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  • Caught in the Web of Deelight – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Avid followers of my website and twitter will know that Sissy Mouse has been digging an ever growing hole for himself in terms of our relationship.  The session he had with me the other day was one of the most intense sessions I have enjoyed. I used sensory deprivation and total mind fucking aided by an appropriate yet spontaneous soundtrack to really get to the very core of his submission. G84A1734

    Caught in the web of Deelight


    Some of this you would have read in my weekly journals but ties everything together.

    My latest visit to Mistress begins not with me walking through the front door of the HOD but back in August, when whilst on a week off Mistress gave me the task of promoting her iMac sparkle task on various Financial Domination groups on fetlife. Mistress also requested that I wrote the text and submit it for her approval, after 3 attempts Mistress approved it. Because fetlife only allows you to post the same thing to a maximum of 3 groups per day I spent my time searching out groups and also making sure the post didn’t contravene any of the group’s rules. I would not want this to reflect negatively on Mistress. Also whilst searching for groups I began to read various posts and of course they where mainly “I need a new piggy” but every now and then I would find an interesting post about Financial Domination and Blackmail this peaked my interest and I looked into it some more and read more articles over the days as I posted Mistresses iMac sparkle article. I messaged Mistress at the time to enquire about her thoughts on this and she replied that it was not her thing so I left it at that.

    G84A1744A few months later I read a blog from Slave Taquin about his research into Teamviewer and a Mistress in the USA who uses it for Financial Domination purposes. When I next visited Mistress we spoke briefly about it and she said that she was looking into it with Taquin and would be doing more with it in the future. Because I have an inquisitive mind I carried on looking into this side of Domination including downloading Teamviewer on my pc and emailing Mistress the log in details and also my interest in Financial Domination. As Mistress was very busy at the time she said she would be doing more in the New Year so I left it at that. Then one night whilst I was out and Mistress messaged me to enquire why my pc was offline? I replied that it goes to sleep when left so Mistress said she wanted to have a look around it so go and wake it up. I duly do this and inform Mistress that it’s done. At this point we have not discussed anything about Teamviewer other than it was on my pc. I return the next day to my pc and sure enough Mistress has visited it but nothing has changed.

    About a month later I am out and Mistress messages me to enquire if anyone is at my work pc. I reply no and when I return a few hours later I am now a guest user and go to admin to find it is password protected. Mistress has also left me a message via notepad. All I can do is look at the screen and realise this is just the beginning of me being drawn into Mistress’s web.

    This subsequently led to an email to Mistress outlining my thoughts on Financial Domination and blackmail. Mistress always the one to play safe requested I expand on my ideas and also set any limits before she would even consider my proposal. I duly do as requested and sent the email. I also enquired if we could discuss these items at our next session with me tied up and under duress. So a date was set for just before Christmas and that was that for a couple of weeks until one day I got a message from Mistress informing me that she would be purchasing some items for our session from my Amazon account and was this something I still wished to do. My answer was yes and the whole idea of Mistress using my computer to access my Amazon account and spend my money was very thrilling. As is was close to Christmas I mentioned to Mistress that while she was on my account would she like to pick herself a Christmas present and also a present for her boyfriend. Mistress as she always does turned this into something so much more than just buying what she wanted and leaving. Oh no Mistress suggested that I should buy her boyfriend a set of golf clubs that he wanted and that I will sit at my pc and watch as she spends my money on him. This I agreed to without hesitation and gave me an almighty thrill to witness this. The time came and Mistress messaged me to tell me she was about to go shopping and I had to hurriedly get rid of someone so I could sit at my pc and watch what was going to happen. Of course Mistress made this much worse for me because I had to masturbate whilst she shopped with me knowing full well that I would never be allowed to cum because I am allowed an orgasm once I manage to jog 5k without stopping. Mistress opens her wish list via Teamviewer and starts to go through it, typing comments in the word pad as she goes. So I am sat in the dark masturbating having to type one handed as Mistress shops and me feeling very grubby. As I predicted once Mistress has finished and paid with my card she asks if I have cum and of course I haven’t to which Mistress replies “Good because you haven’t jogged 5k” and then goes offline and leaves me staring at my pc screen feeling very used.

    G84A1742 G84A1743

    Finally all of the above leads to our latest session. A couple of days before Mistress had enquired if I had any session requests and I had come up with a couple but later that day it suddenly dawned on my to ask Mistress for one of her torture and interrogation sessions and my fate was sealed.

    I arrive at the agreed time and before we start I have a task to replace the bathroom light because standing on a ladder after we have finished would not be a good idea. I get the bulb out and Mistress checks to see if she has the correct one. The answer is no so I am dispatched to the shops to get one and return. New bulb duly fitted and working I return downstairs and Mistress informs me to strip, I do as instructed feeling very nervous. Mistress then sends me back upstairs to fetch rope and nipple clamps and when I return Mistress instructs me to kneel in front of her and say my mantra that Mistress had given me the previous Sunday. Once I have repeated this 3 times Mistress grants me the honour of worshipping her Louboutins which I had helped to buy during a previous Sparkle task. As I worship the shoes Mistress reminds me that I am only useful to her when I am contributing to her Sparkle tasks. Mistress tells me to stop worshipping her shoes and put my face on the floor and Mistress begins paddling my bum 50 in total and they stung. Once finished Mistress instructs me to sit on a wooden chair and finds a hood and puts it over my head, she then starts tying rope around the tops of my arms which holds the top of my body to the chair. The feeling of the rope pulling tighter really makes you fall into submission. Mistress then applied wrist cuffs locked to a spreader bar to keep my hands behind me and apart and then proceeds to tie my legs to the legs of the chair. No escape now and a feeling of complete submission. Mistress then finds a blindfold and fits that and I have no idea what’s coming now of from where.


    Now you will have to excuse me because the whole session was so intense that I cannot remember what happened in what order so I am going to summarise by saying that there was nipple clamps, a knife, the vibrator wand, smothering by Mistress’s fantastic breasts (that was worth every bit of the pain and suffering) various crops, electric nipple torture (which makes me squeak). All of the above was used to get me to agree to purchase the balance of Mistress’s iMac on finance and thus commit myself to her for 2 years of distance control and give her the assurance using a voice recorder to which I had to repeat a statement that Mistress had prepared. Mistress also used the electric nipple torture to extract from me my online banking login details. This was very hard to hand over and the jolts of electricity got quite high before they would leave my mouth but eventually Mistress had what she needed. As there is two ways of logging in Mistress now has one of them and informs me that I should post her the secure key so she has total control over my bank account and I would then have to ask her permission to use it. I stumble at this because all that has happened today has been pre arranged and agreed but handing over to Mistress complete control of my bank account leaves me bumbling. Mistress then tells me that she is sure I will want to give her full control of my account in the future and then uses her phone to sign in to my account to check that I have not given her false information. She then berates me on the poor state of my bank account and how was this going to keep her in a luxurious lifestyle. Mistress tells me that I had better work harder and start earning more money. All I can do is sit there and squeak Yes Mistress feeling completely broken.



    Once Mistress has all that she needs she unties me and tells me to get a drink and a sit down and I am left in a babbling state. I still don’t really recall what I went on about but mainly sat on the floor feeling totally dazed at what just happened. Because even though I knew what was coming, it’s the way Mistress carries it out that leaves you breathless. Once I had come to my senses I helped Mistress tidy up and return to the real world.

    However now I am committed to 2 years distance control and 3 months of total financial domination with no release. On the plus side Mistress will have a shiny new iMac!!


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  • Handkerchief Bondage Double Domme Session

    My loyal handkerchief loving kidnap victim visited the House of Deelight recently for a Double Domme session with myself and Mistress R’eal.  I enjoy showing this guy and his odd little fetish off to my friends!

    Kidnapped and bound with bandanas and scarves on arrival…..


    Acquainted with our boots before having his dribbling little pecker secured with a handkerchief…..





    Then mercilessly smothered, tied and teased…..








    Do you fantasise about being kidnapped and controlled by bandana masked assailants who use their seductive bodies to torture you?  Book your session now!  See here for info.

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  • Kidnap Roleplay and Predicament Bondage with BudgieThePegasus

    It was a quiet morning in Newport.  At around 11am in a local bar, two very sexy women (myself and my good friend Mistress R’eal) walked in and ordered a drink; we were in search of prey.  An unsuspecting victim approached us and offered to pay for our drinks, little did he know that he had just taken the bait.  It doesn’t normally happen so quickly, normally we have to work to seek out our victims and lure them in.  Not this day though, no, this day brought about an easy catch.  It was only a matter of minutes before the victim was offering to chauffeur us around in exchange for a guided tour of the city.  He fetched his car while we finished our drinks and planned our next move.  Once in the car, we made it very clear to the victim, what he had let himself in for.  Showing him the cold steel blade of my hunting knife, he was instructed to drive and not to make any stupid moves.  We directed him to the House of Deelight, made him get out of the car and led him inside our lair where Miss Lady Pink was ready and waiting with a hood to seal his fate……

    What followed was three hours of torture and sadism at our hands.  Instructed to worship all of our boots but not knowing which way to turn, got the victim in such a flap, he earned himself a new name; “Budgie”.  Pony play led to him earning the second part of his new name; Pegasus.  And so BudgieThePegasus was created!

    Budgie found himself in a predicament with his nipples attached to a clip coat hanger, roped to the ceiling and with sharp spiked wall paper strippers under his feet as he stood on tiptoes.  For twenty minutes he was made to maintain eye contact with each of us, and if he dropped not only would he feel the pain of the hangers ripping away from his nipples but he landed on the spikes too!

    Strapped down to the gynaey bench, his loyalty to his new captor was tested as he was forced to start into my eyes and maintain eye contact whilst Mistress R’eal tortured him with electrics and Miss Lady Pink pump filled his ass with an inflatable butt plug.

    Spent and exhausted, Budgie was then strapped to the bed, covered in candle wax and suffocated under the full weight of my ass whilst my friends whipped the wax off him.

    All slaves must come only when instructed.  Poor budgie was so exhausted that he failed to perform when ordered to his knees to ejaculate.  Even with the luxury of Miss Lady Pink’s champagne, showering him a delicious golden shower, poor little budgie could flap no more!!

    Click thumbnails to enlarge.

    Session Feedback from BudgieThePegasus:

    Just a little bit of feedback for You regarding our session the other day.

    If i had to choose two words to describe our meeting then they would be ‘beyond expectations!’

    I know we had spoken and chatted about the type of scenario that might be involved but i had no idea about with how much class and sophistication You, Mistress R’eal and Miss Lady Pink would actually carry it out.

    i had very little idea of what was going to happen all through the session, but by the same token, i enjoyed every single minute of serving You from the situations that You and Your friends put me in.

    The way in which You had worked out my yearnings -from our previous communications- and used them for Your own needs and amusement was particularly exciting for me to endure.

    i don’t want to spoil any of the excitement / anticipation that future subs and slaves will have, if and when they get to serve You, but can only say that once You have visited Newport’s House of Deelight, you will never want to be anywhere else!

    My limits were tested all through the time together and at a certain time(s) greatly extended, thank You Miss

    If i had one regret it was the lack of time we had together, i didnt want to leave and was indeed sad when told i had to go…………but i will return to amuse You some more and continue our journey together in the House of Deelight

    Forever Yours


    Think you can handle three powerful women at once? Tripple Domme rates are £300 per hour.


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  • Double Domme Pervert Kidnap – Torture, Breathplay, Facesitting.

    Perverts be afraid, be very afraid.  If you are reported to my neighbourhood watch force for perverted behaviour you will be brought to justice.  This piggy pervert came home to a nasty surprise, held at knife point and forced to strip by myself and Mistress R’eal he was then subjected to humiliation; made to wear a mask to show everyone what he is, subjected to CBT and nipple torture, and then smothered, gasping for air beneath our big beautiful bottoms.

    Squeal Piggy!


    We’ve got you by the balls – literally!


    Now shut the fuck up and listen to what’s going to happen to you….


    One false move and your mask will be removed, revealing to the world your true identity….


    You have no use for breath where you are going…….


    None whatsoever.  Suffer and suffocate!


    Find out more about how you can suffer at the mercy of myself and my good friend Mistress R’eal here.

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  • Kidnap

    Today I transformed from a Mistress, to a psychotic stalker who kidnapped her victim as he returned home, (or so the fantasy went).  As he entered the studio, I quickly descended on him, covering his mouth and forcing him up against a post, telling him to be quiet and do as I say.  Faced with a masked crazy woman  in PVC, he sensibly agreed and was then forced onto the bed, face down as I set about restraining his wrists and gagging him.  Safely secured it was time to get him up on his knees and across to the coffee table.  Here I stripped his lower half and secured his legs to the legs of the table.  Whilst fully restrained I whispered sweet nothings in his ear about how I had been watching him for so long; excited that we finally got this special moment together; warning him that he didn’t want to upset me.  It wasn’t in his best interests too.  Oh how is cock glistened with excitement.  I searched his clothes to make sure he couldn’t make any calls and stumbled upon some money which of course I confiscated.  A princess like myself deserves to be kept in the lifestyle after-all.

    Whilst he was vulnerable and restrained I sat and spoke to him about my efforts, about how I had been watching him, following him, even working with him.  Sometimes shouting at him when I knew he was lying to me.

    I’d had enough of watching him sat on the table, I decided it was time to move him to the bed as I had a special present for him.  I untied him and forced him to his feet before laying him spread eagle on the bed.  Here I re-tied him so he was safe and secure then introduced him to his electrifying new present.. my E-stim.  Whilst subjecting him to a long session of CBT I also took my own pleasure with some heavy face sitting and breast worship.  Eventually I decided to release his cock from the shocks and milked him until he cum.

    Who will my next victim be?  Email me now! Miss.Deelight@yahoo.co.uk and book your own kidnap session.