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  • Wank Hospital – Rehab for Wankers.

    Welcome to WANK HOSPITAL – The ULTIMATE Rehab center for wankers everywhere.

    Welcome to our 12 step wanking addiction program – Created especially for problem wankers,  by Mistress Real and Miss Deelight.

    Step 1 – Understanding your addiction – You are a dirty wanker, plain and simple. At wank hospital you are only allowed to wank when we tell you and you must not stop until we say you can!

    Grabbed Frame 193

    Step 2 – Face your addiction – Sit, watch your filthy porn and wank, wank, wank.

    Grabbed Frame 189

    Step 3 – Discuss your addiction – Yes! you are STILL a dirty wanker. Continue.

    Grabbed Frame 186

    Step 4 – Reflection Time – Have some alone time to think about what a dirty wanker you are, but don’t stop! We haven’t told you that you can!

    Grabbed Frame 188

    Step 5 – Firm Reminder – Remember why you are here.. because you are a pathetic little wanker. We are going to wank your addiction out of you!

    Grabbed Frame 181

    Step 6 – Evaluation – Good! Now you’ve had time to think about your addiction, your balls are hot, full of spunk and ready for your treatment.

    Grabbed Frame 200

    Step 7 – Milking round 1 – Cocooned and helpless your balls are drained

    Grabbed Frame 206

    Step 8 – A Little Taster – All dirty wankers must taste their sticky spunk, call your own special medicine.

    Grabbed Frame 208

    Step 9 – Forced Milking – It doesn’t stop there, your nurses milk you more, no time to recuperate ……..

    Grabbed Frame 202

    Step 10 – And more……..Ouch that poor, painful, sensitive cock….

     Grabbed Frame 212

    Step 11- And MORE….. relentless, non stop, agonising MILKING…..

    Grabbed Frame 209

    Step 12 – Empty – Every last little drop of your nasty spunk is drained from your balls.

    Grabbed Frame 207

    Congratulations – You have successfully completed your treatment at Wank Hospital.  Miss Deelight and Mistress Real hope you enjoyed your stay!

    Are you a problem wanker?  Is Wanking taking over your life?  We have beds available in our specialised treatment rooms contact us now for further information.

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

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