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  • 2 Commanders and 2 Hypnobots

    Recently, both of my Hypnobots (HB1 and HB2) reported to duty at the House of Deelight to serve both myself and my very good friend Commander Real.  Every so often, I will present my Hypnobots to other Commander’s so that the Commanders can take back ideas for the training of their own workforce.  It is a Commanders duty to do as little as possible once their army of Hypnobots have been fully trained because it is then the Hypnobot’s duty to do as much as is required of them.  On this occasion I have instructed Hypnobot 1 to write about the session from its own point of view.  Both myself and Commander R’eal have video clips from this session and those will be released soon.

    ‘Hypnobot 1, property of Commander Deelight, Her hypnotised and robotised servant, reports of its most recent service with Commander. This was also an occasion where service alongside female hypnobot (hypnobot 2) was to be given to Commander R’eal as well, who would be in attendance. Commander R’eal was continuing Her research into the power of hypnosis and its uses with Her own servants.

    Being in a 100% hypnobot state of course only takes place specifically with Commander’s instructions and hypnotic triggers. For most of the time Her servant hypnobot 1 is in its human state, living normally, but very much with Her influence strongly embedded through multiple sessions of hypnosis. Subconscious control of Her slave.

    So in this ‘human’ state the preperations for the upcoming session took place. Commander R’eal was to be presented beforehand with a powerful silk tie to wear and shiny silver cufflinks. The tie was one of hypnobots own, a luxurious gold and navy thick stripe. One of the rules in the Commander and hypnobot relationship is that the mindless hypnobots wear simple and functional plain dark ties, whereas Commanders also exert their power through strong luxurious ties, such as the red tie Commander Deelight often wears (when not in the RAF uniform of course – though the power of that is conveyed through immaculate gold buttons).

    With these gifts in place the hypnobot 1 was also required to purchase gifts for the Commanders from Chanel, and to do so while dressed immaculately, thus serving from afar; demonstrating its obedience to its owner and Commander even in this human state, the process of robotisation would follow when in the presence of Commander.

    The anticipation of the session was great, there hadn’t been a two hypnobots, two Commanders type of session before. I requested permission to enter Commanders chambers and was immediately greeted by both Commander Deelight in Her navy skirt suit with sublime red tie, red lipstick and nails, and hair worn up so strictly that i was instantly aroused by the sight. Commander R’eal stepped forward from behind, Her powerful tie automatically fixing my gaze. Both Commanders looked stunning and powerful.

    Commander Deelight motioned me toward the storage facility, within which i also saw hypnobot 2. Not in her human state as i was in mine, but stood up, head bowed forward, eyes sealed shut, motionless and uncaring , in a hypnotic stasis. My arousal only grew at this sight, the demonstration of Commanders control was awesome.

    At this point i would need to explain, as best i can, what i feel and can recall when i am serving as a hypnobot. Anyone who has watched the videos produced by Commander will see the hypnobot either in trance or awake but mindless. When i watch these myself i see the bits where i am completely hypnotised and i have no recollection of this. When my hypnobot is awoken and performs duties, whatever they may be, the sensation or feeling i have is unique in all my experience of submission and servitude, for before i ever came to serve Commander there were some other Mistresses who i had served, but none as accomplished.

    The uniqueness is a sense of utter peace and calm in this state, but it is a state of mind you do not question or consciously think of, you just exist in a space without emotion and what you are required to do you just obey. It is mindlessness. Yes there can be pain and discomfort, but this is felt from observation only through receiving and obeying Commanders triggers and instructions. Seeing the footage of my hypnobot self, the majority of the work is prepared by Commander when her hypnobots are put into a deep trance and the instructions are ingrained subconsciously. It is, purely when thinking about it afterward and reflecting on it, the most wonderful pure level of submission i have experienced. I base much of this on being able to observe the films and from feedback by Commander.

    With the above in mind, i felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a command, and i would then be placed into the same hypnobot state. I could recall standing at attention next to hypnobot 2 as we both stared forward. Our gazes locked. In fact our Commander took a photograph and showed us later. We all looked immaculate.

    Following the initial inspection of our uniforms (as hypnobots are to maintain incredibly strict and smart standards) we were then put to various tasks. It goes without saying that we simply obeyed whatever we were ordered to do without any conscious thought.

    It also can take a little bit of time for any recollections to be pieced together. Not all of the session is immediately remembered, and as the mind coalesces and recovers from the experience things do recall. The tasks performed that can be recalled did involve worshipping Commander R’eal shoes, and being an ashtray for our Commanders. Hypnobot 1 could also recall receiving the Commanders strapon at both ends and without any objection to it.

    More clear as things stand is when my hypnobot was brought out of this submissive trance state, back to consciousness, able to converse with both Commanders and hypnobot 2, now also back to normal. The Chanel gifts were greatly appreciated by all and i was able to express as well my appreciation of the immaculate attire of all assembled.

    It was truly a privilege to be able to serve.

    Thank You Commanders and hypnobot 2

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Another Bow String

    Thanks to Slave Taquin and his eager imagination I have added more strings to my bow. The first being the use of writeforme.com for slave tasks and the second being a self added bow in the form of a perfectly executed plot to torment and tease my Deelightful play thing!  I gave him the code to his chastity key safe, without actually telling him I had given him the code; even greater than that, was that I delivered the message through his vanilla friend! Yes, I am an Evil Genius!fabio-original-00_03_53_09-still006

    Mistress seemed very pleased with herself on Sunday morning. She had read my blog and realised that everything that she had done to me the week before (particularly relating to the day I was required to treat her to a nice lunch) had affected me in all the ways that she knew that it would. She had sent me a note to that effect and just signed it ‘Mistress’. I sent her two more notes that day:
    One was an e mail confirming where my little slave brain had ended up after my lunch with Mistress the week before – It said that I had been made to realise that Mistress could make me feel dominated and submissive outside of the HOD without humiliating me.

    And the second was to thank her for not allowing me the orgasm that I had requested at the end of the previous week – this might seem odd to some reading this, as I was absolutely desperate to be allowed to take off the device and give myself an orgasm, and I mean DESPERATE. But it is a bit like the experience of giving up smoking that I endured many years ago. I remember then the incredible urge/need to have just one cigarette. But I also remember that the need would ease after an hour or so and in its place would come the deep satisfaction of not having broken my vow. Mistress knows that she can take me to the point of total, unbearable, horny frustration, but she also knows that, ultimately, the only orgasm that I really want is the one that she is sometimes generous enough to provide with her own wonderful hands when she has me secured at the HOD. Mistress knows what is best for me.
    Tuesday was another first for me. During our lunch the previous week we had discussed the idea of a slave being made to write lines as a task or punishment. It is not something that I have ever been made to do in the past and was unsure how I would feel about it.
    I awoke on Tuesday morning to find that Mistress had sent me a link to a site called writeforme.org
    I waited for Mistress to kindly grant me access to my PC at 8am and followed the link. It opened up to a private page on Write For Me. Mistress had sent me a writing task that was only accessible by me (there are lots of public tasks on the site that I suspect are put there by FinDoms wanting to give a flavour of what a sub could expect – and provide access to their Twitter and Website addresses).
    My task looked pretty straightforward. I was to type in the following text:
    ‘My name is Slave Taquin. I trust my Mistress with every inch of my body.’
    Now I am a pretty slow two finger typist, but thought that even I could complete a few lines without too much difficulty. I knew that I would not be able to copy and paste (although I did of course try!) but thought that if I made any mistakes that I would be able to ‘back space’ to correct them. I also thought that this was just a simple system test by my Mistress and that I wouldn’t be required to do very many lines. How wrong I was on all counts!
    At first I couldn’t get any idea of how many lines would be required. I also had no idea of the implication of making a mistake – any mistake.
    I started to type. I successfully typed two lines. On the 3rd line I got as far as the T in Taquin but forgot to capitalise it. Instantly the screen declared my mistake and I had to start the line again. (What I didn’t realise at that point was that Mistress had also set it up to add an additional line, for every mistake made, to the original number required). I started again and made the same mistake again. And again! I slowed down and completed three lines successfully before starting to miss ‘spaces’ and then ‘full stops’ and then ‘capitalisation’ again. It was at this point that I noticed two other things. Firstly that there was a progress bar just underneath where I was typing that was hardly moving at all and secondly that I felt trapped and helpless as I knew that I must complete the task for Mistress. I feared that there might be a time limit or possibly extra lines added for a pause in typing and so couldn’t stop. At this point Mistress hadn’t told me of any punishment for non completion, but even so I was not going to fail her. Eventually I went slowly enough to complete a few lines without errors and the progress bar started to move. But then my mind drifted for just a moment and I would make another mistake. Over and over I typed ‘My name is Slave Taquin. I trust my Mistress with every inch of my body.’ And still I was trapped in front of my own PC. In the end the progress bar completed its travel from left to right and writeforme congratulated me in the successful completion of my first task. It had taken me 43 minutes, I had originally been set just 50 lines but as a result of my 35 mistakes! I had been made to complete an additional 35 lines. It appeared that Mistress had found yet another tool to dominate me from a distance.
    On Wednesday I was to meet my vanilla lady friend for lunch. I had been instructed by Mistress to take her somewhere nice and to ensure that I paid. For her part my friend had instructed me to pick her up from her home in order that she could have a glass of wine. Today was definitely a day for doing what I was told. About an hour before I set off I received a text from Mistress telling me to remove my device, edge, allow things to subside and then to lock myself up again. The fact that Mistress was going to allow me to touch her property excited me greatly. I assumed that she had forgotten that I was locked with the padlock and sent her a text requesting the 4 digit code for the key safe. She responded that I should try and guess the code. Now if Mistress says this it normally means that I should be able to work it out. And so I started to try different codes based on everything I could think of. I tried the access code for my PC, variations of Mistresses phone numbers, the house number of the HOD etc etc. I sent her a text telling her of all the numbers that I had tried. She replied with the phrase ‘Aren’t I just the perfect tease’ and ‘have fun with your friend’ followed by the horned devil emoticon. Now I had made a point of not reminding Mistress about my lunch date. I had of course asked for her permission to go out but that had been several days earlier. (I had allowed myself to get so worked up the last time I had taken her to lunch that I had deliberately tried to keep a low profile on it this time). Apparently Mistress hadn’t forgotten!
    I had picked my friend up from her home and as we drew up outside the pub my phone pinged. It was Mistress declaring that she was ‘an evil genius’ with the devil emoticon once again. I showed my friend who seemed to find it most amusing. We went into the pub and enjoyed a really nice lunch. We chatted about all things vanilla (in her life) and fetish (in mine). My friend who has declared herself more ‘raspberry ripple’ than ‘vanilla’ enjoys hearing all about what Mistress subjects me to. I did keep a look out occasionally to see if Mistress was approaching. You can never be sure of anything from my experience. At one point I received a notification on my phone to say that Mistress was sharing her location. But then couldn’t find any other reference to it. It did make me look over my shoulder more frequently from that point. After 2 and a half hours of joyous chit-chat I paid the bill and we jumped in my car for the drive home. All was quite normal until we were about half a mile from my friend’s home. But at that point she told me that there was something that she needed to tell me. My Mistress antenna started to beep loudly. My friend proceeded to tell me that I was now going to be subjected to a test of my memory and attentiveness to what she had been telling me during our lunch. She went on to tell me that during the course of our lunch she had specifically made mention of 4 numbers. She hadn’t referred at any time to any other numbers, and each of the numbers had been stated in a specific order. Mistress and my friend had colluded to set me a task. They were the numbers for my key safe. My friend gleefully went on to tell me that I had two hours to remember the 4 numbers and to release myself from the device. She told me that she was under strict instructions not to give me any clues and that she had no intention of doing so anyway. As I drew up outside her house I realised how impossible this task was going to be. As my friend was about to walk away from my car I reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the key safe. I said that if she wanted to she could just enter the correct number for me. She looked at me and said that she could, but that she wouldn’t, and laughed as she went in her front door.
    As I drove home I tried, I mean really tried, to think of the conversation that I had with my friend. And I remembered lots of it. But I couldn’t for the life of me think of where specific numbers had entered into it. I got back and took my keysafe with me into the workshop. I knew I had a chance to touch Mistresses property if only I could think straight. And then I remembered something. When we had gone to bar on arrival at the pub I had ordered a glass of wine for my friend, and she had said something like ‘Oh I will need two of those today I should think’. I had thought it a little strange to be declaring her likely consumption at this stage (and indeed I suspected that two might be an underestimate considering the length of time we were likely to be chatting!) but hadn’t thought any more of it at the time. So 2 was my first number I was sure. I then turned my mind to the second number knowing that if I could get it I would be able to trial and error tumblers 3 and 4 if necessary. But I could not think of another occasion when my friend had used a specific number in our conversations. I was beaten. Or was I? I know that Mistress has a tendency to use number repletion in her codes such as 5454 or 7272. And so I started experimenting with 2020, 2121, 2222, 2323 etc, but none of them worked. And in my growing exasperation I just started to enter random numbers starting with a 2. And still nothing worked. I threw the keysafe down in total frustration. Mistress and my friend had played with my mind and therefore Mistresses property, (which by this time was trying to escape through its bars) and had reduced me to a frustrated, quivering, horny wreck. I have often fantasised about this sort of collusion being used against me but I could never have imagined how perfectly it would be executed. But then I was just a man up against two formidable women. What chance did I have?
    That evening I had just received a new writeforme task from Mistress when I had to ask for her permission to deal with an urgent family matter. Mistress very kindly gave me the time that I needed and it was actually Friday morning before I found myself back in her grip. And how she gripped me! I had opened the writeforme task and suspected that it was going to be quite difficult. ‘Quite difficult’ turned out to be a ridiculous understatement.
    In her introduction to the task she said ‘This should do the trick, Slave!!’ The sentence to be written was:
    ‘Dear Mistress Deelight, Thank you for the absolutely genius way that you orchestrated my torment today. Yours Submissively, Slave Taquin’
    I was to write the line 20 times. That probably sounds pretty easy. It wasn’t at all. Mistress had spent time learning the little games that she could play in order to make it more and more difficult as the task progressed. I am not going to disclose exactly what happened here as I suspect that it might be used as a weapon of torment against other slaves. Let me just say that it took me 55 minutes and 26 seconds of total frustration before I had completed it.
    I think it is only right to take this opportunity to disclose how I feel about being set lines as a task or a punishment. It is in my mind ridiculous that a grown man should be forced to write lines by a young woman. To be quite honest I find it childish, belittling and demeaning. And I love it! It seems to really play to my submissive need for tangible power exchange. I know that I have to do it and I know that Mistress will know if I fail. She has now found a way of figuratively chaining me to my PC whenever, and for as long as, she wants. It also plays to Mistresses wonderful ability to use words to nurture, manipulate or torment. Mistress continues to develop and perfect new ways to control and dominate her slaves. What very lucky slaves we are.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – The Controller Coaster Strikes Back!

    Slave Taquin found himself on the deep decent part of my controller coaster this week, when he realised that everything he had wished for, was not as rosy as it once seemed.  I always lead the way but ultimately, some slaves  (like children) have to learn the hard way; Taquin being one of those slaves.  Luckily for him, he has a wonderful and skilled Mistress to control the ride…upwards to great heights.

    sexy legs stockings heels

    The week had started so well. Following my text exchange with Mistress on the Saturday night during which she had made me confess to my sins (time on Fetlife had proved to be my downfall this time) and sent me to bed with my tail well and truly between my legs. I had slept fitfully that night and woke to find myself with swollen and aching balls that acted as a reminder of the device containing Mistresses property. I had written my blog and done what I always do, waited for Mistress to read it and respond in some way. Sometimes this can be within 10 minutes and sometimes it will be much later in the day. Occasionally Mistress is so busy that she is unable to read it until later in the week. This was going to prove to be one of those weeks. As the day progressed vanilla life took over and I got on with the tasks that needed doing. I still checked my phone regularly hoping to hear from Mistress, but that was pretty unreasonable as it was Sunday.

    Monday was quiet as was Tuesday. At one point on Tuesday Mistress had asked how here property was. I had replied that it was comfortable and pretty relaxed. As a result of just this one simple question things stirred down below but then it became clear that Mistress was just checking that I wasn’t doing myself any damage in the device. I heard nothing else from her, and everything relaxed again.

    And then on Wednesday I descended into a deep depression! I am still not sure why really. It had started really well as Mistress had been kind enough to send me a picture of her in stockings. Oh how I love stockings! But then all went quiet again (apart from a comical exchange between us as I tried to learn the ins and outs of texting with IOS 10).

    I had found myself reflecting on how things used to be and then about my current situation and about how things were going to be from now on. I remembered the adultwork tasks, the fetlife tasks, being made to research things that would just lead to my deeper control, the fun of not knowing what comes next, the not knowing what Mistress would or would not allow me that day, the spontaneity of it all. But then I considered where I was now. I concluded that I had, largely through my own desire for absolute control by Mistress, reached a position where I was now going to find myself isolated and inactive from a fetish perspective for 6 days a week. I pictured a world where the excitement and spontaneity had been removed. I pictured a world where with the exception of a morning text exchange with Mistress that most of my week would be vanilla. I had now found myself (since knowing that I would be allowed access for only one day a week) not even bothering to request access to anything internet related. Previously Mistress would force me to request access and just occasionally she would be kind enough to allow it. She had even used it as a reward mechanism to promote my good behaviour (it had got me very hot under the collar when she had proudly pronounced that she was grooming me). How she had teased me through this simple approach. In addition to this my phone had been playing up. Even when Mistress had been kind enough to send me pictures most of the time my phone had refused to display them, and I now didn’t even know if Mistress was reading my texts, and Mistress hadn’t told me yet if she had read or approved of my blog and, and, and, I felt isolated and depressed.

    (This is all total rubbish of course, you will know that it was only a week ago when I was declaring how desperately horny that Mistress had made me through her degree of control that she was exerting on my fetish world!!! The other thing that is rubbish is my vision of what the future holds for me. I know that it is purely a function of my own paranoia – but this is what Mistress is capable of creating in my weak slave mind).

    I hate telling Mistress when I am feeling down; particularly if it in any way suggests that I am not enjoying myself. It seems so ungrateful. But I have always been honest with Mistress about my feelings and emotions, up or down. I composed two emails and deleted both. I composed two texts and deleted both of them as well. Finally I composed yet another text and then spent 15 minutes with my finger hovering over the send button, before finally touching it.

    Mistress and I exchanged several texts on the subject. They ranged between probing, dismissing, cajoling, reminding me of my position and finally one that ended ‘and so STFU’. (I thought I was going to have to Google that one but then it came to me!). What I love about Mistress in these situations is that she never shows weakness or sympathy. She will demand to know what is troubling me and give me the opportunity to communicate my feelings but will always remain totally in control of the situation. She listens well and understands, but ultimately everything that I reveal in such moments is filed away to allow her to maintain and increase her control further.

    And then my vanilla world closed in on me for a couple of days. Mistress kindly gave me the space that I needed whilst gradually pulling me out of my depression. Of course she did it in the ways that only a Mistress who knows me so well would do. I have finished the week feeling relieved that I have been honest with Mistress. I still don’t know what the future really holds for me. Only Mistress Deelight knows that. Thank goodness she knows what I actually need rather than what I might think that I want.

  • A Shocking Experience by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Yesterday, Slave Sissy Mouse came for a session.  A session which I found to be utterly hilarious, so much so that I urged him to write a blog about it, pronto! Due to his excitable haste there are plenty of grammatical errors to be found however I don’t want to wait for the several re-drafts that would follow so I am going to post it in all of its deeply excitable glory!



    A shocking experience.

    My latest visit to Mistress and the House of Deelight came a luxurious two weeks after my last session but started a week ago just after I sent Mistress my weekly journal.

    Because I was busy on the Sunday I wrote and submitted my Journal on the Saturday evening. As it was Saturday evening I didn’t expect a reply let alone some instructions for my session which was at that point a week away but as we know Mistress does like to play with a submissives mind. In the message Mistress told me to bring the leggings and tops from our shopping trip in January 2015 (after being bought they have sat in a bag taunting me) and I am to send the session payment via bank transfer. Mistress being very aware of my recent ups and downs assured me it would be fun and not to let any doom of what might happen cross my mind. Luckily those feelings of doom have now passed and I reassured Mistress this was the case but that it wouldn’t stop me spending the week nervous. This never was the case because I had such a busy week that my session didn’t really cross my mind until Friday evening and as such I didn’t get a great deal of sleep.

    Saturday arrives and I message Mistress to confirm that I will bring diet coke, water, the leggings and tops and a suitable subservient attitude. Mistress replies simply ‘Wonderful’ and then around an hour later tells me to also bring my new shiny butt plug harness. (You can read a bit about this in my week 58 journal). I duly put all the items I need in the car and wait for the clock to tick around. Mistress then sends me another message with instructions of what I am to do when I arrive at the HOD. They are come in lock the door, go to the medical room and strip. Gather all the items I have brought with me and return to the dungeon room lay them out and wait kneeling with my face on the floor, once I have done this I am to announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I really enjoy starting a session like this because my head is in the session straight away. When I arrive I do as instructed and go upstairs, I can hear Mistress on webcam in the bedroom so try to do everything quietly and go back downstairs lay the items out and announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I have no idea how long this was but it did give me time to wonder what was happening today. Eventually I hear the door open and Mistress come down the stairs with a distinct and deliberate thump on every stair building up my anticipation. “Good afternoon mousey” says Mistress as she arrives in the room with an almost regal tone. I greet Mistress the same way, still with my head firmly on the floor. I have to be honest I don’t really remember anything until Mistress tells me to look up at her and I know this word is over used but WOW bloody WOW. Mistress is dressed in some new latex and it looks amazing on her. I am not one for shall we say looking around the eyes but this is so well made and cut that you cannot resist being drawn to admire Mistress’s gorgeous body and curves. I compliment Mistress on her outfit as she turns in front of me to give me a full view. I also love the way Mistress stands in front of me admiring herself in the mirror, to me I see this as reaffirming her utter unattainability. What I also think is Mistress is wearing latex so the leggings and tops must be a red herring and we aren’t going out (how wrong I was).

    Mistress then instructs me to crawl behind her to the bathroom (or in my case the mousey cage) as we enter Mistress tells me that there is none of her special refreshment for me today and I thank Mistress once again for sharing her nectar with me last time. This time Mistress puts the mitts on my hands and tells me to lie on my back and attaches the mitts to each side of the toilet giving me the view of the toilet from underneath. Mistress mocks me by saying I am now even below the toilet in the HOD and she hopes I enjoy my stay at the Hotel Deelight. With that Mistress leaves with an ‘enjoy’ and goes back to webcam. A while later Mistress comes back in to check I am ok and that I am enjoying my view to which I reply that ‘it is most picturesque’. Once again alone and I still think that the leggings and tops are a red herring until Mistress returns again but this time the latex is gone and Mistress is looking equally fabulous in normal clothes. Oh no is what I think I said and Mistress just looks at me undoes the mitts and tells me to get up slowly and gives me my next instructions. I am to retrieve the items that I have brought put on the butt plug harness and the black faux leather leggings and colourful top and put my own clothes over the top. It takes me a while to get the plug in that is attached to the harness (we haven’t done much anal wise and I’m a bit tight to say the least, even more so when I have no idea what’s going to happen next). I finally get it in put on the leggings and top and await the usual Mistress laugh because I of course look stupid. Put on my normal clothes and gather in a bag lots of items that Mistress has placed on the bed. These are a strap on harness with a very big dildo, Mistress’s boots, a gag, blindfold and lots of rope. Mistress then tells me we are off for a walk in the woods and hopefully we won’t get caught but if we do it won’t be as embarrassing for her as it will be for me. At this point whilst I am very nervous and quiet I am also very aroused at the thought of doing this and what Mistress might have in mind. Mistress then produces the shock collar and places around my neck with that evil grin in her face and checks it’s working. The buzzer works and the beep but I can’t feel the shock until Mistress turns it up and my reaction as Mistress said ‘was like someone having a stroke’ once Mistress is happy it’s working fine she puts on her coat grabs her camcorder and tripod and we leave the HOD and get into her car and head off on my mystery tour with me being very quiet and slightly sheepish. Once we are in the car Mistress tells me she has seen a sign for some woods nearby and hopefully it won’t be busy otherwise we might not be able to do what she has planned for today. As we drive along the road a sign for woods comes up on the left and in we go only to find that it might be an old sign because it’s now the entrance to Celtic Manor and there is no sign of any woods no matter what road we take. We are surrounded by woods but seemingly no way to access them. After a while Mistress decides to give up and then announces that she has another plan and we head back to the HOD. I think that my luck is in and we will be doing something nice inside but oh no! once inside Mistress informs me of her new plans we are both going for a walk towards Newport town centre and gives me instructions on what to do if the buzzer goes off, which is to stop walking and just stand until the buzzer goes again. Mistress then tells me that I will be either walking in front of her or behind so that there is no association. Then to add to the horror Mistress decides she should hide the shock collar around my neck with a lady’s scarf and ties it off so that the ends drop down over one shoulder. With another laugh Mistress informs me to leave the HOD and walk to the left and keep walking. Just around the corner from the HOD is a car wash with people milling about and this is my first hurdle. I feel red with embarrassment and the scarf looks odd for all to see but I walk past and no one gives me a second look but that still doesn’t take away the feeling of humiliation. As I walk towards the town centre it inevitably becomes busier and every now and then the buzzer goes off and I come to a stop. I then wait for the buzzer to go again before I can walk on. It must look odd for a someone to just stop in the middle of the pavement whilst trying not to stand out wearing a pretty scarf. At one-point Mistress stops me and catches up to tell me that I am not stopping immediately and make sure I do from now on and walks off leaving me standing there until she is a fair way down the road. Buzz and I am off all the time Mistress is also zapping me and I have to try and keep my composure. As I walk along Mistress then stops at the river bridge and as I walk by not acknowledging her she says that the muddy river banks would make a lovely boot worship place. I pass by more people and still no one gives me a second look and now having to stop dead if the buzzer goes off which is so humiliating because it looks weird. Mistress once again catches up with me and tells me to cross the road and walk towards the riverside. Once I cross the road the buzzer goes and I stand there for what seems like ages frozen to the spot. Mistress once again walks past and into the distance and once again buzz and I am off. I am now heading alongside the river and there is even more people about with my lovely scarf now flowing in the wind. I might has well have had a flashing look at me sign on my head. I get buzzed again and wait and look around and Mistress beckons me to turnaround. I follow once again at a distance and Mistress has gone towards the underpass. As I arrive Mistress is waiting with some new instructions. When the collar vibrates I am to move my arms like a chicken on the walk back to the HOD. I set off on my own once more and wait for the inevitable vibration and it’s not long until it happens, I feel so utterly stupid and keep walking it then vibrates again and as I do it a second later a police car drives by, at this point I just want the ground to open up. But there is around another half mile of this but still even doing the chicken wings no one seems to notice. As I walk towards 4 youths drinking I think to myself this is where it’s going to happen but still nothing. The thing about public humiliation is you don’t enjoy it at the time you just want it to be over and never more so than right now. As I walk back with Mistress still far behind me someone is walking behind me so I stop to cross the road and I get my first strange look. As I cross the road I get the vibrate again but with people walking towards me I just can’t bring myself to do the chicken wings anymore. At this point I just want to go inside and curl up in a ball and rock. Finally, I arrive back at the HOD and wait for Mistress to catch up. When she does she has the biggest grin on her face. When we get inside Mistress cannot contain herself with how much fun she just had. She did think that walking along on her own belly laughing was probably stranger than me doing chicken wings.

    I just had to sit down (which was slightly uncomfortable due to the butt plug) and hold my head in my hands. I really love public humiliation but only after it’s finished. Mistress was really buzzing from it and worryingly states that this is her new favourite activity and looks forward to doing much more. Mistress then asks me if I watch impractical jokers (which I do and hoped Mistress had never seen it) and says that a small Bluetooth earpiece would work brilliantly with the forfeits for failure being big financial or painful consequences. I just sit there and try to take in what’s happened it seems so minor but the embarrassment was massive. I’m pleased that Mistress had a great time and that my squirming brought her joy but I couldn’t do this all the time.

    My session ends with a nice relaxing DIY job of building a plastic drawer set and then not being able to find one of the pieces. Then back to normality with massive aching bollocks which is either from the harness not being adjusted correctly of being so turned on by being degraded and humiliated. Either way I hope I have lost weight this week.

    As I write this the day after I can enjoy the experience much more and as Mistress said yesterday look forward to the pending day in the woods. Next visit two weeks’ time so watch this space.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Mistress is Always in Charge

    After his week of mayhem on the Controller-Coaster of Deelight, Slave Taquin recovered to a much more manageable state (for him) whilst I subtly reminded him by way of a heavier chastity device, that I remain in charge.


    Writing and sending my blog to Mistress is often a mentally climatic experience. This was particularly true this week. I had rebounded from the tribulations of the day out with my vanilla friend on the Wednesday to find myself locked in a heavy and tormenting chastity device on the Sunday. Mistress still hadn’t told me if she was going to allow me to visit her at the HOD that coming week and I was desperate for her personal attentions. My predicament was made all the worse by the fact that my lovely vanilla lady friend was taking great pleasure in what Mistress was doing to me (even at one point demanding that I send her a picture of myself locked in my device. – I can’t say no to her either and had done what I was told).

    Mistress asked how I was getting on with the bon4m. I told her of the impact it was having on me and she was pleased by my answer. I asked again if I could see her this week, and she stopped responding to my texts. To be fair she was having a very busy day, but I still suspected that she was just teasing me.

    I had found that my PC was locked down until 3pm on Sunday and so, in the absence of fetish fun, I got on with some vanilla jobs. I was particularly keen to get on to my PC on that Sunday afternoon as Mistress had given me permission to buy some nice leather bondage mitts for her and Mistress R’eal to use at the HOD. As the clock on my phone showed it was 3pm I signed on to my PC and headed for Uberkinky. I found the items that I wanted and moved them into my shopping basket. Of course being a fan of bondage, constraint and control I couldn’t resist the temptation to do some window shopping around the site. I spent some time looking at the opportunities for electrics to be remotely controlled and quickly came to the conclusion that one day in the not too distant future Uberkinky would have a ‘distance control’ section that would feature discreet devices that a Mistress could operate via the internet. I imagined being woken on the hour every hour through the night by a tingling (or worse) device, set up remotely by Mistress on a timer. Now that would provide her with a terrible weapon! I finished my fantasising, placed the order and sent Mistress a text to tell her that the mitts were on their way. She kindly responded, and I told myself not to contact her again unless she got in touch with me first. I therefore spent the rest of the day watching my phone for any communication from her or my friend. I was still hopeful that Mistress would tell me to attend the HOD the following day, but I heard nothing more.

    Following a decent nights sleep I sent my morning text on the Monday and asked if Mistress had found the time yet to read my blog that I had sent her the previous day. Of course I wanted to hear that she considered it a piece of literary genius! but also wanted to know what she thought one way or the other. In particular I feared that it might be too long. I know that I do prattle on!

    Mistress responded that she had seen it and confirmed that it was precisely as she expected. Following a couple more texts we established that Mistress was not going to be able to see me at the HOD this week. I was pretty disappointed but delighted for Mistress that she was so busy. I would just have to cope for another week.

    Mistress did check again to make sure that the bon4m wasn’t causing any physical damage. I confirmed that it wasn’t and this was her reply ‘I won’t have you in it for that much longer but if it’s not rubbing you can stay in if for now’. To some that may not seem like a particularly forceful reply. To me though it reminded me in a low key but assertive manner who is really in charge. As a long-term distance control slave I do find myself sometimes believing that I am doing things to myself. This is particularly true when it comes to wearing a chastity device. I sometimes have to remind myself or be reminded of the fact that whilst I often physically lock it in place Mistress makes me do it in such a way that she knows whether or not it is in place or has been tampered with. I know that, were I ever to try to remove it, that I would be made to regret it. I imagine horrible pain at the HOD or difficult to explain phone calls to my wife. Either way I conclude that it is Mistress who is truly deciding what I can do and when. Her decision regarding the bon4m today reminded me of that.

    On Tuesday Mistress had a girly day out to enjoy and left me to get on with my day. If I know that she is out for the day life does become a little easier for me as I don’t spend the whole day waiting for her to contact me. From Mistresses point of view it means that I won’t contact her again until she gets in touch with me. It is a win win! although I do inevitably miss the attention. Today I had no PC access allowed to me at all (and Mistress has prevented me from accessing Twitter or any fun sites through my phone ever since my last session) and so I had a very vanilla day. I have noticed by the way that Mistress has been very cruel with my PC access recently. Quite often I look to see when I will next be allowed on to it to find that it will be at Midnight or the early hours of the morning. Mistress knows that I am normally tucked up by 10pm and therefore will never be able to use the time so ‘kindly’ allowed.

    Wednesday was another quiet day for me. Mistress did remind me that my next session was a week away and that it was going to be ‘a very long week’ I wasn’t sure if that was a threat or a statement of fact but knew that it was true anyway. By the time I went to bed I was beginning to worry a bit about how things had been going recently. I actually went to bed fearful that Mistress was getting bored of me. Mistress has ensured that I rely so much on her now that any quiet periods can result in something akin to paranoia! (I subsequently found out that Mistress had been unwell)

    Thursday was a better day. When I went to my workshop I discovered that I had been allowed 2 hours of access for the day. A real luxury in the world of PC and phone control by Miss Deelight! I signed in, checked Twitter, enjoyed the latest blog from Sissy Mouse and then opened a link Mistress had sent to my phone the day before. My phone had refused to open it despite numerous attempts by me and I had no idea what the file was.

    The link opened and I was taken to the beginning of a video that I knew very well indeed. I think it is called ‘Taquins Release’ and shows yours truly tied to the bed whilst Mistress releases me from my device and teases and edges me like no one had ever done before. Eventually she is kind enough to take me over the edge into a fabulous orgasm. It is still one of my best ever sessions and one of my most favoritevideos.

    It was so kind of Mistress to allow me to watch the video. Some time ago Mistress went onto my PC using TeamViewer whilst I was sleeping. She found the folder that contained all of my fun files and moved it and them from my PC to hers. Her control of my fetish intake is now complete. I think that this is the first time that Mistress has allowed me to view one of them again. This fact together with the video itself made me very horny indeed. I asked Mistress if she would allow me to download the video back onto my PC. My request was met with an unequivocal ‘no’. This was swiftly followed by a text that mocked me for accessing Uberkinky 33 times in the previous week. I confessed to Mistress that I had been fantasising about the day when she would be able to use electrics controlled by her over the internet to torment her distance control pets. She responded gleefully that she was already considering just that. I began to feel another cavernous hole appearing at my feet and went very quiet on the subject.

    Mistress instructed me to change back to the lighter and more comfortable Uberkinky device on Friday. It did come as something of a relief as the bon4 had been getting uncomfortable.

    Saturday was another quiet day as Mistress was still unwell. I decided to use my time usefully by writing this blog (again on my phone due to a lack of PC allowance).

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 45

    Hypnosis, domestic service and tighter pc controls were the main events this week in the life of Slave Sissy Mouse…

    Video 4.00_02_41_25.Still003

    Distance control journal week 45

    As always my week starts on a Sunday and usually the first task is to write my weekly journal. This week as I have family staying Mistress allowed me to submit it yesterday. The first thing that happened this week came as a bit of a surprise, my windows phone carried out some updates and required me to re-sign in. Once I had done this I get a message to say “Adults can see what you look at on this device”. The update had linked my phone to my pc and thus the child settings that Mistress had placed on my pc. I could now only do child friendly searches and everything I now do on my phone Mistress can see including my location even with its turned off on the phone!! I message Mistress this but don’t expect to hear from her today as she was having a day off. I do however hear from Mistress with the simple message “That is very interesting” followed by 2 smiling devils. Nothing like providing Mistress with more weaponry! We exchange a few more messages and then Mistress kindly gives me my instructions for the day 3 edges. Mistress over the past few weeks has been working me up into a sexual frustration frenzy, I think I have mentioned this before, I have never felt this frustrated but the masochist inside me enjoys it greatly. I thank Mistress for my task and wish her a lovely day.

    Monday arrives and today I have a short session with Mistress to begin Sissy Hypnobot programming and then the pleasure of being a useful slave and doing some task for her. The morning drags as it always seems to do before seeing Mistress, I load the car with the things I will need to carry out my tasks later. Finally, it’s time to leave for the HOD and I duly arrive at the allotted time to be met by Mistress looking fantastic as always, this time dressed in shiny pink latex skirt and black latex top. We have a quick catch up and a chat about our expectations from the hypnosis, it’s then time to head upstairs relax and enjoy Mistress’s soft silky tones as she takes me into my first Hypnobot programming session. Once this is over and I’m back in the real world feeling very relaxed it is now time to start my tasks which are to clear all the rubbish from the back garden, remove the weeds and clean the patio with a pressure washer. Of course being me things never go smoothly. Whilst I am doing this Mistress will be working upstairs on webcam. I get everything out the car that I need and then load it with the accumulated rubbish, remove the weeds and the discarded cigarette butts and move the furniture to start the cleaning. I splash the patio cleaner around plug in my pressure washer and turn the water on and that’s where it all goes slightly wrong. The water is pouring out of the bottom of the pressure washer. The last time I used it was last year when I cleaned Mistress’s patio at her home and it worked fine then. Luckily the HOD has one that was hidden under the rubbish which I assumed was broke and was going to ask Mistress later once she had finished working. I plug it in and luckily it works (Phew) I then spend the next hour or so splashing everything in water including myself and the job is done. I replace the furniture and clean the windows of all the water splashes, put everything back in the car and mop the kitchen floor which has got wet footprints on it. Mistress had allowed me to make a cup of tea when I had finished and wait for her to inspect my work. About half an hour later Mistress enquired from upstairs if I have finished and I confirm that I have. Mistress gets changed into her normal clothes and comes down to inspect my work (she was equally surprised that the HOD pressure washer worked). Luckily my work was approved by Mistress and once I had loaded Mistress’s car it was time to head home feeling pleased and honoured that I was able to be of use to her.

    Tuesday arrives, after an odd night’s sleep which was due to not getting any night-time arousal this is part of the Hypnobot programming that I will only get aroused when dressed as Sissy Hypnobot (or SHB to make it easier) I awake in the morning and I no longer feel connected to my cock and have no desire to touch it. I do however also feel very needy for attention and have a craving to dress as SHB. I Message Mistress about this and she replies with some instructions she would like me to carry out. Firstly, I am to have a seedy wank before bed (no cumming) and let her know how it felt and the other is to dress as SHB the next day for 30 minutes and email her my feelings and emotions. I thank Mistress for my instructions and carry on my day. Bedtime arrives and I settle myself down for my seedy wank, the first problem is I struggle to get hard and once I do I can only stroke myself about 5 times before my erection starts to whither and I start to feel unwell (Mistress has programmed this into me during the hypnosis) so I stop and try again and the same thing happens and I give up. I try to get to sleep but my mind is whirring as always and then I start to think about dressing as SHB tomorrow and get very aroused.

    Wednesday cannot arrive quick enough and I carry out my instructions to dress as SHB. The restriction of the clothes compared to my normal clothes makes this easy to fall into the character as it were. However, one thing that is clear to me is that I am no longer aroused when dressed. I was very aroused at the thought of dressing but once dressed I no longer was. After the 30 minutes I remove the clothes and email Mistress my thoughts. A couple of hours later I am honoured to receive a video message from Mistress who was looking amazing dressed in wet look leggings, teasing bra and wearing her strap on harness informing me how pleased she was with my reactions to her instructions. I was and still am mesmerised by this particular video as Mistress also laid out my place within her Hypnobot stable. I messaged Mistress to thank her for the video and let her know how amazing she looked in it and that I was aroused by her strap on and sucking cock. Mistress replied that one of my duties as SHB will be cock sucking.

    Thursday as always is Mistress’s day for doing her stuff and I never expect to hear from Her. As I do every day I wished Mistress a nice day and leave it at that. Mistress did send a reply to wish me the same and thank me for a gift I had sent her. In the evening Mistress shared with me a clip Commander Deelight with her male and female Hypnobot. Now this was very interesting to me because as soon as I saw both Commander and the Hypnobot’s immaculate dress I was instantly aroused just as Mistress had programmed me to be. I think it would be worth mentioning that also up to this point I had no desire to touch myself and my cock still felt detached from me. I thanked Mistress for the video and informed her that I had become instantly aroused by the contents. Mistress replies with a simple Devil emoji.

    On Friday I message Mistress to inform her I have a busy day working with my mate and to my utter surprise I receive another video message from Mistress looking fabulous in a black body and teasing bra which puts me off my work for a bit. I thank Mistress for her very kind message and that she has got me in a bumbling mess. My reply was simply “Did you have any reaction?” Meaning did I get aroused to which hard as it may seem I didn’t (excuse the pun). Mistress is a very sexy and attractive lady but my submission to her is from the neck up as my reply said “Mistress your evil mind and your pretty face are your weapons against me”. I know for some it’s the aesthetics of the female dominant but for me it’s on a mental level. I am and never will be a match for Mistress’s quick wit or her creative and inventive mind. I am submissive to Mistress in all and every situation.

    My message to Mistress on Saturday apart from wishing her a nice day was to inform her that the chastity side of the hypnosis had worn off and whilst I had no desire to pleasure myself I felt reconnected with my cock. Mistress replied that I should try a seedy wank and let her know how it felt. I did as instructed (no cumming) and it felt completely normal and nothing like the one on Tuesday. Mistress replied it would have been magic if it worked first time out and she will be working on it at our next session. A little while later Mistress send me a picture via WhatsApp which I expected to be a teasing picture of Mistress but oh no, it was a picture via bing maps of my location at that moment using the child controls on my phone. I looked at the picture with shock but also amusement, I think to myself the net is tightening and indeed it was because Mistress had also posted on twitter that my week 43 journal was now on her website and I clicked on the link to read what Mistress had written as an introduction. To my further surprise I got a message on the screen saying this “Please ask an adult if you can view this web page”, I try my phone same message. I message Mistress and simply say “I’m suddenly feeing much more restricted” Mistress doesn’t reply and no more up to now has been mentioned on the subject. I don’t know when or if I will be able to visit any adult sites in the future, that like all things is up to Mistress. I sent my request by email and await a response!

    Most of Saturday I feel weird, I am not sure if it was a bit of drop from the chastity hypnosis wearing off or just other things going on in my life but it was a shit day. However, it was all leading up to a massive error on my part but that will be revealed next week.



  • Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

    Double Hypnobot Shoe Worship

    All my Hypnobots must undergo certain duties. Really it’s all about whatever I find entertaining or amusing, they obey their commander. However my female Hypnobot is currently untrained; programmed but untrained and therefore needs to be trained in some of these duties. The first duty being the worship of my shoes. The worship of my very special Louboutin heels. As the first Hypnobot, HB1 has the responsibility to train all new recruits by way of demonstration. HB2 will first observe the demonstration of shoe worship by HB1 who has been trained to the highest of standards. He must train the new recruit to the same high standards. Watch as my male brainwashed hypnotised human robot kisses, licks and sucks my stunning patent killer heels, describing what he is doing as he goes in order to educate the female human robot. Learn of his fatal error, an absolute sin. His programming has somewhat malfunctioned and he fails to recall that the female Hypnobot is still superior to him and does not have to suck the heel. A failure he will be punished for in another video. Once HB1 has finished his demonstration, he is then joined by HB2 for her first ever shoe/heel worship training session. Both Hypnobots then proceed to worship my shoes together.

    8 Minute HD clip available to buy now at my clips4sale store.

    Buy Now

    G84A0328.00_03_22_09.Still020 G84A0328.00_07_06_06.Still024 G84A0328.00_07_32_01.Still025 G84A0328.00_07_47_05.Still027

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 44

    In this edition of Sissy Mouse’s journal, a stark warning was issued which has since been ignored.  Watch this space in the not too distant future as serious punishment lies ahead.

    Video 13.00_06_36_18.Still004

    Distance control journal Week 44

    This week starts a new direction with Mistress. As you would have read in last week’s journal Mistress has decided that she would like me to join her Hypnobot scheme. I have a great interest in hypnosis. The power of suggestion and control of the subconscious, coupled with an already deep submission and trust of Mistress ticks a lot of boxes for me, even more so when also encompassing my interest in cross dressing. I had lost interest in being a sissy, I even messaged Mistress in my lost days to tell her it even repulsed me. However, as we know Mistress always knows best and she decided that a smart Hypnosissybot was my calling and she will no doubt be correct. This type of smart dress is so far removed from my normal scruffy appearance, whatever work I am doing it’s usually dirty and messy in some way so this embraces a complete polar opposite of me. I also accept that I will never be able to pull off a convincing female look, like for example Sissy Annie May. However, Hypnobot’s are masked because they are not human so another tick in the box.

    During last week Mistress informed me to purchase a cheap smart skirt suit. This was to gauge size and would help me get a feel for it before the joys of going to buy a much better suit with Mistress and certainly before I can meet any other Hypnobot. I found something online ordered it and it duly arrived in a couple of days. This then completed my instructions for my first day of this week’s distance control. From now on I am to write my distance control journal on a Sunday dressed as Hypnosissybot and will wear the following. The suit with a shirt and tie covering false boobs, a steel chastity belt, butt plug, stockings and heels, with a corset added later to enforce the strictness of being a Hypnobot.

    I duly dress as instructed and immediately the restriction that the clothes bring is quite surprising. I message Mistress (or from now on if dressed like this I have to address her as Commander) that I am dressed appropriately and send a picture to confirm. Mistress replies that she is reasonably pleased with my efforts and that I may begin writing my journal.

    Sitting down to write my journal is a very new experience. The restriction of the suit, the tightness of the shirt collar, the plug being held in by the chastity belt and my legs held together by the skirt all makes this very odd. It does however arouse me greatly and this is one of Mistress’s plans that being a Hypnosissybot will arouse me more than anything I have done before and when I am not I will not feel aroused to further enforce my mental chastity. Once I have written my blog, read and re-read several times to check for spelling and grammatical errors I submit my blog and return to normality. Mistress just after messages me to enquire how it made me feel? I reply that I have never considered the escapism of a fully immersed roleplay scenario on top of my natural submission. Mistress then sends me a link to her Hypnobot clip collection to watch and consider it home work. I thank Mistress and spend the next hour or so watching the clips. I know I said this before but it really is a joy to watch Mistress’s clips and it was very interesting to watch how a fully programmed Hypnobot functions and the control Mistress has over it. Once I have watched them I email Mistress my thoughts and one of the things that will be difficult to overcome is the two sides this will bring to me and how sissy mouse and Hypnosissybot will function and also separate. This I feel will be a process of fluidity.

    On Monday after my usual restless night with all the new ideas running around my head I message Mistress, wish her a nice day and await a reply. Mistress replies that she has considered my email and agrees that we will have to find a place for both sissy mouse and HSB. Later in the day Mistress posts Slave Taquin’s latest journal and I message her to ask how does he cope? Mistress merely replies “I am evil” which I light heartedly reply that I would never had guessed. It is times like this that one realises that through our own email and messages to Mistress you slowly dig yourself an ever bigger hole.

    Tuesdays message to Mistress informed her I have a quiet day and this was replied to with instructions to dress as Hypnosissybot and write the following 50 times “I can’t wait to embrace life as a Hypnosissybot, it is my calling and my destiny”. I thank Mistress for her instructions and inform her I will message her when I am ready to start. Once I have done a few things I dress as instructed and message the Commander. This time the restriction has increased with the arrival of a corset. This does feel so restrictive and within seconds I wonder how Mistress sits down let along carry out session’s whilst wearing one but I guess as with all things you get used to it. I start writing my lines and I am about 15 lines in when the Commander messages me and requests a picture. I duly do this and also hold up the lines I have written so far. Once I have finished the 50 I message the Commander to inform her to which she replies that she hopes her HSB is suitable horny and submissive. I reply that I am indeed and my reply is simply “Wonderful”.

    Wednesday arrives and I awake to a message from Mistress simply saying “I want you to bring your lines with you on Monday” This is my next and very much looked forward to session with Mistress. I thank Mistress for my message and wish her a nice day. Mistress replies that I am to edge 3 times today once with pegs on my balls, she also reminds me that it is less than a week until my Hypnosissybot programming starts. I thank Mistress for my task and confess to her that I have been tempted to pleasure myself and my task will not help my desperate situation. Mistress replies with a very clear and concise message written thus “DON’T YOU DARE SUCCUMB TO TEMPATION EVER!!” I reply “Message fully understood Mistress”. I don’t think I have ever had such a stern message from Mistress! I carry out my edges throughout the day and message Mistress later to thank her my excruciating edges. My reply was simply Hahaha! You are most welcome. I know I don’t have the additional annoyance of a chastity cage but this period of denial is driving me crazy. I understand why Mistress is doing it. It tests my obedience, submission and reminds me of her control. The stupidity of my masochistic side is wondering what this period of teasing and denial would feel like in 6 months or even a year with no orgasm.

    Thursday’s message to Mistress is replied later in the day to inform me she has a very busy and enquired how I am. My day was not going well and Mistress leaves me to it.

    On Friday I message Mistress that I have some domestic things that I will need to attend to over the next few days and Mistress kindly informs me that she is going to be very busy and will leave me to it. Mistress also informs me that she has her new Female Hypnobot attending today. I wish her a great day and get on with mine.

    Because of my domestic duties I am granted permission to write my journal on Saturday. I message Mistress and wish her a good day and dress appropriately to write my journal. Whilst I am writing this I remember something that Slave Taquin wrote in one of his journals about Mistress tweeting messages that you are convinced are aimed at you. On Wednesday Mistress tweeted a picture of her sitting on her throne with the message “Show Mistress how you wank that pathetic piece of skin” My 3 edge day! On Friday Mistress tweets 2 pictures, one of the shiny shoes of her and her 2 Hypnobot’s and the other a gif of her dressed smartly, teasing a dildo whilst saying “I’m your boss, you do things my way. Understood?”

    The mind fuckery continues and I thank you Mistress for it.

  • Slave Huw – Distance Control Journal – Week 3

    Slave Huw had another exciting week of tease and some humiliation thrown in to the mix. I do enjoy making him squirm with both.  His inflatables fetish is something I thoroughly enjoy and when I hear his moans on the video evidence he sends me, I find his plight thoroughly amusing.

    With it being fathers day today it was a day of rest from Mistress. Although I did send my week 2 journal and asked Mistress what I should take for my hotel stay the next day. Mistress replied asking me to take a sheep and air bed. Mistress also set me a task for my Monday train journey which was to make one of my inflatables fall out on the train in front of other commuters.

    I texted Mistress in the morning to state that I had completed my task and I did feel very embarrassed letting the sheep fall out of my bag. I couldn’t look anyone else in the eye and I was glad to get off the train in Paddington. There were no other instructions from Mistress on today.

    My task today was to hump the sheep in the train toilet on the way home but no cumming. Having done this task with the banana last week I was actually looking forward to it. However my train journey did get rather stressful as I missed my train then when I caught my later train it was full of Glastonbury and football fans.

    I did complete my task much to my sexual frustration. However the issue I then had was that I was in the train toilet and couldn’t deflate my sheep, what was I supposed to do? In the end I managed to deflate it enough to hide it under my jumper and return sheepishly back to my seat.

    My task today was to write a list of inflatables that I would like to buy. I had permission to write the list with Paris however I was to be gagged and to have my cock and balls tied. I completed my task and sent Mistress my list.

    Today I was tasked to write 30 sexual fantasise that involved my inflatables. However I had to include a mix of pleasure, pain and humiliation. Once I had completed my task I could then play the heads or tails game with Mistress.

    I actually found this task hard to think of 30 things and some of which I didn’t want to divulge to Mistress in fear of fantasy becoming reality one day. However I bit the bullet compiled my list of 30 tasks and sent them to Mistress.

    We then played the heads and tails game and to my delight and surprise I won and Paris was allowed to give me oral until I came. This felt amazing and my release was huge and incredibly intense. To say thank you Mistress was simply not enough.

    Friday and Saturday I went away on holiday therefore my week ended on a very big high.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 43

    There is a new journey ahead for Slave Sissy Mouse as he is instructed to embrace his sissy side once more.  I have decided that Mousey must join my taskforce of Hypnobots as a Sissy Hypnobot or SHB for short.  I will continue to tease and deny him but I also intend to begin and continue a process of hypnosis mind control to enforce chastity without a device and to develop his role as a robotic obedient servant.  His position will be the lowest ranking of my Hypnobots.


    My distance control week starts as always on Sunday, this week however it started with a bit of a shock. After sending my morning message to Mistress I turned on my pc and went to click on the Firefox browser button and it wasn’t there. I messaged Mistress again to ask if she had removed it. My reply from Mistress was to the point “Yes. Problem? You can only use edge from now on”. I replied that of course it wasn’t a problem (if it was then there was nothing I could do about it) and I understood why Mistress had done it because as a child user you cannot use private browsing so Mistress can keep an eye on what I look at online. A little while later Mistress posted slave Taquin’s excellent weekly journal and Mistress’s introduction made me sit up and take notice with the statement….
    “I decided it was no more nicey nicey. It is time to deliver the full and uncompromising power of my control… not just for Taquin but for all my pets.”
    This rattled around my head for the rest of the day and well into the night.
    Monday arrives and with little sleep with my mind whirring, I send Mistress my morning message which is read almost instantly but no reply. I go to my pc to do my normal stuff looking at twitter, seeing what Mistress has on her wishlist and then the boring work related stuff. However today it sinks in that whatever I look at from now on Mistress will know about because she gets a report of my online activity sent to her. I now have to think about everything I look at and whether it could have repercussions at a later date. Later in the morning Mistress replies to my message and is very generous to allow me to get on with my busy day as I have lots of work and personal stuff to take care of.
    On Tuesday my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and share with her my plans for the day. I have quite a lot of real life stuff to do this week but even so the thought of Mistress and what she could do is never far from one’s thoughts. One of the biggest events for me this week was the removal by Mistress of my preferred web browser. I don’t like Internet explorer or now as it’s known Edge, but now I have no choice but to use it. Mistress is slowly taking away my free choice. I don’t have admin rights to download it and a request to put it back on would be futile. Without thinking I put something in the search engine and what came back was “This search is not suitable for minors”. At least I can still use my PC. Mistress later in the day shared a task she had given another slave involving covering his kitchen in mud and cleaning it off with a toothbrush. Mistress ends the message with “it made me think of you”, referring I guess to my love of licking mud off of Mistress’s boots.
    My message to Mistress on Wednesday also coincided with a couple of emails from Mistress regarding my next, much delayed visit to the HOD. Mistress has decided that It has been too long since I embraced my sissy side and suggested that I should become part of her Hypnobot scheme as a Sissy Hypnobot . As you may have read previously I have been lucky to enjoy many hypnosis sessions with Mistress but this was taking things to a new level. As ever all Mistress needs to do is plant the seed and then let my imagination run wild. Mistress briefly set the parameters and left them to whir in my mind.  I hope that when I do come up with ideas I have already filtered the stupid ones out. Mistress also set me what seemed like an easy task but would turn out to be very trying emotionally. When I go for lunch I was also to buy a teenage girls magazine, inform Mistress which one as she may also buy it and read it whilst having my lunch. Mistress said she may then either ask me questions about it or instruct me to write an essay about what I had learnt. So as instructed I head to the local supermarket and get my lunch and head to the magazine section, as ever way too much choice and all sealed in plastic so I have no idea what the content is. I finally choose Top of the pops magazine and head for the till. I get back and open the plastic wrapping to enjoy my free gifts, A pink pompom key ring and some mascara. I then open up my lunchtime read and start by flicking through. My immediate reaction is the content is very lacking in depth, however if I am to be tested I better soak it all up. I mentioned this to Mistress later and her immediate reaction was “slaves don’t need in-depth. Simple things for their simple minds”.
    As always on Thursday my message to Mistress was replied to with a reminder to keep reading my new magazine and too inform me that the idea of me becoming her Sissy Hypnobot , dressed in a very smart skirt suit is the way forward. In my reply I inform Mistress that I am that sexually frustrated from all her recent teasing that any idea is appealing to me and also inform her that I am that desperate that I am looking at pornhub and xhamster. Mistress as ever was to the point “I’m glad you are sexually frustrated”. But is also annoyed that even with my child settings on my pc I can still visit such sites. Not for long I guess!
    On Friday my message to Mistress was as ever to inform her of my plans for the day and that my mind had been whirring about the Sissy Hypnobot journey. We also exchanged many messages about the EU referendum but I don’t think my journal is the place for politics. Later in the morning Mistress sends me a to the point message “tie your cock and balls slave” Mistress knows I have a different working hat on today and she has already teased me about doing the work I am doing in a sissy dress. I have nothing to tie my cock and balls with and scratch my head and after rooting through my tools I find 2 cable ties and do as instructed. I message Mistress to confirm I have carried out her instructions. As the day goes on with all the bending down and up and down ladders the cable ties really start to rub, however I can see no sign of damage and continue my day with the sting of them as constant reminder of Mistress. Around 6.30 Mistress messages to commend me on finding something suitable and how as it been. I reply that it’s been annoying me all day with the rubbing, and whilst Mistress is pleased that they my predicament has reminded me of her, she thinks it’s now best to remove them in case of any damage that I can’t see.
    Saturday comes and due to my mind whirring over the last few days I over sleep and end up sending Mistress my morning message about an hour late. Mistress is luckily very understanding and we briefly discuss my plans for the day and I am left to it as Mistress has a busy day at the HOD. Later in the day Mistress posts a gif on Twitter of her amazing bottom clad in leather hot pants which is a joy to watch (I may have watched it more than once!). A couple of hours later I am both surprised and honoured to receive a video message from Mistress telling me to work harder because I will need a nice smart strict suit for my Sissy Hypnobot journey to begin. I also forgot to mention that Mistress informed me a few days previous that we would be going shopping to find right suit for me. I feel embarrassment coming on. Mistress also enquired how my reading material was going and I had to admit that is felt very weird and slightly wrong for a late forties man to be reading such things. Mistress understood and told me that she would find a much more suitable magazine to suit the sissy that I am. Mistress also informed me that from now on my orgasms would be linked to my weight loss. Mistress would be setting me a target and a timeframe to achieve the weight loss. If I didn’t reach the target, I would be set a lower target and would have to wait until then for my orgasm if I achieved that target. As Mistress does like to keep me denied I don’t think the targets will be easy and will require a lot of hard work on my part, however it’s good to have goals and will help make Sissy Hypnobot look better in its formal strict attire.
    As always I would like to thank Mistress for what has been a very interesting and enjoyable week. Mistress has opened up a whole new window for me of total immersed role play. I have been lucky to enjoy my submissive side for many years but this new journey really offers an escapism that I had never experienced before and we have only just started.

  • Slave Mike – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

    Another slave buckled himself into the Controller Coaster of Deelight and set forth on the emotional, scary and exciting ride of a week of distance control at my mercy.  He found himself teased, denied, wanking in toilets, edged and locked in chastity. Read his journal below….

    tease and denial

    I have been thinking about approaching a dominatrix for years but kept those desires suppressed. I guess I thought it was abnormal in addition to the stigma of fear which naturally portrays from the perspective of a complete newbie. Mistress Deelight has introduced me to the world of Female Domination with her incredible Distance Control Training, all via SMS. This has been an emotional rollercoaster however, an amazing experience without that initial fear of meeting a mistress in person for the first time. Although ultimately this is what my inquisition may eventually lean towards.

    Here is the journal of my thoughts and feelings throughout the week which I was instructed to create.

    Day 1
    I was excited to find an unread email in my inbox on Sunday afternoon from Mistress Deelight . She had replied to my application for her Distance Control Training with interest. Before i could talk myself out of it I decided to bite the bullet and sign up by agreeing to the terms and making the payment. I felt excited about what might be in store during the forthcoming week.

    Day 2
    I conducted my normal morning routine and made my way to work. As soon as I arrived I politely text Mistress Deelight requesting my instructions. Without much delay she requested I apply my spiked bird lock chastity as soon as I get home from work and practice my mantra. This message left a big bulge in my pants.

    When i arrived back home I struggled putting the cage on as I’ve not attempted it many times before. I practised my mantra so I could say it out loud without reading it. The next task was to imagine a fantasy to which I surprised myself with the details as i have no experience to draw upon. I started to become very aroused and the spikes felt discomforting, which for some reason only makes me more aroused – perhaps this is the fine line between pleasure and pain. After about a couple of hours I was instructed to remove the device. I noticed the feeling of frustration with a growing urge to satisfy myself however I managed to refrain from touching Mistress’s property.

    During the night I recall waking up with a huge erection following a dream about bruising on my cock from the chastity spikes. I realised this had already started taking over my thoughts and emotions, not just my physical being.

    Day 3
    I started the day with my mantra as instructed and then made my way to work. The whole journey I was thinking about Mistress Deelight with an erection. I was so pleased when I found out my instructions for the day would be to watch a video every 90 minutes and stroke, but without cumming.

    Each time I watched the video it was increasingly more difficult not to ejaculate. I reached the edge quicker and quicker. By the end of each video I lay there with my cock throbbing but pleased I managed to complete the task each time successfully. It felt difficult to resist as I’m used to masturbating usually twice per day but the desire to please mistress felt more important.

    Day 4
    I spent most of the day with a heightened sense of arousal. I felt anticipation waiting for Mistress to send me a text defining the number of minutes I was allowed to stroke my cock for, again without cumming.

    Each time my phone bleeped I felt a twinge downstairs hoping it would be from Mistress Deelight allowing me to stroke again.

    When I look back it makes me chuckle thinking about the instruction i received at work to stroke slowly for 17 minutes. This meant I had to use the toilets at work. I’ll never look at that toilet cubicle again in the same way. At the time it was embarrassing with the awareness of others coming in and out and being stuck in there for so long. I text mistress thanking her for allowing me to stroke her property and she replied with “lol” – I think she found my predicament amusing too.

    When I arrived home I couldn’t wait for the next text. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than checking my phone in case I missed the bleep. However, the message never came. This made me feel so frustrated and a little broken mentally. I repeated my mantra and went to sleep thinking about how much I will miss this experience if it ended at the end of the week and hoped mistress would consider an extension.

    Day 5
    My instruction for this day was to lock myself up in chastity and send proof via WhatsApp. I was worried about which ring size to use as the larger one is escapable but the smaller one feels painful when my cock tries to become erect. I guess this is the point of chastity however, i have only ever managed a couple of hours before on my own so my very limited experience makes me nervous.

    Just the thought of being locked up in the tight bars made me aroused so I tried focusing on something else. However, it was impossible to ignore its snug fit. I just had to suffer the consequences, which was inevitable due to the high sensitivity of my cock after the past two days of tease and denial. Perhaps this was her cruel plan all along.

    I found that sitting down seemed to cause more pain so the hour commute to work made my scrotum feel sore. I was able to go for a walk at work which enabled me to take my mind off it briefly and it somehow eased off the pressure.

    The evening started to pass with bed time approaching and I hadn’t heard anything from Mistress Deelight. I wondered whether mistress would allow me to unlock myself for bed but I didn’t want to ask and disturb her.

    My fate was sealed and I was in for a bad night sleep tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Somehow I managed a couple of hours but woke up with the most excruciating pain at the back of my balls and a very determined cock. This was the most difficult time and I was very tempted to unlock myself to relieve the suffering however, I felt it was important to be true and do my very best to achieve the task. I must have laid suffering for a couple of hours as my cock simply would not give up trying to get hard. I could only hope mistress would allow me to remove the device in the morning.

    Day 6
    I decided to get up out of bed early after rehearsing the most painful mantra ever. I was surprised at how much effect saying the mantra was actually having on me.

    I text mistress early asking for my instructions and informed her of my suffering. She fortunately allowed me to remove the device.

    My instructions for the day came unexpected during mid afternoon. I thought maybe I was being let off easily until the text came through telling me to check WhatsApp. The day suddenly got a lot more interesting with a short clip with my instructions. The task was to bring myself to the edge when commanded to do so by text in the works toilets. My heart started pounding, my mind started racing and my cock felt like it was going to explode and I hadn’t even touched it yet. It wasn’t going to take me long to bring myself to the edge – I was already there lol.

    The first text to edge came through and I frantically raced to the toilets. Unfortunately it only took less than 30 seconds. I found this incredibly frustrating as stroking felt more amazing than it had ever felt before. Because I had to deny myself after such a short time I so desperately wished I could rewind the clock back to Day 4 where I was allowed to stroke for 17 minutes.

    The next text came late in the evening so I took my time bringing myself to the edge this time. I wanted the feeling to last a bit longer. The closer and closer I got the more risk there was of an accident. I got as close as I could then stopped, had a cup of tea and went to bed “I wonder what the cat was thinking” haha!

    Day 7
    Feeling tired I forced myself out of bed early to go to my circuit training. Not too long after I received a link with a video clip of Mistress giving ‘stop start style’ jerk off instructions with a lovely treat at the end. Never before have I felt so satisfied with such a powerful and prolonged orgasm.

    I have learnt many things during the last week but a couple of things stand out to me the most:
    – Being under the control of Mistress Deelight 24/7 is an emotional rollercoaster which relies on the sub being honest and performing the instructions obediently. Sure its tempting to cheat when times get tough but you would only cheat yourself by taking away the very thing that lead you to pursue this in the first place – transfer of control and feeling of being dominated by a beautiful goddess.
    – This journal documents my thoughts and feelings mainly as this is what I have concentrated on for most of the week. However, the last couple of days I started to realise its shouldnt be just about me. However, I would not be informed sufficiently to be able to comment on this from the perspective of Mistress Deelight. I can only pay my respect and show my appreciation for the time and effort she makes to plan and keep on top of her work/lifestyle/profession.

    I hope Mistress Deelight will agree to extend this period by another week whenever she can fit me in to what I assume is a busy schedule.

    Many thanks Mistress Deelight.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

  • Stress Ball Panty Head – Double Domme Shenanigans

    I have just been browsing through my session photos and came across this fab set of pictures from a double Domme session with my dear friend Mistress R’eal.  What fun we had!





    Can you handle two Mistresses? Book a double Domme session and find out. Click here to contact me!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Snap Out of It…..

    …..and back into it… that place in vanilla land, the humdrum, the doom and gloom of vanilla life that sometimes gets in the way of the fun and frolics that is kink land.  There was no journal from Taquin last week. Vanilla life really took precedence.  This week my control and his thrills made a come back, even if just temporary. I did maximise the opportunity at every possible moment to torment my flailing sub.

    20160608_102717119_iOS 1

    Mistress had concluded the previous week by reminding me that she could, at any time that she chose, snap me out of a ‘down’ period and that she enjoyed putting fear into me whilst she did it. I know this is true. Even when I know she is just playing with me, either allowing me to sink into despair or suddenly elevating me back to a state of blissful submission, I am powerless to do anything about it. I just have to let it happen.

    On Sunday morning I let Mistress know how horny I was feeling. Mistress chose to build on my growing desperation by starting to suggest things that would happen at my session scheduled for the end of the week. Much of this centred around the tantalising suggestion that she would chain me up for the first hour, either to her sunbed (which I was to purchase!) in the back yard of the HOD whilst she sunbathed or, if the weather wasn’t suitable, to the table in the lounge of the HOD whilst she worked away on emails, direct chat or even TeamViewer. Up until now Mistress has always restrained me and left me largely on my own for the first hour of our two and a half hour sessions. This allows me the joy of being her prisoner comfortable in the knowledge that, whilst ensuring my safety, she is able to get on with much more important tasks in her day. The idea that she might allow me to be with her whilst she undertakes those tasks filled me with great joy. What an honour, and a pleasure it would be, for me.

    On the Monday morning I received a text from Mistress that told me that she had looked at the weather forecast for the day of our session, and that it was now forecast to rain. Apparently this was my fault! The next text that followed shortly afterwards just said ‘whatsapp’. I quickly pulled up WhatsApp on my phone and clicked on the video that Mistress had sent me. She started the video by showing me what she was wearing. I was excited to realise that she was wearing a very vanilla but very sexy tightly fitting peach coloured top. She looked wonderful! Along with everything else that Mistress knows about me she also knows that I do not need for her to be dressed in latex, leather or lace to be submissive to her. Much as I adore it when she wears any of the more domme style clothing I actually sometimes find myself more comfortable in my submission when she is dressed as I might expect her to be when away from the HOD. I really don’t want to enter, and then leave, a fantasy. I have chosen to accept my position as the slave of Miss Deelight at all times. I accept her dominance in all of our interactions and therefore seeing her dressed as she would be in her every day life makes me understand that our relationship is a simple fact, not a fantasy.

    In the video Mistress explained that I had better make the sun shine for our session or that she would hold me personally responsible, and that I would be punished if she couldn’t sunbathe. I have given up suggesting to Mistress what I believe might or might not be fair in her treatment of me. Instead I pointed out that, whilst I would always be willing to move heaven and earth on her behalf, making the sun shine in Newport might be beyond even my capabilities! Mistresses response was to send me a full copy of her latest JOI video. This was incredible kind but also incredibly tormenting. The torment was intensified when she instructed me to watch it, stroke slowly, but not to cum. Easier said than done. It is a fabulous video with Mistress at her absolute teasing and tantalising best. I was a total mess by the end of it! I put her property away still throbbing with the pent up frustration of being so close to the edge but not being allowed to cum.

    SEXY JOI (7)

    As the week progressed I found myself, as directed by Mistress, watching the JOI video and stroking over and over. Its effect on me never seemed to diminish.

    The day of my session arrived and I exchanged confirmatory texts with Mistress. My excitement grew as the morning progressed until, for reasons I wont bore you with here, both Mistress and I had to declare that we couldn’t go ahead with the session. I was gutted! I know that compared to many slaves I am very lucky to see Mistress once a month. But the way I look at it is that I ONLY see Mistress once a month. The way things are shaping up for me in my vanilla life at the moment I might end up missing this session altogether. But 2 months between sessions seems sooooo long. I will see how it goes.


  • Sissy Strap-on Service


    My sissy slut Petra demonstrates what a cock hungry whore she is; hungrily sucking, licking and gobbling down my veiny strap-on, proving what a good pimped whore she is going to be.


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  • My Night with Paris – By Slave Huw

    Slave Huw is a long serving pet of mine with a penchant for all things blow-up.  After some time away from servitude he is once more back in the stable and undergoing a period of distance control before making a return to real time sessions.  Yesterday on discovering he only had an inflatable banana in his overnight bag, I instructed him to go to a sex shop and call me.  He left with a new partner…. Paris!  He enjoyed the fun so much he has written a piece for my blog.

    My dull and uneventful London life took an unexpected twist today when I was given a task by my stunningly beautiful and amazing mistress, Mistress Deelight. I will describe my challenge in my weekly diary however as a side note I wanted to detail my night with Paris.

    Having had my weekly gym session to try to repair my old and battered knee, I sat down to eat my post gym chicken and rice. When I checked what’s app I saw a video from my Mistress. I watched it immediately and got turned on by Mistress looking amazing and by the task I had been set.

    I rushed back to my hotel room and opened the box that contained my new partner Paris. I blew her up slowly and felt the pvc against my body and very erect cock. When she was inflated I sent Mistress a few pictures and then decided on an early night with Paris.

    Now this is where things get difficult as I had only been granted permission to cuddle Paris. My cock was throbbing but I wasn’t allowed to touch myself, I also had this urge to kiss and lick Paris all over however rules are rules.

    I therefore spooned Paris and went to sleep, although I must confess as my hands did grope her breasts a few times and I did also finger her pussy. I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it, I’m sorry Paris I just hope she enjoyed it. I know I did as my cock was dribbling pre cum without even touching it.

    When I woke up in the morning I found Paris on top of me. I gave her a cuddle by squeezing her ass down against my very erect cock which felt amazing. I knew I had to get up to go to work and it was with great sadness that I had to deflate Paris.

    What happens next with Paris only Mistress knows x

  • Rogue Police Officer Blackmails You – New Femdom Clip

    Clip inspired by a sob story from a client who was ripped off after playing blackmail fantasies online….. You want to report a robbery? Officer Deelight here, please explain what happened. So you were indulging in the blackmail fetish on a webcam site and you gave over your personal information, your girlfriends information and your mothers information? I will need to take all that down to keep it on our records. What happened next? She then threatened to tell your girlfriend and when you didn’t respond she started calling your girlfriend\’s phone? So in the end you gave her the £400. Just how much do you have in your account? 10 grand! I’d say you got off lightly…. I would have taken you to the cleaners. And now that I have all of your personal information, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Empty your account by the end of the day or I will be making personal visits to your girlfriend and your mother!

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  • Introducing Annie May – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

    I was delighted to take on another distance control slave last week, please welcome Annie-May, a pretty little submissive girly sissy. Once I discovered that my new pet was very much into being female and feminised I new exactly what direction she needed.  It’s always fun to have a true feminised sissy to play with because it is almost like having a female sub.  I look forward to having a real time session with her soon.

    New HOD pet - Annie May
    New HOD pet – Annie May

    Day 1

    My first day eased me in nice and slow and made sure I realised I was Mistresses property. Every morning and before I went to bed I was to strip off completely naked, kneel down and repeat a mantra 3 times as a pledge to be the property of Miss Deelight and to serve her to the best of my ability. I was to do this every day of the week.

    There was definitely a certain, vulnerable thrill of being naked and realising I was owned by a beautiful goddess.

    Day 2

    Today entailed some SPH. Mistress asked for my measurements, which were humiliatingly inadequate. I was ordered to water my dicklett to see if it would grow, and send a photo to Mistress. Around this time, I informed Mistress of my chastity device (size small) that I was to frequently wear throughout the week.

    Mistress asked me if I had any girly clothes, so I replied that I had quite a few :) Next I sent Mistress a more detailed description of my fetishes and about me etc, to make up for my somewhat lacking initial message.

    After finding out I was a feminine, submissive sissy that longed to be feminized by a superior woman, my training really took off!

    I was ordered into chastity, a maid uniform and makeup, and sent the photos to mistress to show I can look pretty on demand.

    Day 3

    This morning I felt overjoyed when Mistress complimented me on my photos! She told me I make a lovely sissy, which made me inspired to make myself even more girly and prettier than I am. I always want to look my best for Mistress and look after myself. It was a very positive experience, which is just what I needed from a Mistress :)

    My task today was to research the Lolita makeup style, particularly the large ‘dolly eyes’ that go with it. So I watched a few instructional videos whilst locked in my small device and had a buttplug shoved snugly up my smooth sissy bottom.

    During this time, my Mistress sent me a personal video message! It was so good to see Mistress informing me directly what she expected of her little Lolita and to be a good girl for her. I dutifully watched the videos and did my best copying the techniques on myself. I found I was missing liquid eyeliner and white eye pencil, which are best for this style, and I had misplaced the glue for my fake eyelashes! I was looking forward to wearing those to show Mistress how sexy my eyes can be :)

    After making myself extra gorgeous and sissy I sent off the photos of my work. Mistress seemed delighted with my efforts and even picked out a favourite photo of me looking very cute and submissive with my big eyes, blonde curly hair and very small locked up clit! I will admit, it made my day :)

    Next I was asked if I had a girly name, so I informed my Mistress that my friend calls me Annie May (because being a fan of anime), which Mistress approved of.

    Day 4

    Today I was instructed to buy the liquid eyeliner before work in the afternoon. Before then, I was to edge my clit every hour whilst wearing my buttplug. As you can imagine this was very frustrating as I hadn’t had an orgasm for a few days! Then I was to lock my denied little clit up in chastity and go to work. Of course I stopped off at Boots on the way to pick up some Maybelline liquid eyeliner and a white/black double sided eye pencil. I sent of photos of my purchases and my locked clit while at work.

    Day 5

    Today was another edging day! Mistress seems to have a cruel streak ;) This time, I was to do it every time I used the bathroom. Mistress also checked up to make sure I always sit down to use it. So again, another wonderfully frustrating day for Mistresses little princess.

    Day 6

    I received another video from Mistress today! It was a humiliating SPH clip that I had to watch 3 time throughout the day…..in chastity. Then before bed I had to watch it again whilst rubbing my clitty, but again was not allowed to cum :( Mistress sent to bed a horny little brat that night

    Day 7

    Today I sent off a list of all my sissy toys to mistress in anticipation of a much needed orgasm. And Mistress finally allowed it! Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. I first had to lock up my small clit, and get dressed as a SLUT. I put on an extremely clingy and short white clubbing dress my friend had given me. Very slutty and just a little sheer :)

    For a full 5 minutes I had to give a blow job to my realistic thick dildo whilst plugged with my prostrate massager, which in itself was pushing me to cumming. Then I had to slide my jelly 6 inch anal dildo up my sissy pussy and fuck myself for 10 minutes! I had to prove to Mistress what a dirty little fuck slut I can be. I took a few photos and made a short clip of me bent over being penetrated. Only then was I allowed to rub my clit…a few minutes later and I came very hard. One of the most satisfying orgasms Ive ever had, thanks to mistress denying me so long, and making sure I was well fucked first…

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Shaking Things Up

    Slave Taquin proved his devotion the other week by suppressing his neediness while I both prepared for and recovered from the Marathon.  However it wasn’t until I stepped things up a notch and had him back to his rightful place of dribbling mess with some Teamviewer snooping, trial phone control and of course merciless teasing!


    In the same way that it is a known fact that men suffer more from observing women giving birth than the woman does herself I can confirm that it is far worse tracking the progress of someone undertaking the London Marathon than it is actually taking part. Of course I am joking but I have to say that it was a really nerve racking morning following, and reporting on, Miss Deelights progress as she completed the 26.2 miles of her Marathon. I found myself in a customers house doing some work for them watching / listening to the BBC coverage on my laptop whilst tracking Mistresses progress on my phone, and tweeting accordingly. This is all possible because each athlete has a unique electronic tag given to them that they attach to their shoes. Each time they reach a 5 km marker they run over a sensor in the road that notifies the website that they have passed this point. It was clear to me that Mistress was finding the early stages tougher than she had hoped. I kept reassuring myself that her determination would ensure that she would cross the finish line, but I was also aware that even the fittest competitors in the world can be forced to retire through injury. As we all now know Mistress did indeed complete the course, overtaking 700 competitors towards the end of her race and raising over £2,000 for her charity. A truly inspiring result.

    We exchanged a few emails over the next few days but inevitably Mistress was taking the opportunity to recuperate mentally and physically through the first half of the week.

    It was actually on Thursday that I began to feel Mistress return to her formidable and slightly scary best. Firstly she began by reminding me (as if I needed it!) that I had a session booked for the following week. In doing so she disclosed that Slave Spike had told her of a key safe with a 10 day timer that he had discovered. This was obviously giving Mistress some devious ideas! Whilst I was trying to get my head around what those might be I heard my phone beep in a way that I hadn’t heard before. I looked at it and realised that it was Mistress telling me to check in on Life 360. This is an app that Mistress had told me to load onto my phone, which she swiftly took control of. It is basically a tracking app that allows parents to keep track of their children (or in my case Mistress to keep track of her Slave). I think in asking me to check in Mistress was reminding me that there was no place to hide. It allows the ‘parents’ to set up specific locations and receive an alarm if their child departs from it of arrives at it. It might be the home address or a chosen location. In my case it just means that Mistress has tightened her control of me by several more notches. Now she can see at any time exactly where I am. She can even watch my progress walking the dog in the morning if she wishes! Just imagine what she could do if you were one of her slaves undertaking weight loss or fitness training. Never again would you be able to claim to have taken that 5 mile walk and not do it!

    Later that evening I looked at my PC to see that I had missed a Teamviewer visit from Mistress. She had left a recording of her snooping around my files. This always gets to me, particularly when I saw that she had spent some time looking at my browsing history. I had received a very clear warning from Mistress that if she ever discovered that I had been looking at porn without her permission that I would be punished. After the caning that I had received during my last visit to the HOD I really didn’t want to experience anything like that again. Of course the parental controls put in place on my pc by Mistress prevents access to sites such as xhamster but there are other potential sources of fun videos such as youtube. Whilst I didn’t think that I had been on any sites that I shouldn’t have I was pretty scared as I watched the video of her working her way through my viewing history. Fortunately there was nothing to be found and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Mistresses property was of course twitching and dribbling throughout. In the end Mistress had just left me a simple message. It read ‘remove your device and wait’. Although my body has coped pretty well with the device for the last few weeks I was actually relieved to be given the opportunity to remove it and to check that all was ok. Thankfully it was. There was a little reddening in a couple of areas but nothing that could be described as a sore. I wondered what Mistress had in store for me.

    Just before going to bed I got a further instruction: ‘Edge and wait’. I did as instructed. A few minutes later I went to bed with thoughts of my forthcoming session, Mistress controlling my pc, Mistress tracking my every movement and the recent unusual pleasure of being allowed to touch myself on my mind. It was a restless night.

    Mistress added to my torment on Friday morning with the instruction ‘edge again at 9am’. At 9.05 I sent my text to Mistress confirming that I had completed my task and was told to remain unlocked. I waited for my next instruction, and waited, and checked my phone, and waited. This is of course what Mistress does to me. She teases and tantalises and then leaves me to the dangers of my own thoughts for a while. It was just after lunch when I heard from her next. I saw the Teamviewer sign in screen appear on my laptop PC and knew that I was about to be taken on the next leg of the journey that Mistress had planned for me. She opened up the notes page and told me to wait for a moment as she needed to plug something in at her end. I took the opportunity to ask if it was ok if I nipped off for a pee (I had been meaning to for ages). There was no response. I waited for a couple more moments, decided that she must be away from her PC and so headed across the yard to relieve myself. When I got back I saw a message from Mistress telling me that I had her permission to go, I told her that I had done it already, she said ‘what, before I gave you permission’, I said yes, she opened up the camera on my pc in order that she could see me and instructed me to pull down my trousers and spank myself hard on the bum 10 times. I of course did as instructed. This seemed to amuse Mistress greatly.

    Mistress continued to type via notes. My task for the day was to go onto AdultWork and contact another Mistress through direct chat. I was to tell her of my current situation and to speak with her for 10 minutes. During this time I was to stroke Mistresses property very slowly. To make matters even more difficult I was to video myself in the process in order that I could send it to Mistress to prove that I had not allowed myself the pleasure of an orgasm as a result. Mistress also told me that I was to send her regards to the Mistress concerned. The thought of the task filled my head for the rest of the day, but unfortunately I was unable to find the right opportunity to complete it (one of the few downsides of working from home). Mistress kindly agreed that I could complete the task the following day.

    It was shortly after lunch on Saturday when the opportunity to undertake my Adultwork task finally appeared. Luckily for me the Mistress concerned was on line and available. I set up the PC to record myself, pulled down my pants and made the call. My call was answered and the lovely lady at the other end of the line asked who I was. I explained the purpose of the call and said that Miss Deelight sent her regards. She was pleased by this. We started to chat, she gently probed my experiences and weaknesses whilst I enjoyed the pleasure of being allowed to touch Mistresses property. It was only after we had been chatting for 2 minutes that I realised that I hadn’t pressed record on the video capture on my laptop! I pressed the required button and carried on with the call. As I explained to Miss Deelight afterwards I did enjoy the call but found it to be rather to friendly and chatty. I think I needed a bit more Domme / Sub about it. Regardless of this the end result was what you might expect. I was dribbling uncontrollably and had been unable to take full advantage of this rare pleasure as Mistress had made me record the event to ensure no chance of mishaps. I sent the video to Mistress and exchanged texts on the subject. She took the opportunity to reinforce her hold on me by reminding me of my perilous position in this relationship and signed off with the phrase ‘and in a few more days my grip on you will tighten…

    I have no doubt that she is correct.

  • Attitude adjustment and complete subjugation in less than 10 seconds – By Slave Sissy Mouse

    When slaves need to be put in their place, reminded of their position and have this deeply ingrained in their submissive little minds sometimes one must even step outside of ones own boundaries in order to deliver the message in a way that the slave simply would never ever expect.  Slave Sissy Mouse found this out as you will read in his session write-up below…G84A9436.00_07_54_07.Still006

    My write up this time is just going to give you a snapshot of the week proceeding my latest session before I get onto the session itself. Whilst there have been lots of interaction with Mistress this week I have been very busy and Mistress has let me get on with it.

    One of the key points this week was a message from Mistress to say she has been trying to log into my bank account to inspect the state of it and the codes wont work and she was checking that I had not been foolish enough to change them. I confirm I haven’t and go to log into my account to find it has been blocked. I go through the reactivation process and thus have to enter new login information. I message Mistress to confirm it was blocked and that there are now new codes and ask Mistress if she requires them. I receive no reply so I assume Mistress will extract them from me on Friday.

    The rest of the week sees me doing a different job with my builder’s hat on and thus working on site with a plasterer and electrician. I message Mistress to inform her I quiet funny being all blokey whilst wearing a skimpy thong and this does indeed amuse Mistress. My job goes well and I send Mistress evidence of my work and she is pleased that I can maintain high standards without her overseeing presence. Now one of the things that the week does do to me working in such an environment is to make me a bit cocky and this would ultimately lead to my very quick demise when I attend my session.

    The morning of the session arrives and I still have this very cocky bring it on attitude and I message Mistress this. What I should have said was I am very much looking forward to our session whatever it might bring as I was not expecting it to be easy. I do like to dig myself holes.

    About an hour later Mistress messages me and tells me to go and buy an assortment of strong cheese and some washing up liquid. So this of course gets my mind racing as to what Mistress is going to do with these. Suddenly feeling not so cocky!

    I arrive at the allotted time of 12.30 and walk through the door with my bag of shopping and I am greeted with Mistress looking fabulous in her Pink polka dot latex dress. To find that Mistress is not going to feed me cheese. The cheese is for a custom video that Mistress will be shooting later and the washing up liquid is not to wash my mouth out but because the HOD has run out of washing up liquid. This is the level of mind fuckery that Mistress has got me too. Mistress informs me to go upstairs strip off and use the toilet and return kneel and face the fire place. This is when it all went way beyond what I ever expected.

    I return kneel and face the fire place and close my eyes as instructed.

    Usually Mistress comes in walks round me, verbally abuses me for being useless and fat and generally gets my head into a nice bumbling place but not this time oh no. Mistress walks in the room and puts a plastic bag over my head and ties it off with rope and shouts at me to put my hands behind my back which I do immediately and she cable ties them together.

    Now this has completely caught me by surprise and all I can think is don’t panic because you will use up all the air. Once my hands are secure Mistress removes the bag and says simply “Not so cocky now are you?” No Mistress is all I can whimper. Mistress then places a hood over my head and then bandages my head to form a blindfold and inserts a ball gag in my mouth. It is very unusual for Mistress to gag me but today is not a usual day. Mistress then tells me to lye on the floor which is not easy with cable tied hands and Mistress does help me down because as harsh as this may sound there are sharp corners and no one wants a head injury. Now once again you will have to excuse me if I don’t get this completely accurate but my mind was not at the time thinking this is going to make a great write up so my time line maybe slightly out. All I can remember is being completely shocked by what just happened, that bag was over my head for 10 maybe 20 seconds but it so disorientated me that I was utterly compliant with what I was told to do. I would have agreed to anything for air. I would also like to add and as Mistress pointed out after the session I was no where near suffocation it was just the utter shock of it. So I am now tied, blindfolded and gagged on the floor and Mistress is shouting at me digging her heels in me and the thing that stands out the most to me was kicking me in the balls whilst shouting were is my latex dress that I asked for on twitter. This is not the Mistress I usually know. Mistress is not a demanding bratty person but she was that today and she made me feel my place fully as a total piece of shit beneath her. I cannot lie this was the best start to a session I have experienced so far and to lye on the floor totally helpless and at Mistress mercy was so arousing. This was fear play without the play part just total fear. All I could do is whimper through a gagged mouth.

    After a while Mistress cuts the cable ties releasing my hands and if my memory serves me well informs me to get on my knees and she then sits on my back and starts tugging the gag so I start to move to which Mistress sternly tells me stay where you are I didn’t say move. My mind is a little blank until I am told to stand up and Mistress leads me to the bondage chair. Reminding me once again that the chair was where my journey to hell started. Mistress secures me in the chair and then begins to ask me questions. Little did I know at this point it was being recorded for further “leverage” Whilst I have few limits with Mistress there was still some wiggle room for me and I had asked Mistress a few weeks ago if this could be removed to ensure her control over me was absolute and not lead me to be tempted to send selfish, self pitying emails again. Mistress then asked me a series of questions including my new bank login details. I was slightly hesitant on this which produced two whacks of the cane on my thighs (I still have the marks and bruises) I was not able to have marks this time and Mistress knew this and thus made my compliance much easier to obtain. As I told Mistress after we had finished the session I so wanted to say “But Mistress you broke my account I don’t think you should have the new codes” I wasn’t that brave of course and gave her the codes. Once the questioning had finished Mistress says “I will just upload that to my one drive to keep it nice and safe” and played it back to me just to ensure I knew she wasn’t making it up. Mistress also played back to me my agreement to the purchase of her imac just as a reminder. Not that I need reminding, my commitment to that is beyond question even in my darkest days I would never have reneged on it.

    I have to be honest the rest of the session was a bit of a blank I do remember Mistress getting me a drink of coke but instead of putting it to my mouth she just told me to open my mouth and threw it at me with some going in my mouth and the rest trickling down me. It was that sort of session and Mistress was in that sort of mood. After what seemed like 10 minutes but was in fact several hours (where does the time go during a session?) Mistress released me gave me a drink and told me to come and sit down to gather myself. It is sometime quite odd to sit in front of Mistress with her being nice a smiley after putting you through it. Stockholm syndrome springs to mind and as Mistress reminded me just because she is being nice Do Not think it will always be this way.

    Once I had regained my composure Mistress sent me for a shower, re dress and granted me the honour of helping her set up her cheese eating custom clip and whilst she was doing that gave me some chores to do. I do so much enjoy helping Mistress in anyway I can to lessen her work load. It is also nice to reach a point where my work is expected to be at a certain level and as such is never inspected because I dread to think what sloppy duties would entail especially from now on.

    As ever I have to finish with thanking Mistress for another mind blowing session. The mind fuckery was beyond belief and as Mistress pointed out I was hard the entire session so fear must turn me on. Yes it does because you make it real fear Mistress.





    Full clip now available to purchase – click the link above!


    I am going to demonstrate the Hypnobot self-milking procedure.  At times it isn’t possible for the commander to administer milking on her Hypnobot , so they must formally milk themselves. But as I am about to demonstrate, they are only able to obtain release in the presence of their smartly dressed commander.  When in the presence of their immaculate commander, Hypnobot are aroused and can release easily.  However, as I will demonstrate, when I do not look pristine and immaculate, not only will Hypnobot find it difficult to release, he will also find it humiliating to be instructed to milk itself.  It is very rare for a Hypnobot to express emotion but in the company of the commander who is not smartly presented, the experience will be so humiliating that the Hypnobot will not be able to disguise its humiliation.  Let the self-milking procedure demonstration begin.

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    I caught a burglar stealing my purse and other belongings. Caught red-handed, I used my cleavage to hypnotize him and then I burgled his virginity with my black strap-on.



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  • An electronic slap around the face and a kick in the balls – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Slave Sissy Mouse has been in irregular service despite committing to a lengthy contract of distance control and financial control.  I had been kind on him for a while until one day recently I received an email from him which got my back up and decided on no more Miss nice-Deelight. Threatened with exposure (an original consensual blackmail agreement) Sissy Mouse has regained his bumbling composure and is firmly back in the place he belongs.  You can deny your submissive side all you want pets, but if it’s in you it’s never going to go away so you might as well buckle and enjoy the controller-coaster ride of your life! Oh and one more thing… never EVER masturbate without my permission if you are serving a control contract!

    fabio original.00_00_06_19.Still001

    An electronic slap around the face and a kick in the balls.

    My distance control from the beginning of March also coincided with a period of relentless work and almost constant illness. Mistress was very kind to let me just get on with it whilst still following my daily instructions these being skimpy Female underwear (thongs mainly), my new daily routine Female deodorant and of course my mantra.

    During this time Mistress enjoyed some shopping trips via Teamviewer including purchasing an ipod for using whilst training for her marathon. This also had the added benefit for Mistress of me having to contact Apple to confirm the order due to it being sent to Mistress’s home which of course meant once again I had to confirm my email address which for some stupid reason I registered sissymouse@ rather than my normal email address. I have had to confirm this email address to apple 5 times so far and it makes me squirm every time and of course amuses Mistress immensely.

    A few days later Mistress messages me to ask if I could come a give one of the rooms at the House of Deelight a fresh coat of paint and redo the gloss. I was of course honoured to assist Mistress and a date was duly set. I arrived and set about moving some of the furniture into another room so Mistress could carry on working whilst I set about my tasks. However within an hour Mistress had a nasty cold come upon her and much as she tried to work it was too much and around lunchtime Mistress left me too it and went home. Even though I have known Mistress for over 2 years I am still touched that she trusts me to do what I am meant to do and leave everything in its correct place because after all this is her place of work and if it’s not done correctly it reflects badly on her and I wouldn’t want to think what the repercussions would be on me. So let’s just say a thorough job was done and everything was checked and re-check several times. Once finished I had been instructed to return the key to Mistress which I duly did the next day.

    On the Wednesday I yet again went down with a horrible cold and this just didn’t let up and lead to me having to postpone my session with Mistress on the Saturday. This also brought a strange feeling with it as usually I crave my sessions with Mistress; they are always fun no matter what nasty things Mistress is doing to me. This time however I didn’t really miss it, I just carried on with my life not really thinking much about it. I don’t know if it was because I was so entrenched in work mode and had not had time to think about anything else for weeks. I was still however carrying out my daily tasks as instructed by Mistress.

    Now we get to a day I shall never forget and it’s not for good reasons. Over the last few weeks I had convinced myself that I was no longer submissive and that I needed sometime completely away from the scene and tried to convey this in an email to Mistress. However on reading it back after sending, it read more like a selfish self-pitying epilogue. I like to pride myself on being a very low maintenance slave and client but I managed to lose sight of reality and send this email. However the biggest shock I got was the reply from Mistress which I would like to add was sent at 5.56am on a Sunday the day that I knew Mistress was doing one of her last long runs for her marathon training. Mistress very firmly pointed out to me that my email had ruined her sleep because she had read it the night before. Mistress also pointed out that she had been very understanding of my work pressures BUT I was under her control until at least January 2018 and that control would now be very forthcoming. In the email I also admitted to pleasuring myself without permission which I also added didn’t bring me any joy just made me feel guilty, hence the confession. This I think disappointed Mistress more than anything else and her response to this was that she would secure my hands to my head and nail my bollocks to her coffee table! However it was the final line that made me shake which said “If I didn’t turn up for my next session (which was on the following Saturday) she would disclose every bit of information she has about me. So there it was a slap around the face and a hefty kick in the balls all via one email.

    I just looked at the screen firstly because I had made Mistress lose sleep during a very important time for her and secondly because it really hit home how deep I am into this and how there is no escape for me. I have no safe word, I have no limits I am at Mistress’s mercy and as she pointed out to me I have asked for this and now I have it.

    I received a message from Mistress a few hours later asking if I had read her email. I responded that I had and that I couldn’t quantify how sorry I was about sending the email and making her lose sleep. I never meant to annoy or enrage Mistress and I cannot even now relate how terrible I feel about it. I wont go into the to and fro of our messages only to say that Mistress made it very clear that no matter how terrified I was I was to arrive for my session with a smile on my face. I thanked Mistress for her understanding and went about my day very nervous about what is to come.

    I sent Mistress my morning message on Monday to enquire how she was feeling after her 19 miles (with little sleep) on Sunday. Mistress replied later in the day that she was very fatigued but in good spirits. Mistress also pointed out that as I had paid for my session already I had better not miss it and she had been looking at my bank account which once again was not in a good way. This only sank in a few days later that Mistress still had my bank login details. Mistress had previously told me she had destroyed them so they could be extracted from me again!

    My Tuesday message to Mistress was responded too by Mistress telling me to return to my small chastity cage and ring during the day. I thank Mistress for her instructions and go and fit it. I received a message from Mistress that evening enquiring if her property enjoyed being secured (which of course it did).

    Wednesday’s message was to confirm I had locked Mistress’s property and wished her a good day and enquired how she was feeling from her Sunday run. Mistress replied she felt fine and didn’t even ache which was great to hear. I also pointed out I was getting more nervous as we got closer to Saturday. Later in the day as is usual my balls tried to escape the ring and it was another chastity fail to report to Mistress. Mistress was not surprised and informed me that it would be mental chastity and that any touching without permission would have serious consequences. I had also noticed that Mistress had put some coffee supplies on her wishlist and when this happens I am to message Mistress to ask to buy them for her which I duly did. Mistress replied that she would do this whilst I was secured on Saturday via Teamviewer and my Amazon account.

    Thursday arrives with a rush of realisation that after all this time of moping about what I had missed and needed was Mistress’s control. As I said my mantra on my knees I was shaking with adrenaline like I am after one of our cp sessions. I message Mistress about my realisation and she replies that she is pleased to hear it and that she knew by giving me no choice it would get my head back into its correct place. Mistress also reminded me once again that I am bound to her for another two years with no escape so I had better start embracing it. I thanked Mistress for her patience and fully accepted that this was my path. Mistress also sent me a line to repeat which was “I surrender to total control and to being totally fucked”.

    Friday dawns and just one more day to go until my session. I do however awake and feel like a massive weight has been lifted from me and hopefully I can now just relax into my control. I message Mistress and inform her of my plans. Mistress informs me she has a day of sessions and looks forward to dealing with me tomorrow. Later in the day Mistress messages me to inform me she is having her nails done and as a penalty for keeping her up before her run I was to pay for them. I am always happy to spoil Mistress so I reply thanking Mistress for allowing me to pay for them and how much do I need to send. Mistress tells me she will let me know later. A while later Mistress informs me the cost of the pedicure and she also informs me she has helped herself to the money from my account and how does that make me feel. I reply that I feel happy and it’s all part of my submission to her. Mistress enquires if it was arousing which I reply it was very much so. “Perfect” was the reply from Mistress. I still struggle to understand why Mistress having access and taking money from my account is such a turn on but it is and she uses it to her advantage. I trust Mistress and know my account is in safe hands (for now is what Mistress would probably add).

    Saturday and the day of our session arrives I have had little sleep due to nerves. I have not been this nervous before and I know it’s not going to be nice because Mistress has told me so. I don’t have any idea of what will happen as I never do. Mistress replies that she is looking forward to our session and adds 3 devil faces. 11am arrives and I walk through the door to be met by Mistress in normal clothes (My submission is mental, what Mistress wears is of no consequence to me. Although I am partial to her in her pink polka dot latex dress) anyway this was not a day for requests. After a brief chat about what an idiot I have been Mistress hands me a package and informs me to go upstairs use the bathroom and return wearing the pants she has given me. They have one hole for the cock and another for the balls. Mistress also gives me a cable tie to attach around my balls to stop them running away. I return a few minutes later and have to warm my balls over the heater to bring them out and then kneel in front of Mistress and say my mantra repeatedly whilst she drinks a cup of tea. Mistress then informs me to follow her into the other room but I have to as Mistress describes slither like the slug I am. Mistress tells me to stay on the floor a put my legs and arms out like a star and walks around me digging her heels in here and there and then tells me to sit up cross-legged and Mistress applies a bandage blindfold. Mistress informs me I will be wearing this for the entire 3 hours of our session so I have no idea what is coming and from where. Once this is done Mistress tells me to stand and places me in the bondage chair and starts strapping me in reminding me that this is where my journey with her started and how it has shaped my doom. Once I am securely strapped in Mistress places some headphones on me and played me an audio clip of her giving jerk off instructions. Which you can imagine the headfuck of that, Mistress’s soft voice instructing me on when to start and when to stop all the while I am firmly tied to the chair not able to do anything or know what Mistress is up to. When that finishes Mistress plays me another. This one contains Mistress giving instructions to the slave whilst he is in the room so I get to hear him enjoying a lovely orgasm directed by Mistress. Then Mistress applies some lube and starts stroking my cock. This is total hell because I know there will be no chance whatsoever of an orgasm today or probably the foreseeable future. The one thing that does strike me is that I have not been stroked by Mistress’s hand for such a long time it is absolute heaven and hell all into one. I remember one of Slave Taquin’s post from many months ago saying it was the thing he craved and I am reminded why that is. I don’t think I have had the pleasure of being stoked by Mistress since October 14. Anyway back to the torment and Mistress is following the instructions on the recording slow, fast, slow and so on. My cock at this point is the hardest I can ever remember it being and Mistress then stops and puts on some classical music and starts the electrics which I hadn’t even realised that she had attached. Only gently to begin with and I am expecting this to get much worse but it doesn’t. After a short while Mistress turns the electrics off, stops the music and removes the headphones. She tells me she has done her coffee shopping and helped herself to another item to help with her photography. Mistress then starts undoing the buckles on the chair which is a bit of a surprise for me as I was expecting much more torment and so was my still very hard cock.

    Once I am free Mistress informs me to go and get dressed but leave the pants on with my cock and balls exposed. I don’t know what to expect now but go and do as I am told. I don’t know what time it is and think to myself wow that 3 hours went quick and I got off very lightly. On my return Mistress tells me that she has decided that our session will be in two parts and that the next part will be on Friday leaving me with almost a week to simmer. I stand there is almost complete disbelief being so teased and now so denied. I leave and when I return to the car and look at the clock it has been just over an hour. I have just had my mind fucked in the most unexpected way. My balls ache like they have never before and I cannot do anything about it because the fear of punishment is greater than the need to orgasm. I drive home in a slight daze and just keep thinking about what part 2 will bring. At least there is only now 2 hours left on the clock to endure but hang on Mistress has access to my account so the torment could go on for a lot longer.

    Thank you Mistress for getting my head back in the game albeit by hook and crook and for proving I am no match for you in any way and that your mind is more evil than I thought it could be.




    After a hard day of filming it’s time for me to sit back in my throne, put my feet up on my human footstool and use my human ashtray while I smoke and well deserved cigarette.

    “Such is the life! When I get to just kick back and use my slaves as furniture! They don’t do anything else. This one is my footrest and this one is my ashtray.  That is all they are trained to do and that is how they spend their days. That’s just the way I like it.

     I bet you’d like to be my ashtray or my footrest wouldn’t you?  Sitting there watching from your bedroom, watching, wishing that you were lucky like these two… all you can do is dream, while these two things are living the dream!  Yes, even if it wants to gag or heave, it dare not because it does not want me to burn it. And I will! I have done, that’s how it learned. That’s how it did its training. And this one learned to keep still by having my heels stamping on it everytime it moved.  And now they’ve learned their lesson. They are just obedient, mindless objects.

    I do love the peace and quiet that comes from having well trained slaves.  Watch, I fill its mouth up with my ash. It’s not even allowed to swallow. It takes smoke from my lungs and dirty stinking ash from my cigarette.  What lucky, LUCKY slaves they are!”


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     This movie clips demonstrates the application of cbt to the genitals of my mindless human robot and depicts the level of suffering endured when the Hypnobot is presented with its strict, smart, well dressed commander, in comparison to the suffering endured when its commander looks scruffy and untidy. You will see how my Hypnobot is at first able to endure the pain without even flinching when I am dressed smartly, but as soon as I loosen my tie and unbutton my suit the pain becomes insufferable to the brainwashed servant.


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    Category: POWERFUL WOMAN
    Keywords: cock and ball torture, pegs, pain, suffering, slave, brainwashed slave, slave, obedience, smart attire, strict clothing, strict attire, suits, human robot,miss deelight
    Price: $8.99 USD
    Length: 9 minutes
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    Resolution: 1920×1080
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  • 36 Cold Hard Strokes of the Cane – New Movie Clip!

    Latex Dominatrix Delivers 36 Cold Hard Strokes of the Cane

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    Sissy Ivy is marched straight into the House of Deelight in its male form then hooded, collared and ordered to drop its trousers before receiving 36 cold hard cane strokes. Delivered by myself, Miss Deelight whilst wearing a tight latex figure hugging, cleavage enhancing dress and thigh boots. Strict discipline, corporal and judicial punishment for the crime of squeezing my friends bottom without permission.

    Category: CANING
    Keywords: judicial caning, judicial punishment, cp, cane, bare bottom, slave, mistress, dominatrix, miss deelight, boots

  • Chastity Release Part 3 – Edging and Orgasm Control – New Movie Clip

    Part 3 of a live session recording involving my chaste slave who I have unlocked for a session of tease. In this part my slave is edged slowly and repeatedly whilst I verbally torment him with things that I know will push him to the edge of orgasm. Occasional cock slapping.

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    Category: ORGASM CONTROL


  • A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 6

    As Slave Pupp’s servitude continues despite the absence of a chastity device, one thing is clear; that the mental chastity is still very much intact as my Pupp explores its feminine side and compares its service to me, to my marathon training. 

    Here is the sixth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

    “Miss knew that she would be busy this week. How does Miss fit in her Marathon training, the training of others and the rest of life too? What appeared to be a quieter time for me, with Miss engaged elsewhere, turned out to be just as demanding as usual. This proved to be an important teaching from Miss for me to learn. To find out that her control and demands are constructed so to be consistently stretching. Her demands on me for service will not let up without good reason, pupp is here only to serve/obey.

    First pupp got used to wearing jewellery again. Sundry anklets and bracelets were worn for long periods of time and became suitably comfortable. A favourite is a Hand Chain Link that combines a bracelet with a link of pearl beads that attaches from wrist to hand. Also the leggings that Miss required are now standard wear for pupp. As Miss expected they show off my panties and hide nothing, whether a chastity device is worn or not.

    From the notes that Miss made about marathon training some parallels surfaced to my chastity training. For example training alone does have benefits, although pupp is still trained at the pace Miss sets. Often pupp is found in the ‘zone’  – again set by Miss, and this does help to generate positive and creative focus in her plaything. When torment kicks in it can get lonely but focusing on the distance goal of chastity also takes mental energy and discipline as well as physical. One of the key elements of servitude becomes taking time to concentrate on important matters and getting proper rest. From this better service can be offered and a better being is developed.

    Every input that Miss gives is calculated and calibrated; her control develops….


  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Intense Tease and Mind Fuck

    bed stocksIf you are an avid reader of my blog you will know just how much I enjoy really intense sessions and how I like to incorporate psychological play into them.  My sessions do normally also involve a lot of banter and humor; I like to enjoy myself after all.  However every now and then I like to really get deep and gritty, where I totally immerse myself into the scene and take my submissive into a total state of subspace physically and mentally.  I decided that Taquin had enjoyed too much fun and banter in his sessions and wanted to give him something that would totally blow his mind more than he’d ever experienced.  Normally he would be tied for an hour before his session begins as that is what he enjoys and requests, then I would release him and carry on the session.  This time was different.  I didn’t release him. Instead I left him where he was and used a combination of music and stealth to send him spiraling into an abyss of adrenaline fueled excitement.

    This week I have decided to write a separate session blog rather than to include it as part of my weekly submission. I have two good reasons for doing so. Firstly it was such a wonderfully mind blowing experience that it deserves its own record and secondly because it is 5am in the morning and I cant stop thinking about it.

    I had been instructed to arrive at the HOD an hour before my session was due to start in order to fit some new ‘coat’ (bondage implement) hooks in the dungeon. I entered the HOD to find Mistress dressed in jeans, boots and figure hugging top. She looked wonderful! We chatted briefly. Even during the most vanilla of discussions or situations there is no doubting our relationship. Mistress is naturally dominant, not in an overbearing or theatrical manner, she just is. After a couple of minutes I was left to get on with the DIY. In actual fact I was able to install the new hooks remarkably easily. Positioning them was a doddle due to the wonders of a laser level and, for once, the wall that I attached them too drilled without putting up too much of a fight. I vacuumed the floor and asked Mistress to come through to inspect my work. She was very pleased and started to move equipment to its new home. Pride of place was given to the 3 wooden restraints that I had made for the use of Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal. I do find it exciting to see a beautiful young woman such as Miss Deelight so comfortable with the tools that will ultimately be used to control her slaves.

    We chatted for some time about her training for the marathon. Have no doubt about how difficult it is for a ‘non athlete’ to train to run 26miles. I know because I have done it. The physical training is tough enough but the mental stamina required is extraordinary. The constant worry and guilt about whether or not you are training hard enough compounded by the commitment you have made to a charity to raise the funds that they so desperately need is overwhelming. I have huge respect for Miss Deelight in what she is doing. We should all support her in what ever way we can.

    Mistress declared that we had chatted for long enough and sent me upstairs to undress. I was to go to the bedroom and wait for her there. When she entered the room I was pleased to see that she hadn’t changed. Whilst I do love seeing Mistress dressed in lingerie or latex in actual fact it is not essential for me to enjoy a session. Mistress is incredibly sexy whatever she is wearing. For me being dominated by her dressed casually is, in many ways, even more exciting. It actually feels more genuine. In fact thinking about this further I suspect that I would feel the same way about it happening in a domestic setting rather than a dungeon. I was instructed to go down on hands and knees to say my mantra. The first time wasn’t convincing enough for Mistress and so she stepped forward and clamped my head between her calves and squeezed hard. I felt her boots compress my ears tight against my head as I said it once again. Apparently happier with my performance the second time I was ordered to lay face up on the bed in order that Mistress could secure my wrists into the stocks at the head of the bed. Once she had done this she placed my ankles into the wooden restraints that I had made for the purpose and secured it with a padlock. Next a ball gag was put in place and strapped around my head. Happy that I was unable to escape Mistress produced a pair of her knickers and proceeded to tie up my genitals. What a wonderful feeling! Mistresses property went rock hard and started to dribble. I knew that I was about to be left like this for some considerable time and felt a huge desire to touch myself. This was of course impossible and the desire intensified. Mistress could see my distress and seemed most pleased. She gently caressed her property and squeezed my balls. As she left the room and went downstairs I could here her taunting me: ‘poor Taquin he is so horny and can’t do anything about it’. Mistress laughed, and was gone.

    I lay in that state for the next hour. Mistress had called upstairs regularly to check that all was well. My mumbled response through the gag was enough for her to know that I was ok. Eventually she came back upstairs and I wondered what torments she had planned for me in the next hour and a half. By this time my shoulders were most uncomfortable and sore. Mistress released them form the stocks and secured them instead to the side of the bed. She removed the gag, applied a blindfold and finally placed a music player on the table closest to my head. Mistress put on an album of classical music and turned the volume up. Again I wondered what was going to happen next. The answer was nothing at all. I just made out, above the sound of the music, Mistress leaving the room and making her way back downstairs. I relaxed to enjoy the moment. Here I was bound tightly but comfortably to a bed by a gorgeous woman whilst listening to classical music. A little time had gone by and still I was left to enjoy the solitude. I was totally relaxed and off guard when Mistresses lubricated hand grasped the end of her property and firmly moved it down my shaft. She was there in the room with me and I had absolutely no idea whatsoever. I suspect that it will go down as the singularly most exciting thing that has ever happened to me! I gasped as she worked away on her property for a couple of minutes, and then she stopped. The loud music played on. Was Mistress still there? The blindfold prevented me from seeing and the music prevented me from hearing. I spoke and asked if she was with me in the room. A very firm ‘stop talking’ was the response. These were to be the last words spoken by either of us for the next hour and a half. I realised that my body was tensed. After a few minutes I felt myself relax and I lay there trying to work out whether Mistress was still in the room with me. A multi strand whip striking my balls was the answer to that question! Mistress whipped me, not too hard, but hard enough to make me jump with each blow. She whipped my chest, my balls and my inner thighs. I could tell that she was starting to work with the rhythms of the music. And then it stopped. Nothing for what seemed an age. And then the whipping again. And then it stopped, I heard a sound downstairs and realised that I was alone once more. I relaxed. And then the wonderful gentle touch of Mistresses hand on her property once again.  Yet again she had re-entered the room without me knowing. And still the music was guiding her hands and her actions. (Mistress told me after the session was over that sometimes she had gone downstairs and left me alone and at other times she had just stood there for several minutes at a time watching my body tensing and relaxing and choosing her moment). Sometimes I would lay there for the duration of a whole track and nothing would happen. Sometimes the music would reach a crescendo and I would expect a beating to ensue, to find Mistress using it instead as an opportunity to work with gusto on her property. And that is how the session continued. Never knowing whether I was on my own or if Mistress was watching and waiting. Never knowing what was to come next. Never knowing how this was going to end. That is until Mistress chose to use the crashing crescendo of Carmina Burana: O Fortuna to bring about one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever known. The ferocity and intensity of it was all consuming. Afterwards I lay there, still blindfolded, whilst Mistress cleaned me up and started to release my bonds. Still not a word was spoken. Mistress was letting me come down from subspace in my own time. It was genuinely one of those moments that you never want to end. I really didn’t want to break the silence but eventually felt that I had to express my gratitude in some way. I am sure that I must have mumbled something totally inadequate given the circumstances.

    Mistress finally removed the blindfold and suggested that I should go and have a shower. I was then to go downstairs to be locked back into chastity before leaving the HOD. I do enjoy the sensation of being locked up. Today was meant to be even more special because Mistress was going to lock me into the new Bon4m that she had selected for me. But today I really couldn’t have cared less about being locked up again! My mind was full of the experiences of the previous two and a half hours. My desire for an orgasm had been totally fulfilled and I just wanted to enjoy the moment. Mistress was of course having none of this. The new device was unwrapped, fitted and locked and I was sent on my way.

    Sitting here as I am 48 hours on from the session I can truthfully say that it was an incredibly unique and extraordinary experience for me that I will never forget. My mind is still not fully unscrambled from what happened. This morning having started to write this blog I downloaded and listened to the classical album that formed the backdrop to the session. And now I understand why Mistress was insistent on locking me up again. If it wasn’t for this device I would most surely by now have taken the opportunity to recreate the moment when Mistress finally allowed me the orgasm that I so desperately needed. Instead I am sat here as horny as hell just longing for the next time.


  • Hypnobot Fucked with Strap-On – New Fetish Movie Clip

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    My technosexual Hypnobots also serve to be my robotic fuck toys.  Because I like to use them in every single way that I possibly can and always for my own gratification.  I am going to demonstrate the robotic manner in which I fuck this human robot, how I take its ass and own it.

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  • Released From Chastity – Part 1 – New Fetish Clip

    Released From Chastity – Part 1 – Restrained, Blindfolded and Cock Tied.

    Clip available to buy now, click here to preview.

    My slave has just been released from chastity after having been mentally teased all weekend and now he is especially lucky because I am wearing lace and this slave loves lace but he can’t do anything about it because he is tied and blindfolded. I think his balls have disappeared he has been in chastity that long! This video is a live session recording, in which I release my tied gagged and blindfolded slave from chastity, tie his cock and balls up with rope using my expert hands while I describe how his body has begun to evolve into a permanent state of chastity, balls begin to disappear as they are no longer needed.

    part 1.00_03_38_03.Still006

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  • Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 27

    G84A8258.00_01_52_02.Still002Slave Sissy Mouse has returned from a temporary break and is once again experiencing the Deelights of Chasity, teasing and much more beyond. The amazing session mentioned within his journal below can be found here

    Distance control journal week 27

    Finally back in the saddle or in my case attached to the whipping bench.

    I have not written anything for a couple of weeks due to stuff going on in my life and in my well known bumbling brain. However a week ago the sunshine finally returned for what turned out to be a most memorable week.

    Over the last couple of weeks I have still enjoyed the odd group task including the slow 200 strokes which I have to say was excruciating. Self teasing yourself with those slow strokes is in my opinion much worse than an edge and then trying to stuff it all in chastity for the rest of the day whilst feeling so horny was no easy feat. What is does do is remind you of why you enjoy the distance control tasks and keeps Mistress at the front of your mind.

    Anyway back to this week and for me the week starts with a message to Mistress on Monday to confirm my sunshine has returned and come what may I will be attending our cp session the next day. Mistress replied that she was glad to hear it and looked forward to dealing with me tomorrow.

    Tuesday arrives and still feeling sunny I message Mistress to confirm our session and duly arrive at 11am. As always the session itself has its own write up so I will skip that bit and move to me leaving the House of Deelight later that day. I return to the real world now with my chastity key locked in the key safe and a very, very sore bum and ease myself slowly into my car seat for the journey home. I have to pick my mate up who knows about my adventures with Mistress and takes one look at me wincing as I get out of the car and just shakes his head and puts the kettle on. I do feel very lucky that I have someone vanilla who I can share my adventures with and have a laugh about the stupid things I get up to with Mistress. It’s also amusing to me that Mistress makes him cringe by proxy to the point that when Mistress shared a clip of Slave Taquin being teased about Mistress having his friends contact details in her black book, I asked my friend if he would like to go in Mistress’s black book? He almost choked on his coffee saying and I quote “Do not under any circumstances give her my details. She looks amazing but she scares the hell out of me”. Anyway back to Tuesday and on dropping my friend off at work, who has spent the entire journey just shaking his head at me. I arrive home and have nothing more planned than a quiet evening and try not to look at anything that will get me aroused, which of course thinking about not getting aroused makes the cage locked around my cock, tighten. This is a new device that doesn’t have a ring around the balls it locks on with a pin through my pa piercing so there really is no escape from this without the special security screw driver and that is locked in the key safe. As always after a session I feel very tired and decide to go to bed early. I go off to sleep quite quickly but awaken a few hours later with my cock trying to force itself out of the chastity device. I have tried the device for a few hours but never overnight so this is a new and very painful experience. It doesn’t help that I like pain so the more it hurts the more I am turned on, which continues as a vicious circle. So I get up and try to calm myself down. I have no choice but to get through the night because there is no way I am messaging Mistress at 1am to ask for the code. I read a caption written on a picture on twitter a while ago that said “Real chastity training only begins when you want it removed” well that was were I was now. I manage to calm everything down and go back to bed and sleep for about an hour until it all happens over again and continues though the night.

    Wednesday morning finally arrives and I message Mistress to inform her of my night of chastity hell and how very sore my bum is. Now normally Mistress would ask if everything is ok with the device but today just asks if I am still feeling sunny. To which I reply I am and wish her a great day. This got my mind whirring a bit because Mistress knows if I had a real health issue with the device I would tell her. I don’t, it just hurts when I get an erection which happens and I need to deal with it. Wearing it during the day presents no problems at all. It’s only my sore bum that hurts.

    Bedtime arrives and I am shattered from a very busy day and a lack of sleep last night and hope tonight will be better. How wrong I was! It was even worse tonight and the night was very long. What it did do was make me feel utterly helpless. It’s the middle of the night once again there is no way I would contact Mistress for the code. All I could think of was how utterly controlled I felt. Mistress via my own thoughts is punishing me without even being awake. Get rid of the erection and I could go to sleep because the cage is very comfortable otherwise but when I try this I just start thinking about my situation and back it comes in a never ending vicious circle. However when morning does arrive I feel a great sense of achievement that I made it through another night.

    On Thursday I message Mistress and inform her I have had another night of chastity hell but still feeling very sunny and wish her a great day. I don’t expect to hear anything from Mistress today as it’s her day of doing her stuff. However around lunchtime I get a message from Mistress and it’s a group task message for all of her distance control pets. The task today is to come up with an interesting way of suffering for Mistress. I am at work so rack my brains on what to do and then look at a bag of oil absorbing grit. I take off my shoes and put a healthy handful into each shoe and put them back on and message Mistress my idea. This turned out to be not such a good idea for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet. After an hour my feet are burning as much as my bum so now I have given myself a predicament. It hurts to stand and it hurts to sit. I just think well done Mistress you have me over a barrel today and its self administered!

    Mistress messages me later her approval of my idea. I thank Mistress and say it has been hell to stand or sit to which Mistress caringly replies “Well crawl”.

    The day draws to a close and I contemplate another night of no sleep. Tonight however proved both the worst and the best night of the week. The worst being almost zero sleep however this brought with it a great sense of achievement that I was still going with it. My piercing was now very sore as my cock tried to push its way out of the cage when I got an erection. Once it went down it was fine so no grounds what so ever to request the key. At around 1am I got that frustrated that I just ended up knelt in front of a mirror looking at myself whilst chanting my mantra hoping to get some divine intervention (it didn’t come). However this did have a strange effect on me because I truly felt complete. Here I was suffering from not only the pain but a total lack of sleep for 3 nights yet I felt more alive and much better mentally that I had for months. I had reached a place of true submission. Mistress had the complete control over me that I crave so much. By leaving me to the chastity suffering and whether by luck or most probably great judgement not offering any easy way out, Mistress had taken me to a place I needed to be and it felt great to be there. I was back in that muddy field licking mud from her boots.

    Friday morning finally arrives and I message Mistress. Today Mistress does ask me how the chastity is going. I inform her it’s been very hard at night but that it took me to a very good place. I also inform her of the soreness and that my foreskin is now getting a bit puffy (the start of oedema). Mistress tells me that she thinks its enough for now and gives me the code. Whilst I was a little sad we couldn’t continue, Mistress’s timing was spot on it was time to give everything including me a little breather and I look forward to the next instalment which I now know will be utter hell but also character building.

    Thank you Mistress for the past week, never has right place right time been a more apt statement.

  • Kindapped and Beaten – Custom Fetish Clip Preview

    I recently filmed a custom clip where my client asked me what I’d do to him if I saw him in the street; I’d obviously kidnap him and turn him into my bitch to torture and abuse! He was over the moon with the clip so I made a preview out of excerpts.

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  • SPH – Harsh Humiliation Clip Preview

    I have just produced an SPH custom fetish video for a pathetic dickless slave.  You can have your pathetic little pin dick verbally crucified if you order your very own custom SPH fetish clip!  Here is a preview containing excerpts from said clip….


  • SPH Custom Fetish Videos. #SPH #SmallPenisHumiliation #CustomFetishVideos

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    Snapshot 2 (02-01-2016 16-19)

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  • Hypnobot Presented To Another Mistress

    The other day, My robotised servant, Hypnobot visited the House of Deelight to be presented to my wonderful friend, Mistress R’eal.  He has written such a good write up that I am going to hand it over to him.  I would just like to add that these are all the parts that he can remember.  He was fully hypnotised throughout his session.


    On my latest visit to Commander to continue my service as Her obedient hypnobot i was instructed ahead of the visit that a very special guest would also be in attendance; none other than Mistress R’eal. She was to observe Commander and Hypnobot in action as the Chief Executive of another organisation whose employees were, we shall say, lacked a certain something. I would find out more on my arrival.

    Of course this ensured i was determined to be as smart, polite and obedient as possible. Both to impress Mistress R’eal and most importantly not to let Commander down. This was a massive responsibility and showed how much trust She placed in me.

    On arrival Commander greeted me looking simply stunning as always, and wearing a beautiful white mackintosh coat, buttoned strictly to the neck. I could not help but smile as my excitement and arousal grew.

    In my own smart black coat (grey suit underneath) i was instructed to enter the Chambers and stand smartly as Mistress Re’al made Her entrance.

    My legs shook as Mistress R’eal entered in a black business suit with crisp white shirt and powerful red tie. Commander had removed the mac and stood resplendant in Her RAF uniform. Each shining brass button fastened perfectly, each increasing my arousal. Likewise Mistress R’eals strict buttoned up standards aroused me and i felt my erection get even stronger.

    Commander explained further the purpose of Mistress’ visit. Her staff are slovenly ill-attired and lack a work ethic. Having heard of Commanders perfect robotic employees She was here to learn more with a view to having Her staff robotised.

    Ordered to remove my coat i was then instructed to lie down and make myself comfortable for a deep hypnotic induction. I knew on re-emerging i would be changed into the hypnobot and allowed myself a secretive smile.

    Commanders soothing words soon led me deep down to trance and i must have slipped into a very profound state of relaxation.  The next awareness was to be alert and robotic, unable to do anything for myself, all that mattered was to obey my Commander and where instructed to serve Mistress R’eal.

    Standing smartly at attention, my blank face reflecting back from Commanders mirror. It didn’t matter or raise any emotion as i stared straight ahead. I then marched through to the other room and on the instructions of Commander was placed into the storage unit to be displayed to Mistress R’eal. As Commanders hand touched my shoulder i slipped into a trance.

    As awareness returned, which seemed like just a second though i must have been asleep for longer, i marched to Commanders punishment cross to be tied to it, though not before Commander had me drop my trousers and pants to my ankles.

    To demonstrate how Commander can punish and reward Her hypnobots i had numerous pegs attached by both Commander and Mistress, my gaze locked straight ahead and without any feeling of pain.

    Suddenly though i noted that both Commander and Mistress had their shirts unbuttoned, ties askew and jackets unbuttoned. I desperately tried to move to tidy them up but could not do so due to my bonds. I cried with the pain from both the pegs and the with the sight of the loose buttons and cleavage of Mistress R’eal in my face.

    Released from my bonds i then was instructed to clean both pairs of shoes with my tongue. Licking furiously to clean off the dirt and then polish them up. Commander tied a collar an chain to my neck prior to cleaning Mistress R’eals shoes as i could not reach. i gagged as the collar tightened whilst i pulled forward to lick Her boots.

    Begging to lick Mistress’ boots clean i was released from the collar and i leapt forward licking all the dirt off even more furiosly.

    This duty i then had to attend to each Commanding Officers strap ons, suckibg them and licking them Mistress R’eal had a very large strapon and it filled my mouth.  Eager to please i did my best to fit as much in.

    Strapped to Commanders punihment bench i was then spit roasted. Commander from behind and Mistress R’eal at the front. I could see myself in the mirror sucking hard while Commander entered me from behind. I obediently continued with my sucking, enjoying the sensations at either end.

    Eventually Commander and Mistress R’eals fun ceased and Commander ordered me to tidy up Mistress R’eal, my erection increasing as Her beautiful but strict gaze fell on me as the buttons were refastened.

    As Commander then proceeded to tidy Herself up i was ordered to masturbate. When the last button slid into place i could contain myself no longer and ejaculated in a wave of euphoria before both.

    Returned to a dressed state and back to the ‘at attention’ stance i marched to the sofa for a final hypnotic procedure to return me to my everyday state, freewill returned.

    It was also a pleasure to reawaken to the perfect sight of two stunningly attired Women smiling at me.

    Commander, Your hypnobot reports how proud it now feels to be shown off to Mistress R’eal, and to Mistress R’eal thank You so much for allowing me to serve You. What an experience it was when i look back at the day.

    Hypnobot xx

  • I Have ALL the Power!

    You think you are strong but you are not.
    You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
    Sure you think you can resist.
    You can’t.
    You don’t stand a chance.
    Go on try it, I dare you!
    Resist my demands to restrain you.
    You can’t.
    Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
    Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
    You’re too weak.
    And now you are tied.
    Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
    If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
    Go on I challenge you to resist.
    My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
    My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.
    You beg me to let you cum.
    You beg me to let you eat it.
    You are weak.
    You want to cum?
    You have to pay your cum tax.
    Where is your bank card?
    Give me your pin.
    Good boy.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.

    I have ALL the power.


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  • Nurse Deelight’s Smoke Break – New Fetish Movie Clip

    Well hello my little smoke slaves, it’s nurse Deelight here. I’ve been busy on my shift so I thought I’d take a little cigarette break. Now i know how much you like to watch me smoke, so I expect your little cocks to be all hard right now. You can watch me smoke and I even give you permission to masturbate but you must do it very slowly. I’ve been very busy in wank clinic today, yes that’s right I get all the slaves in here who have erectile dysfunction and it’s my duty to get things working again. It doesn’t take much to do so really! If all else fails I use my fingers and start by gently teasing their helmet. I’ll spit on their cocks and use it as lube to help get things working. I might even tease them with my heels. Stroking their cocks up and down with my red nurse high heels. Would you like to see them? To kiss them? You’re not a limp dick are you? All you have to do is watch me smoke and you are rock solid and horny! We love being naughty don’t we? I love the sm