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  • A Remorseful Loser

    I have a new devoted loser at my kennels, who I have nicknamed Slave Slobberdog.  He earned this title from slobbering everywhere whilst demonstrating his ridiculous puppy behaviour to me.  Slave Slobberdog spent a lot of time proving to me what a perfect specimen of a loser he is, but then he almost got kicked out of the pound for persistently hounding me on twitter and via email, expecting me to be available to his desperate beck and call, when the reality is that it should be the other way round.  After a telling off, and a temporary blocking, he came back with his tail between his legs, offering a gift as penalty for his crimes.  I guess every loser deserves a second chance!  Before he became a bad dog, he had asked me to post about him on my blog for his birthday, I said I would after he bought me a birthday present, for his special day! He did do that, I will find out what it is tomorrow.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Loser Slobberdog!