get on with the task and find a solution. She even joked that if I didn’t she would send a pair of her own to my Wife for her to pass on to me. After a little time spent on google I realised that there was a store about 8 miles away that sold clothing. I phoned the store and asked the lady who took the call if they sold women’s underwear (even this was difficult for me! goodness knows why). And so there I was stood in the women’s underwear aisle of a, not too local, supermarket looking at lacy knickers. In the same aisle were two women also choosing items for themselves. My brain was telling me to get this over with as quickly as possible. I scanned along the shelves and spotted the only ones that seemed to fit the instructions provided by Mistress. They weren’t even in nice discreet packaging. Instead they were just hung on hangers. Then I noticed the colour coded size markers. What the hell was a size 10 or 12. What size was yours truly (as I knew for sure that I would be made to wear them at some point)? Higher numbers must be larger I reasoned. I looked through the hangers and found one that said size 18. This would have to do. I picked the hanger off the rails and placed the knickers into my basket and headed for the checkout. Thankfully I found one that was empty and headed towards it. The middle aged woman who was on the till looked in my basket, looked up at me and she knew! I know that she knew. She knew that they were for me. It was obvious. She lifted the knickers from my basket and moved them across the scanner. The bloody bar code wouldn’t scan. She held them up closer to her face whilst she manually entered the bar code number. Please, please do not call for your supervisor to help I thought. Thankfully her till recognised the code and she asked me for payment. I asked for a bag. ‘would you like a 5p bag or a bag for life’ she asked whilst still holding my purchase up in front of her. I am sure she was enjoying the moment. Eventually my knickers were bagged and paid for and I made my way quickly and thankfully to my car and away. I sent Mistress a photograph of the knickers and received the response I expected. ‘Now put them on and wear them for the rest of the day’. When I returned home I did just that. Believe it or not this was the first time that I had ever worn ladies knickers. I do love lingerie but have only previously appreciated it when it is being worn by a beautiful woman, or better still when it is tied around my balls. Today I learned something else about myself. The feeling of lacy knickers under my clothing all day was really rather tantalising. I am sure that it was because Mistress was forcing me to do it, but it felt good none the less.

    I sent Mistress a note and received a reply that informed me that my position had now changed. Mistress took pleasure in telling me ‘it is no longer all about tease, I can do what I want with you now. You have no choice’.

    I did make one admission to Mistress concerning my current situation this week. I confessed the fact that I had a terrible urge to say ‘no’ to her at some point to find out how far she might go to prevent my escape from her clutches. Mistress does understand this I think. I do suffer from an instinctive need to test my bonds. When I am tied up or shackled I will always consider how I might escape. In the early days I did manage to wriggle free from my bonds just once, and was horribly punished for doing so. But I cant help myself, I always have to try. I have never been able to escape since then, but it wont stop me from trying. I even tried to break free from Mistresses control of my PC, but failed miserably in my attempt. I guess I just need to be certain that there is no escape before I can settle comfortably into a state of submission. Whether or not I will ever pluck up the courage to test my blackmail bonds is unknown to me. I am probably much too much of a coward to try. At the end of the week I was instructed to help Mistress with a couple of tasks concerning her website Forum. This to be done whilst wearing my lacy knickers. It ensured my mind was in a suitably submissive state before undertaking the tasks set. It is a great honour to be told to do such things and I appreciate the opportunity to serve Mistress whenever she needs me. I have woken early this morning in order to have a final read through of this blog before submitting it. I have just looked at Twitter and seen a series of tweets from Mistress late last night. She was obviously up very late resolving her technology (new I mac etc). The tweets I have read have made me tremble. Between them they say… ‘Technology sorted’, Slave blogs provide Mistress with ‘much more ammunition’ and ‘watch out slaves I’m coming for you’. Any slave of Miss Deelight should know that Mistress doesn’t make idle threats.This particular slave is very scared this morning!  

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  • Slave Plucky – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

    I would like to welcome yet another House of Deelight pet this week. I’ve given him the name Slave Plucky because he is a total novice yet excelled courageously in a humiliation task.  Because Plucky is a total newbie I broke him in gently but firmly.  New slaves must be trained from scratch which includes the absolute basics, the laying out my ground rules and expectations whilst not pushing them too far too soon. He is so new to it that there is much for him to explore and discover about himself and being the expert Mistress that I am, it didn’t take me long to help him to discover that he enjoyed something that he hadn’t even considered.  As is the rules of my Distance Control, each slave must submit a weekly journal to share with my readers and other slaves.  Slave Plucky’s follows. 

    Day 1 – Sunday

    Day One Started with me over-sleeping and texting mistress late, which although I apologised for my tardiness resulted in me receiving a deserving punishment later on in the day. In the morning Mistress asked me various questions to make sure that my interests were covered this week, which I found very thoughtful and given that I am novice very reassuring. 
    Now onto my punishment, I had to recite mistresses mantra 3 times before wrapping mistresses cock and balls with a lace before placing 8 Clothes pegs on my balls, before completing an edge for mistress, this was before I performed a second edge whilst worshiping Mistresses wonderful bottom.

    Day 2 – 

    Day 2 Started with me texting mistress on time and requesting my instructions, which required me to go my local supermarket and buy Lube and Shoe Laces, and my task for the day was to tie my balls up, before using lube to masturbate to an edge, then I had to humiliate myself by finger fucking my arse and then finally had to both masturbate and finger fuck my arse in rhythm. This continued for just over 30mins by which time I was both humiliated and extremely turned on. But my cock now belongs to mistress so I made sure that I was on my best behaviour. The rest of the day continued with  balls tied up until I had to go out that evening. 

    Day 3 –

    Day 3 started with me again texting mistress, but my instructions for the day did not come through till 2pm when it was my lunch break, where I had to go to the toilet in my place of work and masturbate until I reached the edge. Mistress then wonderfully provided me with her new foot worship video for me to watch. However I made a grave error in judgement by cumming at the end of the video, as the video told me to. Due to my excitement I had not read Mistresses instruction carefully and I was only to watch the Video and had not been given permission to cum. So I was now in for one hell of a punishment which I received on Day 4. 

    Day 4 –

    I contacted Mistress again at the appointed time expressing how sorry I was for last nights mess up (No pun intended). I explained that I was willing to perform any punishment if mistress would be prepared to forgive me. 

    So at 9pm that night Mistress instructed me to drive to my local supermarket with my balls bound and text mistress when I arrived. So sat in this car park I waited scared about what was to comet next. So my punishment was to masturbate through my trousers before then hitting my balls very hard 10 times. Finally I had to edge one final time before returning home. I reflected upon this evening and that this was probably the most scared I had been as a Novice but I stated to mistress that this had been the most thrilling instruction I had this week.

    Day 5 –

    I again contacted mistress at the appropriate time and was given my instructions during this day mistress texted me, and I had to go the toilet at work and masturbate to the edge. I performed this task for Mistress three times during the day. 

    Day 6 –

    I again contacted mistress and informed her that I would be working from home today and mistress took full advantage of my working arrangement. Today my balls were bound and I edged a total of 6 times and on three of my edges I had two fingers firmly in my arse at mistresses request. Mistress also requested that I send her a picture of my balls bound during the day for her amusement. 

    Day 7 –

    Today started with me going shopping for a carrot at mistresses request, I started by inserting it in my arse and leaving it there before being given instructions from mistress to fuck my arse with it whilst I edged a further 4 times, by this point in the week I am extremely horny, but mistress has not allowed me permission to cum, so I am in for another week of teasing as I have extended my training for another week, and I am looking forward to it. 

    Slave Plucky

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.


  • Natasha – Sissy Training and Public Humiliation Photo Gallery.

    Natasha’s male self in BHS being instructed to purchase a female suit and to try it on in the not so private changing rooms….



    Next stop, a very small female clothing store, Natasha was instructed to purchase a red dress and to try that on too… no hiding in this store it was very open!



    Final Stop – Boots for some female essentials…


    Upon return to the House of Deelight, Natasha was completely feminised and attended a very important job interview.  She was willing to do just about anything to get the job including a strip tease, cock sucking and receiving punishment. What a transformation?  One very slutty sissy indeed.













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  • I Wasn’t Expecting That – Part 2 – By Slave Sissy Mouse

    So my bumbling baffoon had a bit of a bump during week 14 and 15 of his distance control, but one thing you can be sure of… Mistress knows exactly how to get you back to where you need to be.  I know exactly what you slaves need and when you need it most!

    I wasn’t expecting that. Episode 2

    My latest visit to Mistress was slightly postponed from the week before and took place later in the day than normal. As always I have no idea what is going to take place which is why I enjoy our sessions so much.

    The day starts with Mistress sending me a message instructing me to bring all my sissy clothes so straight away I begin the day on edge with my mind whirring about what’s going to happen. The day drags on but gives me loads of time to ensure I have everything that I need (it turns out I didn’t!).

    2.30pm arrives and I walk through the door to me met by Mistress looking lovely as ever but in her normal clothes so straight away I start to bumble a bit. I finally unload everything I have and sit down on the sofa to have a good catch up with Mistress on all the events that have happened since we last met. We have a lovely chat and then Mistress informs me on what is going to happen. As it’s almost Christmas we are going shopping to buy silly things for me to put on in a changing room and take a picture and also have to joy of shopping with Mistress whilst she asks me embarrassing things quite loudly. She tells me to put on my day out with Tammy Tampax clothes from last year the purple swimming costume and pink leggings which of course I haven’t brought with me. Cue a not very happy Mistress so its time for a rethink which ends up with the Ann Summers Basque, thong and stockings from our January shopping trip under my normal clothes.


    Mistress decides it’s best if she drives as she doesn’t want to be in a car with a bumbling driver and we head off to Newport city centre with Mistress generally taunting me as she does about how much fun it’s going to be for her. We park up and head off for some fun shopping with me feeling very odd with my underwear on under my clothes.

    First stop Claire’s accessories and as soon as Mistress is through the door she finds a lovely large bow on a headband which lights up. I’m given that to hold whilst Mistress carries on looking round with me meekly following. Mistress does like to look at me and keep telling me I have gone very red which makes me even more bumbling. So other purchases made we head to a pound shop and have a good look around there and Mistress once again suggesting ideas in none hushed tones. One idea Mistress came up with still worries me slightly was to buy sweets, insert them up my bum and then eat them!! The stand out moment was waiting in the queue for the checkout with Mistress asking me how my thong was feeling.

    Purchases made we head of to find a changing room for me to carry out my task. We head to Primark and Mistress explains what she wants me to wear from our purchases and to strip to my underwear. So I find a pair of jeans and find a cubicle. The usual problem in changing rooms the curtain only just goes across the opening. So I take off my clothes leaving me exposed in my lovely sexy underwear and carry out my instructions. Put on a mask then put on a wig and then the merry xmas bow on the headband and tie 2 bauble hair ties around my balls and hold up a Santa stop here sign. So to begin with I forget to put on the mask so have to take the wig off and put the mask on. I then lean down to pick up the bow and the wig falls on the floor just underneath the curtain so it could be seen from outside just as I hear someone in the next cubicle. I finally get it all on (or so I thought) take the photo and put everything back into the bag and return to a smirking Mistress. “Was that fun?” asks Mistress. She was also amused when someone else went into the changing rooms. We walk off and Mistress looks at the pictures and informs me that I have not completed my task because I forgot to tie the baubles around my balls so I will have to do it again luckily in another shop.


    We leave and this time head to BHS to try again. Luckily the shop is very quiet and the changing room door has a bolt on it. So in I go and try again without being such a bumbling fool like before. I have just started when I hear Mistress tell someone I won’t be long and I start to panic and Mistress then comes to the door and tells me there is a queue. As much as I am panicking I need to get this right and finally get all the items on and take the picture. Redress and leave the changing room and find Mistress sat there smirking at me with no one in sight! Yes she was winding up! I show Mistress the picture and this time I have got it right. On the way out Mistress finds some horrible night dresses and starts holding them up against me and then checking if they have one in my size.


    We finally leave the shop and head back to the car with Mistress pondering whether she should send me home wearing a dress and my wig. Which I have to admit was a great idea. On returning to the HOD I remove my clothes and put on the dress and wig whilst Mistress loads her car. I then leave slightly nervous, load all my stuff into my car and drive home in Friday rush hour traffic. Hoping that when I get home I won’t be spotted by the neighbours (I wasn’t) but it doesn’t stop you thinking about what ifs.


    After my recent bout of poor mental health our session was just the boost I needed. Thank you Mistress for once again you pulled something special out of the bag.

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  • A Dream Come True – Fiction

    I like to set my slaves extra writing tasks occasionally as these provide great insights into the darkest corners of their depraved little minds.  Whilst I was unwell I set Mousey a task to write a story based on the title “A Dream Come True”.  I was a little surprised by what he came up with but now I’m not so surprised because I know how much degradation is a big thing for this slave. I should do it more often! Here is his story, but be warned it isn’t to everyone’s taste so I’d only suggest you read this if total degradation and humiliation is your thing.

    A Dream come true.

    Lying tied to a bed spread eagled dildo gag fitted trying desperately not to get hard with my cock locked in the nasty spiked chastity cage. Electrics raging between the balls and the very large electric butt plug up my arse.

    All this the culmination of a years commitment to chastity that’s right no orgasm for a year to get me to this point and the even bigger hoop a year of anal stretching from the tiny plug that I could just cope with to the huge lump that’s currently pulsing away. Also a commitment to exercise and weight loss but I’ve finally made it and today my dream will come true or so I thought.

    What is the dream you ask well a few years ago after trying very hard not to have any sexual thoughts about Mistress a recurring dream kept coming into my head of Mistress pleasuring herself on a dildo gag whilst I am tied up and can only watch and wish it was me. The ultimate denial so close yet so far!

    While all this is going on and my mind is racing I failed to hear Mistress talking to someone downstairs. I come round to Mistress entering the room and looks down on me lying there and says “ready slave?” all I can do is nod and try as I might I cannot stop my cock getting so hard that the spikes dig in with unrelenting evil. “You are slave, well one part of you is, don’t damage yourself you don’t want to miss out on your orgasm do you?” I shake my head with such great vigour that there can be no doubt that I want my orgasm so badly. Mistress presses the button on the e-stim remote and the pulsing stops.

    “Now slave as you know when you ask Mistress for something and she agrees and you agree to all her terms you expect Mistress to fulfil her side of the bargain don’t you?” I once again shake my head up and down with great vigour and a muffled yes Mistress tries to leave my gagged mouth. “Well slave I promised to ride that dildo and to allow you an orgasm. However you didn’t say I couldn’t do it by proxy did you?” I look at her in a quizzical manner and thinking what? “I have decided to allow a proxy to ride the dildo and give you an orgasm” Hmmmmm is all I can come up with. “SLAVE” shouts Mistress and with that another slave walks in the room and I think to myself what the fuck is this? Mistress then starts to explain “Well slave I have decided that this slave loves taking it up the ass so much that I would give him the pleasure of riding your dildo gag. The only trouble with this slave is he is never clean and always leaves a mess on my strap-on so I won’t fuck him with it but I thought it would be nice if he rode your dildo gag and left you a little shitty treat to look at and smell. How kind am I to you slave?” I just look at Mistress wide-eyed, what the fuck can I say. “Oh slave your erection seems to have disappeared that’s good it must hurt a lot less now aren’t I kind to you slave?” I feel the spiked chastity device being removed and Mistress tease my cock a little and bring it back to life. “Ass slave mount the dildo” instructs Mistress and with a lot of fiddling about the other slave drops down on the gag giving me the view not of a my gorgeous Mistress riding up and down on the gag whilst I get to enjoy the view but of a blokes hairy smelly arse but much worse than that he starts teasing my cock and much as I try to resist the promise of an orgasm after a year by any means is very welcome so I just shut my eyes and try to enjoy the moment. Then something even more horrible happened with Mistress saying “slave stop teasing his cock and start pumping yours so you can give him a lovely orgasm” mmmmm is all I can say and look at Mistress who is just standing above me laughing at my pathetic look “aw slave your dream is not quite going how you planned is it” I shake my head with resigned acceptance. With that Mistress gives the other slave permission to cum and he shoots his load all over my stomach. “Good job slave now get off and go have a shower and wait for me downstairs” The other slave does as he is instructed and leaves. Mistress then closes the door and just looks at me “slave look at the mess you have made. Your dildo gag is all shitty I bet that smells lovely?” I just shake my head mainly in disbelief. “And look at the mess you made on your stomach tut tut you need more self-control it’s not been that long has it? I think you should lay there for a while and consider what a mess you’ve got yourself into”.

    Mistress picks up the e-stim remote leaves the room and closes the door and just leaves me looking at a shitty dildo thinking well this wasn’t how the dream ended and with that the electrics kick back in giving me such an almighty shock that I almost jump off the bed. In a whirlwind it’s over and whilst I should feel short-changed I can’t help feeling I would never have come up with something like this.

  • Public Humiliation: A Trip to Boots – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Devoted Slave, Sissy Mouse knows that when Mistress sets a task, he must ensure that the task is completed. He also knows that I take great pleasure and amusement in setting the tasks then hearing of the trials, tribulations and traumas my slaves have gone through in order to carry them out.  He is one of those slaves who will go to any length to see his instructions to completion and this latest task is no exception.  A highly amusing write-up from Sissy Mouse follows:

    A trip to Boots.

     Its 9.15 on a Monday morning and I am sitting in my car in the car park of a large Boots store thinking to myself why I even mentioned this to Mistress.

    My recent adventure started whilst chatting with Mistress after our Needles and Knives session back in May. Mistress was gently taunting me about our next public humiliation adventure (which has yet to happen due to stuff still ongoing in my personal life) and for some reason I mention about the Boots colour check service so you buy the correct shade of foundation. This of course was like a moth to a flame and Mistress without hesitation says “That’s your task mousey”.

    So time has gone on with me getting more anxious about getting the task done and I finally have a chat with myself and just go. This was going to be more difficult because there was no back up. The shopping trip with Mistress back in January, whilst not easy at least I was with someone. This time I’m flying solo so into the store I go find the No7 counter and no one there! There are only 3 customers in this very big shop and all the assistants are busy stocking shelves etc. So I wander around the shop keeping an eye out to see if anyone goes to the counter. After what seems like ages but is probably a few minutes I lose my nerve and leave.

    I return to my car and berate myself for not going through with it and just ask someone. Much as I try I just can’t go back in and drive off. I spend the rest of the day annoyed with myself and decide to go again after work.

    My work day finishes and this time I think I will go to the Boots that is situated by Ikea in Bristol as that will probably be busier and I can blend in a bit more. Through the door I go find the counter and once again no one there. Bugger so off I go to get some supplies that I need so not too completely waste the trip and head back to the No7 counter and I’ve told myself that I am doing this no matter what. I find an assistant who is chatting to a security guard and as I approach she asks if she can help, so I have to ask the question “I need to buy some foundation but don’t know what shade I need could you do a colour check please?” whilst stood next to the security guard!! No problem says the assistant and asks the question “Is it for you?” Yes it is I say in as cheery a voice as I can manage and off we go to the counter. The assistant gets the gadget out of the drawer and tries to turn it on and it doesn’t want to switch on, finally it turns on and takes a reading. “Soft Rose” she says and then gets two sample shades to try. I try the sample on the back of my wrist it looks perfect and then she gets technical and offers me a choice of four different types and bamboozles me completely (probably the same feeling that some people have when I am trying to explain what’s gone wrong with their car and what needs replacing) I decide on the one that the sample came from and pay for all my items. I thank the assistant very much for her help and leave having no choice but to pass the very amused security guard.

    As usual it’s always much worse in your head than in reality and the assistant didn’t bat an eyelid and was very professional and I hope she had a good laugh about it afterwards.

    My thanks as ever goes to Mistress for encouraging me out of my comfort zone and even when she is not there she still holds the power.

    Note from Mistress:  SOFT ROSE Hahahaha! Only you Sissy Mouse!

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  • Cock Trampling in Louboutin Stiletto Heels


    My ever devoted slave Sissy Mouse attended the House of Deelight the other day for an impromptu session to worship the Louboutin shoe’s, the purchase of which, he had considerably  contributed towards.  Of course, being a slave he still had to pay for his session. No freebies in the world of Deelight, especially not for financial piggy slaves. Along with his bumbling goofy self, he presented to me, a trampling table that he’d designed and made for my amusement. Well, that trampling table needed testing and so did my Louboutin shoes, so I stuck the little gimp under the table, stretched and tied up his poor excuse for a cock and then proceeded to squish it, squash it and stab it with my spikey, sexy stiletto heels while he whimpered and squeaked under the pressure and in pain as I laughed, giggled and thoroughly enjoyed myself at his expense.

    Louboutin High Heel Worship

    Louboutin Cock Trampling

    The full movie can be purchased to view at any of my clip sites…Click for Preview:

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  • Sissy Mouse’s Session – Human Furniture, Humiliation and Sadistic Triple-take Torture!

    Sissy Mouse visited the House of Deelight for his next instalment of madness and mayhem the other day.  I’ve come to the understanding, that with this Slave, all the best laid plans get fucked up so I rarely make any in advance anymore for him!  And even when I didn’t make them in any more time than the morning of the session, even those went wrong too! However, when things don’t go to plan, I always have the best fun!  I was going to do my own write-up about this session which also links into Slave Taquin’s most recent chastity diary entry (click here to read it if you haven’t already) but Sissy Mouse made such a good job of doing his own…… Enjoy!


    Sissy mouse now another slave’s puppet.

    My return to the House of Deelight last Saturday after an absence of many weeks due to Mistress being away from work and my busy work schedule, ended as always with me leaving after a few hours speechless, slightly dazed and as always with a spring in my step and a big smile on my face. 

    My visit starts with a text message from Mistress on the Friday informing me that she has some new equipment to try out. I am, and always will be her very keen and enthusiastic guinea pig that she can try new things out on. 

    Saturday morning arrives and I send Mistress a text to confirm everything is ok for our session at 12 noon. Mistress duly confirms this and then a few minutes later informs me she has set one of her other slaves a task of choosing something for Mistress to do in our session. Now this is where we mere slaves miss the point. At no point in the text did Mistress say a punishment which until she mentioned it in her recent blog I didn’t pick up on either. So her other slave is suffering with his conscience not wishing to have another slave suffer because of his ideas but of course Mistress always wins. He is locked in chastity so Mistress plays the orgasm card and he duly sends his ideas but makes the massive mistake of adding “please go easy”. From my experience and knowing Mistress as I do she is happy for you to come up with ideas but never tell her to do anything because you will always get the opposite! 

    Midday comes and I walk though the door of the House of Deelight to be met by a beaming Mistress who is looking stunning as ever but even more so after her recent break. We have a quick chat and Mistress informs me that the session will start with me being given the honour of massaging her pretty feet. I am sat in one of my favourite places on the floor whilst Mistress sits on her Throne and offers me her boots to remove and then her lovely feet to massage and we have a lovely catch up as it’s been about 7 weeks since I last saw Mistress.


     Mistress during this time informs me of the task her other slave has sent her which involves electrics and the massage wand and its then Mistress informs me of the “please go easy” to which my immediate thought is “well that’s me fucked” but saying “Yes Mistress thank you” smiles sweetly in that I am very lovely please don’t make me suffer too much (trust me that don’t work). 

    After massaging Mistress’s feet I am told to redress and go to the shop as Mistress needs a few things which I do and duly return to Mistress sat by a large box smiling. She has taken delivery of a head harness with various attachments and its clips time.


    The first clip Mistress requires involves me being tied sitting underneath a small table with the head harness and an ashtray attachment. Mistress then sits on the table in front of me doing her piece to camera. If you want to know what happened I’m sure Mistress will be posting the clip on clips4sale etc soon. All I am willing to say is it was great fun.


     That clip finished I am released and it’s now time to receive Mistress’s other slave’s punishments. Mistress goes off to find a chastity cage and a lovely pink sissy dress to match the head harness and duly returns. Mistress helps me into the dress and then gives me the ball ring for the chastity device and informs me to put it on whilst she films me.


    Now this creates several problems for me, there is still ash in the ashtray gag I am still wearing, like a lot of slaves chastity is a turn on and I am being filmed for humiliation purposes so add that all together means, I cant see what I am doing because I cant look down, I am getting excited by the whole situation which doesn’t help me get into the chastity cage all the while Mistress is timing it and giving me ummm helpful instructions! 

    Finally it’s on and then Mistress attaches me to the cross and wires me up. The camera is set up and she begins with a nice gentle buzzing of the cage with the wand and then the inevitable zapping by the electrics all the while Mistress taunting me and anyone who will be watching the clip. Mistress then stops for a moment to zoom in the camera and off we go again as this progresses its more zapping than buzzing with me dancing away every time the fire button on the electrics box is pressed with every now and then a very small rest bite with the wand with me getting more and more jumpy as the electrics are turned up. With that the camera beeps and turns off and we both stop dead and look at the camera and the now very black screen. Some expletives later Mistress checks the camera and you guessed it nothing after it had been zoomed in got recorded so my suffering and Mistress’s great performance will only be shared by us. So after suffering a very intense zapping Mistress looks at me and says “aww slave you are going to have to go through all that again as its take 2”


    Take two begins and once again more zapping and buzzing with me not knowing what’s coming next and thus getting more and more jumpy. I am still wearing the ashtray harness with ash in it and trying not to spill it which of course I eventually do and get the biggest zapping I have probably ever been given, which really takes me over the edge and I start whimpering and pleading for Mistress to stop which as she reads me very well knows when I have had enough but not before a long painful final zapping. Beep camera turns off and we both look at each other yep you guessed it camera turned off but this time because the card was full. Luckily for me there was some content on it but not really enough. How ever Mistress knows I need a break and releases me from the cross and I follow her to the sofa and kneel in front of her whilst she has a cigarette.


     Mistress finishes her cigarette and sorts out the camera card and asks “so slave what shall we do next?” and why this came out I will never know “take 3 Mistress?” Actually I do know why because it was such brilliant fun and Mistress was having a very enjoyable time. So back to the cross for take 3 and this is when it all goes a bit wrong. This time the electrics pads wont stick because I have got a bit ummm hot and nothing else seems to work with the cage so Mistress almost abandons proceedings when she remembers something else she has, a nice new tiny fibreglass cane with a stainless steel core with which she proceeds to cane my very zapped swollen balls trapped in the ring of the chastity device now that was painful!!


     Knowing I really can’t take any-more I am released once more, we clear up I get dressed and we have a post session chat and with that I am back in the real world with as I mentioned above a massive smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

     As always I would like to say a massive thank you to Mistress for a very very enjoyable session and also to thank Slave Taquin for his ideas and I hope when you visit next, Mistress will “go easy with you”.

    I have uploaded the triple take compilation to my clips4sale store or you can view a smaller version by visiting my adultwork.com profile.

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  • Cuckold Humiliation from your Future Wife

    Hello my husband to be.  It’s the night before our wedding and I’m making this video to tell you, our friends and our family about what a pathetic specimen you really are. What do you think of my outfit?  Slutty? Of course it is slutty, that’s because I am a slut, but you’re not going to find this out until I share this video at our reception. You think I was marrying you because I love you? HaHaHa! You are very much mistaken.  I’m only marrying you for your wallet and once I have that ring on my finger I am going to fuck every big cocked bull in sight.  And that’s just the beginning!

    Click image for preview:

    Buy Now  (You will be charged in US Dollars)

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  • Sissy Mouse – Humiliation, Chastity and Extreme CBT

    Sissy Mouse just can’t stay away from the House of Deelight and for it’s birthday it booked a session of ignoring, humiliation and extreme CBT.

    Firstly the fat bloke in a dress was kitted out with it’s own chastity belt and maids outfit then strapped into the bondage chair and ignored while I worked on webcam for 2 hours.


    Next came a series of humiliation tasks including being my own personal ashtray and porn star trainee – A ridiculous attempt at self fondling, might I add!

    sissy-maid-humiliation (1) femdom-sissy-humiliation


    Then the poor little slut was stripped and bound by rope and put through some gruelling clip coat-hanger nipple torture and extreme CBT with the E-stim.  Much to my delight, it did take a very good punishment.

    extreme-cbt-blood extreme-cbt extreme-cbt (2) estim-cock-torture cbt-and-nipple-torture

  • A New Arrival at Deelight HQ – Oink Oink

    Losers watch out, a new humiliation accessory has just arrived at the House of Deelight.

    Another good boy has stepped up to the mark to prove his worth and earn my attention by purchasing another item off my amazon wishlist. On this occasion the item will be added to my chambers and serve as a humiliation prop for all my pathetic worms and losers. Not everything on my wishlist is expensive, my little devotees, go check it out and show Mistress that you are worthy.


  • On your knees!!!

    You can start but pushing your face into my sexy ass, that’s it slave; take a big sniff. Get your tongue in there and dream that I’m naked.  Not that you will ever be worthy of that dream to come true because you are nothing more than a bottom sniffing slut!


     Now that you’ve finished worshipping my ass, crawl your pathetic self in front of me, open your mouth.  It’s feeding time and today’s course is Mistress’s big black strap on.  Not the biggest I own, you’re not trained enough for that, but it’s still bigger than that ridiculous excuse of a cock sitting between your own legs!


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  • Sissy Humiliation and Punishment with @MistressReal

    When we receive reports of a male member of staff, offending his colleagues by wearing inappropriate behaviour in the locker rooms, myself and Mistress Real have no other option than to pull the said employee into our office  for instant disciplinary action.  We were both surprised when the pathetic little sissy confessed to his crime in a rather arrogant manner and thus. we took great pleasure in the humiliation and suffering that followed.  Forced to strip in front of us, the sissy was dressed in delicate black lingerie and stockings with a neat little red seam up the back.  Only appropriate, we thought, to find him a pretty frilly dress to match.

    Once dressed, the sissy with its perfectly spankable, slim little bottom; was put over our knees for a good old-fashioned spanking before being strapped down to the whipping bench; legs, arms and back restrained tightly as we administered 12 strokes of the paddle, 24 stings from the riding crop and 6 strokes of the cane each.  Finished off with a bonus 6 strokes from Mistress Real, just because she could!

    The little bitch took its punishment well, but that wasn’t the end! No one comes into the House of Deelight or R’eal Stable and gets away with a simple punishment!  That pathetic sissy cock, needed to be reduced to nothing more than a clitty.  You dress like a sissy, then you must have a sissy cock too!  Strapped into the ‘electric chair’ heavily restrained from head to ankle, a further punishment of electric cock and ball torture and simultaneous breath restriction was delivered to the now very submissive little sissy faggot bitch.

    sissy spanked seamed stockingssissy faggot spanking spanked sissy sissy bondage chairheavy bondage tease


    Think you can handle 2 Dominas at once?  http://missdeelight.com/services-2/double-sessions/

  • CBT, Nipple Torture and Needle Play

    Sissy Mouse (@sissymouse) came to visit me today for what was a fun filled session of CBT, Nipple Torture, Needle Play and Erotic Hypnosis.  We began the session by ‘catching’ his runaway bollocks so that I could clamp them in a ball/nut crusher.  Next I stretched him open with a urethral stretcher  before pausing for a cigarette whilst he took over as my bound human ashtray using the humiliating ashtray gag as I used his balls as an occasional stub.

    (click images for full size)

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (3) CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (4)

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (5)  CBT-human-ashtray (1)

    The fun continued when I inserted a rosebud sound into his cock and attached a nipple stretching device….

    CBT-Stretching-Ball-nut-crushing (2) CBT-and-nipple-torture (1) nipple-stretching (2)

    More fun and frolics – Wiring up the CBT contraption to an electro stimulator….

    electro-cbt (1) electro-cbt (2)

    Needle play nipple torture….


    Finally after all the pain, I took Mousey into a deep trance using erotic hypnosis, and allowed him to experience the intense rush of JOI under hypnosis.



  • Sissy Human Ashtray Humiliation Clip Preview

    Service is service as this little sissy maid found out when I made it wear an ashtray gag and serve me as my human ashtray while I smoke!
    Purchase the full clip at http://clips4sale.com/57713
    Order your own custom fetish video at: http://missdeelight.com/custom-fetish-video-clips-and-custom-smoking-clips/

    sissy-humiliation-human-ashtray (1)

    sissy-humiliation-human-ashtray (2)

    sissy-humiliation-human-ashtray (3)

  • Maggot Abuse

    Are you a fat loser with a small penis?  Do you lock yourself away like a seedy little pervert wanking your pathetic little cock off, all day long?


    Well I’ve got something to say to you… so check out my audio clip by clicking the link below.  For a very small fee prepare to be verbally crushed.



  • Tiffany Taylor – Sissy Faggot

    Attention sluts and sissies.  It is time to welcome the latest pupil at Slut School – Tiffany Taylor.

    Today’s teachers are Miss Deelight and Mistress Real.

    With her tiny little cock and oversized body, there is only one thing that Tiffany is good for; abusing and humiliating.

    Lesson One – Dress like a slut!

    tiffanytaylor 003

    Lesson Two – Punishment

    tiffanytaylor 006  tiffanytaylor 005

    Lesson Three – Learn that your cock is smaller than a wine stopper!

    tiffanytaylor 008

    Lesson Four – Sniff our asses, it is all you are good at!

    tiffanytaylor 013

    tiffanytaylor 009