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  • Problem Wanker?

    Do you suffer from wanking issues such as obsessive compulsive masturbation?  Do you find yourself endlessly trawling the internet for your next self managed fix?  Are you locked away in a little room right now with your pathetic hard cock in your hand, tugging away like the little thing is glued to your palm?  Yes? You are indeed a problem wanker.  Do not worry, it is time to unburden yourself of the guilt and the shame.  Nurse Deelight has exactly the right treatment plan for you at my wank clinic.  To discuss your wanking issues, arrange a telephone consultation by clicking here. Calls will be payable in advance and charged at £1.50 per minute during office hours.  You need never feel guilty again, unburden yourself today; the answer to your problem is just a phone call away.


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  • Tease and Denial Via Text Messaging – A Sub’s Story (or Sob Story!)

    One of my Sub’s communicates via text message, an arrangement we have had going on and off for a while.  The deal is, he pays a tribute for a month.  He must message me each day edging himself and asking permission to be allowed orgasm.  Of course, I don’t want him to have the release.  He is a total wankaholic and needs my strict control in order to help curb his addiction.  I must say, I am proud of him as this time he lasted 15 days.  I didn’t hear from him today so I am assuming that yesterday’s denial from myself, was just too much for him, once again.  During his time he did share this experience with me and I would also like to follow on from what he has shared, by including a few examples of how, no matter how much you beg and plead, I am not going to be a soft touch!

    I bring myself to the edge of orgasm and text mistress asking for permission to come. She doesn’t reply. I keep myself on the edge and text her again. No reply. I text her a third time pleading. Mistress is in a playful mood and the reply comes “Heads or Tails”. I choose heads and wait for her response. A 50:50 chance. Normally the odds are way shorter than that. She keeps me waiting. It is such intense sweet torture I can’t bear it. More waiting then the reply. “The coin landed on heads. No orgasm.”

    It’s Friday and I’m convinced that today is my lucky day I text mistress in the morning to arrange a time. I have  to wait all day but it will be worth it. Mistress knows I am confident and that has made me impetuous and foolish. It makes me easy to trap. Foxy Mistress takes the opportunity.

    I’m edging and text for permission to come. She gives me a choice, I can wait longer or come now but ruin the orgasm.  I choose the ruin. She tells me what to do.

     I have not experienced a ruined orgasm before but it seems like a soft option. I am badly mistaken and Mistress knows it. I stroke until I feel myself begin to spurt then take my hand away. I know immediately I have made a mistake.

    A small amount of come shoots out and the rest tries, but stays where it is. The end of my cock convulses painfully trying to bring the rest out but without success. The whole head swells umbearably and stays that way. Then my entire cock goes into spasms, ringlets of pain spreading from the tip down the shaft and up again pushing out a continuous thin pathetic trickle of come which runs mockingly down my shaft. It feels horrible. I want it to stop, but all I can do is watch and wait. Slowly my cock collapses. It feels numb and cold. I feel empty and cheated.

    Mistress allows me orgasms only occasionally. They are few and far between and my precious orgasm was ruined. Then Mistress cheerfully texts me and tells me to describe what it was like. She says she is glad I chose the ruin. And now it is always in the back of my mind. And Mistress Deelight knows it. 

    Further comments of pleading desperation:

    Please let me come tomorrow mistress. I’ve been going crazy all weekend. I edged for half an hour in bed smelling your stockings and looking at you photo and fantasising about you. I just had a shower and imagined you were there and told me to put myself inside you but not come until I couldn’t hold back any more. Then you sprayed hot water over it until it was hot and numb and made me do it again. Over and over again. I can’t stop fantasising and edging. Please mistress I’m in a mess. I’m BEGGING you mistress. PLEASE.

    Please mistress I can’t take any more. It’s been two weeks. I can’t think straight and all I want to do is come. I look at your picture and see you there so beautiful and everything I desire and all you need to do is text me a few words which will make so much difference to me. I know you are having fun torturing me and I don’t want to spoil your fun but PLEASE have pity on me. I’m begging you mistress. Please let me come. Please let me come. I just can’t take it. I worship you and I want to be strong so that you can carry on but I’m not strong any more. I’m weak and I’m begging you please. Please.

    A very tough challenge for any hardened wankaholic, worse than chastity in a way because it takes will power.  However, when a sub asks me to set him a challenge and that sub fails, it’s only he who misses out.

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  • The Ultimate Wank Stopper!

    The newest cock in my collection is attached to my new pet, Slave Arthur who has approached me to accept him onto the Wank Hospital Treatment Program.  So Severe is his problem that he has been ordered to remain in chastity, with me holding BOTH keys so that he can’t be tempted to cheat or stray, for a MINIMUM service of 3 months.

    The first part of his program, involved being taught how it feels to really really WANT relief, but not being able to have it.  He must learn how painful it feels and that he CAN get through this difficult phase.  So he was teased and tortured for over an hour to ensure that his cock and balls were suitably aching in order to serve as a lasting reminder until his next session.

    Unfortunately he came to me looking rather messy, Mistress does not appreciate untidy Slaves……


    So this one got an immediate shave!  That’s better!


  • Wank Hospital – Rehab for Wankers.

    Welcome to WANK HOSPITAL – The ULTIMATE Rehab center for wankers everywhere.

    Welcome to our 12 step wanking addiction program – Created especially for problem wankers,  by Mistress Real and Miss Deelight.

    Step 1 – Understanding your addiction – You are a dirty wanker, plain and simple. At wank hospital you are only allowed to wank when we tell you and you must not stop until we say you can!

    Grabbed Frame 193

    Step 2 – Face your addiction – Sit, watch your filthy porn and wank, wank, wank.

    Grabbed Frame 189

    Step 3 – Discuss your addiction – Yes! you are STILL a dirty wanker. Continue.

    Grabbed Frame 186

    Step 4 – Reflection Time – Have some alone time to think about what a dirty wanker you are, but don’t stop! We haven’t told you that you can!

    Grabbed Frame 188

    Step 5 – Firm Reminder – Remember why you are here.. because you are a pathetic little wanker. We are going to wank your addiction out of you!

    Grabbed Frame 181

    Step 6 – Evaluation – Good! Now you’ve had time to think about your addiction, your balls are hot, full of spunk and ready for your treatment.

    Grabbed Frame 200

    Step 7 – Milking round 1 – Cocooned and helpless your balls are drained

    Grabbed Frame 206

    Step 8 – A Little Taster – All dirty wankers must taste their sticky spunk, call your own special medicine.

    Grabbed Frame 208

    Step 9 – Forced Milking – It doesn’t stop there, your nurses milk you more, no time to recuperate ……..

    Grabbed Frame 202

    Step 10 – And more……..Ouch that poor, painful, sensitive cock….

     Grabbed Frame 212

    Step 11- And MORE….. relentless, non stop, agonising MILKING…..

    Grabbed Frame 209

    Step 12 – Empty – Every last little drop of your nasty spunk is drained from your balls.

    Grabbed Frame 207

    Congratulations – You have successfully completed your treatment at Wank Hospital.  Miss Deelight and Mistress Real hope you enjoyed your stay!

    Are you a problem wanker?  Is Wanking taking over your life?  We have beds available in our specialised treatment rooms contact us now for further information.

    Click here to contact and submit to your Mistress.

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