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  • The Wife’s Shoes

    I had an interesting session of shoe worship and trampling with my new slave, Awkward.  He brought along several pairs of his wife’s shoes and a pair of her boots. So I proceeded to tie him up, force him to worship them, then I teased and trampled him before taking his car for a spin (and smoking in it) while he remained restrained to the coffee table in my chambers!

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  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Mistress is Always in Charge

    After his week of mayhem on the Controller-Coaster of Deelight, Slave Taquin recovered to a much more manageable state (for him) whilst I subtly reminded him by way of a heavier chastity device, that I remain in charge.


    Writing and sending my blog to Mistress is often a mentally climatic experience. This was particularly true this week. I had rebounded from the tribulations of the day out with my vanilla friend on the Wednesday to find myself locked in a heavy and tormenting chastity device on the Sunday. Mistress still hadn’t told me if she was going to allow me to visit her at the HOD that coming week and I was desperate for her personal attentions. My predicament was made all the worse by the fact that my lovely vanilla lady friend was taking great pleasure in what Mistress was doing to me (even at one point demanding that I send her a picture of myself locked in my device. – I can’t say no to her either and had done what I was told).

    Mistress asked how I was getting on with the bon4m. I told her of the impact it was having on me and she was pleased by my answer. I asked again if I could see her this week, and she stopped responding to my texts. To be fair she was having a very busy day, but I still suspected that she was just teasing me.

    I had found that my PC was locked down until 3pm on Sunday and so, in the absence of fetish fun, I got on with some vanilla jobs. I was particularly keen to get on to my PC on that Sunday afternoon as Mistress had given me permission to buy some nice leather bondage mitts for her and Mistress R’eal to use at the HOD. As the clock on my phone showed it was 3pm I signed on to my PC and headed for Uberkinky. I found the items that I wanted and moved them into my shopping basket. Of course being a fan of bondage, constraint and control I couldn’t resist the temptation to do some window shopping around the site. I spent some time looking at the opportunities for electrics to be remotely controlled and quickly came to the conclusion that one day in the not too distant future Uberkinky would have a ‘distance control’ section that would feature discreet devices that a Mistress could operate via the internet. I imagined being woken on the hour every hour through the night by a tingling (or worse) device, set up remotely by Mistress on a timer. Now that would provide her with a terrible weapon! I finished my fantasising, placed the order and sent Mistress a text to tell her that the mitts were on their way. She kindly responded, and I told myself not to contact her again unless she got in touch with me first. I therefore spent the rest of the day watching my phone for any communication from her or my friend. I was still hopeful that Mistress would tell me to attend the HOD the following day, but I heard nothing more.

    Following a decent nights sleep I sent my morning text on the Monday and asked if Mistress had found the time yet to read my blog that I had sent her the previous day. Of course I wanted to hear that she considered it a piece of literary genius! but also wanted to know what she thought one way or the other. In particular I feared that it might be too long. I know that I do prattle on!

    Mistress responded that she had seen it and confirmed that it was precisely as she expected. Following a couple more texts we established that Mistress was not going to be able to see me at the HOD this week. I was pretty disappointed but delighted for Mistress that she was so busy. I would just have to cope for another week.

    Mistress did check again to make sure that the bon4m wasn’t causing any physical damage. I confirmed that it wasn’t and this was her reply ‘I won’t have you in it for that much longer but if it’s not rubbing you can stay in if for now’. To some that may not seem like a particularly forceful reply. To me though it reminded me in a low key but assertive manner who is really in charge. As a long-term distance control slave I do find myself sometimes believing that I am doing things to myself. This is particularly true when it comes to wearing a chastity device. I sometimes have to remind myself or be reminded of the fact that whilst I often physically lock it in place Mistress makes me do it in such a way that she knows whether or not it is in place or has been tampered with. I know that, were I ever to try to remove it, that I would be made to regret it. I imagine horrible pain at the HOD or difficult to explain phone calls to my wife. Either way I conclude that it is Mistress who is truly deciding what I can do and when. Her decision regarding the bon4m today reminded me of that.

    On Tuesday Mistress had a girly day out to enjoy and left me to get on with my day. If I know that she is out for the day life does become a little easier for me as I don’t spend the whole day waiting for her to contact me. From Mistresses point of view it means that I won’t contact her again until she gets in touch with me. It is a win win! although I do inevitably miss the attention. Today I had no PC access allowed to me at all (and Mistress has prevented me from accessing Twitter or any fun sites through my phone ever since my last session) and so I had a very vanilla day. I have noticed by the way that Mistress has been very cruel with my PC access recently. Quite often I look to see when I will next be allowed on to it to find that it will be at Midnight or the early hours of the morning. Mistress knows that I am normally tucked up by 10pm and therefore will never be able to use the time so ‘kindly’ allowed.

    Wednesday was another quiet day for me. Mistress did remind me that my next session was a week away and that it was going to be ‘a very long week’ I wasn’t sure if that was a threat or a statement of fact but knew that it was true anyway. By the time I went to bed I was beginning to worry a bit about how things had been going recently. I actually went to bed fearful that Mistress was getting bored of me. Mistress has ensured that I rely so much on her now that any quiet periods can result in something akin to paranoia! (I subsequently found out that Mistress had been unwell)

    Thursday was a better day. When I went to my workshop I discovered that I had been allowed 2 hours of access for the day. A real luxury in the world of PC and phone control by Miss Deelight! I signed in, checked Twitter, enjoyed the latest blog from Sissy Mouse and then opened a link Mistress had sent to my phone the day before. My phone had refused to open it despite numerous attempts by me and I had no idea what the file was.

    The link opened and I was taken to the beginning of a video that I knew very well indeed. I think it is called ‘Taquins Release’ and shows yours truly tied to the bed whilst Mistress releases me from my device and teases and edges me like no one had ever done before. Eventually she is kind enough to take me over the edge into a fabulous orgasm. It is still one of my best ever sessions and one of my most favoritevideos.

    It was so kind of Mistress to allow me to watch the video. Some time ago Mistress went onto my PC using TeamViewer whilst I was sleeping. She found the folder that contained all of my fun files and moved it and them from my PC to hers. Her control of my fetish intake is now complete. I think that this is the first time that Mistress has allowed me to view one of them again. This fact together with the video itself made me very horny indeed. I asked Mistress if she would allow me to download the video back onto my PC. My request was met with an unequivocal ‘no’. This was swiftly followed by a text that mocked me for accessing Uberkinky 33 times in the previous week. I confessed to Mistress that I had been fantasising about the day when she would be able to use electrics controlled by her over the internet to torment her distance control pets. She responded gleefully that she was already considering just that. I began to feel another cavernous hole appearing at my feet and went very quiet on the subject.

    Mistress instructed me to change back to the lighter and more comfortable Uberkinky device on Friday. It did come as something of a relief as the bon4 had been getting uncomfortable.

    Saturday was another quiet day as Mistress was still unwell. I decided to use my time usefully by writing this blog (again on my phone due to a lack of PC allowance).

  • Slave Chico’s Weekend of Debauchery

    Last weekend Slave Chico enjoyed 3 days of fun at my mercy via Skype.  Here is an email I received from him detailing his experience….


    Hi Miss Deelight,
    I thought your followers or would-be slaves might like to know how great our recent Skype sessions were.
    Having a once a year “window of opportunity”, I came across your web-site and saw that you offered web-cam sessions.
    I emailed you well in advance with an outline of what I was looking for with  Skype sessions on three consecutive days and we agreed on two one-hour sessions followed by half an hour on the final day.
    As I didn’t have a chastity device you “suggested” that I get one. A bit scary but I went ahead and bought a CB6000S.
    I asked for your permission to try it on in advance to get the best fit, luckily you granted this request, as for a novice, it took a few days to get it right.
    For our first session I was very nervous but when you appeared on Skype, I was blown away by your stunning appearance
    and your confidant “I’m in charge” manner. That hour flew by with me completely under your spell, having to memorise a mantra you had written for me and ending with me having to deflate a raging erection and put myself in chastity and show myself to you locked up, with a command not to remove it until our next session. The mantra had to be repeated out loud on my knees, three times before bed and again in the morning. However, during the night around 5am, I awoke with a dreadful pain – Miss Delight’s cock was trying to break out of the cage and my balls were bursting. I had to take it off and knew I’d be in trouble! Miss Deelight texted me a few hours later and I had to confess and she wasn’t pleased.
    At the start of our next session( me on my knees naked) she graciously accepted my explanation that I was really worried that I had done some damage but with severe warning that was my last chance. Miss Delight then put the session on pause and told me to go to a local Ann Summers store wearing my device and some panties, to make some lingerie and fetish purchases and  had to phone her when I was in the store to make sure I got the right things!
    Well that was slightly embarrassing (but exciting) as I exited the store with a slinky black negligee, a mask and some bondage tape!!
    Our session continued with Miss delight instructing me to remove the CB device and which items of lingerie to put on.
    I was then allowed to play a  wanking game controlled by Mistress and to edge but put back into the cage with no cumming. As punishment for removing the device the night before without permission, I had to write a hundred lines  “I’m a dirty dripping bastard”.
    Well before our final session Mistress texted me to enquire how the  night in chastity had gone and to instruct me on what to wear for the start of the final session and to be sure to have a wooden spoon handy!( I’d had to confess that so far I’d only managed to write 50 lines)
    So our final session started with me having to spank my buttocks 100 times with the wooden spoon, saying “thank you Mistress” after each stroke. Miss Deelight then allowed me to remove the CB device and when I was hard, demonstrated some of her fiendish stroking techniques. Finally, Mistress conceded that I had tried really hard to please her  and as I begged desperately, she generously allowed me a happy ending.
    Phew, what an experience!
    Slave Chico(age 68)

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Enforced Neediness

    This week Slave Taquin,  my needy slave just like the others, was left to learn that he will be utterly needy (and paranoid) exactly when I want him to be….


    Sunday to Friday
    This week has been unusual and in many ways uncomfortable. I am sitting here writing this blog still unsure about how I feel about it. My confusion is down to the fact that I have had virtually no stimulus until yesterday. For most of it I have been without the internet, twitter, videos and most importantly Mistress! It is not that Mistress hasn’t been there. She has. It is just that she seems to have deliberately left me in this fetish wilderness. The most exciting communication that I had received from her up until Saturday had been a response to a text that I sent her telling her that I was desperate for just a little attention. She sent me two winking emoticons blowing kisses that got me dribbling away for a couple of hours. How easy I am to torment! The other important omission from my fetish world is the fact that I have not been made to wear my chastity device.
    I want  to try to explain how I feel as a result, and so here goes. There has been a big void in my day to day existence. I do love the fact that Mistress is confident enough in her own power over me that she can put me through this. She continues to prove that she is genuinely in control of my fetish world and that I have to accept what she knows is best for me. This fact alone has kept me feeling gently horny all week. But apart from that, and the emoticon occasion, I have not been stimulated. And how I miss it! Even when Mistress allowed me back onto the internet on my phone on Thursday I didn’t get horny. If anything it was worse. Mistress had released her grip on me and allowed me access to my e mails and the internet (xhamster, fetlife etc – but not twitter yet). The thing that was still missing was any attention from her. The truth is that Mistress is my fetish world now. It is her control of what I can or cannot see and of what I can and cannot do that is important to me. Nothing else. Looking at fetish videos or stories without it being part of what Mistress requires me to do is now a rather hollow experience.
    And so this is the bottom line. I need Mistress. I need her controlling, teasing, tormenting, demanding, frightening, soothing, guiding presence.
    For the record I have produced a short summary of Monday to Friday below:
    Sunday – My phone and PC had been locked down since Friday. I requested PC access to write my blog and was allowed a total of 3hrs to do so. It still felt like a rush!
    Monday – We rearranged the date of my next session.
    Tuesday – I told Mistress that I was missing Twitter and her website. Her response was that she was ‘sure that you are missing it’ and asked if I was being more productive! I confessed that I was but that I could happily cope with my fetish and vanilla worlds in parallel. It all went quiet again. Later in the day Mistress asked ‘how her hopeless, devoted pet was today’. She signed her text ‘Mistress’. Wonderful. I told her that I was feeling desperate for just a little of her attention. There was no point in lying.  It was now 5 days since my fetish world went dark. How I missed the excitement and stimulation. It’s not always easy being a slave! Mistress sent me two winking emoticons blowing kisses. That’s all it took to get me dribbling away for the next 2 hours!
    Wednesday – Mistress told me that I had missed a 30 minute window of opportunity to access my PC the previous day – and then I had to go out for the day. No further contact
    Thurs – A text from Mistress saying ‘Welcome back’. I discovered that she had released most restrictions on my phone but my PC was still locked down.
    Fri – Mistress just said ‘Good morning’.
    And so that was Sunday to Friday. On Saturday Mistress treated me to some attention. I say ‘treated’ because that is how it feels now. A little attention is a real gift from Mistress. I am so grateful!
    Firstly I received a text from Mistress telling me that she had unlocked my PC for me. She taunted me with the fact that she knew that I had a really busy day ahead of me preparing for a party that evening and that I probably wouldn’t have time to enjoy it. Of course I had to go and look at it as soon as I could. Twitter was the thing I looked forward to seeing the most. I hadn’t been able to access it through phone or PC for over a week now. I went into the workshop and signed onto the PC. The front screen opened up as it should (For the last week it had just told me that ‘my time was up’ and that ‘I should ask an adult in my family for more time’). I opened up edge and went straight to Twitter.com. It was locked! I sent Mistress a text and requested access. Straight away I received a text from her teasing me for how quickly I had rushed outside to look at my PC. Mistress never did let me onto Twitter.
    And then Mistress started to tease me by telling me that she was in my area that evening and that she was planning to turn up at my party. Apparently  she was going to claim to have lost her cat. We exchanged a few texts on the subject during which Mistress made it clear that she was really looking forward to going through with her threat. In the end I stopped texting. The last thing I wanted was to be seen to be provoking her into actually turning up. On balance I didn’t actually think that Mistress would come strolling up my drive, but I couldn’t be certain. And so I spent a good part of my evening looking over my shoulder wondering what the hell would I do if she did!
    And so here I am on Sunday morning. Mistress has me precisely where I am sure she wants me. Desperate for her attention, grateful for just a moment of her time, horny, dreaming of being allowed to touch her property for my pleasure and wondering what comes next.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Shaking Things Up

    Slave Taquin proved his devotion the other week by suppressing his neediness while I both prepared for and recovered from the Marathon.  However it wasn’t until I stepped things up a notch and had him back to his rightful place of dribbling mess with some Teamviewer snooping, trial phone control and of course merciless teasing!


    In the same way that it is a known fact that men suffer more from observing women giving birth than the woman does herself I can confirm that it is far worse tracking the progress of someone undertaking the London Marathon than it is actually taking part. Of course I am joking but I have to say that it was a really nerve racking morning following, and reporting on, Miss Deelights progress as she completed the 26.2 miles of her Marathon. I found myself in a customers house doing some work for them watching / listening to the BBC coverage on my laptop whilst tracking Mistresses progress on my phone, and tweeting accordingly. This is all possible because each athlete has a unique electronic tag given to them that they attach to their shoes. Each time they reach a 5 km marker they run over a sensor in the road that notifies the website that they have passed this point. It was clear to me that Mistress was finding the early stages tougher than she had hoped. I kept reassuring myself that her determination would ensure that she would cross the finish line, but I was also aware that even the fittest competitors in the world can be forced to retire through injury. As we all now know Mistress did indeed complete the course, overtaking 700 competitors towards the end of her race and raising over £2,000 for her charity. A truly inspiring result.

    We exchanged a few emails over the next few days but inevitably Mistress was taking the opportunity to recuperate mentally and physically through the first half of the week.

    It was actually on Thursday that I began to feel Mistress return to her formidable and slightly scary best. Firstly she began by reminding me (as if I needed it!) that I had a session booked for the following week. In doing so she disclosed that Slave Spike had told her of a key safe with a 10 day timer that he had discovered. This was obviously giving Mistress some devious ideas! Whilst I was trying to get my head around what those might be I heard my phone beep in a way that I hadn’t heard before. I looked at it and realised that it was Mistress telling me to check in on Life 360. This is an app that Mistress had told me to load onto my phone, which she swiftly took control of. It is basically a tracking app that allows parents to keep track of their children (or in my case Mistress to keep track of her Slave). I think in asking me to check in Mistress was reminding me that there was no place to hide. It allows the ‘parents’ to set up specific locations and receive an alarm if their child departs from it of arrives at it. It might be the home address or a chosen location. In my case it just means that Mistress has tightened her control of me by several more notches. Now she can see at any time exactly where I am. She can even watch my progress walking the dog in the morning if she wishes! Just imagine what she could do if you were one of her slaves undertaking weight loss or fitness training. Never again would you be able to claim to have taken that 5 mile walk and not do it!

    Later that evening I looked at my PC to see that I had missed a Teamviewer visit from Mistress. She had left a recording of her snooping around my files. This always gets to me, particularly when I saw that she had spent some time looking at my browsing history. I had received a very clear warning from Mistress that if she ever discovered that I had been looking at porn without her permission that I would be punished. After the caning that I had received during my last visit to the HOD I really didn’t want to experience anything like that again. Of course the parental controls put in place on my pc by Mistress prevents access to sites such as xhamster but there are other potential sources of fun videos such as youtube. Whilst I didn’t think that I had been on any sites that I shouldn’t have I was pretty scared as I watched the video of her working her way through my viewing history. Fortunately there was nothing to be found and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Mistresses property was of course twitching and dribbling throughout. In the end Mistress had just left me a simple message. It read ‘remove your device and wait’. Although my body has coped pretty well with the device for the last few weeks I was actually relieved to be given the opportunity to remove it and to check that all was ok. Thankfully it was. There was a little reddening in a couple of areas but nothing that could be described as a sore. I wondered what Mistress had in store for me.

    Just before going to bed I got a further instruction: ‘Edge and wait’. I did as instructed. A few minutes later I went to bed with thoughts of my forthcoming session, Mistress controlling my pc, Mistress tracking my every movement and the recent unusual pleasure of being allowed to touch myself on my mind. It was a restless night.

    Mistress added to my torment on Friday morning with the instruction ‘edge again at 9am’. At 9.05 I sent my text to Mistress confirming that I had completed my task and was told to remain unlocked. I waited for my next instruction, and waited, and checked my phone, and waited. This is of course what Mistress does to me. She teases and tantalises and then leaves me to the dangers of my own thoughts for a while. It was just after lunch when I heard from her next. I saw the Teamviewer sign in screen appear on my laptop PC and knew that I was about to be taken on the next leg of the journey that Mistress had planned for me. She opened up the notes page and told me to wait for a moment as she needed to plug something in at her end. I took the opportunity to ask if it was ok if I nipped off for a pee (I had been meaning to for ages). There was no response. I waited for a couple more moments, decided that she must be away from her PC and so headed across the yard to relieve myself. When I got back I saw a message from Mistress telling me that I had her permission to go, I told her that I had done it already, she said ‘what, before I gave you permission’, I said yes, she opened up the camera on my pc in order that she could see me and instructed me to pull down my trousers and spank myself hard on the bum 10 times. I of course did as instructed. This seemed to amuse Mistress greatly.

    Mistress continued to type via notes. My task for the day was to go onto AdultWork and contact another Mistress through direct chat. I was to tell her of my current situation and to speak with her for 10 minutes. During this time I was to stroke Mistresses property very slowly. To make matters even more difficult I was to video myself in the process in order that I could send it to Mistress to prove that I had not allowed myself the pleasure of an orgasm as a result. Mistress also told me that I was to send her regards to the Mistress concerned. The thought of the task filled my head for the rest of the day, but unfortunately I was unable to find the right opportunity to complete it (one of the few downsides of working from home). Mistress kindly agreed that I could complete the task the following day.

    It was shortly after lunch on Saturday when the opportunity to undertake my Adultwork task finally appeared. Luckily for me the Mistress concerned was on line and available. I set up the PC to record myself, pulled down my pants and made the call. My call was answered and the lovely lady at the other end of the line asked who I was. I explained the purpose of the call and said that Miss Deelight sent her regards. She was pleased by this. We started to chat, she gently probed my experiences and weaknesses whilst I enjoyed the pleasure of being allowed to touch Mistresses property. It was only after we had been chatting for 2 minutes that I realised that I hadn’t pressed record on the video capture on my laptop! I pressed the required button and carried on with the call. As I explained to Miss Deelight afterwards I did enjoy the call but found it to be rather to friendly and chatty. I think I needed a bit more Domme / Sub about it. Regardless of this the end result was what you might expect. I was dribbling uncontrollably and had been unable to take full advantage of this rare pleasure as Mistress had made me record the event to ensure no chance of mishaps. I sent the video to Mistress and exchanged texts on the subject. She took the opportunity to reinforce her hold on me by reminding me of my perilous position in this relationship and signed off with the phrase ‘and in a few more days my grip on you will tighten…

    I have no doubt that she is correct.

  • SHUT UP! – Hand Over Mouth Smother Finger Worship – YOU TALK TOO MUCH! – NEW FETISH CLIP!

    Watch how, while dressed in my leather hotpants and leather thigh boots,  I tease my pvc gimp with my sensual pretty fingers, stroking them on his face, sliding them into his mouth before I force them down his throat then use my hands over his mouth to shut him up together with a choker hold at the end.

    You’ve missed your Mistress haven’t you? You want to worship my hands and lick my pretty fingers and long painted finger nails?  But you talk to much, always talking! I need to shut you up! I am going to gag you with my fingers in your mouth and then smother you!



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  • New Fetish Clip – Strict Shoe Worship with Blackmail and CEI

    Kneel and gaze upon me in my shiny skin tight latex and super high heel open toe shoes then feel the wrath of my evil side as I tease, humiliate, blackmail and verbally abuse you with my strict, commanding manner.

    Come here slave, come here. Get down here now. On your hands and knees where you belong. That’s right you grovel and worship at my feet, you worship the ground I walk on because you are a pathetic little low life and this is a privilege for you. What a lovely place for you to be. I know what you want, I know that you want to grovel. So grovel you little fuck and kiss my shoes now! Here! Worship don’t drool. Now do the other one, no fucking around. Do as you are told or you will feel the sting of my whip. Pretty soon these sharp heels will be digging into you. Sharp spiky new heels in your chest and nipples. You are going to be my doormat. Easy? Have you ever had a pair of heels digging into your chest? You haven’t got a clue what it feels like have you? It hurts slave, it really hurts! You’re going to suffer for me. I like that, I like your suffering, hearing you beg and plead through the pain as you try your best to please me. But you are a pussy and you are soon going to be whining like the little bitch that you are. I’m going to walk my feet down your body until my heels are digging into your cock and then I’m going to take that little cock in between my shoes and I’m going to squish it there while my heels dig into your balls. You are going to really suffer. However with all punishment comes reward. If you endure the pain enough and try your absolute best, I might just let you spunk. I’m going to let you wank that cock of yours and I’ll let you rub it on my shoes. What’s that? You want to cum on my shoes? I’ll let you come on my shoes BUT there is a catch. You will have to clean it all up with your tongue. Do we have a deal? Good. Now just to make sure that you keep your end of the bargain, I am going to take a photo of you. Now if you don’t keep your end of the deal I will post this photo all over the internet for all your friends to see. Do you still want to cum on my shoes? Well there is no point in saying “NO” now. You’ve already made a deal, a deal with the devil! You ARE going to wank that cock, you ARE going to spunk on my shoes and then YOU WILL lick every single last drop off. Now do as you’re told and wank your cock for me……..





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  • I Have ALL the Power!

    You think you are strong but you are not.
    You are weak. Weak and pathetic.
    Sure you think you can resist.
    You can’t.
    You don’t stand a chance.
    Go on try it, I dare you!
    Resist my demands to restrain you.
    You can’t.
    Not when my cleavage is so close to your face.
    Not with the promise of their softness brushing upon your lips.
    You’re too weak.
    And now you are tied.
    Now try to resist the urge to ejaculate.
    If you ejaculate you will be forced to eat it.
    Go on I challenge you to resist.
    My beautiful soft cleavage next to your face.
    My long pink nails teasing your dribbling cock.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.
    You beg me to let you cum.
    You beg me to let you eat it.
    You are weak.
    You want to cum?
    You have to pay your cum tax.
    Where is your bank card?
    Give me your pin.
    Good boy.
    You can’t resist.
    You are weak.

    I have ALL the power.


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  • Clean My Red Heels While I Take A Break

    It’s been a busy day at wank clinic today and some over-excited patient made a sticky mess on my favourite red suede heels.  You better clean them up quick, with your tongue before my break finishes and the next patient arrives!


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  • Welcome to Nail Bitch, Danny.

    Recently, Sissy Mouse became my coffee bitch; his role is to keep me well supplied with cappuccino pods for my Tassimo machine. Well now I have a new bitch in the House of Deelight;  Danny is my new nail bitch and he has committed to paying for my regular manicures in exchange for him choosing the colour and of course I’ll be teasing my new nail bitch with pictures of my freshly painted nails.  Watch this space pets!

    Screenshot (103)


    I also have a vacancy for a hot chocolate bitch. My cappuccinos are to get me moving in the mornings and my hot chocolate pods (£20 per month) are to help me wind down each evening after a day of domination, control and tease.  Apply to missdeelight@outlook.com

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  • Louboutin Worship Instruction – New Movie Clip

    You’re in for a very special treet today my little foots slaves; Mistress is wearing skin tight latex revealing my delicious soft cleavage and I’m sporting my brand new Louboutin red sole shoes in a stunning patent leather with killer heel. You are given step by step instruction on how to worship them, while I’ll tease you with some foot dangling and JOI, with a final countdown to cum as you wank your hard cock off at my feet.


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  • Living Cigarette Lighter – Every Slave has its Purpose

    There is never a dull moment in my profession, well at least not for myself and my friend Mistress R’eal.  But just when one thinks one’s heard and seen everything, another surprise crops up.  The request this time, was that our slave was to be used as a living cigarette lighter.  Always dee-lighted to entertain new and excruciating methods of torture, how could we resist?  The new accessory at the House of Deelight was teased and seduced into hardness, with myself and Mistress R’eal teasing it with cigarettes, and blowing smoke over its manhood as we discussed the torture that lay ahead.  If slave wants to be used as a cigarette lighter/ashtray, then so be it.  Needless to say, it was a sheer dee-light to watch it suffer as we applied lighter fluid into the folds of its foreskin and flicked the lighter ;)

    foreskin on fire


    Read what our slave had to say about its session and then click the images below to see his suffering and torment!

    This was my second visit to Miss Deelight’s premises, but my first double session with Mistress R’eal, and to say the visit was fantastic would be an understatement.

    After submitting a guidance script some weeks back, the session went far better than I could have ever imagined.

    Both Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal had taken great care to prepare their appearance perfectly, and proceeded to executed the session (sympathetically) in-line with the submitted script.

    The session was based around a smoking fantasy, which was realised in more ways than expected, with both mistresses showing superb creativity, sensuality, and extreme cruelty, all traits that are clearly enjoyed by both.

    To be sensually seduced, teased, tormented and then tortured by these incredibly attractive, sexy and cruel ladies, was simply incredible.  I experienced heights of of immense pleasure, and extreme pain, to the amusement of both mistresses.

    I am already looking forward (with a certain amount of trepidation) to another session with Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal, which (I am assured) will be even more traumatic (and pleasurable) than the last.

    I would certainly recommend both these mistresses, especially if you have a particular fantasy you struggle to get realised.

    First, they actually listen to you, then they use their intuitive and creative skills to intelligently replicate your fantasy.


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  • New Fetish Video Clips – Ass and Breast Worship

    Breast Worship Tease POV

    Watch and yearn as I squeeze and tease my cleavage right in your face.  What will you do to see them naked? Will you pay or will you play?  The choice is yours! Big soft milky white plump breasts, hypnotising you, seducing you.

    Click image for clip preview:

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    Ass Worship Smothering POV

    I know what you want, Slave.  I know what you crave, what you desire.  Now is your chance, kneel behind me and worship my big beautiful bottom.  Kiss my soft milky white skin, push your nose in deep and inhale the scent of Deelight,  then lay still and take the full weight of my big, strong, round, bubble butt on your face; taking your breath away.

    Click image for clip preview:

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  • The things you’d do, to please me…..

    Look at me slave, lying here on my bed in all my PVC and thigh high boots.  I look so sexual, you so badly want to be lying there with me, touching me, caressing me.  But there is only one way you will ever even come close to doing so, and that is by doing the things I want you to do, things you wouldn’t normally do; things you find uncomfortable.  And this is what I want you to do; I want you to get your lips around my big rubber cock and suck it.  Does that feel good?  Mmmmm yeah, now I want you to imagine that it is real cock.  OH Yes! Does that make your cock hard; the thought of me, making you suck a real cock?  Of course it does, don’t deny it!  You only live once, so why not live dangerously?  Come here like a good little bitch and imagine your are sucking real cock for me, because you know how much it will please me, how horny it will make me…..

    Forced Bi – Strap-on Tease and Seduction

    New POV movie clip – available now.

    Click on the movie snapshots below, to enlarge.