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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – Life Lessons

    Life lessons.

    My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight comes a painfully long 6 weeks after the mind-blowing, mind numbing, self-facial, E-stim pebble induced orgasm. Which will forever leave a stamp on my sordid mind.

    Mistress a few weeks before had set out her plans for the session and what I needed to bring with me. As always with Mistress I get the bare basics. What happens on the day is always decided by Mistress. I knew that it would involve Mistress wielding her cane and that she wished to make a couple of clips with me dressed as my alter ego Sissy Hypnobot (subject to her hypnotic programming being successful).

    The day finally arrives and Mistress requests we start the session an hour later than planned at midday. I also receive a good luck email from Slave Taquin which was very lovely of him. As always, the clock ticks around slowly and I get myself ready. I am instructed today to wear my steel chastity belt to the session. I have never worn this out under clothes before and it’s also very cumbersome and uncomfortable but as we know Mistress knows best. I put it on lock it up and then adjust myself to try and get it to not pinch too much. I load the car and then gingerly sit in the driver’s seat. After more adjustment, I feel able to drive safely, with reasonable comfort and I set off. I arrive slightly early as always and wait a few streets away for the clock to slowly tick around to midday.

    As midday approaches I get an unexpected phone call from Mistress to inform me she is not quite ready and gives me my instructions. Which are to let myself in, go straight upstairs and dress in my SHB suit and await Mistress in the dungeon on the new soft kneeling mat (Mistress is very kind to us). After that Mistress informs me that I am to iron and starch her shirt. I inform Mistress that I have never ironed anything in my life and Mistress is shocked at such a revelation and tells me that it will be a good life lesson and that all good sissies should be able to carry out all domestic duties for their Mistress.

    Mistress hangs up and I collect my clothes and other offerings from the car and head to the front door, announce my arrival and then begin to bumble about for the next few minutes. Mistress acknowledges this by placing her phone through the slightly open door and its playing Bamboleo by the Gipsy Kings which sets the scene perfectly. ‘Sing along Mousey’ says Mistress as I bumble about doing what I need to do with Mistress’s very creased shirt hanging menacingly up in front of me. I finally get myself upstairs, change, return, kneel on the mat and await Mistress. Feeling wonderful dressed in my smart navy-blue skirt suit with the chastity belt not allowing Mistress’s property to fully enjoy the feeling. After a few minutes Mistress enters the room still dressed in normal clothes (but still looking fabulous) and inspects me kneeling in front her and instructs me to stand so she can inspect me further and gives me her approval. Now comes the test, can I iron Mistress’s shirt first time to a good standard? Mistress gives me the instructions on how she wants it done with the starch and leaves me to it. Just standing there dressed as a chastised smart sissy feels wonderful and remarkably on Mistress’s return it’s done and to her expected standard. I am then instructed to return to the kneeling mat and await the arrival of a strict suited Mistress. I kneel there with Mistress property trying to burst out of its steel tube (a subsequence of the hypnotic programming and nothing else honest). A few minutes later Mistress enters the room and looks the picture of power and elegance in her smart suit, beautifully ironed shirt (cheeky grin) and new blue silk tie. Mistress then informs me to stand and checks me over, adjusting my tie to her exacting standards and tells me to put on my shoes. In that usual way of me and my bumbling, whilst trying to put the second shoe on I lose my balance and almost crash to the ground.

    Once the shoes are on and I am upright, Mistress gets out her camera and tells me to recite my SHB mantra which is “I am a sissy Hypnobot. My duty is to serve, honour and obey my commander” I repeat this several times and once finished Mistress sends the video to a very expectant Hypnobot one. This may seem very odd but it is his approval that I seek the most. The smart immaculate presentation is his thing and to attain his standards as a usually scruffy mechanic is somewhat of an achievement and honour. Mistress has since informed me that HB1 was indeed pleased with what was presented to him.

    Next task was to shoot a video of Mistress for her strict smart suit fans. This was duly done and thank goodness for image stabiliser because I struggled to stand still in my heels. A good lesson to never take for granted Mistress stood in heels for hours! With that task complete (I’ve said it many times before watching Mistress do her pieces to camera unscripted is mesmerising) it was time to film another clip introducing Sissy Hypnobot. This again was difficult for me to stand completely still and I could feel myself swaying slightly.

    Once again, another brilliant piece to camera by Mistress informing the watchers of her power over her army of Hypnobot’s and drones. It was also great for me to stand there mindless with no thoughts whatsoever apart from listening for a command.

    With filming finished and me back in the room it was time to move on to a more familiar session for me. Mistress wielding her cane. I’m informed to go upstairs remove the SHB outfit (what a relief to get out of those heels) and return wearing just the steel chastity belt. With this done Mistress shoots a video of me wearing the belt for her only fans site (what better reason do you need than that to join?)

    Now for the fun bit. A very welcome caning from Mistress. Before the session Mistress had informed me that she would be drawing blood today and wouldn’t stop until she had. With my well-padded leathery backside, this is not an easy task for Mistress or me.

    All my caning is now done cold with no warm up. This is a testament to Mistress and her coaching to get me to be able to do take this. Mistress informs me that today it will be various canes in sets of 6.

    Mistress invites me to kneel on her whipping bench and because I am wearing the chastity belt it makes my bum cheeks more pronounced. Mistress decides that I don’t need strapping down today as I am a very willing victim. Mistress puts some music on a begins. Whack no fluffy start today and it leaves me breathless as always. I always struggle with the first 8. It seems that is how long it takes for my body and my head to adjust to the pain. I’m not saying the rest were easy but by stroke number eight I can start to cope better. With several sets of 6 completed Mistress changes cane and I am given more sets of 6. Mistress changing from 6 individual strokes to giving me 6 in quick succession. The six in quick succession becomes unbearable and then it’s over. Mistress then moves to the stingy whippy cane and even with a well-warmed bottom that thing hurts especially the 6 in a row. Mistress has been keeping count of how many sets I have been given and asks me how many it is several times over the period? Luckily, I got everyone correct. After around 20 sets of 6 Mistress with her laser-guided caning, accuracy produces the blood she is looking for and decides I can have another 2 sets of 6 just so the blood transfers onto the cane better. I would like to add as always in-between those 132 strokes there was some fun and laughing (I just can’t really remember what it was about). I must say being caned in the belt was a fun experience and it also meant I was safe from a post-orgasm caning.

    Once finished Mistress invites me to stand slowly and join her for a drink and a post-session chat. I am instructed to sit on the hard floor in front of Mistress’s throne so I can easily mop my blood up later and enjoy sitting on a freshly canned bottom. Mistress you are so kind and practical.

    As always, it’s lovely to have a chat about this and that with Mistress and as before I know it time is up. I clean the floor and the bench, go and redress. Return, put my stuff in the car, run an errand for Mistress and leave her to the rest of her busy day feeling just wonderful.

    I am always grateful to Mistress for our sessions but sometimes a session goes way beyond what you expect and even though I have written the above, I cannot put into words the emotional joy that this particular session brought me. I will quote Slave Taquin in a nice email he sent me enquiring after my session. “I also struggle to convey my emotions in words. There are very few readers who will ever be able to understand unless they are lucky enough to be one of Mistress’s slaves.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

  • The @gratefulpain Narrow Spanking Paddle – Clip

    The other day I blogged about the paddle I was testing out on behalf of gratefulpain.co.uk

    Since then the narrow spanking paddle has been used in a few sessions to great effect.  What I like about the paddle is that it is firm, robust and creates the perfect rosy bottom! The quality of this paddle is excellent.  Far superior to others I have tried.  What’s more is that it stings! Watch the clip below to see it in action and watch my slave buck under the impact!

    Warning: Contains sensitive material.  Personal discretion advised.


    Shop here http://gratefulpain.co.uk/shop/hand-crafted-narrow-bdsm-spanking-paddle/

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  • In-case You Missed It – New Haircut!

    That’s right slaves, those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (you should, by the way! @miss_deelight) will probably not have seen my fab new hair cut.  Yes the longer has gone as I’ve opted for a short cut to rid myself of all the dead bleached hair.  Not only has my hair been cut short but now it reveals much more of my natural hair colour – Strawberry Blonde.  Now I’m even sexier (is that even possible) and still as dominant as ever.

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Game of Two Halves

    I know that my slave enjoys trying to escape and I know that he enjoys feeling the weight of my control and thus I always enjoy giving exactly that too him, the full weight of my control with the option to try to escape.  And in the result of an escape, blackmail will be used so as to ensure that it doesn’t happen again while I figure out a way to lock that particular door!

    This has been a decidedly unusual week for me. As a great football pundit once put it, it was definitely ‘a game of two halves’.
    First Half

    Once I had wished Mistress a happy mummies day I had to get on with my own family day. I knew that the following day was session day at the HOD for me (the first in 6 weeks). It was also going to be the day when I finally got to meet Princess on the wrestling mats for the first time. I should have been ‘beside myself’ with nervous anticipation for such a monumental day. But I wasn’t really. I knew that Mistress had been terribly unwell with a cough. I suspected that it was the same cough that had been doing the rounds for the last few weeks. (Indeed I had had to cancel out of the session with Mistress originally planned for two weeks earlier because of it). As we all know I worry about Mistress when she is not well. Even if she tries to tease or torment me during such times it never really gets to me. It came as no surprise therefore that she finally had to give in to her illness and tell me that she was going to be unable to see me on the Monday. It came as no surprise, but was still a huge disappointment. And so it should be. I love to spend time with Mistress at the HOD regardless of what pain or pleasure she has in store for me. It is special time for me. Mistress was hugely apologetic about it but I knew that there was nothing to be done. I reminded her of the fact that only two weeks earlier I had to cancel out for precisely the same reason. It did however put a different slant on the plans for my return to the wrestling mats for the first time in several years. Heading directly from my wrestling session to see Mistress would make the experience complete. It wouldn’t be the same at all without it. But I knew that Princess had sacrificed other work to session with me on the Monday and it would have been wrong for me to cancel out of my first ever session with her at such short notice. Mistress agreed that I should carry on regardless.

    And so on Monday morning I found myself knocking at the door of a property not that far from the HOD to wrestle with Princess. I have no intention of going into any great detail about what happened next. This is a blog about my experiences at the hands of Miss Deelight. All I will say is that Princess is young, attractive, fun company and far tougher than her exterior suggests! I left just an hour later suitably battered and stretched having been taken to pieces on the mats. What fun! Of course I then had to get back into my car and drive home again thinking of what could have followed.

    Mistress and I exchanged several texts that evening on my experiences with Princess and with discussions about a future session date. My challenge was that I knew that work commitments would keep me away for the HOD for at least another two weeks and so it all left me feeling a bit down.

    Second half

    I could tell that Mistress was starting to feel better when she started asking about my access to websites on my new phone. I had owned up in last week’s blog that I was still able to view virtually all websites. Mistress wanted to know if that was still the case.
    What followed were a couple of days where Mistress installed more software onto my phone and I tried to wriggle free as I always will. (I think parental controls software companies should employ me to try to break their software for them. I am quite good at it). In the end Mistress loaded up both Netsanity and Qustodoio on my phone and my fetish world went dark. That was until I discovered a way to disable one of them for just long enough to get a glimpse of what was going on before it came back on again. I told Mistress. I imagine that by then she must have felt like strangling me! I sensed her frustration and backed off.
    Two things then happened. One was that she told me that I was never ever to disable it again PERIOD! And the second was to completely block any use of my phone or my PC for a few hours that evening. Both devices were effectively blank screens. It scared the life out of me! The only option left to me on my phone was ‘emergency calls’. I wondered how my call might be redirected if I dialled 999 and explained my plight. I suspect I would have ended up talking to a caring voice at Childline. Both actions were effective. I am a simple slave. I genuinely find it difficult to deal with any element of ambiguity. It makes me really uncomfortable in all spheres of life. Mistress had been very clear in both her instruction to me and in her illustration of what she could do if I stepped out of line. It was what I needed. It was at this point that Mistress sent me the ‘killer’ text. There is always at least one that stays in my mind for far too long for it to be healthy for me. This week it was:
    ‘I’m so good at this! You’re lucky that today was just a teaser. Wait till I really start fucking with you. You think you’re dependent on me now? Lol’
    At one point during the week I decided to buy Mistress a gift from her wish list. I really wanted to do something to distract her from her illness and to cheer her up a bit. She told me that I had achieved my objective that was nice.

    But the best bit about the second half of the week was that Mistress gave me a treat. It was of the sort that might only happen once or twice a year. One morning she told me that I was allowed to play with her property. I wasn’t really sure what she meant by this, locked away as it is in the chastity device. There is a little access available through the bars but any resultant growth is cruelly constrained by the device. I thanked Mistress for the opportunity and enquired if I might be given the code to remove the device. Her response really surprised me. She said ‘the code is on your phone. It has been there since I locked you up at the end of your last session with me’. My problem was that I had changed phones since my last session. I had transferred across much of its contents but couldn’t for the life of me find a 4 digit numeric code anywhere. I searched and searched and in the end gave up in frustration. I sent Mistress a text to say that I had not been able to find it. And then she ignored me, for hours! She can be such a cruel Mistress sometimes.

    It was only as I walked the dog later that evening that I realised that Mistress had sent me a video via Whatsapp. In it she looked supper sexy as always. Today she was wearing a black top that laced up down the front and as she spoke to me she played teasingly with the lacings. She told me that she felt that she had been rather unkind to leave me hanging as she had earlier in the day (she was smiling coyly enough for me to know that it was no less than she had hoped to do) and that I should look in my contacts folder on my phone for the code.

    And so when I had finished watching the video I did just that and discovered the code hidden away. When I got back home I rushed back into the garage and tried the code. The keysafe opened and there was my key! Within moments the device was off and Mistresses property felt a warm human touch rather than it normally steel cage. It wasn’t the touch of my Mistress (which is what it constantly craves) but that of her slave, but that would have to do for the moment. The big moment however was saved for bedtime that evening. Taquin decided that he needed an ‘early night’ and no more than 10 minutes later Mistresses property erupted like Mount Vesuvius!

    Mistress can be such a kind Mistress sometimes xxx

    Postscript: Having been allowed a moment of wonderful freedom Mistress instructed me to lock up her property once again, but this time in the heavier Bon4. I have done as instructed and sent Mistress the required photograph of the numbered lock in place. For reasons I don’t fully understand I now feel more horny than I did before my orgasm.

    Do you crave the contact and control from a dominant female and wish you could experience the kind of mind-fuckery that my other slaves receive? Click here to apply for sms training and control.

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  • Slave Chatterbox – Under Your Skin!

    Slave Chatterbox is very quickly becoming an accredited member of the House of Deelight with his willingness to endure pretty much anything, which on this occasion meant a lengthy class in needlework and not of the sewing variety.


    Sometimes, Mistress Delight really gets under your skin!

    At a previous session, Mistress suggested that she might like to try needle play with me. It’s not
    something that I’d ever thought of doing, but anything for Mistress, especially when she said it’s
    something she really enjoys doing :)

    The time of my next session arrived and once I was in my proper position, naked, on my knees at
    Mistress’ feet, she asked “Do you know what I’m going to do to you today slave?”. From my
    position she towered over me, she looked as stunning as ever; in black thigh length high heel
    boots, black leather shorts and a revealing black leather top, tied at the front, showing off her
    perfect cleavage. Angel or daemon? I didn’t know, but I was about to find out.

    “No Mistress” I replied, dreading that I could guess.  “No? Oh I think you do” she laughed, with that cute, yet cruel laugh she uses when she knows she’s going to enjoy herself. And all the time the sole of her high heeled boots was not so gently crushing my balls. “Needle play” she said, and a beaming smile lit her face. A knot formed in my stomach, I’d guessed right and I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this, but it’s Mistress’ dungeon, so Mistress’ choice and I am her slave to use as she pleases.

    “Front or back” and “With or without a blind fold” Mistress asked. Choices?? That was new, this
    was going to bad. I chose back and with a blindfold (definitely didn’t want to see what was going to
    happen). I lay on a massage table, blindfolded and wondering if I’d be offered a final cigarette as a
    last request, I waited for Mistress to start, with growing trepidation.

    I could hear Mistress getting the equipment ready. Gloves, sterile needles, sharps box and sterile
    wipes. And all the while Amy Winehouse was singing ‘Back to Black’ in the background (definitely
    an ominous sign). Mistress wiped my back with the sterile wipes then gently said “The first couple
    are going to hurt”. No kidding! And when Mistress uses a gentle voice to say that, you know she’s
    right and that she knows by experience.

    Mistress pushed the first needle through my skin. The pain was intense, it’s like being stabbed with
    a needle. Like!!! It was a needle! Sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly. The pain subsided.
    “That’s the first, well done slave, lets see how many we can do”, the pleasure in Mistress’ voice
    was audible, which in turn made the pain more bearable. I’d have to try to do my best for her. A
    second needle entered my back. Pain, sharp intake of breath, breath out slowly, relax. A third, a
    fourth, a fifth, same reactions, but by now the endorphin’s are starting to hit. Adrenaline is flowing
    free. The pain is just as intense, but the release is so much more. Soft music in the background,
    Mistress is happy, I’m light headed and talking to Mistress (talking to Mistress? I never talk to
    Mistress unless she asks me something! Mistress called me ‘Chatterbox’ as one of her a jokes). I
    loose count of the number of needles, but it’s OK (this time), so did Mistress. I’ll count them for her
    when I see the photo.

    By the time Mistress has finish, the needles form a horseshoe down one side of my back and back
    up the other. Mistress takes a photo of her work then slowly starts to remove them. I thought I’d hit
    subspace during previous session, but nothing like this. I’m light headed and floating, it’s going to
    take a while to come down :) Before I leave, Mistress cautions me that I might experience sub drop
    and to contact her any time, not to be to proud to ask for help, if I needed to talk and to eat a good
    quality dark chocolate, which will help. Mistress even checked to see if I was OK the next day.
    (Thank you Mistress).

    See! Mistress Deelight does have a caring side, she just doesn’t show it (at least not too often).
    Was it an erotic and arousing session?No. It’s intense sharp pain, relax and repeat.Yet it was so much more than that, almost a spiritual thing. Will I ever do it again? Definitely.

    Thank you Mistress Deelight for such an interesting and intense experience. I hope you enjoyed it
    as much as me.

    (note: No drugs of any kind were used during this session, just needles)

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  • Double Domme Corporal Punishment with Judge R’eal

    I was recently called for duty as a distinguished but no less sadistic Usher to assist Judge R’eal in the corporal punishment of a repeat offender.  Although they had been anticipated, there were no pleasantries on my part when summoning the reprobate to his hearing.  He was ordered to strip and sit while his plea was read out in front of the Judge and signed by all present before his severe and bloody punishment was inflicted.

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  • Reasons to Visit #5 – Status Confirmation

    You are a submissive, a slave, beneath women and beneath me in every way. I am too beautiful for you. I am too intelligent for you. I am above you and I will remind you of that at every opportunity.You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Reasons to Visit #4 – Sexy As Fuck Footwear

    If you are a submissive with a  love of heels, I have a huge collection of ‘Sexy As Fuck’ killer heels. Knee boots, thigh boots, sandals, peep-toes, ankle boots, pointed toes, trainers, platforms, stilettos, flats, matte, shiny, studded; and all sorts of colours too.  Worship them, feel their weight, feel the pain as they dig into your skin or kick you in the balls if that’s all you deserve.  Whatever type of shoe fetish you have, I have the right heels to weaken your defences and make you dribble.You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Reminiscing About The First Visit

    Its a little over 3 years ago since Slave Sissy Mouse bumbled across the threshold of the House of Deelight although he had begun showing his devotion much earlier than that by contributing massively to the now infamous bondage/torture chair that so many have encountered since.  I received this well remembered write-up from my slave earlier this week and it was nice to see he could remember it so clearly, but then again, a session with me isn’t something you forget easily!

    My first visit to the House of Deelight.

    Today January 17th 2017 marks the third anniversary of my first meeting with Mistress and session at the house of Deelight and I thought I would share my memories because as the saying goes ‘you ever forget your first time’. At the time, Mistress, didn’t require a write-up for her to read and publish on her website. I would also like to add it took me until March to finish it as things kept reappearing in my mind.

    After having to cancel my original visit back in August 2013, I finally arranged to meet Mistress in January 14. I had been feeling unwell in the days prior to my visit but luckily felt better on the day. As instructed I sent a text message to Mistress to confirm our meeting by 8.30am and duly did this. I received a very nice reply and Mistress also enquired if I was willing to allow her to film some clips with me. I was more than happy to agree on the basis of being hooded. Mistress replied that was fine and added ‘good boy’ this made me feel quite special that already I could assist Mistress. I spent the morning getting ready and very nervously made my way to Newport. I had already had a look on google street view so I had an idea where is was going. I arrived very early and parked close by and waited for the clock in the car to tick around to 1pm. My instructions were to phone Mistress to announce my arrival and she would open the door for me. I remember feeling very nervous just dialling the number and when Mistress answered almost immediately I felt myself bubble a little (nothing has changed there). Mistress confirmed the house number and I made my way down the road and knocked the door. The door opened as if by magic and in I walked. Mistress closed the door behind me and walked in. I will never forget what Mistress was wearing a pvc catsuit and corset and her very ample bosom was spilling out and looked a vision of beauty and dominance, all I could think was keep looking at the face, which was easy with Mistress’s mesmerising green eyes. Just to be in her presence made me nervous and Mistress kindly asked me how I was feeling? “very nervous Mistress” excellent was her reply! I then presented Mistress with some perfume that had been on her wish list for some time, which pleased Mistress and she caught me completely off guard by giving me a hug. Mistress then invited me into the other room and we discussed briefly my interests. Just chatting with Mistress put me at ease.

    With that I was instructed to go to the bathroom use the toilet, undress and return to the dungeon room and present myself in a suitable submissive manner. I thanked Mistress and did as instructed. As D/s was not new to me but visiting a professional dominatrix was, I wanted to make a good impression so remembered the appropriate position to present myself. Kneeling with my head bowed and my hands resting palms up on my thighs. After what seemed like an age Mistress appeared from the other room and with a very authoritative air circled me in a very menacing manner. Mistress commended me on my very appropriate position and asked me what it was called? I had no idea, my mind was blank (very much like every session since). I remember Mistress smiling and saying she couldn’t either at that point and moved on. I remember Mistress pointing at my poor excuse for a cock with her boot and asking why it wasn’t standing to attention for her? Her words did the trick but until that point I thought it would be disrespectful and did my best to keep it down. After some further ribbing about my lack of manhood, Mistress put a collar around my neck and with a sharp tug pulled me behind her into the other room.

    Mistress after pulling me around the room a few times told me I was going to be of use to her and film a foot worship clip. I was more than delighted to assist Mistress and be allowed to film her. Mistress got her video camera and instructed me on what to do and then did her piece to camera. I was utterly mesmerised (and still am) about how she did this amazing clip, completely off the cuff. Once finished Mistress had a look at my filming job and seemed pleased with the result and then instructed me to crawl behind her and up the stairs. I still remember very vividly Mistress saying “I think you are going to need to lose weight if you are going to be one of my slaves” At that time I weighed around 18st and it gave me the kick-start needed to improve myself. After crawling up the stairs Mistress instructed me to stand up in the bedroom and produced some parcel wrap and held it whilst I turned in front of her commenting that she might run out trying to wrap something this big. I remember she kept saying Turn, Turn, Turn and all I could then think of was the Travis song, (when I turned the radio on after my session to drive home it was playing!). Once Mistress had parcelled me up she instructed me to shuffle to the bed and helped me down onto it. With a bit of re-arranging I was just how she wanted me and then informed me she was going to enjoy a spot of lunch, fitted me with an open-mouthed hood and left. Iaid there in slight bemusement at what had happened so far with a certain part of me happy to be there. Mistress called up several times to ensure I was ok and not struggling.

    After a while Mistress returned and started setting something up, which turned out to be a tripod and the video camera. Mistress then commented that she had forgotten to bring an ashtray with her and at that point I thought I would try to be useful and say that I had previously been used as an ashtray and even ate the butt. This from what I remember pleased Mistress and so with a beep of the video camera starting Mistress sat beside me and did another fantastic piece to camera with me eating her ash and eventually the cigarette butt. I remember lying there almost in a trance that I was part of this clip having previously watched some of Mistress’s clips via adultwork. Once Mistress had finished she gave me some water to cleanse my mouth and congratulated me on being true to my word and going through with it.

    Now came the not so nice part of being wrapped in parcel wrap the cutting out because you don’t realise how cosy and warm you get and how cold you are when it comes off, luckily there was a nice warm heater close by, although I still remember getting warm and then Mistress instructing me to go lie in the cold bath which I promptly did and I will still never forget this part. Mistress returned naked apart from a bra, stood on the bath and covered me with her warm fresh champagne. Even now writing this I still feel slightly embarrassed because I just didn’t know where to look, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the image of Mistress standing over me so powerful, scent marking what has turned out to be her devoted property. When this was over, Mistress turned on the shower and instructing me to clean myself up and join her downstairs. The water was momentarily cold and I joked that for a moment I thought I was only getting a cold shower to calm myself down.

    Once showered and clean I return downstairs as instructed to find Mistress in the kitchen looking fabulous in a pink and black latex dress. Mistress then instructed me to shine her dress and I nervously started the task and I still remember the question as I got close to her latex enclosed fabulous breasts “and over the delights Mistress?” Yes, slave all of it was Mistress’s reply. Mistress then told me to do up her zip and I commented on how amazing she looked in her dress, still to this day I remember her looking in the mirror and saying ‘I do don’t I slave?’. Such power and confidence.

    Mistress then informed me that I was going to be the supporting actor in another clip and invited me to stand by the cross whilst she attached my wrists to each side of the top of the cross and my legs to each side of the bottom. Leaving me feeling very exposed. Mistress then placed an open-mouthed hood over me and attached some nipple clamps which really stung and left me there whilst she set up the camera. This clip involved Mistress speaking to the camera whilst tugging on the nipple clamps and flicking my balls (that was so painful) all whilst smoking and flicking the ash in my mouth some of which I missed. I can’t quiet remember how long I was attached to the cross but once Mistress released me she told me to lick the ash up off the floor that I didn’t catch in my mouth during the clip.

    I must be honest there was many little fun bits in-between which I can’t recall but they certainly cemented the fact that I really hoped I had earned myself favour with Mistress for another visit. I also remember being completely surprised that Mistress also gave me a most mind-blowing orgasm. I hadn’t come that hard for a long time and some ended up on my face which was met by a roar of laughter from Mistress.

    Another shower and I was ready to leave and 2 hours had passed in the blink of an eye. I was grateful then and still am for this amazing session, luckily I passed the newbie test and was invited back, which in turn has led to so many more amazing well documented sessions.

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  • Reasons to Visit #3 – Discovery

    As any of my pets (loyal submissives) will tell you, you will discover things about yourself that you never could have imagined. I will be your guide, your mentor and your guardian throughout your exploration into the world of kink and the deepest, darkest corners of your mind.You can visit for a private session, you can serve me on webcam via Skype, you can call me for phone domination or you can order a custom fetish video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Reasons to Visit #2 – Ass Worship

    This is the view you’ll have when you are on your knee’s behind me.  Only when you are told to do so, will you be permitted to press your lips onto the soft pale flesh of my buttocks.  You will have to earn that privilege.  My gorgeous round butt will be your motivation.You can visit me in person, you can visit me on webcam, you can chat to me on the phone or you can order a personalised video.  Distance is not an excuse for inability to serve me.

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  • Reasons to Visit #1 – Orgasm Control and Denial

    Once I have you in my literal grip, fate will be in MY hands.  You will have no say other than to beg me for release.  I am highly skilled at orgasm control.  My soft, petite hands have mastered the skill of edging so well that I will have you a hairs-breadth from exploding before you know what’s hit you.

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  • Sissy Pocohontas – Distance Control Journal – Broken

    Not all of my pets can withstand my unrelenting control and high standards, as Sissy Pocohontas found out.  I was in two minds about posting this blog of hers but I am an honest person and I command honesty from all my slaves too, so with that in mind I am going to go right ahead and let you all read about what happens when my pet’s can’t cope.  Sissy Pocohontas is taking a break right now, will she return?  Well she doesn’t have much choice ;) *evil laugh*

    An interesting week that has had highs and lows, but mainly lows.

    Sunday I didn’t do my full morning routine and Mistress called me on it. This resulted in a painful punishment involving clothes pegs. I genuinely don’t get off on pain at all so this was a lesson learned.

    Monday, having still not cum since Thursday I was instructed to lock up Mistresses property. That first day and night with things locked away was hard going. Constantly aware of my situation and erections blocked by the tight confinement of the metal device that was locked in place.

    Tuesday was the hardest of days, waking up with Mistresses property caged and tight because of what normally occurs in the mornings made things a little uncomfortable. The day was tough, really aware of how desperate I was for a release and the device with its firm hold around what no longer belongs to me.

    Wednesday was easier. Although a long session with the hush really drove me pretty crazy and had me acting like a little whore and sucking on a realistic cock dildo.

    On Thursday I had to do some driving and getting in and out the car a bit too quickly caused things to jar a little and there was some discomfort. This led to Mistress telling me to remove the device and check things were OK. There were some red sore spots where the device had rubbed which is normal apparently.

    Saturday Mistress really went to town with teasing and denying. She would text the word SLUT and I had to edge using the wand vibrator and suck my fingers like a cock hungry sissy. By the end of the day I was begging for it to stop. I ended up having to decide between a painful ruined blocked orgasm or no orgasm. I really hate the pain and so opted to not cum at all. I was not in the best of moods and the added frustrations made me speak out of turn. I didn’t sleep well, I was pissed off to be honest and trying to go to sleep with no device locked on after that much teasing and denial… was tough. I know I lay there for over 2 hours listening to some crappy talk show on the radio.

    Sunday…. Crock of shit of a day anyway, I hate the lack of any plans on a Sunday and family stuff just gets sprung on me. But finally at 8:30pm Mistress and I were both available to chat. She asked where my blog was. To be honest… I knew it should have been done in the morning but I was in an “oh fuckit” kind of mood. I don’t usually get them, or at least haven’t had for a while. Perhaps I am just not coping with things too well right now and I am 99% sure I am getting hit by a bug that’s doing the rounds. The sore throat and running a temperature are probably clear signs.

    Mistress told me what my punishment for not getting the blog done is and needless to say it involves pain. Part of doesn’t care. I feel pretty down and despondent right now. I’ve told Mistress this as best I can.

    I was reminded yesterday about having to take the lows with the highs and just knowing Mistress knows best. I am doing a real crappy job of accepting that right now and am questioning whether this is even something I am mentally strong enough to cope with.

    I was hoping writing this might help me figure things out. It has a bit. I am going to get some rest and see how things look tomorrow. Right now this is the longest I’ve gone without cumming apart from when I was in hospital, but then I wasn’t teased and edged a lot! I should be desperate to relieve things, even enough to do the painful ruined thing but this evening it’s like I’m not even a bit horny. Maybe Mistress has broken my bits ;-)

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal and Session Write up

    On Sunday Mistress had let me know that she had enjoyed my blog submitted earlier in the day. She also took the opportunity to ask how I was getting on with the projects that I was working on for her. She seemed particularly pleased when I told her that the cock and ball torture device might be completed in time for me to deliver it to her when I saw her at the HOD later that same week. It came as no surprise to me to hear that I was to christen it!

    I worked on the projects for Mistress right up to the morning of my session. It was a slightly unnerving build up to it. There was the occasional thinly veiled threat of torment and pain however most of my communications from Mistress were relaxed and good-natured. Some even had smiley faces and concluded with an x! Don’t get me wrong, I really like to be in Mistresses good books and to have fear free communications, but I did find it a little unusual. This had been on my mind as I drove to the HOD on the morning of the session. I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was being lulled into a false sense of security.

    I arrived outside the HOD and sent a text to Mistress to let her know. She responded by giving me my instructions for when I entered at the prearranged time. I was to go into the dungeon, place on the floor the things that I had bought for Mistress, strip and kneel head bowed facing the fireplace. It concluded with the chilling words: ‘Make sure I can access the whipping bench’. There it was then. Mistress had been so nice to me in the build up to the session just to put me off my guard but now I was going to be punished. Whilst I do pride myself on being the best Slave I can be I do know that if Mistress wanted to punish me that she would be able to come up with plenty of pretty good reasons to do so.

    ‘What will be will be’ I thought and entered the front door of the HOD dead on 11am. Having locked it behind me and carried out Mistresses instructions I called and told her that I was ready. Mistress was in the lounge waiting for this moment. I heard her stand and start to walk my way. She entered the dungeon and stood behind me. My head was bowed and so all that I was able to make out was the wonderful realisation that she must be wearing stockings as I caught a glimpse of her foot to my right hand side. I heard her steps as she walked to the whipping bench behind me and I heard the sound of chain and what sounded like the cuffs being prepared. Mistress then walked to the whip stand and removed an implement from it. This was not good! She walked behind me once more and undid the knot of my collar that has ‘Taquin’ engraved on its plaque, and took it off over my head. She replaced it with a heavy leather collar that was secured it at the back. Mistress then reached around to the front of my neck and attached a heavy chain dog lead. For the first time Mistress stood in front of me, legs slightly apart, and I looked up at her smiling face. I do confess that it took a little while for my gaze to make it all the way to her face as it had so much to take in on its way!

    Mistress tugged on the heavy chain lead and I followed her on hands and knees to the whipping bench. I waited for the inevitable instruction to climb up onto the bench, but instead Mistress turned around to face me before lifting herself up onto it. She positioned herself sitting on the bench with one foot on each of the leg supports, providing a slave eye view of her perfect crotch clad in black lace panties. ‘Put your hands behind your back’ she said. I did as instructed and took in the wonderful sight in front of me as I kneeled in submission to my Mistress. Black stockings, suspenders, panties and bra, all of which contrasting wonderfully with her pale soft skin. Occasionally I would look up into Mistresses face to be met with just the hint of a smile. I don’t think that I had spoken until this point but I just had to tell her how wonderful I thought that she looked. ‘Did I tell you that you could speak slave?’ I said sorry and shut up again. We stayed like that for some time. Mistress looking down on me with a satisfied look on her face and me feeling progressively more submissive and horny. I knew that Mistresses property was trying to escape its cage and was dribbling uncontrollably on the floor. Mistress noticed also. I think it was about now that I started to shake just a little. Mistress waited a few moments longer and then lifted the riding crop selected earlier and started to run its tip gently up the inside of one of my thighs. I shuddered in involuntary appreciation. Over the next 30 minutes or so Mistress reduced me to a quivering wreck by slowly and expertly running the crop over almost every part of my body. There is a spot just at the base of her property, which Mistress knows that if she applies slow steady pressure, will make me buckle in two with pleasure. Mistress pushed the tip of her crop into the spot and grabbed the chain attached to my collar and pulled upwards. I groaned as I found myself unable to buckle in the intensity of the moment. Mistress pulled me closer into her and placed her legs on my shoulders. She squeezed her thighs firmly around my head. My face was just centimetres away from her crotch as she took her fingers and ran them gently and provocatively across her stocking tops and panties. I wanted so desperately to move my head just a little bit further forwards and bury myself in the softness in front of me. I knew that just a hint of that would result in instant and severe punishment and resisted the temptation. I whimpered in total desperation as Mistress moved her perfectly manicured fingers slowly over her body leading my eyes to places that I still feel that a gentleman’s eyes shouldn’t linger. I looked up once again into the face of my Mistress. Knowing exactly what a mess she had made of me she looked back down with more than a hint of satisfaction in her voice and said ‘you are so weak’. And Mistress was right. I am totally feeble in her presence. And it is ok. It is how she makes me feel. At that moment I was in bits! Sometimes it feels that Mistress can release my mind from all of its normal constraints, fears and worries and in that moment of freedom I can just let go. This was such a moment. I was close to tears and it really didn’t matter.

    Mistress released her grip on my head and put her feet back onto the leg supports of the whipping bench and then lent forwards until her breasts were a hairs breadth away from my face. So close in fact that I could feel the warmth and smell the delicate scent of her body. Again I just wanted to lean in that little bit further, but still resisted the temptation. Mistress took the riding crop once again and ran it over every sensitive spot of my body. This time she spent time teasing my nipples before moving the crop once again to the spot at the base of her property. As she pressed against it and drove me crazy she said ‘Do you know something Taquin?’ I whispered ‘no Mistress’. ‘I do believe that you have a clitty!’ ‘I have had you locked in chastity for so long now that you have developed a love button’. Mistress sounded so very pleased with herself. Next she started to turn herself away from me in order that I should be left to admire her wonderful bottom. In the process of turning however her stiletto heels etched a couple of lines into my torso. I obviously failed to stifle my discomfort and Mistress looked back at me to see what the problem was. She looked at the scratches and quite rightly declared that they were nothing. Mistress looked me in the eyes and with a slightly mocking tone said ‘but you do still love me don’t you slave’. I answered ‘Yes Mistress’. And in my way I do. Maybe it is more of an infatuation. But whatever it is the answer is ‘Yes Mistress’!

    Finally Mistress stood up from where she was seated and told me to carry the massage bench into the lounge. Once the bench was erected I was instructed to lie on it and put my wrists out in front of me. Mistress picked up a pair of wooden manacles that she had made me make for her. She locked my wrists in them and then secured them up to my leather neck collar. Once Mistress was happy that I was inescapably secured she picked up the cock and ball torture device that I had made and presented to her at the beginning of the session. It is a board that opens in the middle to allow the slaves bits to be pushed through it and sit exposed above the board. A cord is then used to lace down the slaves cock to the board in order to allow Mistress to do whatever she chooses. And that is precisely what Mistress did.  I found myself trapped in the device which she had bolted shut around my balls and Mistress had laced her property down to the board. I feared what my fate might be but was delighted when I saw Mistress pick up the large vibrator. And so Mistress went to work on her property. And it inevitably grew in its appreciation. And the cords holding it felt tighter and tighter. And after only a few minutes of wonderful edging Taquin yet again left it too long before warning Mistress that he was about to cum! What a stupid slave. I felt things rushing towards a climax and cried out. Mistress stopped what she was doing immediately. My eyes were shut as I felt things building and building. I concentrated as hard as I possibly could just hoping that I would be able to stop, what had a couple of moments earlier felt so inevitable. And then there it was, a single, weak pump of Mistresses property and I feared the worst. I opened my eyes and asked Mistress if I had actually cum. I really didn’t know. Mistress looked at her property and said that I had gone too far and then in an act of great kindness applied the vibrator again and said ‘I had better finish you now’. And she did. She had gone back to work on it soon enough for it to almost instantly explode into a wonderful full-blown orgasm. With Mistresses property laced securely to the board the orgasm was constricted by its bindings. The result however was one of great pleasure and an orgasm that seemed to go on forever as my body tried to expel the cum that had built up over the previous weeks. It went on for so long that I felt the muscles in my back begin to spasm. Luckily my ankles weren’t secured and so I was able to lift my knees to alleviate it. And still I came.

    Mistress allowed me to calm down for a few minutes before declaring that she wanted to see if I was able to orgasm for a second time. To cut a long story short, I wasn’t. I did enjoy the time spent in trying however. It is not every day that a beautiful young lady dressed only in sexy black lingerie has me tied to a massage bench whilst using her hands and a vibrator to give me pleasure! What a lucky slave I was.

    Eventually Mistress decided that I was a lost cause and released me from the bench. Mistress told me that she was going to allow her property freedom from the chastity device for a couple of days to allow it to recover from the rigours of her attention. She presented me with the key safe reset to a new code and an open padlock to be applied when I next locked up. Once showered and dressed we spent a few minutes looking at a gift that I had made for her. I then mended a drawer in the HOD kitchen before saying my ‘goodbyes’ and going on my way.

    By the time I left the HOD I had already ‘come down’ from what had been a wonderful session. (I think the process had started as soon as I had completed my orgasm). I hadn’t come down in a bad way. It was an unusual experience for me. I just felt supremely relaxed. It was a lovely feeling. I knew that I had a few hours to kill in advance of a meeting later that day and so I found a nice cafe overlooking a harbour and started to write this blog. 2 hours, and several cups of coffee, later I was only part way through it when I closed the PC and left for my meeting. I was happy.

    The next few days continued in a very similar vein. Normally I would have a good night’s sleep following a session and then pretty soon afterwards I would start feeling needy again. If not in chastity I would find myself almost begging Mistress to lock me up again. But I didn’t feel any of this. I certainly wasn’t ‘down’ about it at all. I just got on with life whilst exchanging a few vanilla texts with Mistress. Things came to a head when on Saturday morning I awoke to the realisation that I had had a very vanilla, and very sexy, dream during the night. Worse still, Mistress wasn’t the subject of said dream!

    On that Saturday morning Mistress told me that she was going to set me an edging task. I read what she said and realised that I had two problems. The first was a practical one as I knew that I would find it difficult to find enough time to devote to it but my other problem was that I really didn’t have any enthusiasm for such a task. In normal circumstances I would be desperate for such attention from Mistress but I still found myself in a remarkably relaxed vanilla state.

    I sent Mistress a text that explained my practical problems but not my mental ones. I had reasoned that maybe an edging game would help to restore my mental state to where it should be. But as the day went by I came to realise that I was still going to struggle to find the necessary time to do the task. Eventually Mistress sent me a text and asked why I had not told her that I was ready to start.

    I sent Mistress a text and explained that my day had unfortunately become too busy and also took the opportunity to confess to my mental state. I even confessed to my vanilla dream. She demanded more information and asked if there was anything in the session that had bothered me. I replied that the only things that had bothered me were my own stupidity at cumming too soon yet again and then being unable to perform for a second time. I did make a comment however that I fear might come back to haunt me. I said that the session had not had the intensity of some that I had experienced. Mistress reacted strongly to this statement!!! I don’t blame her either. As reported above Mistress had reduced me to tears of frustration whilst my body shook, kneeling as I was at her feet for almost an hour. It was extreme and intense. Sitting here as I am now trying to write this final paragraph to this blog I still don’t know why I felt the way that I did following the session. Relaxed and happy is a really good thing by the way!

    The response from Mistress was I think what I deserved (and probably needed). I was instructed to go and lock up again immediately. I did as instructed and Mistress took pleasure in the lock up picture that I sent her. She noted correctly that the process had brought her property back to life. Mistress also wanted to ensure that we agreed the date for our next session, which we subsequently did. And finally Mistress informed me that the non participation of the edging task constituted a ‘task fail’. This is not something that any slave of Miss Deelight wishes to hear.

    There were no sexy vanilla dreams for Taquin last night. Only thoughts of his Mistress and a realisation that her property was back under her exclusive control.

  • 2 Commanders and 2 Hypnobots

    Recently, both of my Hypnobots (HB1 and HB2) reported to duty at the House of Deelight to serve both myself and my very good friend Commander Real.  Every so often, I will present my Hypnobots to other Commander’s so that the Commanders can take back ideas for the training of their own workforce.  It is a Commanders duty to do as little as possible once their army of Hypnobots have been fully trained because it is then the Hypnobot’s duty to do as much as is required of them.  On this occasion I have instructed Hypnobot 1 to write about the session from its own point of view.  Both myself and Commander R’eal have video clips from this session and those will be released soon.

    ‘Hypnobot 1, property of Commander Deelight, Her hypnotised and robotised servant, reports of its most recent service with Commander. This was also an occasion where service alongside female hypnobot (hypnobot 2) was to be given to Commander R’eal as well, who would be in attendance. Commander R’eal was continuing Her research into the power of hypnosis and its uses with Her own servants.

    Being in a 100% hypnobot state of course only takes place specifically with Commander’s instructions and hypnotic triggers. For most of the time Her servant hypnobot 1 is in its human state, living normally, but very much with Her influence strongly embedded through multiple sessions of hypnosis. Subconscious control of Her slave.

    So in this ‘human’ state the preperations for the upcoming session took place. Commander R’eal was to be presented beforehand with a powerful silk tie to wear and shiny silver cufflinks. The tie was one of hypnobots own, a luxurious gold and navy thick stripe. One of the rules in the Commander and hypnobot relationship is that the mindless hypnobots wear simple and functional plain dark ties, whereas Commanders also exert their power through strong luxurious ties, such as the red tie Commander Deelight often wears (when not in the RAF uniform of course – though the power of that is conveyed through immaculate gold buttons).

    With these gifts in place the hypnobot 1 was also required to purchase gifts for the Commanders from Chanel, and to do so while dressed immaculately, thus serving from afar; demonstrating its obedience to its owner and Commander even in this human state, the process of robotisation would follow when in the presence of Commander.

    The anticipation of the session was great, there hadn’t been a two hypnobots, two Commanders type of session before. I requested permission to enter Commanders chambers and was immediately greeted by both Commander Deelight in Her navy skirt suit with sublime red tie, red lipstick and nails, and hair worn up so strictly that i was instantly aroused by the sight. Commander R’eal stepped forward from behind, Her powerful tie automatically fixing my gaze. Both Commanders looked stunning and powerful.

    Commander Deelight motioned me toward the storage facility, within which i also saw hypnobot 2. Not in her human state as i was in mine, but stood up, head bowed forward, eyes sealed shut, motionless and uncaring , in a hypnotic stasis. My arousal only grew at this sight, the demonstration of Commanders control was awesome.

    At this point i would need to explain, as best i can, what i feel and can recall when i am serving as a hypnobot. Anyone who has watched the videos produced by Commander will see the hypnobot either in trance or awake but mindless. When i watch these myself i see the bits where i am completely hypnotised and i have no recollection of this. When my hypnobot is awoken and performs duties, whatever they may be, the sensation or feeling i have is unique in all my experience of submission and servitude, for before i ever came to serve Commander there were some other Mistresses who i had served, but none as accomplished.

    The uniqueness is a sense of utter peace and calm in this state, but it is a state of mind you do not question or consciously think of, you just exist in a space without emotion and what you are required to do you just obey. It is mindlessness. Yes there can be pain and discomfort, but this is felt from observation only through receiving and obeying Commanders triggers and instructions. Seeing the footage of my hypnobot self, the majority of the work is prepared by Commander when her hypnobots are put into a deep trance and the instructions are ingrained subconsciously. It is, purely when thinking about it afterward and reflecting on it, the most wonderful pure level of submission i have experienced. I base much of this on being able to observe the films and from feedback by Commander.

    With the above in mind, i felt a hand on my shoulder, heard a command, and i would then be placed into the same hypnobot state. I could recall standing at attention next to hypnobot 2 as we both stared forward. Our gazes locked. In fact our Commander took a photograph and showed us later. We all looked immaculate.

    Following the initial inspection of our uniforms (as hypnobots are to maintain incredibly strict and smart standards) we were then put to various tasks. It goes without saying that we simply obeyed whatever we were ordered to do without any conscious thought.

    It also can take a little bit of time for any recollections to be pieced together. Not all of the session is immediately remembered, and as the mind coalesces and recovers from the experience things do recall. The tasks performed that can be recalled did involve worshipping Commander R’eal shoes, and being an ashtray for our Commanders. Hypnobot 1 could also recall receiving the Commanders strapon at both ends and without any objection to it.

    More clear as things stand is when my hypnobot was brought out of this submissive trance state, back to consciousness, able to converse with both Commanders and hypnobot 2, now also back to normal. The Chanel gifts were greatly appreciated by all and i was able to express as well my appreciation of the immaculate attire of all assembled.

    It was truly a privilege to be able to serve.

    Thank You Commanders and hypnobot 2

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Committed for a Year!

    A couple of weeks ago something happened that proved the ultimate act of submission by a slave, both financially and psychologically.  Slave Taquin committed to serve me on a monthly basis for the next 12 months.  “How did he do this?”, I hear you ask.  I am going to tell you.

    I know slave Taquin very well.  Readers of this blog will recall that I probably know him better than he knows himself.  I know him inside and out.  Every mark on his body and every dark pathway inside his mind. I have explored, controlled and conquered it all. I also know much about his vanilla life too.  All this information has been consensually extracted over the past couple of years and I have used this knowledge to perfectly groom my slave in every way.

    A few months ago, during a session and further through text message conversations, I told my slave that he must commit to serve me for another 12 months starting in January 2017. I told him that he must start saving his spare income and working harder to earn the money to pay for 12 months worth of sessions and distance control in one go. He knew he had no choice because of all that I have on him, and so my slave saved and saved. (Note to reader: the blackmail aspect of this scenario is totally consensual, though my slave would never dare to test it by way of defiance!)

    The ultimate act of submission took place via Teamviewer, where I logged into my slaves internet banking (whilst he had the input disabled on his pc in order that he could not stop me) and transferred a large 4 figure sum of money to my own bank account.  As soon as I finalised the transfer, my slave knew there was no going back.  Well technically there is; he can withdraw from service at any time but I don’t give refunds! lol. He won’t withdraw his service though, because he knows that I have a fantastic year of sessions planned for him! Keep reading to hear Taquin’s account of this event…

    I will concentrate this week on one momentous morning in particular. For those who follow Mistresses Twitter profile you will know already what I am talking about. It was this week that Mistress ensured that I will remain enslaved to her until January 2018. And yes I do mean 2018! Of course it has been done with my total consent. Mistress is totally responsible and professional in everything that she does. But somehow she makes me desperate to submit further and deeper as every day goes by. This week was a perfect example of this. I had known of my fate for some time. I had agreed to prepay for twelve, two and a half hour sessions. I had agreed to prepay for daily distance control, enforced chastity, PC and Phone control. I had agreed to submit to Mistresses total control of my fetish existence. I had agreed to all of this knowing that once completed there would be no know going back. But up until this week I hadn’t actually taken that final step and paid over what is a substantial amount of money.

    It was on Monday that I received a text from Mistress that told me that I was to wear my collar and to bring my butt-plug to my session the following week. But it was in that same text that Mistress informed me that she required me to commit to the next 12 month contract in advance of my session. Apparently she would allow me to watch her transfer the funds from my bank account to hers as she was going to access my PC using TeamViewer. She informed me that I would be unable to stop her doing anything that she wished as she would lock out my keyboard whilst moving the funds. The text sent me into a dithering dribbling state for 3 reasons. Firstly I was conscious that Mistress required payment (and therefore my absolute commitment to her) in advance of my next session. Was this additional leverage going to be used against me in some way? Secondly because Mistress had made it clear that I was going to be powerless to prevent her taking what was now rightfully hers. And thirdly that Mistress had finished her text by telling me that, if I was very good, I might be allowed to remove the device and stroke myself very slowly whilst she transferred the monies. I do of course understand that this is a case of classic conditioning. Mistress allows me pleasure to reinforce my good behaviour. I know this but it makes no difference at all. Mistress allows me to touch her property no more than 3 or 4 times in a year now. It is such a rare treat!

    And as if this wasn’t enough to ensure that thoughts of my submission to Mistress filled every dark corner of my mind she then sent me a gorgeous picture of herself in beautiful black lingerie. I joked with her about the possibility that I might spontaneously cum in my device. Unfortunately this is a physical impossibility as far as I am concerned. The only time that I have ever cum in a device is when Mistress forced me to do so with the use of a large vibrator at the HOD.

    Mistress has ensured my desperation this week by allowing me continued access to Twitter. She knows what it does to me when she uses it as a tool to tease me with. My desperation intensified when I asked for permission to read the blogs that Mistress was posting on her website (I could see from Twitter the titles of what she was posting). Her response was a simple, firm and slightly dismissive ‘Nope’. I am never sure if this is a win, win scenario or a lose, lose! By that I mean that I really wanted to know what Mistress had blogged. I wanted to read what she had said at the beginning of my blogs and I wanted to read those of her other slaves. But I also get so excited when Mistress exerts her authority by denying me. The net result was to leave me a desperate dribbling mess, but I still hadn’t been allowed onto her website.

    By the time I sent my Thursday morning text to Mistress she had me just where she needed me, desperate for even more attention, whatever it entailed. Following a short exchange of texts Mistress tweeted to all her followers that ‘today is the day that Slave Taquin commits financially and mentally to me for 12 long months of torment’. It was around mid morning when Mistress sent me a text to tell me that she was waiting for me. I hurried into my workshop and looked at my PC screen. Mistress had arrived! The notes page was open and the camera was on. I sat in front of it and saw the image of myself staring back at me. As normal Mistress could see me but I wasn’t allowed to see her. The cursor moved on my screen and Mistress started to type instructions on the notes page.

    ‘Ok pet, you may remove your device and start stroking yourself very slowly’. I eagerly did as instructed, put the device down and took hold of Mistresses property for the first time in many months. It responded as it should. It can never feel as good as when Mistress works her magic on it but the sensation was wonderful nonetheless. I looked back up at my screen to find my banking screen open and to see my cursor hovering between my personal vanilla accounts and my business accounts. I typed into the notes page the name of the account where I had been depositing my ‘fetish savings’ over the previous 12 months. It also contained my savings for the tax man and so when Mistress told me that she was about to empty all of its contents with the exception of £200 I told her that would cause me a big problem! It was an illustration of the power she held over me at that moment. Of course I knew that she was just winding me up. Mistress can make me do whatever she wants. She doesn’t need to abuse her position. And apart from that Mistress plays the ‘long game’. She knows that she can keep me as her slave for whatever time she chooses. She would never abuse that position for a ‘quick buck’.

    ‘here we go slave, your commitment starts now…… stroke for me nice and slow while I take my dues’. I tried to type something into notes as a response but found myself frozen out from my PC. This was it!!!
    I just watched and stroked as Mistress moved the cursor quickly and expertly around my screen. I could do nothing now but stroke and watch as Mistress took what was now rightfully hers. I watched as she opened my account, located the payments option, selected her account, entered the amount, hovered briefly over the submit button (teasing me with the finality of it all) and clicked. It was done. My account balance was significantly reduced and I was fucked! OMG!
    It was at this moment that I realised that I had been slowly stroking the whole time, and I was so close to orgasm. Without releasing my precious grip I used the other hand and sent Mistress a text. ‘Please may I cum Mistress?’ in that moment it seemed like a reasonable request. It would have been the most expensive orgasm in my life! Mistress opened up notes again on my screen and typed ‘Nope’. ‘Wait until your boner to go down and then put the Bon4 on’. ‘I want you to feel the full weight of your commitment to me’. ‘and send me a photo as proof’.
    And so within a few minutes I had locked myself up and sent the picture, showing the number of the coded lock, to Mistress. I was trapped once again. Mistress then took the time to put me firmly in my place. She started gently by telling me how proud she was of me. I glowed with satisfaction. And concluded with ‘It gives you so much pleasure because I am the only woman who truly knows you and who truly knows how to expertly use that knowledge to manipulate and control you’. This last point is the ultimate truth. I have told Mistress so much and she has extracted so much from me. This knowledge provides her with the foundation that she needs. But the most important thing is that Mistress has empathy. She understands me and how to control me with my own weaknesses.
    I thanked Mistress for being willing to take me on for another year. I told her how much I was looking forward (desperate!) to seeing her the following week at the HOD. She concluded by telling me that she also ‘looked forward to it in so many ways, and for so many reasons’ – what did Mistress mean by this??!! – and then signed off with ‘happy head fuck’.
    And that is how my week has concluded. I have a session next week. Mistress has gone out of her way to tell me that it is ‘a big day’ for me. She is obviously relishing the prospect of whatever she has planned and I am trembling in terrifying nerve jangling anticipation!

  • Sissy Jenny – a Developing Sissy

    Sissy Slut Training, South Wales and South West

    I’ve had a slave visiting me for a while now, having sessions on and off.  He came to me as a complete Novice, and as you all know, I do love to groom my newbies.  I like to experiment with all the different fetishes in order to help them discover the activities they love.  In some cases, when the slave has no idea where to start, I tread carefully and cover the basics before starting to really push limits.  I don’t have any photo’s for this particular session but I did ask my flourishing sub to start writing an account of his session which will follow.  I like to encourage my regulars to write for me because it helps them to relive their experiences whilst helping to strengthen the bond between Domme and Sub.

    Introducing Sissy Jenny.  I hope you will all welcome my emerging pet and enjoy his revelations.


    The other Friday was either my fifth or sixth visit to the HOD. You would think it is easy to keep count, but with such a mind-bending experience on offer within those four walls, it isn’t. As a complete newbie back in May 2015, I had no idea that a mere 18-odd months later I’d be in the early stages of becoming Mistress’ latest feminized sub.

    In my five/six visits I have experienced sensory, deprivation, caging and being subjected to some incredible ruined orgasms by Mistress. This all remains a surreal element outside of my life outside of mistress’ chambers. But recently a passing mention to ‘dress up’ (something I never thought I would do) was written in an email by me and seized upon by Mistress.

    So, in my last two visits to the HOD I have tasted the touch of tights, stockings, suspenders and a little French Maid number. I’ve been forced to courtesy, twirl and shine mistresses’ amazing, body smothering Latex with Autoglym. The best and worst thing about all this is how comfortable and arousing the garments feel.

    My recent visit saw the addition of a blonde wig, but my 5 o’clock shadow put paid to any make up. Mistress informed me that during my next visit I must be clear shaven. She also made it clear that wouldn’t be the only shaving that would take place…

    In my mind, the mind of a novice to the world of BDSM, generally submitting to being naked and at the mercy of a powerful and beautiful woman as well as my new way of dressing seemed to be enough of a learning curve.

    …but then came the electrics.

    In two sessions, feminized and ‘hooked up to the grid’ Mistress expertly introduced me to the incredible painful…then explosive feeling of electrical charges being fired into my cock and balls. The whole thing, even now over a week later, leaves me dazed and distracted. Mistress is a perfect and most stunning guide.

    After I’d regained my senses, and before driving home she outlined that next I would be put to work and as well as being a fully made up, heeled slut, and trained to take her strap on…

    Once I can take her length at her will, she also made it clear that chastity won’t be far away…

    No going back now…

    Sissy Jenny

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Making Plans

    On Sunday morning I found myself exchanging a few texts with Mistress, which is always a pleasure. It was at about 10 o’clock that she told me she was actually still in bed and was texting from there. This put an image into my mind that was frankly most exciting. I couldn’t help myself but think of how wonderful it would be to be tied up alongside her in bed. So close, so intimate and yet totally so totally unattainable. Mistress had instructed me to lock myself into the Bon4m the previous day and I found the increased weight and more restrictive shape just added to the inevitable torment of the moment.

    Later in the day Mistress instructed me to research a lady wrestler she was aware of from her internet presence. This was very kind of her as she knows that I would like to revisit an enjoyable kink experienced in my past. Mistress also knew that she had instructed me previously to contact a young lady wrestler who is based in South Wales (who I will call Princess for the purposes of this blog), but had not managed to establish contact at that point. I had heard of the wrestler that Mistress was now telling me to do some research on before as she is quite active in the wrestling scene. I quickly found her website and learnt as much of her as I could, and reported back to Mistress. I told Mistress what I had found out and confirmed that a wrestling session with her would be great fun but that I felt it could not work because she was based in London. I have always hoped that anything like this would conclude with me being under the control of Mistress. I would love it to happen as an integral part of a session or if this were not possible as something that I did immediately before attending Mistress at the HOD. I am sure that I had done exactly as Mistress had intended I should. The research had got me very hot under the collar and I had exposed still more of my fetish secrets as a result.

    On Monday morning I received the instruction to remove the Bon4m, check that all was well with Mistresses property and lock myself up again using the more comfortable Uberkinky device. This time I was to lock myself with the metal padlock that Mistress had sent me home with, open and ready to be applied, following my session the previous week. Its spare key was already locked inside the key safe that Mistress had the code for. I did as instructed and sent Mistress a picture as proof. ‘That’s it then’ I thought to myself. I suspected that the lock would not be removed until my next session in four weeks time. Or so I thought…

    It was only 3 hours later that I realised that I had a problem. My problem was that I knew that the following day I had to go to a local Magistrates court. I wasn’t up in front of the magistrate! but someone close to me was. It was a day that I had been dreading for some weeks, but it was only on that Monday afternoon that I started to think about the logistics of the following day. I have never been to a court before and really didn’t know what to expect but the thought crossed my mind that they might have metal detectors. I did a Google search and realised that they did. Disaster! The last thing I needed was to have to explain my stainless steel device to a security guard. I knew that I only had one option. I sent Mistress a text and asked if I could have the code to the key safe. I knew two things in doing so. Firstly I knew that she would provide it as this was a genuine and exceptional situation. But secondly I knew that she would be angry at my lack of forethought. Her response was to send me a short but direct text. All it said was: ‘you didn’t think of that BEFORE you locked yourself up’ Followed by another text with the code. I apologised profusely and unlocked myself. Later that evening I received a text from Mistress that was a screen shot from Twitter (which I had not seen due to my Twitter exile) of a nice tweet from one of her followers congratulating her on my servitude. I recognised it for what it was. Mistress knew that I would be worrying about the day to come and wanted to lift my spirits. Mistress can sometimes be so very cruel, but just occasionally she can be so very thoughtful and kind.

    Tuesday was indeed a very difficult day. It was the rare sort of day when all thoughts of kink and fetish are put to one side. It was around lunch time that I received a text from Mistress that just said ‘thinking of you’. And I really appreciated it. It does make a difference when you are reminded that you are not alone with the traumas of everyday life. I didn’t arrive home until late that afternoon. It had not been a happy day but the outcome had been as good as could have been hoped for and I was relieved that it was over. Now I just wanted to put it behind me. Luckily for me my fetish life came to my rescue. Although Mistress had blocked all PC and phone access to Twitter and the fetish internet I do occasionally see the first few words of Twitter notifications flash across my phone’s screen. That evening I saw that Princess had responded to my Twitter message requesting a wrestling session in advance of my next session at the HOD.

    I sent Mistress a text and asked her if she would allow me a little internet access that evening in order to confirm details. What followed that evening and the following morning was a series on introductory communications between myself and Princess. I discovered that she had been out of the country for a little while and had not had the opportunity to attend to Twitter or her emails in her absence. I also discovered that she was a pleasure to communicate with. She was not at all fazed by my disclosure of my servitude to Miss Deelight or by request that I would like to wrestle wearing nothing but my chastity device. Being something of a fan of CFNM I told her that I would not expect her to do likewise. (I am pretty certain that was never an option anyway). By Wednesday morning everything had been agreed and I sent Mistress a text to tell her the good news and to let her know that my spirits had been lifted following the traumas of the previous day. Her reply was to ask if Princess had my e-mail and text details. I knew full well what this meant. The moment that I responded to Mistress and told her that we were indeed able to communicate outside of the Twitter messaging system all fetish access for me was removed once again!

    On Thursday Mistress asked me how much I was looking forward to the December session. Thoughts of it swirled around in my head, and therefore Mistresses property, all day and all night.

    I woke on Friday morning feeling particularly horny. I had woken several times in the early hours feeling very similar and had had an uncomfortable night because of it. The teasing by Mistress the day before had, as always, lodged in my mind to be replayed over and over in the early hours of the morning. I grabbed a cup of coffee and opened my PC in order to find out what access Mistress was going to allow me that day. I entered the password that Mistress had set up for me on my ‘guest’ account. (Mistress took full control of my PC using TeamViewer a long time ago and has taken it over as ‘Administrator’. I guess I am just the leaseholder these days and Mistress has taken over the freehold and made herself my landlord). Within moments I was looking at the parental controls screen which informed me that I would have to wait until 6am the following day to use it. I felt Mistress gripping my balls and squeezing hard. I sent her a text and told her how I felt. Her response was to send me an emoticon of a clenched fist!

    My torment eased during the afternoon as we realised that we were going to have to change the date of my December session. It wasn’t too big a deal but did mean I needed to amend my plans at home and find another date that worked for Princess also. Therefore I moved into an organisational mind-set rather than a fetish one.

    This still wasn’t resolved by the time I went to bed and so I ended up having a pretty relaxed night on Friday night. It wasn’t until getting up for a pee at 3am on Sunday morning that I saw a reply from Princess to agree the revised date for my wrestling experience in advance of my HOD session. It was a nice note telling me not to worry about having to make the change. I went back to bed and failed to get back to sleep due to the thoughts circulating in my little slave brain. In a text exchange the previous day Mistress had told me that my December session was going to be ‘immense’. All I have to do now is to survive the Mistress controller coaster until then. It is easier said than done!

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – “I’ll Discuss it Tomorrow”

    For those of you who are avid readers of my blog and of Slave Taquin’s journey, you will probably have assumed that the proverbial noose couldn’t get much tighter.  Your assumption is wrong.  I am slowly but surely squeezing the life out of my slave, he is now starting to choke on his own lewd fantasies.  Will I ever allow him some air?  Of course! But only so’s that I can revel in tightening my grip again and again!


    Today I don’t know which way to turn. I have been allowed (having paid my emotional and financial dues – more on that shortly) access to my fetish world through my PC and Phone for the first time in weeks. I haven’t even been allowed access to the only app through which I am able to talk with my vanilla lady friend for some time. It has left me void of fetish fun, but so desperate to have it.

    And so here I am knowing that I must take the opportunity to write this blog but whilst being compelled to contact my lady friend, find out if Sissy Mouse is ok, read all of the blogs on Mistresses website and bury myself in the joys of Twitter. I am like a child looking under the tree on Christmas morning! But here goes on the blog….

    ‘I will discuss it with you tomorrow’

    It not so much what Mistress says but how she says it that really gets to me. It could just have easily been ‘we will talk about it tomorrow’ or even ‘let’s chat it over during your session’. But no, it was enough for me to know what the outcome was going to be. And I was going to lose. The subject in question was whether or not I would be allowed to remove my device during a weekend away on a small boat with a mate. Dealing with the need to pee whilst wearing a device in such situations is so difficult hence my request to remove it. At the end of a short exchange on the subject I received the ‘I will discuss it with you tomorrow’ text. As is often the case my poor slave head was confused. Fetish Taquin wanted Mistress to be tough and to make sure I remained locked and denied, vanilla Taquin worried about how he would manage to conceal the device from his friend. This morning I read a blog intro where Mistress said that she knew a particular slave well enough to make decisions for him. It feels like Mistress has adopted that approach with me also, and deep down I am pleased. How can I crave a lack of control and then try to set boundaries? It wouldn’t be real. I didn’t respond to Mistresses text for some time but just before going to bed I sent her the text that conceded. I asked her not to release me. Her reply? ‘I didn’t intend to’.

    The following day was one that I had looked forward to for many weeks. My previous session had had to be cancelled and so today was going to be the first time that I had seen Mistress in over 6 weeks. Better still it was going to be my first ever 5hr session. I actually worried whether or not I would be able to cope with Mistresses attentions for that long. But as far as I was concerned it was a fabulous worry to have.

    I arrived at the HOD to be welcomed by Mistress looking stunning in a beautiful summer dress. Being dominated by a pretty young lady rather than a ‘dominatrix’ is so exciting. The dress that Mistress had chosen (kindly purchased by another slave if I remember correctly) is the perfect complement to her perfect curves.

    I was instructed to enter the lounge and present Mistress with whatever I had brought with me. Firstly I gave her a small gift of appreciation to acknowledge two years under her control. I then gave her my key safe and my normal chastity device. It is just as secure as the Bon4 I was wearing currently but more comfortable for extended wear. Following my text exchange the previous day I suspected that I would find myself locked in it for some time to come! Whilst stood in front of me Mistress placed her hand on my locked crotch and enquired if I was dribbling yet. Oh how I started dribbling at that moment!
    Mistress told me to sit on the settee and then produced the leather bondage mitts that I had bought for her a few weeks earlier. She had previously told me that she would like some and I had thought that I would like to try them. It was another ‘win win’, that inevitably proved rather expensive for me. I put my hand inside the first mitt, clenched my fist, and Mistress tightened the leather strap around my wrist and buckled it in place. Each mitt has the facility to add a padlock for added security. Mistress strapped my other hand into its mitt and then padlocked both before shackling my wrists together. Next she taped my ankles in place and bandaged my eyes in order that I could see nothing around me. And there I stayed for the next hour. It is the first time that Mistress has allowed me to spend my first hour in her company. I did my best not to abuse the privilege by speaking unless I felt it was appropriate. Mistress was obviously busy on her computer and I didn’t want to interrupt.
    The end of my first hour of gentle pleasure was approaching when Mistress informed me that she was going to go and put on the latex dress that I had bought her a few weeks earlier. She informed me that there was a problem to be resolved. Apparently it was covered in talc and needed to be polished. Really! Polished?! I hardly dared to ask the next question, but I did. ‘Mistress, will you be wearing it whilst I polish it?’ I asked. ‘Yes slave I will’ was the reply. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I started to physically shake at the thought.

    Mistress left the room for a while. I could hear her upstairs and knew that she was changing. A couple of minutes later I heard her come back into the room and she started to release me from my bonds. Mistress removed the blindfold from my eyes, turned away from me and instructed me to do up the zip on her pink latex dress. I eagerly did as instructed and Mistress manoeuvred the dress into position and turned towards me. Oh what a sight! I have never before been a great latex fan, but I am now a convert. Mistress handed me a small sponge and some liquid polish and instructed me to apply it all over and to ensure that I removed every bit of talc. And so I did, slowly and deliberately, whilst ensuring that I was not considered to be abusing such a huge privilege. I have started shaking again whilst writing about the experience. Mistresses’ curves are breathtaking. It is yet another moment under the control of Mistress Deelight that will always be treasured.

    Once completed to her satisfaction Mistress instructed me to put on a blue full body zentai suit. I have never worn such a thing before and didn’t really know what to expect as a result. But like so many new things that Mistress has introduced me to it is now on my favourites list. Having put the suit on Mistress started to gently rub her hands over my entire body. It felt wonderful through the suit. She put the leather mitts on me again and took me through into the dungeon where she strapped and chained me standing against the bondage cross on the wall. Finally I was blindfolded and I found myself to be in a constrained and helpless heaven. Mistress ran her hands over me for a little longer before declaring that she would unzip the crotch on the suit and remove the device. The moment that Mistress knew that I had longed for was about to arrive. I felt the snip on the plastic lock off the device and Mistress gently removed it. As I suspect normally happens I gasped as the device was removed and started to whimper as Mistress took hold of her property and started to ensure that it became hard and erect for the first time in so many weeks. Just wonderful! What then ensued was a full hour of continuous, unrelenting teasing and edging. I love being edged so much! It is excruciatingly erotic. So much power in the hands of my Mistress combined with a ridiculous desire to cum that you know will not be permitted until Mistress gives her permission. But after a full hour of this I felt mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

    via GIPHY

    It was at this point that Mistress decided to strike! She got me to the very edge of orgasm and then held me there slowly and gently manipulating her property on the very edge of the cliff. It was at this point that she said that she wanted to discuss my new found love of FinDom. She reminded me that I had offered to start paying for access to fetish fun on the internet. Apparently this was the moment where she had decided that she wanted to discuss it further. Mistress knew that I was at my weakest point and that she held all of the trump cards. What then ensued was a ‘discussion’ around how much I should pay, how frequently and for how long. I agreed to everything. I was unable to do anything else. I had been totally overpowered and overwhelmed by pleasure, not pain. I knew that I was being totally manipulated but despite (or because of) this had no defence whatsoever.

    It wasn’t until Mistress declared that it was time for a break that she revealed that she had been videoing the whole episode. Not only that, she had also been live streaming everything to those willing to pay through adult work. I had been pimped without even knowing it. In the circumstances I really didn’t mind at all. I was pleased if Mistress was able to make a little extra from my torments. We took a breather and I completed a small DIY job for Mistress whilst she had her lunch.

    It wasn’t long before Mistress declared our break to be over and with a devilish glint in her eyes she ordered me to return to the dungeon. It looked like she was preparing the whipping bench. This wasn’t good at all. As Mistress put the bondage mitts back onto my shaking hands and proceeded to strap me to the bench I feared for what came next. My last session ended with Mistress writing into my records, held on her computer, that I was owed 37 strokes of the cane for being slow to respond to her texts. My ‘excuse’ had been that I had been watching bargain hunt had done nothing to help my cause. Once inescapably secured to the bench Mistress declared that this was indeed about to happen. Worse still she picked up a gag and placed it beside me. It produced one of the reactions in me I still consider to be something of a contradiction. It excited me to think that Mistress would add to her control of the moment by preventing me from calling out in pain whilst scaring me that she was about to hurt me so badly that she was going to need to apply it.

    Mistress brought her head down to that of mine on the bench and looked me in the eyes and told me in no uncertain terms that if I ever chose to renege on my Findom agreement that she would expose me on her website, her twitter and would put posters up on the lampposts around my home. She then went on to explain that today she was going to be kind to me. She explained that we both knew that it was necessary that I should be punished for my misdemeanours. (I actually agree with her on this point. I do need to be genuinely punished for mistakes made. My submission to Mistress would not be complete without it). But she went on to tell me that as I had been such a good slave for agreeing her FinDom terms that she would use the riding crop on me instead of the cane. I had to concede that this was truly a kindness. I HATE the cane. I don’t look forward to a riding crop either for that matter, but knew it would be just a little more bearable. But 37 strokes? I doubt I have ever taken more than 15 of anything in the past. This was going to be really difficult, and it was. All I will say is that Mistress administers a beating with great care and understanding. She is precise and measured. She taunts and she plays with your mind as she inflicts pain. Although I really don’t like the pain it almost feels as if Mistress is doing it out of a greater kindness. I survived the 37 strokes without too many tears and tensed for a moment as Mistress ran her nails over my now very sore bum. It was over.
    Mistress released me from the bench and told me to go upstairs and lay on the bed. I was so happy to hear this instruction. I suspected that I was about to be strapped to the bed to be treated to a happy ending to a wonderful session. If ever a session is going to end with a happy ending this is where I can enjoy it most. It allows the rest of my body to relax whilst gaining maximum pleasure where it matters most! And this is what almost happened… I was indeed secured spread-eagled to the bed. Mistress had by this time changed back into her wonderful summer dress and appeared happy with her days work. And after several more minutes of teasing and edging Mistress did indeed treat me to one of the most wonderful happy ending imaginable. The only problem was that at the point that Mistress believed that there was no more cum to be produced and she had moved onto just gently stroking the end of her property I realised that there was still a great deal of cum waiting to be produced. The result therefore was half a proper orgasm and half a terribly painful ruin. I am not sure which Mistress enjoyed the most. I suspect the latter.

    I went home that afternoon totally exhausted! I think Mistress probably was too. 5hrs is a long time whichever side of the equation you are on. It was a fabulous session. Thank you Mistress. You are incredible at what you do both during and outside of sessions.

  • Slave Pupp – A Very Fortunate Slave – Blog 13

    As Slave Pupp’s journey continues with me as his Mistress and Mentor it has offered itself to me fully which means that it is also prepared to endure one of its pet hates; pain.  To prove its devotion to me, it also offered me ‘The Sisters’; a pair of beautiful leather floggers for affliction on its back. Pupp must learn to endure in order to reap rewards.  I have also reinforced the suggestions put to its subconscious during hypnosis for the purpose of chastity.  As devices have previously failed for Pupp, I want to ensure that it only becomes aroused when communicating with me or when in my presence and that such situations offer increased arousal, whilst arousal does not enter the psyche at any other time.  His latest journal reads below.  (always below!)

    Here is chastity report number 13 from: “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

    “Miss Deelight is a whirlwind of action, putting thought-through plans into effect, with this pupp now well used to being directed by the dynamo that is Miss Deelight. This month Miss increased her hypnotic control, used pupp to work harder than ever and stepped up pain training. Shall we see how pupp ended up sending Miss daily greetings, purchasing a microwave and cleaning lavatories in panties whilst gagging for cock?

    pupp was mooching along one day, enjoying the feeling of comfort that is provided only by being forced to wear panties, when a message arrived from Miss. As is now usual pupp noted the desire to become erect instantly and also felt trepidation as well as gratitude to hear from Miss. A brusque telling off from Miss for not keeping in touch enough and sharing with her consistently was balanced by her sense of care and the order to report back on a daily basis to Miss. Our next meetings were scheduled with pain (Endurance training) and pleasure (Hypno) segments discussed and decided upon. pupp took everything on board, checked the leather floggers that pupp would bring for Miss to use and then needed to change, replacing thoroughly wet panties.

    The day of Miss Deelight’s appointed audience dawned and after a bouncy pupp had been greeted by the Owner, Miss Deelight, pupp was given time to settle at Miss’s feet. pupp then assumed the position of greater servility, kneeling before Miss with signs of clear stimulation as ever. Miss selected the collar for pupp to bear for the day and restricted pupp within it. Miss approved of the ownership tags that she had asked pupp to obtain, fitting one to the collar before a foot to pupp’s groin provided congratulatory pain for a purchasing task completed.

    Miss Deelight had indicated that inflicting pain upon pupp was to be the source of pleasure and amusement for Miss. Also this would help to train pupp in the consistent acceptance of the increased application of pain and the appreciation of the art of receiving such attentions. Miss sized up the floggers and confirmed that they were of fine quality and appropriate for her to use; she would feel comfortable utilising them and demonstrating their virtues. With pupp trussed up in rope, dangling from the ceiling, Miss filmed as she applied her skill. Miss built steadily from a tickle to greater impacts as she began to test out her pupp’s reactions to pain, moving onwards by using a few words here and there to encourage pupp. Miss took pupp deeper into pupp’s subspace and thoughts of pleasing Miss combined to elicit greater servitude as Miss ramped up the speed and pain. In an instant Miss brought pupp back down, declaring the marks that she had made on pupp to be fine, amusing and enough for the time being.

    After replacing and storing the equipment used, pupp was set to cleaning throughout the House of Deelight. pupp was commended for last time’s effective cleaning work and enjoined to labour just as hard again with specific duties in the kitchen and bathroom. pupp set to washing up, tidying and scrubbing. A particular task was to clean under the microwave which was easily accomplished. However when pupp set to cleaning inside the microwave it became clear that, like many subs aim to be, the equipment had been worked hard over a period of time. pupp polished daintily then scrubbed but to little avail – surely Miss deserved smarter, more up-to-date kit that befitted her status? A short while later Miss checked pupp’s work and agreed that a replacement microwave was in order. No sooner had this been discussed and “wish-listed” than pupp was able to purchase the new appliance.

    With the kitchen approved pupp dived in to lavatorial duties, cleaning thoroughly with paraphernalia kept by for this room only. As pupp worked on all fours Miss stopped by, towering over pupp with a huge strap-on in place. pupp gulped, aware that Miss could require instant servicing of her huge cock in any number of ways. Instead Miss was happy to see a pupp that enviously smacked its lips in anticipation; after holding the power-pose Miss laughed and moved off to another room. With a bank holiday approaching pupp found that this slave was already trying to go tenting.

    pupp ends this period deep into a hypno-chastity plan, being granted increased amounts of pain and with cleaning best-practice embedded. Daily housework is now a must in preparation for the HoD, not just covering the basics but going room by room and cleaning thoroughly every day in order to be practised, physically attuned and well versed in the most appropriate techniques.

    Here’s a thought: A servant is known by his Mistress.

    Thank you Miss Deelight x”

    To my Owner, Miss Deelight,

    With respectful love,

    Your pupp Xx

  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Putty In Her Hands

    Slave Taquin found himself the recipient of subtle grooming that resulted in the purchase of a latex dress for myself and a new-found love of Findom for him.  I have posted about my own personal take on findom before. You can view the video HERE.  I’m not out to ruin slaves, that’s just not my thing to be honest. I prefer to groom and subtly manipulate my slaves to realise that they get a thrill from not just purchasing something for me but by the way I went about it; in a sophisticated, seductive and non bratty manner. Clever.  The type of ‘consensual’ manipulation that blossoms over time in a long-term D/s relationship and with a professional dominatrix.  He was, of course, rewarded for his gift of devotion with the allowance of kink world access. Something that I had taken away from him to assist my goal.


    Putty in her hands

    On Sunday I submitted my blog during which I had referred to the torment of not being able to read Mistresses blog intros. This seemed to please her as her response to me was: ‘you have played so perfectly into my hands’. I wasn’t really sure what this meant but suspected that I would suffer in some way as a result!

    Later that day I sent a text and asked for permission to do 3 things:
    1) To remove my device for a couple of days as I was going to be away and knew that I would not be able to hide it (for reasons I won’t bore you with here).
    2) To be allowed to take my vanilla lady friend out for the morning and then lunch.
    3) Due to my level of desperation I asked if I could bring forward the date of my next session.

    The first response that I received was ‘I will think about your requests’, and then I received the following:
    1) Yes
    2) ‘Yes, take your key safe
    3) ‘Don’t know, I might just make you suffer’

    I was relieved by 1), worried by 2) and terribly teased by 3)

    On Monday Mistress told me that Sissy Mouse had blogged that she appeared to have a harder edge now. I had to agree that he was absolutely correct, and I also had to confess to Mistress that I really liked it. The result of this confession was to make me incredibly hard and horny. It is always the same when I tell Mistress something like this. I think it is just another way for me to submit to Mistress. I find myself telling her something that my brain tells me is not sensible to disclose but results in me handing over even more knowledge, and therefore power, to Mistress.

    Later that day I realised for the first time that my time allowances on the PC were just that, an allowance. I could see that it was due to lock out again an hour later, but if I only used it for 5 minutes and then signed off, I could sign back on an hour later and I would still have 55 minutes left. It was a revelation that resulted in me logging in and out multiple times and staying in touch with all the Twittering for most of the day. What fun.

    Tuesday was a quiet day with a couple of texts exchanged at the beginning of the day and then nothing.

    On Wednesday morning Mistress told me that she would be busy with one of her other interests and so I made a mental note not to contact her and got on with vanilla life. Having been out on a job until early afternoon I returned to my workshop to find that my PC access time had been and gone (so much for it being a more flexible ‘time allowance’). This really disappointed me as I needed my daily dose of Twitter. I thought about sending Mistress a text but remembered that she might still be busy. In the end I decided to click on the button on my PC screen that would send a request to the ‘adults in my household’ for additional PC time. I reasoned that Mistress would only see this if she was back in Mistress mode in front of her PC. A few minutes later my phone pinged and I saw a text from Mistress that just said ‘why?’ I explained that I had missed my opportunity to go onto my pc to look at Twitter. I also took the opportunity to ask if I would be allowed to look at Mistresses web site as I still hadn’t been allowed to read any recent blogs or their intro’s. Mistress told me that I would ‘hate her’ once she did eventually allow me to look at the blogs. I responded truthfully that that would never happen and started to fret about what she had meant by that.

    The next text I received was unusual. Mistress sent me a picture of a lovely pink latex dress and told me that she thought it was very ‘her’. I looked at the text and knew it for what it was. Mistress was telling me (very nicely of course) that I was to buy it for her. I looked at the price. Just over £100, a lot of money. Unsure of what my response was going to be I quickly replied that I thought that she would look wonderful in it. I tried to access my PC once again and found that I had been allowed onto it. I quickly opened up the internet and typed in ‘Missdeelight.com’. Blocked! I typed in ‘Twitter.com’. It opened! Wonderful. I looked for any posts from Mistress, and there it was. Mistress had tweeted that she wanted the pink latex dress. I thought about it again. Mistress is so kind to me. She looks after me and gives me so much pleasure. She has given me permission to remove my device this weekend and is going to allow me to spend time with my vanilla friend. And she had just allowed me onto Twitter. I reasoned that I really should show my appreciation. I sent her a text asking her if she would allow me to buy the dress for her. Mistress responded that she was surprised that it had taken me so long to offer and that she hoped that it would arrive in time for her to wear at my next session. My heart raced at the thought. Within a couple of minutes Mistress had thanked me publicly on Twitter. It made me feel good. And a couple of minutes later I discovered that Mistress had allowed me to access her website for the first time in ages. I knew that I was being rewarded for my good behaviour. Throughout this whole exchange I had been feeling more and more horny. I was now beside myself with the need for release. I sent Mistress a ridiculous text asking her permission to remove my device and provide myself an orgasm. Her response will not surprise anyone reading this. It was ‘Hahahaha’. Mistress asked me why I was so horny all of a sudden. I had to confess that it was because she had ‘encouraged’ me to buy her something. It really was a confession for me as I have always said that Findom was not my thing. Mistress explained that I had enjoyed it because it showed her control over me and that she had allowed me to access her website as a reward. She went on to say that I was ‘wrapped around her finger’. All I can say is that it was a wonderful feeling that has caused me to feel differently about Findom. I have now been taught the joy of Findom the Miss Deelight way!

    The next morning I sent my required text to Mistress and told her how ridiculously horny I had been all of the previous evening and night. I told her that I had even found myself trying to play with her property through the gaps in the bars of the device. This obviously amused her as she quickly copied it and posted it on Twitter for all to see. What she didn’t tweet was the fact that she was also telling me off by text for even trying to play with her property. Mistress told me that she wasn’t sure now that I could be trusted to be released from the device for the forthcoming weekend. Not being released would have been a big problem for me and so I was forced to make all sorts of guarantees and promises about how I would not abuse the freedom if granted it.

    This wasn’t good enough for Mistress however. She demanded to know the name of who I was going to be with over the weekend. I responded with his name. Mistress knows of him and that he is a good mate who is totally unaware of my Fetish interests, and that I would like to keep it that way. Mistress then sent me some sort of image file by text with an additional text that told me that if I did abuse my freedom from the device that she would make sure that my friend got to hear all about me. For some reason I was unable to see the image that Mistress had sent me on my phone but I was pretty sure that it was either a screen shot of my contact information for my friend from my phone or possibly his Facebook page. It didn’t really matter too much either way. I was going to have to be a good pet during my short lived freedom.

    The weekend arrived and I removed the device. I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to try to cope with it for the next few days. Whilst Mistress can be relied upon to be totally unreasonable and demanding at times she does understand that just occasionally vanilla life does need to be accommodated. She is very good at differentiating between what is important and what is not. I trust her judgement at such times and appreciate her all the more for it.

    Whilst we did keep in touch over the next few days I was largely left to enjoy my few days of freedom and vanilla fun. I was required on one day to edge myself twice. I did as instructed but actually found it really difficult to raise the enthusiasm having well and truly dropped out of sub-space. On another occasion Mistress referred to the fact that she hadn’t forgotten that I was meeting with my vanilla lady friend next week. It worries me! And then on the morning of my return home I awoke to find that Mistress had hidden many of the apps on my phone. I texted her to say that I could tell that I was on my last day of freedom. Her response was two winking and two evil emoticons.

    I returned home, locked myself up again and confirmed the lock number to Mistress. Life had begun to return to normal.

  • Gifts a Plenty!

    It’s always nice to receive gifts and my slaves have certainly been busy spoiling me over the summer.  So thanks go to Slave Bitch (aka @namesasecret24), Sissy Mouse, Slave T, Slave Taquin, Slave Pupp, Slave BB, Slave Andy and Slave David for all the gifts I have received over the summer weeks.  Here are pictures of some of the gifts I received, more pics to follow when I can them done!  If you’d like to contribute to my wardrobe, life or hobbies then visit my  and show your devotion.  Good Boy!20160813_141503004_iOS 20160817_084206292_iOS 20160818_105916143_iOS 20160823_065928468_iOS 20160824_142312000_iOS20160826_113058282_iOS 20160830_071002016_iOS

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 45

    Hypnosis, domestic service and tighter pc controls were the main events this week in the life of Slave Sissy Mouse…

    Video 4.00_02_41_25.Still003

    Distance control journal week 45

    As always my week starts on a Sunday and usually the first task is to write my weekly journal. This week as I have family staying Mistress allowed me to submit it yesterday. The first thing that happened this week came as a bit of a surprise, my windows phone carried out some updates and required me to re-sign in. Once I had done this I get a message to say “Adults can see what you look at on this device”. The update had linked my phone to my pc and thus the child settings that Mistress had placed on my pc. I could now only do child friendly searches and everything I now do on my phone Mistress can see including my location even with its turned off on the phone!! I message Mistress this but don’t expect to hear from her today as she was having a day off. I do however hear from Mistress with the simple message “That is very interesting” followed by 2 smiling devils. Nothing like providing Mistress with more weaponry! We exchange a few more messages and then Mistress kindly gives me my instructions for the day 3 edges. Mistress over the past few weeks has been working me up into a sexual frustration frenzy, I think I have mentioned this before, I have never felt this frustrated but the masochist inside me enjoys it greatly. I thank Mistress for my task and wish her a lovely day.

    Monday arrives and today I have a short session with Mistress to begin Sissy Hypnobot programming and then the pleasure of being a useful slave and doing some task for her. The morning drags as it always seems to do before seeing Mistress, I load the car with the things I will need to carry out my tasks later. Finally, it’s time to leave for the HOD and I duly arrive at the allotted time to be met by Mistress looking fantastic as always, this time dressed in shiny pink latex skirt and black latex top. We have a quick catch up and a chat about our expectations from the hypnosis, it’s then time to head upstairs relax and enjoy Mistress’s soft silky tones as she takes me into my first Hypnobot programming session. Once this is over and I’m back in the real world feeling very relaxed it is now time to start my tasks which are to clear all the rubbish from the back garden, remove the weeds and clean the patio with a pressure washer. Of course being me things never go smoothly. Whilst I am doing this Mistress will be working upstairs on webcam. I get everything out the car that I need and then load it with the accumulated rubbish, remove the weeds and the discarded cigarette butts and move the furniture to start the cleaning. I splash the patio cleaner around plug in my pressure washer and turn the water on and that’s where it all goes slightly wrong. The water is pouring out of the bottom of the pressure washer. The last time I used it was last year when I cleaned Mistress’s patio at her home and it worked fine then. Luckily the HOD has one that was hidden under the rubbish which I assumed was broke and was going to ask Mistress later once she had finished working. I plug it in and luckily it works (Phew) I then spend the next hour or so splashing everything in water including myself and the job is done. I replace the furniture and clean the windows of all the water splashes, put everything back in the car and mop the kitchen floor which has got wet footprints on it. Mistress had allowed me to make a cup of tea when I had finished and wait for her to inspect my work. About half an hour later Mistress enquired from upstairs if I have finished and I confirm that I have. Mistress gets changed into her normal clothes and comes down to inspect my work (she was equally surprised that the HOD pressure washer worked). Luckily my work was approved by Mistress and once I had loaded Mistress’s car it was time to head home feeling pleased and honoured that I was able to be of use to her.

    Tuesday arrives, after an odd night’s sleep which was due to not getting any night-time arousal this is part of the Hypnobot programming that I will only get aroused when dressed as Sissy Hypnobot (or SHB to make it easier) I awake in the morning and I no longer feel connected to my cock and have no desire to touch it. I do however also feel very needy for attention and have a craving to dress as SHB. I Message Mistress about this and she replies with some instructions she would like me to carry out. Firstly, I am to have a seedy wank before bed (no cumming) and let her know how it felt and the other is to dress as SHB the next day for 30 minutes and email her my feelings and emotions. I thank Mistress for my instructions and carry on my day. Bedtime arrives and I settle myself down for my seedy wank, the first problem is I struggle to get hard and once I do I can only stroke myself about 5 times before my erection starts to whither and I start to feel unwell (Mistress has programmed this into me during the hypnosis) so I stop and try again and the same thing happens and I give up. I try to get to sleep but my mind is whirring as always and then I start to think about dressing as SHB tomorrow and get very aroused.

    Wednesday cannot arrive quick enough and I carry out my instructions to dress as SHB. The restriction of the clothes compared to my normal clothes makes this easy to fall into the character as it were. However, one thing that is clear to me is that I am no longer aroused when dressed. I was very aroused at the thought of dressing but once dressed I no longer was. After the 30 minutes I remove the clothes and email Mistress my thoughts. A couple of hours later I am honoured to receive a video message from Mistress who was looking amazing dressed in wet look leggings, teasing bra and wearing her strap on harness informing me how pleased she was with my reactions to her instructions. I was and still am mesmerised by this particular video as Mistress also laid out my place within her Hypnobot stable. I messaged Mistress to thank her for the video and let her know how amazing she looked in it and that I was aroused by her strap on and sucking cock. Mistress replied that one of my duties as SHB will be cock sucking.

    Thursday as always is Mistress’s day for doing her stuff and I never expect to hear from Her. As I do every day I wished Mistress a nice day and leave it at that. Mistress did send a reply to wish me the same and thank me for a gift I had sent her. In the evening Mistress shared with me a clip Commander Deelight with her male and female Hypnobot. Now this was very interesting to me because as soon as I saw both Commander and the Hypnobot’s immaculate dress I was instantly aroused just as Mistress had programmed me to be. I think it would be worth mentioning that also up to this point I had no desire to touch myself and my cock still felt detached from me. I thanked Mistress for the video and informed her that I had become instantly aroused by the contents. Mistress replies with a simple Devil emoji.

    On Friday I message Mistress to inform her I have a busy day working with my mate and to my utter surprise I receive another video message from Mistress looking fabulous in a black body and teasing bra which puts me off my work for a bit. I thank Mistress for her very kind message and that she has got me in a bumbling mess. My reply was simply “Did you have any reaction?” Meaning did I get aroused to which hard as it may seem I didn’t (excuse the pun). Mistress is a very sexy and attractive lady but my submission to her is from the neck up as my reply said “Mistress your evil mind and your pretty face are your weapons against me”. I know for some it’s the aesthetics of the female dominant but for me it’s on a mental level. I am and never will be a match for Mistress’s quick wit or her creative and inventive mind. I am submissive to Mistress in all and every situation.

    My message to Mistress on Saturday apart from wishing her a nice day was to inform her that the chastity side of the hypnosis had worn off and whilst I had no desire to pleasure myself I felt reconnected with my cock. Mistress replied that I should try a seedy wank and let her know how it felt. I did as instructed (no cumming) and it felt completely normal and nothing like the one on Tuesday. Mistress replied it would have been magic if it worked first time out and she will be working on it at our next session. A little while later Mistress send me a picture via WhatsApp which I expected to be a teasing picture of Mistress but oh no, it was a picture via bing maps of my location at that moment using the child controls on my phone. I looked at the picture with shock but also amusement, I think to myself the net is tightening and indeed it was because Mistress had also posted on twitter that my week 43 journal was now on her website and I clicked on the link to read what Mistress had written as an introduction. To my further surprise I got a message on the screen saying this “Please ask an adult if you can view this web page”, I try my phone same message. I message Mistress and simply say “I’m suddenly feeing much more restricted” Mistress doesn’t reply and no more up to now has been mentioned on the subject. I don’t know when or if I will be able to visit any adult sites in the future, that like all things is up to Mistress. I sent my request by email and await a response!

    Most of Saturday I feel weird, I am not sure if it was a bit of drop from the chastity hypnosis wearing off or just other things going on in my life but it was a shit day. However, it was all leading up to a massive error on my part but that will be revealed next week.



  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 44

    In this edition of Sissy Mouse’s journal, a stark warning was issued which has since been ignored.  Watch this space in the not too distant future as serious punishment lies ahead.

    Video 13.00_06_36_18.Still004

    Distance control journal Week 44

    This week starts a new direction with Mistress. As you would have read in last week’s journal Mistress has decided that she would like me to join her Hypnobot scheme. I have a great interest in hypnosis. The power of suggestion and control of the subconscious, coupled with an already deep submission and trust of Mistress ticks a lot of boxes for me, even more so when also encompassing my interest in cross dressing. I had lost interest in being a sissy, I even messaged Mistress in my lost days to tell her it even repulsed me. However, as we know Mistress always knows best and she decided that a smart Hypnosissybot was my calling and she will no doubt be correct. This type of smart dress is so far removed from my normal scruffy appearance, whatever work I am doing it’s usually dirty and messy in some way so this embraces a complete polar opposite of me. I also accept that I will never be able to pull off a convincing female look, like for example Sissy Annie May. However, Hypnobot’s are masked because they are not human so another tick in the box.

    During last week Mistress informed me to purchase a cheap smart skirt suit. This was to gauge size and would help me get a feel for it before the joys of going to buy a much better suit with Mistress and certainly before I can meet any other Hypnobot. I found something online ordered it and it duly arrived in a couple of days. This then completed my instructions for my first day of this week’s distance control. From now on I am to write my distance control journal on a Sunday dressed as Hypnosissybot and will wear the following. The suit with a shirt and tie covering false boobs, a steel chastity belt, butt plug, stockings and heels, with a corset added later to enforce the strictness of being a Hypnobot.

    I duly dress as instructed and immediately the restriction that the clothes bring is quite surprising. I message Mistress (or from now on if dressed like this I have to address her as Commander) that I am dressed appropriately and send a picture to confirm. Mistress replies that she is reasonably pleased with my efforts and that I may begin writing my journal.

    Sitting down to write my journal is a very new experience. The restriction of the suit, the tightness of the shirt collar, the plug being held in by the chastity belt and my legs held together by the skirt all makes this very odd. It does however arouse me greatly and this is one of Mistress’s plans that being a Hypnosissybot will arouse me more than anything I have done before and when I am not I will not feel aroused to further enforce my mental chastity. Once I have written my blog, read and re-read several times to check for spelling and grammatical errors I submit my blog and return to normality. Mistress just after messages me to enquire how it made me feel? I reply that I have never considered the escapism of a fully immersed roleplay scenario on top of my natural submission. Mistress then sends me a link to her Hypnobot clip collection to watch and consider it home work. I thank Mistress and spend the next hour or so watching the clips. I know I said this before but it really is a joy to watch Mistress’s clips and it was very interesting to watch how a fully programmed Hypnobot functions and the control Mistress has over it. Once I have watched them I email Mistress my thoughts and one of the things that will be difficult to overcome is the two sides this will bring to me and how sissy mouse and Hypnosissybot will function and also separate. This I feel will be a process of fluidity.

    On Monday after my usual restless night with all the new ideas running around my head I message Mistress, wish her a nice day and await a reply. Mistress replies that she has considered my email and agrees that we will have to find a place for both sissy mouse and HSB. Later in the day Mistress posts Slave Taquin’s latest journal and I message her to ask how does he cope? Mistress merely replies “I am evil” which I light heartedly reply that I would never had guessed. It is times like this that one realises that through our own email and messages to Mistress you slowly dig yourself an ever bigger hole.

    Tuesdays message to Mistress informed her I have a quiet day and this was replied to with instructions to dress as Hypnosissybot and write the following 50 times “I can’t wait to embrace life as a Hypnosissybot, it is my calling and my destiny”. I thank Mistress for her instructions and inform her I will message her when I am ready to start. Once I have done a few things I dress as instructed and message the Commander. This time the restriction has increased with the arrival of a corset. This does feel so restrictive and within seconds I wonder how Mistress sits down let along carry out session’s whilst wearing one but I guess as with all things you get used to it. I start writing my lines and I am about 15 lines in when the Commander messages me and requests a picture. I duly do this and also hold up the lines I have written so far. Once I have finished the 50 I message the Commander to inform her to which she replies that she hopes her HSB is suitable horny and submissive. I reply that I am indeed and my reply is simply “Wonderful”.

    Wednesday arrives and I awake to a message from Mistress simply saying “I want you to bring your lines with you on Monday” This is my next and very much looked forward to session with Mistress. I thank Mistress for my message and wish her a nice day. Mistress replies that I am to edge 3 times today once with pegs on my balls, she also reminds me that it is less than a week until my Hypnosissybot programming starts. I thank Mistress for my task and confess to her that I have been tempted to pleasure myself and my task will not help my desperate situation. Mistress replies with a very clear and concise message written thus “DON’T YOU DARE SUCCUMB TO TEMPATION EVER!!” I reply “Message fully understood Mistress”. I don’t think I have ever had such a stern message from Mistress! I carry out my edges throughout the day and message Mistress later to thank her my excruciating edges. My reply was simply Hahaha! You are most welcome. I know I don’t have the additional annoyance of a chastity cage but this period of denial is driving me crazy. I understand why Mistress is doing it. It tests my obedience, submission and reminds me of her control. The stupidity of my masochistic side is wondering what this period of teasing and denial would feel like in 6 months or even a year with no orgasm.

    Thursday’s message to Mistress is replied later in the day to inform me she has a very busy and enquired how I am. My day was not going well and Mistress leaves me to it.

    On Friday I message Mistress that I have some domestic things that I will need to attend to over the next few days and Mistress kindly informs me that she is going to be very busy and will leave me to it. Mistress also informs me that she has her new Female Hypnobot attending today. I wish her a great day and get on with mine.

    Because of my domestic duties I am granted permission to write my journal on Saturday. I message Mistress and wish her a good day and dress appropriately to write my journal. Whilst I am writing this I remember something that Slave Taquin wrote in one of his journals about Mistress tweeting messages that you are convinced are aimed at you. On Wednesday Mistress tweeted a picture of her sitting on her throne with the message “Show Mistress how you wank that pathetic piece of skin” My 3 edge day! On Friday Mistress tweets 2 pictures, one of the shiny shoes of her and her 2 Hypnobot’s and the other a gif of her dressed smartly, teasing a dildo whilst saying “I’m your boss, you do things my way. Understood?”

    The mind fuckery continues and I thank you Mistress for it.

  • Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 43

    There is a new journey ahead for Slave Sissy Mouse as he is instructed to embrace his sissy side once more.  I have decided that Mousey must join my taskforce of Hypnobots as a Sissy Hypnobot or SHB for short.  I will continue to tease and deny him but I also intend to begin and continue a process of hypnosis mind control to enforce chastity without a device and to develop his role as a robotic obedient servant.  His position will be the lowest ranking of my Hypnobots.


    My distance control week starts as always on Sunday, this week however it started with a bit of a shock. After sending my morning message to Mistress I turned on my pc and went to click on the Firefox browser button and it wasn’t there. I messaged Mistress again to ask if she had removed it. My reply from Mistress was to the point “Yes. Problem? You can only use edge from now on”. I replied that of course it wasn’t a problem (if it was then there was nothing I could do about it) and I understood why Mistress had done it because as a child user you cannot use private browsing so Mistress can keep an eye on what I look at online. A little while later Mistress posted slave Taquin’s excellent weekly journal and Mistress’s introduction made me sit up and take notice with the statement….
    “I decided it was no more nicey nicey. It is time to deliver the full and uncompromising power of my control… not just for Taquin but for all my pets.”
    This rattled around my head for the rest of the day and well into the night.
    Monday arrives and with little sleep with my mind whirring, I send Mistress my morning message which is read almost instantly but no reply. I go to my pc to do my normal stuff looking at twitter, seeing what Mistress has on her wishlist and then the boring work related stuff. However today it sinks in that whatever I look at from now on Mistress will know about because she gets a report of my online activity sent to her. I now have to think about everything I look at and whether it could have repercussions at a later date. Later in the morning Mistress replies to my message and is very generous to allow me to get on with my busy day as I have lots of work and personal stuff to take care of.
    On Tuesday my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and share with her my plans for the day. I have quite a lot of real life stuff to do this week but even so the thought of Mistress and what she could do is never far from one’s thoughts. One of the biggest events for me this week was the removal by Mistress of my preferred web browser. I don’t like Internet explorer or now as it’s known Edge, but now I have no choice but to use it. Mistress is slowly taking away my free choice. I don’t have admin rights to download it and a request to put it back on would be futile. Without thinking I put something in the search engine and what came back was “This search is not suitable for minors”. At least I can still use my PC. Mistress later in the day shared a task she had given another slave involving covering his kitchen in mud and cleaning it off with a toothbrush. Mistress ends the message with “it made me think of you”, referring I guess to my love of licking mud off of Mistress’s boots.
    My message to Mistress on Wednesday also coincided with a couple of emails from Mistress regarding my next, much delayed visit to the HOD. Mistress has decided that It has been too long since I embraced my sissy side and suggested that I should become part of her Hypnobot scheme as a Sissy Hypnobot . As you may have read previously I have been lucky to enjoy many hypnosis sessions with Mistress but this was taking things to a new level. As ever all Mistress needs to do is plant the seed and then let my imagination run wild. Mistress briefly set the parameters and left them to whir in my mind.  I hope that when I do come up with ideas I have already filtered the stupid ones out. Mistress also set me what seemed like an easy task but would turn out to be very trying emotionally. When I go for lunch I was also to buy a teenage girls magazine, inform Mistress which one as she may also buy it and read it whilst having my lunch. Mistress said she may then either ask me questions about it or instruct me to write an essay about what I had learnt. So as instructed I head to the local supermarket and get my lunch and head to the magazine section, as ever way too much choice and all sealed in plastic so I have no idea what the content is. I finally choose Top of the pops magazine and head for the till. I get back and open the plastic wrapping to enjoy my free gifts, A pink pompom key ring and some mascara. I then open up my lunchtime read and start by flicking through. My immediate reaction is the content is very lacking in depth, however if I am to be tested I better soak it all up. I mentioned this to Mistress later and her immediate reaction was “slaves don’t need in-depth. Simple things for their simple minds”.
    As always on Thursday my message to Mistress was replied to with a reminder to keep reading my new magazine and too inform me that the idea of me becoming her Sissy Hypnobot , dressed in a very smart skirt suit is the way forward. In my reply I inform Mistress that I am that sexually frustrated from all her recent teasing that any idea is appealing to me and also inform her that I am that desperate that I am looking at pornhub and xhamster. Mistress as ever was to the point “I’m glad you are sexually frustrated”. But is also annoyed that even with my child settings on my pc I can still visit such sites. Not for long I guess!
    On Friday my message to Mistress was as ever to inform her of my plans for the day and that my mind had been whirring about the Sissy Hypnobot journey. We also exchanged many messages about the EU referendum but I don’t think my journal is the place for politics. Later in the morning Mistress sends me a to the point message “tie your cock and balls slave” Mistress knows I have a different working hat on today and she has already teased me about doing the work I am doing in a sissy dress. I have nothing to tie my cock and balls with and scratch my head and after rooting through my tools I find 2 cable ties and do as instructed. I message Mistress to confirm I have carried out her instructions. As the day goes on with all the bending down and up and down ladders the cable ties really start to rub, however I can see no sign of damage and continue my day with the sting of them as constant reminder of Mistress. Around 6.30 Mistress messages to commend me on finding something suitable and how as it been. I reply that it’s been annoying me all day with the rubbing, and whilst Mistress is pleased that they my predicament has reminded me of her, she thinks it’s now best to remove them in case of any damage that I can’t see.
    Saturday comes and due to my mind whirring over the last few days I over sleep and end up sending Mistress my morning message about an hour late. Mistress is luckily very understanding and we briefly discuss my plans for the day and I am left to it as Mistress has a busy day at the HOD. Later in the day Mistress posts a gif on Twitter of her amazing bottom clad in leather hot pants which is a joy to watch (I may have watched it more than once!). A couple of hours later I am both surprised and honoured to receive a video message from Mistress telling me to work harder because I will need a nice smart strict suit for my Sissy Hypnobot journey to begin. I also forgot to mention that Mistress informed me a few days previous that we would be going shopping to find right suit for me. I feel embarrassment coming on. Mistress also enquired how my reading material was going and I had to admit that is felt very weird and slightly wrong for a late forties man to be reading such things. Mistress understood and told me that she would find a much more suitable magazine to suit the sissy that I am. Mistress also informed me that from now on my orgasms would be linked to my weight loss. Mistress would be setting me a target and a timeframe to achieve the weight loss. If I didn’t reach the target, I would be set a lower target and would have to wait until then for my orgasm if I achieved that target. As Mistress does like to keep me denied I don’t think the targets will be easy and will require a lot of hard work on my part, however it’s good to have goals and will help make Sissy Hypnobot look better in its formal strict attire.
    As always I would like to thank Mistress for what has been a very interesting and enjoyable week. Mistress has opened up a whole new window for me of total immersed role play. I have been lucky to enjoy my submissive side for many years but this new journey really offers an escapism that I had never experienced before and we have only just started.

  • Full Bondage Tease and Denial Session

    Here is a rare opportunity to watch me in action throughout an entire tie and tease session. My slave requested inescapable bondage and merciless teasing and that is exactly what he got. Watch as I carefully use my expertise to bind him to a chair with rope and chains so that he is fully exposed and utterly powerless. My voice and my hands combine to torment and tease him through cock control, nipple play and mind fuckery. I even use him as an ashtray (consensually). I control his cock and his mind rendering him a helpless twitching mess throughout.


  • Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Snap Out of It…..

    …..and back into it… that place in vanilla land, the humdrum, the doom and gloom of vanilla life that sometimes gets in the way of the fun and frolics that is kink land.  There was no journal from Taquin last week. Vanilla life really took precedence.  This week my control and his thrills made a come back, even if just temporary. I did maximise the opportunity at every possible moment to torment my flailing sub.

    20160608_102717119_iOS 1

    Mistress had concluded the previous week by reminding me that she could, at any time that she chose, snap me out of a ‘down’ period and that she enjoyed putting fear into me whilst she did it. I know this is true. Even when I know she is just playing with me, either allowing me to sink into despair or suddenly elevating me back to a state of blissful submission, I am powerless to do anything about it. I just have to let it happen.

    On Sunday morning I let Mistress know how horny I was feeling. Mistress chose to build on my growing desperation by starting to suggest things that would happen at my session scheduled for the end of the week. Much of this centred around the tantalising suggestion that she would chain me up for the first hour, either to her sunbed (which I was to purchase!) in the back yard of the HOD whilst she sunbathed or, if the weather wasn’t suitable, to the table in the lounge of the HOD whilst she worked away on emails, direct chat or even TeamViewer. Up until now Mistress has always restrained me and left me largely on my own for the first hour of our two and a half hour sessions. This allows me the joy of being her prisoner comfortable in the knowledge that, whilst ensuring my safety, she is able to get on with much more important tasks in her day. The idea that she might allow me to be with her whilst she undertakes those tasks filled me with great joy. What an honour, and a pleasure it would be, for me.

    On the Monday morning I received a text from Mistress that told me that she had looked at the weather forecast for the day of our session, and that it was now forecast to rain. Apparently this was my fault! The next text that followed shortly afterwards just said ‘whatsapp’. I quickly pulled up WhatsApp on my phone and clicked on the video that Mistress had sent me. She started the video by showing me what she was wearing. I was excited to realise that she was wearing a very vanilla but very sexy tightly fitting peach coloured top. She looked wonderful! Along with everything else that Mistress knows about me she also knows that I do not need for her to be dressed in latex, leather or lace to be submissive to her. Much as I adore it when she wears any of the more domme style clothing I actually sometimes find myself more comfortable in my submission when she is dressed as I might expect her to be when away from the HOD. I really don’t want to enter, and then leave, a fantasy. I have chosen to accept my position as the slave of Miss Deelight at all times. I accept her dominance in all of our interactions and therefore seeing her dressed as she would be in her every day life makes me understand that our relationship is a simple fact, not a fantasy.

    In the video Mistress explained that I had better make the sun shine for our session or that she would hold me personally responsible, and that I would be punished if she couldn’t sunbathe. I have given up suggesting to Mistress what I believe might or might not be fair in her treatment of me. Instead I pointed out that, whilst I would always be willing to move heaven and earth on her behalf, making the sun shine in Newport might be beyond even my capabilities! Mistresses response was to send me a full copy of her latest JOI video. This was incredible kind but also incredibly tormenting. The torment was intensified when she instructed me to watch it, stroke slowly, but not to cum. Easier said than done. It is a fabulous video with Mistress at her absolute teasing and tantalising best. I was a total mess by the end of it! I put her property away still throbbing with the pent up frustration of being so close to the edge but not being allowed to cum.

    SEXY JOI (7)

    As the week progressed I found myself, as directed by Mistress, watching the JOI video and stroking over and over. Its effect on me never seemed to diminish.

    The day of my session arrived and I exchanged confirmatory texts with Mistress. My excitement grew as the morning progressed until, for reasons I wont bore you with here, both Mistress and I had to declare that we couldn’t go ahead with the session. I was gutted! I know that compared to many slaves I am very lucky to see Mistress once a month. But the way I look at it is that I ONLY see Mistress once a month. The way things are shaping up for me in my vanilla life at the moment I might end up missing this session altogether. But 2 months between sessions seems sooooo long. I will see how it goes.


  • Annie May – Distance Control Journal – Week 2

    My newest pet, Sissy Princess Annie May continued her training with me this week.  She told me that she would like to lose weight for me and get in shape, so as well as the normal teasing, chastity and control tasks I set about putting her on a fitness plan.  I requested a daily food journal and it soon became apparent that my Sissy was very uneducated regarding healthy eating.  On her first day she truly believed she had been eating healthy but the amount of bread in her diet that day was cause for concern.  I decided that my Sissy needed to join a slimming group and so she did.  What a good girl she is!


    Week 2

    Day 1

    This week my training takes a new direction, one for the better. Mistress is putting me on a diet/exercise regime so I can be a slimmer and sexier sissy girl for her. Mistress is also helping me curb my habit of buying porn which has been a serious concern of mine for a while.

    So today Mistress outlined what she expects of me, including complete and total honesty for this to work. Otherwise more extreme measures and punishments will be meted out…

    Firstly, no more paying for pornography, period. And to get into chastity. Secondly, no chocolate, biscuits, crisps, or alcohol allowed. I don’t drink so thats ok (I’m a good girl), but the others will be harder, especially beloved chocolate! I will also be sending Mistress my weight as well as my food intake.

    I was also ordered to get into something skimpy and do some working out to a Zumba dvd, which I did in a hot pink sports crop top with matching spandex shorts.

    I also asked Mistress for some advice on a new chastity cage, as I’m looking for something thats as clean and hygenic as possible. A good sissy is a clean sissy :)

    Day 2

    The day started with my food intake from yesterday being all wrong. Although I thought I was being healthy, my diet was not going to help me lose weight. Mistress told me to find a local Slimming World group to join so I’d know what foods were good and which were bad. After finding a group right in my village, and some positive encouragement from Mistress, I made a commitment to go on Thursday mornings. Mistress then inquired to how much I paid for porn (clips4sale)…the figure was ridiculously high for the month, so Mistress agreed I definitely have a problem!

    Day 3

    Today was my last full work shift for the week. Mistress promptly ordered me into my little chastity device for week. I was also to wear tights, so they pressed against my locked clit all day. I foolishly inquired as to whether I should be in panties or not. Apparently I was to wear panties until my suggestion for going without meant Mistress told me to wear just the tights under my trousers!

    When I got home on the night, Mistress allowed me to play with my clitty before bedtime, but no orgasm tonight. I was to just think about serving Mistress as her slutty princess.

    Day 4

    This morning I was to dress and put on makeup to look pretty for mistress. I chose a cute pair of pale pink high-waisted little shorts, a pink vest top and my jewellrey and makeup. After that was done, I was ordered into a frustrating situation. I spent half an hour ball-gagged, wrists restrained to my thighs, a vibrating buttplug pushed into my sissy ass, and no chastity device. It was such a turn on! I imagined Mistress doing it to me in person…


    Day 5

    Joined Slimming World today! I was the only ‘male’ at the group…but it was an eye-opener for whats best for losing weight. I read through my starter kit, which had listings for most foods and gave ideas for what to eat. Mistress was looking forward to seeing what my new food diary would look like now that ive joined, and so do I :)

    Mistress wasn’t feeling too well today, so I wished her a speedy recovery.

    Day 6

    Today I continued planning out meals and a healthier shopping list. I really do want to look good for Mistress, with a trim sissy smooth body. Mistress ordered me to exercise today so I did another Zumba workout and practised some yoga.

    Day 7

    I was at the hair salon today, having my hair blonde! It took a while thanks to dyeing it dark and some purply-red mixed in as well. I still have some darker ginger looking parts, but it looks much better than it did before! I want to be a pretty blonde sissy princess for my Mistress. Todays task was a clitty stroking game. Mistress would sporadically text me throughout the evening with the word ‘Stroke’ and a number. And even number meant I was to stroke fast for that amount of time. And an odd number was to be stroked slowly. Mistress kept me on edge all night! In the end I was denied a release, making me a bratty little bitch :)

    I was also ordered to select a few outfits/clothes to bring next week for my session, as well as my makeup and to ensure my small clit was securely locked up when I met Mistress.

    I’m very much looking forward to meeting Mistress, and getting nice and slim for her.

    Love Annie May xxxx

  • Slave Jay – Distance Control Journal – Week 4

    Once again, I have chosen to push my slave’s limits just that little bit further.  A natural progression of long term distance control and online domination for those of my slaves who crave cock control, is of course Chastity. So I suggested that my slave begin to research devices. Of course I already knew what device I wanted him to purchase but I know that it would spur some excitement in my pet if I got him to look himself. Unfortunately for my overly eager slave, he went one step further and purchased a device. Had he have waited he would have known that his choice was correct but that the size of the cage was important. A costly mistake in more ways than one. My slave also enjoyed some self bondage this week… read his journal below!


    Day 1

    This week starts with Mistress asking how I feel about chastity. It’s something I have fantasised about before, it seems like a big step though, it’s a little daunting though. Mistress then instructs me to take some measurements of her property and report back.

    Mistress tells me she thinks she wants to try chastity with me and tighten her grip on her property, as I say it’s a little scary but I’m open to the idea, I know Mistress will take good care of me. She tells me she believes it to be the natural progression of my control.

    I’m instructed to stoke continuously for an hour, edging myself to that very thought. It’s been a little while since my last orgasm and my cock is extremely sensitive so I’m basically on the edge as soon as I start. I take it slow to ensure no mistakes are made, it’s intense beyond belief and it’s torture to stop once again without release when the hour is up.

    Day 2

    Mistress instructs me to send her a message when I’m home from work. Mistress tells me to strip and gather some items together – stockings, tape or rope and some lube. I get them together and then Mistress leaves me waiting in anticipation on what is to follow.

    About half an hour later Mistress instructs me to bind my ankles together and await further instructions. She leaves me in this predicament for 10 minutes as my cock grows.

    Mistress then tells me to run the stockings all over my body for 5 minutes imagining it’s her legs running up and down. After the time is up I stop and await further instruction. Another five minutes has passed and Mistress asks how long it’s been and why I didn’t message her back. I apologise and tell her I didn’t realise this was expected and I feared my fate was sealed.

    I’m instructed to put the stockings on, I cut the tape binding my ankles and there’s a sharp pain as I rip it off taking quite a bit of hair with it. When the stocking are on I’m told to live my hand and stroke the head of my cock for five minutes. It’s ridiculously sensitive and when the time is up I ensure I promptly message Mistress this time.

    I’m told no touching for 3 minutes, as my cock bounces around yearning to be stroked. Again I promptly message when the three minutes is up and I’m told to stroke for 5 minutes. I’m then given a choice of heads or tails, I go for tails and there’s a torturous pause before Mistress informs me I will be denied release once again.

    Day 3

    Today began as usual – mantra, message Mistress, tie up her property, get ready for work and await my instructions. But as the day progressed it became clear something was different. Mistress will usually get back to me within a few hours but today I didn’t hear from her for a while. I spent the day constantly checking my phone for messages, even check Mistress’ Twitter for any sign of why I hadn’t heard anything from her. I was starting to wonder if I had done something wrong.

    Just before I was about to leave work I receive a link from Mistress, no accompanying message, no instructions, just a link. I wasn’t sure what to think at this point. I was eager to click but I had messed something up earlier in the day so I thought it best I wait until I get home to find out what was going on.

    When I finally got the chance it was a video of Mistress basically describing every thought That had gone through my head today, it quickly became clear I had been under the control Mistress had desired all day without even knowing, Mistress was engrained within me.

    Day 4

    Today I am instructed to start researching chastity devices. I started by looking at general advice on what I should be considering when looking for a device, including sizing and the pros and cons of the different types available. Once I had processed all that information, which there was an abundance of, I had a few basic ideas of the type of device I was looking for.

    Next I started to look at where I could purchase from and the specific devices that were available. I managed to narrow it down to three or four that met the the criteria I was searching for. Then I began reading user reviews for these devices. Eventually I had pretty much decided on the device I felt I would purchase.

    After giving it some time to ensure I had processed the huge amount of information I had gone through today I decided to take a leap and I ordered the device I had settled on. I sent Mistress a message to let her know thinking she would be pleased to learn her property was a step closer to being locked away and got on With the rest of my evening.

    Day 5

    Mistress messages me while I’m driving in to work. As soon as I read the first line I realise I have made a mistake. She tells me I was not supposed to buy anything without showing her first. I’m not sure if it’s the restless nights or the extra stresses at work this week, but I really should have realised not to make any decisions regarding Mistress’ property without her consent.

    I apologise and send her a link to the device. She tells me that I have made a good choice and that I am going to need some plastic locks, which I purchase straight away, and enquired when it’s due to arrive. She is pleased that her control over me is going to tighten but tells me I will need to be punished for taking bigger steps than instructed and that it is her job to make the decisions. I apologise again and await the fate Mistress decides.

    The waiting was excruciating, I knew it was a long shot but I could only hope that the fact my mistake was due to an over eagerness to please Mistress would draw some leniency. Mistress left me in limbo until the late evening.

    I was instructed to get ten pegs and place them on my balls for at least ten minutes but preferably 15 and to send a photo as proof. It’s painful but I try to block it out as best I can and I know removal is going to be the worst part. It’s a stern reminder of who is in control. I hold off for 15-20 minutes before asking for permission to remove them, which Mistress grants me. I feel the sting for the rest of the night. Mistress asks if I have learned my lesson and I inform her I will be making no decisions without her permission in future.

    Day 6

    Mistress enquired when my lunch break is today. I’m instructed during to perform 150 slow strokes. Just before the time I had told Mistress I received a video, however something had come up and I had to delay for half an hour or so.

    As soon as I got the chance I headed to the toilet to follow my orders. The video is excruciating as Mistress teases me about how desperate I must be and that I will soon be all locked up. I take the strokes really slowly, I’d like to say in order to savour them but at this point it’s just so I don’t over stimulate. When I finish all 150 I thank Mistress for allowing me to touch her property and struggle on in desperation for the rest of the day.

    Day 7

    Mistress asks if my device is due to be delivered today, it doesn’t look like it will be. Mistress seems devilishly pleased that this means some further teasing. Mistress instructs me to perform 50 slow stroke every half hour over a three hour period. I’m so sensitive by now that every stroke is torture.

    After the second round of 50 Mistress gives me an option to send her a video begging for release and if she feels I’ve begged enough she will cancel the task and let me release. This was quite the dilemma for me, I’ve always been camera shy but I found out today just how much. I was unbelievably desperate at this point but I couldn’t manage it, I tried multiple times, but I just ended up freezing.

    I got through to the final 50 strokes and I had to go somewhere immediately after. Mistress asked if I wanted to empty before I went but by the time I received the message I had already left. When I got back I wasn’t sure if I had permission for a release or not and I didn’t want to bother Mistress if she was busy so I remained denied for another day.

  • Slave Taquin – Session Report – Total Mind Fuckery

    Slave Taquin had seemingly forgotten his place on a few occasions in recent weeks so I took it upon myself to remind him of it. With a combination of tease, humiliation,  blackmail, punishment and discipline I put my slave through his paces in a session that he will never forget!  (p.s. any blackmail activities that I undertake with my slaves are fully consensual at the core, it is merely the activities themselves that come as a surprise).


    I arrived at the HOD early in order to fit some new drawers that I had made for the bedroom upstairs. Once I had fitted them, and ensured that Mistress was happy with them, I was told to go to the bathroom strip and go to the dungeon downstairs.

    In the middle of the dungeon floor was a chair that I was instructed to sit on. Mistress was looking gorgeous and supremely powerful dressed as she was in black underwear and bodice. In my session nerves I failed to tell Mistress how much I liked and appreciated how she looked. I would pay for this later. Mistress produced 4 cable ties and in less than 30 seconds I found myself totally immobilised with ankles secured to chair legs and wrists secured to each side of the chair. Mistress was not messing today. The cold efficiency of how she took absolute physical control of me took my breath away and Mistresses property started to dribble uncontrollably in its cage. She walked around me one more time to ensure that I had no chance of escape and went into the lounge next door taking with her my mobile phone that she had made me give her earlier. I knew that she intended to take control of it today. It wasn’t until later in the week that I began to realise what a significant step this was. A couple of moments later Mistress appeared holding a piece of card and a roll of gaffer tape. She smiled menacingly as she turned it so that I could read what she had written on it. It was a message to my wife that told her that I was sorry but I had been born kinky! Mistress taped it to my chest, took a picture and went back into the lounge, shutting the door behind her. Now at this point I have to say that I do trust Mistress implicitly. Despite that the fact that she had my phone, and that picture of me, started to make me very scared. I told myself to just stay quiet and accept whatever was about to happen. A couple of minutes went by and I heard Mistress say ‘oh so and so he’s your best friend isn’t he’. Mistress was reading through all of my texts and messages. And then a few minutes later Mistress came back through and showed me my vanilla twitter profile that she had managed to access. A few more minutes passed by and I heard her saying stuff like ‘oh that’s good, that should do it’. I knew that I was now totally at her mercy. In the end I called through and asked if she would tell me what she was doing. The answer was a firm and quite dismissive ‘no’. I felt very small, very vulnerable and more than a little scared. Mistress walked back through the door looking determined. She told me that she had composed a post on my Facebook page, that she now had control of, that included the picture of me with my confession to my wife on, that could be sent out at the touch of a button. The only way to prevent that from happening was to do exactly as I was told and accept everything that was about to happen to me. I readily agreed. Nothing could be as terrible as being exposed to all of my friends and family.

    Mistress stood right in front of me and looked down at me. I was mesmerised by her appearance. She took the pair of wire cutters that she was holding and reached down to the chastity device and snipped off the plastic lock. Within a moment Mistress had removed the device lubed her gloved hands and was caressing her property to life. ‘This is what you have so desperately been waiting for isn’t it’ she said. I moaned and said ‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress’. In just a few seconds I was begging her to stop as I feared that I might cum before I was allowed to do so. Mistress stood in front of me looking down once again and asked me how many times my balls had fallen out of the device in the last 4 weeks. I told her that it was twice. ‘And what happens each time I have to let you out of your device to sort them out?’ she said. I told her that the last time they had fallen out she had punished me by giving me 6 (agonising!) strokes of the cane. ‘And the second time you didn’t even ask for my permission before removing the device’, she said. Well that is 12 strokes of the cane for you today then’. I should say at this point that I had hoped that being caned for falling out of the device might have been a ‘one-off’ thing for the last session. Apparently not. I was scared. 12 strokes of the cane. I know some slaves relish this and much more. I don’t. I hate it. Mistress then asked what else I had done wrong in the last 4 weeks. Suddenly I realised that there was worse to come. I think I began to shake at this point and my mind went blank. Mistress informed me that I had made her very angry by sending her abrupt and disrespectful texts. She reminded me that she pulled me up on this before and therefore I was to receive 10 whacks with the paddle to help me remember. ‘And what else should you be punished for today Taquin?’. Again I couldn’t think. She told me that she was upset that I had not complimented her on her appearance particularly as she had taken the trouble to wear something that she knew I would like. This really took me aback. Mistress was right. How ungrateful and rude of me. I was so angry and disappointed with myself and knew that anything I said now would probably just make matters worse. I did try and apologise but ended up just digging an even greater hole for myself. My penalty for this was going to be 10 minutes of nipple clamps. Another painful punishment that scared the life out of me. And before I could regain any degree of composure Mistress reminded me that there was another sin that I should be punished for. It was the fact that I copied and pasted some ideas for a humiliations list Mistress had told me to compose. For this I would suffer humiliation today. Mistress looked down on me and said ‘oh look at you, I think you are going to cry’. And she was right.


    And so my punishments began. Firstly a dogs head mask was put over my head. ‘Growl’ was the first instruction. ‘Louder, keep going’ she said ‘Bark like a dog’ Mistress instructed whilst filming my total humiliation. Now Yelp, now whine, keep going, do it louder and Mistress laughed and laughed. And so did I for a while. ‘Now go and sit by the back door like a dog, now go outside’. I stepped into the rear yard fearful that it might be overlooked, but it wasn’t. Mistress was inside looking out through the window and still filming me. ‘Now go walkies’ she called out. ‘Now beg at window’. I did everything that Mistress told me whilst Mistress laughed at my stupidity. Once Mistress had captured everything that she needed she allowed me back into the kitchen and locked the door behind me. I was made to sit on the floor whilst she removed the mask before being instructed to go upstairs and lay on my back on the bed.

    At this point I sensed that things were looking up. I had expected to be ordered into the dungeon to be secured to the whipping bench. Maybe all of this talk of canes and paddles and nipple clamps was just a Mistress mind fuck. I eagerly went upstairs and laid on the bed. Mistress instructed me to put my arms above my head in order that she could secure them into the stocks at the head of the bed. Things got better still as Mistress climbed on top of me straddled my legs and started stroking her property. She brought me to the edge of orgasm, stopped and reached inside her bra cup. She pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and grinned. Things were getting serious again and I now realised that Mistress was about to punish me for my wrongdoing. Mistress reached down and secured one nipple clamp, and then the other, and just sat there and watched me begin to squirm. Within just a few seconds the pain became intense. And still she sat and smiled down at me looking very satisfied with how much pain she was causing me. And just as the pain began to get too much for me to bear she would reach down and edge me once again. As she did it the pain would diminish and pleasure would take over. She would then stop and watch the pain build and build. At one point she stood at the end of the bed as I began to shake with pain and just smiled and watched. I don’t think I have ever felt as beautifully dominated as I did in that moment. I was suffering terribly at the hands of my Mistress, she was in absolute control and would manage my pain for me by bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over. For me it was a moment of sublime submission. Once the 10 minutes was up Mistress removed the clamps. The pain intensified horribly for a moment and then began to subside. I breathed again for what felt like the first time in those 10 minutes.

    Mistress instructed me to turn over onto my stomach and secured my hands in the stocks once again. I knew what was about to happen and started to shake. I was about to receive a beating like no other I have ever experienced (6 strokes of the cane being the worst to date). Mistress commenced with the strap. 10 incredibly painful whacks made me jump and writhe on the bed. These were followed up by 12 strokes of the cane. As always I counted each stroke out loud and thanked Mistress for them. By the end of this the tears really had welled up in my eyes. It was so painful. Mistress told me how well I had done and said that I was a good boy. I wanted to believe her but know full well that I must be the most pathetic sub in the world when it comes to handling pain. By this point I felt physically and mentally exhausted.

    Mistress released me from the stocks again, made me turn over and secured my wrists for one final time. This time she was kind to me. She took hold of her property stroked and caressed it back to life (it had completely shrivelled during my caning) and gently and expertly treated to me to the most intense and wonderful orgasm I had experienced for a long time. The session concluded with Mistress locking me back into chastity once again, but this time with a steel padlock. I was sent to the bathroom to shower and dress before tidying up the bedroom.

    I went downstairs and began to say goodbye. But before I could do so Mistress produced my new slave collar. She bought it for me whilst on my PC a couple of weeks earlier. It has my name on it. She placed it over my head and secured it in place. I was instructed to wear it as I drove home again. In 30 minutes I was to send her a picture of me still wearing it as proof of doing as I was told. And so even as I drove home that day I was still reminded of my place. I did of course do exactly as I was told.

    I have had a few days to reflect on this session now. I now know it to be one of the most intense and wonderful sessions I have ever experienced. I would describe it as strict, no nonsense, absolute, domination by the most exciting woman I have ever known. Most importantly it has established in my mind a better understanding of my position in Miss Deelights world. I am her devoted, faithful and obedient slave. I think it is what I needed. I now realise that I had become too comfortable in my servitude to Mistress and had let my standards slip when away from the HOD. I am now very aware that sessions and distance control are one and the same thing. Mistress has introduced a style of control that ensures that I focus on my behavior between sessions as much as I do when I am in the HOD. Best of all I think that Mistress enjoyed the session. I can happily endure anything that she puts me through as long as it gives her pleasure. It is how it should be.

  • Introducing Annie May – Distance Control Journal – Week 1

    I was delighted to take on another distance control slave last week, please welcome Annie-May, a pretty little submissive girly sissy. Once I discovered that my new pet was very much into being female and feminised I new exactly what direction she needed.  It’s always fun to have a true feminised sissy to play with because it is almost like having a female sub.  I look forward to having a real time session with her soon.

    New HOD pet - Annie May
    New HOD pet – Annie May

    Day 1

    My first day eased me in nice and slow and made sure I realised I was Mistresses property. Every morning and before I went to bed I was to strip off completely naked, kneel down and repeat a mantra 3 times as a pledge to be the property of Miss Deelight and to serve her to the best of my ability. I was to do this every day of the week.

    There was definitely a certain, vulnerable thrill of being naked and realising I was owned by a beautiful goddess.

    Day 2

    Today entailed some SPH. Mistress asked for my measurements, which were humiliatingly inadequate. I was ordered to water my dicklett to see if it would grow, and send a photo to Mistress. Around this time, I informed Mistress of my chastity device (size small) that I was to frequently wear throughout the week.

    Mistress asked me if I had any girly clothes, so I replied that I had quite a few :) Next I sent Mistress a more detailed description of my fetishes and about me etc, to make up for my somewhat lacking initial message.

    After finding out I was a feminine, submissive sissy that longed to be feminized by a superior woman, my training really took off!

    I was ordered into chastity, a maid uniform and makeup, and sent the photos to mistress to show I can look pretty on demand.

    Day 3

    This morning I felt overjoyed when Mistress complimented me on my photos! She told me I make a lovely sissy, which made me inspired to make myself even more girly and prettier than I am. I always want to look my best for Mistress and look after myself. It was a very positive experience, which is just what I needed from a Mistress :)

    My task today was to research the Lolita makeup style, particularly the large ‘dolly eyes’ that go with it. So I watched a few instructional videos whilst locked in my small device and had a buttplug shoved snugly up my smooth sissy bottom.

    During this time, my Mistress sent me a personal video message! It was so good to see Mistress informing me directly what she expected of her little Lolita and to be a good girl for her. I dutifully watched the videos and did my best copying the techniques on myself. I found I was missing liquid eyeliner and white eye pencil, which are best for this style, and I had misplaced the glue for my fake eyelashes! I was looking forward to wearing those to show Mistress how sexy my eyes can be :)

    After making myself extra gorgeous and sissy I sent off the photos of my work. Mistress seemed delighted with my efforts and even picked out a favourite photo of me looking very cute and submissive with my big eyes, blonde curly hair and very small locked up clit! I will admit, it made my day :)

    Next I was asked if I had a girly name, so I informed my Mistress that my friend calls me Annie May (because being a fan of anime), which Mistress approved of.

    Day 4

    Today I was instructed to buy the liquid eyeliner before work in the afternoon. Before then, I was to edge my clit every hour whilst wearing my buttplug. As you can imagine this was very frustrating as I hadn’t had an orgasm for a few days! Then I was to lock my denied little clit up in chastity and go to work. Of course I stopped off at Boots on the way to pick up some Maybelline liquid eyeliner and a white/black double sided eye pencil. I sent of photos of my purchases and my locked clit while at work.

    Day 5

    Today was another edging day! Mistress seems to have a cruel streak ;) This time, I was to do it every time I used the bathroom. Mistress also checked up to make sure I always sit down to use it. So again, another wonderfully frustrating day for Mistresses little princess.

    Day 6

    I received another video from Mistress today! It was a humiliating SPH clip that I had to watch 3 time throughout the day…..in chastity. Then before bed I had to watch it again whilst rubbing my clitty, but again was not allowed to cum :( Mistress sent to bed a horny little brat that night

    Day 7

    Today I sent off a list of all my sissy toys to mistress in anticipation of a much needed orgasm. And Mistress finally allowed it! Of course it wouldn’t be that easy. I first had to lock up my small clit, and get dressed as a SLUT. I put on an extremely clingy and short white clubbing dress my friend had given me. Very slutty and just a little sheer :)

    For a full 5 minutes I had to give a blow job to my realistic thick dildo whilst plugged with my prostrate massager, which in itself was pushing me to cumming. Then I had to slide my jelly 6 inch anal dildo up my sissy pussy and fuck myself for 10 minutes! I had to prove to Mistress what a dirty little fuck slut I can be. I took a few photos and made a short clip of me bent over being penetrated. Only then was I allowed to rub my clit…a few minutes later and I came very hard. One of the most satisfying orgasms Ive ever had, thanks to mistress denying me so long, and making sure I was well fucked first…

  • Attitude adjustment and complete subjugation in less than 10 seconds – By Slave Sissy Mouse

    When slaves need to be put in their place, reminded of their position and have this deeply ingrained in their submissive little minds sometimes one must even step outside of ones own boundaries in order to deliver the message in a way that the slave simply would never ever expect.  Slave Sissy Mouse found this out as you will read in his session write-up below…G84A9436.00_07_54_07.Still006

    My write up this time is just going to give you a snapshot of the week proceeding my latest session before I get onto the session itself. Whilst there have been lots of interaction with Mistress this week I have been very busy and Mistress has let me get on with it.

    One of the key points this week was a message from Mistress to say she has been trying to log into my bank account to inspect the state of it and the codes wont work and she was checking that I had not been foolish enough to change them. I confirm I haven’t and go to log into my account to find it has been blocked. I go through the reactivation process and thus have to enter new login information. I message Mistress to confirm it was blocked and that there are now new codes and ask Mistress if she requires them. I receive no reply so I assume Mistress will extract them from me on Friday.

    The rest of the week sees me doing a different job with my builder’s hat on and thus working on site with a plasterer and electrician. I message Mistress to inform her I quiet funny being all blokey whilst wearing a skimpy thong and this does indeed amuse Mistress. My job goes well and I send Mistress evidence of my work and she is pleased that I can maintain high standards without her overseeing presence. Now one of the things that the week does do to me working in such an environment is to make me a bit cocky and this would ultimately lead to my very quick demise when I attend my session.

    The morning of the session arrives and I still have this very cocky bring it on attitude and I message Mistress this. What I should have said was I am very much looking forward to our session whatever it might bring as I was not expecting it to be easy. I do like to dig myself holes.

    About an hour later Mistress messages me and tells me to go and buy an assortment of strong cheese and some washing up liquid. So this of course gets my mind racing as to what Mistress is going to do with these. Suddenly feeling not so cocky!

    I arrive at the allotted time of 12.30 and walk through the door with my bag of shopping and I am greeted with Mistress looking fabulous in her Pink polka dot latex dress. To find that Mistress is not going to feed me cheese. The cheese is for a custom video that Mistress will be shooting later and the washing up liquid is not to wash my mouth out but because the HOD has run out of washing up liquid. This is the level of mind fuckery that Mistress has got me too. Mistress informs me to go upstairs strip off and use the toilet and return kneel and face the fire place. This is when it all went way beyond what I ever expected.

    I return kneel and face the fire place and close my eyes as instructed.

    Usually Mistress comes in walks round me, verbally abuses me for being useless and fat and generally gets my head into a nice bumbling place but not this time oh no. Mistress walks in the room and puts a plastic bag over my head and ties it off with rope and shouts at me to put my hands behind my back which I do immediately and she cable ties them together.

    Now this has completely caught me by surprise and all I can think is don’t panic because you will use up all the air. Once my hands are secure Mistress removes the bag and says simply “Not so cocky now are you?” No Mistress is all I can whimper. Mistress then places a hood over my head and then bandages my head to form a blindfold and inserts a ball gag in my mouth. It is very unusual for Mistress to gag me but today is not a usual day. Mistress then tells me to lye on the floor which is not easy with cable tied hands and Mistress does help me down because as harsh as this may sound there are sharp corners and no one wants a head injury. Now once again you will have to excuse me if I don’t get this completely accurate but my mind was not at the time thinking this is going to make a great write up so my time line maybe slightly out. All I can remember is being completely shocked by what just happened, that bag was over my head for 10 maybe 20 seconds but it so disorientated me that I was utterly compliant with what I was told to do. I would have agreed to anything for air. I would also like to add and as Mistress pointed out after the session I was no where near suffocation it was just the utter shock of it. So I am now tied, blindfolded and gagged on the floor and Mistress is shouting at me digging her heels in me and the thing that stands out the most to me was kicking me in the balls whilst shouting were is my latex dress that I asked for on twitter. This is not the Mistress I usually know. Mistress is not a demanding bratty person but she was that today and she made me feel my place fully as a total piece of shit beneath her. I cannot lie this was the best start to a session I have experienced so far and to lye on the floor totally helpless and at Mistress mercy was so arousing. This was fear play without the play part just total fear. All I could do is whimper through a gagged mouth.

    After a while Mistress cuts the cable ties releasing my hands and if my memory serves me well informs me to get on my knees and she then sits on my back and starts tugging the gag so I start to move to which Mistress sternly tells me stay where you are I didn’t say move. My mind is a little blank until I am told to stand up and Mistress leads me to the bondage chair. Reminding me once again that the chair was where my journey to hell started. Mistress secures me in the chair and then begins to ask me questions. Little did I know at this point it was being recorded for further “leverage” Whilst I have few limits with Mistress there was still some wiggle room for me and I had asked Mistress a few weeks ago if this could be removed to ensure her control over me was absolute and not lead me to be tempted to send selfish, self pitying emails again. Mistress then asked me a series of questions including my new bank login details. I was slightly hesitant on this which produced two whacks of the cane on my thighs (I still have the marks and bruises) I was not able to have marks this time and Mistress knew this and thus made my compliance much easier to obtain. As I told Mistress after we had finished the session I so wanted to say “But Mistress you broke my account I don’t think you should have the new codes” I wasn’t that brave of course and gave her the codes. Once the questioning had finished Mistress says “I will just upload that to my one drive to keep it nice and safe” and played it back to me just to ensure I knew she wasn’t making it up. Mistress also played back to me my agreement to the purchase of her imac just as a reminder. Not that I need reminding, my commitment to that is beyond question even in my darkest days I would never have reneged on it.

    I have to be honest the rest of the session was a bit of a blank I do remember Mistress getting me a drink of coke but instead of putting it to my mouth she just told me to open my mouth and threw it at me with some going in my mouth and the rest trickling down me. It was that sort of session and Mistress was in that sort of mood. After what seemed like 10 minutes but was in fact several hours (where does the time go during a session?) Mistress released me gave me a drink and told me to come and sit down to gather myself. It is sometime quite odd to sit in front of Mistress with her being nice a smiley after putting you through it. Stockholm syndrome springs to mind and as Mistress reminded me just because she is being nice Do Not think it will always be this way.

    Once I had regained my composure Mistress sent me for a shower, re dress and granted me the honour of helping her set up her cheese eating custom clip and whilst she was doing that gave me some chores to do. I do so much enjoy helping Mistress in anyway I can to lessen her work load. It is also nice to reach a point where my work is expected to be at a certain level and as such is never inspected because I dread to think what sloppy duties would entail especially from now on.

    As ever I have to finish with thanking Mistress for another mind blowing session. The mind fuckery was beyond belief and as Mistress pointed out I was hard the entire session so fear must turn me on. Yes it does because you make it real fear Mistress.





    To celebrate the recent international women’s day, my slave took one for the team at his request, suffering for all the women in the world with a strict and severe thigh, cock and ball  cold corporal caning.  No mercy corporal punishment as the slave’s thighs get sleek purple stripes.

    Enjoy the clip preview below then purchase the full screen HD version at my clips4sale store.


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  • A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity Blog – Week 9

    Another week under my command and control for Slave Pupp.  This edition of its journal includes with it a visit from Pupp to the House of Deelight. My avid readers will know that all my long term slaves eventually become assigned to a particular role of usefulness. In Pupp’s case, it has now been assigned to cleaning duties serving as the official House of Deelight maid. I am pleased with the efforts applied by my loyal subject in order to impress me and show that it is capable of meeting my high expectations.

    Here is the ninth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

    “Miss was in sparkling, spanking form as she granted some of her time to training this pupp. Upon pupp’s arrival Miss Deelight took my breath away and replaced it with physical worship of the most obvious kind. Her hotpants, boots and many charms caused me to leak much to her amusement and my weakness was humiliatingly noted and commented upon. Miss, knowing that she had pupp utterly subjugated, took the time to ask probing questions about my progress, current feelings and any potential needs. Once Miss was content that she knew enough of my thoughts she then gave her orders provided impetus to her requirements of pupp.

    Miss had me strip to check my choice of leggings and panties. Once she had approved my choices she dictated the further direction that my clothing will take by insisting that tights are also needed. As ever Miss Deelight did not give vague orders: she produced the exact make and style that she wanted to see pupp wearing and living in. A review of the maid’s outfit that pupp had brought was completed and Miss helped pupp to dress, leaving her feminised maid ready for action and expecting hard work from a ferocious taskmistress.

    Once Miss was happy that the feminisation programme was proceeding correctly and apace Miss laid out my work program for this visit. Maid pupp was told to clean through the HOD, becoming more familiar with the areas that tend to need the most exacting cleansing work for future reference. In between rooms Miss would give punishment for pupp arriving 150 seconds late, pupp not asking permission