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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Amazing with a small serving of yuk

    Amazing with a small serving of yuk.

    I am writing this a couple of weeks after my session in question because not only did it take a time to sink in but I have also been suffering from my well documented ups and downs. However, this year I have been expecting it so have been managing it better than in previous years. I have once again been having ‘this isn’t for me thoughts’ and then a few hours later ‘this is the best thing in my life’.
    Mistress of course knows this and reminded me at our last session that although it comes and goes from now on my sessions are mandatory. Only illness in my immediate family or Mistress herself being unable to carry out the session will I be excused. This has been a great help to me because the whole concept of no choice appeals greatly to me.

    Anyway, let’s start with my latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight. I message Mistress in the morning to confirm if our session is still ok from her end. Mistress doesn’t reply but about an hour later I receive a very unexpected phone call from Mistress informing me that she is running late and has some shopping for me to do for her lunch today. This always gets me bumbling because I always worry that I can’t get what she wants. So, armed with my list I head to the shops and as predicted the first one doesn’t have what Mistress wants. Luckily the second one does and I fulfil Mistress’s list. This then leaves me a short time to return home gather everything that I need to take with me, not forgetting to put on my chastity belt and collar.
    I arrive with a few minutes to spare and wait around the corner until it is close to 11am. I luckily find a free space at the side of the HOD and gather some of my items and return for the rest. I then lock the door and announce my arrival and I am met by Mistress looking amazing as always, this time in a plunging short black dress. My mistake of course is to start nervously gabbling at Mistress before complimenting her on how fabulous she looks. Mistress reminds me of this in her tongue in cheek yet strict way (duly noted Mistress sorry).

    I unload Mistress’s shopping and pass a comment about how I hate avocado (mistake number 2) and generally gabble some more at Mistress. Mistress notes that I am nervous and sends me off to use the toilet and change into my Sissy Hypnobot outfit. I do as instructed, return and kneel to await Mistress. On Mistress’s return to the room I cheekily compliment Mistress on how fabulous she looks and she gives me one of those looks. Mistress then tells me to recite my SHB mantra which I blunder for the first few times but finally get it flowing in the correct manner. Once Mistress is happy with my recital she instructs me to stand and opens the cage door or the ‘Hypnobot storage facility’. I ask Mistress if I should put my shoes on and for a moment she says no and then changes her mind. Reminding me that I will need to stand in 4-inch stiletto heels for an hour and not disturb her. I have always fancied the challenge of standing that long in heels so gratefully accept Mistress’s instructions. Mistress then squeezes the door closed, padlocks it, puts her hand on my shoulder with the command sleep and leaves me to my storage. The heels are already starting to really hurt my feet and I am less than 5 minutes in but mind over matter must prevail and after a short while I drift off into a very strange trance. I feel like I am floating on my feet they are still killing me but the pain doesn’t transfer. However, I must be shuffling about because Mistress checks that I am ok and I explain my trance like experience which she is most pleased with. I am not sure how much later I suddenly start to feel hot. Mistress comes out and checks on me and I explain that I am feeling hot and with her laser wit fires off ‘you are far from that slave’ which makes me chuckle even now.

    Mistress opens the cage door and tells me to go and remove the SHB outfit, return and kneel facing the fire place. I do as instructed and with that Mistress places over my head the lovely frilly sissy dress I like so much. Mistress also informs me, to my horror, that I have interrupted her lunch, I cannot apologise enough whilst Mistress fits some lovely pink cuffs, collar, lead and bunny ears. Mistress then with a yank of the leash instructs me to follow her into the other room. As I follow on all fours Mistress tells me I should hop like a bunny (which I have no chance of doing). On arrival in the other room Mistress tells me to wait with my head down and then returns with some food on a plate and places it in front of me. Mistress has kindly put on the plate some chewed up avocado, YUK. Mistress then informs me that due to me interrupting her lunch I had better enjoy it and leave a clean plate. In my very submissive state this is not usually a problem, in fact the chance to digest any of Mistress’s waste is an honour. Drinking her golden nectar is an honour but eating avocado no matter how so served is a test for me but with some internal wincing I finally manage it and thank Mistress with as much conviction as possible for my lovely lunch. I remain kneeling over the plate until Mistress has finished her lunch.

    When Mistress has finished she heads out to the dungeon room and starts moving some things around and instructs me to crawl out and join her. Mistress has placed the whipping bench in a strange place and asks me why I think that is. I of course have no idea and await whatever is heading my way. Mistress tells me to climb on the bench and straps me in. She then does something most unexpected, pushes a lubed gloved finger up my bum. I immediately start to worry because I didn’t know this was going to happen and hadn’t prepared myself internally for such things. I explain this to Mistress who’s reply left me somewhat dumb struck “If anything comes out dirty you will lick it clean” I just didn’t know what to say. Mistress then reminded me of an off the cuff remark I had made in a past session where I stated that I was glad that Mistress didn’t partake in hard sports because she has me so over a barrel that I wouldn’t be able to refuse. This remark completely caught me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say.

    Mistress has since got me to confess that I would have done it.

    Anyway, back to me strapped to the bench and Mistress then produces an anal hook and pops it inside and attaches it to by rope to the hook in the ceiling. All I can think at the time is I hope it comes out clean because I didn’t at that time know if Mistress would carry out what she said. With me attached by the hook and Mistress pleased with her work she kindly decides to make a video of my predicament for her onlyfans site. It is always a joy to be present when Mistress does her pieces to camera and this one was suitably light hearted. Mistress then kindly starts to smack my bum and tugging on the rope pulling the hook around inside me. I must admit a very enjoyable feeling. Once Mistress is bored with this she removes the hook and luckily no mention is made about the state of it.

    Mistress then starts of probe something else into me and with great ease in it pops. I have no idea what it is until Mistress informs me she has inserted an electric butt plug. A new experience for me and what an experience it was. Once coupled to Mistress’s much-loved e-stim pebble a whole compendium of internal muscle zapping and contractions took place. The favourite of Mistress being the audio, a combination of the music turned up, Mistress signing and me squealing sent shock-waves to places I didn’t know existed. What a new and incredibly enjoyable experience that was.

    Once Mistress had decided that she had zapped me enough she sent me upstairs to remove everything including the plug and chastity belt and return to her. What then followed was a period of being edged with the vibrating wand and when I reached edge I was caned until I could be edged again. Always wary of going too far and ending up ruined which I was warned would result in a post-orgasm caning. I had one of those and it’s not on my to-do list anytime soon. After what seemed like forever but in truth was no more than 10-15 minutes Mistress stopped and instructed me to kneel and kiss her boots. Mistress doesn’t do this very often but I feel such a heightened sense of submission when I am allowed such a privilege.

    With the session over Mistress instructs me to go and get dressed and I return and we have a nice post session chat before it is time to head off. Leaving Mistress with the joy of heading to the laundrette although she had previously threatened to send me dressed in the frilly pink bunny costume.

    I have been visiting Mistress for nearly 4 years and yet still this was a session of firsts for me and I am, as always, very grateful for the session and experiences contained therein.

    All I had to do now is get through a week of avocado with my lunch but that is for another chapter.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – No Safe Place

    I find it amusing when a slave tries to be funny.  I find it even more amusing when I already have plans in store for that slave and have the added ability to physically watch over his reactions as I instill fear and adrenaline into him.  The poor little sausage that is slave Taquin, so often the guinea pig for my experimentation, felt every single emotion I wanted him to feel during the week the following report was written!

    Sunday was a difficult day. So difficult in fact that I don’t want to dwell on it too much here. You will have seen already the cause of my distress. It was the blog that I wrote last week concerning my last session (the shopping trip). In hindsight it was a misjudgment on my part to write it as I did. I was trying to be amusing in the way that I told the tale but all I achieved was to make Mistress angry and upset at me. This became very clear to me soon after I had sent her the blog. I have been exchanging texts with Mistress each day, and normally several times a day, for nearly 3 years now. As Mistress knows me to the depths of my fetish soul I too know her pretty well now. She was very angry with me. There was a tone to her texts that I don’t think I had ever experienced before. This actually came as a huge shock to me. I had hoped that I had told the story in a fun way. But in hindsight I realised that I had gone too far. I had not been respectful of Mistress.

    I have to say that I was quite distraught. I get great pleasure from pleasing Mistress. To know that I had upset her was just awful. Yes my fetish world went black, as Mistress disabled every app on my phone apart from messaging, but I didn’t care about that. It was my relationship with Mistress that I cared about. After about 3 hours I sent Mistress a text. It was a ‘heart on my sleeve’ moment. I wanted her to know how terrible I felt for the way that I had made her feel. We exchanged texts for a short while and then she replied to say that she was ‘a natural sadist who likes to have a good reason to punish me’. This was a small ray of sunshine as far as I was concerned. Our conversation was moving away from the emotional responses that I had caused back towards a fetish relationship. Later in the day she sent me a screen shot of the Twitter questionnaire that she had posted asking her audience how long that I should remain in fetish exile. The response had been to recommend the longest ‘sentence’ of 2 weeks. It’s good to know that Mistresses followers enjoy my punishment and pain as much as Mistress does! (and thank you to those kind souls who voted for a shorter sentence).

    And while all of this was going on I had followed up on two outstanding actions that I had to complete. I had fitted and commissioned the security cameras in my workshops and started to wear ‘The Vice’ chastity device. I say started to wear as it has a multitude of possible sizes as far as ring size, gap between ring and cage and anti pullout sizes to chose from.

    On Monday I awoke to find my fetish access restored (although with strict time limits applied). In her morning text Mistress informed me that she required ‘private’ access to my phone. I was to leave it in the workshop whilst I took the dog for her morning work. Mistress can take over my phone using TeamViewer at any time. I could not help but wonder why she wanted it today. I did as instructed and placed the phone on my work bench. As I did so I couldn’t help but wonder if Mistress was watching me through the security cameras. I guess I will always have that question in my mind from now on. I took the dog for her walk wondering all the while what was being done to my phone in my absence. 30 minutes later I returned to the workshop and picked up my phone. I opened it up to find that it was a screen that I didn’t recognise. I assumed that Mistress had completed her changes and that I just needed to return it to the home screen. As my finger moved towards the screen to do so I heard Mistress say in stern and commanding manner ‘leave the phone alone slave. I haven’t finished yet’. I put it back down on the bench as if it had suddenly become red hot. Shit! And I nearly did! It was only then that it first dawned on me what I had let myself in for having cameras in my workshop. In the past when Mistress has snooped on me through my pc camera it has been quite different. This is because I always experienced an anxiety that someone might come into the workshop whilst it was happening and therefore I always had an eye on the door ready to tell Mistress if someone approached. Mistress was herself very respectful of this risk also. But now it is completely different. Mistress knows better than I do whether or not I am alone in the workshop and, as one of the cameras points directly at the entrance door which has a glass panel in it, whether someone approaches it. She is now totally in control of what she might require of me whilst I am alone in my workshop. It is a whole new level of vulnerability.

    It wasn’t until sometime later that I dared to pick the phone up again. This time it had been returned to the home screen. I searched and I flicked, I scrolled and I clicked, but could still not find what had been worth Mistress spending over an hour of her valuable time doing. Time will tell I am sure.

    This week is the when Mistress went away on holiday. It will be over a week until she returns to her slaves. Her intention is to leave her ‘fetish phone’ at home. I think that that is absolutely the right thing for her to do and hope that she has a fabulous and relaxing time. But I will miss her terribly.

    Mistress has given me two instructions for whilst she is away:
    1) Remain locked in chastity for the duration (unless I risk causing physical harm to myself)
    2) Keep a note of feelings and thoughts whilst Mistress is away. (This blog is going to do precisely that.)

    Thursday – This will be the first day in years where I have not exchanged texts with Mistress. I am missing her already! I awoke to find that she had left a lovely ‘thank you’ note on Twitter for me for the money that I had sent her for a nice meal whilst she was away. That was nice. I have had to remove the new chastity device (The Vice) because it was causing some chafing around the area of the back ring hinge. I think that this was largely due to me trying to cope with a ring that was too small for me. It has allowed the demons to start talking to me however. They are whispering two things in my ear currently. Firstly…. ‘go and have a wank. No one will ever know.’ And secondly ‘leave the device off until the day of Mistresses return. Why suffer the discomfort whilst she is away’. I hate this. I don’t like having to cope with such temptations on my own. And so I have a plan. As soon as my soreness has gone I will lock myself up again with a numbered lock and whatsapp a picture to Mistresses fetish phone. She won’t see it until her return, but once I have sent it I will be committed to the cage.

    And then my lock up plan went wrong. I saw a post in the slave group Facebook page from Mistress that was posted by her whilst on holiday. It seemed that she had taken the fetish phone with her after all. Part of me was glad (as it made it seem that she wasn’t quite as far away) and part of me was disappointed (as I think having a total break from slaves like me was a good idea). It also left me with a dilemma as far as what to do with a lock up picture. I certainly wasn’t going to send such a thing to her whilst she was on Holiday. Later that day as I locked up once again (this time with a slightly larger ring) I considered what I should do. I find being locked without having sent Mistress proof a pointless exercise. I could remove the device at any time and no one would ever know. I don’t want to be responsible for my own good behaviour. In all honesty I am not sure that I can be trusted! The moment that the picture of the device, properly secured by a numbered lock, is sent everything changes. I am then under the control of my Mistress, and I feel totally different.

    It was at this point that an alternative plan came to mind. I sent a WhatsApp to my vanilla lady friend and asked if she would mind if I sent her the picture instead. I certainly wasn’t asking her to replace Mistress in any way (I felt that would be asking far too much) but I suggested that she should wait until the following Thurs before sending Mistress the lock up picture or just the lock number. I knew that by doing this I would be committing myself without bothering Mistress whilst on holiday. I should say here that my VLF is just that, a very good friend who enjoys hearing about my servitude to Mistress. Whilst I have always known that she would make a wonderful domme, I am not sure that she would ever fully step over that line into the full time world of Mistress. But she gets it. She has read most of my blogs and knows all about the fetish life that I lead. I did worry however that I might be asking too much of our friendship. A little while later I received a very clear and unequivocal reply. It came as the first of a short series of messages in fact. The gist was something like this:

    ‘Don’t you dare send any such photo to Mistress whilst she is on holiday’
    ‘send me your lock up picture immediately’
    Which I then did….
    ‘also send me proof that you cannot escape from the device’
    Which I then did….
    ‘what lovely clean shaven balls you have’
    ‘you will be severely punished if you release yourself whilst Mistress is away’
    ‘Mistress would torture your balls’
    ‘you’d better stay well and truly locked then…….’

    As you will gather from the above, I got far more than I had bargained for! I seemed that my VLF was enjoying the task that I had asked of her. I am so lucky to have her as a friend. It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that it actually made me as horny as hell! I knew at that point that I was trapped and sexually controlled once again. And although my VLF was playing a pivotal role in this we both understood that all she was doing was ensuring that I stayed under the direct control of Mistress in her absence. I knew that anything that now happened during Mistresses absence would be reported to her.

    I went to bed that night wearing The Vice. I was a little doubtful if I would survive the whole night in it (I hadn’t done so up until now) but was hopeful that the slightly larger back ring would make it possible. As it turned out I coped without difficulty until 2am. I woke to find Mistresses property throbbing inside its plastic cage. But it was more than that. The point of difference of The Vice is that it has an additional element that locks around the cage that pushes two plastic sections into the base of Mistresses property to prevent any opportunity of escape (pull out). As Mistresses property throbbed I could feel these two sections applying pressure also. I got up and headed for the bathroom. I knew that I needed a pee and I also knew from past experience that this would result in a less intense attempt at an erection. I sat down on the toilet, as any good slave in chastity has to do, and tried to pee. Nothing! The combination of a raging hardon, the cage and the anti pullout sections had made it impossible. But I really did need to go. And this is where the commitment of having sent pictures to my VLF made all the difference. If I hadn’t of done this I would have removed the device and concluded that I was unable to cope with it. I couldn’t imagine trying to explain all of this to my VLF and I was afraid that she would be disappointed in me (and would report my failure to Mistress). And so I persevered. In the end I ran my privates under the cold tap for a while and successfully emptied my bladder. I returned to bed quite pleased with myself but a little scared. Mistress had told me before she left how much she liked that this device was so restrictive. I know that she would never allow me to wear a device that damaged me but that she would enjoy the fact that I had one that would keep me awake during the early hours whilst thinking of her. And it did. Despite having a pee Mistresses property throbbed in its cage until I got up at 5.30 to write this. It is now Friday morning as I write the story of my first night without Mistress. Thankfully with the kind support of my VLF she doesn’t seem so far away after all.

    Now I must email Mousey. She suggested morning emails to each other as a means of mutual support in Mistresses absence. A great idea.
    Later on Friday I received a short email from Princess. An injury that she had picked up some time ago had now healed and she was excited to report that she was able to wrestle again. I know from previous communications how much she enjoys that and so I am really pleased for her. I am sure that one day I will return to the mats with her (if Mistress allows it) I am just not sure how I can incorporate it into my fetish life successfully. Maybe just a ‘standalone’ bout at some point. Just for the fun of it.

    And then I discovered that I had free access to the internet and its entire fetish wonders. Thank you Mistress!
    Saturday morning – another tormented night in The Vice. Most of that torment is of the positive kind that Mistress would approve of whole heartedly but the soreness caused by the hinge of the back ring isn’t improving (nothing too drastic, but past experience tells me I should do something about it today). I think I will follow the advice of Mistress and put a latex sleeve over it. This of course means unlocking and locking once again. If Mistress were here I would always ask her permission first. I don’t feel that I should go through that process with my VLF. She is not my Mistress after all and I don’t want to put her in the position of needing to make the chastity decisions that Mistress has so much experience with. But my VLF has taken up the role of record keeping and monitoring, and I know that she takes that seriously. I have decided therefore to video the process of unlock, apply sleeve, lock in order that my VLF can confirm to Mistress that I did not abuse my freedom. Hopefully that will not put any burden on her and allow her to confirm my chastity to Mistress throughout her absence.

    The video of my chastity device alterations will make very amusing viewing should either my VLF or Mistress ever watch it. My attempts to make changes to The Vice before refitting it failed. In the end I had to turn my back to the camera, waddle over to my device store with my pants and shorts around my ankles to retrieve my trusty metal device, before waddling back in front of the camera and putting it on and clicking shut a numbered lock. At least the video does achieve its primary function of ensuring that I have never had a chance to listen to the wanking Demon sitting on my shoulder whilst unlocked!

    My week finished with me feeling soppy about my Mistress despite the fact that she was so far away. I awoke this morning (Sunday) to find that Mistress had sent me a picture of her wearing the white shoes and holding the white bag that I had bought for her. That was so kind of her to send it to me. It is the little things like this that make Mistress so special. She is such a thoughtful Mistress.

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  • Prisoner Gaz (450 369) – Judicial Punishment

    In the Deelight Prison, there is a strict rule that inmates must NOT pleasure themselves.  It is a strict rule, put in place in order to reduce the level of testosterone and thus reduce potential unruly behaviour.  Unfortunately for him, Prison 450 360 did not learn his lesson after his first judicial caning, so he was ordered back for more punishment from my, Officer Deelight.

    “It was my second visit to Mistress (Officer) Deelight. As I kneel on the floor of the punishment room, anticipating her entrance, eager to know what she’d be wearing, I trembled with fear and excitement. After a few minutes, Officer Deelght entered the room and I was instantly stunned by her appearance and authority. She was wearing a short black police officer dress, mesmerising silky black tights and black labouring shoes. Her hair and makeup were stunning – her gorgeous straight blonde hair flowing just below her shoulders. She’s slim & petite but stunningly shapely. She ordered me into the holding cage where she questioned me about my wrong-doings and then sentenced me to at least 36 strokes of the judicial cane. Her stunning appearance was taking my breath away. My pleads for mercy, and even an attempt at bribery, seemed to be making things worse for myself. After some stern words I was then released from the cage, stripped naked and shackled in heavy chains and cuffs. I was lead to kneel in front of her as she sat on her throne. She teased me with her nylon legs and I was so eager to touch her feet. She eventually instructed me to remove her shoes and then massage her feet. I did as instructed. It felt so good to finally massage her soft gorgeous feet with my hands. They felt so good. As I gently massaged them I couldn’t wait to taste them but had to wait patiently in anticipation. She finally instructed me to kiss them. I was in heaven, gently kissing and licking her nyloned feet. She allowed me to start kissing her legs. I continued working upwards, enjoying licking her silky nylons with my tongue as I continued to massage her feet with my hands. I didn’t want this to end… I could have continued forever. But she finally clicked her fingers and ordered me to stop. I was instructed to lay on my back. She then rubbed her feet onto my face and put her toes in my mouth. I was highly aroused throughout… but shortly Officer Deelight informed me it was going to be time for my punishment. She ordered me to crawl along behind her, at her heels. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her slim shapely legs.
    I was then led to the caning bench and ordered into position. I did so reluctantly, all too aware that I’d soon be facing the hardest caning I’d ever experienced (this was only my second time after all). The thought of this was highly exciting but I was also genuinely fearful of how it was going to feel. Officer Deelight had already shown me the cane she was going to use on me, and it was the heaviest she had. I hadn’t felt it before and was now about to get far more strokes than I’d had for my first caning. Could I actually handle it? I hadn’t arranged a safe word so knew I was about to experience a severe beating with no way out. I knew Officer Deelight would be administering the full number of strokes full force and that 36 would be the minimum number. I also knew in the back of my mind that I might be getting a lot more…. but how many? What state was my backside about to end up in? How painful was this about to be? I was strapped down now, my fate was sealed. No way out.
    The excitement of seeing Officer Deelight, looking incredibly sexy and authoritative in her silky black tights and uniform, was overwhelming. I couldn’t help admiring her body at every opportunity. The music began (Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know?) as Officer D began spanking my buttocks hard with her hands. This alone took me by surprise and began to sting considerably after a good number of slaps… but at least it warmed my cheeks enough to not have to experience a completely cold caning.
    Officer D informed me that the caning would now begin and that I needed to keep count aloud, thanking her for every stroke. I needed to concentrate, as if I made a mistake, my punishment would start all over again. I genuinely had to make sure I did concentrate, as I genuinely didn’t know whether I’d be able to handle the 36 strokes (minimum) with this thick judicial cane, let alone starting again (and I knew this wasn’t just a threat). She wielded the cane intimidatingly, taking a few air swipes, before lining up the cane on my butt cheeks. She took a few taps, it seemed to take forever – my body twitched a few times (amusing her each time)… then the first stroke landed full force, a hot poker right across the middle of my cheeks…ouch, “one, thank you Miss”… more twitching, then five more in succession…. “two, thank you Miss… six, thank you Miss”…. these began to sting incredibly… how could I possibly take at least another 30? But I had to… I had no choice! The strokes continued to land… some were in close succession – these were the hardest to take, after a few rapid strokes my whole body would tense and I’d strain against the shackles… but some of the short pauses thankfully allowed me just enough time to recover. The last 10 strokes were particularly difficult to take. My body strained and wriggled incredibly but I had to continue to concentrate and keep count. Stroke 36 finally landed. What would happen now? The Goddess whose feet I’d earlier worshipped was inflicting all of this punishment on me – so painfully, yet so incredibly arousing. She teased me with views of her legs throughout. I was told I’d need to take at least another 6 strokes. Could I take it? I had absolutely no choice. I continued to count – 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42…. was this the end? As arousing as this was, to my relief I learned that this was the end of my punishment and my tethers and straps were being released. Wow, I made it. I had been released, my cheeks on fire and I was ordered back into the holding cage. I was chastised a little more and informed that I’d now be returned to my cell but warned that any further bad behaviour would result in even more severe punishment. ….”

    What an experience!!

    Prisoner Gaz

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  • Slave Taquin – Distane Control Journal – Most Amazing Session

    Whilst it is all very well and good, me accommodating the fantasies of my slaves; my slaves must also realise that they are ultimately there to serve me in whatever way I desire.  So, if a slave does not like pain but I am in the mood for it, then my slaves (especially my long-term ones)  should suck it up and take it.  Of course with my expert guidance. Read on to discover how I got Slave Taquin through something (else) he would have never considered possible…..

    I was not able to provide a blog last week as I had a family bereavement & some personal health problems to deal with. Mistress has done what she can during this difficult time but ultimately I needed to find my own peace with it in my own way. By Monday of this week I felt like I was ready to return to the fetish world. In fact Mistress kindly allowed me a little more time to come to terms with all that had happened and it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon that she asked me during the afternoon if all was still ‘dangling free’. She was of course asking whether or not I had locked myself back into chastity following a trip abroad the previous week. The truth was that I hadn’t locked up again. When I had got back from my trip I had not felt like it. Even once my mind had started to return to its natural submissive state I had not locked up again. It doesn’t feel right to do so without receiving a direct instruction from Mistress. It is after all not for me to decide when I should or should not be locked. I did know however that I needed to be locked. Without some form of tangible control from Mistress I feel a little empty and rather lost.
    I replied to Mistress and told her that I was indeed still dangling free. The next text from Mistress did not surprise me at all. It was ‘well I think the dangling should be replaced by the bon4!’ Mistress normally only makes me wear the bon4 for a few days at a time as it is even heavier and more restrictive than my normal stainless steel device. This made sense as I was due at the HOD on Saturday. I started to walk towards the safe hiding place for such things when I felt a wave of rash bravery washed over me. I decided to refuse to do as I was told! Why would I even think about doing such a thing? I guess that I felt the need to feel mistresses power. I wanted to know that she could make me do whatever she wanted, and that I had no choice.
    I sent her the following text ‘Just occasionally I think it would be fun to say ‘No Mistress’. Yes I know this is not the outright defiance that my words a moment ago suggested. That is because I am a coward! But yet I still doubted my sanity. I watched the text page on my IPhone to see when Mistress read my text. 3 minutes later it showed that she had indeed read it. And my mind went into a small panic. What had I done?! I hadn’t actually said no, but Mistress could interpret it that way if she chose to. I sent another text that said ‘but then I get scared and change my mind’. I watched to see when it was read. But it wasn’t. Gulp! A vision came into my mind. It was of Mistress having put her phone to one side whilst accessing the copious data files that she has on her computer concerning me to gather up whatever she needed to respond to my (mildly) defiant response to being told to lock up. What would she do? At times like this I have agreed with Mistress that I have no limits. I just have to cope with whatever might happen. I thought it was quite possible that she would phone my house (she had done this once before pretending to be from my bank) hoping to scare the life out of me by talking to my wife. Or maybe she would post something innocuous on my social media in order to remind me of her access and power. Or maybe she was on her way to my home to ‘look for her lost cat’. Or maybe she would withdraw any possibility of an orgasm at my forthcoming session. Or maybe she would just torture the hell out of me once I got there. My brain is a terrible place sometimes!
    I went to the cupboard where I keep such things, retrieved the bon4, locked it in place, took a picture and hastily sent it to Mistress with the words ‘and then I cave in before something terrible happens’. Again I watched my phone to check that Mistress had received and read my text but she didn’t. After a few more minutes of phone watching and worrying I realised it was time to take the dog out for a walk. I did so reluctantly as I was still fearful of repercussions. It was a quick walk for the dog (she wasn’t pleased) and 30 minutes later I walked back into the house and removed my boots. As I did so my wife said to me in passing ‘a lady from PlusNet called and wanted to talk to you about our internet package’. Alarm bells rang loudly in my head. I asked if this lady had left a number, but apparently not. As soon as I was alone I dialled 1471 expecting to either get a number withheld response or the number of my Mistress. I actually got a 0114 (Sheffield) number instead. The call had been genuine after all.
    Some minutes later I got a text from Mistress that just said ‘lol, back in your place’. This was her response to my texts and my ‘lock up’ picture. I had proved once again that my mind is my biggest weakness and my worst enemy!
    Later that evening Mistress posted several things on Twitter. She has been absent from it during a period of illness and so I was really pleased to see her return. I hoped it indicated a start of a return to good health. One tweet grabbed my attention in particular. Mistress had tweeted about a lovely silk dressing gown that she would like. Now I do enjoy buying pretty things for my Mistress. In particular I like to buy pretty things that are personal and for her. I have been known to be slightly shallower sometimes and buy Mistress lingerie that I would like her to wear at a session, but I prefer it when the gift is less selfish. I looked at the price of the silk gown and hesitated. It was more than £100. I wondered if I should actually be saving my pennies already for the moment that Mistress takes her 2018 fee from me. But December seems such a long way off and so I threw caution to the wind and bought the gown for Mistress instead. And it made me very horny having done so. I wanted to text Mistress and ask if, as a reward, I could remove the device and provide myself an orgasm. But that would be ridiculous. I had only been wearing it for a couple of hours! And I had a session on the Saturday. And I knew that Mistress would think that I was just trying to get her to deny me with a ‘no’. It would have appeared blatantly manipulative on my part and so I just basked in the knowledge that I had made Mistress happy and went to bed feeling a lot better about myself.
    This next section will have to be rather to the point. Having a session on a Saturday does not allow much writing time before blog submission is required on a Sunday! Please excuse its brevity therefore.
    Saturday morning arrived and I sent my morning text to Mistress. At that time there was no indication of the challenges that would face me later in the day. By 10.35am I found myself naked (apart from the Bon4 weighing heavily on my privates) and kneeling on the floor of the HOD dungeon. Mistress had come down stairs and was stood in front of me. There were no stockings and suspenders or soft lacy bras today. Instead I looked up to find Mistresses firm shapely body shimmering in black shiny latex; she had fishnet tights on leading down those slim legs to black high heeled shoes. She looked magnificent! She looked down on me briefly before walking behind me and tying my slave collar in place. ‘Step into the cage’ was her instruction. I did as I was told and Mistress locked the cage door shut before making me place my hands through the bars and strapping and padlocked a leather bondage mitt onto each of them. She linked them together and walked away confident in the knowledge that there was no escape for me now. I was left in silence. The arousal that I had felt when Mistress was with me eventually evaporated and I was left alone with my thoughts for a while.
    A little while later Mistress returned and gathered up the phone, key safe and the Uberkinky device that I normally wear long term. She stood behind the whipping bench and pushed it to the middle of the room. This didn’t bode well at all. Mistress didn’t say a word but just went back into the lounge shutting the door behind her. It was at this point that I started to fret a little! Mistress has been very kind during what has been a difficult time for me and has allowed me free access to the fetish internet. During much of this time I have not actually been that interested in it, but just occasionally it proved a welcome relief to be able to trawl through Twitter and all sorts of fun internet sites. Now though I was beginning to worry about what Mistress would find on my phone. Thinking about it as I write this I realise that there wouldn’t be any surprises for her. For instance if she looked at the hash tags most often searched against in Twitter she would have found:
    #TPE (that I only recently discovered stands for Total Power Exchange)
    No surprises to be had there then!
    The other thing that worried me (and made me very hot at the same time) was the fact that I suddenly realised that I had a ‘notes’ page on my phone onto which I had written all of my vanilla social media and email passwords. I thought it would be useful whilst I was abroad. I imagined Mistress copying them to her own files in order to increase her leverage even further. It sent a shiver of fear down my spine that she could post on my social media sites if I stepped out of line. But in my TPE world it also made me as horny as hell. The silence was unnerving.
    A few more minutes went by before Mistress came into the dungeon again. She stood in front of the cage and for the first time touched my naked body. Briefly she ran her fingers up and down my chest. She smiled as she gently tweaked my nipples, looked me in the eyes and said ‘today Taquin I am probably going to make you cry’. – And do you know what? I really didn’t mind. It was such a powerful & dominating thing for her to say. I thought about protesting or asking for mercy but my heart wouldn’t have been in it. I need Mistress to stimulate my emotions. She makes me feel alive.
    Mistress left the dungeon once more and I found that all vanilla thoughts had left my mind. Instead I realised my situation for what it truly was. I was held captive by a beautiful, powerful woman who could do whatever she wanted to me. I had no control of the situation whatsoever. Mistresses property was fighting with its cage and dribbling more than it had done for a long time.
    A few minutes later Mistress returned, and I knew that the session was about to start. She told me that today was going to be my first ever ‘punishment session’. Now I have to say that at that point I did think to myself that I had had punishment sessions before. Sitting here uncomfortably on a sore bum writing this at 5am on a Sunday morning I can confirm that what I had in the past was a ‘mild telling off’. Yesterday was indeed my first ever (with Miss Deelight or anyone else for that matter) ‘punishment session’. Mistress explained to me precisely what was about to happen and how she was going to help me get through it. She also explained that if I did successfully cope with it she would remove my chastity device and provide me with an orgasm. That was one thing that I desperately needed at that point!
    Mistress released me from the cage and directed me to the space under the stairs where many of the tools of her trade are stored. I was to choose two implements and Mistress would choose 4 more. (She had explained to me that my punishment session would consist of 12 strokes each from 6 different implements). I reasoned in my mind that I should choose implements that were short and provided her with less leverage. I therefore chose the short wooden paddle with the ‘batman’ motif on it and a short-handled implement with multiple soft rubber strands. Mistress on the other hand took the opposite approach and chose long implements with plenty of leverage. I was later to discover the difference between big, wide bodied bats that ‘pounded’ my backside with weight and force and the thin but light cane that stung like nothing had ever before.
    Moments later I found myself strapped to the bench with Mistress telling me all about breathing through the pain, the chemicals that would be released through my body and how she was going to help me through the next 45 minutes to an hour of punishment. Mistress explained that she would prepare me and warm me up with a hand spanking before commencing the punishment. And so she did. And it was at this point that I started yelping! I did think to myself that if this was the warm up I was in deep trouble. I was right. After the ‘warm up’ Mistress started on the first implement. It was my rubber stranded whip and as short as it was Mistress still managed to get enough purchase on it for it to hurt like hell. After each stroke I was to state how many strokes of that set I had had and to thank Mistress. And so I did. And this is how the session progressed. Each set of strokes getting progressively harder (or maybe my bum was getting progressively more sore) and with me counting and thanking Mistress for what she was doing to me. Several times Mistress demanded that I repeat my slave mantra to her. This made it even more difficult to remember which stroke of a set we were on, but I maintained focus. And all the way through Mistress coached me on coping techniques; she encouraged me and supported me and she used her hands to sooth away the pain between sets. After the third device and therefore 36 strokes I thanked Mistress for looking after me. That’s how it felt. She was doing something to me that was in my own best interest but caring for me and helping me get through it.
    After the fourth implement my body started to shake and I felt a warm flush spread through me. Mistress told me that I had entered Sub Space as she went to work with number 5 (a large wide bat). I am still not sure if it was sub space or shock! It all finished with, what is for me the most fearful implement of all, the cane.
    And then it was over. Mistress released me from the bench and allowed me to sit up. I was shaking and dizzy. Mistress allowed me to come to my senses whilst congratulating me for what I had achieved. I felt triumphant in my success but decidedly shaky as I made my way upstairs for my reward. Mistress told me to sit on the side of the bed and fed me sweet chewy sweets until I had properly regained my senses. Once she knew I was ready she made me lie down, secured my wrists to the bed head, removed the device and provided me with a lovely orgasm. I showered, dressed and went back downstairs. Mistress told me to put my uberkinky device on and secured it shut with a padlock before providing me with a much-needed sweet cup of tea and allowed me to chat with her for a few minutes to allow me to come down from the whole experience.
    I feel I have rather rushed through the telling of the tale. But I need to spend just a little while explaining how I felt after the session and now as I write this. As always this helps me to reconcile my experiences and emotions.
    After the session I got back into my car drove a little way and then parked to eat a sandwich, bought on my way to the HOD, and to check to see what had been posted on Twitter. I saw the Tweet from Mistress posted when I was already caged in the HOD. It said…
    ‘I’m in the mood for punishment but I doubt slave Taquin is. He hates it. Who cares? Not me!’
    Despite the fact that I had been allowed a lovely orgasm only a few minutes earlier I felt things coming back to life in the chastity cage.
    And so this is how I feel about what happened yesterday. I still don’t like pain. I might have reached ‘sub space’ but I didn’t feel any euphoria in that moment. I will forever be a wimp! It was however a wonderful session. There were many things that I loved about it. I loved the fact that Mistress was so assertive. She wasn’t at all aggressive. She was just strict and matter of fact and so totally in control. I loved the fact that she sent me away from the session locked. I loved the fact that Mistress did what she wanted to do. (It is important to me that she gets some pleasure from my submission to her). I think most of all I loved the fact that Mistress continues to make her own decisions about what is right for me. Yesterday proved to me that I need a Mistress who is just as capable of providing me ‘softer pleasures’ as she is to make me do things or to endure things that I would, given a choice, put on my hard limits list. In doing so she ensures that I never feel safe and that I properly understand who is really in control. It will therefore go down as one of my best sessions ever.
    I can confirm that after the session I did feel relaxed and happy. Mistress was very kind and more than once sent me texts to ensure that I had not ‘come down with a bump’. My vanilla worries had been pushed to the back of my mind and had thankfully been replaced by thoughts of a Mistress who controls and cares for me. Sitting here this morning I know that my Mistress owns me.


  • A ‘Cathartic’ Session of Rediscovery – by Slave Sissy Mouse

    I don’t believe this session write-up needs an introduction as Mousey has written a suitable one himself.  So I will hand you straight over to my ‘rediscovered’ slave:

    A session of rediscovery.

    My latest visit to the House of Deelight comes after many rocky months for me in the real world and the belief that I had completely lost my submission because of it. Despite Mistress telling me it was still there and always would be I just couldn’t see it. Once again as always Mistress was correct and drew it out of me with a session that took me deeper into subspace than I have ever been previously. I don’t know if my write-up below will do it justice because it was a very cerebral experience.

    I think it would be correct to start my write-up by rewinding a few weeks to the beginning of January. Over the new year weekend and as well as the exchange of pleasantries Mistress sent me a ‘write for me’ task. The task was to write the following “My name is Slave Sissy Mouse. Though I feel I have lost my submissive side, my mistress knows that it is still within me.” This was to be done whilst Mistress had restored pc time limits (as well as removing access to twitter and all adult content) just after Christmas. My pc allowance at the time was an hour of access then an hour locked out. I also knew that I would constantly make mistakes by mistyping or missing a word, which then adds extra lines. My first attempt tried my patience so much that I had to walk away and mutter to myself ‘this isn’t bringing my submission back’. A little later I tried attempt number 2, now because I didn’t want it to beat me. Once again, I had to walk away and the same with attempt 3. The following day I noticed my pc time limits were lifted and I had access until 10pm. This time I was determined to complete it and after sitting at my pc for 1hr 23 mins I had completed it. At the end, there was a message from Mistress congratulating me on finishing the task and to edge myself 3 times that day. It also informed me that I had a mere 25 lines to write but with my mistakes I had written 98. I messaged Mistress to inform her that I had finally done it and this is when Mistress told me that she had noticed I had failed on 3 occasions and had tweaked things to ensure I completed it. I duly thanked Mistress for assisting me and for my edges which to be honest were very mechanical and a struggle.

    The following Tuesday was meant to be our first session of the year. I message Mistress to confirm our time and to my surprise received a telephone call from her around an hour later. Mistress informed me that she couldn’t make our session and had rung me to rearrange which we duly did for the following Wednesday. This was a blessing in disguise, I really didn’t feel up for a session and was going mainly to present Mistress with her belated Christmas gift that I didn’t get to give her before Christmas because I had to cancel another session due to ill health. Mistress did text me after the call to say that she felt that I was very matter of fact on the phone and not the usual submissive mousey that she expected. I of course apologised but also pointed out I did say I was not feeling submissive. Mistress replied with “I will find it”.

    On the Saturday I turned my pc on to find Mistress had visited and left me a screensaver of a slave all tied up and a Mistress looking like she was treating him quite harshly, the kind of thing I love. Mistress had also installed Qustodio which is another parental control program. I didn’t realise this at first and wondered why everything I tried to look at on the web either didn’t load of took ages. I just turned my pc off and walked away. This in turn led me to forget my place completely and on Monday sending Mistress a message to hope she had a nice weekend and that mine was spent being annoyed with Qustodio and if she would remove it that would be great. Did you spot the mistake?

    Mistress’s reply later was the following “Thank you for taking the time out to apply tighter controls on my pc, but do you think you could do something different because I’m really struggling with it, Mistress” I looked at the message and thought I didn’t say that and replied with that. To which Mistress’s reply was a to the point “Exactly” and repeated my message back to me. This is when the penny dropped that I have gone way past the line and I had better scramble back over it quickly. The last thing I ever want to do is disrespect Mistress and her dominance and that was exactly what I had just done. I apologised to Mistress and assured her that my attitude would change there and now and that I would arrive on Wednesday with a suitable submissive attitude.

    Finally, Wednesday arrives and I message Mistress to check everything is ok her end for our session. Mistress confirms it is and I get myself ready for my trip to Newport. The first thing was to load Mistress’s Christmas present in the car so I don’t forget it and wait for the clock to tick around. Today is slightly earlier start at 11am so much less waiting. I head off just after 10am and arrive with plenty of time and look at my phone to see a message from Mistress asking me to purchase some lighter gas. I go into Tesco and they don’t sell it so head to the garage near to the HOD no luck there either. I call Mistress to inform her I have failed and she tells me to just buy a couple of disposable lighters instead. I do this and arrive at the HOD and I am met by Mistress looking fabulous as always, this time in a shiny black latex dress. I present to Mistress her present, place the usual supplies that I bring in the kitchen and return. Mistress kindly compliments me on how nicely wrapped her present is and informs me to go upstairs, undress and return. When I return, Mistress is wearing her Christmas gift, Leather thigh boots and instructs me to take a few pictures and then allows me the honour of worshipping them. The smell of the fresh leather is divine even more so when they are covering Mistress’s gorgeous legs and feet. After a few minutes, Mistress informs me to stop and follow her into the dungeon room and pulls out the wooden chair and invites me to sit on it.

    Once I am sat comfortably Mistress starts to seal me in as it were. Blindfold, hands and legs tied to the chair and then a ball gag. I realise I am a simple creature because there is nothing I like better than to be tied up, blindfolded and gagged. Today this seemed (after everything that has been happening in my real life) just perfect. Once I was suitable confined in the chair Mistress informs me that she is expecting a visitor and leaves a long enough pause to make me wonder what sort of visitor. Mistress eventually informs me that another of her regular devotees is dropping off a new coat for her. Mistress knows me and knows that I would have no issue with this, in fact I produces a stirring to confirm I would enjoy someone seeing me in my predicament. Mistress doesn’t fail to pick this up and teases me somewhat about that. Mistress then checks my circulation is ok and then goes in the other room and leaves me with some soothing music. What I realise once Mistress has gone is my mind has switched off. I feel completely relaxed, being bound and gagged has released me from everything and I am enjoying the music nicely relaxing when Mistress enters the room and without a word ‘splosh’ throws cold water over me and leaves. I’m left reeling from the shock and trying to clear it from my nose and then sit there as the cold water slowly trickles down over me! A little while later the front door opens and in walks Mistress’s visitor, no mention is made about me and they both go into the other room and shut the door. I have no idea what is being said (neither do I want to, it’s none of my business) and continue to listen to the music and enjoy my escapism. Suddenly something most strange comes over me, I feel myself descending into an almost hypnotic state and this rush of relaxation washes over me and I just sit there enjoying being in the moment and nothing else matters. After a while the door opens and Mistress says goodbye to her visitor, locks the door and on the way back past checks everything is ok with my circulation. I go back to enjoying my dark and pleasant world when suddenly out of nowhere comes another cascade of water over me. Mistress had snuck into the room without a sound and had been just sitting to my right not making a sound until depositing the water and then asks “Do you feel like you are being watched?”.

    The rest of the session is a bit of a blur, the main reason is Mistress truly spoilt me with the things I enjoy the most so I will just let you know what happened but I can’t remember the order.

    Mistress removed my gag and then proceeded to light a cigarette and remind me what an honour it is for me to be her ashtray, whilst slapping my face, Mistress also commented that my demeanor had changed from when I had arrived and that I was sounding much more like submissive mousey. Mistress said something that amused me and her actions really surprised me because she slapped my face and told me she wasn’t there to amuse me. Slowly the ash was flicked into my mouth until the time had come for Mistress to extinguish her finished cigarette on my tongue. This time, Mistress told me to open wide and spat in my mouth she then proceeded to dab the cigarette around my tongue ensuring it burnt all of it and then popped in the butt and told me to chew. I did as instructed and then Mistress offered me a drink to help it down, I was expecting water but it didn’t taste like water and was slightly warm. Mistress was bestowing me the honour of drinking her champagne, Mistress enquired how it tasted? my reply was “divine Mistress”. Of course, it’s divine it’s from your goddess! I have no idea how much I had drunk but it helped the cigarette butt slide down.

    I then sit there in complete silence awaiting what is coming next (this is where it all goes fuzzy so I am not sure what came next). The all so familiar sound of the vibrating wand starts up and Mistress goes to work teasing me and telling me very firmly that I was not permitted to cum. Over the next however long, Mistress teased me with the wand and her hand getting me close to orgasm many times and whilst doing so extracting information out of me. Information that she could use to humiliate me and the information I gave her was used to humiliate and degrade me there and then. I have never squirmed so much with what Mistress got me to repeat. Even writing this I can’t even bring myself to reveal what it was.

    What this did make me realise is that when Mistress teases and strokes my poor excuse for a cock she has such power over me, because only Mistress can make me so aroused which in turn makes me weak and compliant. Only Mistress can hurt, humiliate, degrade and arouse me. She knows me better than I do, she can press the buttons like no one else can.
    Once Mistress had decided she had teased me enough. She left me to sit and contemplate what had just happened. All I could do is drop my head in shame and marvel at the sheer brilliance of Mistress and her craft. Taking me from someone who didn’t feel submissive to this shaking, adrenaline charged deep submissive state.

    Oh, and amongst all the above there were nipple clamps and nipple pain but I have no idea where to add them in. Only to add that my tolerance to nipple pain is not what it used to be.

    As always, I would like to thank Mistress for my session and taking me on such a journey within a 3-hour time frame. The way Mistress executes her skill and dominance always leaves me breathless even if sometimes when my head is filled with real world stuff I may forget it.

  • OwnedbyMD – My Not So New, Plaything

    I’ve been playing with this slave on and off for quite some time now, at least since April last year (that is when my file on him was first created anyway!).  I took over his PC using TeamViewer and he has dipped in and out of playing with me and has always had free reign and sometimes explicit instructions to play with others (I have watched him via his webcam on occasion while he does so).  But now things are stepping up a level.  My slave has not found total fulfilment in having the freedom to play at his own leisure so now he asked me to trial him as one of my owned submissive pets.  I have agreed to this and have instructed him to write an introductory journal for my blog…. Read on!

    This is my first attempt at a blog for MissDeelight and it’s difficult to know where to start. So I should come straight to the here-and-now and explain why I’m sat here, on my day off, wearing panties with my cock (her property) locked in a metal cage

    I’ve been a fan of fetish and dominance for quite a while. There’s something so horny about watching sexy women (who are unobtainable) think nothing about wearing latex and doing all sorts of kinky things to those who go and visit them. I’ve had a few real time sessions which have been great although I am increasingly turned on by the psychological aspect of domination. MD has both the physical appeal (drop dead gorgeous and mind-blowing in her pictures) and mental control that make her someone that I want to be considered as ‘hers’. As in – she owns me

    (Quick interlude – MD has just tweeted what I’m wearing right now – hasn’t helped the comfort of the cock cage!!)
    Where was I …….
    So why did I ask MD to trial me as becoming one of her submissives;
    – because she is stunning, sexy, kinky and a little deviant. Which means she gets my kinks and plays them out expertly
    – because she goes the extra mile. She doesn’t just take a tribute and play out a request, she puts her own spin on it. I cant imagine many Mistresses that would interact with a slave’s vanilla friend to add some spice, that would make a slave park her car, that would take selfies in slaves own cars whilst they’re all tied up in her dungeon, etc, etc
    – because she takes the effort to get to know here slaves. I didn’t ask for today’s task but she took the time to give it to me. I also got home from the shops to find her spying on me via my cam – something quite vulnerable about that thought
    – because she is fair and can be trusted. It scares and excites me that she has a file on me … knows my names/address and various passwords. I don’t think I can be controlled to the same extent as some of her other slaves and this is understood by her. She understands there are times when I can play (and feel very vulnerable) and times when I need to go about my vanilla life
    – because I think she enjoys (as opposed to tolerates) my kinks. I hope, one day soon, to be taken and used by her strapon. She can film it if she wants or she can just use me in private. She can also stalk me in the future so that she knows I know she has the power
    I’ll leave it at that for now. I know i can go and look at her twitter pictures or chat online but if touching her property means I just feel a metal cage …. I should save myself for when she wants me to ‘make a mess’

    Thank you thus far Mistress. Sexy and kinky. Perfect

  • A Shocking Experience by Slave Sissy Mouse

    Yesterday, Slave Sissy Mouse came for a session.  A session which I found to be utterly hilarious, so much so that I urged him to write a blog about it, pronto! Due to his excitable haste there are plenty of grammatical errors to be found however I don’t want to wait for the several re-drafts that would follow so I am going to post it in all of its deeply excitable glory!



    A shocking experience.

    My latest visit to Mistress and the House of Deelight came a luxurious two weeks after my last session but started a week ago just after I sent Mistress my weekly journal.

    Because I was busy on the Sunday I wrote and submitted my Journal on the Saturday evening. As it was Saturday evening I didn’t expect a reply let alone some instructions for my session which was at that point a week away but as we know Mistress does like to play with a submissives mind. In the message Mistress told me to bring the leggings and tops from our shopping trip in January 2015 (after being bought they have sat in a bag taunting me) and I am to send the session payment via bank transfer. Mistress being very aware of my recent ups and downs assured me it would be fun and not to let any doom of what might happen cross my mind. Luckily those feelings of doom have now passed and I reassured Mistress this was the case but that it wouldn’t stop me spending the week nervous. This never was the case because I had such a busy week that my session didn’t really cross my mind until Friday evening and as such I didn’t get a great deal of sleep.

    Saturday arrives and I message Mistress to confirm that I will bring diet coke, water, the leggings and tops and a suitable subservient attitude. Mistress replies simply ‘Wonderful’ and then around an hour later tells me to also bring my new shiny butt plug harness. (You can read a bit about this in my week 58 journal). I duly put all the items I need in the car and wait for the clock to tick around. Mistress then sends me another message with instructions of what I am to do when I arrive at the HOD. They are come in lock the door, go to the medical room and strip. Gather all the items I have brought with me and return to the dungeon room lay them out and wait kneeling with my face on the floor, once I have done this I am to announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I really enjoy starting a session like this because my head is in the session straight away. When I arrive I do as instructed and go upstairs, I can hear Mistress on webcam in the bedroom so try to do everything quietly and go back downstairs lay the items out and announce to Mistress that I am ready and wait. I have no idea how long this was but it did give me time to wonder what was happening today. Eventually I hear the door open and Mistress come down the stairs with a distinct and deliberate thump on every stair building up my anticipation. “Good afternoon mousey” says Mistress as she arrives in the room with an almost regal tone. I greet Mistress the same way, still with my head firmly on the floor. I have to be honest I don’t really remember anything until Mistress tells me to look up at her and I know this word is over used but WOW bloody WOW. Mistress is dressed in some new latex and it looks amazing on her. I am not one for shall we say looking around the eyes but this is so well made and cut that you cannot resist being drawn to admire Mistress’s gorgeous body and curves. I compliment Mistress on her outfit as she turns in front of me to give me a full view. I also love the way Mistress stands in front of me admiring herself in the mirror, to me I see this as reaffirming her utter unattainability. What I also think is Mistress is wearing latex so the leggings and tops must be a red herring and we aren’t going out (how wrong I was).

    Mistress then instructs me to crawl behind her to the bathroom (or in my case the mousey cage) as we enter Mistress tells me that there is none of her special refreshment for me today and I thank Mistress once again for sharing her nectar with me last time. This time Mistress puts the mitts on my hands and tells me to lie on my back and attaches the mitts to each side of the toilet giving me the view of the toilet from underneath. Mistress mocks me by saying I am now even below the toilet in the HOD and she hopes I enjoy my stay at the Hotel Deelight. With that Mistress leaves with an ‘enjoy’ and goes back to webcam. A while later Mistress comes back in to check I am ok and that I am enjoying my view to which I reply that ‘it is most picturesque’. Once again alone and I still think that the leggings and tops are a red herring until Mistress returns again but this time the latex is gone and Mistress is looking equally fabulous in normal clothes. Oh no is what I think I said and Mistress just looks at me undoes the mitts and tells me to get up slowly and gives me my next instructions. I am to retrieve the items that I have brought put on the butt plug harness and the black faux leather leggings and colourful top and put my own clothes over the top. It takes me a while to get the plug in that is attached to the harness (we haven’t done much anal wise and I’m a bit tight to say the least, even more so when I have no idea what’s going to happen next). I finally get it in put on the leggings and top and await the usual Mistress laugh because I of course look stupid. Put on my normal clothes and gather in a bag lots of items that Mistress has placed on the bed. These are a strap on harness with a very big dildo, Mistress’s boots, a gag, blindfold and lots of rope. Mistress then tells me we are off for a walk in the woods and hopefully we won’t get caught but if we do it won’t be as embarrassing for her as it will be for me. At this point whilst I am very nervous and quiet I am also very aroused at the thought of doing this and what Mistress might have in mind. Mistress then produces the shock collar and places around my neck with that evil grin in her face and checks it’s working. The buzzer works and the beep but I can’t feel the shock until Mistress turns it up and my reaction as Mistress said ‘was like someone having a stroke’ once Mistress is happy it’s working fine she puts on her coat grabs her camcorder and tripod and we leave the HOD and get into her car and head off on my mystery tour with me being very quiet and slightly sheepish. Once we are in the car Mistress tells me she has seen a sign for some woods nearby and hopefully it won’t be busy otherwise we might not be able to do what she has planned for today. As we drive along the road a sign for woods comes up on the left and in we go only to find that it might be an old sign because it’s now the entrance to Celtic Manor and there is no sign of any woods no matter what road we take. We are surrounded by woods but seemingly no way to access them. After a while Mistress decides to give up and then announces that she has another plan and we head back to the HOD. I think that my luck is in and we will be doing something nice inside but oh no! once inside Mistress informs me of her new plans we are both going for a walk towards Newport town centre and gives me instructions on what to do if the buzzer goes off, which is to stop walking and just stand until the buzzer goes again. Mistress then tells me that I will be either walking in front of her or behind so that there is no association. Then to add to the horror Mistress decides she should hide the shock collar around my neck with a lady’s scarf and ties it off so that the ends drop down over one shoulder. With another laugh Mistress informs me to leave the HOD and walk to the left and keep walking. Just around the corner from the HOD is a car wash with people milling about and this is my first hurdle. I feel red with embarrassment and the scarf looks odd for all to see but I walk past and no one gives me a second look but that still doesn’t take away the feeling of humiliation. As I walk towards the town centre it inevitably becomes busier and every now and then the buzzer goes off and I come to a stop. I then wait for the buzzer to go again before I can walk on. It must look odd for a someone to just stop in the middle of the pavement whilst trying not to stand out wearing a pretty scarf. At one-point Mistress stops me and catches up to tell me that I am not stopping immediately and make sure I do from now on and walks off leaving me standing there until she is a fair way down the road. Buzz and I am off all the time Mistress is also zapping me and I have to try and keep my composure. As I walk along Mistress then stops at the river bridge and as I walk by not acknowledging her she says that the muddy river banks would make a lovely boot worship place. I pass by more people and still no one gives me a second look and now having to stop dead if the buzzer goes off which is so humiliating because it looks weird. Mistress once again catches up with me and tells me to cross the road and walk towards the riverside. Once I cross the road the buzzer goes and I stand there for what seems like ages frozen to the spot. Mistress once again walks past and into the distance and once again buzz and I am off. I am now heading alongside the river and there is even more people about with my lovely scarf now flowing in the wind. I might has well have had a flashing look at me sign on my head. I get buzzed again and wait and look around and Mistress beckons me to turnaround. I follow once again at a distance and Mistress has gone towards the underpass. As I arrive Mistress is waiting with some new instructions. When the collar vibrates I am to move my arms like a chicken on the walk back to the HOD. I set off on my own once more and wait for the inevitable vibration and it’s not long until it happens, I feel so utterly stupid and keep walking it then vibrates again and as I do it a second later a police car drives by, at this point I just want the ground to open up. But there is around another half mile of this but still even doing the chicken wings no one seems to notice. As I walk towards 4 youths drinking I think to myself this is where it’s going to happen but still nothing. The thing about public humiliation is you don’t enjoy it at the time you just want it to be over and never more so than right now. As I walk back with Mistress still far behind me someone is walking behind me so I stop to cross the road and I get my first strange look. As I cross the road I get the vibrate again but with people walking towards me I just can’t bring myself to do the chicken wings anymore. At this point I just want to go inside and curl up in a ball and rock. Finally, I arrive back at the HOD and wait for Mistress to catch up. When she does she has the biggest grin on her face. When we get inside Mistress cannot contain herself with how much fun she just had. She did think that walking along on her own belly laughing was probably stranger than me doing chicken wings.

    I just had to sit down (which was slightly uncomfortable due to the butt plug) and hold my head in my hands. I really love public humiliation but only after it’s finished. Mistress was really buzzing from it and worryingly states that this is her new favourite activity and looks forward to doing much more. Mistress then asks me if I watch impractical jokers (which I do and hoped Mistress had never seen it) and says that a small Bluetooth earpiece would work brilliantly with the forfeits for failure being big financial or painful consequences. I just sit there and try to take in what’s happened it seems so minor but the embarrassment was massive. I’m pleased that Mistress had a great time and that my squirming brought her joy but I couldn’t do this all the time.

    My session ends with a nice relaxing DIY job of building a plastic drawer set and then not being able to find one of the pieces. Then back to normality with massive aching bollocks which is either from the harness not being adjusted correctly of being so turned on by being degraded and humiliated. Either way I hope I have lost weight this week.

    As I write this the day after I can enjoy the experience much more and as Mistress said yesterday look forward to the pending day in the woods. Next visit two weeks’ time so watch this space.