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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Kidnapped and Ignored!

    Early in December I enlisted the help of Slave Taquin’s vanilla friend to help me to act out one of his fantasies that he’d envisioned months ago at a time when I had led him to believe, through very skilful mind fuckery, that I was going to interrupt his regular dinner date with his female vanilla friend and confidant. I asked her to arrange to have dinner with him on the first Wednesday in January, knowing that my slave would more than likely want to book a session with me on that date, so she had to get in there first!  I resolved that my pet would then book a session the week following their dinner date which of course would be a pretend booking on my part!  His friend and I, plotted and schemed.  Everything went perfectly to plan, which of course it would because I am an evil genius!

    Having sent my morning text to Mistress and having submitted my blog I went about my day as I normally do on a Sunday. Normal for me is to try to get on with stuff whilst constantly watching my phone hoping to hear from Miss Deelight. And despite the fact that it is a Sunday I nearly always do hear from her within an hour or two. Today was New Years day and so I feared that it might take a bit longer than normal, but I was wrong. After about an hour I received a nice text from Mistress telling me how much she had enjoyed my blog and a little of her New Year’s celebrations the night before. I felt great.

    I had work to do that day and so a little later on I headed out to the workshop and tried to concentrate on the task in hand. I opened up the PC to check e mails (and to see if by some miracle Mistress had allowed me fetish access) only to find my PC screen not working. I could tell that it was functioning from the sound of the fan but could see nothing. I thought it might be installing an update and so I plugged in my phone to the USB cable and walked away. When I looked at it next I could see that the action of plugging my phone in had brought the screen to life showing the ITunes page. I went to open up e mails but my cursor wouldn’t move. I tried the keys but to no avail. And then the cursor moved on its own accord, and for the first time I noticed the TeamViewer label was showing on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Mistress was on my PC and doing something. The screen went black again and I could see and do nothing. Mistresses’ property started to dribble. I sent her a text, which she ignored. I stood and waited for something to happen. It is very nerve-racking to know that Mistress is on your PC without being able to see what she is doing. Was there anything on there that shouldn’t be there? Had I accessed or saved something without permission? After a couple of minutes the screen came back on and I could see that Mistress had released my computer and had gone. But what had she done? Sometimes Mistress will leave a video of her time on my PC, but not today. I went to the folder within file explorer that shows recently accessed files, but could not see that anything had been accessed. I looked at my internet browsing history and had slight palpitations’ at the fact that I hadn’t deleted it for some time and it does show a certain ‘pattern of behaviour’ on my part. But then I reasoned that Mistress gets a full weekly report of my attempts to browse fun sites and so there wouldn’t be any surprises for her there. I couldn’t see anything that she had done in the time that she had locked me out. But then I saw an icon on the desktop that I didn’t recognise. I clicked on it and discovered that Mistress had very kindly sent me a JOI video. I played it and got very hot under the collar watching and listening as Mistress guided me through every step of teasing and torment culminating in the instruction to wank hard and fast to climax. But of course there was no chance for me to actually do that as I was firmly locked in the chastity device. I knew this for what it was, a torturous tease. I watched the video once more, and then just listened to Mistresses words through my Bluetooth headphones whilst trying to work. It was then that I made a mistake. I have to confess that, whilst I certainly felt horny I had not actually been feeling submissive to Mistress for some time. Most of our contact over the festive period had been vanilla and I think I had forgotten my place. My next text to Mistress was a good example of this. I was feeling mischievous and rather feisty. I sent Mistress a text that thanked her for sending me a wonderful JOI video and inquiring if I should lock her property up again now. The inference was of course that I had interpreted her gift of the video as an instruction to release myself and provide myself with an orgasm. Her response was a very rapid ‘you better be kidding!’ followed swiftly by ‘are you begging for a punishment?’ (at which point I started to panic. No I didn’t want to be punished! Oh no what had I done!!!? I was only joking, EEEK! ) and then it was followed by ‘you still have a writing task to complete. There will be punishment incurred for every day that it goes unfinished’. This was really bad news. Mistress was referring to the writing test that she had set me the previous week and that I had failed to complete. I had failed to complete it because I estimated that I would need to find about 4 hours of uninterrupted PC time to have a chance of completing it. I could not envisage any time in the next week where I would be able to find such an opportunity (unless I got up in the middle of the night to do it). Now Mistress was telling me that I was going to be punished for every day that passed without its completion. If Mistress tells me that I will be punished I know that she is serious. Mistress had done it. On the very first day following her Christmas break she had reduced me to a quivering wreck. Mistress had me trapped. She had reminded me of the ultimate power that she holds over me. There really is no way out for me. And it made me feel ridiculously horny. I cannot truly describe how I felt at that moment. Mistress had made my submission real once again and she had me just where she wanted me. I sent Mistress a text and asked her if she would be kind enough to do something to make the lines task more manageable. I received no response and went to bed that night feeling the most submissive that I had in a long time.

    It was at 4.30am the following morning that I was awoken by Mistresses property trying to break out of its stainless steel cage. I lay for a moment thinking of the corner that Mistress had backed me into. I got up, made myself a cup of coffee and opened the laptop. I reckoned that I had at least two hours until the rest of the household got up. I had to try to complete my task. I clicked on Writeforme, found the task that Mistress had set me and started to type. Initially it didn’t appear that Mistress had changed any of the parameters of the task. It was only after writing 3 lines successfully that I noticed the progress bar had moved further that I had expected. Hurrah! It looked as if Mistress had reduced the number of lines required. A moment later and the screen went black and I found myself reading the instruction to stroke myself whilst the instruction was on the screen. I started to do so, fearing that I would lose all concentration as I had on my previous attempt. But then the message disappeared again, and so I got on with the task. I was on a real mission to complete it. I was totally focussed by the threat of punishment. But in a good way. I felt controlled and enslaved. I typed and typed and before I knew it the progress bar was nearly at the end. A couple more lines and I had finished. On my screen came a nice message from Mistress congratulating me on my achievement. There was also a report informing me that I had finished the task in just 30 minutes and 10 seconds. Next appeared a box for me to complete and to send a message to Mistress. I took the opportunity to thank Mistress for setting me the task and giving me the opportunity to complete it. I pressed send and my message disappeared and a new message appeared on my screen. It said ‘As a reward for good performance, if you completed this task in less than 30 minutes you are allowed to provide yourself an orgasm’. What! I went back and checked my finishing time. 30 minutes and 10 seconds. How unfair was that. One less mistake or one fewer pause for a sip of coffee and it would have been so different. I locked up, sent Mistress a picture and shared with her a little of my anguish. She revelled in it of course.

    Something else happened on Monday that was rather strange. I received a text from my vanilla lady friend concerning our lunch appointment for that Wednesday. In it she told me that she was going to meet me there, that I should book a table for 1pm and that we might only get the opportunity for a light lunch. Now I know her very well (and I also know that she and Mistress communicate from time to time). Her text was strange because:

    a) she had not taken up the opportunity of the lift I had offered her that would have allowed her to have a glass of wine.
    b) we would normally meet at 12 in order to have maximum gossip time.
    c) why a light lunch?

    I also noted that the venue that she had chosen was quite convenient for anyone coming from the direction where Mistress lived. My mind raced with the possibilities. I thought back to when I had first asked Mistresses permission to meet with my friend for lunch. She had told me that she had sessions that day at the HOD and therefore that I would be able to enjoy a relaxed lunch without interference (unlike my last one!). And I also know how easy I am to mind fuck. I wouldn’t put it past either of the ladies concerned just to give a hint of something knowing that it would send me into a spin. Even if there was nothing planned at all. I really didn’t know how to respond to my friends’ text. It seemed that my best option was to say nothing. I agreed to book the table and meet her there and left it at that. But the text had lodged in my mind. I read it again and again looking for clues. I wanted to start a dialogue about it but knew that I would find absolutely nothing out that I wasn’t meant to know. And maybe I would just make a total fool of myself because it was a totally innocent text with good reason for each of the oddities. Whether intentional or not the mind fuck had worked. I got on with my day pretty sure that something was going on (or was I? I had been here before and nothing had happened. Mind fuck, mind fuck, mind fuck!).

    On Tuesday things changed. My vanilla friend sent me a text saying that her plans for the day had changed and that she would like to take me up on my offer of a lift after all. A small change but in my paranoid state I thought maybe the possible, maybe, could be, plans had now been cancelled. I replied that I would happily pick her up and enquired if she wanted to meet at an earlier time. But no, she wanted to maintain a 1pm start. I didn’t know what to make of this.

    I awoke on Wednesday morning and sent Mistress my usual text. I told her my plans for the day which of course included a reference to my lunch with my vanilla friend. She asked me to pass on her kind regards and went on to describe her own plans for the day which involved helping someone clear out a flat. Mistress had previously told me that she would be at the HOD that day. But that was sometime before Christmas. I reasoned that plans (and session appointments) change all the time. The fact that she had now been asked to help clear out a flat sounded perfectly plausible. I concluded that whatever had been planned for today (if there was anything at all) had now been cancelled or postponed because Mistress was helping others elsewhere. I was 99% convinced of that.
    The whole of the section above is a perfect example of what it is like to be a distance control slave of Miss Deelight. I live my life unsure of what is hidden in the shadows or what comes next. I know that Mistress is capable of anything. A simple and often innocent text has the ability to snowball in my mind to a point when I start questioning everything. I set off to pick up my friend that morning having finally concluded that something had been planned but it had had to be called off due to a change of plans for Mistress. And that I would probably never know the truth.

    I picked up my friend and we chatted about all sorts of vanilla stuff all the way to the pub. Only once did I think of the fantasies that had been conjured up in my mind a couple of days earlier. (It was the one where my vanilla friend instructs me to stop in a lay-by on the way only to discover Mistress waiting for me to throw me in the back of the car and tie me up and take me away.) But it was a fleeting thought as we drove along. After 30 minutes or so we reached the pub and I pulled into the car park. We were still chatting as we drove in and my friend pointed to a spot towards the back of the car park. The car park was actually pretty busy but there were a couple of vacant spaces closer but I did as I was instructed and parked behind a large blue pick-up. We each started to get out of the car as another drove in quickly alongside us. Out of instinct I looked across to see the driver looking at me, menacingly. It was Mistress!!! I could see my friend looking really pleased with herself as I walked around the back of my car to do whatever I thought I was going to do at that point. I think that I was going to say ‘Hello Mistress, I thought you were clearing out a flat today’. But before I could say anything Mistress said ‘do not say a word, go around to the other side of the car’ She was looking smart, dressed as she was in her cream trench coat, powerful, and determined. She met me on the other side of the car, opened the rear door, said ‘get in’ and slammed the door shut behind me. I had just a moment to think ‘this can’t be happening; I am in a busy pub car park shut in the back of my Mistresses car with my vanilla friend just feet away’. (I am not sure where she actually was at that point. I think she had probably headed for the pub to find a nice table for Mistress and herself to enjoy their lunch). Mistress had by this time walked back around the car and got in to the rear seat alongside me. ‘Give me your phone and your car keys’ I did as instructed ‘Now give me your hands’ she said as she pulled a roll of black gaffer tape out from a bag. She taped my 4 fingers together on each hand before taping the thumbs securely to them. Next she taped my wrists together. They were quite tightly bound but still allowed plenty of room for decent blood flow. I sensed I was going to be like this for some time. Next I was instructed to swing my legs up onto mistresses’ lap in order that they too could also be bound with gaffer tape. Finally Mistress took one more piece of tape and stuck it over my mouth. Whilst all of this was happening I could see Mistress was enjoying herself, she had a wicked and gleeful glint in her eye. Mistress appeared happy with her work and got out of the car. As she did so she told me that this was my January session (the one that was in my diary for a week’s time was never actually ever going to take place) ‘Now lie down on the seat’ she said before covering me in a blanket. I heard her opening the windows a crack, like I was some dog about to be left in the car for a moment whilst its owner popped into the shops, before locking the car and walking away. The next thing I heard was the sound of my own car being opened and then a couple of moments later being shut again. This was quickly followed by the sound of the locks clicking open on the car that I was in and the back door being opened once again. ‘OK slave I have your credit cards but I would like cash, where is it?’ I mumbled through my gaffer tape gag that I had some in my back pocket. In actual fact I had about £80 in my pocket. I felt Mistresses hand reach in and take it all. ‘That should keep us going for the day’ followed by ‘if the car alarm goes off it should stop after a little while’. She locked the car and I heard her footsteps walking away across the car park.
    And so there I was. Bound by my Mistress lying on the back seat of her car, hidden from the world by a blanket, whilst my Mistress and my vanilla lady friend introduced themselves to each other over a lunch being paid for by me. It was that thought that had the most impact on me for the hour and a quarter that I lay there. I knew that they had communicated by text previously but had always thought that they would probably get on well if they ever met. The idea that they should somehow share in my submission always excited me and so I dribbled away happily knowing that they had proved an awesome team. I did think briefly about the options for escape. But only very briefly! I thought through the options but quickly realised that my situation was hopeless. And most of it was due to my fear of humiliation and exposure. I suspected that I could wriggle free from the gaffer tape that bound me. But I knew that the movement sensing car alarm would go off before I had fully completed the task. The last thing I could possibly cope with was being spotted by passers-by whilst escaping my bonds in the back of a car. What if they called the police on my behalf?! And would I be able to unlock the car from the inside? I thought so but wasn’t certain. And even if I did manage to get out of the car what was I going to do? Was I going to walk into the crowded pub and ask Mistress for my car keys and credit cards? Because she sure as hell wasn’t going to give them to me! No, I was hopelessly trapped. I just lay there and wondered what those two wonderful women were talking about. I suspected that there would be a great deal of laughter at my expense. Was I enjoying my situation? Of course I was. But it was tempered by my fear of discovery and humiliation. I didn’t dare move a muscle for fear of setting off the car alarm. I heard every sound as people walked by. One chap stood by the car for several minutes trying to make himself heard on his mobile phone which was obviously struggling to find a signal. I found myself laughing out loud as he said ‘This phone is shit’ followed by ‘ I said that this phone is SHIT’ followed immediately by ‘I SAID THIS PHONE IS FUCKING SHIT’ at the top of his voice. I heard him storm off in a huff.

    After what seemed an age I heard the car locks click and the rear door was opened. I heard the voice of my Mistress say ‘are you still alive slave’ in a mocking tone. ‘Yes Mistress’ was my response. I felt her reach in under the blanket and tear the gaffer tape securing my ankles. ‘Sit up slave’ I did as I was told. Mistress got into the car with me and shut the door behind her. She seemed happy and upbeat as she told me what a nice lunch she had had at my expense. Whilst doing so she untied my wrists and then reached into her bag and took out some gloves, some lotion and a pair of scissors. Oh joy! ‘Pull your trousers and pants down slave’. Eagerly I did as I was told. Mistress cut the coded plastic lock and told me to remove the device. My shaking hands did as instructed. Mistress applied the lube and took hold of her property and went to work. But just as she did so I spotted a workman just the other side of car park fence. I could see him quite clearly but he certainly hadn’t seen us. Not yet anyway! Mistresses’ property ran for the hills. I didn’t say anything and tried to ignore the fact that he was there. Mistress realised something was wrong and so I explained. Mistress said ‘shut your eyes, don’t worry about him. I will make sure that no one sees us’. I really liked that. Mistress was in total control. She was making sure I was safe whilst allowing me to enjoy the moment. She is so nice to me sometimes. And so I shut my eyes and relaxed into the moment. Mistress worked her magic with her hands whilst telling me how much she and my vanilla friend had enjoyed talking about me, and many other things, whilst I was bound in the back of her car. I came quickly, and long and hard. Oh it felt so good.
    After a moment to recover Mistress said ‘come on then, there is a drink waiting for you inside’. I cleaned up, got dressed and walked with Mistress across the car park. We chatted about how much we had both enjoyed today’s session. Walking into the pub was a very strange experience indeed. Mistress walked in front of me and I followed meekly behind. Several men looked across and in my paranoid state I was sure that they knew what had been going on. In reality they must have been enjoying the sight of a gorgeous young woman walking through the bar. They probably hadn’t even noticed the old chap walking behind her. We continued through to the dining area to where my vanilla friend was sat with a huge grin across her face. There was a cup of coffee waiting for me on the table. And so I sat at a table with my Mistress and vanilla lady friend and we chatted. Well they chatted in a relaxed way whilst I tried to join in the conversation whilst feeling totally overawed by the whole situation. After 20 minutes of conversation we all realised that time had flown and that we needed to be on our way. Mistress told me that my friend had my things and said her goodbyes. My friend handed me my car key, credit cards and the change from their lunch. They had not been too extravagant! My friend and I got back into my car and started the journey back to her house. We laughed about what had just happened and in particular when we both realised that we had been thinking exactly the same thing. It was this….
    If someone had said to us 5 years ago that we would one day find ourselves driving back from a pub where I had been tied up and left in the back of a car by a Mistress who had then sat down to enjoy a lunch with my friend, then we would have said that they were out of their tiny little minds!

    Life has changed for me in such a big way, but I do really like the fact that some of my fun is also being enjoyed by my lady friend (although I know that her enjoyment is very different to my own). It makes it so special. I also like the fact that my friend and Mistress obviously enjoyed each other’s company as much as they did.

    And if you have read every word of this blog then thank you for your perseverance. I know it was rather long but the experiences that Mistress has given me this week have been worth every word.
    Thank you to my wonderful Mistress and thank you to my wonderful friend. You are each, in your own different ways, such an important and special part of my life.