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  • Sissy Mouse’s Session – Human Furniture, Humiliation and Sadistic Triple-take Torture!

    Sissy Mouse visited the House of Deelight for his next instalment of madness and mayhem the other day.  I’ve come to the understanding, that with this Slave, all the best laid plans get fucked up so I rarely make any in advance anymore for him!  And even when I didn’t make them in any more time than the morning of the session, even those went wrong too! However, when things don’t go to plan, I always have the best fun!  I was going to do my own write-up about this session which also links into Slave Taquin’s most recent chastity diary entry (click here to read it if you haven’t already) but Sissy Mouse made such a good job of doing his own…… Enjoy!


    Sissy mouse now another slave’s puppet.

    My return to the House of Deelight last Saturday after an absence of many weeks due to Mistress being away from work and my busy work schedule, ended as always with me leaving after a few hours speechless, slightly dazed and as always with a spring in my step and a big smile on my face. 

    My visit starts with a text message from Mistress on the Friday informing me that she has some new equipment to try out. I am, and always will be her very keen and enthusiastic guinea pig that she can try new things out on. 

    Saturday morning arrives and I send Mistress a text to confirm everything is ok for our session at 12 noon. Mistress duly confirms this and then a few minutes later informs me she has set one of her other slaves a task of choosing something for Mistress to do in our session. Now this is where we mere slaves miss the point. At no point in the text did Mistress say a punishment which until she mentioned it in her recent blog I didn’t pick up on either. So her other slave is suffering with his conscience not wishing to have another slave suffer because of his ideas but of course Mistress always wins. He is locked in chastity so Mistress plays the orgasm card and he duly sends his ideas but makes the massive mistake of adding “please go easy”. From my experience and knowing Mistress as I do she is happy for you to come up with ideas but never tell her to do anything because you will always get the opposite! 

    Midday comes and I walk though the door of the House of Deelight to be met by a beaming Mistress who is looking stunning as ever but even more so after her recent break. We have a quick chat and Mistress informs me that the session will start with me being given the honour of massaging her pretty feet. I am sat in one of my favourite places on the floor whilst Mistress sits on her Throne and offers me her boots to remove and then her lovely feet to massage and we have a lovely catch up as it’s been about 7 weeks since I last saw Mistress.


     Mistress during this time informs me of the task her other slave has sent her which involves electrics and the massage wand and its then Mistress informs me of the “please go easy” to which my immediate thought is “well that’s me fucked” but saying “Yes Mistress thank you” smiles sweetly in that I am very lovely please don’t make me suffer too much (trust me that don’t work). 

    After massaging Mistress’s feet I am told to redress and go to the shop as Mistress needs a few things which I do and duly return to Mistress sat by a large box smiling. She has taken delivery of a head harness with various attachments and its clips time.


    The first clip Mistress requires involves me being tied sitting underneath a small table with the head harness and an ashtray attachment. Mistress then sits on the table in front of me doing her piece to camera. If you want to know what happened I’m sure Mistress will be posting the clip on clips4sale etc soon. All I am willing to say is it was great fun.


     That clip finished I am released and it’s now time to receive Mistress’s other slave’s punishments. Mistress goes off to find a chastity cage and a lovely pink sissy dress to match the head harness and duly returns. Mistress helps me into the dress and then gives me the ball ring for the chastity device and informs me to put it on whilst she films me.


    Now this creates several problems for me, there is still ash in the ashtray gag I am still wearing, like a lot of slaves chastity is a turn on and I am being filmed for humiliation purposes so add that all together means, I cant see what I am doing because I cant look down, I am getting excited by the whole situation which doesn’t help me get into the chastity cage all the while Mistress is timing it and giving me ummm helpful instructions! 

    Finally it’s on and then Mistress attaches me to the cross and wires me up. The camera is set up and she begins with a nice gentle buzzing of the cage with the wand and then the inevitable zapping by the electrics all the while Mistress taunting me and anyone who will be watching the clip. Mistress then stops for a moment to zoom in the camera and off we go again as this progresses its more zapping than buzzing with me dancing away every time the fire button on the electrics box is pressed with every now and then a very small rest bite with the wand with me getting more and more jumpy as the electrics are turned up. With that the camera beeps and turns off and we both stop dead and look at the camera and the now very black screen. Some expletives later Mistress checks the camera and you guessed it nothing after it had been zoomed in got recorded so my suffering and Mistress’s great performance will only be shared by us. So after suffering a very intense zapping Mistress looks at me and says “aww slave you are going to have to go through all that again as its take 2”


    Take two begins and once again more zapping and buzzing with me not knowing what’s coming next and thus getting more and more jumpy. I am still wearing the ashtray harness with ash in it and trying not to spill it which of course I eventually do and get the biggest zapping I have probably ever been given, which really takes me over the edge and I start whimpering and pleading for Mistress to stop which as she reads me very well knows when I have had enough but not before a long painful final zapping. Beep camera turns off and we both look at each other yep you guessed it camera turned off but this time because the card was full. Luckily for me there was some content on it but not really enough. How ever Mistress knows I need a break and releases me from the cross and I follow her to the sofa and kneel in front of her whilst she has a cigarette.


     Mistress finishes her cigarette and sorts out the camera card and asks “so slave what shall we do next?” and why this came out I will never know “take 3 Mistress?” Actually I do know why because it was such brilliant fun and Mistress was having a very enjoyable time. So back to the cross for take 3 and this is when it all goes a bit wrong. This time the electrics pads wont stick because I have got a bit ummm hot and nothing else seems to work with the cage so Mistress almost abandons proceedings when she remembers something else she has, a nice new tiny fibreglass cane with a stainless steel core with which she proceeds to cane my very zapped swollen balls trapped in the ring of the chastity device now that was painful!!


     Knowing I really can’t take any-more I am released once more, we clear up I get dressed and we have a post session chat and with that I am back in the real world with as I mentioned above a massive smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

     As always I would like to say a massive thank you to Mistress for a very very enjoyable session and also to thank Slave Taquin for his ideas and I hope when you visit next, Mistress will “go easy with you”.

    I have uploaded the triple take compilation to my clips4sale store or you can view a smaller version by visiting my adultwork.com profile.

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